Alessandra Ambrósio: I Love This Pregnancy!

03/26/2012 at 05:00 PM ET

With one pregnancy already under her belt, Alessandra Ambrósio isn’t having any difficulty the second time around.

The Victoria’s Secret stunner, 30, may already be in her third trimester — she’s due mid-May, she tells PEOPLE — but she’s still wearing heels and isn’t experiencing any discomfort.

“I feel great,” she said Friday at the Grove in L.A., while promoting Philips SatinPerfect epilator.

“I feel really good. I love this pregnancy. It’s been really easy. I haven’t gotten really nauseous or anything.”

Ambrósio attributes feeling great to staying fit.

“I’ve been very active,” she explained, with her 3½-year-old little girlAnja Louise, in tow.

“I’ve been exercising. I’ve been going for walks and doing yoga. Playing with my daughter all the time gets me in good shape I guess. I don’t have to work every day, so I get to spend time with her and be at home doing things.”

The Brazilian bombshell, who says she’s waiting “a few more weeks” to find out the sex of her baby-on-the-way, is excited to overlap pregnancies with her fellow Angel, Adriana Lima.

“It’s nice to have kids at the same time,” Ambrósio says. “Our daughters met last year backstage at the Victoria’s Secret show. But our schedules are so different now that I’m not working, so our kids don’t get too many play dates.”

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— Dahvi Shira

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Lisa on

Wow. Unlike Jessica Simpson, her pregnancy seems to be flying by. She is already due in less than 2 months and is in her 3rd trimester.

I find it interesting that she is going to find out the sex of the baby soon…. most people either find out right away or have a surprise delivery…. maybe she wants sort of a surprise but also be able to prepare incase it’s a little boy. I feel like she may have a boy and Anja is absolutely beautiful!

Julianna on

It’s interesting that Alessandra managed to keep her pregnancy under wraps for so long, even walking the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, while Adriana Lima had to announce hers pretty much right away.

Alessandra is beautiful and her daughter is growing up to look more and more like her – there’s no Jamie in Anja!

I can’t wait to find out what she’s expecting and how they’ll name the new baby.

nicole on

She looks smaller than Jessica Simpson did in her first trimester.

Jen on

Wow…shows you how every pregnancy is different. Jessica Simpson blew up, yet I never wouldve guessed AA was in her third trimester. Guess you can never really predict what size you’ll get to when you’re pregnant.

Lisa on

It’s a boy, I bet. I’m prego with number 2- I’m only 12 weeks but this pregnancy has been so different- I’m tired, have bad nausea, and food aversions. I’m thinking it may be a girl. With my son, I felt amazing, had no symptoms at all, no swelling, not even one stretch mark!!! I couldn’t believe how easy it was. I think the testosterone balances a lot of women out. 🙂

She looks lovely, and seems to be such a wonderful momma.

Anonymous on

I don’t get why she’s finding out the sex in “a few more weeks”. By that time, it’ll be only a couple of weeks until her due date. Why not just wait until delivery to find out?

Alexa on

Anon, maybe an uncooperative baby? Ours likes to sit so that it’s hard to see the necessary angles.

Sarah on

I think she is saying she is going to wait until the baby is born to find out the sex. She is already in her third trimester. Perhaps she only has a few more weeks to go.

I also think that b/c she is taller she can distribute wait differently. Jessica Simpson is short…that baby has no where to go but out for her…

SadieA on

For what it’s worth, Alessandra is 5’10. Jessica Simpson is 5’3.

Courtney on

I stayed fit through both of my pregnancies and was super nauseous through both. I don’t think one has anything to do with the other!

Liz on

I took her comment to mean she is due shortly, therefore, will find out the sex at the birth. I don’t think she meant “few” weeks as literally 3, but I could be wrong.

I know many people, including myself, who have had 2 very different pregnancies, and had the same sex baby. Just saying! 🙂

She looks beautiful, as always.

chris on

She looks great. It’s not the height difference with her and Jessica, Jessica was putting on weight before she got pregnant. She probably instantly started eating for 2. It’s not healthy to gain too much weight for the mom or the baby. Alessandra has been active and probably eating healthy.

Tammy on

When I was pregnant, I was huge like Jessica Simpson but it was an easy pregnancy (and I was 39). I was Alessandra’s size when I was about five months along!

Mary on

While it is true that Jessica S and Alessandra Ambrosio have completely different body types, Jessica’s weight gain cant be blamed completely only on her baby. Plenty of petite women carry their pregnancies quite well. And yes, some weight gain is healthy and expected in a pregnancy, but way too much might even be harmful. Considering that Jess had deep fried oreo’s and twinkies served in her baby shower, Im gonna take a guess that not all that weight comes from the baby…

peacebeme on

If I looked as hot as her and Adriana Lima while pregnant, I might consider having a child! Alessandra is THE most gorgeous woman in the world!

cat on

She is a model people, she watches what she eats for a living! That is why she is tiny and will be after birth plus good genes. Comparing her to Jessica Simpson is like day and night. Jessica doesn’t make a living modeling so she eats like a regular country girl. So she likes fried foods, big deal. It’s her first baby and she’s indulging- good for her. You people act like all the food she is eating is going to your ass. It’s going to hers. And she will get a trainer and order those meals to your door that are low calorie and healthy and she will get back to a size zero, the size everyone in hollywood is obsessed with just like she did to play Daisy Duke and then what? Everyone will complain that she is too skinny and they prefer her fuller. Everyone needs to mind their own biz and worry about their own fat or skinny asses instead of commenting on who needs to lose weight. Some celebrities are weak and do read these comments on their weight. Don’t be part of that negativity it will come back to you.

C on

Many taller women have a longer torso which gives the baby more room. While alot of smaller women have shorter torsos and there is no place for the baby to go but out.

Liz on

Love it 3 VS Angels pregnant at the same time: Lily (also pregnant at the November Fashion Show with Alessandra & now Miranda, lol!

Mo on

Cat, great comment!!!

Anonymous on

Liz- I think you mean Adriana, not Miranda. Miranda hasn’t announced a second pregnancy yet. 😉

BetC on

Feeling nauseated while pregnant is a normal symptom and has nothing to do with being “in shape”, “physically fit and active” or even “pretty”! Sorry, but the comment that she made in regards to feeling great while pregnant because she is physically fit is careless. As far as I can tell from the people that I know that are pregnant, feeling great while pregnant is mostly due to luck. I think some people (her and Giselle) like to give themselves a lot of credit for things that are not at all in their control. She should be well advised to get a publicist to edit her public comments if she is going to continue to speak this way.

By the way, I am extremely sensitive to this because I was extremely nauseated throughout all of my pregnancies depsite being physically fit. These comments make people feel as if they are responsible for this when, indeed, it is just bad luck.

Stella Bella on

I agree with Lisa. Bet she’s having a boy if she feels great.

Allison on

Having a boy has nothing to do with feeling great. I am pregnant with my THIRD BOY due next week and was nauseas and vomiting till the end with all three. Has nothing to do with gender. All of the old wives tales are crap..

Melissa on

Good for Alessandra and her walking and yoga. If I wasn’t puking every hour from sun up to sun down I could do my pregnancy work out too…but I can’t. Comparing a 5’10” 112pd model to 5’2″ 125pd

Jessica is not a fair comparison either. Alessandra’s husband is shorter than her and weighs as much as much as a male model…he is a little f’er. Eric Johnson is 6’3″ and weighs over 250pds. Who do you think would have a larger baby and carry much differently than the other?