Tori Spelling Is Pregnant – Again!

03/23/2012 at 02:20 PM ET
Jeff Vespa/WireImage

Well, that was fast!

Five months after giving birth, Tori Spelling has announced some big news: she’s expecting again.

Dean, Liam, Stella, Hattie, and I are beyond thrilled to announce that another little McDermott is on the way,” she writes on her website in a blog post titled, “Baby Makes 6!”

“We feel truly blessed that another little angel has found us. Love Tori, xoxo.”

Spelling, 38, welcomed her youngest daughter Hattie Margaret last October. She and husband Dean McDermott are also parents to son Liam, 5, and daughter Stella, 3Β½.

Along with the message, Spelling posted a photo of her bare stomach, which her children are touching.

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Brooke on

Sounds like these babies will be close to being Irish Twins….Wow.

Ashley on

Wow, that was fast! Congratulations to the family and I love the name Hattie, very cute πŸ™‚

Janine on

holy goodness. I did not see that one coming…at least this fast.

Lola on

Wow, she must have gotten pregnant RIGHT after Hattie since i’m sure she wouldn’t say anything till the 2nd trimester. Many Congrats to them & their beautiful family.

klutzy_girl on

Holy shit! I was not expecting this one. Congratulations to them!

I’m guessing she’s due in September.

kjc on

I wasn’t expecting that so soon. I cant imagine getting pregnant again so quickly. My little guy is almost 11 months, and I’m just starting to THINK about trying again… Although my husband was ready to try again months ago.

Congrats to the whole family.

Actually, I just want to add that I know people are going to say they are leaving out Deans oldest child – but he isn’t Tori’s. She does have a family of 6, plus 1. Dean has a family of 7. If it was Dean who’d made that announcement it would have been disappointing.

Niki on

SHOCKED! Congratulations to them! I’m betting we have a very close due date!

Loa on

Baby doesn’t make 7? They really never mention Jack, do they? He should be a part of that family. I guess Tori stealing his father from his mother in an affair that made him renege on his responsibility to their mariage and Lola doesn’t make him apart of that family but hey, I wouldn’t want to be.

Julianna on

Wow! Congratulations to them.

Paige on

Congrats to Tori and Dean! I’m so incredibly happy for them. She’s a terrific mom! And I love the idea that just like Liam has Stella, Hattie will have this baby to be close in age. Siblings may fight and tease each other but, there is nothing like the love of a brother or sister. They truly are your best friends for life. Also to all the people criticizing her for not putting “Baby Makes 7” if you people follow Tori and Dean at all then you would know Dean’s ex-wife hates Tori and I doubt she would appreciate Tori claiming Jack as her child.

meghan on

Must be desperate to hold onto him.

Olivia on

Wow. Can’t imagine getting pregnant so soon. My body had definitely not recovered enough in so little time. Heck, my cycle didn’t even come back until my baby was a year old due to breastfeeding.

Leigh on

Surprised to say the least!!!!!! The babies must be going to be at least 10-12 months apart, but that is my opinion….since it doesn’t say. At least they are seem like they are hands on parents, according to their show and pictures, but I don’t live with them, so who knows. God only knows and He knows best!

Ashley on

Congratulations to them!! They are a beautiful family πŸ™‚

JMO on

wow didn’t see this coming atleast not for a few more years! My mom and her brother are 11 months apart! But being brother sister they were not very close and always fought! lol

Tina on

Not to incite a riot here, but clearly she’s not breastfeeding. To each his own, but to me, having a baby that soon seems to defeat the purpose of all of it.

Lisa on

Wow! Totally wasn’t expecting this at all. I guess it is nice that Liam and Stella are close in age and Hattie are the baby will be close in age. She will really be challenged with 4 kids 5 and under but from what I see she seems to be a terrific mom and give all the kids great attention. I love when we see them out with Jack too. I know they mentioned that Liam and Stella adore Jack, and I’m sure Jack adores his sisters/brother too!

shalay on

Wow! I couldn’t believe it when I read that headline. Congrats to them! It’s getting rarer and rarer to see families these days that have more than 3 kids.

