Kendra Wilkinson: Baby Hank Is Bilingual!

03/27/2012 at 09:00 AM ET

Hola, Mami!

Kendra Wilkinson and her husband Hank Baskett are finding that they need to learn a new language.

Why? Because their 2-year-old son, Hank IV, is starting to speak it.

“We were at a friend’s house for dinner and all of a sudden out of nowhere he speaks this sentence in Spanish,” the star of WE’s Kendra on Top tells PEOPLE while hosting a party Saturday at Las Vegas’s Wet Republic.

“He said, ‘I would like more milk, please.'”

Wilkinson, 26, says her son learned the phrase from his nanny, who speaks to him in her first language.

“I never expected it, and he’s doing so good,” she notes. “I was so caught off-guard. I thought he was speaking baby. Now Hank and I are going to have to learn Spanish, but it’s a good thing.”

— Mark Gray

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marlee on

“I thought he was speaking baby.” WTF????!!!!

Amber on

i think that is a good thing that your son speak mixed and i speak american and spanish and some chenise. and i would like my twins to speak what i speak so they can talk to more people in different laugnage.

Shawna on

marlee – she meant that she thought he was just speaking gibberish but then realized he was speaking in another language. Don’t make something negative out of a simple comment!

Sarah S. on

Kudos to the nanny–it’s a very positive thing to be bi-lingual (or even tri-lingual) in today’s world!

Snaps on

That is fantastic! Everyone should learn and teach their kids multiple languages, that’s how we overcome cultural boundaries!

D on


annette on

How about spending more time with the baby instead of the nanny doing so? Also, this is going to sound mean…but why do her breasts keep getting bigger? Its tacky :/

I used to be a huge fan until watching her newest reality show. Seeing how the nanny had the baby most of the time made me think less of her. If you are going to have kids, take care of them.

Mia on

@Amber – we don’t speak American — perhaps you meant “American English.”

Leslie on

That is great… being bilingual is good for brain development. It’s also a wonderful thing to be able to speak more than one language. Lots of people don’t want their children to be different so they only have them speak english. My husband’s parents spoke several languages, but only taught their children english so they would fit in. My husband really wishes they had passed along their heritage to him and is trying to learn spanish now.

Sandra on

Annette, I totally agree with you indeed. All she thinks she is is a celebrity wannabe. This woman just makes my skin crawl. If you look like a duck and walk like a duck, it is still a duck. And what does she think she is famous for? Oh ya, now I remember, she slept with Hugh Hefner! Gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

christa on

Kendra talked about her son, for goodness sake and people need to be mean. While she started her life as a teenager, not in college, but had to make a living and she chose,Playboy, but she also tries to get over that image. People need to give her some slack, nobody of us is perfect, especially the haters.

Shannon on

Great. More people should be multilingual.

Dawn on

Christa…yeah, Kendra REALLY tried to get over the Playboy image. From the looks of this picture, she’s still flaunting her body like she’s a piece of meat for Playboy.

NickyAngel on

I haven’t seen pictures of baby Hank in a while now…give us more pics pls

Cammy on

It’s not a good thing to be bilingual, it’s a great thing!

Linda on

I don’t understand why people are hating on her. She is talking about her son, and not about herself. Just because he is learning Spanish from the nanny does not mean that she is not spending time with him. And just because she flaunts what she has doesn’t mean she is still trying to be a playboy. She is known for her body and she is constantly in the eye of the media so she would have to keep that body in shape, and why not flaunt it if you know that you look good after having a kid. I sure would if I still had my pre pregnancy body. I have 2 kids, and they speak a different language from their grandparents. Does that mean I am not spending enough time with them?!? No, because I am with them 24/7. You don’t see her real life, and how they are as a family. You just see what they show you on TV. So don’t go and judge her.

momtoKB on

How wonderful to have your child learning another language regardless of where it’s from. Many mothers would have a nanny if they could so, why the fuss? Many parents have to place their kids in daycare, how is this different? People, please be kind. How would you feel if someone attacked the way you live your life or paretned your children all the time. If you don’t like her, don’t read about her. If you hate her show, then don’t watch it. You don’t don’t like the way she dresses? Dress the way you like and not like her. It’s really that simple. She is simply a mother and a wife living the life she is living. The world has so much hate and judgement in it. Shouldn’t we focus more on kindness and understanding? Her son seems happy and healthy and she and Hank appear to be very involved with Baby Hank’s daily routine. Take a step back and judge thyself before judging others. Celebrities or not, these people are human and have feelings.

