Spotted: Charlize Theron Steps Out with Jackson

03/27/2012 at 05:30 PM ET
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Charlize Theron‘s newly adopted son Jackson is seeing stars — on his blanket, that is.

The Snow White and the Huntsmen star, 36, stepped out for a trip to the post office with her 4-month-old baby boy on Tuesday in Los Angeles, keeping him under wraps in his car seat and muslin swaddling blanket.

Although the infant isn’t visible in the photo, this is the first time Theron has been spotted with him in public.

The actress announced her baby news earlier this month, right before a source told PEOPLE that she had “been trying to adopt for a long time.”

— Dahvi Shira

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Meela on

Hey Jackson!!!!!

I want to see your face little man!!!

Alina on

Who is she? Why is she famous? And who cares? I mean really I’ve never heard of Charlize Theron, let’s stick to real celeberity news!

Jessica on

@ ALina….Who is she you ask?? She’s an actress! She does movies. Where have you been??

Jessica on

Can’t wait to see him!!

Beezey on

@Alina what rock have you been living under? You’re either really young or really clueless. And if you don’t know who she is or care about her, then why bother to comment? One thing’s for sure, you’re really an idiot.

Bree on

@Alina, maybe you should check your facts before start insulting people Charlize Theron is an Oscar winning Actress. Just because you have never heard of her (Not sure how you haven’t to be honest) doesn’t mean that the majority of people that come here haven’t also. If you don’t want to read about A list celebrities try going to a different site.

Congrats to Charlize!! Can’t wait to see a picture of her little man 🙂

Beezey on

Alina – your ignorance is showing. Smarten up because you sound like a f o o l.

Mary on

Alina – she won an Oscar (best actress) for her role in Monster, and an Oscar nomination for North Country. She is worth millions and has been in and produced dozens of films. Do your research before you post idiot comments on the web for all to see.

Shannon on

What a cute blanket.

Guest on

Alina she is a REAL Actress did you ever see Mighty Joe Young? Do your research before you make a statement about someone.

Amy on

Oh gee, great picture he’s adorable!

Sunny on

Of course she’s out with the baby. She has movies to promote. Oh wait, she’s above that right? Most of her movies bomb.

AJ on

SadieA on

I think Alina was joking

ace11 on

There should be a FATHER

what she is doing denying him that is wrong

Guest on

she’s walking around like he’s another handbag!!

Karen on

She looks so happy 🙂

Joanna on

I was so excited when I heard she’d adopted a baby! I think she’s gonna be a phenomenal mom, and that baby is going to be one stylin little dude! Congrats!

cindyambrose on

She should be using a carrier – car seats are for cars!

JEM on

Im appalled at the responses Alina’s comment have generated! Seriously! The fact that Alina doesnt know who Charlize is doesn”t mean she is an idiot. One of you suggested she is young…and I am almost willing to bet everything I own that she indeed is a youngster based on her comment. I can’t believe you people are calling her an idiot!! Where are your manners!? Were you not taught the old saying “if you have nothing nice to say, DON’T say anything at all!”? Seems there are more of YOU that need to grow up…stop picking on kids!

Pooky on

Aline, you must be kidding, because you canot be that uninformed and be on a celebrity site. Charlize Theron is one of our powerhouse, Oscar-winning actresses and has starred in many a film and currently has a Dior TV commercial running (her second I believe). She is stunningly beautiful and a world-famous actor of South African birth. Look her up. She has a fascinating background and biography.

marlowe on

aww! she looks so soft and happy.. makes me feel so pleased for her.

Kim on

Alina, if you are actually serious and you have no idea who she is, you have NO business being on any celebriy websites. Let me guess, Kim Kardashian is a real celeb to you right lol.

Sarah on

Ladies, let’s all ignore Alina’s ignorant rants and focus on the fabulousness of Charlize and her little man! How wonderful for her! Sometimes people like Alina just make these sweeping comments to get editorial space they don’t deserve. She OBVIOUSLY is clueless and a bore fest!