Loa, I read that Dean and Tori have an agreement with his ex-wife that they would keep Jack out of the media. I’m sure that Dean is involved in his son’s life (as involved as he can be, living far away). Just because we, the public, don’t see it splashed on internet gossip sites doesn’t mean that they don’t consider him part of their family.

Taylah Jordison on

Congratulations Tori, Dean, and kiddies. I absolutely love your family and I know this child will be loved and adored just like your other children. You are all truly blessed.

Kel on

Congrats! I hear right after a woman has a baby, she’s at her most fertile… conception must have happened not too long after the last child was born.

Lillian on

Wow,I didn’t see that one coming! I bet she found out at her postpartum appointment.

Grace on

@Tina: It’s possible to still get pregnant while breastfeeding, and to continue to breastfeed while pregnant.

@Shalay: I think Jack actually lives nearby. He used to live with his mother in Canada, but they moved to California a few years ago.

B.J. on

“Hattie… beyond thrilled.” Hmm, somehow I doubt little Hattie has a clue what’s going on, or how much less attention she will get once she’s a year old and new baby is here.

angel on

Well, Tina, in response to your comment, how is she clearly not breastfeeding? My brother and I are 11 months apart, and my mother was breastfeeding him when she became pregnant with me. We are very close and have always been. Not to mention successful, well adjusted adults with awesome children of our own. Children are a blessing no matter how close or far apart in age.

Liz on

Woah, not expecting this but they do make beautiful kids!

denise on

congrats to them!!!

some people seem to think that you can’t get pregnat when you’re breastfeeding… please, grow up and learn a bit about biology. I don’t know if tori’s breastfeeding, but I don’t care anyway.

jack is dean’s kid, not tori’s but that doesn’t mean she dislikes him? I would have been mad as I was a kid if my Mom’s boyfriend would have called me his “child”. They keep him out of the media and I think that’s good.

meghan on

it’s nice to know i’m not the only one who enjoys having kids so close together. my husband and i have four under four, and i confess, the last one was the one that sent our world into complete chaos! he’s awesome though! congrats and good luck!!!

JRW on

@Tina -Thank you Dr. Tina but tell that to my BFF who breastfeed her first, got pregnant 6 months postpartum (still breastfeeding), and continued to breastfeed until her oldest was 11 months…

Congrats to the family. She’s going to be exhausted but it’ll be a lot of fun too!

Doreen on

WOW!! Didn’t see this one coming sooo quickly!!! πŸ™‚

Missy on

@Tina I know lots of people that have gotten pregnant while breastfeeding, one as soon as 6 weeks after she had her first, it’s not a reliable method of birth control.

Congrats to Tori and Dean, I figured they’d have another one soon but not quite this soon.

justmemartie on

I thought she had C-sections…? Isn’t it risky to get pregnant so soon and with a fourth one? Then again, if this was an “oops” situation, my only option would be to have the baby. Hope all goes well!

Candy on

Oh boy… I can see it now… Tori and Dean, 4 and counting. Let’s see how far they will go to out do the Duggers and Gosselins.

Katie on

Congratulations to them! I wonder what they are going to name this baby.I’m sure it will be something cute and normal. Does it say how far along she is?

Katie on

Not surprised because Tori has said they were going for 4 children together. Maybe this will be her last?

Alise on

I wish her a smooth pregnancy and delivery. Four cesarean sections?? Yikes!

SAR on

A woman tends to be Fertile Myrtle immediately after giving birth, so in that sense her getting pregnant again so soon isn’t surprising.

When she was pregnant with Hattie, she said she was afraid this would be her last baby. Well, obviously it wasn’t! Congratulations to her and the family.

Ann on

Candy, your comment is inapropriate. I doubt they are trying to outdo Duggars.

MollyF on

*already sent her congrats on her Facebook profile* But I’m happy for them. My older sister and brother are 14 months apart and my Mom was pregnant when she was still breastfeeding my sister. I don’t see anything wrong with that. They all look very happy and I’m very happy for them. I love Tori and Dean. πŸ™‚

Clairesamsmom on

I do love tori and family….. But another? Already? And how safe are four c-sections?