Jill on

So? My daughters and I can speak French. Don’t recall seeing a media story about that anywhere. And I didn’t have a nanny accomplish this for me either.

malla on

Kendra, if you can’t raise your kid yourself you shouldn’t have had him.

I don’t care how much this annoys anyone – people with nannies simply annoy me. I could understand using them as babysitters during working hours but for them to have your kid most of the time is just neglectful.

LPW on

Great, more fodder for her show. She’s never going away.

malla on


“Many mothers would have a nanny if they could so, why the fuss? Many parents have to place their kids in daycare, how is this different?”

It’s not. I know people that have their kids in daycare 12 hours a day. I know people who have them there during working hours, which s 6 to 8 hours. And as much as it wil, piss people off, I think if your kid spends more time in daycare or with a nanny than with you, your kid deserves another parent.

“People, please be kind. How would you feel if someone attacked the way you live your life or paretned your children all the time. If you don’t like her,

My comments aren’t about Kendra, they’re about parents with excessive daycare/nannies. I don’t dislike Kendra but she is like most of Hollywood where nannies raise their kids while their parents work 12 to 18 hours a day.

“The world has so much hate and judgement in it. Shouldn’t we focus more on kindness and understanding?”
True but the world would also be better off if parents would be parents and not visitors or best friends to their kids.

debianddaisy on

People who are so negative must really have problems in their own lives to sit and post bad things all the time. If you don’t like her, don’t post. This is a woman who, no matter the path her life has taken her, is proud of her son, and proud that he will be bilingual. I feel her love for her son and family.It’s amazing that the people who are so willing to condemn someone else and their choices, if you looked at your own life, you have things you aren’t proud of. Should we kill or condemn you, then? Yes, she is in the limelight, but she is still human. Could your life withstand the scrutiny 24/7? I say, more power to little Hank, he’s done something I haven’t, and kudos to Mom and Dad for their love and devotion to a beautiful little boy.

reny on

i speak 4 languages and i want my kid one speak at least two, in today´s world it´s a great thing!

Ana on


Danielle on

Kendra’s baby is a beautiful and intelligent child……that’s he was able to pick up another language at an early age……

KRN on

LOL Amber, you speak “american”?

Olivia on

No es difícil hablar en español. Asegúrense de saber de que zona es la niñera para aprender las mismas palabras que él. Cada zona geográfica tiene modismos diferentes.

LA on

Ha Ha…Kendra’s comment “I thought he was speaking baby.” lol

You could expect her to say that…kind of cute. It is obvious how much they both love that little boy. Chill out people.

A, Heilbrunn on

My three grandkids had a Spanish speaking nanny. Rule of thumb in their household was, she was to speak to the children only English. When they “mastered the English”, she could speak to them in both languages.When they were about three, they were completely bilingual.

For today’s youth, it’s nice to know more than English, but English should be taught and spoken FIRST.

Anna on

Thank you Shawna for pointing out to Marlee how innocent and NORMAL the comment “baby talk” is. Marlee, you either don’t have kids or are way too serious!!! 🙂

ec on

That’s sad, your son learns to speak someone else’s language… that indicates that you are not doing much parenting yourself! rather than learning Spanish, try spending more time with your child. Do not outsource raising your kid.

Kandee43 on

Europeans have been bi-lingual for YEARS, it’s time we as American’s learned a second language too. Good for baby Hank. Keep up the good work Senorita Nanny.