JMO on

omg he’s sooooo adorable!!!! 😉

jdoe on

Alina probably thinks a celebrity is someone like Kim Kardashian – someone who has done absolutely nothing of any worth in this life

sara on

Alina, why are you even reading this site if you don’t care about celebrities?

Saffron on

@ people who are upset with Alina.
Not everyone would know who this person is. Just like there are probably names I could list here of people who do film or television and there would be one or two that you would say, “who’s that”. Try and be a little more understanding towards Alina.

I know who this person is and don’t like her. I think this has been one big publicity stunt to be honest to get back into the limelight. If you read her body language in a lot of interviews, she is defensive, cagey and definitely comes across as having something to hide. That being said, since she has managed to adopt, sadly, I do hope that the child stays a priority in her life and that the novelty doesn’t wear off resulting in the child being dumped onto either her mother or a nanny. Money doesn’t guarantee happiness and being famous certainly doesn’t guarantee the child what he needs: love, affection, understanding for the rest of Charlize’s life. Hopefully I’m wrong, for the childs sake, I hope I am. I will continue to watch this with interest.

Lori on

Thought it might be fun to blast Alina for her ignorance! Oops! A little too late! Seems as thought the rest of the world beat me to it!

Congrats on the new addition, Charlize! Many Blessings to both of you!

Lee on

Alina…. what are you like 12…. do you ever read a newspaper….Charlize Theron is an Oscar winning actress and one of the best there is in my opinion, if you don’t know what you are talking about, why bother to even comment, your an idiot!!!

Anonymous on

Can’t wait to see him!

fourforfore on

It’s hilarious that “Alina” does not know who Ms. Theron is because, really, is everyone supposed to be aware of every phony-a&& Hollywood actor on Earth? Who really cares about any of these people? They are freaking actors. They don’t save lives or do anything seriously meaningful with their lives. Many of them seem to adopt children “of color” as something of a hobby.

fourforfore on

Hilarious that general public is supposed to know or recognize every Hollywood twat out there. So what if Alina doesn’t know Charlize Theron? Why should any of us care about actors? It’s not like they do anything seriously worthwhile with their lives besides wear makeup. Many of them appear to adopt infants “of color” as a hobby of some kind. You never see them adopt older children who need homes.

Sarah on

Aw, love her and love the name. We have these blankets! 🙂 They’re Aden and Anais – I don’t think they make them anymore in this print. Best swaddlers EVER.

ml on

She is a great actress and will be a wonderful Mom! Congrats!!!!!!

1twinsfan on

Alina, you know that goddess in the Chanel commercials? She isn’t you. That’s Charlize, making more in that ad than you do all year probably.

Cathy on

Alina, just because you haven’t heard about her doesn’t mean she’s not a celebrity.

Rosey on

Alina is lost somewhere….

Bree on

@ace11 I had a father, he was a drunk abusive a**hole, should my mom have stayed with him just so that I would have a father??

I have not seen the man in almost 16 years (I am 25) and haven’t lived with him since I was one. Yes I was very deprived, I never had to worry about him using the grocery money to buy drugs, I never had to worry about him hurting me or my mom. I was clearly very deprived, my mother was horrible for choosing to raise me on her own instead of giving me two parents.

As long as Jackson knows he is loved it doesn’t matter if he has just a mom, just a dad, two moms, two dads or one of each and I have no reason to doubt that Charlize loves him with all her heart.

@cindyambrose, did it ever occure to you she is walking TO the car?? I never try and put my four month old in her car seat when it is in the car!!

@AJ I thought that blanket looked like Aiden and Anais!! Thanks for confirming that. Their stuff is AMAZING, my daughter lives in their sleep sacks, it is the only way to keep my squirmy worm covered up at night lol

Jordash on

@Alina…You ask who Charlize is….How about an Acadamy Award Winning Actress…She will be an awesome mom.

