Alicia Silverstone Feeds Bear From Her Mouth

03/27/2012 at 01:30 PM ET
Jeff Vespa/Getty

Taste test!

Alicia Silverstone‘s little one is already learning how to share — at the breakfast table.

But no eating utensils, no problem: In the latest video posted on her website, the actress feeds her 10-month-old son, Bear Blu, mouth-to-mouth.

“I just had a delicious breakfast of miso soup, collards and radish steamed and drizzled with flax oil, cast iron mochi with nori wrapped outside, and some grated daikon. Yum!” Silverstone, 35, writes on The Kind Life, her online expansion to her vegan cookbook, The Kind Diet.

“I fed Bear the mochi and a tiny bit of veggies from the soup … from my mouth to his.”

She adds: “It’s his favorite … and mine. He literally crawls across the room to attack my mouth if I’m eating.”

The video, she says, was filmed about a month or two ago “when he was a bit wobbly.”

But that doesn’t seem to be an issue anymore for Bear, who is her first child with husband Christopher Jarecki, whom she wed in June 2005.

“Now he is grabbing my mouth to get the food!” she writes.

— Alison Schwartz

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Maria on

She’s SUCH a hippie, I kind of love it. And what a cutie Bear is. Would I do it? No way in hell.

Beth on

All I have to say is EWWWWWWWWW!! That is gross!

krissa on

To each their own, but I think I’d rather ingest my own encapsulated placenta than feed my child from my mouth. Feeding them from my breasts was enough 🙂

Laura on

Some of these celebrities are just bizarre.

None on

This is just plain weird, this kid is going to have people calling him names soon she is not a freaking bird they made utensils for a reason use them! Its bad enough you named your kid Bear! These celebs these days really come back to reality!

Kate on

I”ll go ahead and stick with usng utensils. Like krissa, breast feeding was enough for me.

M on

I’ve taken bites off of a large food item to make it smaller and then removed it from my mouth to feed to my child, but I don’t think I’d actually chew it up first before giving to her.

val on

I love Alicia but she is starting too be a little too out there for me. I mean good for her, its easier than dirtying up equipment to puree the food but no thanks.

Sandy on

This is a common way of feeding babies all over the world. What did people do before food processors? They partially chewed food for their babies.

I’m more worried about the potential dangers of a vegan diet than this.

Hen on

From the video explanation I expected to see the baby really going for the food. After watching it, seems like she wanted him to do it more than he wanted to. Kinda strange.

Ashley on

I totally get it… it makes sense, in a way. I would maybe do it from time to time, but I wouldn’t post a video about it online.

Tee on

No, I wouldn’t do it. I’ve bitten a smaller bite off for a child and then given it to them to eat but I would NOT do this. Where does it end? At ten months old, little Blue is already at an age to start learning how to properly eat. Not altogether sure that Alicia is setting a good example for her son on this one.

I’ve enjoyed reading about her as a Mom and have agreed with a lot of things that she has done but can’t agree here. Puree his food and let him get comfortable with a spoon! Will he make a mess? Of course! But that’s how a child learns.

Bree on

Like M I have take a big piece of something and lightly bitten it to make smaller pieces when I don’t have a knife or fork or counter top available (When we are on a picnic or roadtrip or something like that) and if I can I rinse it off before giving it to my kids (If it is a fruit or vegetable or something that won’t get soggy like a cracker) but that is a close as it will ever get to “pre-chewing” food for my kids and I would NEVER feed them directly from my own mouth!!

Y on

Yeah, that sounds real yummy…

Sharon on

Doesn’t she have another bowl and spoon so he can feed himself. That is just plain strange and gross, she has always been a little strange.

Libbi on

I would definitely pre-chew the food for my child. I have a 10-month-old. BUT, I would not give it to him in mouth-to-mouth fashion. I would put it on his tray or hand it to him.

mommyof2 on

i have done it and i do it still and my youngest is 8 months old so i dont see an issue with it he doesnt have teeth yet so it helps

Anonymous on

Yes, I did the same with my daughter. She wouldn’t eat the food unless she saw it in my mouth. I got ridiculed of course and people told me it looked as if I was spitting in my daughters mouth but she ate well and was happy and healthy, at the end of the day that is the only thing that should matter.

Vonnie on

She is weird, but then most celebrities are. She is just an exception.

Bree on

I would but i wouldn’t do it that way by kissing my child i would put it in my hand and feed it to them.

amber on

Its called a blender -.-” & ur welcome

Adrienne on

Well it’s convenient, always going to be the right temperature, and you don’t need electricity to run your baby food puree- er thingy or a blender. I probably wouldn’t do it, but to each his own right?!

Desiree on

Thats kinda gross

Theresa on

can she at least spit it back out onto the spoon? lol!

Annie W. on

This is what our ancestors did before baby food came in jars and we had blenders! 🙂 I don’t do it myself. Our mouths carry so much bacteria. Anyhow, I read somewhere that mommy’s doing this for their babies is one of the origins of mouth to mouth kissing!

Ashley on

I’ve never done the mouth to mouth thing. But I have taken a banana and chewed it up to give to my son when he was little. It’s her own thing, its not as though its going to hurt her son. They’ve both the same DNA and everything. It’s his mother! Now if it was someone else, I’d be concerned. But its his mother, so I’m not bothered by it at all!

Jackie on

People need to relax. Where I don’t think I’ll find myself doing this with my 7-month old boy, I’m not alarmed, concerned, or disgusted by this. She’s the mother of her child, it’s her choice. You all need to try and keep in mind that this is not how she feeds her child ALL the time. Don’t assume she’s not setting positive examples for her child.

Every parent is different. Don’t put a parent down just because something they choose is best for them makes you uncomfortable. Whether it’s occasionally feeding them from your mouth, breastfeeding, formula feeding, cloth diapering, disposable diapering, baby-led weaning, attachment parenting, EC, placenta encapsulation, baby wearing…we should be more accepting and nonjudgmental. Ease up.

For those that comment how she’s disservicing her child because she’s putting him at risk of being bullied…are you serious?? The the parent’s of children/adults that bully that are responsible to teach their children to treat others with respect, to be mindful, and discourage name calling and bullying.

Why should any parent have to conform their beliefs an lifestyle? Bullying shouldn’t have to be a worry, an the fact that it is, it’s such a sad realization of how much our society is still filled with narrow-minded, heartless, critical, mean, and ignorant people.

Treat people with the same respect you’d like your children to be treated with.

Kara on

It is like she is french kissing her kid. Gross!

acorr on

I did the same thing for my kids. Sometimes I would transfer it from my mouth to a spoon/fork and sometimes I would transfer it mouth to mouth. My children still ate on their own but there certainly were occasions where I did just as Alicia does in this video. My sister used to think I was crazy but I was proud to do it.

SadieA on

That kid is going to be mortified when he sees this video as a teenager.

Amy on

I have pre-chewed food for all five of my children. It does not stop at breastfeeding. What do you think they did just a hundred years ago before blenders and food processors? You are all way out of touch with motherhood to think this weird!

Leslie on

I’ve got no problem with this.

What I’m more concerned with is raising a growing child as a total vegan. No human civilization has ever lived without meat. That is far more dangerous than sharing food mouth to mouth.

JMO on

yes it may have been what our ancestors did but we have evolved from that and it doesn’t mean we have to continue to live that way!

I find biting off food and giving it to a small child fine but actually chewing it up and spitting it in the kids mouth EWWWWW disgusting! I know the baby has no idea but I can guarentee he will see this when he’s older and think “mom your an effing quack!”

Amy on

Get over it. Those that don’t breastfeed and those who find this gross need to not be parents.

TJ on

Gross! I would never spit food in my child’s mouth and I think it’s germy when people kiss kids on the mouth. Are we in the dark ages?!

Mar on

Veganism is very healthy–healthier than the standard american diet which consists of a lot of meat and has caused 60+% of the country to be overweight and ridden with heart disease, diabetes, etc etc.

jessicad on

I think it’s cute! She seems like a great mom, I don’t understand why people talk so bad about her raising him vegan either, I think it’s great.

Sussy on


Katie on

Gross. Think of the morning germs in her mouth even if she brushed her teeth. And that breakfast menu? Who eats that on a busy morning? Coffee and banana anyone?

smalltwnfashion on

Whatever. I’m still more upset that she named her son Bear Blu.

Leslie on

Mar, please prove how veganism is healthy. I was vegan for many years and unfortunately saw my health decline. I really wanted to keep it up because I love animals, but was getting sick and seeing my hair fall out. It was hard, but I realized my body needed meat to be strong and healthy.

Many long term vegans I know have had to stop after they get older and realized their health has been affected. The adult body is resilient, so it takes awhile to show the detrimental effects. Raising a small child as a vegan is truly dangerous to their long term health. I would never do it to a child of mine, but to each their own.