Jason on

LOL Someone sure has some very potent amigos down there….

victoria on

i dont think it will be hard for her- she has A LOT of help- frequently while out shopping she has a nanny along- and she seems to work a lot as well….

Meela on

Good for them afterall she is 38 and not getting any younger!

I have become a Tori fan of late, if anyone has the patience it appears that she does.

Women go from having “plenty” of time to have children to the next thing you know you can’t anymore.

Plus Stella is my total favorite. Love her name and she is the sweetest!

Tee on

Wonderful news! I’m very happy for their family. It will be fun for Hattie and this new baby to be so close in age!

Tina, it’s actually pretty common to get pregnant while nursing. Not being able to get pregnant while breastfeeding is nothing but an old wives tale.

Justmemartie, I know she had a section with her first two but I’m not sure it it was confirmed with Hattie. I remember that she had a section scheduled but went into labor a few days before then. My thought is that she might have had Hattie vaginally but I’m not sure.

Shannon on

Put it away, Dean! lol

A.S. on

Love Tori and Dean, Wish them all the best πŸ™‚

Grace on

@Tee: No it was definitely a c-section. They filmed it for their show and I just watched the episode a few days ago.

Sarah S. on

My mother got pregnant with my sister when I was 2 months old–yes, we are Irish Twins!! We’re the same age almost the whole month of July (except for the first 2 days)! My mom turned 23 yrs. old 5 days before I was born; and she was still 23 yrs. old when she had my sister the year after she had me! Still hilarious all these years later. Anyway, congrats to Tori and Dean AGAIN! πŸ™‚

Paige on

Surprised to hear this so soon.

Congratulations to Tori, Dean, Liam, Stella, and Hattie. Love this family.

acorr on

C-sections carry risks, whether you have one or 4. It’s 2012, hospitals have come a long way when it comes to taking care of mother and baby during this type of delivery. Congratulations on your impending arrival Tori and family!!!!!!

Mia on

Surprised – but congrats!

Maybe she’ll have a boy + it will be 2 + 2.

It is a family of 6 with them + their 4 kids – including his oldest son from a previous relationship is 7….but its not their kids between the 2 of them.

Tina on

As someone who breastfed both kids until 17 and 16 mos respectively, my cycle did not return until I stopped breastfeeding completely. If you exclusively nurse, for many women, you do not have a period until you stop nursing. I appreciate all of the condescending comments, everyone, and I’ll have you know I am a doctor.

Tina on

For the record, it’s documented that if you exclusively breastfeed (that means no pacifiers, no bottles, no formula supplements) for the first six months, you have a 1-2 percent chance of getting pregnant. You think Tori really beat the odds?

Monica on

Wow! I know she said she wanted a 4th but I have to say I doubt she planned to get pregnant again when her newborn was 2 mos old.

I’m assuming she just hit the 12 wk mark since she has always waited that long to tell in the past. At least this time she didn’t have the papparazzi hounding her since they just assumed it was baby weight from Hattie.

She has said that Stella was a surprise when she was changing bc methods and got pregnant in between. Maybe the same thing this time? Or maybe they just said the heck with it we’re not getting any younger.

Either way- congrats. I love watching their show and can’t wait to see next season!

Anonymous on

I’m both surprised and not surprised. I had a hunch that they might have two really close together again like they did with Liam and Stella, going by all their comments about wanting a fourth (even while Tori was still pregnant with Hattie!). But at the same time, I didn’t expect them to have another baby QUITE this soon!

Going by the photo Tori posted, it looks like she’s already pretty far along, too. Then again, this is her fourth child and odds are she hadn’t lost much of the baby weight from Hattie when she got pregnant (seeing as how, as other posters have said, Hattie couldn’t have been more than a few weeks old when she concieved!).

Congrats to them, and I hope for a safe pregnancy and delivery for Tori (I have to admit that the fact she’s pregnant so soon after her third C-section makes me nervous!)!