Bugs on

Some hilarious comments here. So Alina doesn’t know who Charlize is, fine, i can live with that. But this other person defending her asking “Why should any of us care about actors”????? Well what in the world are you doing in THIS website, which is about CELEBRITY babies??

You don’t wanna care? You don’t have to! Believe me, just don’t come here or any other celebrity-theme place and voila.

Bonnie on

Why is everyone condemning Alina??? She simply made a comment which DOES NOT make HER an IDIOT.

charlotte on

oh my god that so cute!! stunning actress with a gorgeous little boy thats yet to be seen haha! cant wait to see them 2 together as he grows up!

Kim on

I am assuming this baby is white. With that said there are hundreds of thousands of orphans in her home country. Orphanages are absolutely overwhelmed and many of the babies and young kids have HIV, and no future. I am really disappointed she would not help out a baby that is in far greater need, in SA. There is a waiting list for a white baby in the US, they will find homes but nobody wants the black orphans in her country. VERY sad.

Diva on

She looks so happy! I know she will be a wonderful mom!

Alina on

Bonnie, you are an idiot for defending that stupid troll like alina! charlize is a well known actress how could she not know who she is??
perhaps alina should go back to fantasising about justin bieber!!

ReeRee on

Where did she adopt the baby? Is he South African as well?

Hea on

@ ace11

Come on, his birth parents obviously gave him up. Perhaps they didn’t even want him. That’s some major rejection from the start no matter the reason. He would be alone in this world if it weren’t for people like Charlize and, who knows, with time a perfect daddy may show up in their lives. It’s not always a package deal from the start but it can sure turn out to be one. Look at Calista Flockhart’s son and Harrison Ford. They seem to have a wonderful relationship.

Alina on

Bonnie i do not need people to stick up for me GO TO HELL!

Saffron on

what she is doing denying him that is wrong

– ace11 on March 27th, 2012

she’s walking around like he’s another handbag!!

– Guest on March 27th, 2012

Why is everyone condemning Alina??? She simply made a comment which DOES NOT make HER an IDIOT.

– Bonnie on March 28th, 2012

I agree with all the above comments plus all the others that don’t condemn and insult Alina, there is a photo of her somewhere else where she’s carrying him like her shopping. Disgraceful way to carry a baby, like some fashion accessory. I’m another one who didn’t agree with this adoption. You might not agree with what I say or what Alina says but we are allowed an opinion.

Gwladys on

I think she adopted a child to be like the others. It’s like a fashion accessory!

Alina on

Bonnie i do not need you sticking up for me, go away back under your stone, you troll!!

Catca on


Have you ever tried to adopt? It is a very difficult and long process, even if you are a celebrity. It’s not something one does for a publicity stunt, particularly because you have no control over the timing. Charlize also has a big movie coming out soon and will be doing plenty of publicity for that movie (Snow White and the Huntsman) and doesn’t need the publicity for her career. She’s a well respected actress that is still getting good movie role offers. She also looks pretty happy in that picture, not defensive. Perhaps the defensiveness you picked up on is simply a mother being protective about her child? Perhaps that’s also why she’s got the blanket over his carrier (in addition to protecting him from the sun)?

Mully on

Alina… you’re a freakin idiot!!!

Reese on

Ace11, you’re a fool. Children need a loving guardian or guardians in their lives. It makes no difference if that’s a mother and a father, a mother, a father, two fathers, etc.

Also, for the other idiot crying about her taking him out, what is she supposed to do? What parents do you know that never take their children out in public?

Ugonna Wosu on

Alina is allowed to know and notg know whoever she wants, but I just found the way she stated that annoying. You are not a “nobody” just because Alina has never heard of you.

Melanie on

Is the baby black or white that’s what I want to know.

