Beth Littleford Welcomes Daughter Halcyon Juna

03/24/2012 at 12:30 PM ET
Courtesy Beth Littleford

It’s a girl for Beth Littleford!

The Crazy, Stupid, Love actress and former Daily Show correspondent, 43, and her husband, producer-director Rob Fox, have adopted a daughter, a rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

Daughter Halcyon “Hallie” Juna was born at 1:05 a.m. on Friday, March 23. She weighed in at 6 lbs., 9 oz and measured 18 in. long.

The couple decided on the baby girl’s first name — Halcyon is Littleford’s middle name and her grandmother’s name — but big brother Jackson, 6, “wanted to name his new sister Juna.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Ulrica Wihlborg

Courtesy Beth Littleford

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mommy2b2012 on

What a cutie! Congratulations to them!

Sandra on

I have no idea in the world who this woman is! Congratulations to her and her family for having this beautiful baby enter their world.

Shannon on

Beautiful! Congrats!

Guest on

For the love of god with these names!!!!

maribyonthelearningcurve on

Hallie Juna is a cute name. Congrats to the happy family.

justmemartie on

Yikes on the name… I still associate it with that drug.

Hallie is cute, though πŸ™‚

Jayda on

I love a name with family connections (especially how the older brother got to pick her middle name) and the nickname is adorable. Welcome Hallie!

JM on

How do you pronounce that? it sounds like a kind of medication.

anyway, congratulations to the family. all happiness and health for them.

Peter on

How great of them to adopt domestically! Congrats to them!!

Marky on

Absolutely adorable! Like the name, too; it’s nice it’s a family name passed down, will have real meaning to Hallie later. Darling baby; so happy for this family!

Erika on

Congratulations to them! The name is pretty and I like that it has meaning to them, plus I LOVE the nickname Hallie. She is a beautiful little baby!

Lauren on

Now this is sweet and truly newsworthy. Congratulations!

El on

It’s pronounced Hal-see-en and it is a word that means idyllic.

Licia on

Ooh she has the same birthday as I do! And I actually love the name choice. It’s great that they used a family name, and with a cute nickname. Very cool that her older brother picked her middle name and Juna is actually cute as well.

DaisyMoon on

She was wonderful on “Desperate Houswives”.

I think the name is fine as long as it’s never, ever used and the poor kid only goes by Hallie for the rest of her life!

Rae on

Awww best of luck to beth and her family.

t on

Pronounced HAL see un.

I always find it strange to name a child something you don’t plan to call them. I think Juna is really cute.

Mara on

I loved Beth Littleford on the Daily show. I have to disagree with letting a child name their siblings. My son wanted to give my youngest a strange middle name and we still kid him about it. He now says, “What was I thinking”?

B.J. on

I looked up the word “halcyon” and got this:

1. calm; peaceful; tranquil: halcyon weather.
2. rich; wealthy; prosperous: halcyon times of peace.
3. happy; joyful; carefree.

I’d say that’s a pretty special name, even though I’m not 100% how to pronounce it!

Shannon on

Juna is actually a nice name.

Anonymous on

It’s pronounced Hal-see-uhn

Cooper on

I don’t care if it’s a family name, spelled a little differently it’s an insomnia drug. Strange choice.

Anonymous on

When I first saw the headline, I thought, “I don’t remember hearing that she was pregnant!”. Then I read the article and went “AWWW!” when I discovered why. Congrats to them (by the way, in case anyone’s wondering, Jackson is their biological son from what I could find. I know sometimes people wonder if the older sibling was also adopted in cases like this, where we don’t know much about the celeb)!

And as for how the name is pronounced, my guess is the first name is pronounced “Hal-see-on” and the middle name like June with an A on the end instead of an E.

Ann on

What a beautiful baby, congratulations! How do they adopted so quickly though I thought it’s a several months long process to finalize everything and at least here the birth mothers have at least 30 days to change their mind.

Lauren on

Hal-see-uhn sounds nice, but she is going to have people always ask how her name is pronounced. I just realized that her name rhymes with ‘calcium’. Oh boy….Juna would have made a better first name.

stacey on

oh my gosh, there is nothing more precious than a newborn. She looks absolutely delicious.

Jillian on

Congrats! What a beautiful name with beautiful meaning!!

How do they adopted so quickly though I thought it’s a several months long process to finalize everything and at least here the birth mothers have at least 30 days to change their mind.

