Bruce Willis Welcomes Daughter Mabel Ray

04/02/2012 at 08:00 AM ET
Vince Flores/Celebrity

Bruce Willis and Emma Heming-Willis welcomed a daughter, Mabel Ray Willis, on Sunday, April 1 in Los Angeles, his rep confirms to PEOPLE.

The Die Hard actor, 57, and his designer-model wife, 35, “are overjoyed about the newest member of their family. Both mother and baby are healthy and doing beautifully.”

Weighing 9 lbs., 1 oz., Mabel is the first child together for the couple, who have been married for three years.

Willis has three other daughters — Rumer, 23, Scout, 20, and Tallulah, 18 — with ex-wife Demi Moore.

— Elizabeth Leonard

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Amy on

Good for him! Them. Demi is an awful woman.

anna on

Congratulations, cute name

Jennifer on

Mabel? What did they give birth to, a grandma?

Natasha on

Congrats to them. Beautiful name

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them!

amw on

congrats bruce. enjoy!

carla on

Well Jennifer, grandmas were once babies as well. They don’t just turn 75 and all of a sudden their names change to Mabel. Nothing wrong with a classic name. Congrats to the couple.

rina on

Mabel? Seriously, do these Hollywood people realize that these children will have these stupid names forever? Hazel, Morocco, Apple….I see alot of name changes in the future.

Mira on

They chose a normal name for their baby. Guess that means Demi was responsible for the three ridiculous monikers that Bruce’s older daughters have to live with.

Fallon on

I would absolutely hate my parents if they stuck me with a name like Mabel.

tlc on

Well her name is a lot better than her half siblings’ names!!! All the old fashioned, classic names are making a huge comeback. We have several Alices, Evelyns, and Nora/Norahs in our school.

Congratulations to Bruce and Emma.

Marilyn on

Is this an April Fool’s joke? Not really a fan of Mabel. I remember Rob Lowe’s brother named his daughter that. Mabe it’ll come back in style.

emily on

I’m not sure what is wrong with Mabel? It’s a real name. And Jennifer- you have the worlds most common, white bread name of all. There is something to be said for that as well. Boringgg.

Ashley on

Does anyone remember Bruce Willis on Mad About You when Paul and Jamie were having their baby girl? Bruce Willis suggested his daughters’ names for their new daughter and Paul Reiser rolled his eyes and the new parents came up with Mabel for their baby girl. Thought it was funny bc that was the first time I heard of the name Mabel.

Ashley on

I’d rather be a Jennifer than an Emily ;–)

Brooke on

Absolutely LOVE the name Mabel….Great choice

Mia on

Wow – 4 girls!


stacey on

Absolutey awful name. Hattie, hazel, beatrice, mabel….what is with celebrities wanting their kids to have names that sound like 95 year old women???? i thought rumer, scout, and tallulah were bad, but I’d much rather be named one of those than Mabel.

Lau on

@Ashley: As a HUGE Mad about you fan, I absolutely remember this and I think it’s a brilliant coincidence. Not a die hard fan of the name myself, but it’s a nice normal name, the girl should have no issues with such a name. Congrats.

gigimama on

Mothers Always Bring Extra Love = the inspiration for Mabel on “Mad About You.”

What I find laughable is that most naysayers think names like Emma and Lily are really new, trendy, awesome names. Those are the great-grandma names. Everything is a cycle. There is nothing new under the sun. Our kids will be naming their kids Linda and Debbie and Patricia because they will be fresh again.

I love the older names. They ARE fresh again. They’re tried and true. Mabel is lovely. Congrats to the Willis Family!

emily on

Ashley- you missed the point. I’m not the one bitching about a new baby’s name. Because A) it doesn’t affect me in any way and B) I can appreciate a unique old fashioned name.

Brianne on

Congratulations, Bruce and Emma! So happy for you, and I love the name!!!

meme on

Cute, old fashioned name. Hopefully she will grow up to be a proud, confident woman, who could not care less of what others think of her name. After all, there is not a single name in the world that every person on the planet unanimously likes. Congrats to them!!

Amanda on

I’d hate my parents if they gave me a goofy made-up name like Fallon.