Daniela on

I’m jealous. Well only of her “large” family, not of having kids so close together. I would probably run away from home screaming if it was me! lol Congrats to her!

Oh and Hattie is cute as a button!

Anonymous on

Oh, and as far as Jack is concerned, like others have already said, it’s a pretty well-known fact that his mother doesn’t like him to be in the media (his face is even blurred out whenever he appears on Tori and Dean’s reality show). Not only that, but we need to remember that Jack is 13. At that age, he’s probably not going to want to take part in cutesy belly-touching pregnancy announcements! πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

Tina- Exactly. There’s only a 1-2 percent chance of getting pregnant with EXCLUSIVE breastfeeding. But most women DON’T exclusively breastfeed. Usually there’s at the very least some pacifer or bottle use involved. So Tori very well could have been breastfeeding when she got pregnant, just not exclusively.

Tina on

Point well taken, Anonymous, you win the Lactation Awards.

Mia on

She looks 6 months pregnant in the pic posted on the website – maybe it’s twins!

gb on

Congratulations to them. I believe Tori did breatfeed because Dean accidentally tweeted a picture with Tori in the background nursing the baby and she spoke about how embarrassed she was at the time. A friends’ cycle returned when her baby was a few months old and she had been breastfeeding exclusively so it does seem to be possible. Who knows, maybe Tori is in that 1-2 percent.:)

Grace on

@Tina: Sell it somewhere else. Anyone can claim to be anything on the internet.

Lily on

I breastfed my daughter with NO supplemental formula and she hated a pacifier, so never used one after she left the hospital. I got pregnant again when she was two months old. I breastfed her until she was six months old. You “doctors” on here who say there is only a 1 or 2% chance of pregnancy while breastfeeding…hahahahaha! My doctor said it frequently happens to breastfeeding mothers and I’ll put his credentials up against yours any day of the weeks. Each person’s body is different. (Pssst…if you are really a doctor, I don’t know how you passed the boards with your decidedly juvenile writing style.)

gabbytee on

@ Tina, not true! Exclusively breastfed my son, and my period started 6 wks after giving birth. It was one of the “Perks” i was told about breastfeeding. That you wouldn’t get your period. It CAN happen. My dr said that everyone is different, and that it can happen. LLL said it can happen.

Shelley on

congrats to them!
For what it’s worth, I breastfed my (3) kids exclusively for the first 4-6 months, and then added solids, but never formula. I didn’t start menstruating until 14 months after the first baby, then 10 months with the next, and then 8. Just sayin’ that if you do “ecological” breastfeeding (i.e. feeding on demand around the clock, with no supplementation, which is not what I call what I did), your chances of getting pregnant are very low. If you do what I and many others did, it’s more likely, but you still have decreased chances. It also depends on the individual.

Lucy on

Wow…there are some really smug, sanctimonious, judgmental, harpies on this site. What to you care if she breastfeeds or not? Maybe she couldn’t make it work with Hattie for whatever reason — so what?! I couldn’t with my son and he reads at a 6th grade level in 2nd grade and gets sick about once a year. OTOH some friends and acquaintances who religiously breastfed, their kids (now and as babies) are always oozing snot, going to the doctor (for colds and allergies) and are NOT in the gifted programs at school. Get off your high horses ladies.
**drops mic**

Cammy on

WHOOAAA! I tell my husband that if we had that kind of money we’d have a brood as well! As it is I’m blessed to have a son and daughter.

Cammy on

And yes, it is possible to get pregnant while breasfeeding! It happened with me.

Ann on

Lol @Tina, you’re obviously either not a doctor, or not a very good one!

