Selma Blair: I Don’t Care Who Sees Me Breastfeed

03/29/2012 at 10:00 AM ET

Passerby, be warned! When Selma Blair‘s 8-month-old son is hungry, the actress doesn’t hesitate to breastfeed him, no matter the audience.

“The only time he cries is if he’s hungry,” the Anger Management star, 39, tells PEOPLE. “We all have nipples. I don’t care who I offend; my baby wants to eat. If I can’t get a cover over me quick enough, so be it.”

Courtesy Melissa Hutchinson

Her commitment to Arthur Saint‘s nutrition is what led the actress to partner with Get Real for Kids, a non-profit organization aimed at educating parents about food choices when it comes to feeding themselves and their children.

“Get Real for Kids is started by my very best childhood friend, Dr. Sue, so it made sense to get involved,” she says.

“Nourishing myself correctly is very new to me, so I’m learning as well. It was important for me to be a real mom who loves her kid and needs to have more energy for herself and is trying to learn how to do this.”

Courtesy Melissa Hutchinson

As a first-time mom, Blair admits she’s “really obsessed” with her son, and considers herself lucky that she was able to spend most of his infancy at home with him.

“I never want to leave his side,” she says. “I’m one of those hovering mothers and I know it’s really important to have an independent child, so I’m trying to back off, but it’s hard. I love him so much, and he’s so funny and cute to me.”

Blair is also enjoying her and Jason Bleick‘s baby boy‘s “sweet” and “outgoing” personality.

“He loves music, he loves to bang on the drums,” she shares. “He [also] doesn’t mind being teased, he’s an adrenaline junkie. He likes to be thrown up in the air.”

— Kiran Hefa

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Kelly Smith on

what a beautiful baby!!!!!!

Pam on

Wow, she had a GORGEOUS baby 🙂

Anonymous on

I don’t care if women breastfeed. I care if they are doing it in public and if my kids sees it. Then I have to explain to my kid what they are doing.

Again I am not against breastfeeding (I am a mother. I have a 7 year old daughter and a baby on the way.) I am against someone else forcing me to explain to my kid why that baby is on it’s mom’s breast. People can say it’s natural all day long, and it is, but that doesn’t mean I want to have to tell my 7 year old or the kid I am watching what is happening.

It’s my choice. Not someone else who decides they don’t care if people see them breastfeed. Breastfeeding is your choice BUT by doing it in public an uncovered mother is removing my choice with my kid. That’s my problem.

Mandy on

Good momma! She’s only worried about feeding her child and not caring about everyone’s comfort with her feeding her child. If someone has a problem with it maybe we should just ban eating in public which is what this amounts to! That’s all mothers who are breastfeeding their babies in public are trying to do, FEED THEIR BABIES! I’m not going to be confined to my home just because my baby might have to eat in public. I have things to do, like get food for me so I can FEED my baby. The milk just doesn’t come out of thin air, I need to eat so the baby gets nutrition!

I think some people eat disgustingly in public, but there’s not a national campaign against that!

Kristen on

Good for her! I wish that more women felt this way. Our society needs to get over their boob issue. When breasts are used to sell everything from cheeseburgers to cars and no one seems to mind then get over seeing a woman feeding her child.

Minami86 on

Go Selma!! I dont have kids yet but when I do, I intend on breastfeeding & no one is gonna make me feel like sh*t about it. I swear some of the “modesty” issues are only in the US. Why is it “ok” for porn to feature boobs everywhere but a mother feeding her child is gross? I mean even with all themodesty wear they make for breastfeeding moms, it’s still taboo?! WTF do people think women did before formula?

And I dont knock formula moms either but I worry about the recalls all the time so that makes me go more towards breastfeeding anyway. Besides, the breast milk is always fresh & warm with no prep time! XD!

Plus as an Auntie to formula fed girls, I know how frustrating it is to be out in the street & have no formula & the poor baby has to cry until you get home or run in the store to buy extra formula & a bottle of warm water.

mandii on

Those photos are simiply beautiful! She’s just as beautiful on the inside as the outside. I love that she is so in love with her son!

Lora on

What a gorgeous baby. His eyes are stunning 🙂

Elivia on

Good for Selma! What a gorgeous baby!

kate on

“We all have nipples. I don’t care who I offend; my baby wants to eat. If I can’t get a cover over me quick enough, so be it.” Well said. I just don’t get why breastfeeding in public is an issue at all.

Nancy on

There is nothing wrong with breast-feeding in public, but pleeeeaaazzzzzz be respectful and take cover! Just carry along a very lightweight blanket and do what’s right–Breastfeeding is a great bonding moment between mother and child and it should stay just that- ONLY between mother and child-Why is it always the “hovering mothers” that want to hang their boob out for all to see to “try” to prove a point??– There are all types of clothing to assist breast-feeding- Sometimes new moms can just be so weird!

Jen DC on

We’ll look at breasts for salacious reasons, or for reasons of commerce, but pull out a boob for nourishment, and all H-E-double hockey sticks breaks loose!

I would be surprised if anyone happened to see anything Selma might accidentally show off; I feel like the baby’s head would completely obscure what I recall being (not meanly!) “mosquito bites” as they were called in my home. LOL

Anonymous… you still have a choice whether to tell your child or the child you’re watching exactly what is happening or not. You could say “She is comforting the baby because it was crying,” or “She is holding the baby closer.” Or simply, “I’m not going to tell you what she is doing until you are older.” You could also choose to keep your 7 year old at home – by your logic, no one is forcing you to bring her out of the house.

christa on

Its only an issue here in the USA, in Europe its not a problem, Go Selma.

Sandra on

What an absolutely stunning little baby! Those eyes are incredibly piercing! Now that is what I call a beautiful baby! Breastfeeding can be done anywhere, but preferably, I would like to see a woman covering up her breast and her baby with a small blanket or whatever. That is alright. People talk, and why not just go into the washroom and do it there? Less conspicuous.

Rose on

Aww, he is gorgeous !

JM on

Anonymous, er, why exactly is it a problem to explain to your child what a women is doing when she is breastfeeding? it’s a totally natural thing and nothing sexual, so there is nothing inappropriate about a child knowing about it. i don’t understand what your problem is.

what if you were at the zoo and saw a baby mammal drinking its mother’s milk, what would you say to your kids if they asked you what the animal was doing?

some people are so weird about this stuff. i guess it is more of an issue in the US but why you would want to encourage a more repressed society i don’t know… be honest with your kids and grow up, breastfeeding is natural and normal.

Brooke on

Disgusting and self-entitled. Get over yourself.

Amanda on

Because I wouldn’t want to eat my dinner in a filthy bathroom, and neither does my baby.

This is the ideal way to feed babies, period, point blank, case closed. Don’t like it? Look away. You’re free to do that. Just like I’m allowed to feed my baby, by law, wherever I’m allowed to be.

I don’t use a cover, because it’s hot and uncomfortable and my baby hates it. Nursing mothers aren’t flopping it out for everyone to see. When baby is latched, his head blocks anything.

I assume some of you never take your kids to public swimming pools or beaches since a bit of cleavage might be visible in someone’s bikini top. How would you explain THAT?

And honestly, what is so hard about saying,”That mommy is feeding her baby.” If you’re upset at the thought of explaining the most natural thing in the world to your kids, what on earth are you going to do when the birds and bees talk comes up? Let’s just avoid it!!

Angela on

Anonymous- Why is it such a big deal to tell your child that a woman is breastfeeding? Woman have breasts and breastfeeding is really what their purpose is. Breastfeeding is not something dirty or shameful. I’m sure a simple “She is breastfeeding” would suffice. And if not, a follow up would be, “Some woman choose to breastfeed and some choose to formula feed. Either one is fine and perfectly acceptable.”

Also, Sandra- do you want to eat your meals in a public restroom? I certainly do not, they are gross. Would you ask a bottle feeding mom to do so?

In America, we need to stop making breasts as something dirty and only sexual. It’s ridiculous. I breastfed (which is probably obvious by my comment) and once I got the hang of it, I rarely covered up. BUT, I also was discreet. A woman can breastfeed without making a big deal about it. And if someone does get a flash of breast, who cares? It’s only a breast, a body part really, and THAT is truly not a big deal, unless you make it a big deal.

p on

for those offended by breastfeeding, I suggest you just stay home and don’t expose the public to your ignorance and stupidity.

Tracey on

If more women breastfed in public, perhaps our male society would become less obsessed with breasts in general. If men saw them on a daily basis, being used for what they are intended for, over time they wouldn’t be such a big deal anymore. That could lead to less sex crimes and less women exploiting themsleves. Nothing negative about that scenario!

Prille on

I breast fed my older children and am planning on nursing this next one as well. Although I enjoy it very much and I do nurse in public I cover up. My breasts are for my chilren’s nourishment and my husband NOT for everyone to look at! I am sorry but I am modest and like to cover up. When I am in the comforts of my house I will nurse without a cover up but I honestly don’t find the need to just pull out my breast wherever/whenver. It’s not like it takes an hour to grap a blanket or a cover up just a few seconds. I feel womens who nurse without a cover up just like the attention….my opinon. FYI I do not get dirty looks when I have to nurse my babies in public places and am covered. I actually get very warm responses and smiles and I have nurse EVERYWHERE! High school b-ball games, at a dinner table in a restraunt, in church, at the air port.

alicejane on

Anonymous, certainly you’re entitled to your opinion, and here is mine: If you explain breastfeeding properly (not necessarily going into all of the logistics of it, but something simple like, “This is one of the ways Moms feed their babies,” then you should only need to do it once. If you make it a big deal, your kids will make it a big deal.

Arthur is a beautiful baby, and I love that Selma isn’t afraid to share this view on breastfeeding.

TT on

Why would it be such a big deal to explain to your child that the baby they see nursing is eating?

And covering up is not only not always an option. I rarely covered up, my child didn’t nurse well when I did.

Breastfeeding in public is a right in almost every state, thank goodness. Our bodies were made to nurse first…we were born with bottles and cans of formula that start producing upon the birth of our child. It benefits our nation as a whole with healthy babies and mothers and people really need to just get use to it. You and your child certainly see more on any TV, Magazine or in-store poster than you see when a mother is bursing her child. It isn’t a big deal. You don’t have to look. (yes, yes I know some moms can’t nurse- that isn’t what I am addressing).

Good for Selma for blazing a trail in this industry and setting an example, I am glad to see it along with Alicia Silverstone and Salma Hayek.

Momof3 on

I don’t understand, what is so horrible in having to say to your child “That child is drinking milk from his mother’s breast. Mothers make milk for their babies.” It’s as simple as that.

When you make breastfeeding appear to be something taboo to your children, you are really making it a MUCH bigger deal than it needs to be. That’s when children grow up to become parents and have no clue about breastfeeding, because they were somehow made to think it was something dirty that needed to be hidden and nobody did it when in actuality you encounter breastfeeding mothers far more frequently than you realize.

I say good for Selma and her baby boy!

Christy on

@Anonymous. I can see how you would feel uncomfortable explaining to your 7 y/o that a baby is nursing. I find myself in a similar boat having to explain to my 5 and 7 year olds why a baby is bottlefeeding. They know that breastfeeding is best for babies, so I always struggle with promoting breastfeeding as the normal, healthy way to feed babies without suggesting that we judge that mother for choosing not to do so (after all, there are lots of reasons why women quit nursing, and maybe they pumped).

It’s really exhausting,though. I wish all women would just breastfeed in public so that my daughters would have a consistent, healthy message at home and in public, especially now since overwhelming new research shows the risks of formula feeding, so much so that the AAP has labeled it a “public health issue” rather than a “lifestyle choice.” But that’s not reality. So I guess I will have to keep explaining to my daughters why some women are bottlefeeding their babies, and you will have to explain to yours why I am breastfeeding mine.

Ms. Button on

Yay for Selma and her baby! Culturally, we need to pull it together and get over our Puritanical fear of seeing a woman (omg!) breastfeed. We like to think we are so enlightened and then a woman feeding her baby in public still causes controversy. But, of course, the Victoria’s Secret fashion show is on evening TV.

I am the mother of two kids, both breastfed and I don’t understand why a momma would feel “forced” to tell her seven year old that babies drink milk from their mother’s breasts. It’s not even controversial in the slightest, it’s just basic science! Chances are she’s already learned the definition of the word “mammal” in her second grade science book. My son was 2 when he asked me why moms have boobies and not dads and I said it’s because moms make milk for their babies. What was I supposed to say, we have boobies to make our bikinis look cuter?

Breastfeeding isn’t dirty and we need to stop treating it like it is. Aside from the random tales of some mom nursing her nine year old to help them wash down their seared yellowfin tuna, most mamas nursing in public are just trying to feed their babies and keep them quiet while going about their daily business.

ecl on

I always covered up when I breastfed in public, but that was because of my hang ups and the hang ups I assumed the public had. That being said, I would never expect someone to cover up. Everyone should feed in a way that makes them comfortable. And if people were less judgmental about breastfeeding in public, people like me would be more comfortable.

And I agree that there is something seriously wrong with someone who can’t explain breastfeeding to a seven year old. I also find it really annoying that women who breastfeed without covering up are accused of trying to get attention or flashing boob.

acorr on

I used to wear bigger, baggier shirts, so when I was in a pinch to nurse, I would simply put my baby right under and feed him. However because he was hidden, people would approach me or walk by and still gasp because they weren’t expecting it, once they realized what I was doing, sometimes I would get a dirty look. So, what should I do…I’m covered up and still people aren’t happy.

You just can’t win in this crazy world. Live for yourself and family and everyone else can go pound sand. The last thing a mother needs is another mother or bystander giving looks and passing judgement. We should as women at least, stick together and support each other.

BTW, I have had to explain some very peculiar scenarios to my now 9 year old son. I can’t imagine not explaining something that my child was questioning.

Kes on

My Mom always covered up for all her children. It is called modesty. Your breasts should not be in full view of everyone else, and no the baby’s head does not cover it despite what you might think. Some things should just be kept to yourself.

MammaDucky on

Once he was a little older, my son would bat away and cover. He simply did not like it. Could be that it was August in south louisiana and it’s HOT. I’m not sure why it would be hard to explain to a 7 year old what a nursing Mom is doing. All of my children know what breastfeeding is (6,6 & 4). My twins were unable to nurse due to prematurity, but I did pump and syringe feed them. Society is so out of touch with reality these days. Geez

sarah on

People are ridiculous about nip. I did it in public just to piss off ignorant people, my right. Go Selma you rock mama!

Momof3 on

@Kes, just because you aren’t using a cover doesn’t mean your breasts are in full view of everyone! I wear a tank top under whatever shirt I’m wearing so I can pull the tanktop down, and the shirt up. My entire belly stays covered and only a little bit of skin is actually exposed (and that is quickly covered by a hungry baby). Unless you were STARING at me during the second I am getting baby latched on or off, you wouldn’t see a bit of skin. It works out great- I don’t have to feel exposed to the world, and baby gets to eat in comfort (try eating under a blanket and let me know how it works out)

Janajane on

“I don’t care if women breastfeed. I care if they are doing it in public and if my kids sees it. Then I have to explain to my kid what they are doing.”

Good then! That provides you a great opportunity to teach your daughter that breastfeeding is a normal, natural thing. If you don’t, then you are perpetuating the idea that breastfeeding is something that should be hidden.

claire on

Good for you, Selma. I agree. All of the commenters who are harping on about covering up and using modesty really need to get over it. Most babies (mine included) will flip their lid if they’re covered up while nursing. So what’s more important? Your slight discomfort over the chance of seeing *gasp* a sliver of bare breast (oh no!!) or the little baby who is relying upon their mother to feed and comfort them?

Here’s a tip – if you don’t like it, don’t look! And if your child happens to catch a glimpse of a mother nursing their child and wants to know what’s going on there, why not tell them the truth – “She’s feeding her baby. That’s how (some) mommies feed their babies.” Breasts don’t always have to be about sex, you know!

Melody Torres on

Awesome mom, Selma Blair is!!! Wish more celebrities would follow in her footsteps! Maybe we would see a more friendly and supportive environment towards nursing mothers.

kasmit on

@Anonymous, your views are skewed and you need some education. All you have to do is tell your child that the mommy is feeding the baby. Done. BIG DEAL. Why not go ahead and give her a complex like you’ve got about the human body and it’s functions? Don’t you want her to give HER babies the correct nutrition when she is grown? I have 4 boys, ages 10, 7, 4, and 7 months. They have never had a drop of formula. They also think bottles are weird and they know that babies are supposed to be fed from the mother’s breast. I don’t like having to explain to them that some mothers use formula as an actual choice. But I have to, because this is the real world. Babies are SUPPOSED to drink breastmilk. If you don’t like your kids seeing something that is the way it’s SUPPOSED to be, PUT A BLANKET ON THEIR HEADS.

Kimberly on

I’ve noticed that whenever I breastfeed with a cover on, it actually draws more attention. It’s this big piece of fabric, usually covered with bright designs, and then my child is kicking and pulling at it.

When I nurse without a cover, my husband can’t even tell from across the table. It looks like I’m just holding a baby. You’d pretty much have to look from my view to (possibly) see anything.

Sarah on

I wish that bottle fed babies would get covered up, I would hate to have to be forced to explain to my children what a bottle is and why a baby is eating from it. I would really hate to confuse them when they were only breastfed.

Shawn on

Really? You’re not against breastfeeding, but you don’t want to explain it’s normal function to your 7 year old? What other benign things do you have a hard time discussing with your kid? How to use a toaster? Why we let the dog outside to pee?

Kids are not born with bias, usually when you answer something matter of factly they accept it just fine.

Kid: Mom, what’s that baby doing?
Mom: He’s nursing. That’s how he gets his milk to grow.
Kid: Hmph, cool. Can I call grandma, I want to tell her about my new bike.

Breastfeeding is normal. As normal as parking a car or putting on pants. Most of us do it. It’s how mammalian infants grow. We need not get hyper about explaining a normal function to our older kids, they care a lot less than many adults seem to.

Jenrose on

For the anonymous person who gets upset at having to explain breastfeeding to her kids… Yes, it is your problem. Not the breastfeeding mothers, and it’s only a problem because you make it a problem, not because there is actually something wrong with it.

The only reasons kids ever have trouble with the concept of breastfeeding are when adults make a fuss over it or if they never see it done. Our daughters, our sons, they NEED to know that breastfeeding is normal, healthy, and not shameful or weird, because someday they may be parents and they may choose to breastfeed.

Teaching them about it young, early, and often, is the best way to help them in the long run, and if you, as a parent have trouble explaining it, you need to put on your big girl panties and suck it up and explain, as simply as possible, “she’s feeding her baby. She makes milk in her breasts, and that’s how her baby gets the milk out.”

I remember my mother explaining pregnancy to me, and the birds and the bees, but as far as I knew, babies got milk from bottles until my mom had my sister, then I learned about breastfeeding, and that it was important, and that it was something Mom did even if it was uncomfortable because it was good for the baby, and that I’d eaten that way when I was tiny.

Thank God I had that lesson from her, because breastfeeding was often not-easy for me, and knowing she’d done it for us despite it not being comfortable for her made it possible for me to stick with it and keep going.

Dodging that lesson deprives your kids, and abdicates your responsibility as a parent. Moms like me, who make it necessary for you to explain it to your kids, give you an opportunity. If you tell them it’s nasty and wrong to do it in public, you’re doing the disservice, not me. Me? I’m feeding my baby and setting an EXCELLENT example.

Anonymous on

If you can’t teach your child that humans are mammals and that mammals feed their offspring milk from their mamary glads, you’rea terrible teacher for you own child. My son is almost 5 and has known this since birth pretty much. I’m not afraid of educating him though. I don’t want to spead ignorance.

ecstasymuffin on

I can’t believe some of the anons on there saying how it’s wrong to breastfeed in public. What is she supposed to do, let her child go hungry until she can get somewhere “dark and secluded so no one can see or be offended”?

Want to know what I’m offended by? Closed minded mothers. Mothers who let their children run rampant through grocery stores, etc. But you don’t see anyone saying anything do you? Because the mother would simply tell them it’s not their business.

And they’re right. It’s not. And neither is it someone’s business when a mother makes a choice to breastfeed. I’m sure Selma doesn’t mean she’s going to be whipping her tit out and letting the baby just sit there suckling on it, exposed. But in the process of getting the baby to latch you have to pay attention and make sure the baby latches correctly, or it won’t get enough and your nipples will hurt like a bitch.

So excuse me “Mrs. I Don’t Want To Explain To My Children That You’re Just Feeding Your Baby” if I am unable to shield everyone’s ever so delicate eyes away from something that is more natural than most things you’re going to have to explain to your children in their lifetime.

Kika on

– Mommy, what is that baby doing with his/her mommy’s breast?
– Sweetie, he/she is drinking milk from her. Just like puppies, kittens, goats, cows and all baby mammals drink milk from their mommies.

Is that simple enough??? You would be surprised of how well children understand what breastfeeding is, especially if you explain it in a simple manner. It will only be a big deal if you make it a big deal.

I was inspired to BF at the age of 16 because I saw someone do it, and she took a couple of minutes (while nursing) to tell me all about the benefits of BF. It made such a positive impact on me, because she was so educated and proud of what she was doing. I had my 1st baby 13yrs later, but I still remembered seeing that woman beautifully nursing her toddler.

Sarah on

“then I would have to explain to my 7 year old what she was doing?”. As everyone elses has stated, SO WHAT? It’s a natural normal nurturing thing to do. Since when has it become ok and the norm to have breast implants, but breastfeeding is considered abnormal? I feed my new baby and play dinosaurs with my three year old at the same time, and she doesn’t bat an eye. She knows I am feeding her little sister, and that’s how she was fed too.

Jennifer on

You go girl!! Breastfeed whenever and wherever!!! It is the most natural thing in the world and if someone is offended they should thank whoever they thank that women all over the world for thousands of years did it, or their sorry butt’s wouldn’t be here. I love seeing people in the public eye stand up for these innocent babies!! Momma’s milk is BEST, always has been, always will be.

krissa on

Breastfeding is a non-issue for me. Or my kids – who were all breastfed for over a year each. To them it’s one way a baby gets its milk…that’s it, that’s all.