Human beings have been omnivorous meat eaters since the beginning of time. Our teeth and digestive tract are made to eat meat. There are key nutrients that you cannot replace with vitamins or supplements. Vegetarianism is a bit better because animal products are still consumed… but total veganism is honestly not good for you in the long run. Please don’t spread misinformation about it being healthy… it’s more of a moral/ethical decision than a healthy one.

Lisa R. on

Germs. But I get WHY she does it, you could just mash it with a fork and avoid the germs in your saliva you’re passing off to your child.

wtaggin on

Get lives, people, and People. Who cares? People are dieing and you tards are posting about a “celebrity” who feeds their son the wrong way? Is he healthy? Is it hurting him? No…so stfu and pay attention to your own lives.

Kate on

I’m not ‘concerned’ about what this is doing to her child. I wouldn’t do it, but to each his own – to a point. However, I don’t buy the argument that its OK simple because this is what mothers did before blenders (and in some places still do). The number of things that were acceptable to do by mothers has decreased every decade, as technology and medicine have advanced and as we have become more educated. As long as Alicia is educated about any health issues (passing of bacteria and that sort of thing), then who am I to say she shouldn’t do it.

LoK on

Eh, whatever. It may be kind of gross but people have been doing it since the beginning of time. Like a PP said though, I’m more turned off by the vegan thing. If you’re feeding your kid mostly fruits, vegetables, legumes, and stuff like that, cool. But if you’re giving your kid soy products, especially GMO soy, you’re just setting them up for disaster.

Lisa on

That’s what blenders were made for! Jeez…..

MammaDucky on

Yes, mankind used to pre-masticate for each other. Guess where kissing more than likely evolved from (kills the mood, eh?) We didn’t always have car seats, so should we just throw those out the window? We also used to use wet nurses on a regular basis. Should we reinstitue that one? My first thought is Herpes Simplex virus. By age 50, 90% of adults have it. It can be a downright nasty virus. Even if she’s symptom free, having never had an outbreak but is a carrier, she could pass it to her child. Not the smartest thing to do.

Y on

Well said Leslie

Reesca on

Amy, get bent. Women who don’t breastfeed don’t deserve to have children? Go crawl back under your damned rock, you brainless quack. What about the women who CAN’T breastfeed? Or how about the fact that it’s a woman’s body, so it’s ultimately HER decision if her wants to breastfeed or not.

Katie on

Amy,I didn’t breastfeed because my newborn daughter had a very high bulirubin level and she was hospitalized. They urged me to use formula because nursing makes bulirubin levels worse. So I introduced formula and that’s what she stayed with. Don’t tell me I didn’t deserve to have her because I did what was best at the time!!! Get a life! She’s a gift from god. All children are regardless if moms nurse or bottle feed!

Brianne on

Ho w about research rather than judging based on how gross it seems…

– Children NEED practice, they NEED to learn HOW TO CHEW!!!
– It transfers the bacteria in your mouth to your sweet babe’s. IT CAN CAUSE CAVITIES AND FUTURE DENTAL PROBLEMS.
– There are newfound risks that parents may be unwittingly seed a baby’s food with their blood borne germs. – you can spread HIV, Hepatitis, colds, infection, etc. this way!!

I breastfed, we feed organic, we made our own baby food, we cloth diapered, we are crunchy – but there is NO WAY that I would risk spreading sickness or disease to my child for the sake of doing things the prehistoric way. She must have researched and studied in order to become Vegan so should she use the new found education to promote wellness and in order to STOP THE SPREAD OF HARMFUL BACTERIA.

Denise on

what a wack job. Thats how they get sick. Do you even think about that. Teach hom to use a spoon and fork. So he doesn’t look like an animal when you take him to a restaurant.

Daniella on

Okay, as a historian, I’m pretty darn surprised by all of the people who are using history as a reason to do this. There are many, many aspects of historical behavior that were done purely out of necessity, and are much better abandoned now that we have better technology. Most historical periods were not fun to live or survive in, largely to due to mass outbreaks of disease, which could often kill 50% of children in a town or city. And feeding your child mouth-to-mouth & pre-chewing is definitely a practice that should be abandoned (and it largely has been since germ theory & eating utensils became commonplace) due to numerous health reasons.

Lisa on

wtf is this chick smoking?!? Change his name to Nell already.

Tracy on

That is just weird……………..

Tina on

ok so that’s just GROSE!!!!!!! Whats the point behind feeding your child like a bird? Is there a healthy reason? GROSE GROSE GROSE

Confused on

I have chewed somethign hard up for my children before but i don’t put it in their mouth from mine, i take it out and put it in their mouth, that is just weird and kind of gross to me.

Anon on

For crying out loud, everyone did not do this before blenders were invented! Knives were probably the very first thing they knocked out in the Bronze Age … and even cavemen probably bashed their steaks with clubs to tenderise it for their little cavebabies

Jen DC on

I grew up being given pre-chewed food and pre-chewing food for my cousins’ children and other related babies. I thought it was normal. 😀 Well, not the mouth-to-mouth part, but hey, it’s her baby!

J on

Jackie, while you are not disgusted by this, some people are and they have a right to make a comment just like you did. Get over it.

Jayda on

The idea of a 10-month old eating miso soup is already really weird to me. Nothings wrong with breast-feeding, premade baby food, and food precessors. Let’s stick to that people!

Mar on

Leslie, You’re ignorant.

Vegans are healthier than non vegans and that’s a fact. Just take a look around you: most Americans are overweight. Heart disease and diabetes are very common even among young people. I am a vegan and most of my friends and acquaintances are vegans as well and I have NEVER met an unhealthy vegan. All the vegans I know are skinny, have radiant skin, and are disease free. Sure, I have heard of unhealthy vegans, but they are very rare and they are usually ones who haven’t done their homework. They probably were unhealthy eaters (e.g. meat and potatoes people) as omnivores and continue to be unhealthy as vegans because all they did was cut out the meat yet they continue to consume unhealthy fried foods and empty carbs.

I was born and raised a vegan and I am 27 years old. I am 100% healthy. My lab tests always come back perfect from the doctor and I have no nutrient deficiencies. Tell me, how was I able to be vegan from the moment of conception and survive to 27 years of age if veganism is supposedly so unhealthy? I do not take any supplements either. I used to take a Vitamin b12 supplement for years, but I replaced it with adding nutritional yeast and fermented foods (kimchi, miso, etc) which have naturally occurring b12 in them.

My mother is a vegan and has been for 31 years and she is healthy as well.

My 4 year old nephew is vegan (also from conception) and thriving!

My 85 year old grandmother has been a vegetarian for the past 12 years and a vegan for the past 3 and is healthier than ever! She is stronger and more active than any other 85 year old I’ve met.

Look at this 70 yr old vegan who looks 30:

Shannon on

She’s his mother so…

Lyoness on

I don’t see how this is a problem. Many people chew meat or veggies to soften them so babies (FYI: Most babies have no teeth) can safely eat and don’t choke. When my grandmother watches one of the little cousins she does it. To the bacteria issue: Bacteria is everywhere and babies are exposed all the time. They crawl on the floor then put their hands in their mouths… That’s what they do. They’ll be ok. That’s what an immune system is for. They’re building their immune systems at this age so they’ll be fine. I’m actually more concerned with the whole vegan diet for a growing infant. Since vegans don’t eat any dairy, I wonder if the baby is getting adequate calcium and other nutrients.

Hazel on

Good for her! At least she’s feeding him a healthy, balanced diet (based on her descriptions of what she eats) instead of the crap most Americans feed their kids.

Hazel on

Lyoness- You do realize that there is calcium in food, same with vitamins, amino acids, omega 3s, protein and minerals. Plant based diets are not evil.

Jurnee on

Last I checked we aren’t birds. Just saying.

AntiGermaPhobe on

So… I see people seeing this as being gross and I resepect your opinion and the fact that you chose to do this.

Yes, we all have germs and bacteria in our mouths and all over our skin for that matter. Does that mean we should stop hugging and kissing our kids.

The fact of the matter is people are so paranoid of germs and bacteria we many don’t have the immune system to fight much of anything. Yes, there are levels of germs/bacteria that aren’t healthy but really? You need to be talked down from your sterile ledge!

To each his/her own. If you don’t like it then DON’T do it… Simple as that.

Also, resorting to name calling is immature. You can do better to formulate a thought that call names or degrade people for their beliefs.

Anonymous on



You do realize you’re a human and not a bird right?

Absolutely disgusting.

Sarah S. on

First, we learned yesterday that January Jones takes placenta pills–now this! Are the planets misaligned or something?