Congrats to Bruce and his wife! I think it’s a nice, classic name which is pleasantly surprising given the names of his 3 older girls.

Lyoness on

Congratulations! BW has always been one of my favorite actors. Still think he should have been nominated for The Sixth Sense… Everything old is new again. I like Mabel. It’s sweet. I went to high school with a Hazel named after her grandmother. There was a girl named Fallon at our school too. Nice, classic name. What’s not to like. I work in healthcare. Trust me, it’s alot better than some non-celebs come up with.

joan on

rumor was named for a poet, maybe scout named for kill a mockingbird character. I am sure tallulah was named for someone as well.

RKF on

Not a fan of Mabel, but it certainly beats her siblings names…

B.J. on

@ Fallon — I actually much prefer Mabel to your name. Sorry.

Licia on

I don’t love the name Mabel but it’s a legitimate name and I don’t mind it. Prefer it much more than “Talullah” anyway.

Michelle on

Seriously, I think most of you must have a the meanest kids on the playground, if your remarks here are any indication of the example you set in real life.

Can’t you just say “Congratulations” and let it go? Name your own baby what you want, but let others do the same.

xmadeline11x on


I actually love the name Mabel. Very cute.

paula on

Another old ladies name. YUCK

JustMe on

LOVE the name! Congratulations Bruce & Emma

kjc on

I like the name. I’m surprised this one is getting bashed. It may be slightly old, but it’s lovely and ‘normal’ …not that I don’t like different names, I usually prefer them. Just surprised this one has haters.

damoiselle on

Congrats!!! Not a fan of the name but it’s their daughter. I always find the “what an old name”, “what is she? a 95 year old grandmother?” amusing, because 95 year old grandmothers were also babies once!!!

V on

Mabel’s a lot better than the names her sisters have. It’s a real name with a correct spelling. That seems rare these days.

Sasha on

Congrats!! I bet she is beautiful!! Love the name.

Carrie on

People complain if it’s a made up name, people complain if it’s a traditional/old school name. The only names people don’t seem to complain about are the uber popular names like the awful Ava, Grace, Sophie, Aidan/Jayden/Hayden. Not everybody wants to go to the park call for their “Madison” and have 8 little girls turn. While I’m not a huge fan of Mabel I think most of us can agree it’s better than Maple or Bear.

kezie on

congrats to them
i dont find her name unlikable or old fashioned
the thing that i find a bit odd is the massive age gap between his kids
i couldnt imagine having a sibling 23 years younger than me or my dad who is 58 having a newborn
i think that there are somethings in life that you do become a little bit too old for…

Angela on

I adore the name Mabel and if in the future I have a daughter it’s my first choice for a name!

Congratulations to Bruce and Emma! They seem like a lovely, low-key couple and I’m sure Mabel is going to be spoiled by her big sisters!

Anonymous on

Mabel? Surely that’s an April Fool’s joke.

missnorcal on

I really LOVE “old people names” and I am very glad that more people are bringing them back to a new generation. I think they are classy and yet, because of their automatic association with elderly people, they seem quirky and cute. I am LOVING it!

Anonymous on

I can’t believe people are complaining about the name Mabel! So what if it’s old-fashioned?! At least it’s a “real” name! Anyway, congrats to Emma and Bruce!

Anonymous on

carla and damosielle- I couldn’t agree more! I don’t get why people don’t seem to understand that grandmas and grandpas were once babies, too!

Anonymous on

Amanda- Fallon isn’t a made up name. It’s an Irish name that’s been around for years!

B.J. on

I have always thought Mabel was a sweet name, and it reminds me of Mad About You.

MommyOf5Boys on

Whenever I hear the name Mabel I always think of Carol Burnett giving Mad About You main characters Paul and Jaimie the idea because “Mothers Always Bring Extra Love” M-A-B-E-L. And as for the argument that it’s an “old person name” I think it will be hilarious 70 years from now and all the old folks homes are full of Grandmas and Grandpas with names like Brittney, Ashley, Kylee, Tyler, Justin and Jaden!

Personally I don’t like the name, but to each is own. Not too many people like our youngest sons middle name of Atticus but we love it! As long as both parents love the name who cares about public perception.