Personally I get offended by seeing some of the man-boobs walking around in full view during the summer. I’ve seen shirtless men walking around with bigger boobs than me.

I wonder what would anonymous tell her 7yr old when she asks why that man has boobs?

Brooklyn on

Adorable baby!

emily on

LOL @ Anonymous

You mean, we have to actually TALK to our children?! AGHH the horrorrrrr!

I’m sorry you don’t want to talk to your kids about natural life occurrences, but do us all a favor and do it. These kids have to live in an actual society one day.

Kristen on

The only reason that someone cares if another person is breast feeding in public is that they don’t want to explain it to their children? How hard is it to say “That baby is drinking milk from their mommy. Some babies drink from bottles and others can drink from their mommy if they want to.” Wow, that was hard! Seriously, how immature do you have to be as an adult to be uncomfortable explaining that a baby is drinking milk? What about it really makes you uncomfortable? Please don’t pass your own insecurities down to your children! If you don’t make it a big deal, neither will they!

Kristen on

@ Nancy, be respectful and take cover? Have you ever tried to cover a hot sweaty baby on a 90 degree day who does not actually want to be covered while eating a meal so they can breathe? It’s like wrestling a bull. Babies are PEOPLE. They get hot. They don’t want to hide while they eat. Do me a favor and eat your next meal under a blanket, I don’t want to watch you chew. It’s offensive.

Sylvia on

Yay Selma for breastfeeding. It’s one of the most wonderful and natural thing you can do for your child.

Makes me wonder what makes it so hard for people to understand that breasts are for feeding our babies. Why else should we and other mammals have them. If it wasn’t for breasts, we wouldn’t be here, they’ve been every mammals main reason for survival. I guess, back 100’s of years ago, we didn’t have Victoria’s secret or porn to alter the way of thinking.

And for the people that doesn’t know how to explain your children what’s happening, that’s so wrong. It’s important that children are raised knowing how the body functions, age appropriate. And to not be self conscious and ashamed about their bodies.

We’re an open family, and any questions my kids have asked, I’ve answered truthfully, and they know that breastfeeding is the normal natural way. And I have no problem with formula, just in case you’re wondering. I have friends that chose to formula feed and OK with it as they were OK with me breastfeeding.

And as far as covering up, it’s not always easy, especially when your baby doesn’t want to be covered. There’s no way my daughter would let me cover her to feed. So I wasn’t trying to prove a point to not cover.
It was either a quiet happy nursing baby, without drawing attention, or a screaming covered baby drawing attention. Either way, all I’ve ever had was smiles and positive comments whenever someone noticed.

I live in Canada, so maybe we’re more accepting here. Even with extended breastfeeding. I know a lot of moms feeding past 1yr and even 2yrs and beyond.

So happy nursing to anyone that does.

BreastIsBest on

Yeah to the mother who said that she’s not ok with it in public because she would have to explain it to her child and thats not ok. YOUR KID SHOULD SEE IT! Breasts are made for breastfeeding..its not a sexual act..its not dirty. Its a natural beautiful way to feed your child.

If you have to explain it to your kid you should take the opportunity to educate your child. You should say that lady is giving her baby the best food possible…its called breastfeeding and its what we are given breasts for. This country is SOOO overly sexualized and its people like you who view breasts as a dirty thing. Try to take a step back…realize that we were given breasts for the purpose of feeding our young and its actuallY NOT a dirty or sexual act. Now take a moment to open a new window and read up so you can be a little more educated about what breasts are for.

Vivienne on

Good for you Selma!!! I have 3 children who were all breast-fed and each never had a bottle or pacifier. I was given a pump but never used it. I had breastfeeding down to an art, even being able to walk and breastfeed simultaneously. Because I usually wore big shirts or tshirts, I would go unnoticed.

In my opinion, feeding a baby is the sole purpose of a breast. I understand that some women are unable to do so or have no desire to breastfeed. That is okay, it is all good. I am grateful that I was willing and able because 4 years after having my last child I was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy. I realize now that breastfeeding years were some of the best years of my life!

Enjoy this time Selma because children grow up SOOOOOOOOOOO fast. They really do!

Andrea on

I love how people who’ve formula fed are bad moms and doing something wrong because it’s “not natural” and “not healthy”. It’s People like you that say “I hate that I have to tell my kids that some mom’s formula feed” that makes them deal with HUGE depression issues later when they have a baby they can’t nurse. I had 2 who had milk soy protein intolerance and I could NOT nurse them. The first one I had major depression because of HORRIBLE people like you guys.

D on

good for you

tracy on

Wow, I just don’t understand how some people are so grossed out by breastfeeding and feel its some intimate moment with the baby. Sure its special, but why sexualize it! Its a baby being fed, thats it! All of you with the modest cover up etc.. SOME babies resist this and pull it off, others fuss if its there, sometimes its very awkward and stressfull worrying about “oh my God what if someone sees my boob for half a second” There is so much nudity everywhere you look, or at least almost completely exposed boobs out there and thats just fine. Thats ok to flaunt…but the half second that part of boob my show…oh no thats disgusting…she’s flaunting herself!

Julianna on

That first picture of Selma and Arthur is adorable, and Arthur is such a happy, gorgeous baby.

Carolyn on

Wow Christy and Sarah is it possible for you two to be bigger bitches?

“I find myself in a similar boat having to explain to my 5 and 7 year olds why a baby is bottlefeeding. They know that breastfeeding is best for babies, so I always struggle with promoting breastfeeding as the normal, healthy way to feed babies without suggesting that we judge that mother for choosing not to do so (after all, there are lots of reasons why women quit nursing, and maybe they pumped).” and “I wish that bottle fed babies would get covered up, I would hate to have to be forced to explain to my children what a bottle is and why a baby is eating from it. I would really hate to confuse them when they were only breastfed.”

Seriously, you two are the reason that I CANNOT STAND some breastfeeding women. How dare you imply that because women like me AND PROUD OF IT use formula instead of precious breastmilk that we are somehow inferiour or hurting our children somehow. My daughter was completely formula fed and is the happy and healthy. Just cause you breast fed doesn’t make you any better or make your kids any better than me or my kids. GET THE F**K OVER YOURSELVES YOU PRETENTIOUS DOUCHES.

Nina on

I grew up in the Caribbean and I have visited Europe frequently. this breastfeeding issue is only here.. I don’t get it. whomever anonymous is your child is 7. how do they not know what a breastfeeding is? my 4y/o nephew does..

Catca on

Selma simply said she breastfeeds her son and tries to cover up in public but it’s not always possible. I have no problem with that.

I will relate a situation that I did have a problem with. And that’s a woman who chose to breastfeed by sitting in a store display window overlooking the mall food court and made no attempt to cover up but instead whipped her breast out while her husband was still holding the baby and then had him hand the baby to her and messed around a bit before bringing the baby to her to eat. Thus having her breast hanging out in full view for several minutes before allowing the baby to eat. That’s not breastfeeding in public – that’s exhibitionism and there’s a difference.

And just to emphasize how much so, this was a children’s furniture store that had comfy nursery room chairs set up in the rear of the store for breastfeeding moms to use. There was no reason she couldn’t have used one of those chairs set up for the purpose (and still would have been breastfeeding in public) rather than choose to sit in a display window in front of the food court. Her actions were designed to be provocative and that’s why they crossed the line.

MomOf7 on

I have 7 children, ages 5-21. I breastfed them all. Some weaned at 14 months, a few by 18 months, but all by 22 months. I am modest. I am not small-chested by any means, so I would practice at home on how to pull it all out and get covered and baby attached all at the same time so no one would get offended. And I became a pro at it. Even nursed some of my babies during sermons at church when my husband wasn’t there to watch the other ones. But it worked for me, and it can for you. Just practice at home.

I applaud Selma and any other Mom who breastfeeds because it’s the right choice. (and yes, I know some Moms can’t, but if you can, then do it!) I can honestly say that my children have all been healthy. Not even problems with allergies, and we live in allergy central. Or allergies with food. Please educate yourself and your children about breastfeeding.

Anonymous on

That is one BEAUTIFUL baby.

NYC_Nona on

That little boy is just beautiful…his eyes are so inviting…and most of all he looks happy and content…I nursed my daughter for 19 months…anywhere and everywhere without a cover up…You can nurse a child without fully exposing your breasts…I’ve done it…my shirts always had a little extra room…as the previous poster stated, it looked as though I was just holding my daughter…I never intended to nurse as long as I did (but she would not take a bottle), however, Hannah and I have an amazing bond…I adore her…

Good Job Selma…Arthur looks well and happy…enjoy your son during these early moments…they really do grow so fast and don’t rush the next “steps”…take it all in!

kate on

wow – i’m surprised at the breast feeders need to cover up or ‘go do it in the bathroom’! but not as much as the ‘how do I explain breast feeding to my child’ and ‘how do I explain bottlefeeding to my child’ comments.

Totally agree with emily – Talk To Your Kids!!! ARRRGH!!! 😉

My four year old knows that babies get their milk sometimes from a breast and sometimes it from a bottle. Just like animals do. Why is that concept so hard to master? Its not a big deal either way. Breasfeeding in public is OK. Bottlefeeding in public is OK. Aren’t there other things we all could worry about?

Seriously, women should band together (not to go all kum ba yah). We have it hard enough. If we work, we are bad mothers because we are not there for our kids, but if we stay at home, we are not productive and are setting up old fashioned roles for our children. If we breastfeed, we shoudl hide it, and now we should hide it if we bottle feed? Why not just support each other? We are all doing the best that we can – and odds are, our kids will turn out just fine.

Here’s to us, the breast feeders, the bottle feeders, the workers, the stay at homes, the single moms, the married moms, the lesbian moms, the adoptive moms, the grandmas and all of the other moms I didnt specifically list. Yea moms!

Holiday on

Good for Selma! She should breast feed anywhere and no one should think twice about a baby eating. I still nurse my 22 month old and when she was younger I nursed her everywhere and anywhere. She never took a bottle and if she was hungry I fed her. I never tried to hide or make her hide under a blanket.

And to ANON: Wow your daughter is SEVEN and does not know about breast feeding? That is just pathetic on your part that you never taught her what breasts are for. My older child is 6 and has known about breast feeding since 2 years old. Do your daughter a favor and educate her.

Tara on

“It’s my choice. Not someone else who decides they don’t care if people see them breastfeed. Breastfeeding is your choice BUT by doing it in public an uncovered mother is removing my choice with my kid. That’s my problem.”

@Anonymous–You’re right, that’s your problem and yours to deal with. Not the mom who’s trying to feed her child. I don’t understand how this can be hard to explain to your 7 year old daughter–my 7 year old son has seen women breastfeeding, asked about it and when told they were feeding their baby milk from their breast he simply went “huh” and went on without further comment. I certainly don’t think he was scarred for life by the site. By passing your obvious hangups onto your daughter though she certainly may be.

And before you assume I some huge BFing advocate, I personally had to bottle-feed my son due to lactation problems, however I certainly support other women’s right to do what comes naturally for most of us.

ivy on

to anonymous, why is it so bad for a mother to explain to her child that another mother is feeding her baby? it’s no secret that babies drink milk from their mother’s breasts and kids should know that. if you are too ashamed of the human body to educate your children about it’s natural functions you have serious issues. did you breastfeed your first child and do you plan on breastfeeding the next one? then your seven year old will see you doing it and then what?

Fab on

Gorgeous baby boy!!! And I so agree with her… When my kids were hungry I would whip it out and feed them… And Anonymous… If YOU don’t explain to your children… Someone will. It’s educating them not teaching them sex at 7… I guess you won’t breast feed your baby on the way because who would explain THAT to your 7 year old…. #SoRidiculous!

momma on

The people saying that breast feeding mothers should cover have clearly never breastfed a baby older than 4-5 months. I never bothered to cover b/c the babies head blocks for the most part anyway (and the part that it does not are routinely revealed by clothing, bathing suits etc)

BUT after about 6 months neither of my babies would allow me to keep a blanket over their heads, forget it! They would fling it off.

As for the person claiming that breastfeeding mothers “force” her to explain something she does not want to to her child:

Homeless people, death etc force me to explain something a lot more sad/unpleasant to my kid, what is your point? People’s decisions are supposed to revolve around the conversations you want to have with your child? Sorry it does not work like that.

Not wanting to explain basic life functions to your kid, that is his/her problem, not anyone elses(BTW how did you potty train your child with this extreme and bizarre squeamishness issue?)

Ann on

Anonymous, what do you do if a handicapped person in the street forces you to explain to your 7 year old why is he in the wheel chair?

And about covering up, do you all cover up when you go to a restaurant or McDonalds and eat in public? If so, how do you do that, a blanket over your head? Just courious why a little baby should be covered but you shouldn’t….

Mia on

Eating in public is different than being nude in public – I’m all for BF — but I don’t want to be flashed by random people in public either just because they are BF.

There is a tasteful way of doing it covered up.

Going to the bathroom is natural too – but people aren’t squatting/urinating in public everywhere just because it’s natural.

aaaa on

Not every breastfeeding mother thinks that those who (for whatever reason) use formula should be criticized. I know mothers who were exclusively breastfeeding, some who were completely unable to breastfeed, some who had no choice but to supplement and others who had no desire to breastfeed whatsoever and to all of them I say, “Good for you for making the best decision for YOUR family!”

I exclusively breastfed, I was completely unable to get my daughter to take a bottle even when I pumped (we tried over 15 different bottles with no success and due to over supply I had a freezer FULL of breast milk). I am quite modest and for my own comfort I did use a cover in public, but had that made either my daughter or myself uncomfortable I would have modestly breastfed sans cover.

When it comes down to it, I make my choices in parenting based on what I feel is best for my daughter and whether or not you agree has absolutely no effect on me. I see people all the time nursing without covers, with covers, bottle feeding, etc. All I can say is that it is up to you how you choose to feed your baby and you will make the best decision based on your family’s needs and whether that is breast or bottle shouldn’t concern anyone but you.

And to the poster who made the comment about having to explain breastfeeding to your children, I sure hope you home school and keep them away from any potential “bad influences”, because if they can’t handle learning the basics of breastfeeding, what are you going to do when their peers start bringing up subjects like sex?

Leonessa on

@kasmit: I agree with your comments to anonymous, but I wanted to say that not all mothers choose to use formula. I have a six month old son who is formula fed because I suffered from “primary lactation failure.” It was the biggest disappointment of my life that I could not breast feed my child. No one should judge a woman for freely breast feeding in public, and no one should judge or look down on mothers who also use formula. Sometimes we are not always given a choice.

Kalecee on

It’s never the kids that make a big deal out of issues like this, they generally could care less, it’s the parent who makes a big stink. It is unbelievable to me that in 2012 the biggest issue you have to explain to your child is in regards to breastfeeding? God forbid you ever have to address anything of any real importance, perhaps you should invest in ear plugs and a blindfold and then you never have to worry about communicating with them at all.

Ann on

“people aren’t squatting/urinating in public everywhere”

Sorry not true..

Grace2 on

Go Selma! I was so self conscious and nervous about nursing in public with my second baby so i would feverishly, stressfully pump before taking my first son to school. My first son was born with a cleft palate so he physically could not nurse or even drink from a regular bottle. I received icy looks from breastfeeding moms when I would bottlefeed him at the store, which catered to nursing moms (I pumped for nearly six months, but couldn’t take it anymore). Yea, it bothered me, but only because I desperately wanted to BF and couldn’t.

Anyway, by my third son I was a pro at nursing in public and could do it discretely most of the time, which what was comfortable for me. I wish I’d been more confident the second time. So, when I see moms like Selma, with positive attitudes about NIP, it makes me happy that this will perhaps make other moms more confident too.

And I don’t know any breastfeeding mom who just sits there with her boobs hanging out, for minutes on end. Once my babies got to a certain age, they would latch on the second they saw any skin.

ask on

And there is the always ridiculous but always expected comment comparing breastfeeding to urinating.

Here’s what it all boils down too. Whether you are offended or not by a mother Bfing is irrelevant. There are laws in just about every state protecting the rights of BFing women to do so in ANY public place that they would normally be allowed to be and that clearly state that BFing can NOT be viewed as indecent exposure. I guarantee that even without a cover (I also do the one shirt up one shirt down trick) if I was sitting in front of a Victoria’s Secret window display, you would see more breast exposed in the store front then you would see while I was feeding my child.

Shannyn on

I’m all for breastfeeding but I know many mothers who have been unable to breastfeed their children, due to lack of milk supply and their babies weren’t gaining any weight. So all those mothers who make a big deal explaining to their kids why a baby is formula fed actually think about the reasons on why it could be formula fed not just because the mother decided too. and when this debate comes up its people like ANDREA who I honestly feel for because they promote breast is best but not all mothers can breast feed and then theres all these negative comments towards formula feeding because people are ignorant, how I see it is as long as the baby is fed and happy and healthy it doesn’t matter how he/she is getting the milk, breast or formula. What works for some doesnt work for others.

Shannon on

Love her attitude! I don’t get the problem with explaining breastfeeding to children. Even very young children can understand the concept of breastfeeding. It’s not that complicated.

Erika on

Selma’s baby is adorable!

I have absolutely no problem with breastfeeding mothers in public whether they use cover or not. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest and I feel that it is natural. What bothers me is the mothers like Christy and Sarah who judge those who are feeding their babies from a bottle. How do you know there wasn’t a medical issue why they couldn’t nurse? They could have been adopted, or could simply be drinking pumped milk from a bottle.

When I was born I had severe allergies to dairy products and would react even if my mother nursed me and had eaten something with dairy, so she had to put me on a special kind of formula. She breastfed my younger sister for almost 2 years. My sister was the one who had all kinds of medical issues, including frequent ear infections and hospitalizations for respiratory infections, while I was perfectly healthy. Now I’m sure this was a coincidence and I’m sure that breastfeeding didn’t cause this at all, but just that it isn’t a cure all for everything. My mother didn’t regret it and would have done it again if she had another child, but it clearly doesn’t automatically guarantee that your kid will be healthy. I’m sure it is the best for babies overall, but formula fed babies can turn out just as healthy. I am planning on having my own children in the future, and I will likely nurse them as well, but I would never judge those who don’t.

Anonymous on

One of my favorite conversations ever with my daughter was after she saw a mother breastfeeding in public. She asked what the baby was doing and I explained to her about how a mother can make milk and that was how I fed her. After giving me a brief look of shock the question has never come up again and she has had no trauma as a result of seeing what is only natural for a mother to do. By the way she was 4 when this conversation took place, people need to get over this whole “My kids dont need to be exposed to that” attitude. As long as you dont make a big deal about it neither will they.

Karen on

And you have a lousy attitude. You’re one of THOSE breastfeeding moms. You seem to have a chip on your shoulder and don’t care who you offend. I breastfed and manged to cover up at the same time. Get over yourself.

Me on

As long as it’s covered why complain. Babies are not going to wait to eat. People really need to be less ignorant and remember what boobs are for. Not just for getting implants and parading around in magazines.

Jac on

Breastfeeding is natural and great… Just make sure you cover up when doing so. Yes, it’s natural, but it does make some uncomfortable. I don’t think people are bothered about the breastfeeding in public thing. I think what bothers them is someone’s lack of COVERING UP. Can you imagine how uncomfortable a mother with a teenage boy would be watching someone breastfeed their child and can see the nipple?! Just be mindful of your surroundings.

Casey on

Breasts are FOR breastfeeding, so I don’t see the big deal about having to explain to your child what that is. You tell them that some moms choose to feed their babies with the milk that their bodies produces for them. And that’s that. It isn’t dirty or sexual in nature, nor is it something to be embarrassed about.

If women don’t breastfeed, of course, that is their choice (or some medically cannot do so). However, it is proven that breastfeeding is wonderful for a child’s health. I think it’s a beautiful thing, and see nothing wrong with doing it in public if the baby is hungry and the mom is comfortable doing so. Some mom’s just feel shy doing it in public, and I think that’s okay, too.

christy myndzak on

Yah for the anonymous mom who is against it in public cos she doesnt want to explain to her 7 yr old..HAHAH come on now..ur just being idiotic..ur kid sees violence by accident..swear words..i cuss all the time around kids or sure parents have had to explain what a female dog is around me if u catch my for u to take the time to comment on something that every mother should do..and u see on the covers of books in a library is stupid. This is one thing you shouldnt mind ur kid seeing or explaining..u said urself its natural ..theres going to be A TON OF THINGS..ur going to have to explain to ur kid not on your own time ..shes in school hears things from other kids and im sure has asked u niece hears stuff all the time we havent brought up or forgot about..thats LIFE..You need to get a grip and think before you speak..explaining this should be the least of ur problems.What a joke!

Karen Gilbreath on

I am a mother of two and I agree with everyone else there is nothing wrong with breastfeeding. It gives the mother and baby a much stronger bond than not breastfeeding. However, to NOT cover yourself up and to be exposed to everyone while you are feeding your baby, in this day and age, with all the perverts and sicko’s in the world, I don’t know that I would be so retisent to be exposed in that way. I guess if you are an exhibitionist, it isn’t going to matter one way or another, but because of all of the weirdo’s that are looming around, I would take the necessary precautions! Just sayin…

sophie on

When I breastfed my babies, I would usually try to cover up if I were in public. However if I was indoors and family etc were over, I gave them fair warning lol….It was fair game. My reasons for covering up in public were personal because of modesty, but I see nothing wrong with breastfeeding in public.

and for anonymous who put that she did not wanting to explain it to her 7 year old daughter?! I find that CRAZY what better way to educate her to something completely natural. In fact my son who I breastfed until 16 months, had a front row seat when I breastfed my daughter. I explained to him that it was how babies ate. What’s the big deal? I don’t get it.

Jo on

I breastfed my son until he was 1yr old. I fed him at home and in public, and just carried an “udder cover” as the brand I used was called. It was a light weight cover that was easy to throw over. Not a big deal.

If people were offended, they didn’t have to look, and as for other children in the room, things were covered.