Anon on

She’s just nasty. What is he a damn bird? Maybe that’s what she should’ve named him and not Bear. Dumb name, poor kid.

rmbaron on

Honestly that is just gross. It also doesn’t seem very sanitary. Use a food processor and puree the kids food. And at 10 months he should be able to eat most foods on his own..

Mariana on

It’s gross.

MRJ on

What did people do before they had food processors? They mushed it with a fork??? They cut it with a knife?? They didn’t give children that didn’t have enough teeth to chew, food that required heavy chewing??? I’m pretty sure my grandparents didn’t pre chew my parents food. That is just odd.

Shannon on

I am all for breast feeding and giving my children really natural food, but this is way too out there for me. It is not even like he is getting the full nutritional potential of the food when she is ingesting quite a bit of the nutrients by chewing it so much. Oh each their own. At least she seems to be a really caring involved parent which I can’t say for most of the celebrities out there.

Rachelle on

The comments are fun! I was raised in a household that hunted so we were exposed to meat from many animals and helped clean them. We were teased and many people still express their various opinions. It’s all how we’re raised! She looks like quite the proud mom and he is a cute healthy looking baby who is eating food my kids would say “EWWW” to. Good for them!

Anonymous on

Sorry, that’s just GROSS to me!! I know everyone has the right to their own opinion. NASTY!

ginny on

What is evenmore bizarre is the fact that she has to feed him like a bird…Serisouly? Spitting it in his mouth? She was more into it than him. HIPPY.

leah on

Doesn’t he have teeth to chew his own food. Some people really are weird. Hope he’s getting the proper nutrients at least .

michele on

eat your own placenta, feed the kid your premasticated scraps, whats next??? lick the kid to stimulate it to defacate???? the kid is named bear, dont actually treat him like one!! thats just NASTY!!!!!

Dani on

This is absolutely disgusting. She can use a food processor to make a baby version of the food she’s eating if she wanted him to have it that badly. As others said, it looks more like she wanted him to do it more than he wanted to. It’s like she’s french kissing her baby. I think it’s darned near incest. She should not be posting this stuff

Melissa on

Ugh let your kid learn to chew on his own–if it’s too big of a piece cut it up really really good. I have two kids and would never let them eat food that was partially digested by my body.

mg on

kinda strange…but hey, whatever. she is not harming the kid.

Trena on

To each there own

nancysnibbles on

What a far cry from Clueless 🙂
People need meat to rebuild their cells. I want my children full of good organic protein. That they chew themselves 🙂

Sally on

Well, I perosnally think that some of these celebrities have WAY too much time on their hands after we made them wealthy from watching them on screen. Is this even sanitary?

Janella on

Wouldn’t do it…but works for them 🙂

Emma on

Actually, they say NOT to share foods with your children (utensils, chewing their food – really?, etc.) because doing so can spread cavities to babies.

Google the MSN article: “Mom’s kiss can spread cavities to baby
A kiss on the mouth or sharing utensils can transmit bacteria”

From the article by Diane Mapes:
“As it turns out, studies about the transmission of cavity-causing bacteria from mom to baby have been published for 30 years. The primary culprit is Streptococcus mutans, a bacteria that can pass from person to person through the transfer of saliva, such as sharing utensils, blowing on food, and yes, even kissing that sweet little bundle of joy on the mouth.

According to a 2008 study in Pediatric Dentistry, ‘strong evidence demonstrated that mothers are a primary source of MS [mutans streptococci] colonization of their children; a few investigations showed other potential sources … notably fathers.'”

So all you people who are so blase about this, please take note.

leah on

Doesn’t he have teeth to chew his own food. Weird and not necessary. I also think a vegan diet is not healthy for a baby either

Marky on

“Get over it. Those that don’t breastfeed and those who find this gross need to not be parents.”–Amy

Get over it, yourself, Amy. So tired of posters being rude and hateful, because they disagree with someone! Like another poster said, not everyone can breastfeed, and not all babies thrive when BF. I believe wholeheartedly in BF and have been a LC, but if someone can’t or ultimately doesn’t want to, there is a like in the sand that shouldn’t be crossed. You don’t have the right to say that person should be a parent.

Chewing your child’s food is one of those “old ways of doing things” that should be stopped because digestion starts in the mouth and you are interfering with how your child’s body functions and digests food when you decide to do part of it for them. Mash up the food, blend the food, and/or choose food that are easily eaten by hand, and let your child’s digestion begin in their own mouth.

guest on

i dont think he enjoys this feeding method as much as she says…he signed “all done” right after she backed away from him.

Anonymous on

I think it’s gross – but Pediatric Dentists tell you not to even share a spoon with your child because of some type of harmful bacteria that adults have that can effect the child’s teeth. I guess a 10 month old would have some teeth so she should STOP until she consults with her child’s dentist. My child’s Dentist would be appalled.

Sonja on

This is nothing new, some mothers have been doing this since the beginning of time.

sophie on

Ewwwwww, grosssss. Poor kid, that’s a form of child abuse I would argue. Something is wrong with this person…poor kid.

Kate on

To each their own…when did we seem to forget that rule? Who cares what she does for her son, as long as she’s not hurting him.

Stella on

She’s very misinformed! All the bacteria in her mouth is going in her baby’s mouth. Is she so damn lazy to just use a processor? What is she gonna do next swallow the leftovers and regurgitate them later?

Kat on

First she named him Bear Blu, now this? How much does he have to endure really, lol! I read her book The Kind Diet. I also took issue with her suggestion that potatoes are not good because they are “shade plants” please! No meat, no eggs, no potatoes, what kind of life is that?

Kay on

I am writing this only because I would like to tell how wrong this is so people can be informed. The bacterial flora in her mouth is not the same as her son, her doing this, she is introducing bacteria that is very harmful to his health moreover bacteria that will cause cavities

sha on

Hollywood breeds a weird bunch. How about putting the kid in a high chair and have him start picking bits of food off the tray? Very unnecessary and probably only serves to feed a very selfish mommy.

Big Fan on

That is just nasty. Call parent services.

Kriss on

well I’ve raised 2 kids and never felt the need to do this…. just sayin’ & I also dislike people who “talk baby talk” to their kids !!

moccasin on

For the love of God someone buy that really rich person a blender to puree food!!

KAtie on

I know my mom use to suck off salt or spice on food then hand feed it to my baby sister but somehow this seems gross.

Kriss on

plus it’s weird

Kim on

I’m sorry, but that’s just..YUCK! If you want to mush up the kids food..get a food processor.

Jane on

i generally don’t get upset about what people do with their kids, but as others have said, there should be a disclaimer on the video about transferring cavity-causing bacteria from mother to child. if she still wants to do that, i could not care less, but she shouldn’t be promoting it as if it is zero risk to her child’s oral health.

also, i agree that is seems pretty forced.

Mandy on

Repulsive! This is 2012 and there is no need to risk the germs being passed.

Crystal on

Ugh….people are so ignorant, uneducated and closed minded. Anyone who thinks this is gross and unsanitary, I’d love to see how clean,nontoxic and sanitized your home is. You all are so judgmental when someone does something so natural as feeding their child how they want. You all should try turning off your reality t.v shows, pick up a book or watch a documentary…ignorants.

Noonah on

I find sharing food mouth to mouth disgusting, both between lovers and between parents and children. To people like Amy – I breastfed all my children until they were 2 years old.

Mrs JP on

Hell NO

That’s disgusting!! Alicia GROW UP!

Bree on

@Amy so because I am UNABLE to breastfeed my four month old daugher I should give her up and not be her parent anymore?? The fact that she is perfectly healthy and adores me doesn’t factor in at all??

My daughter was in the NICU with a hole in her lung after she was born and the Drs all told me formula was the best thing for her because I was so sick and stressed out myself that my milk was taking a while to come in and the alternative was an IV. When she did get out of the NICU my milk starting coming in a little bit but not enough to feed her much part her first couple months when her appitite started growing. My husband and I spent weeks debating it and I spend so many days bawling my eyes out because I felt I had failed her.

But hey the fact that I put aside my own feelings and pride and did what was best for HER clearly does not factor into your brain so she must be taken away from such a horrible and abusive home.


timsheadache on

That is so weird.

Jillb on

I’m going to be honest,to me it appears as if she is more interested in feeding him that way than he is interested in eating that way.

Shannon on

Another idiot looking for attention. Ever heard of utensils? And why post this for everyone to see? Way to embarrass your son for years to come.

Samantha K on

Oh cute. She is preparing him for the Obama future…..feed me, feed me, don’t teach me to take care of myself. Alicia, you clearly need a hobby.

Tamika on

I am sorry but this video is disgusting. There are so many bacteria in the human mouth. Bacteria a young child does not need to be exposed to. I dont agree with this practice as there are many more methods available to puree a childs food.

