Hilary Duff Introduces Son Luca Cruz

04/03/2012 at 05:00 PM ET
Jennifer Wilson Photography

Meet Luca Cruz Comrie!

Hilary Duff introduces her 2-week-old baby boy on Tuesday, Tweeting out the first photo of her son to her million-plus followers.

“Baby Luca, 2 weeks old,” the singer and actress, 24, writes above a picture of her wide-eyed little guy, wrapped in a muslin swaddling blanket.

He’s the first child for Duff and her husband, retired hockey player Mike Comrie, who married in August 2010.

“Thank you for all the messages and well wishes,” adds Duff. “I love you all so much.”

— Sarah Michaud

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Amanda K on

Wow, he’s beautiful! Congrats to Hilary and Mike πŸ™‚

Katie on

oh my goodness! he is so adorable!

Brooklyn on

He is super adorable! Look at those big beautiful eyes!

Natalie on

What an absolutely beautiful baby. I am so happy for Hilary and Mike, wishing lovely memories for the years to come.

kim on

awww!! he’s a cutie pie! congrats to her and her hubby πŸ™‚

Ariana on

Cutest baby boy EVER!!!!

Alisha on

Aww, such a lil doll!!

Jennifer on

He is so CUTE!

Tammy on

Little cutie!

Lis on

OMGoodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a little preshie!!!!!! Gosh, I just ❀ those new little ones!!!!

katie on

what a cutie!!

klholzer on

Oh my, what a handsome little man! Congrats to the new parents!

Christy Long on

Awhhh, he is Adorable.

Alma on

He is so cute!

mary on

OMG, he is so precious. I can just squeeze him to death. Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy.

PR on

How Sweet! Congrats on your little man!

Jennifer on

What a doll! Congrats!

Kayla on

How ADORABLE!!! He looks so much like his mama with his daddy’s face shape and nose! Best wishes to the Duff-Comrie family! πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

He’s beautiful!

Mikaylah on

He is super cute! πŸ™‚

Becky on

What a cutie! He is so adorable! Congrats to Hilary and Mike!

darlene3500 on

He is just BEAUTIFUL!

kjc on

Gosh! He is adorable!

darlene on


Trish on

Awww he is so adorable!!

jus on

what a cuttie
Congrats Hilary and Mike

Macrina on

He is absolutly BEAUTIFUL! Congrats to Hilary and Mike!

Anonymous on

awww god bless him

Heather on

he is soooo cute!!! love the eyes!!!

Lisa on

Sooooo adorable, what a handsome lil guy!!

Sarah S. on

How adorable! πŸ™‚

mona on

he is so adorable he has beautiful eyes πŸ˜‰

guest on

pretty baby

jamie on

awwwwww he’s so cute

Guest on

Wow. He is an exceptionally beautiful baby!!

Luis on

He is just stunning like his mother.

Christi Gates-Hale on

So amazing! I just had my first 5 months ago so I know the joy and love she’s feeling right now. LOVE!

Lauren on

what a little nugget! congrats hilary & mike πŸ™‚

Jodie on

Classy move. Most celebrities hold out the first picture of their babies to the highest bidder. But she just shared her pride and joy in the way any proud parent would do. Congrats! They will be great parents and he’s a lucky, and adorable little boy!

klutzy_girl on

Aw, so freaking adorable!

Lisa on

Wow, that is one gorgeous little baby! Congratulations to Hilary.

Bree on

What an adorable little angel!

Lynne on

What a cute little baby! Congratulations!


Oh that name!!!! Luca..

Everytime I hear it I think of that annoying song..”My name is Luca..I live on the second floor…:

Denise on

What a cutie. Enjoy him. Best wishes to all.

Leah on

What a gorgeous baby!

rachel on

why did she airbrush a picture of a baby… she seems sweet and i am sure he is adorable but he is clearly airbrushed.. i guess celebs have different expectations when it comes to their kids. if she put a picture out of him un touched up people would trash the baby.