If they asked their parent what I was doing, all they had to say was, “feeding her baby.”

Good for you Selma!

Alexis on

You go girl! As for the woman who doesn’t want to explain it to her children, not sure I get that one. Our boobs are not just something that are covered up and left to the imagination, or something for our partners during intimate moments. They serve a function and a necessity, and personally I think something beautiful. If you can’t explain to your children that when a baby is first born, that’s how their mommies feed them, I’m a bit concerned. Because that’s the problem with today’s society, we’re made to feel like it’s something to be ashamed of and we need to hide…and that is complete crap. And when I have the privilege to nurse my children, I’ll be damned if I allow anyone to make me feel ashamed.

MRJ on

I respect her right to breastfeed. It really doesn’t bother me to see it in public. I also would just tell my young child “she’s feeding the baby” and that would be that. It probably bothers the person explaining more than it does the kid. However I think her statement “If I can’t get a cover over me quick enough, so be it.” is hysterical like the child is going to starve to death in the 20 seconds it would take to cover herself. I also respect a mothers right not to breastfeed and not be told she’s not a “real mother.”

natasha on

i for one think that the people who are saying these mothers should cover up when they breast feed are insecure with themselfs . a child should be told that this is the most natural most healthiest way to feed your baby if ur able too alot of mothers arnt able to breast feed due to illness or just simply the baby doesnt latch good . in my experience my son wouldnt latch on because the blanket light or a little heavy irratated him when he tried to nurse so i had to nurse him without the cover its not like im holding my breast out and squirting the milk into his mouth and anouncing hey all you people look at me my breast is out . tell ur child the mother is feeding the baby with her breast instead of a bottle because its better milk for the baby . what a sorry excuse but for the mothers who are openly nursing there children good for you ur helping ur child to have a much better imune system in the long run . either way you feed your child is awsom but dont not feed ur baby just because it makes someone else uncomfortable in public its natural ……….

funkytown on

feed your child; i don’t care…but i DO NOT WANT TO SEE YOUR BOOBS.

Emily on

@ Anonymous You poor thing. You’re forced to act like a parent and explain to your child that a mother is feeding her child.

There are no words for people like you. Good grief…

Kimberly on

I am not against breastfeeding and if I could have, I would have, but for medical reasons was not able to. What I hate is mother’s who breastfeed and make women like me feel like I’ve done something wrong because my son was bottlefeed. Get a clue, some women are not able to breastfeed so show a little respect. My son is healthy, intelligent, well mannered. Can’t ask for more than that.

That said, good for Selma to stand by her beliefs. It’s not like she doing it for attention, it’s to feed her child.

der on

In America, nipples are more dangerous than concealed weapons.

Sense on

You care that you have to explain to your kids why someone is breastfeeding??!!! What kind of nonsense is that! It is a breast a freaking breast. Man, woman, and child have them. Geeeeez prudetarians give me a break. If your kid asks what that is you say, ” there’s a mommy who is feeding her baby.” If you treat your children like little people and young citizens of the world, then they will act like it.

Believe me it is easier to explain the nature of feeding an infant than it is to explain intolerance or stupidity. Nursing mothers everywhere should not be ashamed to feed their children and anyone who says otherwise can look away.

kimi83 on

There’s a different between being discreet a breast feeding then breast feeding with your nipples hanging out getting defensive when someone points it out! If a woman whipped out her nipples it would be indecent exposure….I think many woman take this too far like “its my RIGHT”. Yes, it is. BUT those women dont think about when maybe when their kids are a bit older and their son asks “mommy wy are her boobies hanging out?”…. this is a dumb topic.

Leslie on

I’m always shocked when I read posts about breastfeeding and so many people are prudish about it in public. It seems our society is really out of touch with basic humanity when it becomes questionable to breastfeed. Why is this even a debate?

Why do so many people say, “I support breastfeeding, but only if the mother is covered up.” Why is seeing a boob so offensive to people?

There are far more upsetting things in public life than breastfeeding. If it makes you uncomfortable to see it, you might want to examine why you have negative associations with it.

Anonymous on

I don’t care if women breastfeed. I care if they are doing it in public and if my kids sees it. Then I have to explain to my kid what they are doing.

Again I am not against breastfeeding (I am a mother. I have a 7 year old daughter and a baby on the way.) I am against someone else forcing me to explain to my kid why that baby is on it’s mom’s breast. People can say it’s natural all day long, and it is, but that doesn’t mean I want to have to tell my 7 year old or the kid I am watching what is happening.

It’s my choice. Not someone else who decides they don’t care if people see them breastfeed. Breastfeeding is your choice BUT by doing it in public an uncovered mother is removing my choice with my kid. That’s my problem.

– Anonymous on March 29th, 2012

Try saying, “They’re eating”. Problem solved for you… you’re welcome.

Funny how when anyone DARE suggests they might have to explain bottle feeding. Funny how angry you get when the shoe is on the other foot. Keep that in mind.

lilly on

I breastfed all of my 5 kids, but never in public. I had respect for other people’s feelings who are not comfortable seeing a stranger’s naked breast./by the way, I don’t want to see it either/ If we were out I just got in our car if there were no private place and none of our babies starved to death just because they had to wait a couple minutes.

guest on

anonymous wrote; “I don’t care if women breastfeed. I care if they are doing it in public and if my kids sees it. Then I have to explain to my kid what they are doing.”

and I would explain it to your kids if you are not woman enough to do it yourself. I yet have to see a society as prudish as the US. breastfeeding is nothing offensive. I’ve seen women breastfeeding in church (discretely but still). it was no big deal, no one passed out and there was no fire from heaven or anything.

Anonymous on

Selma– How dare you imply that breasts are for anything other than sexual viewing pleasure! Our daughters might learn self-esteem, for God’s sake!

denise on

Never did it never had a desire too. MY choice, but ya cover up please if ya do. And ALL 4 of MY boys are OVER 6ft tall and very healthy and did just fine with a BOTTLE not momma.

Scott on

Good for her! I’ve long been an adivact for breast feeding, and critical of those who believe it as “dirty,” perverted”, and gives dirty old men something to stare at! Several years ago, I was on a flight home from China to Portland. There was a Japanese woman next to me with an infant, with out asking or making a motion, she would breast feed her baby, at the same time, she had a 3 or 4 yr old child sitting next to me. I would spend that time entertaining him, coloring, playing with his toys. It was as natural as rain! They have NO shame in such a situation, and as a man, I though she was beautiful for her bravery to do such a thing. Good for you Selma!

Rhonda on

What a cutie pie! If mothers want to breast feed their babies in public it’s fine by me. Breasts are a part of the human body and when you’re feeding a child you’re not doing something sexual. If parents are embarrassed for their kids to see a nursing mom then they’re going to have a hell of a time explaining what goes on at the beach.

Anonymous on

He is soooo beautiful!!!

Jeana on

Pretty baby
Stupid mother

Abbey on


This is not a zoo and we are NOT animals! There are certain things that seperate human beings from animals and wearing clothes is one of them. If a man was walking around with his private parts exposed I think most people would be offended and wouldn’t want their child exposed to that. Having sex is natural and normal but you don’t see people having sex on park benches in the middle of the day. Why? Because we are not animals! Women who breast feed in public are either looking for attention or looking for a confrontation. Go somewhere private or get a breast pump and put it in bottles. Get over yourselves.

Erin on

I think that breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world and I breastfed my son. BUT…I don’t agree with letting the world see your breast. I think it’s 100% fine to breastfeed in public, but make sure you’re breast is covered.

Boobs are natural. Every woman has them. Babies need to eat when the need to eat. BUT…boobs have also become a very huge part of our sexual culture. Women who breastfeed in public and do so by letting it all hang out so to speak are not understanding that by doing so, they are inevitably showing their breast to someone else’s boyfriend, someone else’s husband and someone else’s child. Those people have the right not to see something (the breast, not the feeding of a child) if that is their choice. My husband does not go to strip clubs to see other women’s breasts, that is our choice as a couple. It’s not fair to me or him for a woman to whip out her boob in front of him at the park! It is also not fair when a woman whips out her boob infront of my son. Nudity is natural, but it’s also something that the majority of people would prefer to keep private. With how over sexed our world has become, I try to keep my son as innocent as possible for as long as I can. I do not want him seeing women’s breasts, baby’s attached or not. I don’t mind if a woman feeds her child in front of him, but I do not want him seeing her breast. That woman is then taking away my choice for my son.

Women who choose to let the world see their breasts when they are feeding their child like to defend it by saying it’s their choice and if it bothers you, just don’t look. I won’t look, neither will my husband or son, but by the time we have realized what we choose not to look at is happening, it’s too late. We’ve all seen your boob. It’s our choice not to. Please don’t take that away from us.

And this is a little off topic, but just because our world is over sexed does not mean that we all have to just shut up and deal with it. Maybe someone should finally take a stand and decide that our world shouldn’t be over sexed and that sex doesn’t need to sell. Maybe there is more to life than some naked body being shown off to the entire world for the sake of a dollar. Does our entire world need to be one big whore house?

hutch099 on

So what is a breast pump for?????

Stacy Ferg on

Go Selma! Anyone against breastfeeding needs to realize one thing – milk comes out of your boobs for a reason! I feel sorry for people who choose not to breastfeed. What a natural, beautiful experience for both the woman and her child. Nothing compares to the closeness of mother and child than breastfeeding. There is a connnection there that bottle feeding just does not have. I’d rather see a woman breastfeed than thongs hanging out of pants or fat rolls hanging out of shirts.

Mimi on

When my daughter was hungry, she was fed. It didn’t matter where we were at the time, the mall, baseball games. I did not care, they are just boobs, we all have them. My thought was if other people think that breastfeeding was disgusting then don’t watch. I’m not saying I let it all hang out, I was as discreet as I could be. It amazes me how people have stupid opinions when breastfeeding is the most natural thing ever.

Brianna on

I’m a breasfeeding mama who is happy to nurse in public, and am so glad to see Selma saying that she does it! It’s only a big deal because of people like anonymous who make it a big deal! I don’t use a cover as my baby won’t eat if I do, and will scream instead. Then everyone gets to see my boob and hear a screaming baby. I have no opposition to formula out of necessity but I can’t stand the fact that some women use it when they are out just to avoid nursing in public. What kind of society do we live in where women feel as though they can’t feed their baby because breasts might offend others? Come on people!

Anonymous on

why dont we get a pic of it now then?

JessicaB on

“I don’t care who I offend”. yes, we know. the “i’m so coolio that i whip it out ON DEMAND, whenever i feel like it attitude is obvious. obnoxious, but obvious.

^^why would a child be confused about bottle feeding? if you have a 7 year old that is confused by that, you got yourself a problem. any 2 year old has been exposed to a bottle-fed doll and made the connection (mom/baby/feed). if your child isn’t making abvious connections like that, you should REALLY have him/her evaluated for a cognitive delay. by the time my kids were 7, they were able to discuss the fact that families made different choices according to what worked for them. i would have been very concerned if any of my kids were confused by such basic differences.

Amy Y on

What a beautiful baby!

Chantii on

Breastfeeding is such a normal process! &covering up are you serious? why would you see a mother feeding her child as gross or make you uncomfortable? IT’S NOT MEANT TO BE A SEXUAL THING! only a perv would find it uncomfortable!.. I really don’t see what the big deal is, you see more nudity on tv now a days. I’m pretty sure this whole covering nonsense is based on personal insecurities. GET OVER IT! People have to learn how to be more opened minded. NOBODY ever said you had to stare at a mother while she’s feeding her baby! I personally never breast fed my kids, but other moms breastfeeding certainly doesn’t bother me!


Beautiful baby! I BF but I really struggled with it–so I definitely don’t judge women who bottle feed. However, when I BF in public although I am discreet, my son will not eat with a cover on. I care more about making sure he is fed than who will be offended by a brief flash. I will say though that I think this is all much ado about nothing. I don’t see a ton of women out in public leaving their boobs hanging out while they prepare to BF.

CelebBabyBlogAddict on

I have absolutely no problem with breastfeeding in public, cover or no cover. People need to think about the context in which it is being used. These women are doing it because their child is hungry, they aren’t just randomly taking out their breast in public – that would be a different story. I mean seriously – who would do this unless it is absolutely necessary? People who have a problem with it should get a life!!! And so what if you 6 year old child asks what the person is doing – tell them they are feeding their baby. I’m sure that your child at one point fed in exactly the same manner or if they were bottle fed, it is no different – they are still feeding a hungry baby. It is completely natural and there is nothing heinous, outrageous or disgusting about it that you can’t explain what is happening for a child of any age. Grow up people!

Tina on

I think the difficulty lies in the fact that breasts are bi-functional–sexual and non-sexual, as in food for baby. Seems some people have trouble viewing them in a nonsexual way. I don’t know why, since men have nipples and they are rarely viewed as a sex organ. I really do think that it’s the people with such a, dare I say, teenager-ish view of a woman’s breasts who have the problem and I’d love to see Americans grow up about it.

erin0414 on

What’s hard to explain to a 7 year old.
Your kid: “Mama, what’s that lady doing?”
You: “feeding her baby.”

Jane on

I am not against breastfeeding, I am a mother myself, however I don’t think it’s appropriate is just whip out your boob in public. I understand that a mother is protective of her childs needs and really not care about what anyone else thinks but… It’s just not appropriate for other children and families. There are bathrooms everywhere and breastfeeding mothers should ALWAYS have a cover with them.

Bizzo on

You don’t want to have to explain to your 7 year old daughter that…..we’re mammals? Seriously?

SB on

Good for her!

JMO on

Anonymous explaining to your daughter why people breastfeed should be easy. Explaining to them why gas prices are so high may not be 😉

Where you do it, how you do it, or why you do it is your business and nobodys elses.

malla on

For some of you, breastfeeding is just a way to puff up your own ego and pretend your holier-than-thou and entitled to your self-righteousness. You can simply breastfeed your kids and mind your own business without having to mock and laugh at someone who does not, whatever their reasons. You have no right to criticize. If any of you pretentious bitches really cared more about your kids than your egos, you wouldn’t need to vilify women whose choices are different than yours. Don’t like Anonymous’ view? Tough titties, ladies. If you’re entitled to be mean-spirited, sarcastic, hateful bitches, she’s entitled to a view that pisses you the hell off. Tit for tat, eh?

Alvin Krinst on

Dear Anonymous:

I think you’re worrying excessively. Let’s imagine you and your child stumble upon a gorgeous celebrity breastfeeding her child in public. I imagine the dialogue will go something like this:

Child: What’s the pretty lady doing, mommy?
You: She’s feeding her baby, honey.
Child: Oh.

Case closed, and it’s back to enjoying that cotton candy. But let’s suppose your child has further questions.

Child: But what’s she feeding the baby?
You: Milk.
Child: Where does the milk come from?
You: It comes from her breasts, because human beings are mammals.
Child: Oh. Mommy?
You: Yes, dear?
Child: Why are celebrities so magical?
You: I don’t know, honey. They just are.

There now. That wasn’t so difficult, was it?

Monique on

He’s just gorgeous! I breastfed all of my babies in public too. I was discreet and wore nursing shirts which made it very easy to do without exposing anything to anyone.

I think people need to get over this notion that breastfeeding a child is offensive. It really bothers me that people freak out about it.

Crystal on

Their forcing you to explain to your children what is happening? Are you serious, stop being lazy, and be a mom yourself and let them know what is going on. That was the dumbest comment, If a mother wants to breastfeed where ever she should be able to. My comment to you would be dont force me to starve my child just so you dont have to be a parent and explain it to yours.

Luci on

My 4 year daughter was playing with her dolls one day. She lifted up her shirt and placed the doll at her breast. I walked over to her and asked her, “what are you doing?” She said, “feeding the baby”.

I breastfed her till she was 2 and 1/2. She is now 6 and sometimes asks if I still have milk and if so, can she have some. I laugh and say, “milks all gone”. She laughs, then says, “can I check?” “Nope,” I say.

Joanne on

However, if I’m out and about, I don’t necessarily want to see your breasts, natural or not. Please cover up and be respectful to those around you. Your rights end where mine begin.

GetWellKatelynn on

Hey funkytown – if you don’t want to see a breast-feeding mother’s boobs, then quit staring at them.

Tiffany on

They’re boobs, that’s what they’re there for, get over it. Do you not look at your own breasts? Grow up.

Charles on

It’s Natural, It’s life, what’s the problem, if you don’t like it turn your head, wouldn’t that be easier, Oh maybe too easy then you would have nothing to grip about!! I see.

GetWellKatelynn on

Hey funkytown — if you don’t want to see a breast-feeding mother’s boobs, then quit staring at them.

Tiffany on

Jane, that’s disgusting to expect women to breastfeed in a bathroom. I’m supposed to sit on a public toilet with my pants touching the toilet seat? I’m supposed to take a person with a developing immune system to eat in a germ infested public restroom? A baby and mother should sit for how long, one eating, while being forced to smell the bowel movements of crowds of women? Nothing like the smell of a bathroom to get the appetite stimulated.
Maybe you should set a good example the next time you go out to eat and tell your server you would like your meal served in the bathroom.
You have the right to turn your head or close your eyes.

Aneeda on

@Anonymous You would rather a women hide while nursing because you can’t take two seconds to explain breastfeeding to your child. Pretty sad.

lisa on

It is not necessary for everyone to see your breasted while feeding your baby if u choose to breastfeed fine but find a private spot it is ridiculous when woman have their breast hanging out have respect for the people around you.

Sara on

When my daughter was younger (3 and 4 years old0, my sister breastfed her son exclusively and she often saw my sister breastfeeding, but it was not an issue because we didn’t make it an issue. We just explained to her that just like she drinks milk out of a cup, her cousin get his milk from his mom. Her response? (I am very fascinated tone, mind you) “From her boobie?” To which we replied “yes”, and every once in a while she would say something about it if we saw another mom out in public, or if we were in talking distance she would ask the mom “Are you feeding your baby milk?” No one she interacted with seemed bothered or put out by her questions. The “lesson” even went one step further when she saw an African-American woman breast feeding and she proceeded to ask (in her 4 yo innocence) since my sister (who is white) has white breast milk, if “black people” have chocolate milk. To her it made perfect sense! 🙂

stacey on

I’m glad that I never bought into all the hype that is behind breastfeeding. I’m a mom of 6 and I never breastfed any of them, and they were all FAR healthier than my friends kids who were breastfed.

Some things are best left in the privacy of one’s home, and this is one of them.

Tibicher on

Really, anonymous! Your seven year old should already know where babies food comes from and should know what ‘that’ mother is doing. Gheez, what are you going to do, hide in a closet when you nurse that new baby? Oh, wait, you probably don’t let your kids breastfeed and give them that nasty formula that I have to explain to my kids!

Ali O. on

Anonymous, this is not something you should have to think about. Just tell your children that that mother is doing what God intended her body to do: feed her baby. That she’s giving her baby the absolute best thing for him or her. There’s really nothing else to say. Teaching your children that breastfeeding is somehow shameful? That’s the real shame.

Melissa on

If you don’t want to see a breastfeeding mom, then turn your gaze because at the core we are animals and we feed our young the way our bodies were made to. If your kids have questions it’s a great teaching moment…tell them it’s where the baby’s milk comes from! You wouldn’t hesitate to say the same about a cow. Society has sexualized breasts, but they are a tool to feed our young. If anything is hard to explain, it’s that!

Stephanie on

There are so many more offensive thngs out there, how the hell is something like breastfeeding get lumped into it all? I’m more offended over things like 16 and Pregnant, anything to do with the Kardashians, Paris Hilton, The Real Housewives, Toddlers in Tiaras, etc., than breastfeeding. People need to get their heads straight.

MRJ on

One thing I don’t like about these posts is that some of the moms either feel they need to add why they couldn’t breastfeed or assume people didn’t breastfeed because of some failure. I didn’t breastfeed because I didn’t want too. I read about it. I watched my brothers wives breastfeed their kids and I just did not want to. 12 years after making this decision my child is healthy, happy and as smart as any breastfed child I know and much smarter than most of her cousins. A woman should not be made to feel guilty for the choices she makes concerning this. It’s sad that people feel they need to do this to other people. I liken it to bullying.

Allison on

Thank you! Its great to have a celebrity speak up for public breastfeeding. There is absolutely no shame in it at all and as a public breastfeeding Mom as well I applaud her!

YouareOblivious on

Those of you who are supporters of breastfeeding and whom have most likely breastfed yourself need to stop retaliating and start actually reading and understanding some of the comments being made. You are not being attacked, so for goodness sakes, let it go!

I support breastfeeding and wish I could have longer with my own children. I have no issue with telling my children that babies drink milk from their mothers breasts.

I do however, dislike it being done right infront of me without proper coverage. And I am sorry but, if my kid can wait for a bottle to be warmed, yours can wait while you get yourself covered. They aren’t going to die.

I do NOT agree with BF mothers being asked to leave public areas when they are breastfeeding, I DO agree that they should be respectful and cover up. It is not your right to put others in a situation which forces them to bare witness to your nudity… regardless of how important or natural it is….

If you cant be prepared enough to bring a cover…make sure you carry a bottle of breastpumped milk for those times when your child is “starving” and can’t wait.

And before you write your hater comments towards me…..please remember I support breastfeeding..I think it is a beautiful and natural act…but, I should not have to be forced to see all the details….if more BF women would listen to that and just cover up respectfully, I think there would be a lot less issues over breastfeeding in public.

Leslie on

Where are all the women who walk around with their boobs exposed while breastfeeding? It sounds like a major issue for many of the posters on here… like there are hoards of topless women roaming around breastfeeding. How come I’ve never seen this?

And to Erin, you seem very concerned that your husband and son will get turned on if they see a breastfeeding mom. You might want to work on your self esteem if you are so threatened by a woman naturally feeding her child. You are the one sexualizing the act… not the mom and baby.

Elizabeth on

I’m so glad that celebs are getting vocal about this very real issue. When we’re breastfeeding our babies, our breasts are doing what God designed them for – feeding our babies. If you want to sexualize the experience, that’s your (the viewer’s) problem.