Karen on


Tamika on

I am sorry but this video is disgusting. There are so many bacteria in the human mouth. Bacteria a young child does not need to be exposed to.

Stayce on

How about just waiting until the kid has teeth of his own?

heather on

All the kids that are abused/neglected by their parents and people are worried about this? Everyone raises and does things differently with their children.

Tracy on

Eskimo women do it all the time.

Clara on

Nasty, I through up in my mouth a little after seeing that.

Alice Boon on

I don’t think this is gross and I am not a dentist but surely this is not good for the baby in that he will receive cavity germs from her. he doesn’t have teeth yet maybe but the germs will be there when it does start to grow?

Hi5o on

My daughter wouldn’t eat solid food so my doctor reccomended this and it worked like a charm. I don’t find it “gross” or “repulsive” as some people have posted. If you didn’t like it you probably shouldn’t have clicked the link that clearly states “Alicia Silverstone Feeds Bear From Her Mouth”. And @ Amy I was unable to breastfeed my baby due to medical reasons so I don’t deserve to be a mother? My masters degree, my CPR training, All of the parenting classes, and my indefinte love for her makes me unqualified? Get a brain and stop judging people you don’t know.

SY on

I saw a women on a plane from Paris to the U.S. doing this, it was fascinating to watch her methodically chew the food and then place it in her child’s mouth.

MarWid on

Actually the problem is tooth decay – babies don’t have the enzymes that hurt their teeth until later, unless they’re introduced to our saliva. Our germs aren’t a big deal to them, but by doing this you introduce tooth decay at a younger age than it should begin.

Cindy1234 on

She’s crazy. Would it be too much to put some of it in a blender or food processor? He sure is a cutie, though.

M on

Disgusting. Would she want to eat pre-chewed food from her husband’s mouth? Doubtful. So why does she do it to her baby.

Amanda K on

I personally wouldn’t do this, but it’s her kid so who are we to judge? Celebs always seem to be doing something for shock value so can’t say this surprises me. Different strokes for different folks as they say.

joan on

Why not smash it with a fork? Is she serious?

Megan on

This is just MY opinion, but I think that’s gross and I think she’s effing weird. Again, just my opinion.

Kristin on

I know this is a little odd, but I really can’t say anything. My dad did the same thing with me when I was baby. He felt bad I couldn’t chew peanuts so he chewed them and split them in my mouth. I know it is weird, but I makes me a great story. It also reminds me how much loved me. I am almost 30 and turned out great. I say more power to her.

Loa on

That dig on Obama has nothing to do with this post or video. If you’re the type of person who has to have their hand held instead of taking care of themselves then the furture doesn’t look too bright for you no matter who the president is or will be. Trying to change the world in 4 years is really hard when it took twice that long to mess it up.

Keep your crappy views to yourself not just because you couldn’t do his job, but because they have no place here on a moms and babies blog.


Jenny on

I wouldn’t pre-chew my baby’s food not because I think it’s “gross,
but because it could set her up for childhood dental problems. Adult mouths (even those who practice impeccable oral hygiene), are full of bacteria, especially the ones that cause cavities and gingivitis. And a baby’s mouth is basically a clean ecosystem that’s very vulnerable to these types of germs. Ask any dentist, and they’ll tell you that’s why they don’t recommend that parents share food or drink with their babies. Biting off a bit of food to give it to your baby or taking a sip of your baby’s drink (to taste it or check the temperature) probably won’t do any major harm. But chewing your baby’s food is a surefire way to ensure him/her a childhood plagued by tooth decay and other dental problems. A baby food-maker or a good-old-fashioned potato-masher (or even a fork!), can do the trick just as well, without risking your baby’s oral health.

Rainey on

Huh, who knows what else lurks in that hippie mouth…as long as bjs the night before are out I guess its ok? Yeah no still not ok! As if…clueless

Bec on

What’s the big deal???Eskimo mothers do that too…!!!!

RKF on

That is vile and disgusting.

Sue on

Is it really necessary for her to pre-chew her kid’s food? I’m sure a blender would do the job in a much more efficient and sanitary matter. Honestly, it’s rather creepy and seems like she’s laying the foundation for some serious mommy issues in the future…

Lauren on

Alicia, I thought you were “normal”, now I know you are not with the weird baby name and now with the unusual feeding practice to display to all.

anonymous on

A great way to spread all sorts of germs! What an idiot!

mshawaii808 on

You call this news? Really, People are beginning to be like the National Enquire, or worst yet TMZ. Who really cares of how a mother feeds her child? They do that all over the world? What is ‘GROSS” is your magazine getting paid to advertise the KarAsshians all the time.

suzy diamond on

What the heck is WRONG with this woman? NO doctor would agree with what she’s doing. Doesn’t she know YOUR MOUTH has the worst bacteria than any other body part!

mshawaii808 on

People Mag sucks, this is not news, who cares of what other’s think of the way someone feeds their child. They do it in other countries, leave her alone.

Jan on

That is one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen, humans are not birds…I think she is a control freak and creepy with her son.

Faye on

This is truly disgusting. What does she think she is a bird? Also she’s exposing her baby to tons of bacteria. If you want to feed your baby natural food, rather then from a can I think that’s great… but Alicia invest in a baby bullet!!! Also how does she think her son is going to feel in a few years when one of his friends finds this posted on the internet? Words cannot describe how repulsed I am by this video.

Steph on

I am a fan of Alicia and her book but…I don’t think this is the best idea. I would be most concerned with her passing tooth decay germs to her baby, causing cavities. Things like this, and sharing utensils, are how these germs end up in babies’ mouths. It’s not a germophobe thing. I’m totally not a germaphobe, but I did try to be careful with this.

So no, I would not do this. I thought my extended breastfeeding and baby led weaning was hippy dippy enough. 😉

My grandmother once told me her mother did this though. Because they were very poor and didn’t have baby food. I don’t think baby food existed then? I don’t undersand the necessity. If mother has food to eat and baby is breastfeeding, that should be all baby needs?

Karen on

It’s sad the amount of press is given to moronic celebrities like this. I feel very frightened for this little boy.

stacey on

Anon. SO FUNNY!!!!! This girl is a freak! I cannot believe that video, nor do I know what most of the food is that she say’s they are eating. She is WAY beyond weird, but what can you expect I guess from someone who would name their child Bear.

DeeDee on

We are warned against cleaning or even sticking a pacifier in our mouths before giving it to our children because of the germs we could pass on to them. Imagine the germs this kid is getting! I can see maybe biting off a piece of something so the piece that remains is smaller, and then HAND feeding it to your child. I don’t think feeding your child like a bird is healthy or “cute”. I hope she stops doing it before he starts wanting to take food from others mouths.

Shannon on

Wait. He’s almost a year old??? 0_o Does the not have teeth? Is he developmentally delayed? He needs to be able to pick up food and learn to chew it on his own.

As if!

Poirot on

She’s a bird brain to do this.

Anonymous on

Thats just gross. Plain and simple. He is too old to do that for him! And from her mouth to his directly, nasty!! Hello, chew it up, finger feed him etc. NOT kiss him w the food. ughhhhhhhhhh

Peggy on

I’m sorry that is so sick, and not health!! I have 5 boys and never chewed up their food! That’s just sick!!!

lissa on


Lena on

Dear lord, Bear Blu is a horrid name.

And Amy-You can go **** yourself. Breastfeeding does not make someone a good mother you ignorant stuck up sorry excuse for a human being. I know some awesome formula feeding mothers, as well as awesome breastfeeding mothers. I hope you drown in your breast milk.

And no, I do not/would no do this because I believe it is important for a child to learn how to feed himself. We did baby led weaning because my son hated purees, and it worked very well for him.



Daniella on

I think Alicia needs to have a nice, long, educative talk with my bacteriology and virology professors. They were very clear to our classes about why “swapping spit or chewed food” with someone should not be taken lightly, especially in regards to young children who have weaker immune systems. You would be astonished by how many preventable diseases can be spread this way, completely by accident on the adult’s or significant other’s part.

And my professors both have doctorates in their subjects, so I think I’ll defer to them before anyone else on this board.

Guest on

That might be the grossest thing I’ve ever seen.

Jodie on

What is the big deal, I think it goes back far into generations, and although I would not do it past one year of age, this is their business. She is a great mom.

guest on

This is just gross… please the germs… the kid gets what ever she has stuck in her teeth too… seriously wrong. What is she gonna keep doing this until he is 30 years old too????

jennifer on

This is disgusting and appalling. This child needs to learn how to chew on his own, he is not a baby bird. Just another reason why parenting classes should be mandatory.

Jan Gardner on

Is she a kook??? Where in the world did she think that up?