Katie on

I think Harlow Grace or Willow Grace is a pretty name for a girl and for a little boy Brian Dean or Lyric Dean

Joni on

Congrats to her! My kids are 15 months and 4 months. It’s hard having them so close together, but they will grow up close. Of course I don’t have two other kids. She will definitely have her hands full.

michelle on

AMAZING my kids are 13 months a part.. but that was my first time.. you would think unless it is intentional that they woule be very careful πŸ™‚

Hmm on

Tina, you may claim to be a doctor, but you clearly don’t have a clue about how women’s bodies actually work. Maybe YOU did not have a postpartum period until your children were weaned, but I’m here to tell you that MOST women actually do. I certainly have. I’m still breastfeeding my 20-month-old, and I’m 13 weeks pregnant with his sibling after getting my period back when he was 4.5 months old – and yes, I WAS exclusively feeding until he started solids at six months! Not convinced? My friend was exclusively breastfeeding her daughter, never got a postpartum period, GOT PREGNANT AGAIN WHILST STILL EXCLUSIVELY BREASTFEEDING, and went on to have her son 11 months after her daughter was born. It happens. It happens frequently. Every woman is different, so blanket statements like the ones you have made merely show your ignorance.

Catca on


You are spreading dangerous misinformation on this board. You absolutely can get pregnant while breastfeeding! You’re not starting a riot, you are potentially creating a pregnancy someone may not be ready for if they read your comments and think they don’t need to practice safe sex if they are not ready for another little one yet!

AmandaC on

Anyone that KNOWS Tori & Dean’s situation with Jack WOULD know that they never leave him out. HIS mother has asked for him to be excluded from all this hollywood BS so they do just that. Congrats on the new baby!!!

AmandaC on

wonderful i am sure you will give him\her a beautiful name.

Shannon on

I feel sorry for Dean’s oldest son.

Jordan 1 on

another Liam and Stella moment lol

S1 on


As an *actual* medical student, I’ve emailed a link of this board to the ethics department of the AMA. Claiming to be a doctor when you are *clearly* not is not only dangerous, it’s illegal. Hopefully they will take the time to obtain your contact information and at LEAST craft a carefully-worded email chastising you for your idiocy.

Ann on

@S1, good one! It’s not hard to find her contact information via IP and I know that AMA takes these issues very seriously.

SadieA on

Congratulations to Anonymous for winning the Lactation Award, handed out by Dr. Tina!!

Tina on

Never said I was a medical doctor. I simply have an experience and wanted to share. I will no longer waste time on this board, which is full of nasty, hateful people.

tamara on

S1, you’re so over reacting that it’s not even funny… sending a letter to AMA’s ethics department… oh my gosh, if there’s such a department I’m sure they have better things to do than hunt someone down, because the person said that you can’t get pregnant when you’re breastfeeding on demand… i have no idea who Tina is but she stated her opinion and that’s the end of the story. Btw, she’s also right, go to, and read about it.

Of course everyone is different, and I know some people who got pregnant when they breastfed… I also met people who got pregnant while on a birth control pill….

Anyway, it’s nobody’s business if Tori decided to breastfeed or not.

Congratulations Tori and family!

Alexandra on

I believe that women of “primitive people” (silly word, is there another one that doesn*t sound so degrading?) usually don’t get pregnant as long as they are breastfeeding, but our Western culture actually lost this natural “protection” because we can provide for more than one child even at this young age…?! My baby is 8 months old and I am breastfeeding him during the night – and I’m still waiting for my period to return :/ Hm, wouldn’t be too thrilled about having another child this soon, though.

Anyway…congrats to Tori and dean. Yay!

@Shannon: Why would you feel sorry for him?????

B.J. on

I have a friend who has Irish twins as well, born 13 months apart. She was breastfeeding her daughter, assumed she couldn’t get pregnant, and then bam! Her son came along shortly after. She said she was so confused/scared because she didn’t think it would happen, but it does.

dd on

Enjoy your uterine rupture! Wonder if anyone has told her that repeat c-sections are riskier than VBAC. Probably not.

loisirpa on

All these people commenting that you can get pregnant while breast-feeding clearly know nothing about Tori Spelling. During an episode of Tori & Dean Inn Love, she got irate when one of their guests asked if she breast-fed. Anyone who breast-feeds will not take offense to this question. Sure, there are these rare cases where people get pregnant while breast-feeding, but Tori Spelling is not one of them. Girl wanted to get knocked up as quickly as humanly possible in order to acclaim some freaky mommy credentials, now that her reality shows have gone by the way-side. Hope that next child enjoys formula: that’s certainly the only thing on the menu.

watermellens on

Tina, was this not the last sentence to your second post? “I appreciate all of the condescending comments, everyone, and I’ll have you know I am a doctor.”