MZ on

Is it so hard to bring a thin blanket with you? If it is 95 degrees, stay home…or pump. It is your choice to have a baby to feed. I know it is “natural” blah, blah, blah…So is sex! It is how the baby got there in the first place. You can’t do that in public! I don’t want to be exposed to it in public.

TLH on

Anonymous – Your 7 year old doesn’t know about breastfeeding? Has she been walking around with a blanket on her head. My daughter was the youngest in our family and she knew what breastfeeding was by the time she was 3.

Cat on

I literally get sick seeing someone breastfeeding. Throw a light blanket over yourselves.

Piccollo6e on

“I don’t care who I offend; my baby wants to eat. If I can’t get a cover over me quick enough, so be it.”

Obviously y’all missed that last bit of the quote. She covers. It was fun sitting here with my popcorn but I’m full. Show’s over.

YouareOblivious on

I had a friend who would breastfeed right in front of my husband and I with no coverage and it made for a VERY uncomfortable situation.I have mothers at parent-time who breastfeed without covers and I have to change where I sit or move to avoid seeing it. Yes, it is “MY” problem but that doesn’t mean others cannot be sensitive to it. All I think people are tired of is breastfeeding supporters “freaking out” when they are asked to cover up or not do it in certain public areas that might be inappropriate without coverage. I don’t think I have read “breastfeeding should not be done in public, ever” in the comments.

It’s about wanting a mutual respect. Respect that BF mothers need and want to feed their children but that those same mothers be respectful of others feelings and sensitivities…nto saying that any one person is wrong in their opinion…the attitude of “I’m going to do what I want, when I want because *I* think it’s right” is a poor attitude to have…just sayin…….

Elizabeth on

Anonymous will you please stay home till you give birth I don’t want to have to explain to my son why you are pregnant and in *gasp* walking around in public. Thank you.

Anonymous on

I don’t care who sees me breastfeeding my son. Get over it if you have a problem. When my son needs his milk he going to get it.

I think it a beautiful thing to share between a mother & baby. It very natural.

My oldest son doesn’t stare at other mothers feeding their baby because he knows it a natural thing. Plus we told him that it rude to stare at others.

kira on

@anon (who’s upset about having to deal with a nursing mother because you’re too selfish to explain to your own SEVEN YR old what the woman is doing)…tell her to go ask the confident mother, she’d be more than happy to explain. i have explained to many children and have no problems doing it – you don’t have to pull out an anatomy book to explain it to a child. they understand more than you could ever imagine.

Doo's Momma on

I breastfed my son for 13 months and I was very shy. I actually did go into a restroom one time and I was horrified. It’s not like they provide a place for women to breastfeed in public restrooms. If I had to do it again, I would not go into a bathroom. I would go ahead and do it in public because it’s not hard to be discreet. He hated to eat covered. I seriously doubt that anyone ever saw more than the fleshy part of my breast if that. People see alot more flesh at a beach or swimming pool than they see when a woman is feeding her child.

My mother breast fed and I just asumed that’s how all babies ate so it never felt weird to me to see another person doing the same. There should never be shame associated with it. I don’t really understand the controversy. It’s what women did before there was formula. It’s not like she is hanging her breast out there for an extended period of time. Have you ever seen a how quickly a hungry baby latches on? Also it is pretty easy to cover it back up quickly when finished. Good for her!

DD on

I had forgotten how PRUDE Americans can be. The U.S. is one of the most violent places in the developed world and some of you are worried about seeing a boob? Why is it ok for kids to see cartoons with characters blowing each other up but it’s not ok for them to see a breast?? If MORE kids saw women breastfeeding then MAYBE they wouldn’t BE so uncomfortable with seeing breasts and MAYBE more children would grow into adults who breastfeed their babies and MAYBE, just MAYBE the U.S. would be a more peaceful place.

Suzy on

Thank you Christa….nothing wrong with breast feeding, but please be discreet….we do NOT lived in Europe where seeing boobs in public is no big deal. In the US, boobs are SEXUAL. It’s unfortunate, but that’s reality.

April R. on

Good for Selma!! Sorry but if you have children and you see a woman breastfeeding, what exactly do you need to explain to them? I have a 7 year old son, and he sees me breastfeeding all the time. I also nurse in public, and my daughter (who turned 1 today) refuses to be covered. I’m not going to deny her nutrition because I might offend someone with a skewed view on what women’s breasts are actually for.

My 7 year old son is way to young to be introduced to the idea that breasts are for sexual pleasure, in fact way to young to be introduced to anything sexual. If you are out walking with you young son (or daughter), and they know enough to think that breasts are dirty or sexual, well shame on you as a parent. My son knows enough to think that some mothers feed their babies with milk from a mother’s breast, and that’s about all he knows of breasts.

If you and your children are out and encounter a mother nursing her baby, and they ask you what that mother is doing, what is so hard about saying she is feeding her baby? Saying you are for breastfeeding and then turning around and refusing to expose your child to the idea that a baby is anything but bottle fed means you aren’t supportive of breastfeeding at all. You are teaching your children that bottle feeding is the proper thing to do, and that breastfeeding is dirty and inappropriate.

Noonah on

Yay for Selma! I breastfed my children too – and often in public, because when baby wants to eat, the baby has to eat! Anonymous made me laugh. A 7 year old should already be learning where the babies come from!

michelle on

Nothing wrong with breastfeeding in public…just cover up. No one wants to see breasts all over the place while eating dinner or shopping, etc.

Suzy on

We live in the US….breasts are sexual. In Europe, they are not. We need to cover up. Breastfeeding should be betwen a mother and her baby……not everyone else. Stop trying to prove a point.

YouareOblivious on

Thank you MZ!

Piccollo…that’s why there’s so much drama..that attitude exactly…breastfeeders want respect and the right to breastfeed anywhere but the ones who have no respect for anyone else’s feelings “if I can’t cover so what?”attitude…is why this topic gets so blown out of what it needs to be….feed your baby when it’s hungry, but I’m truly sorry to say that there IS enough time to take a scarf or receiving blanket or even the new BF covers and attempt to be respectful if you don’t want people judging or staring or making rude comments or what have you.

Anonymous “Get over it if you have a problem.”….really? you think about that the next time someone does something that makes you uncomfortable or offends you…that’s probably what they are thinking…and again..that is why there is so much retaliation…ignorance…

KT on

The only controversy in the cover-up/not-to-cover-up debate is that American popular culture has made breasts a sexual obsession as opposed than a biological necessity. I understand the need for some moms to cover up. That said, I don’t mind unless it’s in the way, i.e. flopped out on a dining table at a restaurant. So yes, there are boundaries!

… and that baby is SO STINKIN’ CUTE!

Donald Daniels on

I think I would be a fierce guardian of that baby, too. Too cute baby. Those eyes. Selma I think I love you.

smr on

It is the most natural thing in the world – along with having a baby. I think it is wonderful! Good for her! I breastfed both my girls -in public when necessary and it does not mean that I was exposing myself everywhere. It is completely possible to do it discretely. And I certainly wouldn’t be offended if I did see someone’s breast while they were feeding their baby -who cares?? Millions of women do it -and have been forever! Every doctor says it: it is the best food you can give your baby.

Ljuliad on

For those of you that get offended by the sight of an uncovered nursing mother in public: luckily nobody’s neck is made out of soda crackers….you can always look The other way. For those who got offended by the “having to explain bottle-feeding”: that feeling of I’m being jugdge and people don’t know squat o what they are talking about….that is exactly how a nursing mother feels whenever she is judged as an exhibitionist craving attention b/c she won’t cover up. When in reality while one is nursing w/o a cover you really cannot see much. Feels bad to be judge doesn’t it?

Elizabeth on

Anyone who has ever breastfed a baby knows it’s not always as easy as throwing a cover over it. My son HATES to be covered up while nursing. He pulls the darned thing off every time.

Missy on

I’d breastfeed in public, uncovered. I don’t care who it offends, and I don’t care who’s children see it. It’s natural and no one should be sheltered from it.

malla on

The majority of the most hateful, most vitriolic comments on this page are directed at ONE person who dared say she was uncomfortable with breastfeeding. And breastfeeding supporters/advocates wonder why they have such a negative reputation. It’s because they earned it!

malla on

“if more BF women would listen to that and just cover up respectfully, I think there would be a lot less issues over breastfeeding in public.”

Finally, someone who gets it, really gets it!

YourOblivious/YouareOblivious : Someone who gets it without resorting to hysterics and name calling and other negativity.

Mommy on

You can discretely breastfeed in public without any of the measures suggested. When I breastfed my babies in public I actually had people try pick the baby up because they didn’t realize what was going on! End result?

My baby was fed the best possible food,

I didn’t have to hide in a toilet or wear a blanket in the Texas heat

And for the easily offended,THERE WAS NO BREAST SHOWING. NONE. JUST A BUNCHED UP SHIRT AND A BABY LYING IN MY LAP COVERING MY STOMACH! Anyone who might have objected was offended by the idea of breasts not being sexual, not by anything they saw.

Ljuliad on

@youareoblivious: I feel your pain…and I see how hard your situation is….i can only imagine being a grown*%^# man and having to rationalize that what im looking at is a baby being fed naturally. Perhaps wearing a nice cover over his head would help him…..or maybe take your husband to the bathroom and leave him there until the baby is done. After all, how would you feel if someone asked you to limit yourself and act like it’s your fault they have a complex….

Sue on

I don’t question any woman’s right to breast feed their babies, in public or anywhere else. I do question the motive behind it in some cases. Is it truly to feed their child or is it some deep-seated need to shock and embarass? I’ve been in many public places, restaurants, the movies, where a woman calmly opened her shirt enough for the child to nurse and that was it. The action drew no attention to itself and most people weren’t aware that it was taking place. Other times, a woman made a huge production of whipping open her shirt to expose herself and her baby then looked as if she dared anyone to say anything. What’s the purpose behind such grand stand gestures?

Olivia on

It’s perfect: He has to eat, let him eat.

Anonymous on March 29th, 2012: Why don’t you want to explain your child what a breast is and what she’s doing with it? She’s not just flashing or having sex in public, she’s feeding her child.

I’m the youngest, so I first knew breastfeeding watching it in the street. No trauma there.

Beth on

I am glad that there is a back lash against the “ew, gross” people out there. I’m not gonna sugar coat it: screw you. I am feeding my child what I feel is best for him. If you can’t tell you 7 year old what a woman is doing then you are going to have a problem in a few years when you need to tell her what OTHER parts do.

Jenna on

I am so proud of all of you who have given such great comments in support of breastfeeding in public. It’s so refreshing to see that people in this country are making leaps and bounds towards supporting something that can only be described as normal and natural.

for pete's sake on

I have seen many women breastfeeding and I myself breastfeed my 21 month old w/o a cover. The only time I have seen a woman “let it all hang out” is at the home of a friend of mine…in the privacy of her personal home.

I don’t understand the conclusion that so many of you are jumping to that if a woman doesn’t use a cover she is an exhibitionist and letting it all hang out for everyone else’s “boyfriends, husbands and children” to see. That’s ridiculous and frankly, self-centered. what about the Victoria’s Secret posters in the mall? Are they beckoning to your boyfriends and husbands?

I’m not an exhibitionist, but if a sliver of skin shows when I’m feeding my daughter, so be it. I’ve seen more than a sliver when people walk by with their muffin tops hanging out, when their bras are too small and their smooshed cleavage is spilling over their two sizes too small tank top or when they bend over and their butt crack stares me in the face.

It’s a little bit of skin people, it’s not a Playboy spread. It’s a mother feeding her child. And as for people that formula feed? I’m truly sorry for the ones that legitmately are unable to breastfeed. To the rest, do your research and don’t listen to docs that give you a quick, “you can’t do it”. I am only bothered by the ones who formula feed because they think breastfeeding is “gross” or are too lazy to do it. You are short-changing yourself and sadly, your child.


To the person who wrote this :

I don’t care if women breastfeed. I care if they are doing it in public and if my kids sees it. Then I have to explain to my kid what they are doing.

Again I am not against breastfeeding (I am a mother. I have a 7 year old daughter and a baby on the way.) I am against someone else forcing me to explain to my kid why that baby is on it’s mom’s breast. People can say it’s natural all day long, and it is, but that doesn’t mean I want to have to tell my 7 year old or the kid I am watching what is happening.

It’s my choice. Not someone else who decides they don’t care if people see them breastfeed. Breastfeeding is your choice BUT by doing it in public an uncovered mother is removing my choice with my kid. That’s my problem.

So when a mother with an older child has a new baby and proceeds to breastfeed, will she have to hide in the closet from her own “older” child just so she does not have to explaine what is being done?

Explaining to ANY age about breastfeeding is not bad at all. I do not mind ONE SINLGE BIT if either of my children see this in public and when they ask what is happening I will explain to them without hesitation. What do you think went on before formula exsisted or “covers” were even invented??


I cant even read more then that first comment, so the rest of you will be saved from my bashing you for being so childish and SELFISH. There is NOTHING more important then feeding a helpless baby by breast – what they were intended to do, and how we were created to feed them.

If you ask me, formula should be ripped off the shelves and only given by prescrption for those who medically need it!! Do your child some good and give them the liquid gold they were designed to get. Not some crap made in a damn factory filled with all kinds of garbage!!


End of rant!

Alison on

Good for you Selma. It’s nobody’s business how, when or where you feed your child. If others don’t like it, they have the choice to look away.

w m on

Anonymous. Maybe you need to be more willing to discuss breastfeeding with your 7 year old and get over thinking that it is sexual. THAT is YOUR only problem!!!!

malla on

An random observation: Some of these celebs act like motherhood and parenting is some of newly, undiscovered territory. They speak as if parenting is some sort of novel, intricate concept they must learn. Frankly, I find it quite alarming. There have been mothers and babies for eons and to try to change the face of motherhood is disturbing. Parenting isn’t much different than 1,000 years ago. It’s just the parents who are different!

We all want our kids to be raised to be a responsible, well adjusted adult. Which has been accomplished long, long, long before people like Selma were ever born. Those parents didn’t need to pretend to be perfect in every move they made or pat themselves on the back for being a good parent. They weren’t in hysterics wondering if that Dorito or that soda could jeopardize their children’s entire future. They didn’t hover, obsess or molly-coddle them and try to shelter them from the world around them. They simply loved them, raised them and let them go.

It seems the more we try to control every facet over our kids’ futures, the more we lose control of ourselves as a society.

What the hell, I’m posting this even if it is jumbled!

Mommy on

MZ- Equating sexual intercourse in public with feeding an infant? Really? “If it is 95 degrees outside, stay home or pump” Really? Consider the following:

I live in a climate that is that temp and higher for a significant part of the year. Covering myself and my infant in a blanket, no matter how thin, is not only uncomfortable but potentially dangerous for my child. Ok, pump, you say? Have you ever tried that? It is not only extremely uncomfortable, but also ineffective for me. I have tried several types with the same result. My lactation consultant and doctor can’t solve the problem. Next suggestion?

Here’s mine… Even without a blanket I’m very discrete and there is no breast showing when I feed my child. If the sight of a tiny bit of tummy offends you, turn your head.

Kristina on

Good for her. Too bad if a mom has to explain to a 7 yr old the natural function of feeding her child. It is natural and to even compare it to sex is just ridiculous. If your 7 yr old child doesn’t know about how a baby gets fed the natural way then I would say YOU are lacking as a parent in explaining nature.

It is funny how people in America will think nothing of giving their 2 or 3 yr old a happy meal and a coke but to have them see a baby being fed by a breast is just too much. Get your priorities in order people. Sure, a blanket covering up would be nice but sometimes there are times when that can’t happen because of heat or not having one on hand. Americans need to get with the program.

Mjs on

If you can’t handle seeing a mother breastfeeding a baby, don’t even think about going for a beach holiday in Europe, e.g. Spain and France. There are women who go topless and your kids could see their breasts, oh the horror…

Do you “cover yourself up while breastfeeding” people find Victoria’s Secret window displays or certain magazine covers showing half naked women offensive or is it just breastfeeding? I am more concerned about explaining to my daughter why there’s a woman wearing barely any clothes on a cover of a magazine than why a baby is eating from a woman’s breast.

Suzy on

Breastfeeding is great, but it should be between the mom and baby….we do not live in Europe…..boobs are not “sexual” there…in the U.S, there ARE. It’s sad but true…..please cover up.

Jenna on

YouareOblivious…I think you said it right when you said that your issues with seeing mothers breastfeed their babies is YOUR problem. The severe hangups about breasts that have come from our culture seem to have created a psychological dysfunction in much of the population. Breasts have historically and biologically been intended and used for the feeding of children since the beginning of mammalian history. This relatively recent development of breasts being sexualized and therefore deemed a part of the body that must be covered at all times is a sad and unnecessary to the human experience.

tebe on

as a dad of two boys I am disgusted by the whining of those who condemn mother’s breastfeeding their babies in public.

if you are embarrassed or have issues witnessing this natural beautiful human act, then do not look, just walk on by and get a life while you’re at it !

Tarah on

To Anonymous: Breast Feeding IS a natural thing. And to say that women shouldn’t do it in public because then you have to explain it to your child is just laziness on your part. It’s your job as a parent to give them what knowledge you have and teach them how to experience the world. Laziness on your part just breeds more ignorance for the next generation.

Lauren on

Here’s your badge of honor. Wow, you breastfeed in public. Its so honorable.

elizabeth on

A mom should always care more about her child’s health than the possibility of making others’ feel uncomfortable. Way to go Selma!!!

AJ on

Next time you eat – put a cover over your head. Not very comfortable is it? Why would you do it to a baby? And save the “I am forced to explain it to my kid” comments. It’s the best possible thing to do for a baby, it’s totally natural, not sexual at all – why wouldn’t you jump to explain it to your kid? Here – I’ll help. Say “That’s a good momma feeding her child. What a lucky kid.”

Sarah D. on

To Anonymous: Really? It’s that hard to explain to your kid what breastfeeding is? How about saying “she’s feeding her baby.” If he asks how, say “her breasts make milk, and the baby drinks the milk.”

If you can’t teach your child this, can you teach him anything?

Jen on

Oh my God, it’s the story telling syndrome again. I do it this way and they do it that way…. Blah, blah, blah.

I read an article about Selma and don’t want to read articles about how expert you are or how hideous or okay you are with the whole subject of breastfeeding, or how your Juniour reacts to it. Paleaze, quit straying from the subject to tell your own stories. It gets a little old. If you could look back in five years you would see how gullible you were to make a fool out of yourself over this article and your narcissitic need to comment on it to make yourself feel better.

It’s just like the Hillary Duff article about how she goes out to do her hair and leaves the baby at home. Obviously, only an abusive relationship with the father would have prevented her from doing so. We all have our rights and choosing how to feed our kids or go to stylist are a couple of them. Like I said in the other article, if the sperm donor can’t take responsibility or you don’t make him do so so that you can have equal time off, then what were you doing any way? Child support income check for the next eighteen years? Is another on the way already?

lisa on

I have a baby and I breastfeed in public–why should I cover up? There is hardly that much skin or nipple showing and as adults when we eat, we don’t have to throw a towel or cover our face so why should my baby. There’s more skin showing on some women in the summer. Get over it!

Amy on

Anonymous, I find it VERY HARD TO BELIEVE that you could breast feed your children and then turn around and have a hard time explaining it to them. Sound like a mother who just doesnt have the time to take the time to spend with her children explaining life. If you dont have the time to explain, you dont have the time or the need to have children.

We all dont need to have children becauase its what we do. We have children when we can provide/care and can take care of all needs. I have decided not to have children although it ALL i have ever wanted because I just dont have the means to do so. Hardest decision I have ever made but I guess being a nanny is how I will continue fullfilling it.

Jen on

@malla! The best comment on this board! Love the puns and all! Amen! Wish I would have thought of that! My thoughts exactly!

Anonymous on

We need to make breastfeeding the norm. The only way to do that is to breastfeed without shame. If our children ask questions, it is healthy! Provide them with answers and the comfort level of all will be raised.

Also, I found messing around with covers and blankets impeded me and frustrated my child. Breastfeeding my baby was much more important than others uncomfortable feelings.

Let us teach our children by example, breastfeeding is natural and the best source of nutrition for our babies. I, for one, want my children to see other women breastfeeding, so they know it is perfectly natural and a great thing to do for their children one day.

Lizzy on

Yep, here we go. Another Hollywood liberal elitist who doesn’t care what anybody thinks. As long as she’s happy, that’s all that matters. That’s the main problem in our world today. Nobody cares about anybody but themselves. You can almost see the narcissism oozing out their pores.

Cinder Lou on

I’m reading all these posts that pretty much run the spectrum, and I’m trying to decide who to agree with. I guess that poster would be “YouareOblivious.” I’m sure there are things I do in public (that I am unaware of) that might offend someone, and I apologize for those.

Breastfeeding is not in that category, however. I know some people are offended (or at least made uncomfortable) by seeing mothers breastfeed in public places, such as in a mall concourse. That being the case, I’d either bring a bottle or find a comfortable restroom (preferably in the baby section of a nice department store) and breastfeed there. But to intentionally do it in public and to intentionally disrespect others’ feelings … I find that selfish, self-centered and inappropriate.

Mia on

Well some people urinate/squat in public – but I meant it more of a mass population effect.

Natural biological occurrence that should be in private + not out in public just because it is “natural.”

Liss on

This is awesome!! good for her! more celeb moms should follow in her foot steps! it gives regular moms more confidence to do whats right for their baby. So many people are against breast feeding especially in public– but lets face it once you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all and that’s what they we’re put there for to begin with.

RKF on

@ last Anonymous – You’re very inconsiderate to “not care” who sees you breastfeeding. You need to get over your notion of entitlement. Some of us, although we love children, do not want to see it in public.

My opinion. My choice. Discreetly breastfeeding in public is one thing, but no, I do not want to see any woman’s bare breast.

Stephanie on

I don’t think it’s such a big deal. In fact, the next time I am in public, I shall whip out my boobs in support of you.

madison on

Good for her!!!!!! its a completely natural thing and best for baby abd mom. I breast fed all my kids, most bonding, intimate beautiful experiences and memories. I cherish them. every mom should have her attitude! I tried my best to cover up, but always fed them no matter where i was, and that was 20 yrs ago!