Guest on

Another Hollywood freak!!

missy on

does she think she is a bird???????????????? grose

Anonymous on

This is disgusting…I mean if this is what she does…why share it with the world…keep it to yourself! Sounds like somebody is trying to get attention…I guess it worked…lol

Jen on

That almost made me gag! I have three kids and I would’ve never never done something like that. It’s not cute or sanitary.

carly on

Actually, mochi is a bit chewy, so I think she is probably trying to take the chewiness out of it before giving it to him.

Daniela on

Sorry, but that’s just gross.

Doreen on

OK this is disgusting!!!

Carmel on

WOW that’s beyond disgusting; the human mouth is a germ factory. Between her doing this and Mayim Bialek breast feeding her kid til he’s 4 and NEVER putting him down, they’re both doing more harm than good. Good luck growing up normal kids!

Denise on

She has a serious problem. That is gross and not normal

b on

Is she going to accompany him to kindergarten and pre-chew his food in front of his class mates too? I think parents need to watch what the show on-line, in the future this could be humiliating to the child. Also, it is gross. Would she like her parent to pre-chew her food and put it in her mouth…really, what’s the difference just because he is little. He did not seem to happy about it.

itznia on

I really don’t see the problem here – if he was 15 then yes – he is a baby!! And he is her baby – who shared her body for nine months – I don’t think a little bit of her saliva is going to hurt him. And I LOVE that she is raising him a vegan – the meats we eat today ar injected with hormones and are totally gross.

I was really against giving my chuldren milk from another animal (cow) – I wish 20 years ago I was more educated about being a vegetarian or a vegan and my kids would be them. My daughter who is 15 has been a vegetarian since she was 10 and is a beautiful 5’6″ normal girl who weighs 110 pounds and everyone thinks she is too skinny – she is NORMAL among her overwieght peers who eat meat and junk constantly.

tf on

it is bad for the baby. germs in adults mouths can cause tooth decay. and eeeew gross.

AHP on

Chewing up food for a baby helps with their digestion. Since babies don’t chew food themselves, they miss out on the saliva softening the food, an important part of the digestive process. Alicia’s approach is actually healthier for a baby’s digestive track than using a food processor. And Alicia is only doing what mothers all around the globe have done for most of history. I feel sad that so many women see this types of natural methods as gross and strange.

Crystal on

You people do realize ALL the amazing things she stands for, and acts on right?! If not then you have absolutely zero place to be saying she is crazy, and disgusting. She is feeding her child (a snack!), she doesn’t feed him every single meal this way, she’s not an idiot, c’mon people, get it together. Its just a little snack for him…give her a break.

She is a compassionate, caring, motivated human being, always wanting the best for everything/everyone, and you react this way, that is astounding to me. Very negative, very uniformed of you…this video was put on her blog. People got a hold of it. She only uses her celebrity for good, then this shows up and you all tear a strip off her like she’s a useless reality t.v wh*re. You all need to get a grasp on the real things in life, and stop being so angry…

Just me on

Interesting, the same people who are grossed out and judgmental are also the same people who wouldn’t hesitate to kiss and sleep with their dogs. Which seems more unnatural, a mother feeding her child or a human kissing a dog???

limner1 on

Other cultures do this. Some do it for elderly family members who have lost their teeth, and cannot chew well. I loved hearing how my grandfather chewed peanuts and fed them to me when I was a toddler. I’ve actually seen relatives do the same thing. I wouldn’t do it though. I recently learned that parents can pass on tooth decay and harmful bacteria by doing this.

I believe all of our early ancestors did the same for infants. Remember the time before we became brainwashed into believing faux baby food is better than anything else? Her baby certainly loos healthy and strong. And happy.

wendy on

where did she get her parenting skills? Why would someone even think of doing that? Now she has to deal with him always grabbing at her mouth…sad!!!!!!!!

Tamarya on

I have done the same thing to my children when they were little, they wouldnt really eat baby food and wanted real food so what they couldnt chew i did and fed it to them… nothing wrong with, it amazes me to see a star do it and people make a huge thing out of it like its never been done.. i say if it works for her AWESOME!

Kattyjack on

The people who are saying that this is something that’s been going on since the beginning of time crack me up. Yeah, and? You do realize that life expectancy back “in the day” was very, very short, right? And do you know why? Because people spread disease like hotcakes. My guess is that this was one of those ways. There’s a reason why things become archaic. This is not gross, or weird, or a matter of “to each their own.” It’s just wrong.

Just Me on

My friend just sat there going ‘Oh my god, it’s a baby penguin!!’ Over and over again.

Mar on

Who cares? Bear is her son, she can do whatever the heck she wants. She’s not abusing him. He’s clearly a healthy, happy boy so people need to back off. I personally wouldn’t do that myself, but just because its not something I would do doesn’t mean I have a right to judge someone who chooses to do it. Yes, the mouth has bacteria–so does just about everything else. Babies and toddlers will put anything and everything in their mouths. Bear won’t die from having some pre-chewed food in his mouth.

Every single thing we do in life has risks, does that mean we should stay sheltered in our homes away from all danger? No! Letting your kid do everyday things such as riding a bike, playing with certain toys, watching TV, eating cheetos, or even just leaving the house can be dangerous!!!!!! Loosen up, people!

Lexi on

That is just gross! She does not need to do that for her son i feel thats transfering germs since he is only a baby. This is not cute she should of kept that to herself.

ASA on

Her description of all that food is a bit much and comes off as very showoff-y. It reads like something off a menu. Come on, now. Who eats that for breakfast? And the mouth-to-mouth food is just disgusting. This is 2012AD, not 1000BC. Really not necessary to feed our kids that way. Food processors and utensils are our friends.

Jane on

That was disturbing!!!! Unecessary and she is the one that’s pushing it on him. Sit the kid in a highchair and cut up some food for him, for God sakes!


I personally would not do this, but it is her choice and it is her child.

@Amy: Sweetheart, until you know everyone’s story as to why they could not or chose not to breastfeed, I think you need to shut your trap. That or you can convince the doctors that I saw that they were wrong when they told me to stop breastfeeding for health reasons.

wow on

That is a little weird for me. She could use a blender.

CJ on

I think it is awesome what she is doing. Saliva breaks down food, women all over the world do it, not everyone has prepackaged baby food! As for being a vegan, think it is great, we need more people like her. She is a great roll model for the rest of us vegans and the future ones!

Laila on

It’s been done by many parents for many years…but umm…at 10 months, I think that is past the time to pre-chew…

JMO on

Michele – “lick the kid to stimulate it to defacate????”

LOL now that’s funny!!

Maria on

that is gross! I mean maybe a bite or two here and there might go from me to my toddler on occasion- but simply she can puree his food in a blender or baby food processer. That is what I did. I also think those people who don’t puree their food and let the baby gag (baby led weaning) is wrong- but that is a whole other story. I think what Alicia does sets a weird tone for her child- people should not eat out of eachothers’ mouths. Why can’t she make him the same healthy food and just puree it? He is learning a weird habit. gross.

April on

You mean she doesn’t have a professional that can do this for her?

Sammie on

these stars are so effing ridiculous. What is wrong with them?! And not only are they doing such crazy things they tell us about it. I’m gonna have to stop reading this stuff if I’m going to want to keep food down. Yuck. And I’ve had 3 children, now grown, and this still makes me sick.

Jennie on

How archaic… I’m sure she uses indoor plumbing, heat, a dishwasher, a hairdryer. I don’t get it. Drop her into a third world country and then ask her how cute she thinks it is.

Kate on

NO! I used to bite things in half for my baby, or wipe off his pacifier in my mouth if it dropped on the floor, but then we realized that’s how we all got an oral virus! My baby started with it first, and because we were sharing our saliva, my pediatrician said that’s how we all got infected with the oral virus. It was awful, so now we never do it! I am not a germaphobe, but that virus was nasty, especially when all 3 of us had it at the same time.

norosecoloredglassesplease on

uh..thanks for sharing?

m on

Ewwww, that’s gross. Is she like one of those mothers that breast feeds her baby for 7 years?

Jen on

I think it’s so gross!!! So unsanitary….. EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

DaisyMoon on

Good Grief…before blenders and processors people used a SPOON or FORK to mash up food for their little one(s), not their own mouths…that is truly gross!

KT on

HAHA! Next she will be sh*tting into her child’s mouth because it’s predigested! And her poo is superior because it is vegan poo. JUST kidding. In all seriousness, the protein found in a vegan diet is of low biological value compared to animal products like eggs and dairy. Veganism is better as far as saturated fats go, but it’s not necessarily healthier to be vegan because potato chips are still vegan! Chew and spit away- just stop before Blue Bear grows teeth and reaches kindergarten. Assuming she lets him attend school in the future!

