Hilary Duff Adjusts to New Sleep Schedule

03/27/2012 at 02:30 PM ET
Milton Ventura/Broadimage

For her latest role, Hilary Duff‘s finding out that the hours are rough but the joys are enormous.

“Luca fed! Mamma fed! Time to do it all again in 2 hours!” the new mom to week-old son Luca Cruz Tweeted on Monday. “Oh how life has changed! In such a wonderful way.”

In fact, her whole household now revolves around keeping people fed: big sister Haylie came over to make a kale salad and truffle deviled eggs, though Hilary suspected an ulterior motive.

“I think it’s more about her getting time with Luca but I take it!” she jokes.

Then it was a few hours sleep before the hunger bell rang again.

“4 am … Sleepy eyed,” Duff, 24, Tweeted Tuesday. “Feeding baby … whew this job is no joke!”

Luca is the first child for the singer/actress and husband Mike Comrie.

“Wow, I can’t believe I have a baby!” she Tweeted Friday. “Thank you for all the messages and well wishes. I love you all so much.”

— Mike Fleeman

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Leslie on

haha, I can relate to when people bring over food just as an excuse to see the baby. My mother in law would do that… unfortunately she would bring over McDonalds and take out instead of anything healthy and homemade. I finally told her she didn’t need to do that anymore. I could tell all she really wanted was to hold the baby, not help me with anything. I really could have used some help cleaning and cooking. But no, she just wanted to hold the baby. So I let her do that while I cleaned lol. Family. What are you gonna do but accept them as they are?

Ami on

Love the name!

Carolina on

I LOVE HILARY DUFF. Please make more MUSIC ❤
God bless her and her baby boy xox

Jiliane on

lucky you! my mother-in-law didn’t want anything to do with her grandchild. in fact, my daughter freaks out when i tell her grandma (whom she calls “cheenee”) is coming. i have horrible in-laws.

rachel on

leslie you are an idiot..

Kim Wattman on

Enjoy it now Hilary they grow up quick!! People used to tell me how I would miss it and you do…congrats!!!

Anonymous on

really what did you expect!

Noonah on

Finally a celeb child with a normal name!

Ralph on

Yeah. . .help is nice but you never get it when you really need it.

Molly on

rachel – don’t be a jerk.


Rachel?????????? And why is Leslie an idiot? It sounds more like you are!

J on

@Leslie. Wow, so MIL comes over and just holds the baby while you clean while recovering and trying to get some rest. Nice MIL… Put her to work next time before she can hold the baby, use it to your advantage…lol!

someone on

Geesh. That was dang rude, Rachel. She’s just telling it like it is. My MIL was the same way… and it evolved way beyond the newborn stage. Unfortunately, she felt like she needed a final say in everything and it wasn’t right unless it was done HER way.

elizabeth on

rachel you are rude.

stacey mc on

@Rachel, Leslie is NOT an idiot! My mother in law did the same thing when both of my kids were born. When family comes over it is so important for them to help the mother so that mother-baby bonding is occuring. Holding the baby is sweet, however, a new mother needs time with the baby, not with the cooking and cleaning! Think before you speak, because only you sound like an idiot.

Shawna on

Rachel – why in the world did you just call Leslie an idiot?

Gibbs_44164 on

Rachel..how exactly is Leslie an idiot?

Danette on

Rachel- You sound like the idiot. How rude could you be?!

Merm on

Wow…so tired, but still has time to tweet?

ruby on

Why is this news? How about she stays off Twitter for awhile, good grief, it’s like her phone is permanently attached to her hand.

Jen on

I would say one thing about Rachel that no one else has but all are probably thinking: what a B**ch!

Julie on

Any help offered when you have a new baby is welcomed help. I would be glad that someone loved/cared for my baby and wanted to tend to him. I would also be glad of the opportunity to do some cleanning/cooking as well, no reason why “Mom” can’t catch a nap too while having an extra pair of hands. As a recent new “Grandparent” the feeling you have for your Grandchild is just as deep if not more so as the love you have for your child. This wonderful gift is a part of the child you love.

Lindsey on

Leslie is probably an idiot because she’s trashing her mother in law on a gossip website while simultaneously being a snob that only accepts organic and homemade food when she should just appreciate the fact that her mother in law wants to help at all.

Marky on

When my MIL came to help after my last baby, she cooked, cleaned, played with the 2 older children, and watched the baby while I took a nice bath. She told me what a great mom I was and how impressed she was that I was BF, and made sure she made special things for our family’s dinner. She did this for 2+ weeks, and gave me the best time ever with our newborn, and 2 other children, 4 and 15 mo.