CK on

I don’t get why people are saying he’s like a handbag. I carry my 7 month old in her carseat, just like this, all the time. I’m not going to take her out of her carseat just to walk into the post office and hold her the whole time and try to juggle everything else. I’m also not going to take an extra 10 minutes to get her in and out of a carrier, especially if there were people all over trying to take pictures and I don’t want their picture taken. I carry the carseat with the handle over my arm just like this because I am not all the strong and carseats are stinkin heavy! My child is in NO WAY an “accesory” or a handbag. Give the woman a break! She wanted a child, so she gave a child a home. I’m sure he will be taken care of just fine.

akri on

Black or white? Black or white??

KB on

@Saffron- What with your clearly superior parenting skills and all, why don’t you enlighten the rest of us nitwits on the appropriate way to carry a car seat.

Hea on

@ Saffron – I hope you don’t have kids because that would be selfish of you. I hope you never carried your kid, if you have one, around in a store because that may seem to others as if you were showing off. I hope you’ve never carried your child in a way that’s comfortable to you like Charlize is obviously doing in this pic. I carry my friends’ son this way when he’s asleep in his carrier because it rocks him nicely and it feels better for my arm than carrying him in my hand as if it was a briefcase that keep slamming into my leg when I walk.

Melisa on

Alina, do you live under a rock?? Why even bother to read and comment on someone you have “never heard of”?? Grow up.

Tammy on

@cindyambrose…What she is using IS called a Carrier…that happens to double as an infant car seat. Have you EVER tried to put a baby in a backwards facing infant car seat? Practically impossible…I have had 4 children, so I know what I am talking about…the Infant Car Seats are made to double as Carriers. Unless you are speaking about one of those Baby Bjorn like carriers…which is impractical if your just making a quick stop…much easier to simply take the seat/carrier off the base…especially if the baby is sleeping.

MM on

For those of you who comment about this actors adopting colored babies as for Charlize Theron she actually can without people writing nasty comments because she is African American, since she was born in Africa. Do your research before you whom ever starts commenting on my comment about her being African American.

chantal on

my congratulation on charlize theron to have a amazing gift from heaven i love that name jackson and that movie she does with josh duhamel the husband of fergie

J on

Apparently the article is about Alina not knowing a celeb since people are carrying on like children picking at her. Good God.

JillyBean on

Charlize Theron is more capable of providing a stable safe environment (theoretically) than most two parent families in this country. She certainly makes more money than my fiance and I together. Because of her job she works for x number of weeks. And given the child’s age she can bring him with her until he’s school age. Barring her being abusive or negligent she is more likely to be able to spend more time with that child, be there more often and provide a quality environment. Better someone in her position adopt him than some zealous nut job like yourself who assumes that because it’s one parent family a child will be denied anything. Idiot.

There should be a FATHER

what she is doing denying him that is wrong

– ace11

Noelle on

What I thought was more funny than the not knowing who she is comment is the one about her walking around with him like he’s another handbag. Now that’s an ignorant comment.

When I had an infant, I walked. I had an infant carrier. I had places I needed to go. So does that mean when I held the carrier on my arm like she is, I was just acting like my baby is an accessory??? NO, I was carrying my baby in it’s carrier on my arm. If I didnt have a stroller with me at the time or chose not to use one, how else was I supposed to do it????

That’s just an ignorant comment by a person looking to pick on someone for no reason.

MM on

She is not adopting from another race the baby is south African just like her.

Hea on

@- MM

What is your deal? In one post, Charlize is african american and in the next she’s south african. As far as I know, she’s south african living in the US with a dual citizenship?

nikkie on

Kim for your information, in SA you struggle to adopt a white baby, 99% only black ones are available. The white babies are left in orphanages!

Jean on

“She’s carrying him like a handbag”

Judge much? I often carried my babies in their carrier like that when I had my hands full, as MOST mothers usually do. I never thought of them as my handbag…I often don’t carry one at all. It was just a comfortable way to carry for me.