Janice on

Isn’t this child going to be stigmatized enough with that stupid name? This was common practice in certain disadvantaged communities decades ago, but we have food processors, blenders and prepared baby food now.

crystalathome8 on

That was hurlatious and also vomitudinous.

mh on

Does she not own a highchair! Geez these celebrities sometimes, so odd…

amanda on

thats just freakin nasty!

Sue on

I don’t agree. Sure,I’m all for raising your kid as you see fit, but afterall, the child is going have to learn to live in polite society and taking food from others’ mouths is definitly rude, not to mention unhygenic. Manners, cleanliness and just general good behavior must be taught early or the kid will never learn it.

Anonymous on

Pre-chewing children’s food leads to increased risk of dental caries (cavities).

olivia on

OMG ! What is the big deal . Are you not all mothers. Knife , fork , blender ……in your mouth you can ten exact texture to know that it is safe for your child that has no teeth ! Whats outrageous are peoples reactions to a mother who has an amazing bond with her child. This is lovely and I do this quite often with my 11 month old . Maybe if ppl weren’t so use buying jarred food , they’d get it! Alicia cooks everything from scratch ! You go girl~

Laurie on

Just plain nasty!!!

Span The Globe on

I had a dentist appointment last week and they handed me a diagram demonstrating the many oral diseases transmitted by mouth from one person to another. For example, cavities are caused by a bacteria passed from one person’s mouth to another, not to mention peridontal disease. I don’t care if it is done around the globe, so are a lot of other objectionable practices. It’s her kid, but common. How ’bout just cutting it up or using purees? Surely she has enough money to outsource the tasks if she doesn’t care to do it herself. Setting all that aside, why do so many celebrities insist on baring it all to the masses where their kids are involved? How ’bout a little discretion.

J on

So gross! Seriously nasty!

Lola on

She really is Cluless……

nora on

My mum did the same thing with her kids when we were growing up. As a result, we did not get sick very often. It fosters a closer bond with parents and child. She stopped when we were able to chew our food properly.

bridgetannie on

This is not at all my style. However, I support her 1000000000% in her choice. Every mom makes her own plan. No one else should judge!!!!

LOL! on

That is seriously disgusting, doesn’t matter who you are.

Mandy on

Partially chew, yes. Let them eat it out of your mouth, no.

sam on

I’m not trying to come off as some child psycologist. But he’s now 10 months old. Will this have any effect on his eating/chewing/swallowing developments?


TOTAL FREAK!!!!!!!!!!

yikes on

I was a hippie long ago and spitting chewed food into your child’s mouth is not part of a hippie’s diet. This woman is a nutcase vegan who always looks for attention with her nutcase ideas. She can pass on herpes with her child, gum disease, and probably a host of other stuff. Besides – doesn’t she think about what her kid will say when he is a teenager and finds out his mom proudly put videos on the internet showing her feeding him like a freakin bird?

Cristina on

I do the same thing with my daughter. Many people do it around the world. Nothing wrong with it

Dian on

This child needs proper nutrients from prepared baby food like Gerber. This is not only gross, but does not give this baby the vitamins he needs and she is passing adult germs, etc. to him! Someone like Children’s Services needs to step in!

guest on

WTF is wrong with her!? How hard is it to use a spoon or fork to cut the food up? That’s what I do. Talk about spreading germs. I’m sorry but she is a dumb ass.

Lily on

She’s a frickin’ strange bird…and feeds her kid like one. Maybe she should have named him Blu Bird instead of Bear Blu. Wait, that’s not fair to the bird to compare them…the mother bird doesn’t chew up the worm before she drops it in the baby bird’s mouth. Freak celebs.

NoneYA on

She must have her child confused with a baby bird.

Ann on

Do we want to know how is she cleaning her baby’s bum after he goes #2?

Candace on

I would NEVER feed my baby from my mouth. A person’s mouth is so full of bacteria, and feeding in that fashion will pass the bacteria that causes cavities to the baby. BTW, tooth decay is the most common communicable disease.

graceandpeas on

OMG You people are hilarious. People all over the world have been doing this for freaking hundreds of years. You think they had food processors? LOL So glad to hear how many of you so EMPHATICALLY would NOT do this. And I doubt this is how she generally feeds her son. She’s just being sweet and bonding with him. You’ll birth your child from your vajayjay, feed him from your breast, but ooooohhhh no! Not the food from your mouth! LOL Wow.

Suzi on

It seems odd to me but to each their own. The only thing I see is starting a bad habit of the child not wanting to eat off their own plate , using utensils and expecting you to chew up theie food all the time. Its teaching them that habit. But I gues when you go out to a public resteraunt and they dont use silverware and want to yo to chew there food and spit it in there mouths thats on you. When does that stop? Just wondering?

Suzi on

Sdoesnt this create a bad habit of the child exspecting the mother to chew the food up all the time? Or even to use utensils or even if the child cant chew up the food they shouldnt be eating it anyways?

To each there own but I think it would create some bad habits for the children.

mimi on

i’ve seen doctors comment on this story, saying it’s actually NOT unhealthy for the child but actually assisting in building his immunity, provided that she doesn’t have any serious health issues.

personally, i wouldn’t feed my child like this, nor do i agree with forcing a vegan diet on a small child, but i feel like there’s a lot worse parenting examples out there than this.

showbizmom on

I’m reading all these comments and laughing in hopes that it pushes me into labor. keep it coming please!

alicejane on

Dian, your comment made me laugh. Sorry, but I find it ridiculous that you think prepared baby foods made in labs is where this kid should get his nutrients. Now, I eat as healthy as I can, but very little of what I eat is organic, but I definitely know I could be getting better nutrients if I had the money to spend on more organic food, but being in school makes that hard.

Regardless of what you think about Alicia feeding her son this way (still not sure what I think, to each their own, I guess), she’s pretty hardcore about the organic food and I bet Bear is getting a lot more nutrients than he would from a generic jar of baby food.

Elizabeth on

ewwwwwwww. haha, love amber’s comment (:

Coco on

One of the grossest things I’ve ever seen. Right up there with the mom who sucked all the sauce of the spagetti before she fed it to her kid. Some people have no clue.

raquel on

It is a little extreme…… maybe if she put it on a spoon from her mouth Then gave it to him……….. It weirds me out…………..

Anonymous on

She probably also does not vaccinate her child so God only knows what he could catch from her mouth. We all have bacteria that live in our mouths and nasal passages.

Anonymous on

That is so disgusting.

cb on

Good luck to this child ever being allowed to develop into his own person. And does his mother not realize how important it is for his own body and digestive processes to develop? I actually think this is boderline child abuse — certainly, it’s neglect.

cb on

Only people who feel they “own” their kids would ever think this is OK. This poor child will never live up to his mother’s expectations and demands of him, He will never be allowed an appropriate level of independence from his mother. It’s pathetic. She should “get a life” and allow him to develop his own.

sue on

Alicia said for her Bday, her hubby got her their clothesline to dry laundry. She loves hanging them to dry outside&said was her favorite thing to do.

Don’t you find it strange? I hate doing laundry! IF my hubby got me that I’d be hurt or sad. I prefer flowers&candy, just an example!

Wendy on

@ Amy I had to have a hysterectomy when I was less than 25 years old. I waited over 10 years for my child. My husband and I would do anything in this world for our baby, but because I did not breastfeed I shouldn’t be a mom. Should I give my child back to the birthmom that didn’t want to be a parent by herself at such a young age. You are a freaking idiot and you better be glad dumb ***es can have kids too or you would not have any child to breastfeed. Maybe next time you post such ignorant information you will think.

Jill on

Not trying to judge her but I’m sorry, this is beyond disgusting. Nevermind the potential for passing bacteria/viruses, that is just an inappropriate habit to get a child used to like that.

Jill on

Not trying to judge her but I’m sorry… that is seriously disgusting. Never mind the fact that there is potential for sharing bacteria and viruses but that is an inappropriate habit to get a child into.

Jill on

I never chewed my child’s food, but my husband and I both would break off larger food items and feed our daughter directly when she was under a year. I would rather do mouth to mouth than spit it into my hand then feed her. I have way more germs on my hands and unless you sterilize your hands, your hands are dirty. My daughter loves ice, so anytime her dad is chewing up ice she wants some. He’s not going to give her a whole piece and most likely she will grab it with her germy hands, so by mouth is the cleanest and easiest!

Ann on

Chewing food for your baby is rather odd so what is the purpose of this? Sounds disgusting and not very healthy but to each their own.

lily on

Oh great!! Another totally screwed up Hollywood kid!!

Sandals on

She’s a bird brain of an idiot!! At 10 months old he should know how to chew flippin food by himself!

Sandals on

I’m speechless! 🙂 Many women today are clueless and have no business having babies!! At 10 months old he (Bear! what a name and that’s another idiotic aspect of women today….) needs to know how to chew food himself, for God’s sake!