…and then in your final post you write “Never said I was a medical doctor. I simply have an experience and wanted to share.”


Anonymous on

Mia- She DOES look big, but we need to remember that this pregnancy occured within an EXTREMELY short time of her giving birth to her youngest (likely before little Hattie was even two months old). So she probably hadn’t lost much if any of the baby weight, and it’s also very possible that her uterus hadn’t completely shrunk back down yet (it takes about six weeks for that to happen, which is one of the main reasons the mother’s first postpartum check-up is scheduled for around that time). Plus, this is her fourth child, and you tend to show earlier with each pregnancy. So I’m not surprised she looks as big as she does.

That being said, something occured to me last night after I posted my first comment. Generally you’re not supposed to have sex for six weeks after delivery to allow your body time to heal (and that’s for a vaginal delivery. I suspect the time-frame might be longer for C-section births like Tori’s). It would appear that Tori and Dean didn’t follow that “rule”. πŸ˜‰

morrishill on

Apparently money and fame does not help one learn about birth control. Having nannies does not give each child parental attention when one has more children than time. Sad situation to keep having babies so close together and not good for mom or children. No respect for these folks at all.

Ann on

“I appreciate all of the condescending comments, everyone, and I’ll have you know I am a doctor.

– Tina on March 23rd, 2012 “

Jillian on

If this baby is born by Oct 9, 2012 they will be Irish twins.

I have a friend who has Irish twins as well, born 13 months apart.

– B.J. on March 24th, 2012

I didn’t show earlier with each of mine the more I had. I wouldn’t use that. Also, “That being said, something occured to me last night after I posted my first comment. Generally you’re not supposed to have sex for six weeks after delivery to allow your body time to heal (and that’s for a vaginal delivery. I suspect the time-frame might be longer for C-section births like Tori’s). It would appear that Tori and Dean didn’t follow that β€œrule”. ”

Huh? How do you “know” or think this? She had the baby 10/10. So if they waited two months, Until December, she would be almost four months pregnant which seems about what she would be and looks like, especially under your theory of size. You contradict yourself.


No. Irish twins are born within 12 months.

Jillian on

I have never heard of a doctor who is not a medical doctor. What are you? Considering doctors go to medical school, what school did you go to, to become a doctor? Also, hearing you are a doctor and hearing you speak about babies born to breastfeeding mothers was surprising! Most people know that it can happen…I mean that is sex education 101.


Sandra on

I do not get the people who say they feel sorry for Dean’s son, Jack; Jack’s mother DOES NOT WANT HIM IN THE MEDIA, they are respecting HER WISHES.

Anyways, so happy for them and wish them all the best πŸ™‚

Shannon on

Um you are a doctor if you have earned a doctorate. There are doctors of medicine (MD), doctors of philosophy (PhD), doctors of education (Ed.D), etc. This is why many university professors are called Dr. XXX. I thought this was common knowledge. Guess not. πŸ˜‰

Katie on

Not true Tina. I exclusively nursed for the first 6 months and my period returned after 3 months of giving birth. So yes it can happen!! Every woman is different. Maybe you were one of the lucky ones not to have a period. I unfortunately was not one of them.

Jillian on

It is Shannon. Most of those that I know that have that type of license speak of medical background as if that’s their field, act like they are a medical doctor and then say they are not. It’s misleading. That is the point everyone is making. It would be like me saying I am a teacher. Talking about teaching skills used recently and then saying I am not a school teacher. Games are what my children play.


Holiday on

Mary have you never really heard of a doctor that is not a medical doctor? Did you not go to college? Most of my professors were PHD which is a doctor but NOT a medical doctor in their field. PhD in economics, chemistry, English literature etc. So if she got her PhD She could be a doctor without being an MD.