People, just because she is a celebrity does not make her shallow. Just because she is now a single mother does not make her cruel to this child. Don’t judge people you really know little to nothing about. She felt she had love to give a child, and is now doing that to a child who needed someone to care and love him. It really doesnt’ matter if anyone else “agrees with this adoption” or not. It’s not your business.

MM on

@ Hea same difference south African or African American

MollyF on

You people are disgusting. So what if Anna doesn’t know who Charlize is? That doesn’t give you the right to bully her, yeah that’s right, calling someone and idiot and other names, to me, is a bully. I’ve been on the side of bullying (including cyber) and people don’t think the words on the screen don’t hurt, but they do. And don’t tell me or others to get a thicker sking, because until you’ve been through it, you have no right to say a thing.
And I’m happy for Charlize. I love her as an actress, and I bet she’ll be a great Mom. 🙂
And I’m not sorry for my comments about bullying.

Aubrey on

You people are so ignorant…well, not all of you, however this statement really got me going:
“I know who this person is and don’t like her. I think this has been one big publicity stunt to be honest to get back into the limelight. If you read her body language in a lot of interviews, she is defensive, cagey and definitely comes across as having something to hide. That being said, since she has managed to adopt, sadly, I do hope that the child stays a priority in her life and that the novelty doesn’t wear off resulting in the child being dumped onto either her mother or a nanny. Money doesn’t guarantee happiness and being famous certainly doesn’t guarantee the child what he needs: love, affection, understanding for the rest of Charlize’s life. Hopefully I’m wrong, for the childs sake, I hope I am. I will continue to watch this with interest.”

There are far more celebrities out there that are looking for a publicity stunt. She didn’t SELL the pictures of her baby for millions of dollars, she didn’t sell any articles about wanting to adopt a baby. She doesn’t need a reason to get back into the limelight! Year after year she has a movie premier that usually gains her recognition for her amazing acting skills. Grow up, and quit being jealous of celebrities…OR just pick on someone that deserves to be picked on (Kim K., the Teen mom cast, etc.)

Misty on

I love Charlize. She has the means to care for this baby, who didn’t have a home before. Good for her!

Katrina on

@MM- south africans are white, african americans are black. there is a difference.

JMO on

Wow I had to grab my popcorn for these comments.

To answer some questions. I believe it stated that she adopted domestically and he is african american.

And carrying him like an accessory or handbag? LOL that’s funny. He’s in a freakin infant carseat, she’s running errands. Who hasn’t done this?? That’s what those carseats are made for so you don’t have to remove baby out of seat to go from place to place!

I think Charlize is a fantastic actress and I think she’d make a great mom. Who are we to judge her intentions on why she chose adopting. Anyone who questions it I wonder have you started your adoption process yet??
And it doesn’t matter where he came from as long as he has a home. She should be allowed to be happy like everyone else. Nobody batted an eye when other celebs adopted as single parents why are they doing so with this adoption?!

crazy internet people

Karen on

Anyone else find it interesting-If she adopted from the US critics rant that children from oversea’s have it so bad and need adopted, yet when a person does adopt from oversea’s everyone rants that children in the US need adopted.
Here’s a clue

Josie on

Awww… what a cute … blanket.

Mary on

OMG some of these comments… @Karen, I absolutely agree. Celebrities cant seem to get it right, ever. They are selfish if they have bio kids (they should adopt!), if they adopt they are doing charity. If the child isnt white its a publicity stunt (just so you know, the majority of children available for adoption arent white. So if dont care for race, there is no issue. And if you care, good luck waiting for a few years…). She is SOUTH AFRICAN. There are white people and black people there, like everywhere. @Ace, ideally , yes, everyone should have two loving parents, but I am sure that every child waiting in foster care or in orphanages all over the world would agree that a loving parent is better than nothing. oh, and yes, thats probably the easiest way to carry a baby carrier…

Shannon on

Who cares what race the baby is? He now has a mother and home. THAT should be the focus.

kjc on

She looks great, very happy for her!
I have one of those blankets, but a different print and used it tons when my son was young. They are great for covering the carseat like the pic, keeping him covered without a heavy blanket, or nursing in public. I did that a lot with this blanket, because it is lightweight to keep us both cool and a great size for keeping us covered.
Can’t wait to see pics of Jackson!

carla on

Ughhhh… Katrina there are BLACK South Africans, my mother being one of them.