Janet Baskins on

Little Hank is so cute, they absorb language easily at his age, best time to learn. Kendra appears to be a loving mom, I doubt she has a nanny ALL the time, she seems pretty hands on. Always good to learn a new lanaguage.

Angel on

That is sad that her son spends so much time with the nanny that he is speaking Spanish. Another language is good but to pick it up from the nanny is sad on the parents part.

m on

Is the nanny legal?

kim on

what a twit. aren’t her 15 mins of fame over yet? then maybe she can hop back on her stripper pole that she loves so much!

ko on

I cannot believe all the negative comments…like seriously get over yourselves already and stop hatin on Kendra and her innocent son! She’s a proud mama and who wouldn’t be if there kid spoke 2 languages! Everyone just needs to be happy and not so critical of someone they don’t even know! 🙂 I love Kendra and her family!

Susan on

The same thing happened to us with our 2 year old. He started speaking Spanish after being with our dayhome provider who is Panamanian- I am not a celebrity or rich but a professional so does that mean I am also a bad mother for putting my child in the care of someone else? Stop being so judgemental- women are allowed to have a family and a career last time I checked..

Kandee43 on

You complainers make me sick. Stop criticizing Kendra for working and leaving her son with a nanny. How many “ordinary” women work EVERY DAY for 8, 10 and even 12 hour days and leave their child in daycare or with a relative. It happens ALL THE TIME and the minute a celebrity does it, that celebrity parent becomes a terrible mother. Grow up people, you just aren’t happy unless you’re complaining about someone. I babysit my grandchildren everyday because their mom has to work. You complainers are pathetic.

Kate on

It’s great her son is learning a new language. I speak six languages and plan on teaching them to my children!

Kim on

I think it is wonderful that he is learning spanish. But shame that Kendra didn’t know this and had to find out from the nanny. She tries to give the impression that she is a very hands on mom, but maybe not.

Jennifer on

How about just spending more time with your kid? It’s not like you need the money.

Jennifer on

How about you just spend more time with your kid? It’s not like you need the money.

it's me on

“I’m mixed and i speak american and spanish and some chenise. and i would like my twins to speak what i speak so they can talk to more people in different laugnage.”
@Amber- Please learn to speak and write American “English” before posting- Chinese is the laNGUage (spell check) from China.

Anonymous on

He’s doing so WELL Kendra. 🙂

Anonymous on

Maybe the nanny should be speaking English, since it’s the language of America, not Spanish. Just what we need. More spanish for us Americans to try and understand. Some of us learned other languages but we don’t brag about it. English first and then another language.

liarlairpantsonfire on

I’m sure he’s a genius, just look at the gene pool.

KH on

I love Kendra, Hank, and baby Hank! He is one of the cutest kids in Hollywood! It good that he is learning a second language & really who cares if he is learning it from someone else.? I learned to speak Spanish at school from my teacher, so does that make my parents bad parents for not being the ones to teach me a new language.? No, it doesn’t so it doesn’t matter if baby Hank’s nanny is the one teaching him a second language! The people who are complaining that she has a nanny would have one too if they were in her place! Just saying. Sending your child to daycare while you go to work & having a nanny for your child while you go to work is the same thing!

Keep doing you Kendra!!! 🙂

Anonymous on

wow people seriously asking if shes legal or saying that it is a peasant language GROW UP.

Julia on

“Speaking baby”–seriously? Kendra was born and raised in San Diego, California–TONS of Spanish speakers live there. You mean to tell me she doesn’t know the difference between gibberish and Spanish? That’s ridiculous.

Kitty on

Way to go Kendra. I think it’s great he is learning two languages.

We need more Moms like you instead of the ones sitting in their homes typing nasty comments here on this site.

alan.x on

So, from what I get here, the child spends a great deal of time with the nanny and she speaks only Spanish to him. The child then spends a great deal of time with his parents, who speak only English to him. The child at 2 is speaking both languages.