The documentary Freakonomics has a great segment on “weird” or nontraditional names, worth watching for the “Twins” story alone!

annachestnut on


Anna on

I think its interesting that several folks have such negative a reaction to the name Mabel. Would you feel the same about May? About Belle? What about Amabel? All of which are quite similar. There is nothing inherently unpleasant about the sound of the name. I suppose the “bel” syllable does come off sounding a bit more like “bull”, but doesn’t it rhyme with Sable? Would you have a negative reaction to that based solely on sound? (Sable may have other issues as a non-traditional name.) Nor can I imagine such a negative reaction to naming a boy Gable.

My point is that most of people’s negative reactions to traditional–and even non-traditional–names have to do with associations that can be instantly obliterated by having the name associated with a cute little child. I have read books where children were named Gert and Maude and they completely work.

huh on

Brittney, Ashley, Kylee, Tyler, Justin and Jaden!

^^Yeah, I’ll take Mabel over any of those in a heartbeat! I also remembered Mad About You when I read this, haha. Congrats to them!

Elaine on

I would not name my daughter “Mabel”, but to each his own…didn’t Julia Roberts name her daughter “Mabel” also? I like the nickname “Belle”. She’s an “April’s Fools baby”….I’ve got one too!

shalay on

What’s with some of you attacking people for their names? I have an opinion on names all the time, but it doesn’t mean I think my own name is any better. We don’t get to choose what we’re named, so it’s unfair to point out that you don’t like “Jennifer” or “Emily” when they express how they feel about Mabel. Personally, I don’t care for Mabel, but it’s not something I feel strongly about. It’s quite normal, it’s just not my style.

Cooper on

I wonder if he wants or cares about a boy at this point.

Anonymous on

Elaine- Julia Roberts’ daughter’s name is Hazel. 🙂

Jane on

If they have two more daughters, they can name them Bertha and Mildred. (Then Mabel won’t feel so bad!)

I remember the heartache Rumer Willis expressed in an interview about growing up with such an awful name and being made fun of. Why don’t these parents get it???

Joan on

To all those people who believe Mabel is a nice name, I bet when Bruce’s daughter grows up, she will not! I have a sister whose name is Mable, and at 82 she still doesn’t like her name. And for me, my middle name is Myrtle…and I have never liked it, I am 66..There are too many classic names to choice other than Mabel.

WasHisMasseuse on

Guess I’ve not been keeping up. Didn’t know Bruno had gotten married again. His wife is beautiful. So young! She looks young enough to be his daughter!

Taylor on


Cdyana on

@ – carla on April 2nd, 2012
(Well Jennifer, grandmas were once babies as well. They don’t just turn 75 and all of a sudden their names change to Mabel. Nothing wrong with a classic name. Congrats to the couple.)

Love your comment!!!

A. on

I actually really love the name they picked for their little girl. Beats the hell out of Madison, Riley, Hayley, Caylee, Kylie etc… I seriously hate names like that. They’re annoying, cutesy/trendy names.

M.J on

I guess no boys for Willis SMH!! he has girl fishes

Denise Smith on

Mabel???!!! What’s next? Gladys or how about Ethel or Bertha? Do they pick the ugliest name they can find? At least old fashioned names like Sarah and Emily have a pretty sound to them when they roll off the tongue.

But then I never understood the Tallulah, Scout or Rumor names either.

Guess I’m not “sophisticated” enough.

Synclaire on

Bruce did a guest spot on the series Mad about you it was the episode where Jamie gave birth when Paul couldn’t get to the hospital because of all the caos from Bruce filming a movie He helped Paul get there. on the way they discussed Paul and Jamie having not chosen a name yet their was an inside joke about Bruce nd Demi’s daughters unusal names. In the end Paul and Jaime name thier daughter Mabel because the letters stand for mom’s always bring extra love. I know I’m a nerd for remembering that but I wonder if it is in any way connected?

Anonymous on

I named my daughter Penelope. Always loved it while growing up. I’m 38 and picked her name responsibly.

Bridget on

I think it would be better if Mabel’s name was spelled as Maybelle because it reminds me of Maybelle from “Bridge to Terabithia.”. A more modern spelling of a one hundred year old name is neat!