Karen on

This brings Helicopter Parenting to a whole new level.

Kasee on

To all those concerned about the “dangers” of a vegan diet, I would urge you to read “The China Study” which very scientifically shows that a plant-based diet (which is all veganism really is) is actually the healthiest diet. You simply have to do it the right way, you have to make sure to include many different types of vegetables, grains, beans, etc. I certainly find it much less terrifying than feeding children meat, eggs, and dairy that are loaded with hormones, chemicals, and cholesterol. If your health suffers from veganism, it is because you are not doing it correctly.

teresa on

That is the most unhealthy thing I have ever heard of. Disgusting!!!!

loisirpa on

Technically, Bear is not really a vegan if he is consuming Alicia’s milk and saliva.

TK on

To the person who said that women who dont breastfeed should not be parents. Are you crazy? I dint breast feed and I love my son more than anything in this world!judge much?you must be GOD himself to be so infalible…

Steph on

Also, my kid did not have mochi until she was like 2 1/2. It’s a very thick, sticky, chewy food. Very choky. Sure, it’s a yummy treat, but perhaps better to wait until the kid can handle it and really enjoy it.

Nina on

Oh, no! I`ve never even heard of such a thing! Why on earth is she doing that?

Trish on

She is going to look a little ridiculous doing that when her son is a teenager. Might cause him to get his butt kicked. I like her, but this is a bit much.

lisa on

That is the most disgusting thing I have heard. Right up there with breast feeding a 4 year old. This kid is going to be a kook when he gets older too.

Sam on

what is wrong with you people? It’s just food and it’s YOUR child. you know, the little human being that you’re supposed to do anything for? c’mon people, grow up and throw some of your society “norms” out the window. sheesh.

maaaaam31 on

Is the kid ever going to learn to feed HIMSELF?

P on

That’s nasty. That’s what a spoon is for.

Meriah on

I think that’s completely revolting and so incredibly inappropriate I wouldn’t even know where to start. This is something she’s doing to keep her child dependent on her and it’s sick. It’s like the mothers who breastfeed until their kids are 4. It’s not even about the child at that point. If you wanted them to get the nutrients, you’d pump. For some reason there are mothers who want their children to need them for EVERY.LITTLE.THING. Alicia has to move on from breast feeding, but then he wouldn’t need her as much. So why not feed him from her mouth, so he’s still completely dependent on her body? It’s just sick.

Saree on

Okay, yes, we know Alicia’s heart is in the right place and no, we shouldn’t judge her, BUT…she put this out there for people to see and since it’s not the norm, absolutely I’m going to put my input in.

Do what you will Alicia, but contrary to what ‘her’ beliefs are, this is not only weird to watch, but it’s laziness. Are you telling me, that you would prefer to chew up food and spit it into your child’s mouth than make it yourself? Are you telling me that you have no concerns of what bacteria you are passing along to your child? Kissing your child is one thing, but swapping spit mixed with bacteria and food is a whole other can of worms. This process allows for Herpes, Colds and other bacteria and illnesses to be passed to your child. So, Alicia, this is just one of those cute little ‘family’ things that you may not want to tell everyone about. Keep it to yourself.

Kristina on

I think this is disgusting! As a mother to an 18 month old, I understand the concerns about your child choking, however, what happened to a knife? Or even use your hands to break up the food, but putting it in your mouth and then theirs is absolutely GROSS!!!

Lil' on

AHP, a baby’s dietary needs mature as their bodies mature. At an age when a baby can eat table food, his digestive track is ready for it. What she is doing is adding the bacteria from her mouth to his food. It could make him sick and/or damage his teeth. She should just stick with purees and soft foods for him for a while. And I agree with the commentor who said she seems more into it than he does. Besides, even if he were, it wouldn’t be that he’s excited about the idea of eating out of his mom’s mouth; he’s just come to recognize it as his food source.

P on

@Amy – I breast fed my 3 children until they cut their first tooth at 5 months. I never chewed food and put/spit/whatever from my mouth into theirs. I mashed with a fork or spoon and fed it to them. That’s nasty.

misty1077 on

That is just disgusting!

judgab on


Daniella on

To everyone who’s saying humans have been doing this for thousands of years….well, guess what, at least 10% to 15% of children died in infancy until just recently. Practices like pre-chewing contributed to that ridicoulously high death rate, transferring diseases from parent to child. Doctors also used to not wash their hands before performing surgery, do you want them to go back to doing that as well? Or how about we send you back 200 years, and give your children a 10% or 20% chance of dying in infancy because of no one knowing about viruses, vaccines, or germ theory.

Correctly learn your history & science before spouting off about it.

@sue on

I love the idea of a clothesline as a gift. I love hanging laundry, too. Some clotheslines are super-expensive, so as a gift they’d be perfect. I have a pretty high-energy kid, so any time I get to spend standing in a quiet yard, even if I’m hanging laundry, is like a mini-vacation. Plus, it smells good, conserves energy (and money) and is better for your clothes. Win all around! Flowers die and candy has a lot of things working against it…clothesline all the way!

Julie on

Amy- You say to the ones who find this or breastfeeding gross need not be parents, that is so rude of you! I was not able to breastfeed my child and you are saying that I don’t deserve her? THAT my friend is a bunch of BS! That is a woman’s choice (IF she even got the choice)and it DOESN’T make her any LESS deserving than someone like you! And as for people are being way out of touch with motherhood if they think that this is weird? WE are now in the 21ST CENTURY!!! It’s called a food processor, and spoons use them, love them….
I am not saying that this is wrong, but I would not do that. I do wonder if she does this all of the time, what happens if she needs to leave for a couple of hours, who is going to feed him that way? Can he handle being fed like normal? I hope that she is also teaching him to use a spoon too.

me too! on

wow i can’t belive peole are writing several paragraphs on this! *L* y’all need to get out more and so does she!

seriously though….if that’s how she chooses to feed her child, who’s to say she’s wrong? he looks well fed & well cared for and that’s a lot more than i can say for a lot of kids who end up being removed from the home b/c they’re not fed, cared for or are abused…

Didi on

I guess she skipped the educational part on why grown-ups should not share utensils bottles and food with little ones so here it goes: babies do not have the tooth decay causing bacteria that grown ups already have. By chewing his food she is directly giving it to him which may lead to an early tooth decay-and since you can not drill into a 3 year olds teeth he may loose some of his milk teeth before he will get his permanent ones. So to everybody who will not chew their child food- you are doing the right thing!

S on

Didi – are you saying that kids cannot lose their baby teeth to decay? That’s absolutely false. My sister’s sky-high dentist bill for her toddler would back me up. Baby teeth certainly can decay – it’s one of the reasons why pediatricians don’t recommend putting kids to bed with bottles of milk. If that’s your reason why she shouldn’t be doing this (because she’s passing on “tooth-decay bacteria” that her son wouldn’t normally have – it’s wrong.

Momof3girls on

LOL…this has to be the funniest celebrity article I’ve ever read!!! To each their own but wow…what a way to get yourself into the celebrity gossip train 🙂

Rae on

Now..I understand that all these hippie dippie parents have all these alternative methods to parenting and what not but give me a BREAK. This is disgusting!!!!!!!!! Her mouth is dirty. Every human mouth is. She is exposing him to all kinds of germs and if feeding that way was normal, ask yourselves if you’d let your mothers feed you that way NOW. Would you allow your husbands to do that to you? Doubt it. She could EASILY mash up the food with a fork or spoon. She’s a weirdo and FYI, the Vegan diet is dangerous. This is similar to those creeps who breast feed their kindergartners. UGH!

Didi on

To S-I am not saying the teeth will not decay if you avoid direct mouth to mouth contact- certain kids have genetically weak teeth that will decay regardless of hygiene and proper nutrition. My kid and most of my friends kids ages 2-3 will not allow a dentist to even look in their moth let alone drill in their teeth, your sister is really lucky that her toddler will allow that. Besides there are many other bacteria and viruses in a grown-ups mouth that our immune systems fight it off successfully. Babies immune system does not completely develop until the child is 2 years old so harmless bacteria for you may cause infection in your baby. This is what my doctor told me and other health articles but here is some more info if you are interested;’s-food-and-“cleaning”-pacifier-in-mouth/

nancy on

that is f***ed up. nuff said.

markvin1234 on

Doesn’t this idiot realize that the human mouth contains more dangerous bacteria and filth than a toilet?

B.J. on

Have fun getting herpes from your mothers, babies of the world!

Scott on

okay, I get that it’s here choice to feed her son this way, but ewwwwwww! It might have been normal before human developed utensils, but there is a reason we don’t do this anymore. I certainly wouldn’t want to be in a restaurant and see this happen. On a side, weird note it sorta looks like she making out with her kid. She could feed me that way!