Now, let’s look at the reasons people are giving for ragging on this mother:
* the child spends significant time with a nanny – that’s been addressed well above, but I’ll say it again, many kids go to daycare and studies have actually shown those children learn basic skills faster and are better socialized. Not sure I buy the studies, but certainly a good daycare or a good nanny is doing a child no harm. My kid spends 8.5 hours a day in daycare, bet a lot of your kids do or did too. There’s nothing negligent about having others watch your kids if you do your homework on the people spending time with your child beforehand.
* the mother did not know her 2yr old knew enough Spanish to blurt out a sentence of it (the assumption being if she “stayed home more” with her kid she would have known this) – this one is flimsy too. My kid regularly whips out new words, skills, and abilities I didn’t know about that make my jaw drop. If you are a parent you know this phenomena – sure, you knew your kid was spending time with his slightly older cousin every weekend and that the cousin has been practicing reading in front of him, but it still floors you when your 3 yr old suddenly takes the book from you at bedtime and starts reading Hop On Pop to you. Just because this mother expressed surprised delight at her child displaying a new skill doesn’t mean she doesn’t spend enough time with him.
* the mother shouldn’t let the nanny speak Spanish to the child until he’s “mastered” English – and at what point has a child “mastered” English? Certainly the English a 6 yr old speaks isn’t full mastery, should we wait until 10? According to Cornell University’s studies on teaching children more than one language, “Learning a second language does not cause language confusion, language delay or cognitive deficit, which have been concerns in the past. In fact, according to studies at the Cornell Language Acquisition Lab (CLAL), children who learn a second language can maintain attention despite outside stimuli better than children who know only one language.” If this rich mother wanted a nanny to speak English to her child she could have found one, she picked a Spanish-speaking nanny on purpose and allowed or even encouraged the nanny to speak only Spanish with her son, likely because she wanted him to have the benefits. It will not delay his ability to speak English as that is the primary language spoken to him by his parents and everyone other than the nanny around him, likely. Instead, this savvy mom has the child learning both languages at once when his brain is most plastic and will gain the most from the experience.

Yep, sounds like a negligent mom to me.

Parenting is the toughest job in the world, its a cliche for a reason. This family seems to be doing well, if not thriving. Why not look to your own backyard and leave them alone or better yet, why not be supportive instead of ripping people down based on a couple of paragraphs thin on facts in People magazine.

realworld on

When I was reading the headline of this story I thought to myself, I bet he has a Spanish nanny and lo and behold he does. I wonder how much time he spends with the nanny if he is asking for his milk in Spanish? What do you think? Can’t stand her, what is she famous for? Gross and scuzzy, yuk.

hutch099 on

Wow some of the comments here blow me away. I had a nanny but unfortunately she didn’t speak another language. My mother worked from home, but we had a nanny watch us. My mother still spent a lot of time with us. Kendra works mainly from home as well. And also for you haters out there that say it’s sad he didn’t learn it from his parent….well the obviously don’t speak Spanish. You might as well say don’t send your kids to school, they might learn something the parent didn’t teach. I hope that makes you think about how ridiculous that comment is.

Kat on

Good point, Mia. Perhaps Amber speaks “Mexican” and “American” bbuuuuuaaaahhhhhhh!

Anonymous on

well I prefer her over Kim Kardashian

Kandee43 on

CHOI this is for you. I think you’re a racist, ignorant beast. How dare you imply that Spanish is a “peasant language” as you call it. I come from a long line of Spanish speakers. I’m very proud of that. Keep your opinions to yourself. I will not begin to insult your native language, I would NEVER DO THAT, I think I have more class than that.

Vickie on

I’m confused about why everyone is hating on the fact that she has a nanny. Why? Does everyone realize that a nanny is just in home daycare that costs much more than an actual daycare center. If I can afford it, when I get married and have children, I’m going to have a nanny too because I’ll be a working mom.

Thycky on

Are those haters going to stay at home all day with their childrens?

alicejane on

“Maybe the nanny should be speaking English, since it’s the language of America, not Spanish. Just what we need. More spanish for us Americans to try and understand. Some of us learned other languages but we don’t brag about it. English first and then another language.”