Me on

I’m not a Hilary fan but that is one cute baby…big eyes πŸ™‚

missy on

Wow that is one gorgeous baby! I think he’s the cutest celebrity baby ever!!!

Debbie on

Absolutely beautiful! Congratulations and much love!!

Lexi on

How cute is he?? Look at those big blue eyes! He’s gonna be a heartbreaker, I can tell LOL. Congrats to Hilary and Mike.

jld on

Look at him; what a precious gift.

julie on

He is so alert for so young and boy is he sure a cutie. You did good there and congrats to the new parents… Just treasure em while you can as they grow up too fast.

emily on

He is a darling little angel baby….

Lisa on

Oh my, the cuteness! That’s an adorable baby!!! Congrats to the Comries πŸ™‚

Heather Lynn on

Luca is a truly BEAUTIFUL baby! I see a lot of his mommy in him. Congrats to the happy family on their precious addition.

Anna H on

What a sweetheart.

jolene on

omg he is so adorable. yup doesnt he look like he is gonna be a charmer. congrats to the new parents.

jane on

precious little boy. congratulations to the family.

wendy! on

oh my gosh πŸ™‚

Norma on


CestLavie on

Beautiful, beautiful beautiful, beautiful boy

Lauren on

good for her for not selling it to magazines for millions like the other gold diggers.

Rhonda on

Hilary, your baby boy is adorable. I hope that you and your husband enjoy your bundle of joy.

prim on

he is utterly stunning!

mazie beth on

cute wide-eyed baby. so darling that he makes my heart melt.

Lora on

He is adorable! He looks like his Mom. Congrats to Hilary and Mike!

Alexandra on

Aww! Luca is adorable! I love his eyes πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

That is one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen.

Samantha on

omg! i agree w/ everyone else!!!!! drop-dead BEAUTIFUL BABY! he’s def going to be a ladies man

Joan on

He is gorgeous! Congratulations!

Kat on

IMHO he’s by far the cutest celeb baby. I thought Miranda/Bloom’s son was the most gorgeous but this one has surpassed all. Beautiful eyes and all.

LoveMyCrazyLife on

He’s adorable.

lucy on

he’s gonna break alot of hearts in 18 years!!!

Anna on

He is SO cute! And I don’t say that about many newborns πŸ™‚ Adorable!!

ashely on

soooooooooooo cute!!!

niman on

omg what a cutie!!!! mazal tov and congrats!!

Shawna on

rachel – airbrushed? are you kidding me? How is he clearly airbrushed?? And who would trash her baby? What an incredibly weird comment.

Natalie on

Oh, he’s beautiful!!!! Congrats to Hilary & Mike!

jamie on

OMG, he is GORGEOUS!!!! God bless them both.

Sam on

he is so cute! congrats.

Krystle on

God, I remember watching you on the Disney channel with my daughter. Time fly’s! He’s beautiful! Congrats!

Jen DC on

Handsome baby she’s got there. Hi, tiny little friend!

So pleased he’s healthy and they seem happy.

sally on

He’s a handsome little guy! congrats!

Anastasia Beaverhausen on


Anonymous on

Adorable..congrats…enjoy and love him..time goes by way to fast!

guest on

he is adorable…..looks like dad

Rachel on

OMG That is one very cute baby. Congrats to Hilary and Mike

Joa on

Congrats!! He is adorable!! β™₯β™₯

Darla on

Awe, what an adorable baby. So glad they didn’t sell the pictures like most celebrities.

BArmstrong on

I know he’s hiding a stick under that blanket – maybe even has skates on! Go Oilers!