Anonymous on

MM- Actually there’s a big difference between being African American and being South Africian. An African American is someone of African descent who was born and raised in America. A South African is someone who was born and raised in South Africa. Charlize is the latter.

Lily on

“I’m another one who didn’t agree with this adoption.”

LMAO! Who gives a flying fart whether or not you ‘agree’ with this adoption, Saffron? This isn’t even CLOSE to being your business. Is Charlize supposed to come to you to sign off on her major life decisions? Who the hell do you think you are? LOL! Your sense of entitlement and self importance is amazing. You ‘will continue to watch this with interest’? You seem to have GROSSLY overestimated how important you are. How about first thing tomorrow morning you see about getting yourself a life?

Saffron on

@ hea.

Has Charlize Theron heard of a pram? Obviously not. Also, the defensiveness I referred to previously is clearly evident in all her interviews before she had this child.

MiB on

Actually MM and Katrina, you are both wrong. African Americans are Americans of Afcrican descent that are born in America. A South African (like Charlize Theron) is someone born in or a citizen of South Africa and can be of any colour and descent, African, European, Asian, mixed. She is also still an South African citizen (so as a white, South African native and citizen, she really does not qualify for the epitet African American on any account). As far as I know, there is only one picture of Jackson, and he looks pretty light skinned to me, not that that really matters.

Anyways I’m really happy for her and I wish her and Jackson all the best.

Saffron on


This is not a self importance posting. It is merely voicing an opinion of which all of us, including yourself are entitled to have. I’m glad I don’t actually know this woman personally, professionally speaking, once is more than enough. Try working with this woman in either film or public appearances and then you will form quite a different opinion. Photographers have actually blacklisted this woman to try and get a point across to her. Also, bear in mind, how she actually started her career, she abused banking staff by swearing and carrying on. If anyone else did that, they would be arrested. Her “getting noticed” was rewarding bad behavior, no wonder she goes off at a drop of a hat if things don’t go exactly her way or if she is not the centre of attention. Hardly suprising why she is now the way she is as like any child, if you are rewarded for bad behavior, you will continue to do it.

AmandaC on

What a beautiful…blanket. Just kidding, she looks so happy. My fav movie with her is Mighty Joe Young which has been on lately, watch it!

tlc on

Amen Mary and Lily!! I am sitting here reading Saffron’s posts and laughing hysterically at how “important’ she/he thinks they are! Like Charlize will read this and say “OMG, Some random person on the internet did not AGREE (what a strange choice of words) to my adoption..I guess I should give the baby back then!” LOL!

People like Saffron are waaaay over-invested in the lives of STRANGERS! It’s sad and pathetic at the same time.

Saffron, here’s an idea – GO FIND A HOBBY! Clearly you need one.

As for Ace11, how IGNORANT of you. Have you ever fostered kids? Have you ever seen some of the “parents” these children have? Drug addicts, sexual abuse, alcoholism, physical abuse…just for starters! FATHERS…mothers, aunts and strangers….most babies that are sexual abused are done so by their FATHERS! True fact!!! Obviously Jackson’s birth environment was unfavourable for him – for all we know he came from a single parent or a drug addcited/abusive home. They don’t just take kids away for nothing…

Charlize is lovely and gracious. Every interview with anyone that’s worked with her has been positive! I don’t recall ever hearing anything scandalous or negative about her. She seems like a great person, with a great life and a good head on her shoulders. That makes a PERFECT mother IMO!