Your post reminds me of a bumper sticker I saw in the states in December… “Speak English or go back to the sorry-ass country you came from.” Ignorant, with no appreciation for the fact that English was NOT the first language in America, Canada, or North America for that matter.

Jen on

@alan.x” you need to quit patronizing the spanish speaking community, just like this woman does who can’t keep her clothes on. Go beat your meat elsewhere.

Kate on

Amber – Really? You speak “American” and “Chenise” (which I’m guessing is supposed to say “Chinese”)?
Newsflash: American and Chinese are NOT languages. How offensive. Educate yourself. I believe what you are looking for is English, and either Mandarin or Cantonese. You should really know the names of the languages you claim to speak.

Me on

M – people like you are just ignorant.

Marky on

Many of you are sooo judgmental regarding the fact that Kendra and Hank have a nanny for Hank IV. That’s ridiculous in the face of how hard my generation fought so women could have the opportunity to work or be stay-at-home moms, whichever they chose. It was supposed to be acceptable to men and also to other women. The idea that Kendra (who has shown time and again how much she loves her child, as well as spending time with him frequently) is being ripped for working and having a nanny who apparently takes good care of her child and actually is teaching him Spanish as a second language, that whole thing is just ludicrous! In Texas, many children learn both Spanish and English as the same time, thus speaking both languages very well with no accent.

If I have one regret now that my children are grown, it is that I never was able to truly pursue my original career even part-time, though I certainly worked hard at being the best parent I could, and deeply love my children. Because of judgmental women like yourselves, there was no real opportunity for me to do what I wanted to, and when they were grown, it was too late, and I wasn’t alone in that. That’s why we tried to make certain you had choices, and you now want to take those choices away from women?

No one knows what the future holds, and truly Kendra should be able to work if she likes; she provides excellent care for her child (as far as any of us know), and if someone my age can get over the fact she posed for Playboy, I don’t know why you younger people, who have been having sex since you were 14 yourselves, with practically everyone you went out with, can’t get over it! It’s just hypocritical, to be honest.

Ashln on

Wow! Where did this kid get his “brains” from? Certainly not mommy!

Desiree on

Kandee43 – Im with you 100%, when I read the post of that guy ( or girl) I couldn t believe it. I m Spanish from Spain, and I speak also Catalan, English, Dutch and a bit of French and I never I would have dare to start comparing them to see what language has more “quality”or is “better”. All of them have their beauty and have their own history. Point. And to be such negative, it only makes you ignorant

gutsygirl on

Wonder if Hank IV can say, “Poner los lejos por favor mami” ?
(Translated means: Put those away please, Mommy!)

Erin on

All you guys saying that kids need to learn English first, uh, hello, children under 5 have an infinite capacity for language. You can throw 10 languages at them during that time and they will pick them all up equally well. My childhood best friend spoke only English with his mother and French with his father and was fluent in both by the time he was 3.

And as for the comments about Kendra having a nanny, just because she’s a celebrity doesn’t mean she doesn’t have to work. And as most parents know, it’s difficult to work effectively with kids around vying for your attention. There’s very little difference between having a nanny and sending your kids to daycare, except for the fact that a nanny works in your own home.

Oh yeah, and “America” can refer to anywhere in North and South America, so your silly little claims that ‘you’re in “America”, speak English’ are ridiculous. There are several other languages spoken in those areas: French, Spanish, Portugese, and many, many native dialects that have been here long before Europeans arrived. In fact, there are more people in these ares DON’T speak English, than there are who do.

me on

Welcome to America we speak English here. Want to speak Spanish move to Mexico. Learning Spanish is only a sign that the Mexicans have taken over the USA. The USA Mexican border should be more heavily armed and all Mexicans who cross the border shot on site, and the ones here now sent back.


I beleive the nanny should have gotten permission to speak spanish in front of Hank. No parent should be caught by surprise in this situation. It is fine to teach Hank spanish, but not without the parents permission.