Anonymous on

Impressed she didnt sell the photo

kpmonkeymommy on

I love that picture… so professional looking yet obviously candid… I love the look on that adorable face… and gosh is he a beautiful baby… and his name suits him so perfectly!

he reminds me of my daughter (not that he looks like a girl) in that he looks like such a person already (many newborns still look kind of red and blotchy and… newborn) and is so aware. I’m glad she’s enjoying this time (even if the sleep is sparse)

Melissa Rivera on

Congratulation on you baby boy Hilary and Mike. He so cute!!!!

t on

Hiliary, and Mike, He is adorable, and beautiful! God Bless y’all!

t on

Congratulations too! πŸ™‚

Irma Mejia on

How could you not fall in love with that adorable face!

Thank you for sharing his first pic with us.

w m on

He is just beautiful! SO happy for them!

KGurley on

OMGosh! He is SO cute! Congrats 2 Hilary and Mike! πŸ™‚

Cortney on

That baby boy is precious! And to people giving them props for not selling photos ..They are both independent multi millionaires they dont need to sell out their kid! Congrats on parenthood Hilary and Mike!

B.J. on

Wow. That is one adorable baby!!

Genny on

Congratulations! What a cutie pie!

i’m sorry to see unclassy people like Rachel are saying such silly things about airbrushing the picture…really…

Wendy on

Beautiful little boy! His eyes are gorgeous. Congrats to you & your hubby, Hilary!

Tee on

Oh my goodness, he is absolutely adorable! When I first pulled this site up and saw the picture without reading the headline, I honestly thought this was an advertisement for something, rather than a celeb baby picture. Thank you, Hilary, for sharing a photo of your son with us. He really is precious!

JC on

ALL babies are adorable, cute, precious…so give this little guy some kisses on those little cheeks – he is adorably cute & precious…what a gift to his parents.

CP on

Beautiful baby, beautiful portrait, obviously created by a professional, but why no photographer credit?

Sarah on

Omg he is soo cute you can defiantly see Hilary in him so much Congrats to the both of you.

Amy on

He is so amazing! Congrats to the new family!!!

tm on

Rachel … are you just completely nuts?? What do you mean it’s clearly airbrushed …. trash the baby??? You have much too much time on your hands to think of such trash to write. That being said … he is one beautiful baby boy!!! That face is just precious …. and such georgous eyes. What a cutie pie!!!!!

linda r. on

Congratulations Hillary and Mike baby Luca is beautiful!!!!!!!

Michelle on

Such a beautiful baby boy!! What beautiful eyes!!! He is such an adorable addition to your already beautiful family!

Rai on

What a beautiful baby boy! So happy for Mom and Dad!

courtney on

He is so cute.

Kay on

He is so beautiful! Congratulations!

MJ on

This is one ADORABLE baby! He is so beautiful! Congratulations to the Duff-Comrie Family!

Pina on

Wow!! what an adorable baby.
Congratulaions Mommy and Daddy.

P.S. Our little girl has become a mommy
OMG I’m getting old!

Casey on

He’s literally the cutest baby I’ve ever seen.

Whitney on

So very happy for the Duff-Comrie family! Children are a wonderful blessing:) I wish them good health and happiness. What a beautiful little boy.

Samantha on

That is one beautiful baby!

MRJ on

what a beautiful baby!

Becca Clontz on

He’s so handsome!

Stephanie on

oh man, he’s pretty cute. congrats!

lucy on

wow he is really cute

Holiday on

He is an adorable baby!! So cute and alert!

Amanda on


It’s not obviously airbrushed or taken by a professional. All you need is natural light and a good camera, anyone can take nice pictures of their own newborns.

Rae on

Wow, what a beautiful baby you have. I wish both of you the best luck and lots of fun with him. God Bless

Ro on

What a beautiful baby and kudos to Hilary & Mike for not selling the first picture of their newborn to some magazine for some ungodly amount of money. Classy move!

Anonymous on

He’s so cute. He has the biggest eyes.

Leslie on

CRAZY cute!

Felicia on


mari on

so cute!!!! congratulations to the family!! beautiful baby!