– Anonymous on March 24th, 2012

When an adoption is legal, varies from state to state and can be as short as 48 hrs after discharge from the hospital up to 6 months. There is no way the adoption is legal yet and the article doesn’t state that. However, technically she has adopted a baby the day the baby is born if and until the parent or parents change their mind. It’s quite confusing how the laws change from state to state.


Sandy on

Thank goodness it’s a white baby…..

Kelli on

Wow, I can’t believe they didn’t check with the opinionated people on here before they named THEIR baby.

djm on

“How great of them to adopt domestically” Translation “WHITE” HA HA.

Melissa on

??????? Wow they named their baby girl after video game references?

djm on

“How great of them to adopt domestically” Translation? WHITE.

JM on

djm, i always think that too when i read people praising domestic adoption over non-domestic adoption. it either means, as you say, ‘white’, or ‘because babies in our country are more important than babies in other countries’.

anyway, adoption, of any kind if a lovely thing. thanks to those who answered my question regarding the pronunciation of the name. not my kind of name, i still think it sounds like a medication. i’m sure they don’t care what we think and that’s just great.

all the best to them.

S1 on

Halcyon is a beautiful, old genteel name! It’s also a word (i.e. “halcyon days”) so for those of you who think you’re oh-so-clever saying, “what a made up word!” and “how do you even pronounce that?!” you’re really just showing your own hilarious ignorance. Tears for you!

Winifred on

Congrats to them she’s a cute baby! Welcome to the world Halcyon Juna!

Rusty on

Halcyon is lovely. I’m honestly surprised how many commenters are unfamiliar with this ancient name… Long before the video game or the insomnia medication, Halcyon (Alcyone) was a figure in Greek Mythology. She and her husband angered Zeus and Hera and were made into legendary kingfishers. The pair were said to have the ability to charm the winds and calm the waves.

Halcyon isn’t any stranger than naming a child Phoenix or Griffin. Besides Halcyon has such cute nicknames. πŸ˜‰

Lily on

Halcyon. Hmmm…named after a benzodiazepine (Halcion) that’s typically given to put people to sleep. Nice. Not.

Shawna on

Wow! Are you some of you completely illiterate?? It clearly says that Halcyon is the mother’s middle name and her grandmother’s name. As in, it’s been in the family for generations! Seriously people, learning some reading comprehension skills.

Anonymous on

Shawna- Exactly! They did NOT name her after a medication like the poster above tried to claim!

Lauren- How does her name rhyme with calcium? It’s pronounced Hal-see-uhn, not Hal-see-um!

Marky on

I never favor the comment,”So happy they adopted domestically”, but I’m not understanding why you assume that means white. The majority of babies adopted in this country are biracial of some type, or black, and certainly by celebs. As a parent whose family is mixed, and some from adoption, I see no problem with that, but I sure don’t get the reason you would complain about this family adopting a white child, if they did; those babies need homes, too. You cannot tell race by looking at a newborn picture; biracial and AA babies are frequently lighter at birth than they are when they are older, and what difference does race make, anyway?

Ashley on

Who is this? Cute baby, but as is typical of these people, ugly name….what a shame (sigh)

June on

I also have never heard of this person, but the name is nice. Have people not heard the term “halcyon days”, meaning tranquil and without care? Also, since it is a family name, it has personal meaning.

Marue on

Fun fact: You know the song “America the Beautiful” that opens with “Oh beautiful, for spacious skies”? That was originally going to be “Oh beautiful, for halcyon skies”.
It’s a very pretty name. And hey, at least she didn’t name her child Spacious.

alicia on

i adopted both of my children domestically and they are both biracial. there are actually more biracial and aa babies who need loving homes than white babies. it doesn’t matter what path people take to create a family and it doesn’t matter what color anyone is or where they come from – everyone just needs someone to love. so chill out on judging people so quickly.



Crystal on

Halcyon River Diairies…one of my fave docs on the Oasis channel. Beautiful name to choose for that precious babe πŸ™‚

Susie on

Wow, Sandy! Are you kidding? “Thank goodness it’s a white baby”. Never have I read anything on here that has made me want to comment until that. What an idiotic remark.

Lily on

I can read just fine…I merely meant it brought to mind a medication. One that causes a snoozefest, no less. Tongue-in-cheek…look it up.

Francesca on

Juna is a Korean name, so I thought it was a Korean baby they adopted but nope. Juna is the name of a famous Korean comedian too lol. That’s what happens when you let a 6 year old boy name your kid I guess lmao