To the mom who doesn’t want to see it & explain to her 7 yr old..explain what??? that a mom is feeding her baby because when mommies have babies we have milk in there for a short time to do that? I dont get it, whats the problem with explaining? what, are they going to have nightmares? scar them? what? rather, you will be raising healthy natural attitudes in ur kids by having them aware, are u serious???? something very wrong with ur thinking.

Anon123 on

This is a ridiculous discussion. To those who support breastfeeding: “It’s natural” is not a defense of breastfeeding in public. As others have pointed out, intercourse and defecation are natural acts too, but we don’t do them in public. So clearly it is not ok to do something in public just because it’s “natural”.

On the other hand, there is a key difference between breastfeeding, on the one hand, and defecation or intercourse, on the other: it is not legal to have intercourse in public or to defecate in public, whereas women in most US states and in Canada have the legal right to breastfeed anywhere, with or without a blanket!

Few people seem to dispute that breast milk is best for babies, but this is lip service unless we actually live in a society that has policies that promote/support breastfeeding. People love to say they “support breastfeeding” but when it comes time to cash back their claims their tune changes. Sending women to bathrooms to feed their babies, or telling women to stay at home to feed their babies, or telling women “it’s ok to breastfeed in public AS LONG AS you’re covered up” or telling them to give their babies bottles (which can be detrimental to the success of breastfeeding and ultimately lead to the premature end of a breast milk diet), are all ways of saying “breastfeeding is fine as long as it doesn’t inconvenience ME, an adult.”

That’s called NOT supporting breastfeeding. If the idea or sight of a woman nursing her child disgusts you, look away — maybe towards someone who can explain to you why a baby’s nutrition takes precedent over you, a grown up, not wanting to undertake the arduous and exhausting action of turning your head. Public breastfeeding is not a women’s rights issue or a mothers’ rights issue, it is a babies’ rights issue.

Jojos Momma on

ok so the annonomys person allllllll the way at the top… seeings as ur “expecting” ur second child.. ur gonna have to explain it to ur kid if u breastfeed ur baby…. dont b a stupid moron. if the baby is hungry you feed the kid.. my god ppl.. breasts have been around since adam and eve….. GET OVER IT………. and seeings as thats what the breast is for… again get over it. its a beautiful natural thing. and all kids will find out what its all about at some point. i found out about it was i was 6. OMG!!!!! and im not traumatized over it..

Breastfeeding mom of 5f on

Anonymous, do you stop to explain why a bottle fed baby is drinking from a bottle when your child sees that? Or why a guy is walking around eating a candy bar? I have breastfed 5 babies, frequently in public. I try to be as discreet as possible simply because I am modest and don’t want the world to view my breasts. However, once babies reach a certain age, they don’t want to be covered up. It’s possible someone may see a glimpse of skin, but it’s far less than is shown on a daily basis by women who just enjoy dressing to show off their breasts to the world.

Breastfeeding is completely natural and the healthiest food for a baby as study after study has shown. I would have no problem explaining to any of my children that she was simply feeding her baby should the question arise. I don’t understand the fuss over a baby being fed, publicly or otherwise.

Shel on

To anonymous, who wrote: “I don’t care if women breastfeed. I care if they are doing it in public and if my kids sees it. Then I have to explain to my kid what they are doing.”

I can’t understand this thought process. Why is it difficult or embarrassing to explain to a child that a younger baby gets milk from it’s mother’s breasts? Is it some huge secret?? The act of breastfeeding is not a sexual act, for goodness sake! Would you not let your child see a calf suckling from a cow’s udder? Or a kitten feeding from it’s mother? I bet anything that 99 times out of 100, the exchange of information would go like this:

Kid: “Mom, what is that lady doing with her baby?”
Mother: “She is feeding her baby. He gets milk from her, just like all mammals do. Like momma cats feed kittens.”
Kid: “Oh. Can we go to the playground now.?”

Was that so bad? Lol.

Linda on

It’s about time these celebrities speak-out on something like this that is such a natural and healthy part of a mother’s and babie’s lives. Those people who are embarrassed by such natural acts as feeding a baby the natural way even covered, have a moral problem of their own. God created women’s breasts to feed their children, not for sex with men.

graceandpeas on

Stacey – I was having a blast reading all these ridiculous comments…until yours. You are “glad you never bought into the ‘hype’ of breastfeeding”??? That is a level of ignorance which is hard to ignore. Calling breastfeeding “hype” is the quickest way to reveal how you know absolutely NOTHING about physiology or child development, regardless of how many children you have. The fact that you have six healthy children is in spite of having formula fed, certainly not because of it.

To be VERY clear, that is NOT a knock on women who cannot breastfeed, and must feed formula for various reasons. We all have to do the best we can, and if your body doesn’t function for that particular purpose, you find the very next best thing and sleep soundly each night knowing you’ve done what you can. No one should make you feel inferior.

BUT…breastfeeding is hardly hype. It is simply a fact that breast-milk is superior nutritionally to any formula on the market, and the act of breastfeeding fosters a close bond between mother and child. If you REALLY believe we’ve developed a man-made formula in the last 50 years that is better for your baby than what nature (GOD!) meticulously created for your baby, you have been bought and paid for by a multi-billion dollar industry. Now THAT, my dear, is HYPE.

Alison Christiansen on

Nothing more fun than a self-righteous woman. Your choice with your child supersedes my choice with my child? Wow and much like having to explain oral sex because the President couldn’t tell the truth, please don’t tell me when and how I need to explain breastfeeding in public to my kids…not one of you have any ideas on how to explain breastfeeding a four year old in public do you? I mean since you all are setting the standards do you set the age standards too?

Chandler on

Why is this such a big deal? Breastfeeding is natural. Kids who have been breastfed know that and won’t think twice about seeing it in public. It’s a hump of skin with a pink dot in the middle, why is it so bad if people see it. Most kids see their parents naked at home anyway. So what if it pops out. I think all kids should at least know what breastfeeding is. Even young kids. It’s not exposing or porn, its a baby getting food!

Marky on

Every time this subject comes up, it’s a real hullabaloo! Unbelievable on several points. As a former LC, and a L&D nurse I obviously totally support BF, do you hear that? Totally support BF! But I also KNOW you can be discreet when you BF and unless you are neglectful in how you are caring for your child, there is pretty much zero chance your baby is “starving”, or “can’t wait even 10 seconds” for you to unbutton your top and slip your baby’s head into your top, or under a light cloth, or so you are doing what is totally natural, in a discreet way.

You are not feeding a pig at the trough, and surely you have no desire to raise your child to act like a pig, to never be able to wait just a few seconds to get what they want. I’ve seen enough of that type behavior to last a lifetime, and it starts in infancy with “he can’t wait even a few seconds, he has to have what he wants right NOW!”, as if that is an admirable trait you need to encourage!

Seriously, my BF babies never took a single bottle, but I never felt the need to open my shirt and expose my breast to anyone other than my husband and children, without a light cover.

I also never fed them in the bathroom. Really?! Get a grip, moms, and have as much in the way of manners you would expect from your 6 year old! BF moms should be as respectful as they are asking others to be. You want others to Get Over It? Would you do the same? Your side isn’t more “righteous” than anyone else’s!

Debbe on

It is natural for me to pee but I am not going to do it in public. Breast feeding is a personal thing, it involves breast, and although to the baby it is for food, in the public it is just a private thing. We have breast pumps, bathrooms, cars, places where this could be done privately.

I would not be offended if I saw her in public doing that, but I would think her manners are a bit off. If we were in a catastrophe with no trains, planes automobiles and possibly a famine I would get it, but we are not…and there are choices she could make then to do that in public. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

Debbe on

Modesty is a choice that so many people do not want to make nowadays. You need to feed your kids in public fine, but just like if I had to pee, I would rather do it behind closed doors. If you have to in public (strange though cause I never had to) then at least cover up, it isn’t about someone being offended, it is about being modest.

Sara on

Beautiful baby and mommy! But seriously, I am in shock – what is the big deal? I’m from Sweden and no one cares here. I always feel like a great, forward and modern country like the US feels so very, very old and conservative when it comes to these things. We laugh about it over here – of course a woman can breastfeed in public if she wants to and if not, no big deal.

me on

Nursing is a beautiful thing…I did it with both my kids and it was one of the best, if not #1, experiences of my life. And it’s NATURAL. Why people have something against it, is beyond me. If someone nurses in public, so be it. If you child asks what they’re doing, you say that mommy is feeding their baby ‘cuase it’s NATURAL.

me on

i think the women on here that are against it are the ones that didn’t end up breastfeeding because they chose not to, or gave up, and now they’re bitter when someone else does it ’cause they regret they didn’t. Because a mother that nursed would never ever be against it. So, get over it. If you feel bad or sad, okay, I can understand that, but don’t make those nasty comments as if nursing is dirty.

Myrtle on

Disgusting. For one, this shouldn’t even be a headline. Secondly, if women can whip out a boob because it’s ‘natural and part of life’, we should be able to drop our pants & pee in an open public toilet too. Natural, part of life, right?
Keep your boobs covered, I’ll keep my pants on.

Megan on

Good for you Selma!! It is so refreshing and encouraging to see so many Mothers or just famous people in general who are embracing a more natural and holistic view on nutrition and parenting, these are the people influencing the rest of the world.

To the people that do have issues such as Anonymous who isn’t against breast feeding but she doesn’t want to have to explain to her 7 yr old why a baby is nursing?!! What is wrong with the truth at an age appropriate level? Such as “Honey she is feeding her baby, her breasts make milk just like cows but hers is for her baby and that’s how you were fed as well”.

The only reason I can think that something such as breast feeding would make you feel uncomfortable with your child is that perhaps you yourself need to look inward, perhaps people who have such an issue with public breast feeding can’t get past the sexualization of breasts that has been shoved down society’s throat for eons.

Sometimes it is good to take a look inward and remember that the 7 year old isn’t uncomfortable and is not relating that Moms breast feeding to anything of that nature. Children need to learn about anatomy, development, nutrition and reproduction without feeling shamed or embarrassed or being lied to. It is our job as parents to prepare them for the world, not shelter them from the truth of something as natural as a baby eating.

IMHO the people who have a problem with a woman breast feeding her baby ARE the people who have problems!!! I’ve seen women in low cut shorts and/or bikinis all summer who show WAY more than ANY Mom I have seen breast feeding including myself.

JM on

Abbey you complete genius, we ARE animals. and breastfeeding is something we have been doing since the dawn of time.

yes, sex is completely natural, i wouldn’t want people to do it in front of my children because it is something for adults, children do not and cannot properly understand sex, it is something that should happen between two adults.

breastfeeding on the other hand is by its very nature something that children are involved in. i have no problem explaining to my children what breastfeeding because not too long ago that’s what they were doing.

seriously, some people are so uptight, wow, imagine when your children want to know where babies come from, you’ll probably have a heart attack.

Bella on

These self righteous women kill me. No one cares about your ‘bonding time” and no one wants to see your boobs! I dont see anything “magical” or “wonderful about it. You have to do it-I get it…..thats cool! But dont make it everyone elses business.

Makes me SICK

Rose on

I’m from the Philippines. People dont bat an eye if they see someone breast feeding in public. Its a natural thing here. I find it amusing that people make a big deal about it there. I didnt realized that alot of Americans are prude and have such a Victorian concept about breast feeding.

Jo on

@Anonymous: I am a mother and I try to explain the world to my kids. Kids should know that some mums give their babies breastmilk, if girls see other women brestfeed, maybe more women would brestfeed in the future. I don’t see any problem in explaining breastfeeding to a 7-year-old.

Ann on

Is she the first mom to ever do this in public? Nobody truly cares but some males out in public prefer not to see a mom doing this so at least cover it up…..its very natural and good for her but why is this newsworthy?

gene on

i was born in 1952 mothers always breast fed their baby’s. it wasnt something to be ashamed of,its natural.all mammals breast fed their babys.if your kids are curious explain to them what that mom is are not stupid,they only think something is dirty if thats what you teach them.

Daniela on

For goodness sake, JayLo showed more of her boobies at the oscars than most nursing mothers do..

Jamie on

For the mother that is not against breastfeeding, but does not want to have to explain it to her 7 yr. old…you are missing an opportunity to educate your child. It is no different than the millions of things that we explain to our children when they ask about life. What makes a rainbow? Why is someone’s skin a different colour? How do plants grow?….:)

Sonja on

Good for you!!!! I breastfeed too and it can be uncomfortable because of the reactions of others but people need to get over it! That’s what breasts are for!!

Sonja on

To the mother concerned with her child seeing a mother breastfeeding. Really? I don’t think it is or should be an uncomfortable thing for anyone to see and if you just explained what the mother is doing then your child won’t grow up to be offended by it. If you are going to have a new baby soon they will see first hand what breastfeeding is anyhow (unless you will be bottle feeding). We as americans need to get over our fear of nudity especially when it comes to breastfeeding our children are being taught to be ashamed of themselves and it is just not right.

Erica on

That is one gorgeous baby!!

People on


That has to be one of the most ignorant statements I have ever read.

YES OF COURSE BREASTFEEDING IS NATURAL. You are passing up the opportunity at an AMAZING teaching moment for your child, by being offended by someone doing it in public. How ridiculous.

I’m going to guess, based on your statements, that you are not planning to breastfeed the child you are currently pregnant with. That is your prerogative. However, other women do not choose the same thing. They certainly don’t dictate when and where you can feed your child a bottle, now do they? So why do you get to dictate when, where and how they feed their child?

People like you are why women every day feel like a failure at breastfeeding, or give up because of outside pressure. You should be ashamed, not because your child is seeing a beautiful, natural occurance that you could use as a fantastic teaching moment about life, but because you are so close-minded that you are offended by it.

Allison on

In response to the anonymous person that didn’t want to explain to her 7 year old…..GROW UP!! How do you explain a mother dog or cat feeding it’s young. It is natural and beautiful. I breastfed all four of my children and the older ones knew that that is how the baby eats. How natural to explain that the powder stuff you mix with water is milk. I chose not to in public would go to the car or a breastfeeding room but that was my choice for privacy. I think anyone who breastfeeds in public does so out of necessity not to offend.

Leah on

Stop attacking anonymous. She has a right to her opinion. I am assuming your all grown women. Stop the bullying. Agree to disagree. Respect others opinions. Have you ever heard of these? Stop being such a bully behind your computer screen. STOP!!!

Stephanie on

I always fed my daughter before leaving to reduce the amount of public feeding I might have to do. I sought out private (but clean) areas that I may be able to BF in. (The Dayton Mall and Babies R Us are both awesome!) When nothing else was available she went under my shirt and I put a light blanket over us. You never saw as much as my collar bone. My modesty is important to me for religous reasons so I am not going to show anything that I wouldn’t otherwise show.

On the rare occassion someone would even realize what I was doing most people would smile. Those who turned away were free to do so, they couldn’t see a thing so it seemed to me they had issues with BFing. Covering up may not be ideal, but it’s not something that has to be done often. It can get in the mid and upper 90’s in Ohio in the summer with high humidity, but most places have AC. If you are outside such as at a park it should be easier to find a more discreet place.

For those who have brought up pumping, it is not easy and some women just can’t do it. I bought a pump at walmart and spent over 2 hours trying to pump enough for my husband and I to have an evening out. I was only able to get 1 ounce. After the first hour it was very uncomfortable and I should have stopped then. I was told that if I could invest in a more expensive pump it would probably work better. The recommended pump was $300. Out of our price range. Especially when I was only going to need it on a rare occassion.

As for discussing with a small child what breastfeeding is. Man, I wish that were the hardest discussion I had ever had with my daughter who is also 7. Simple answer, she is feeding her baby. My daughter is inquisitive and wanted more information. So I just told her that’s how God made it possible for Mommies to feed their babies before bottles. Now Mommies can choose, but that hasn’t always been the case. It’s a teachable moment. I am thankful for teachable moments myself and can’t imagine shying away from them.

Chimanian on

I am European and I find it hypocritical that it’s okay to have scantily clad women serving food at Hooters but God forbid we breastfeed in public.

It’s a natural thing to do and if we wouldn’t be so prude about it, we wouldn’t have to go to great lengths to explain what breasfeeding is to our kids.

I am Selma Team.

Kris on

OO I recently breastfed my baby in public at LEGOLAND in Florida and I forgot my cover. They have some nice shady benches. Nobody stared, nobody said anything to me or staff and I had a happy baby which was much prefered over the screaming baby that was hungry….

Mademoiselle Europe on

I wonder how e.g. French or Italian kids do not become totally screwed as they see topless women on the beach… or the Scandinavians who go to the sauna with their kids ALL naked. Even small kids know what women are doing when they have a baby on their breast… they are feeding their babies and no one thinks that it is strange etc. From my (European) perspective, it is weird that you would not tell eg. your 7 year old about breastfeeding. Even my 2.5 yr old knows that babies eat milk from mum. No big deal.

Breastfeeding is natural and normal!

teresa on

People are forgetting the word and definition of Boundaries

Jessica on

What a beautiful mom and baby. Please ignore the negative comments about breastfeeding in public. I breastfed both my children in public when needed and never got a negative look or comment. Most people understand it is natural, the best nutrition for your child, and a way to give them some of your immunity.

Adrienne K Barnard on

Wow. “Passerby beware.” Really!? Come on People. Awesome for posting this about breastfeeding, I love to read that- but it is NOT something to be shamed about. We don’t ask other people to cover up when they’re eating, why do breastfeeding mother’s have to? Your kids see and ask, that’s great, tell them, “That’s a Mom feeding her baby.” Not that hard… Breastfeeding is NOT a sexual act. Our breast were built to FEED our babies. Period. Go Selma- we need celebrity women continuing to de-stigmatize breastfeeding.

Jen on

You go, Selma. What a beautiful family and God bless them. Every mammal breast feeds their offspring. I nursed my twins when they were babies – one at the breast and pumped for the other because he was a lazy nurser. They are 8 years old now and know that breasts are for feeding babies and bottles are for juice and cow’s milk is for sippy cups. What is so hard to explain about that?

Lucy on

When I went to church for my daughter’s baptism, my mother asked me if I had pumped milk to give to the baby, because she did not want me to breastfeed in church. This was my reply: “I have no proof, but I’m pretty much 100% sure that even Jesus was breastfed.”

Missy on

No one says you can’t breastfeed, just be discreit about it. How would you like to be put in the position of having to explain to your young child what a man is doing should he feel the need to urinate in public. Same thing. Unexpected and uncomfortable conversations way before its necessary. But of course we now live in a society where people like to cram their views and ways of life down your throat and God help you should you object to it!

CEC on

I think breastfeeding is great, and obviously it is natural. You know what else is natural? Going to the bathroom – not in a toilet (toilet use, like ALL manners, are learned, “unnatural” behaviors that distinguish humans from all other species of animals).

The problem I have here is the “entitlement” I see, sadly, very often with parents. One examples of this would be Ms. Blair’s irrational “rationale”; I mean, really, it would take her a whopping five additional seconds to cover her aureola – I doubt her little one would die in that time frame. Others I see our friends whose children vomit publicly and when someone says laughingly at the table “be sure and leave a good tip!” they quip back “Why, it is JUST some throw-up” to parents who let their children play with cutlery at fine-dining restaurants INSTEAD of coming prepared with soft, silent toys.

Kids are wonderful, and adorable, but being a parent should not give someone the sense they no longer have to have manners.

MM on

Where I grew up, moms pop their breast anywhere to breastfeed. I remember seeing them for the first time and my mother do not have to explain to me what they are doing because I understood, they are feeding the baby. It is also considered very selfish and unmotherly not to offer the best type of nutrient for your baby which is the breast milk. It is filled with immunological components that boosts the child defense mechanism. Selma you can pop your breast anytime. I think influential people like her should start the trend to where it will become just part of the American culture. This is a good practice not a bad one. Breasts are created for lactation. USE IT!

Shannon on

“If I can’t get a cover over me quick enough, so be it.”

I don’t think she’s saying she breastfeeds exposed. She’s simply saying that, if someone happens to catch a glance while she’s in the process of covering up, so be it. Her first priority is to feed her hungry child, not rushing to immediately cover herself.

Dottie C on

I can never understand such comments. Yes, you had a baby. Yes babies are wonderful. Yes, they change your life. I get that. There’s nothing wrong with breastfeeding nor is it stigmatized. What’s wrong and stigmatized are mothers who feel that the rest of the world need to be ‘in’ on their happiness. Be courteous about those who share space with you, especially when in public places. When I’m dining, I don’t need fellow patrons to whip out a nipple because they’re “so proud” to be a mother or that her child enjoys her milk.

Jenny on

I’m 52, when our children were babies I nursed them, and I’m so happy I did. Not only is it good for them, but you bond with them so tightly through the experience, it never leaves you. My advice, ignore the critics!

Shannon on

“I try to keep my son as innocent as possible for as long as I can. I do not want him seeing women’s breasts” -Erin

Wow. Is this a joke? Children don’t sexualize breasts, adults do. Does that mean breastfed babies aren’t innocent since they see breasts every few hours? lmao

Brooke on

I breastfed my daughter anywhere she needed to eat until she was 9 months old, politely covering when possible, but never forcing it when it bothered her or when it was too hot. And then suddenly she was hospitalized for pneumonia at 9 months and forcibly weaned. I had intended to breastfeed her till at least her first birthday, but after her illness I found myself having to give her formula, something I had sworn not to do. It was an adjustment for both of us. Breastfeeding is always the best choice for our children, but never judge the mother who bottle feeds – you never know the reason behind the decision.

Nichole on

Thank you Selma. I will think of you during my second go around breastfeeding. I was successful, but always shy. More in front of family than strangers.