Anonymous on

Shawna- Unfourtnately, people pick on celeb babies’ (and kids’) looks all the time here. I’ve heard things like, “That’s the ugliest kid I’ve ever seen!”, “Poor baby, s/he looks like his/her father/mother!”, “At least she will be able to afford plastic surgery when she’s older” (someone actually said something to that effect about Adam Sandler’s older daughter!), and even “S/he looks like s/he has Down Syndrome!” (as if having that or any other disorder would make someone less beautiful!).

That being said, I doubt the photo was airbrushed. A little tweaking here and there on the brightness, color, contrast, etc. maybe, but not airbrushing. In anycase, Luca is a cutie!

lucieshark on

airbrushing….really?..nothing else to comment on…brilliant comment

Anonymous on

OMG your baby is one of the cutest babies i’ve ever seen:)

Kim on

Omf what a beautiful baby. So stinking cute I just want to eat him up. Hilary and Mike you did good!

Anonymous on

As far as the comments about celebs who share their pictures…I somewhat agree when it comes to celebs who sell the photos and then pocket the money. But not all of them do that. Some donate the money to charity, and that I can definitely get behind. πŸ™‚

Jo on

Welcome Baby Luca! Wide-eyed indeed and very very precious and handsome! Much love and congratulations!

sal on

Awwww…I LOVE BABIES!!! So cute! What a blessing πŸ™‚

dallas, tx on

he is such a beautiful baby!

sole on

Awww, I love his nose Γ±.Γ±

Chris on

He’s so alert, it’s adorable.

Possibly the cutest celebrity baby I’ve seen.

toleen on

Absolutely darling baby

karen munno on

God Bless Luca! He is a beautiful baby. May he bring you and your husband many years of joy, love and happiness.

Rose on

He is beautiful !

Kelsie on

He is a perfect angel!!

Ivy. on

He is extraordinarily cute!

johanna on

OMG, he’s adorable!

Shana on

@ Rachel – WTH do you think she would have his picture airbrushed? Newborns do have pretty clear skin!!! @ Hilary, he’s a cutie-pa-tutie!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Mia on

What a cutie! – I think he looks like his dad.

Congrats to them!

Debbie on

He is definitely a cutie!!!

Aimee on

Wow he is gorgeous!!!! Congratulations Hillary and Mike

Fil on

He is beautiful

Chrissy on

Oh he is SO cute! Congratulations. I wish you and your family continued good health and happiness.

spera3 on

He’s ADORABLE and I love the name! Congrats!!

Ashley on

Awwwwww so sweet, very adorable πŸ™‚

Ann on

He is precious….enjoy every second of every day with him…..

MandyJ on

He is so adorable! Congratulations!

Tina on

He is breathtaking, “you gotta see the baby”
Seriously adorable.

Jenn on

Such Beautiful eyes πŸ™‚

Angie on

What a beautiful baby. Congrats Comrie Family!

Helen on

aww, sosososoos cute.

Kelly Smith on

beautiful baby…so happy for them!

Daffygrams on

What a handsome little boy!!!

lana on

May the good Lord bless this baby boy, he is a gift from God. Congrats

Janice Pielert on

What a bright eyed beautiful little boy. God bless your family.

Linda on

This baby is really beautiful. I have heard so many say all new born babies look the same, but this proves that isn’t the case. I wish Hillary and her family all the best.

Lola on

What a precious little angel, she tweeted another picture last night & he’s just too cute. Good mama not trying to make a buck off her child & doing it with class. Congrats again Hilary & Mike!

mirame on

Sosososo cute.

Melissa on

He’s a CUTE baby!!

April on

OMG!! he is adorable. congrats to HIllary and Mike πŸ™‚

boohoobytch on

b/c he’s a new baby, I’ll say “awww” but he’s not cute to me

Vanessa on

He is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats to you and Mike.

Crystal on

He is adorable!! Congrats to you both:)

Wendy on

He is sooo cute

Erika on

Wow! He is adorable! He is so alert for a newborn. Usually I think celebrity babies are average- cute, but not more beautiful than other kids. However Luca is a really beautiful baby!