SuePurb on

That’s disgusting and disturbing.

Ana on

Yes to each his own, but lets get real – this is not hundreds of years ago. Hundreds of years ago men clogged women in the head and dragged them into caves for mating, I dont think many would find that practical today. There’s a reason we have evolved as a species. As a mom, I personally think it’s a bit gross – and just because she’s his mom doesn’t mean she’s not passing germs to him when she does that. Secondly, I think she’s setting him back a bit by doing this. I’ve been told by my pediatrician numerous times that it’s good to get babies used to different consistencies in food. Physically speaking, his jaw muscles need to develop by chewing food. Plus, he’s going to have to do it SOMETIME, so why delay it for the sake of wanting to be cute? I don’t understand the logic behind it. I think it’s pretty lazy actually, to say that by doing this she doesnt have to waste time pureeing his food. Take the extra 5 minutes it takes to mash it up or puree a baby’s food. Let the child develop on their own the way they are supposed to.

Jess on

We have a 1yr old and we prechew her food for her and we are by no means “hippies”. We have busy lives and it is easier when we sit down for a meal to just give her food a quick chew instead of busting out the baby bullet 3 times a day. As for the people saying that she is spreading diseases, what do you think you are doing when you give your baby kisses too?? Kissing spreads the same germs and diseases, saliva is saliva! Everyone needs to just calm down.

Bert on

I’m sorry, did I just read correctly? This kid has to eat his mother’s regurgitated food?


ivy on

we have bacteria in our mouths that we do not want to pass to our child if we don’t have to, plus, he looks like he could chew his own food, mostly what she was eating, i could see if it was some chewy meat, but she is a vegan and is eating veggies and broth.

stephy on

cute baby but his moma is a nut job

krisczer on

Just plain stupid!

krisczer on

…and to Amy, I breastfed my child, did not feed her from my mouth, do I still deserve to be a parent? We are humans, not birds. You are just as whacked out as Ms. Silverstone.

Not Surprised on

And you all thought Britney was bizarro mom…

Terry on

Don’t judge. Men wear woman’s clothing. Society is filled with what we consider weird. She can do what she wants. Shes not abusing him.

Sandra on

meanwhile they have invented a food blender…..

sylvia on

I think that is utterly disgusting. He’s a child, not a baby bird.

meghan on

This reminds me of a sketch on Saturday Night Live years ago where there was a young man who brought his girlfriend home for the first time and his parents chewed up his food and spit it into his mouth. That was hilarious. This is disgusting.

Alise on

Why is CBB even posing a question about pre-chewing food for your child? Just setting this poor woman up for bashing. Shame on CBB.

Ratty on

Whatever about the feeding your kid like a bird thing, but all I can think about is the comment about her having a clothesline. You mean you don’t all automatically have clotheslines? Everyone here in Australia has clotheslines, even if they are just little ones on porches. I would die without my clothesline. Most people have clothes dryers as well, but generally you only use them if its raining for a long period of time or you have to dry something that won’t dry in the sun in a reasonable amount of time (therefore making it go smelly). I hate clothes dryers, they ruin your clothes and half of fabrics shouldn’t even be exposed to that kind of concentrated heat. But then I guess when clothes are as cheap as they are in the States, no one learns to value their clothes and look after them. I was in Pennyslvannia last year and our tour guide told us you could pick the Armish homes by the fact that they had clotheslines. I didn’t realise it was so widespread. I love America (I’ve been there twice and I’m going again in a few months) but you lot do some weird stuff sometimes!

ClaireSamsmom on

All I can say is…yuck. And that is definetly not what is recommended by doctors. I saw this video on the Today show this AM and was totally grossed out as I was eating my breakfast. I thought Matt Lauer was going to lose it! He was so disgusted. They asked the resident Today show doctor her opinion on it and she said that there is no nutritional value to this and it also puts baby at risk to contracting any kind of virus, etc., that could be living inside Mothers mouth. Where viruses such as stomach flu, strep, etc are not passed through breastmilk, many can be passed through mouth secretions….so, what are you doing Alicia? I think it is yucky, in poor taste and teaches bad habits.

Meg H on

This is how you introduce bad bacteria into your child’s mouth. This is how kids are at risk for cavities earlier in life. On the other hand, eventually you’ll share utensils and lick your thumb to wipe their faces clean, so whatever…

ShaneN on

That’s an interesting way to make it look like you’re making out with your child.. What does she think she is?? Bird woman regurgitating to her hatchling ??! She may be a celebrity but it doesn’t mean she’s smart.. That is just gross… What happened to baby food?? Apparently anything can become baby food if you chew it enough and spit it into your infant’s mouth. Very classy.

D on

Sorry, I try to be tolerant of all different parenting philosophies and ideas. But I just can’t get behind this one. I nursed my son for a decent amount of time (over a year), and loved the idea of baby led solids. I totally have no problem with biting something in half and giving him one piece at a time so it isn’t a choking hazard (which I guess also isn’t the most sanitary thing in the world), but “prechewing” food, is kind of gross, not very sanitary, and pretty unneccessary. the whole idea of solids before one year is for baby to learn how to self feed and how to manipulate food in his/her mouth.

Melissa on

I am really impressed with how many open minds are posting on here (not being sarcastic)! I think it’s a little weird too, but nothing to get your panties in a twist about at all. Live and let live. 🙂

V on

He’s not a frickin bird!!! Ok, pre chew. I have 3 kids. Sometimes, pre chew is just necessary… but take it OUT OF YOUR MOUTH!! it’s a step away from a french kiss. It’s disgusting. Poor kid. Not bad enough he’s got a name like Bear Blu, now he’s going to be remembered as the kid whose mom used to french kiss his food into his mouth.

Niko on

Clueless, indeed. Hopelessly clueless!. Does she even realize there’s bacteria in the adult mouth? She could end up making her baby very sick!. And I doubt she kills the germs in her mouth with listerine before prechews her baby’s food. That’s just nasty!

AmandaC on

Wow, when my kids were small and learning to eat foods I would occasionally lick the spoon or test it, something to that effect and thought that was kinda gross…this is beyond disgusting!

LuvBigCity on

“I just had a delicious breakfast of miso soup, collards and radish steamed and drizzled with flax oil, cast iron mochi with nori wrapped outside, and some grated daikon. Yum!”

Wow what an ego maniac….sorry but talk about in your face “perfect”?!?!

I have fed my son like this when he was a little guy with no teeth in public, I know I know and don’t care I just bit things in smaller portions and gave it to him, I did not chew it up, HUGE difference.


Just to think the bacterias and germs she might have in her mouth and transferred to the baby..disgusting

flmomof3 on

gee, that kid is gonna love you. His first french kiss was with his mom! It’s like she’s spitting in his mouth. GROSS!

Amy on

YUCK!!!!! I have two kids and I would never chew their food for them. That is just plain gross!!!

Deb on

I did this with our 3 kids starting 38 years ago. I certainly never did it in public and did not EVER make it known to the world! Before they had enough teeth to safely chew their food I would lightly prechew it for them and transfer it into their little mouths. I did it with my front teeth not a full molar chow down. All of you who think this is like French or regular kissing are sick. Do you think breastfeeding is sexual or are you aware that it can be painful sometimes but we still do it for the health benefits and bonding? Do birds get beat up and bullied because their Moms feed them that way? NO. It’s just an occasional thing, not every meal. I only did it when they didn’t want their baby food and wanted what we were having. Fortunately, now they have very open minds to different foods and so do our 10 grandchildren. The vegan thing I do agree is a problem. Give your kid a fighting chance until they can make their own decision. We are all unique with unique physiological needs. How would you feel Alicia, if your son became ill because of the lack of nutrients in his diet? It’s a parents nightmare I’m sure. The long term effects of vegan and vegetariamism on infants is not well known or documented. I’d be okay if she was chewing up some chicken for him!!!!

Dawn on

i think woman who do this are so insecure. they don’t get attention in real life and so they must prolong the need the children have on them. gross. while i think it is ok to pre chew food, this video shows alicia as an idiot and insecure. woman…..get a life. you are setting your child up for a life of ridicule and it doesn’t matter to you what your child faces, ALL THAT MATTERS IS YOU! ha. i thought having a baby would make you think of someone other than yourself. you don’t care about your child. you care about your child being dependent on you. shameful. not all woman should have kids.

chikados18 on

She’s sooo weird. Poor kid. He’s adorable, though.

hannah on

What is wrong with this? nothing it’s completely natural, what do you think they do in less develop nations? Come on people he’s still sucking at her nipple for milk.

lynn on

Nothing new….where do you think the Indians bought babyfood. Mothers for the ages have done this…some will always do this, more power to them and their baby.