JM on

CEC, i guess i’m going to be the one to explain the difference between going to the toilet and breastfeeding (in relation to why one is ok in public and the other isn’t). when people go to the toilet, what comes out of them usually smells unpleasant. therefore other people may not wish to be around it. not to mention, where are you proposing we go to the toilet in public without it affecting someone else (ie stepping in it etc.). a woman breastfeeding next to you affects you exactly 0% and her milk will never touch you.

stop making ridiculous strawman arguments people. and come back when you have a rational argument.

boohoobytch on

I’m not a mom, I don’t want to be a mom – my choice…that said, I don’t care if a woman breastfeeds as long as she covers herself…I repeat, as long as she COVERS herself…got it? we don’t want to see udders while I’m at dinner or with my 5 yr old niece

Jamyeson on

I would have loved the oppertunity to have breastfed my kids, unfortuantly that didn’t happen. What she is doing is what nature intended for us. If a child is hungry there should be no issue on being breastfed and being covered up to do it. My thought is simple…if you do not like it DO NOT look at it. There are so many bigger issues in this world than a womans breast being exposed to nurish her child.

CEC on

JM: I think you’re being a little defensive.

Again, babies, kids and breastfeeding are great. But Ms. Blair’s child would be in NO danger nor would there be any long-term detriment if she took an extra three seconds to cover herself.

I will provide some other examples that might be easier to understand and are more “apples to apples”: women showing their butt cracks by wearing jeans that are too low (and usually, too small as well). Does it physically harm me? Does their butt crack magically jump over and sit on my face? Of course not. It is still rude and gross. Or, how about people picking their noses in their car? Does their mucus magically end up in my mouth if they are 10 feet away from me in another vehicle? Of course not. It is still – albeit natural – rude. Or someone flossing their teeth AT the dining table…

I could go on and on, but hopefully you can understand the analogy at this point.

The POINT is rude is rude. Children shouldn’t be used an excuse to throw manners to the wayside.

Missy on

Enough already! If it isn’t the foolish Kardashian’s people are talking about then it’s breastfeeding. Who really cares what this woman does and how. I’m sooooo sick of “celebrities” doing the same thing we do but because they’re more important than you and I, they get a spread in People magazine with their two-bit comments. She’s a no talent, big mouth who in a few years people will be saying “Selma who?”

GL on

The “I don’t want to explain that to my kid” doesn’t fly for gay people, and it doesn’t fly for breastfeeding. Parents are supposed to be grown-ups, and that means doing things they don’t like sometimes. Explaining that when mommies have a baby their breasts make milk and the baby drinks that through the nipple isn’t a hard concept and it isn’t gross. You need to examine why you have those feelings and deal with them for your kids sake.

Shannon on

Huh? So breastfeeding is “rude” and “gross”? Comparing breastfeeding to showing your butt crack and picking your nose? Worst analogy ever! Thanks for the laughs, CEC!

DM138 on

That is so weird that someone would have a problem explaining breastfeeding to their kid. It’s the reason we were born with breasts. Not to fondle them, show them in a wet t-shirt contest, or put implants in them. I’ve been breastfeeding my 5 week old around my 6 year old son, and he just shrugs it off as another way mom’s feed their babies. It isn’t a big deal to him. A lot of parents underestimate their kids understanding nature. Afraid it’s going to turn them into perverts, or something. Breastfeeding doesn’t involve a mom letting her boob hang out. Like me, it can be, and should be, done very discretely. Breastfeeding should be encouraged more, and not be looked down on so much.

malla on

Waah, waah, waah…You bitches whine no one supports breastfeeding but who is doing the attacking over and over and over again of ONE person whose view is different from yours? Don’t pretend your breastfeeding choices are being attacked when 99% of you breastfeeding mommies are attacking someone who doesn’t. Hypocritical much?

Jen: You’re welcome!

BIg City on

If you see me nursing in public and it bothers you, come talk to me, and I’ll explain how hard my baby and I fought to make breast-feeding work.

She was born exactly a year ago, and required immediate surgery and intensive care. I couldn’t hold her for the first two weeks of her life, and she couldn’t eat, so I pumped and pumped and pumped. When she got home, she was too weak to latch, and we bottle fed her. At six weeks, on Mother’s Day, she latched.

I strongly believe breast milk is what helped my baby heal quickly and completely. My priority is providing my baby the best care I can, not worrying whether a passerby is looking close enough to catch my nipple if the receiving blanket slips or she unlatches unexpectedly. I’m so happy that I live in Los Angeles, where public breast-feeding is a non-issue.

Katherine on

Wow @Anonymous – You have an issue explaining to a 7yo that a mother is nursing her child? My 7yo already knows that breasts are made for nourishing babies. What’s more, she already knows the correct anatomical terms for her genitalia, as well as male genitalia, where babies come from (including C-Sections because that’s how she was born and she’s seen my scar). She knows that there’s “something” called sex and that it has to do with a mommy and a daddy, but the actual details have not been discussed.

Either my husband and I are extremely progressive parents, or maybe it’s that we don’t believe in giving our child a complex over something that is a natural part of life, a natural part of their body. There is such a thing as giving your child correct answers while still being age appropriate.

Americans need to get over their hang ups about the human body, reproduction and sex. Period. No wonder we’re allowing a rightly dubbed “War on Women” to occur in our political climate currently.

CK on

I agree with others that I have no problem with the breastfeeding as long as they are covered. Breastfeeding is a natural thing. But so is using the restroom….and we close the doors when we do that in public.

Dawn on

I absolutely have no problem with breastfeeding. I breastfed my children and I know it can be done in public without putting on a show. However, I don’t get women that will not try to cover up. Would they have just pulled out their breasts before they had babies. Why would it be any different after? There is absolutely no reason to make a public display of yourself.

Lucy on

@Malla : Nobody is attacking formula feeders here. You seem very sensitive about this. Formula is not poison, but if you compare it to breastmilk, it doesn’t have all the benefits. Breastfeeding is wonderful — when it works. When it doesn’t, it can be hell for mothers who so desperately want to breastfeed their children. As for being decent in public, I have yet to meet a woman who prances around half-naked in the name of breastfeeding: in my experience, it has always been done discreetly. Sure, if you really look, you might see a nipple, but it is only for a few seconds. And it is NOT the end of the world. We don’t bitch about breastfeeding, we advocate breastfeeding, because formula companies have been advocating formula for the past 40 years and it’s about time we, as women and mothers, let it be known that breastfeeding is not only natural, it is welcome in today’s society.

Anonymous on

There is a fine line and a double standard here. If a man needs to use the washroom and he uses a bush, he can be charged with indecent exposure, and possibly become a registered sex offender. If a woman bares her breasts in public, again this is indecent exposure and she can be charged. Just because there is a baby that needs to be fed does that mean that she can just bear it out for all to see ?
My personal opinion is yes, there is nothing wrong with breast feeding in public, but do it with some modesty. The baby can wait 20 seconds while you prepare yourself with a blanket.

But this topic is very personal to people, and for the most part, the everyday person doesnt want to see it, but also most modern women understand and respect what the new mother is doing.

I do really believe that it is a double standard, which is never fair. Just because there is a baby involved doesnt take the exposure part away, and if that baby wasnt there, would a woman get charged for the exposure.

Im a big believer in personal choice, I just think there are some legalities involved here.

Morgan R. on

Some mothers breastfeed, other mothers don’t, other mothers combine breastfeeding and bottlefeeding. Some mothers are comfortable covering up. Others are comfortable with strangers seeing their breasts. It’s all fine; it really, truly is all fine. Breasts– any part of the body, really– should not be horrifying or offensive or gross, and I feel pretty sorry for people who’d let a glimpse of a nipple ruin their day. I feel sorry for people who can’t explain basic biological functions to children because of their own hangups. Nourishing your child is not tantamount to expelling waste from your body, okay? Letting your breasts show while nursing is not tantamount to flashing your boobs for beads at Mardi Gras. Giving your kid formula is not tantamount to force-feeding them deep-fried Twinkies.

I had a lot of trouble breastfeeding and eventually switched over to 100% formula feeding; one reason I stopped was because my breasts are very large, and “discreet” public breastfeeding was virtually impossible. Eventually someone was gonna see something, and I was afraid I’d make people uncomfortable because of this prevailing attitude that seeing a breast pop out is equivalent to watching someone take a dump in your salad. I wish now I’d been less polite. Breastfeeding would have made things a lot easier for all of us.

Heather Cox on

Gorgeous baby, gorgeous Mama. Good for you, Selma! Breastfeeding is the most natural and amazing thing a Mom can do for their child. I, personally, think it is rather unnatural to give a baby a bottle. How was Jesus fed? Not with a bottle! If someone can’t handle it, don’t look!

gerryisb on

Go Selma! So happy to see so many people are for this! Who cares? It’s human nature? It’s unsanitary to feed your baby sitting on a TOILET!? And even worse to deprive him of his food until you get home, however far that is. Go Selma! 🙂

JM on

CEC i guess your and my definition of rude are just too different things. i fail to see how seeing someone else’s breast in the context of them breastfeeding their child is ‘rude’. i mean it’s not as if they are doing it BECAUSE you are there or to be deliberately obtuse. they are doing it because their child needs food. i just fail to see how that is rude when what they are doing is a necessirty (unlike, say, picking your nose), if i didn’t want to see it i would just look the other way.

CEC on

Are people brain dead, or do they just not read complete sentences anymore ?!?

Commenter: “…babies, kids and breastfeeding are great…”

Subsequent response to commenter: “So breastfeeding is “rude” and “gross”?”

For the slooooooow people out there: BREASTFEEDING IS GREAT (I did it with TWO kids). But I have to agree that it does NOT excuse rudeness.

Showing a nipple or anything “private” IS RUDE, and having a kid does not exempt people from rudeness. Of course we all have “accidents” (e.g. a zipper is left down in a rush, a button falls off a blouse, etc). I think what people and myself take issue with is the “…I don’t care who I offend” comment she made. Parents – especially new ones – tend to develop these false entitlements.

I have actually seen people change a babie’s diaper at a dinner booth. That’s NOT out of necessity, that’s out of convenience and laziness. I always went out to my car and changed my kids’ diapers there. (Inconvenient? Yep. Were other people around me thankful? You bet.)

Why for the love of God is that so hard for people to comprehend?!? Sheesh! People really need to develop logic and critical thinking skills.

Sara on

@Anonymous – Are you serious? You can’t explain to a SEVEN year old about one of the most natural things the human body can do? Dogs and other animals feed their young too. So does that mean if he saw that and asked about it, you’d get offended at the dog for feeding their young in public? Even if my child was younger than seven and he saw a woman breastfeeding in public, I’d have absolutely no hesitation to explain what breastfeeding is to him. It’s called LEARNING. Moreover, it’s human nature… aka LIFE! I highly doubt your child will be scarred.

acorr on

CEC…butt cracks?? You are sooooo out there!!! I must have missed the memo about how exposed butt cracks provide nourishment to a human being. CEC, your analogies are not analogies, they are immature and stupid wanna be comparisons that have nothing to do with the other.

napleslynn on

After reading the comments, it seems as if most of the commentators have the right idea (IMHO). Breasts on women were intended to feed our children. Over the years they have become something “sexy” to be oogled, compared and snickered about.

Take the sexual innuendo out of that part of the female anatomy and maybe someday, the younger generation will see breasts as our Creator not Hollywood intended. This education starts at home and certainly before the age of 7!!!!!!!! Kudos to Selma and all the other women for seeing the beauty in feeding a child as nature intended. I’d rather see a million Selma’s feeding her gorgeous and very healthy looking baby than one nearly nude Octomom selling her body for $8,000. (I would have given anything to have been able to breastfeed my preemie son but back them pumping wasn’t an option.). Our society needs a wake up call to nature’s beauty.

P.S. how many of the naysayers would like to eat with a blanket over his/her head…or worse yet in a filthy public restroom?? Whatever happened to common sense?

M.G on

I personally don’t like the, “I don’t care who I offend attitude”. I nursed my daughter for 5 mos, but I tried to be mindful of the people around me when I nursed in public. With that said, he’s a gorgeous baby & motherhood suits Selma well.

Jeff on

Not wanting to cover up while nursing in public is just rude and lazy. I get so sick of the earthy crunchy Your kid won’t turn out any healthier or smarter than the bottle fed kids. And your boobs will be saggy and gross too.

J Bird on

I’m not against breastfeeding – As an expectant mother, I plan on breastfeeding. However, I am also CONSIDERATE of those around me & I plan on using a cover while I breastfeed my child. Many places nowadays have feeding rooms where you can take your baby to feed. If it’s occupied, I will have my cover handy. I wouldn’t want anyone to see my personal space anyway. Breastfeeding is natural, but there are those around me who would prefer I share that moment with my child in a more private way & take into consideration how they feel.

MF on

Breastfeeding is one of the best things you can do for you baby, and it has the other great benefit of getting rid of the baby weight. I breastfed in public,even if you don’t fully cover up not a whole lot shows. Chances are you will see someone else showing a lot more skin in public than a breastfeeding mother. I don’t know why it would be hard to explain to children, all other mammals do it. My rule has always been to be really honest with my child if she asks something, I would rather explain things than have someone else give her inaccurate information.

This may be a strange coincidence, but I’ve never know a woman who has breast fed who developed breast cancer….just my personal experience I don’t have scientific evidence to back it up. I think if you use your body in the way it was designed and intended it will be more healthy.

Milosh on

So breast feeding is natural so it can be done in public. As a man, using the bathroom is natural. So I should be able to do that in public.

Victoria on

I don’t understand how people can really sit here and get offended by a woman giving nourishment to her child. If you don’t want to be a parent and explain mother nature than you shouldn’t have had kids. There are few places that offer facilities to breastfeeding women. And if you’re the kind of person that says go into a restroom, I’d like to see you eat your lunch by a toilet. Do you expect women to sit home all day and not get out at all. Babies eat and breastfeeding is the healthiest option and most cost-effective for the mother and for the economy.

I bet you don’t complain when a Victoria’s Secret commercial comes on and your child has questions about that.

I also don’t see how there are so many opinions against public breastfeeding when we, in America, will run to Hooters (for their hot wings right…).

Rae on

Wow, there’s a lot of self-righteousness going around, apparently.

First of all- anyone implying that more public breastfeeding would reduce the sex-crime rate needs to be institutionalized- point blank. That concept is beyond insane.

As far as explaining it to a child, maybe the feeding aspect is a natural thing but there is the added confusion of telling your child “private parts are private” and then having to explain why the woman next to you just whipped out her breast. I have NO problem with breastfeeding or doing it in public. I do, however, have a big issue with anyone saying i have no right to be at all perturbed when someone doesnt even attempt to cover up.

Why would you want strangers to see this anyway? There’s something wrong about that. Do i think its gross to breastfeed? Absolutely not. Do i want to see your exposed breast while i’m shopping or eating or walking in the park? Also absolutely not. That doesn’t mean i’m insensitive or a repressed American (i take offense to the “only in America is this an issue” comment as well). That means i am a member of society who has as MUCH right NOT to see your breast in public as YOU have to feeding your child in public.

sweeti on

Go Beyonce and Selma, Beyonce was critize so bad for brestfeeding in public, and now we have selma blair and people are gooing and awwwing a at her. When the article was about Bey, you people talked chit and call them all kind of names.

JM on

Rae, you may take offense to it, but it does seem that this is much more of an issue in America than it is here (in Europe). I have lived in several European countries (and am from Europe myself), i have never even heard this be discussed. seriously, never! and i HAVE been around people who have breastfed in public.

America generally is a pretty repressed nation in my opinion there are so many things i hear about in the news in America that i can only shake my head at because i don’t understand how these things become an issue.

even the ‘private parts are private’ sounds American to me 🙂 i don’t know, perhaps i’m just more pragmatic. to my kids i would say, ‘don’t touch other people’s privates and don’t get yours out in public (unless you’re in an area which is ok to do so, say like the beach). yes that women is doing taking her breast out because she has to feed her baby. if you are feeding a baby then it’s ok to take your breast out’ (considering that i doubt any of my kids will be breastfeeding any babies i am pretty sure there will never be a problem with them understanding this conception).

i guess the cultural thing comes in to play because it is just so mind-boggling that in America there seem to be so many people who have thought about all these problems that could arise from a woman breastfeeding in public. and here we are in our European countries, happily breastfeeding away with none of these problems. doesn’t that just suggest a possible note of hysteria from those concerned about this?

Mary on

@ anonymous, I’m sorry but you are incredibly immature. God help your children if they ask you a question that deserves and needs a serious answer, like where babies come from…. I assume you will be telling them the stork until they learn it in sex education class on their own.

Breastfeeding is essential, normal, and the way babies are SUPPOSED to be fed. Breasts were created for nourishing our young, not sexually enticing the opposite sex. It is the over-sexualization of women’s breasts in the media that has led to this ridiculous battle over breastfeeding.

If my baby needs to eat I will feed him. Regardless of what you or anyone else has to say. It is his right to life, and my right to nourish him.

If you don’t like it look away. If you don’t want your kids to see it, make them look away and tell them whatever you want to. It’s just too bad you that you are perpetuating the ignorance surrounding this issue.

JMO on

I actually find it quite sad.

A 7 year old girl should know what breast are for after all she’s going to ask about why she has them eventually. Shouldn’t it be better explained that women have breast to provide food for babies then to say they are just a part of the body for men to stare at?? Come on let’s get real.

I don’t like to see women just plop out a breast either but if it makes me uncomfortable I just walk (or look) away. I don’t see it as something that I should have to shun my child from. I think it’s actually a great learning opportunity.

I worked for 11 years in a daycare and we had this little girl that would pretend to breastfeed her doll babies bc her mom had been currently breastfeeding her brother. She was only 3 or 4 and it was actually quite funny to see her stick her doll under her shirt and say I’m feeding her milk!

T on

Kudos to her!!! When women breastfeed in public, it makes me smile! Breastfeeding is the most natural, and best thing any mother can do for their child. It is real nutrition and love and bonding with their mothers. A child is born and is stripped from it’s mother’s belly and somehow people seem to think that a baby should be isolated after that to avoid whatever they have conjured up in their minds. Get over it people. Take care of your babies and stop worrying about some fake idea that nurturing your babies is going to cause problems. Babies ate at will inside the mother’s body. They need immediate nutrition for a long time during their infancy. I breastfed my daughter happily for 3 1/2 years. I had to learn a few things and was lost at first, but I stuck it out and with the help of good resources, I was able to provide for her completely. Society has been groomed to believe that it is taboo. Let’s change that idea and keep women’s boobies sacred for what they are supposed to be used for and work harder at hiding all the exploitation of women’s boobies for other things.

Shannon on

LOL @ “whipped out her breast”

Sounds like an adult movie. 🙂 Are breasts really that threatening to some people?

penelope on

WTG, mama! Your son is lucky to have you!

Sara on

That is one of the cutest babies I have ever seen ! He has beautifuuuuuuuuuuuul eyes ❤

molly on

To those who suggest a breastfeeding mother simply bring a bottle of pumped milk with her to avoid nursing in public, here’s where that logic fails: Even though milk has been pumped into a bottle, the mother’s breasts still fill with milk and needs to be emptied. For those who are disgusted, offended, et. al to see a mother nursing a baby in your presence, would you rather see a woman hooked up to a breast pump in public? because that’s what it comes down to. If I am out for a short time, I will bring a bottle for my baby, but if I am out for a long time, I will nurse my baby because finding a private place to pump is almost impossible.

Also, Lucy, I think I love you!

When I went to church for my daughter’s baptism, my mother asked me if I had pumped milk to give to the baby, because she did not want me to breastfeed in church. This was my reply: “I have no proof, but I’m pretty much 100% sure that even Jesus was breastfed.”

– Lucy on March 30th, 2012

Rae on

A lot of commenters here are suggesting that the critiques are about breastfeeding. More than anything, I take issue with the idea that making others uncomfortable is ok, that anyone who might not want to see this should “just get over it.” That’s just tossing aside common decency.

Gisela on

At Anonymous: Good! Kids should know what breastfeeding mother who is nursing in public is doing! Maybe that way, society will start to accept breastfeeding. If kids arent exposed, the chances of them accepting breastfeeding will be less. Maybe that isnt your concern, yet, it might be to your future grandchildren.

Rae on

Yes shannon, i am TOTALLY threatened by breasts. You’ve got it figured out. Even mine. Scare the bejesus out of me sometimes!

Heather on

Heaven forbid we have to explain NATURE to our kids. *Sigh* On the other side of the coin, why should I be “forced” to explain to my kids why babies are drinking man-made gunk out of a bottle held by a mommy with two working breasts hanging off the front of her? Newsflash: Many mothers will put their baby’s comfort and happiness over both their own modesty AND the ignorance of strangers. Get over it.

Ann on

So four year old doesn’t have problems to explain her mother that she is “breastfeeding” her doll, but an adult (I assume you are) mother cannot explain it to her 7 year old? Something is seriously wrong with you. And with your parents, I would guess, and the U.S society. I am from Europe and no one thinks twice about others breastfeeding. Only in the U.S people are freaks.

Miranda on

Good for her 🙂

I am a breastfeeding mother, and the comfort of my baby (or toddler) comes before the comfort of an ignorant bystander with the ability to turn their head.

My children and I see a lot of things in public that I wish weren’t there. Breastfeeding is not one of them. I think it’s great for children to see babies being fed the way they are supposed to!

Epiphany on

To everyone saying that moms should just cover up, it simply isn’t always possible. It’s not about the amount of time it takes to get a blanket, its that it’s hard to keep that blanket on there. It gets hot under the blanket, and the baby pushes it off. My daughter would not nurse if I had her head covered up. How would YOU like to eat with a blanket over your head and the food? How would YOU like to eat in the bathroom? It’s EATING get over it. Actually, I find the blankets and cover-ups more conspicuous than nursing without. The baby covers the exposed skin, and nobody needs to be the wiser. Big deal.

ClaireSamsmom on

I think as a mother you do the best you can. If you can’t cover up right away….and your baby is screaming, just go for it! And you know, other people can choose to look away if they are offended. I mean, really….you are feeding your baby, not purposely exposing your breasts in public to get a rise out of people! And one more thing…Selma’s baby is absolutely adorable! What a cutie!