Anonymous on

My daughter speaks 3 languages. English, French Polish, and she is 3 years old. I think its is a shame when parents ( if from a different country) refuse to speak their language with their kids. Its such a waste. The kids will benefit from it in the future …. and will be grateful for teaching the the language. Got friends from Germany for example and their kids do not know one word in German…..

bari Seidon on

Newsworthy??? all it tells me is the kid spends more time with the nanny than mom!

Sarah on

I hope they keep it up! Kids pick up other languages so easily. It’s a huge gift to give your child.

Motheroftwo on

I think that is great he is learning a very common language. I grew up with a nanny because of my mom being in the military and always being shipped out and I speak Turkish and Arabic fluently it does come in handy and looks great on my resume, my degree I am working on includes Arabic classes so it does help a lot when you get older. I credit being able to speak multiple languages with not being unemployed in such a crappy economy.

Motheroftwo on

Honestly I have to say reading all of these comments I feel so sorry for all of your children, I loved growing up with a nanny my mother was a hard working woman she did everything for us, my father left and my mother was in the military and raised 2 children by herself! Just because you have a nanny doesn’t make you a bad parent, it also gives the kids a chance to see a different side of the world in some aspects, I see a lot of people my age don’t understand other cultures and are semi to full blown racist because they were never taught not to hate on people. I see many examples of this above in the comments.

lcvr on

I am so appalled at how people are so judgmental with their comments. Wow, it only happens in the “American Culture”. Live and let others live, why should Kendra’s life bother you? Get a life people !!!

Teresa on

I think that it is absurd that she would have to learn spanish to be able to speak to her own child. Spend more time with your child.

Heather on

My husband is Puerto Rican and all of his side of the family speak Spanish better than English lol. I can’t wait for our kids to know both Spanish and English. Even though I’ll be learning with them! I still can’t understand his grandma 🙂 So kudos to Kendra for allowing her baby to learn Spanish!

Dot on

“Welcome to America we speak English here. Want to speak Spanish move to Mexico. Learning Spanish is only a sign that the Mexicans have taken over the USA. The USA Mexican border should be more heavily armed and all Mexicans who cross the border shot on site, and the ones here now sent back.”

-me on April 1st, 2012

I’d like to inform you you’re such a narrow-minded, ignorant bob. Learning ANY language is not a sign that the countries have taken over any other one, but mostly a sign of globalization, due to the constant contact with people from another cultures. I’m Mexican and I feel free to insult you in English because I had the interest in learning your language. And not all the Mexicans who’ve crossed the border illegally are dishonest, most of them are poor and didn’t have the opportunity to progress in my country. Maybe your government should shoot you, I guess you are an unemployed, drop-out bimbo, who lives off the public welfare system…

Rachel on

WTF is she so proud about? Does she really think hispanic is going to get her kid a great career? I think not! How about a career cleaning toilets or working at McDonalds. There is no requirement to speak hispanic in the business world. It is totally a useless language.


Rachel…are you really dumb or you pretend to be to put negative comment?…You can use Spanish all over the World..

Baby Hank is sooo adorable; ps I want to learn Spanish as well..I love that language.

Skt on

Rachel: Your ignorance is showing. Does she really think hispanic is going to get her kid a great career? Were you trying to say “speaking Spanish”? Last time I checked, Hispanic is not a language, genius!

For those who get involved in international careers, learning Spanish or any other foreign language can mean the difference between getting hired for a job over someone else and these are careers that require bachelor’s degrees and with international corporations!

Anonymous on

-rachel, wow you’re so ignorant.

fluff on

who cares get a real life

Mommytoane on

Sad that the nanny is the one teaching him how to talk. But fame has its price I guess.

sherri on

Kendra…Stop using Hank as your nanny. You are seriously playing him for a sucker now. You are very immature and need to stop using the cheating scandal as a reason for you to “Find yourself” I use to really like you but your behavior is getting a little pathetic.