Hea on

@ Saffron

Why would she drag a pram around with her if she’s running an errand and the baby is already asleep or satisfied in his carrier? AND she’s capable and comfortable carrying the carrier. Why log a pram around if you’re out with your car with the carrier already in it? I wouldn’t use a pram unless I were to be out and about for hours since I find them horrible in stores. And I wouldn’t disturb a sleeping baby unless I had to.

Saffron on

All I’m going to say in a final comment is: Have you come across this woman at public appearances in person or worked with this woman? Until you have, you are merely going by a perceived idea of what Charlize Theron is actually like in real life.

To all you others, this woman is less a stranger to me than she is, I’m guessing, to you. I don’t know her personally but I do professionally. I am not just saying this from an opinion that has come from watching her in the media or looking at photos of her. I live in Los Angeles and am in the film and television media professionally, what I have stated is an opinion developed from coming across this woman in a work environment. Maybe she was having bad days when that happened but you do form opinions on people that come across as self centered, abnoxious and generally nasty towards anyone she sees as being lower than her in a working relationship. This is the basis that I feel she is totally unsuitable to be a mother. I’ve seen her attitude and what she can be like. It is of my opinion that her celebrity status and money is one of the major reasons that this adoption was granted. That being said, I rest my case.

Point taken. Yes, I wouldn’t disturb a sleeping baby either. Bearing that in mind, passports take time, it was more than a quick errand.

Anonymous on

Saffron- One of her friends was quoted as saying she’s been trying to adopt for years, so it sounds like her celebrity status and money didn’t have much to do with her being allowed to adopt.

Also, even if she IS the way you describe in professional situations, I fail to see how that automatically means she’s unsuitable to be a mother. Public persona and private persona are often two entirely different things.

I don’t get the big deal about her carrying him in his carseat either. I see people carrying their babies in and out of places in their carseats all the time. In fact, I see babies being carried into stores in other places in their carseats far more than I see babies being taken into places via strollers, or even carriers. And that’s not even counting all the parents I’ve seen pushing a shopping cart that has their baby in his/her carseat in the front (seat) part of it in stores! I see those so frequently that I’m almost shocked when I go an entire trip to the grocery store or wherever without seeing at least one!

Finally, where did you get that Charlize was having passport photos taken (whether hers or Jackson’s)? This article doesn’t say anything about what she was doing other than that she was going to the post office.

Saffron on

PS: I do not hate Charlize Theron, I just found her difficult to work with and have expressed such. From her personality that I have personally witnessed, I formed the opinion that she was not suitable temperament wise to have a child at this stage.

However, that being said, I think her acting skills are superb and she has done a wonderful job with coming across in films and as such is one of the most credible and sought after actors in the world. So there you have it, my opinions of Charlize Theron are NOT all negative. All of us will find that there are things we like about people and things that niggle, her attitude and quick ability to lose her temper over the slightest thing is one of my niggles with her but there are also things I like about her ie: her acting skills and films. Perhaps she is different now as I have not had contact with her for several years, if she is, good luck to her and I hope that she is immensely happy with her new child. Over and out.

Anonymous on

Saffron — Well, be sure and alert the authorities that you, an internet busybody, do not feel that she has a suitable temperament to have a child. I’m sure they’d be interested in your input.

SMiaVS on

Why do I get the feeling that we’ll be hearing about Saffron being arrested for stalking this woman? Seriously, get a life.

Trena on

you people need a life to worry about other peoples lives means none of you have a life to say it bad this child don’t have a dad no but he has im sure a loving mom that will take good care of him and make sure he has male role models in his life there are tons of women out there that make it so there child’s father can never see them so go say crap about them or look at your life she can provide more for her child then any of you ever can

Ace85 on

I hope Charlize never allows her child to be photographed. I’d like to think her protective parental instinct is as keen as her acting instincts. Would a parent in Hollywood that refused to exploit their children be too much too hope for? I hope not.

Sharyn Jensen on

Charlene is a wonderful actress, who takes her job seriously and does a fantastic job. I have an adopted daughter and know that her son will bring her much happiness and love. You go girl.l