Suzanne on

Oh good Lord, those of you saying that having sex is natural and comparing breast feeding to sex are completely ridiculous. Taking a dump is natural too, why hasn’t anyone brought that up yet? There is a difference: Breast feeding is EATING. By that token, those of you who are offended by it should be taking all of your meals out of the public view because that is what you’re offended by. I’m offended by stupid people with bad manners…let’s ban them from public view please.

Lesley on

I breastfed. I tried to use the cover, but guess what? My baby didn’t tolerate it at all. You would actually see more when I used the cover because he would flail, pull, and kick the cover off. I still breastfed in public & you would hvae never known what I was doing unless you got in my child’s face.

Go Selma! What a beautiful baby.

Scott on

Are we so absurd now that nature offends us?

Ashley on

There’s something wrong with our culture if people feel strange about explaining to their children what a mother is doing when she is feeding her child. It’s a shame that breasts are seen and thought of as sex objects SO much so, that people are creeped out by women perpetuating the human race by feeding their babies. If a woman feeding her child bothers you so much that you feel the need to shield your kids from her, you need to re-evaluate your knowledge of anatomy and educate yourself. Eventually they’re going to ask you what boobs are for, and you’re going to have to explain that they are for feeding babies. Even if you choose not to breastfeed, that’s what they are there for and nobody should feel embarrassed to explain a basic function of the human body to their children. I would rather explain the concept of breastfeeding to my daughter then tell her something like, “Well dear, those are there purely for your daddy’s amusement.”

Amy on

Ashley hit the nail on the head: “There’s something wrong with our culture if people feel strange about explaining to their children what a mother is doing when she is feeding her child. It’s a shame that breasts are seen and thought of as sex objects SO much so that people are creeped out by women perpetuating the human race by feeding their babies.”

America is one of the most over-sexed cultures on the planet, so these whiny moms complaining about having to explain to their kids what nursing babies are doing don’t earn an ounce of sympathy from me. Tell them all mommies make milk, and some babies like it while others don’t. Tell them whatever you want. What they SHOULD be concerned about is what trash their kids see on TV. I’m concerned about kids who want to know why Kim Kartrashian is famous (hi! Sex tape?!). Breasts were made for feeding babies. Period. Shame on those who make nursing moms feel guilty if their kids get hungry at a time that is “inconvenient” for other people in public to witness.

blessedwithboys on

OH, my, what a BEAUTIFUL baby! 🙂

Selma, welcome to the club! My youngest has been weaned for about 5 years now, but I happily NIPed him and my older one. In fact, the first time I NIPed, ds1 was only 7 ays old…and I was only 17. I think you are an amazing mama. Arthue is a lucky boy. 🙂

Melanie Silver on

im sorry, when did breasts become hood ornaments. i breastfed both my kids, in public if they were hungry and if someone got in my face i read them the riot act. and it did happen. if you have a problem seeing a woman doing a normal natural act with the tools given by nature to nourish her child then stick your head back up where you had it. quit being a prude, its not like she is doing a sexual act in public. these people make me sick.

shanora on

To the woman worried about her 7 year old seeing a breastfeeding mama, GET OVER YOURSELF. She’s only going to pick up that something is wrong with it based on how you react to it. its very simple if she asked what that lady is doing. “She’s breastfeeding/nursing/feeding her baby” If she doesn’t understand, its a simple explanation, Mothers after giving birth have the ability to make milk for their babies, kinda like how a mama Cat or dog, nurses their pups after their are born.

Keep it simple, don’t react negatively, other wise you just become someone else to push this negativity of it onto your daughter and don’t give her a fair opportunity to learn about it in a good light

Tamarya on

He’s so incredibly cute and i am with her on the breast-feeding thing, if they are hungry and others dont want to see it… dont stare at me while i do it… good lord ppl act like its perverse thing we’re doing… that what we were made to do and we are blessed that way…. good for her!!

Mia on

Nobody is saying BF is wrong – it is natural — great.

Our argument is we don’t want to see somebody topless/nude in public just because they want to BF – be discreet/respectful in a public place.

Mae on

I really appreciate those mothers that don’t think the world evolves around them and will take into consideration those around them and cover up. Yes, it is a natural thing but so is pooping and vomiting but I don’t want to see those things while I’m out either. To those that say, just quickly explain to your children, you must not have children because at that age there are a ton of questions that go along with that. To those that want to put bottle feeding down, adoptive mothers and many more biological mothers are not always able to breast feed and you know, it’s not the end of the world. It goes back to commend sense and consideration to those around you. It is such a welcome to see those that put others before themselves. Please continue to bond and feed your children but think of others also!!

Ray on

Ms. Selma Blair seems to display a total disregard, or an inability to understand and be concerned about the reasonable feelings of others. As do most of the people who have supported her in their comments.

These personality traits are usually the basis for the diagnosis of sociopathic personality.

I suspect that while Ms Blair is being overly concerned about her breast feeding, she in the future will demonstrate the same extreme immaturity and personality disorder for her children.

And, her child or children about whom she claims to be so concerned about their nutrition in the child’s early years, will be subjected to this mother’s inability to emphasize with others, probably including the child, when it shows some independence from this totally self centered completely immature mother. She will not be able to understand the child’s need for independence and to which she will display the same self centered and very immature hostility she is demonstrating toward others with whom she does not agree, and whom she can not understand.

I predict this child will be emotionally as ill and as immature as this mother, and as an adult her children will be as incapable of behaving with adult and mature feelings as this mother, Selma Blair. She demonstrates her severe immaturity every time she opens her mouth on the subject of her child, including her totally self centered views about breast feeding.

I have news for Selma Blair, it is possible to breast feed your child, without insulting others around you simply by the use of a cover cloth. Only a very immature person, with a black and white view of problems, would not be able to find a solution which meets the needs of the child to breast feed, and do it without infliction upon others your hostility, or views of your nudity, which some people find inappropriate to do to strangers in public places, but then that is a relatively mature view of that subject, something which Selma Blair continuously demonstrates she has little or no understanding.

The sad thing in this situation is not that some adults will be offended by Selma Blair’s public nudity, and hostility but that she will be the role model for her children, and they will probably be as immature as adults as she obviously is.

I predict in the future this will be a very sick child emotionally , who is incapable of growing into a emotionally, and healthy adult, because of his mother’s dominance in his life and as his primary role model.

JM on

suzanne, unbelievably someone has brought up going to the toilet i comparison to breastfeeding. i know, it’s ridiculous.

i am astounded that this really is such a huge issue in America. happy breastfeeding mothers, come over to europe, no one will bother you or treat your breastfeeding as a monstrosity 🙂

Jennifer on

Yay for normalizing breastfeeding! Good job Selma! And Beonce, and Alicia! We need more mamas in the spotlight like you ladies that are not afraid to nurse your babies in public. Our younger generation needs to see that breastfeeding is a normal and natural thing. Hiding it from them and feeling ashamed or embarressed is just doing them a disservice.

KJ on

Americans are sooo socially immature when it comes to subjects like breast feeding. We are the only society who thinks its gross to feed a baby in public. It’s just a nipple! I think it’s the most beautiful thing. I use to live abroad and it was soo wonderful seeing how other cultures embraced nursing mothers. It was not uncommon to see a whole breast, shirt lifted and baby latched on where I was and NOONE had a care in the world. It was soo refreshing! You go Selma!!!!

Jem on

Hey don’t be hypocrite, shes a mother and no matter where she is she have the right to feed her kid, why dont you be more scare or afraid abt lesbian and gays showing affection in public, or teaching little girl how to have sex ……..or using drugs like everybody does ….

You as mother having sex with your friends cheating …..what moral values you are really teaching……..stupids !!!!

Krystal on

CONGRATULATIONS SELMA! I’m so happy we have celebrities who breast feed in public. Re-normalizing breastfeeding is so necessary for this country. Also I never understand people who say “I don’t care if women breastfeed. I care if they are doing it in public and if my kids sees it. Then I have to explain to my kid what they are doing.”. Ok so because you are incapable of talking to your kid for 3 minuets, I shouldn’t be able to feed my kid? Come on.

Jennifer on

My children (ages 9, 6, 4 and 14 months) think it is strange to see babies being bottle fed, since they were all exposed only to breastfeeding. I really hate having to explain to them, when we are out in public, why a baby is being fed the “unnatural way”, so I would appreciate it if bottle feeding mummies could please cover up. It will save me a lot of explaining. Thanks!

JM on

Jem, i’m assuming you’re a troll, or you’ve hit the bottle a little too much today.

Roy on

So would it be OK then for a bystander to just sit and watch and stare while someone is breast feeding in public? Maybe take a picture or two and a maybe even a video with a cellphone?

Before everyone starts crying about being perverted, I’m just giving an example of why it should be done in private. Mothers breast feeding in public will run into these instances and will start crying about privacy in a PUBLIC area.

There’s no reasonable expectation of PRIVACY at a PUBLIC venue. And if you’re worried about your PRIVACY, don’t do anything you want kept PRIVATE in PUBLIC. Or at least keep your privacy during breast feeding by being sensible about it and covering yourself up.

malla on

@Lucy: Go ahead and ignore my point about the majority of this board attacking Anonymous, who simply said she was uncomfortable with public exposure. Your deflecting or trying to attack me doesn’t make my point any less valid or make the attacks on Anonymous any less hypocritical. If “they” really wanted to support each other, “they” wouldn’t need to attack Anonymous over and over again.

And FYI: I have not personally weighed in on the public feeding or bottle feeding vs. breastfeeding in any of my posts, just on the attacks on Anonymous, other than to agree that the point of contention in the debate is the public exposure. So, you missed the mark not only once, but twice.

beka on

“I don’t care if women breastfeed. I care if they are doing it in public and if my kids sees it. Then I have to explain to my kid what they are doing.

“Again I am not against breastfeeding (I am a mother. I have a 7 year old daughter and a baby on the way.) I am against someone else forcing me to explain to my kid why that baby is on it’s mom’s breast. People can say it’s natural all day long, and it is, but that doesn’t mean I want to have to tell my 7 year old or the kid I am watching what is happening.

“It’s my choice. Not someone else who decides they don’t care if people see them breastfeed. Breastfeeding is your choice BUT by doing it in public an uncovered mother is removing my choice with my kid. That’s my problem.”

– Anonymous on March 29th, 2012

Wait a minute you are pro-breastfeeding, have a kid already, with another on the way, and you haven’t already talked to your daughter about breastfeeding to prepare her for the new baby? So, you want to punish other mothers for your procrastination…’cause that makes sense. Get off your high-horse and quit putting-on your prude airs.

malla on

@Ray: That’s what I find odd about this whole issue: It’s so viciously polarized, with the two extremes fighting each to the death. It’s all so unnecessary. Neither wants to find common ground. The breastfeeders are vitriolic in their repeated attacks on the people who dislike public feeding or breastfeeding in general, and I have seen sites where bottlefeeders can be just as vitriolic to their opposites. The hate and the egos go both ways. This all-all-nothing, my-way-is-the-only-way attitude from both sides needs to stop. It’s hypocritical and juvenile. Women need to support each others choices, whether bottle or breast and mind their own damned business. Where the sisterhood? Certainly not on this blog.

Ann on

“I try to keep my son as innocent as possible for as long as I can. I do not want him seeing women’s breasts” -Erin

This train left when your child encountered your vagina when he was born ….

Janelle on

To the woman who posted about her kids having to see a woman breastfeed in public. I know I probably won’t change your mind with this comment, but maybe you should use it as a teachable moment for your children. It is completely natural for a mother to feed their children from the breast. Breasts have been sexualized in this country for far too long. Please explain to your sheltered children that mammals feed their children milk from their breasts. Why is that wrong? Like someone said before people use breasts to sell everything from cars to cheeseburgers. How about you be a part of changing understanding for children? Breasts are too feed and nourish babies. You obviously have not had experience breastfeeding since you are raising children that do not understand when a woman is holding her baby close to her that she is simply feeding them. Come on, it is not like she has nipple tassels and is waving them around in the air for everyone to see. Can’t you teach them the difference?

wilderwords on

@anonymous, who is loathe to have to explain to her daughter why a loving mother would DARE be feeding her own child from her own breast…

I totally understand your awkwardness. You waited about 4 years to long for that discussion. Exactly what are you going to tell your daughter when your child is born? Or are you planning on not nursing?

Our children have a great capacity for understanding simple things. What is more simple and basic than the telling her that God loves babies so much, He made a place right next to Mommy’s heart for that baby to eat so it could always be snuggled close and safe, where he belongs??? God/nature made breasts to feed babies. Period.

Its so sad that society has portrayed the female body solely as an object of lust for men, and even more sad that you bought into it. Breastfeeding mothers are not the ones making the situation awkward for you… its your own hangups, which you are going to pass onto your children if you can’t come to grips with them.

The time to have started the discussion is long past. How in the world are you going to be able to have the birds and the bees talk?
I am expecting my 10th little miracle and I cannot WAIT to hold that baby close to my heart, nurse him from the breasts that God prepared for that very purpose, gaze into his eyes, and thank God for the gift He has given me. As I have nursed my children, we have developed a type of symbiotic relationship… where I end up needing to be with them as much as they need to be with me (for the purpose of nursing). Otherwise, it would be way too easy to just hand that child off to someone else as so often happens. I strongly encourage you to get in touch with a La Leche league or spend some time with a nursing mother so you can gets some positive vibes and inspiration.

Best wishes on your new little bundle.

Pamela on

Please bottle your breast milk and bring it with you when you go out. It’s extremely inconsiderate and ignorant to make people feel uncomfortable just because you want/need attention. And attention/ arrogance/rudeness is all that breastfeeding in public’s all about.

JM on

*cough* OR, if you don’t want to lie to your children, explain that humans feed their babies with milk because they evolved in such a way, not because God made them that way.

just saying….

IML on

WOW! I’m sure glad that I never became such a self-righteous, smug, critical, intolerant bitch back when I used to breastfeed in public! Yes, I bared my breasts in public, and was more concerned with my child’s needs than the opinions of strangers. However, there is something called discretion, and I did attempt to not flaunt my unusually elongated nipples for all to see. It doesn’t take much to cover up just a tad. While the open air may be more pleasant for our little ones, a few nursings nestled under a wrap never hurt anyone. There is something called “class” ladies, which is just as important a lesson to teach our children as is the beauty of breastfeeding. We ladies need to stick together, so try to play nice & lighten up.

Sharon on

I’m amazed at the amount of women that don’t have a problem with breastfeeding their babies in public completely uncovered for anyone to see. It’s natural blah, blah, blah, but so is having sex, which is not done in public, so that is not a valid point. Some pervert would have no problem sitting down across from you, watch you and get excited by it, then proceed to follow you. Do people want to take that risk? Ummmm…breasts should be covered in public, that’s why we don’t walk around naked in the first place!

malla on

Le Leche League is poison. LLL have politicized breastfeeding and created such a negative environment for mothers and you douches are stupid enough to eat it up by battling each other. Take your egos an d shove them!!! Some of you act like bottles and formula should be outlawed. Feed your kids how you wish and quit judging how others feed their babies.

Amanda K on

Beautiful pictures of Selma and baby! Breastfeeding is one of the most healthy things you can do for your child and it’s not a crime. Some people on here are so idiotic. If you’re that uncomfortable telling your kid what breastfeeding is, how the hell are you going to handle discussing their menstrual cycle or wet dreams,when the time comes? Grow the hell up!

kristen on

I’m totally late to the comment party….but what’s wrong with explaining to your kid that the Mom is feeding her baby? It’s not like a couple is having buttsex in front of them and you have to explain it.

“The Mommy is feeind her baby”


Silly Person on

I b.f. all three children. I covered up, not to offend anyone, but just because it was cold. Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing, and one that may be cherished by mother and child. If someone wants to feed their baby by the boob at the park go for it. If you don’t like it stay home.

Angela on

I think it is wonderful that she is not letting anyone get in her way of taking care of her baby. It is a mother’s natural right to feed her baby. Although I encourage people to try and cover up, it is not always possible. That should never stop a mother from feeding her baby. Your baby comes first.

As for the comment above about not wanting to explain it to your children…really….I think it is a wonderful learning experience, and sheltering your children will not benefit anyone in the long run. Use it as a way to educate your children. I breastfed my daughter in front of my son and my friends’ children. It was educational….nothing more.

Go girl!

Alley on

Wow, I especially am shocked by Ray’s comment that Blair must be a sociopath because she will breastfeed her son when he’s hungry… hmmm. My feeling would be that she’s demonstrating a compassionate and caring response to the needs of her son. She’s mature enough to trust her motherly instinct and feed her child, rather than succumb to cultural and societal pressures that imply this would be unsightly.

Personally, I think there is nothing more beautiful than a nursing mother with child. Having been exposed to sisters, aunts, friends who breastfed I was able to easily establish breastfeeding with my own child.

I do not go out of my way to nurse in public, but if my daughter is hungry she gets to eat. In some environments (when she’s come with me to work) I prefer to use a cover. Everywhere else I rely on helpful clothing combos (tank top under shirt-pull up shirt, down tank top, no belly shows; or specially designed nursing shirt), a hungry baby latches rather quickly and easily and I doubt you could see anything if you tried. Typically a nursing cover has us both sweating, and I prefer not to subject my baby to eating in what feels like a sauna… now she’s at an age where she knows better and wouldn’t stand for it anyway.

I hope that people begin to see nursing in public as the natural and caring act that it is. I have no problem with mom’s who need to or choose to bottle feed, I’m sure they enjoy the experience of feeding there baby in public and their baby deserves to be fed in a comfortable environment, I only ask that breastfeeding moms are made to feel comfortable to do the same if they choose.

Melissa on

Dear Anonymous,

What is the big deal about explaining to a 7-year-old that the baby is getting milk from his mother’s breast? It’s simple. “That baby is getting milk to eat. Some mothers breastfeed. Some use a bottle.” End of conversation. It is not a big deal unless you make it into one.

My kids, ages 8 and under, don’t even know there is a different (sexual) purpose for breasts other than for feeding babies. They are innocent. The problem is not with your 7-year-old, it’s with your own warped viewpoint that somehow a mother feeding her child is something shameful that must be “explained.”

Personally, I find it much more difficult to explain the giant billboards with under-wear clad models showing lots of cleavage to my young boys.

CommonSense on

If you’re with your older child and he/she asks what a nursing mother is doing, the answer is simple, “She is feeding her baby.” There are two ways to feed infants–one is by breast feeding, and the other is with a bottle. What’s so hard about that explanation? I mean, honestly. Get your minds out of the gutter and get over yourselves.

sophiasmommync on

I explained breastfeeding to my 3 year old (who was bottle fed), and she had NO issues with it. When she sees a baby nursing she says, “look mommy, the baby is eating!” Surely your 7 year old can handle it as long as YOU don’t make a big ordeal out of it. It is not sexual, or disgusting. Personally, I think formula is nasty…don’t get me wrong, I formula fed for medical reasons. I’d rather nurse.

To the person who said do it in a bathroom…seriously?? I don’t even like using public restrooms for their intended purpose, I’m certainly not going to feed a tiny person whose immune system is still developing in one. If you’re so offended, why don’t YOU go eat your dinner in the washroom. No? Too gross? I thought so.

Good for you, Selma! Breastfeeding needs to be normalized. It IS normal.

Janus on

It’s truly amazing that this is even still a debate! I love the comment in response to the woman who has a huge issue with explaining to her children how babies are intended to eat…be a parent. Children SHOULD know…get with the program. WE ARE ANIMALS! We feed our babies with our breasts and should whereever & whenever that baby needs to. Not where people deficate. And sometimes babies will throw covers off because they get hot! Or want to see whats going on around them. I always try to cover up but my baby does not like it. Again, WE ARE ANIMALS, but we’re more evolved. So doesn’t mean higher brain capacity and deeper understanding? Hmmmm, didn’t think so. GET OVER IT AMERICA!! Breasts are first and foremost for feeding our young, it’s why they were put on our bodies.

Kathy on

People breastfeed because it’s the best way to feed a baby, we’re designed to feed them that way and babies are designed to nurse. If more women breastfed in public like they do all over the world, Americans wouldn’t react as they do. I, too, don’t understand why the concerned mother just can’t say “She’s giving the baby milk from her breast. It’s what mother do.” I’ve seen mothers nurse in church and Sunday School and in my church no one seems to even notice. And, by the way, mothers can cover-up and if they feel more comfortable, then, by all means do so, but it sort of interferes with the bonding process to have a kid covered up so he can hardly see his mother’s face. I once saw a woman who had a blanket draped over her own head! Well, at least she and her baby could look at one another. Here in NYC, there are posters on phone booths, at eye level, of men bulging out of their underpants! Another poster shows a man between a woman’s legs while she has her blouse unbuttoned. I’d rather explain breastfeeding any day of the week!

saruskabeth on

My husband has a thing for pregnant women, therefore I think all pregnant women should stay indoors and away from the public eye as long as their bellies are obviously large. That way my husband won’t fall victim to their evil plot to seduce him. Wait, what’s that you say? They aren’t trying to seduce my husband? They’re simply doing what nature intended; growing with their precious in order to provide him/her with the healthiest start possible? Not everything is about sex?

Seriously, ladies…I agree that breasts have a sexual function as well as a nurturing one, but so do hands, don’t they? And mouths. We don’t ask men or women to cover those up! In many cultures, women breastfeed in public, without a cover, and no one thinks twice. Our country has oversexualized everything about a woman’s body to the point that we can’t even see one of nature’s most incredible designs as anything but gross or private. It’s more okay in America to feed your child milk from a cow’s udders, dehydrated and blended with chemicals, than it is to feed them HUMAN milk. Last I checked, my children are all humans. I’ll feed my human children human milk, from *gasp* human breasts.

Oh, and I was not breastfed, and I think I turned out just fine. My husband’s mom drank and smoked while she was pregnant, and he turned out just fine too. I want what’s best for my kids, not what’s “just fine.”

Glenn on

Bravo! Way to look out for your son’s needs first, AND show respect for your own body. *applause*

Janus on


Wow. Just WOW. Selma and women feeding their babies on demand are sociopaths?? You are deranged.