I was so grateful for her thoughtfulness; I didn’t keep her away from baby, but she saw her mission as taking care of the home while I rested and baby and I got used to nursing. She understood what was really needed, and did it. When she later needed care after surgery, we jumped at the chance to take care of her as well as we possibly could, just to say “thanks!”.

Meela on

Harsh much!

I had to re-read Leslie’s post because I thought I missed something negative she said to justify being called an idiot.

And I saw nothing, Rachel chillax!!!

Sasha on

Hilary looks phenomenal in this pic! Congrats to the family!

Valerie on

Holding the baby is a wonderful way to help! When someone else is holding the baby (especially family), not only is the baby getting loving attentoin but you can take a nap or do whatever you choose. Stacey- you say a new mom needs time with the baby- yes of course, and there are 24 hours in a day. As a new mom myself, I know that a newborn needs to be held most of those hours. With nursing sessions and other holding, I got lots of bonding time in- and welcomed so much when my mom would hold my baby while I could rest or do other things.

Anonymous on

My hubby was the pits while I was pregnant with our son. He showed zero interest, and the only time he showed happiness was when we found out it was a boy. Not sure what happened but the moment he was born he was the bomb. Pretty sure the baby was almost a week old before I even changed a diaper. I nursed so he was up right as the baby stirred and brought him to me along with water/chamiolle tea for me and he would just sit there until the baby was done, then he would whisk him off to for a burp, change, and snuggle until he slept. He started baths for me, did his best on cleaning, and buying groceries, and when his Mom showed up she was like Leslie’s MIL but you know what I didn’t care. We were all healthy, happy, and enjoying the event even if my house was not spotless or the way I liked it cleaned.

Steph on

Yes, Lindsey, McDonald’s is exactly the healthy, nourishing food a mom needs to heal from just giving birth. Thanks, MIL, for the diarrhea! Lol!

Hilary looks fantastic in that picture.

Leslie on

Guess I should have saved my gripes for a diary. This is probably not the best place to complain about my MIL. I just related to what Hilary Duff said about people bringing over food to see the baby.

I’m happy my mother in law cares about my daughter… it’s great. It’s just that her interests begin and end with the baby. She never used to be friendly with me and only started being nice when I got pregnant.

deanna on

I am a wonderful grandmother ….. i clean the house …do the laundry …cook supper …bath the baby ….get TONS of kisses and go home !!!!!

JCool on

Rachel is trolling.

ASA on

Marky, your story was so nice to read! You sound like a great daughter-in-law.

Chelsea on

Uhh, for whoever said “so tired but still has time to tweet” you do realize sending a tweet takes like, 2 seconds right? and whoever said her phone is glued to her hand, she doesn’t even tweet that much. My God. people find the DUMBEST things to complain about. I love hilary duff and have since she was a teenager and I was a little girl. I’m so happy for her.

Silly Person on

For all of you with In-Law issues. There is an amazing website call…I Hate My In-Laws.com. Seriously, no fooling it is GREAT!!!!

Lola on

She’s so cute, just love her! Congrats again pretty mama!

Anonymous on

Sounds like Hilary is going nanny-free. Good for her (not that there’s anything wrong with nannies. It’s just nice to see a celebrity going it mostly alone with help from family members here and there, just like most of us “normal” people!)! Anyway, I can’t wait to see pictures of Luca, and I hope we get to hear about how he’s bonding with his dad soon (for some reason I have a soft spot for dads with their babies!)! 🙂

Betsy on

“I could tell all she really wanted was to hold the baby, not help me with anything. I really could have used some help cleaning and cooking.”
Leslie, you decided to have the baby, not her. That was your responsibility to cook, clean, and take care of the baby. Not your mother in law’s. Grow up and accept YOUR responsibilities.

kristan on

@Rachael and Lindsey – leslie is not an idiot. you both are. not everyone is blessed with great in-laws. leslie has every right to say how she feels about her mil in public or in private. that is her right as a human being. it’s not like she is naming her mil by name. so relax.

Katie on

Wow….Rachel and Lindsey both sound like douch bags!

Holiday on

Leslie its not your mother in laws job to clean your house… even after you recently had a baby. Thats just lazy of you to expect her to do that too! My mother in law was great and brought us food after my son was born but I would have never even said yes if she wanted to clean my house. She died when I was 7 months pregnant with my now 22 month old daughter but I would never dream of wanting my in laws to cook and clean for me. Women these days are just so damn lazy and expect to be taken care of all the time.

cara on

Hilary Duff is so pretty in that photograph.