Dorinda on

What Rachel could’ve meant by “airbrushed” is that the baby’s skin could’ve been smoothed and/or had the redness removed via Photoshop by a professional. I’m a newborn photographer and many babies’ skin are red to an extent and not always smooth, so photographers generally smooth the babies’ skin and even out skin tones.

Charla on


marthena adley on

your baby boy looks cute and lovely

Janis on

He is adorable! Such a beautiful baby boy!!!

ruby on

Aw what a cute baby – looks like her from this picture.

Laughing Mama on

Beautiful baby and great photographer! Thanks for sharing your miracle with us. Congratulations!

Dawn on

How adorable!!!!

Marty on


Brooklyn on

Really, Rachel? For the record, she had a professional photographer come and take that photo, and usually professional photographers do “touch up” photos to make them clearer or “better”, but that’s not to make the baby look better, it’s to make the picture itself look better. But, Hilary herself didn’t “airbrush” this picture, nor did the photographer “airbrush” Luca.

Doreen on

I LOVE seeing A LOT of positive comments about the lil guy! He has some lovely eyes!! He looks like Hillary!!

kendrajoi on

She annoys the living hell out of me, but there’s no way I’m saying little Luca is not a beautiful boy. He truly is.

Sharayah on

Hillary your baby is sooo cute he is adorable… I know you will make such a wonderful mom.. congrats to you and your husband

dilitant on

OMG . . . he is sooooo cute!!

torgster on

Lucky little guy to have YOUNG parents too, so he won’t be stuck with senior citizens when he’s a teenager like half the celeb babies now. And slam me all you want for saying it blah blah blah – I couldn’t care less because it’s true!

Olivia on

My heart just melted

twinhappy on

So so cute! Congratulation on a vibrant and healthy baby!

anonomys on

He is adorable! Congrats to the first time parents!

Anonymous on

torgster- Considering the fact that I know plenty of senior citizens who have the energy of a person half their age (heck, I know a few that have MORE energy than some people half their age!), I don’t think it’s a given that younger parents are always better than younger parents. πŸ˜‰

Anonymous on

Naturally I meant that it’s not always a given that younger parents are better than OLDER parents!

pep on

look at those eyes he is a cutie

emme on

I just want to smooch that little face! What a blessing!

Joyce on

Luca is breathtakingly beautiful! Such a perfect little face! Congrats to the new parents and thank you for sharing his picture!

m on

Wow, That kid is all eyes. He’ll be a lady killer one day.

Donna Marie on

What a precious little guy! Im so happy for Hilary and Mike, may nothing but blessings come to the Comrie Family! πŸ™‚

Kat on

Totally “precious” congratulations ❀

Sharon on

what a cutie…love the name, too. Congrats!

Sharon on

He is an absolutely beautiful baby boy!!

Gossip on

Congratulations to Mike and Hilary, he looks like he was delivered by C-section if this photo is of a 2 week old….he is a beautiful baby boy.

lily on

he is soo cute!!!! he looks like his mommy.

Misty on

Such a cutie. πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

OMG!! He is toooooooooo cute!

Nicole on

What an adorable child!!

amber on

awwww he is very cute congratulations on his enjoy your baby boy

Ginger on

What an adorable baby! Congrats to them πŸ™‚

Silly Person on

Wow, now he is a beautiful child!

AR on

Luca Cruz Comrie, I LOVE YOU!! Beautiful little darling!

JR on

He is just absolutely beautiful!!! Love those wide alert eyes. Congrats mom and dad.. Enjoy your new precious bundle!!!!

SoCalGrl on

He is so adorable you just wanna cuddle with him lol cute like a doll!

Stephanie Clapper on

He is such a sweet little boy!! I love his eyes!!!

anonomys on

Hilary, he is adorable!You guys should have a family photo album here on people.com! I would love to see those pics. Congrats!