Lily on

That child is gorgeous. Look the other way if you don’t want to see someone breastfeed. Bravo, Selma.

Bugsmum on

Such a beautiful wee man Selma!!!

“And, her child or children about whom she claims to be so concerned about their nutrition in the child’s early years, will be subjected to this mother’s inability to emphasize with others, probably including the child”
Ray I believe you mean empaTHise (or empathize) honestly if you are going to attempt to wow everyone with your “brilliant” psychological insights you could at least proof read your comment. Aside from that… bahahahahahaha you are so full of it!!!

Pretty much everything I would have said has been said already in one form or another. I’m a mum, my daughter is almost 9 months old, if need be I feed her in public and have done since her birth. Do I make an effort to be discreet? yep sure do. Do I always succeed? nope but thats life. She is breastfed and I’m proud of that fact and if she was bottle fed I’d be proud of that too because the important thing is my child is being fed.

I’m willing to bet that a great many of those offended, scandalised or repulsed by a publically breast fed baby, were also the ones casting filthy looks and muttering comments when that same baby was screaming its head off because it was hungry. You are quite unpleasent, judgemental, self-righteous and pompous people to be around, just so you know.

jamelle on

I love her comment. It is just a nipple everyone has them. GREAT!!!! If I could have BREASTfed I would have. And I would have done it all over town. I am so sick of this issue with the boob being used as a feeding source. The health community slams you from every direction about nursing to begin with and now you are being slammed from the community about not doing it in public. Do you have kids? How often have you ever been able to totally control your infants every move? Or schedule his/her every feeding? It doesn’t work.

And for gods sake to the lady with the seven year old….exactly what are you afraid of? You going to nurse that baby of yours around that seven year old? And exactly what all does that kid know about where that baby is going to appear from. I am sure the simple answer of when babies are born mommy produces milk in her breasts to feed the baby. The baby uses mommy’s breast and nipple the same way other babies use a bottle. Sure worked with my three year old when we explained what we were doing when I tried to nurse my newborn. Get over yourselves people it is just a nipple we all have them!

Reina on

I breastfeed without a cover, not because I am an exhibitionist or want to prove a point (im actually quite shy- I blush regularly) but because my son doesn’t like it. Before he expressed he didn’t like it I was simply too tired or lazy or whatever you wanna call it (summer in AZ), to bring a blanket and find a place and sit. My son pulls my boob out in the store while he’s in the cart often to BF. And I let him. To have someone say thats disgusting didnt really compute the first couple of times it happened. now I just get really angry.

As a single mom I have enough pressure and judgement to deal with. So a little advice to the Puritanical Porno boob people: Keep your comments to yourself cuz you never know which sleep deprived mama is gonna punch you in your stupid mouth for you sexualizing her feeding her baby. Its equivalent to what it would feel like for your dad to say you have sexy tits…gross!

Reina on

this wouldnt be a problem if…men didn’t control everything…Malla- you’re the douche!

Mommytoane on

I think its awesome shes decent about breastfeeding and makes an attmept to cover up. I think where a majority of people have a problem, is when a woman is being obviously vulgar and indecent. I’ve seen women breastfeed and one not even realize she was doing it….but I’ve also seen women breastfeed and make a show of theirselves as they do it.
Kudos to her also for mentioning that she nourishes herself to nourish her baby. Its sad to see women be all pro breastfeeding then cram their faces with nothing but junk food, or go on these crazy diets and deprive their children of nourishment.

betty saindon on

I am a mother of 4 children and I think it shows a lack of morals to expose yourself to others no matter the reason. It is called “INDECENT EXPOSURE” and I think people should be arrested for doing this. A baby will wait two minutes while you find a place to nurse which does not expose you to the public. Women who do this lack morals and I believe they enjoy the commotion they create by doing this. I believe these women are narcissistic and should she a doctor. It also shows that you care very little about other peoples feelings and concerns. I would not want my 10 year old watching a woman expose herself to the public and I would have to tell him that you were not right mentally

Rhonda on

If you’re not worried about someone else breastfeeding then be true to your word and simply explain to your children that breastfeeding is natural. God gave us these awesome things called breasts and they are meant for feeding our babies. If you don’t make the act of breastfeeding out to be something “to hide” then your child won’t think it’s a big deal….which is great because it’s not a big deal. It’s natural!

Mia on

@Reina – your job as the parent should be to teach patience + boundaries + I think it’s inappropriate for your child to just grab/whip it out when he/she wants to BF — especially in a public place.

I also think if the child is old enough to ask to BF/make the motion themselves – they are wayy too old to be BF.

I understand BF when they are still a baby – maybe up to a year….but once they can hold a bottle themselves I think it’s really unnecessary + disgusting when it’s a toddler.

A 15 month – 2 year old+ doesn’t need to breastfeed – they can use a bottle/cup.

I think people forget they are raising adults – not babies.

toni on

Who is holding the guns to all these peoples’ heads forcing them to look? NO ONE!! I bet all the people who are so “disgusted” by a small sliver of tit showing have walked by plenty of women nursing in public and never even knew it was happening!

It’s not a pretentious, elitist attitude to want to nurse our babies in public. As a mother, it is my job to meet my child’s needs before anyone else’s. And I have and will continue to breast feed my 2 YEAR OLD in public whenever the need arises.

For those who say we are the narcissists for wanting to breast feed in public….who becomes the narcissist when you think we should put YOUR needs before our child’s?

Denea on

There is nothing wrong with breastfeeding in public and no one should have to feel ashamed or embarrassed if their baby needs to eat while they are out. I nursed all 3 of my children whenever the need arose and sometimes that was in public. I always covered up and tried to be as discreet as possible, but in answer to all of the responses of what to say to your child if they see this be honest that mom is feeding her baby. If a nursing mother is the most exposed person thing your child ever sees in public count your blessings. There are far more risque acts that occur in public all the time.

RE on


Eryn on

Good for Selma! For those who are against breastfeeding in public, get a life! And explaining to your kids, all you have to say is “Babies drink milk from their mommies, like other baby animals do.” What’s so hard about that? I don’t understand people who resent educating their children. I breastfed in public and wouldn’t bother covering up on super hot days, the baby’s head is covering the breast anyway. Anyways, Arthur is a lovely little man, love the pictures!

Bonny on

I can’t get over some of these comments. Men get to go around with no shirt on, which I find disgusting most of the time. A woman feeding her child the most healthiest and natural way has to cover up or do it in private??? Why did we fight for equal rights when we can’t even feed our children in public? I breastfed my baby and I pumped. I was uncomfortable breastfeeding in public, but that is just my insecurity and douches like anonymous who make others feel guilty for doing the most natural thing in this world.

W-Blog on

Wow, I am so happy to live in Austria – here people are very supportive of babies and mothers. I don’t think anybody here would dare to call (public) breastfeeding disgusting. I get lots of positive comments for breastfeeding already 7 months – and seriously. when my child is drinking, you don’t see anything, because his head covers the naked skin. If you are against public brestfeeding, then you should be definitely against most music video clips, etc.

By the way, here in Austria you are “forced” to go on fully paid maternal leave 8-weeks before and 8-16 weeks after giving birth and you can stay at home 1 year getting 80% of your salary and health insurence, etc. (I love this health care system).

W-Blog on

@)Anonymous: Seriously?! I would worry more about explaining things like “Jersey Shore” to my kids

W-Blog on

World Health organization:
“Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended up to 6 months of age, with continued breastfeeding along with appropriate complementary foods up to two years of age or beyond.”

Mason on

I’m fascinated by the uproar-from all perspectives. As a mom of two boys I’ve had MANY conversations about all sorts of body functions 🙂 Even my younger son, at age 5, understands the difference between a breast partially exposed for breastfeeding and “private parts”. Kids are pretty smart that way if we answer their questions matter-of-factly. I did breastfeed both boys and I covered up usually as a personal choice, but I never felt like I was inappropriate if I didn’t have a cover. Less of a breast is visible during nursing than in most photos of celebs just walking around. I wouldn’t presume to judge a mom for bottle feeding or breastfeeding without a cover because being a mom is super hard work and we’re all just trying to do our best at it.

Selma’s baby is beautiful!

DH on

Everything in this world offends somebody ( It’s too bad closed minded people can’t keep their mouths shut & just look away )It’s sad when people find breastfeeding offensive.

Breastfeeding is so much more healthy for a a baby than formula, so if your able to do it then that’s great!! BREASTFEEDING IS THE BEST GIFT A MOTHER CAN GIVE HER BABY!! To all the nursing mothers out there: YOUR AMAZING, & DON’T COVER UP, unless of course your more comfortable that way.

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Good for Selma and all Moms who choose to breastfeed. I think we’ve forgotten what the purpose of women’s breasts are. First and foremost, they are mammary glands which provide nutrition for babies. Why do the very same people who like to ogle big, bulging breasts on women who flaunt them in teeny tiny tube tops, find breastfeeding in public so disgusting? 30 years ago, I breastfed whenever and where ever it was necessary, even on airplanes, without a problem. If someone doesn’t like it, they should avert their eyes, or just grow up.

Heather on

That is the cutest blue eyed baby I have ever seen (after my own niece and nephews).

Now the breastfeeding thing. Breastfeeding has been around since the dawn of time people and they never covered up then. If you have a problem with it then don’t look! Breastfeeding is the most natural and beautiful thing in the world and NO ONE should be ashamed to do it wherever and whenever necessary!

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To the first poster, whats so wrong with explaining to your kid about breastfeeding? It’s not like you are explaining something dirty, or porn. You lady can try and say you are “pro breastfeeding” all you want but that is the mentality of someone who is not. In my opinion, its good to tell your children about it, explain and show its natural so they don’t grow up like the uneducated people we have around today, telling women to cover up.

Joshua on

@Anonymous with the 7 year old and baby on the way….Would you rather your kids see breastfeeding and think of breasts as what they’re ACTUALLY for or would you rather them learn about them the way I did? Watching porn at a young age without my parents knowing and thinking of them sexually? Your kids are going to lead a very sheltered life and I feel sorry for them.

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Honestly I never understand people who are against nursing in public. So many times when I nursed my daughter in public I don’t think other people were aware of what I was doing. It’s been said before, but I will say it again, nursing shows less skin than some models do in racy bathing suits and clothing!

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to the preggers mom offended by breastfeeding in public, WOW, are you for real ?!!! Is it so hard to tell your seven year old that mommy is feeding her baby?!!! I pity you dearly because there are far more complicated things you will have to explain to your children, if you don’t have the stomach for it then maybe you should have not brought kids into this world…

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I breastfed my son until he was 2 years old, a bottle or a cup will never provide the comfort on a mother’s breast. You obviously have no idea about children’s needs !!! Oh yeah, a 2 year old is NOT an adult, how can you even suggest such a thing ??? I am happy to read that most comments are supportive as it shows that the brainwash that American women were subject to in the last 40 years is slowly but surely wearing off.


Americans are a weird bunch of people. Over here in Europe there are hundreds of nudist beaches and people go to saunas COMPLETELY naked (not with a bathing suit or towel around privat parts…lol…people even go to mixed saunas (girls and guys in one sauna. Naked. Imagine that!!!!! O.O :D). You know, nudity is nothing unnatural. We are all naked underneath our clothes!!!!

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i personally think breastfeeding ought not to be ashamed.. think of this.. back in ancient days there was no fake nipples bottles, we had to pretty much carry a special blanket that carries babies upon our chest and when time needed, babies suck our breast for nourishment.. we also had a wet nurses too.. they werent ashamed, back then it wasnt shameful issue.. it was natural.. cavewomen did it, the old adage people did it, now less of modern women are doing it because its a sign of sexual gesture to men who have no idea what breast is really for! breast has no meaning but for strictly breast feeding. thats sole purpose we have breast on our bodies, shouldnt percieved as shameful if my kids asked me “momma, what is that what is she doing with the baby” i would say well u know how animals drink milk from momma? well we have same thing on our bodies and it is called breasts, only women have it.” be brutally blunt and honest, you guys are trying to cover children’s eyes from truth! or perserve some innonence, well im sorry to say, im proud to be breast fed, and i have a daughter on the way i will continue to pass that generations. it is crucial that we educate our children without shame. hell our parent’s parent did it. it goes all the way back in old days. be uptight about it be it then, but dont recule the mothers who strive for natural ways (breastfeeding) our brest isnt for ogling or sexual manner but solely for food, what u gnna do if world ends? oops crap! here comes boobies! plain n simple. i believe in what god gave me and use it. not waste it hell id pump and give away my milk so some hospitals actually use it from donated milks. no crime in that. i actually like old ways wheres not a damn shame.. go SELMA!

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Those who say that it’s mainly viewed negatively in the U.S. are right-which I don’t get at all. As others have said, women’s breasts are used to sell merchandise, yet it’s a problem when a mom wants to feed her hungry child as nature intended? Anyone who thinks that way should be ashamed.

I didn’t read all the comments but a couple stuck out. To Sandra: You sounded fine until you said “People talk, and why not just go into the washroom and do it there? Less conspicuous.” Sandra, how about you go to a restaurant, take your plate up and go eat it in the washroom. Would you? Of course not! So it’s ridiculous to say that to a nursing mom. She is FEEDING HER BABY whether it’s from a bottle, a jar or her breast-she wouldn’t take her baby into the washroom to feed him from a bottle or jar so why from her breast? That’s crazy!

Then to Anonymous who feels resentful about what to tell her kids about breastfeeding. Words escape me. What is the big deal? You sound like a complete prude and someone who finds sexuality in everything. I’m surprised you even have kids to start with. What is wrong with explaining to your kids that the mom is feeding her baby? Is that so hard? Do you really get embarrassed THAT easily? If that IS too hard for you, as others suggested just say she is holding the baby close to comfort it or something like that but really-you disgust me. You can’t go through life shielding your kids from EVERYTHING because you find it too hard to talk about! This is the real world…why have kids at all if you’re afraid to talk to them about life? Geesh…I don’t get it!

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To all the people who get their panties in a wad about having to explain breastfeeding to their children…seriously? When I had my second child, I explained what I was doing to my 3-yr old in a way she could understand…and she got it, no problem. And she wasn’t ‘traumatized’ either. Most women are discreet when BF’ing in public, but there are just some times when the baby is starving and there’s no way to cover absolutely everything. I’m sorry, but the baby’s right to eat is more important than someone else being ‘uncomfortable’. You don’t eat in the bathroom, so why should a baby have to?

Shelly on

I was offended by her comment where she said she wanted to be a ‘good’ mom so she was learning the proper nutrition she needs to eat …..

I think there are billions of GOOD moms who bottle feed their babies. I’m all for breast feeding if the mother is comfortable doing it, can do it properly and is physically capable. There are many reasons why moms don’t or won’t breast feed; so please refrain from saying or implying that any mom who doesn’t whip out her boob and feed the baby instantaneously is not a good mom.

Regarding her exposing her nipples…. I think (actually she admitted to) she has jumped on the “breast feed your baby or you suck as a mom” bandwagon and is pushing it to the ultimate extremes. I say this because; It takes no more than a few seconds to grab a cover and not expose your nipples or breast. I’m positive her baby won’t starve to death nor suffer any life-long scars if he has to wait 30 seconds before he feeds. A ‘GOOD’ mom knows around what time their baby is going to need to be fed, therefore that ‘GOOD’ mom should prepare by having the cover handy for when the baby starts fussing to eat.

A GOOD breast feeding mom is one who is sitting in a crowded place and no one in the world knows she is breast feeding. I have actually made conversation with a mom who was holding her infant. I had no clue the baby was nursing until I asked to see its precious little face. That is when she told me she was nursing the baby…and she wasn’t even using a cover!!!

So good on you for breast feeding your baby, but how dare you have total disregard for others, especially young children who don’t understand what they are seeing and shouldn’t have to see it! Her comment was rude and arrogant and she should not be praised. She should learn to get a little class…and a little modesty!

Shelly on

OMG….I just finished reading the story so I have one more comment!

“The baby doesn’t mind being throw up into the air????!!!!!” WOW! There blows her whole “good mom” B.S. Her child is an infant and as a mother she is or is allowing someone else to throw this baby up into the air? Ask ANY doctor if this is a good, safe practice. They will call child protective services on you more than likely! Her very last sentence made everything she said prior to that, TRASH.

An infant’s head is larger and heavier than the rest of his body, so his skull and its contents (the brain) take the brunt of tossing. Furthermore, his neck muscles are still developing. The result of throwing baby in the air can be compared to whiplash. This could cause small blood vessels to rupture, which is similar to what happens with concussions. There have been incidents of retinal damage with this type of playing.

If you want to throw something into the air, buy a ball!!! DON’T use your infant! She’s a horrible mom!

Bibi on

For those who think that breastfeeding is ok in Europe you´re WRONG!. In Spain people do top less on beaches and it is not a problem, actually is the only place it is ok, but breastfeeding is still a problem specially in restaurants. Nobody wants to see a boob coming out when they are eating. I´m a mom to be and I´m pro breastfeeding but I will be considerate to others and cover up or go to a private room to breastfeed. You can do what you want and be considerate to other people who might not share your view.

Serena on

I really would have no idea that breastfeeding is so controversial if it weren’t for the internet. I live in an area where most people are either religious and see breastfeeding as “the way god intended it” or are hippies and view it as “the way mother nature intended.” My mother breastfed me and my brother, and my great-grandfather was actually offended once when my mom thought she had to leave the room to feed me. I had a similar experience with a friend of mine who was offended when I felt the need to cover up in his house. “Why would you cover up something so beautiful and natural in the privacy of my home? No one can see anything except your baby’s head and your t-shirt.” Another time, I was at a restaurant, and when the waiter taking my order noticed the pink, wiggling blanket, he knew I was feeding a baby under there and very casually said “and I guess she’ll have what’s on tap.” People have said “this is a US problem” but I think it’s not even the whole US, but more of a regional thing.

Cricket on

I don’t have a problem at all with breastfeeding in public. If you know how to be discreet (or have the desire to be), you can breastfeed on the front row in church and no one will notice. I do, however, have a problem with self important mothers who don’t care about anyone else’s feelings but their own. Maybe I don’t want my young child to see your breast. Maybe my father, my husband, or I don’t want to see your breast. Maybe you don’t want a pervert to see your breast. Have some class and consideration and cover it up.

Alley on

Anonymous, I think you might feel a little defensive or guilty for your own choices about feeding your baby and that’s why you don’t want to explain. If that’s the case, you shouldn’t feel guilty. You could simply present it to your child as a choice. Babies can thrive and grow on formula! I actually breastfed for the first year of my babies’ lives, but used formula as back up in an emergency if I had to leave them and hadn’t pumped. (Since my mom in law wasn’t lactacting! HAHA) And I was very discreet. My top would lightly rest against baby’s cheek or I would lay a blanket against his cheek, but he would have never tolerated his head being covered. No one ever gave me a problem because of it and if they had, I would have shrugged and shaken my head.Whatev!!

Lola on

Funny very funny… to see how people in the US find scandalous and offending the act of breastfeeding while many glorify and support trashy tv show such as Jersey Shore and those MTV’s realities. It’s just ironic!!

Detroit19 on

Good for you! I would NOT trade the intimate moments I got to spend with my 3 children. Breastfeeding is not anything to be ashamed of, or to hide; it doesn’t get any more natural.

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i was a very young mom at 16 ….i had 4 children @breast fed all 4 ..i was very shy and bashfull ….i didn’t have a choice except breast feed . my husband didn’t have a job .. so she had to be nursed .. i had big babies and healthy was so nice in the winter turn over in bed and not have to get up and warm a bottle ..
believe me i was very embarressed … after the first one ..i got use to it .. i never saw a woman cover uo back then .. i just open my top and my baby enjoyed all that moma had to give.. lots of babies back then if they hadn’t breast fed .. their babys would have starved . back then there was a lot of lazy fathers and my babies had one for their daddy .. thats what GOD GAVE THEM TO MOMA …BY THE WAY MY NAME IS SELM ALSO ..THANKS PAULINE

Angie on

To all who claim they don’t have a problem with breastfeeding, but just want modesty about it-get over it! Breastmilk is the BEST thing for any child and it’s just sad that in our twisted world it’s ok for women to not even TRY to breastfeed, give their children formula that’s packed with ingredients that are NOT good for them, but yet women who are doing what their bodies were intended for are considered gross?! Ridiculous. I know my PERSONAL preference is to cover up when breastfeeding because I’m self conscious. Why is that? Because of ignorant people who make a big fuss over breastfeeding. Ironically though, my little one doesn’t LIKE to be covered up and sometimes unlatches and I have to show some boob. Get over it. It’s natural and it’s what is best for my child. If you see my boob, I’ve come to just not care what others think. I’m not PURPOSELY trying to flash myself for your enjoyment or discomfort. I’m not comfortable seeing women bottle feed formula when they some women just decided to do that out of sheer selfishness instead of need but do I say anything? No. Do I give dirty looks or gasp when you pull a bottle out? No. So you shouldn’t either.

Anonymous on

Some people ….I totally agree. Just like the day will come when a child figures out babies don’t come by storks, having to feed a baby is very normal. I preferred not to do so in public if I could help it by learning where places were that I could feed my babies. Often we ended up in the car. Life goes on. Sometimes you end up on a bench because babies need to be fed. Some have difficult schedules do to health reasons but to have to chain yourself to your house? That isn’t giving your child real world experiences and is really boring.

Reality isn’t really that bad and being a parent, is all about teaching your children. All of the time.

It’s funny because with younger children, they accept simple answers and older ones expect an explanation. That is progress. For parents who struggle with the cycle of life, there are great book out there on the market who can do the talking for you if it really makes you uncomfortable explaining these things on your own. Good luck parents.

Martha on

A lovely mother and baby doing what comes naturally! Go Selma GO!

Mel on

I find it interesting that the only ones swearing in the comments are those bottle-feeding mothers who are getting their hackles up – is this because any mention of breast-feeding is taken as a personal attack on your part?

The only way breast-feeding can be normalized is by educating and by having it out there. North Americans are the only ones who take issue with something that is simply biology. Thank-you Selma.