Bugsmum on

I go on twitter and facebook while b/feeding what is wrong with that Ruby? My daughter is 8mths old and I’ve done it since the very beginning. Not only did it help keep me awake in those early days but also helped me to feel connected to the outside world. Now I do it because I can do check in quickly while she feeding and then put it down/away when she’s done so that I can focus on her.

Many wishes for health and happiness to Hilary and her wee family.

lac's mom on

I think everyone’s experience is different when it comes to people coming over to help after a baby. My MIL wanted to come help for a few days but I don’t like people in my kitchen/cleaning my house so she left after a day both times. My parents came but aren’t helpful either so the first thing I did with my new baby is make lunch for my whole family – including my parents. And I was perfectly fine with it! They were helpful by being with baby and helping with my daughter and just being there.

grandma of 9 on

@anonymous (who wants to hear how the dad is bonding). Mike is currently still in hockey season. I’m sure every opportunity he gets he bonds with his son. He is traveling at times for games also. Hilary sounds like a great mom!

Raquel on

AWWW nice to hear that she is loving and cherrising this moment do so, once he’s older you are going to wish he was a baby again:)

Cassie on

Grandma of 9 – Mike retired earlier this year so he is not traveling on the road at all.

kendrajoi on

She annoys me so much. She acts like she’s the only one to ever have a baby. Ugh!

Leslie on

To the people saying it’s not my mother in law’s job to clean my house… of course it isn’t. But if you’re going to visit someone who just had a baby, it’s nice to ask if they need a some help with things. Especially if you plan to be sitting around watching tv in my living room all day. That’s all I’m saying.

Melissa on

love the name 🙂 congrats hilary you will love motherhood its the best job in the world

Marky on

Leslie, you are not wrong to wish your MIL was willing to help with the house and meals, etc., when you have a new baby! I have always been the type to work my backside off all day, and had a large family. When my first was born, my mother came to help. All the time I was growing up, my mom was chronically ill, so I never thought of her being able to clean, do laundry and cook all on the same day, therefore I kept saying “I can do that, don’t worry about it.”

By the time baby was a month old, I was an exhausted wreck, depressed, and wondering what I was thinking most of the time. I went into my pregnancy as an experienced pediatric and L&D nurse, so I absolutely had no difficulty taking care of baby, but I wore myself out doing everything and running errands, etc. We lived in an upstairs apt, and laundry was in a different building, even.

Like I said in my earlier post, last baby came, and MIL arrived willing to do whatever, and I let her, and what she didn’t offer to do, I would have asked for, if necessary. New moms don’t have to do everything the way “Holiday” indicated, and to do so may blow up in your face big-time. Exhausted, frazzled moms are not at their best for a new baby, and neither are the moms who let everything pile up and the whole house is disgusting, smelly, and other kids in the family aren’t having their needs met, because moms don’t think they need help or want to punch their “martyr card”.

It’s not being “spoiled” to have a couple of weeks to enjoy your new baby and other children and not have the world on your shoulders. I was glad to do that for my daughters when their babies were born. I knew i would have plenty of time to hold the baby later, and by being there for them and caring for their homes, preparing meals and doing nice things for my daughters, I honored my MIL having done the same for me. I took care of all those grandchildren when their moms went back to work, so I held them plenty!

For those who “don’t like others in your kitchen and cleaning your house”, that will come back to bit you in the butt when you are older and your 30-40 year old kids are on the backside watching TV in your house waiting for you to fix dinner for 18 people! You will wish you had accepted help all along, because by then they are in the habit of not “getting in your way”, and you won’t be able to fix it without seeming hostile. LOL!!

Jillian on

I have been fortunate to have not only help from my parents but in laws. I takeany help I can get. If they want to hold the baby and play with my other kids while I clean, awesome! I see this as a bonus.

Leslie, isn’t it easier and helpful to have someone hold your baby while you clean your house than you clean your house while holding your baby??? Why didn’t you ask for help? I would be pissed to hear someone say ” what are you gonna do but accept them as they are” about me if they never asked for help.


Annie W. on

Ha. When I was 24 I was just getting in at 4 am. Funny how life is. It would be neat to have a 16 year old now but that wasn’t my path. She looks beautiful in this pic. It suits her.

Brooklyn on

Uh, tweeting takes like 10 seconds. Maybe she couldn’t get back to sleep? I don’t feel like judging her because she tweets is right. She can do what she wants.