Sam on

I exclusively breastfeed my 10 week old son and my cycle returned. My doctor has told me its because my boy sleeps more that 6 hrs through the night. Breastfeeding will only stop it returning if yes you are exclusely feeding but you also have to feed on no more than a 4 hrly schedule

B.J. on

I can’t follow your logic Mary, nice try though.

Brooklyn on

Wow! That was fast. Congratulations to them!

Latia on

It’s definitely possible to get pregnant while breastfeeding– my periods came back at 5 weeks and 6 weeks postpartum even though I exclusively nursed both of my sons till they self-weaned after 2 years old. My grandma’s first 2 children are just 11 months apart even though she was breastfeeding. I think I take after my grandmother who is just super fertile and had 7 kids. But we are not the norm– most women will not ovulate if their baby is under 6 months old and exclusively breastfeeding every few hours (including at night).

BUT, I don’t think this is the case with Tori. She was on The View back in 2008 soon after having her daughter Stella and when asked if she was breastfeeding she commented that “babies only needs breastmilk for the first 2 WEEKS and formula is just like breastmilk now!” I’m sure her periods came back asap when she stopped breastfeeding at the 2 week mark!

Mia on

Guessing she is due around August – that will be nice space between birthdays — March, [May] June, (August/September), October, [Nov.]

Anonymous on

morrishill- How do you know Tori and Dean didn’t use birth control? No birth control except abstinence is 100 percent effective, so for all we know they had an “oops” situation!

dd- Actually, a VBAC is riskier than a repeat C-section once you’ve had two or more C-sections in a row. In fact, most doctors and hospitals don’t allow mothers to even attempt a VBAC after having had two C-sections in a row (heck, a lot won’t let you attempt one after having had even ONE C-section!).

Amanda K on

Wow, what a surprise! Congrats to them, a baby is always a blessing. It will be nice to have 2 so close in age.

Ann on

In Mary’s defence, Tina really presented herself as a MEDICAL doctor when she stated the reason she knows about a medical issue is because she is a doctor. That would suggest a MEDICAL doctor. As in she wouldn’t mean “I am a medical authority because I am a doctor of whatever else” … I hope it makes sense

Otherwise you’re right, there are many different types of doctors. It’s reading between the lines Mary is referring to

denise on

btw who cares if tori spelling breastfeeds?? do we know her reasons, her medical history? no. do we know if they used contraception? maybe they hoped for a fourth child together? of course it’s more dangerous to get pregnant so quickly after a c-section but I guess it isn’t our business. I just hope for them that all goes well.

tlc on

Tina represented herself as a “medical doctor” with her comment “I know what I speak of, I am a doctor” implying she was a MEDICAL doctor.

I agree with the poster who said that many women cannot breastfeed. I couldn’t. I had no milk come in and a c section with pain meds that did not allow me to breastfeed. My son was formula fed and he is NEVER sick. He’s thrown up twice in his ten years on this planet. My niece and nephew who WERE breastfed, are always at the doctor with some infection or some ailment and always ALWAYS stuffed up or coughing. Every time I see them or talk to my brother, one or both are always sick.

I don’t have any guilt over not being able to breastfeed my kids. They are both healthy, happy, well adjusted and incredibly bright kids. My daughter is 3 and she is already reading!

At any rate, Tori must have been shocked with this one because she had posted and said on her show Home Sweet Hollywood, that she thought she was done with kids when Hattie was born. She also said she would like more but to have time to enjoy the three (four) she had first (including Jack in that statement as SHE did!) and wanted to wait a few more years to think if she wanted to be pregnant again. I’m sure this was an OOPS! but a wonderful OOPS!

Congrats to Tori and Dean and the kids…I hope you have a healthy and happy, safe pregnancy with this one!!!

Grace on

@loisipra: Really? Have you personally met every breastfeeding mother in the world and done a survey to find out if that question is offensive?

It makes you look foolish to try to speak for all nursing mothers everywhere. I’m extremely pro-breastfeeding and I take offense to that question because it’s no one’s business but mine how I choose to feed my child, and it’s not a subject I want to discuss with random strangers. If other mothers want/like to talk about that stuff with strangers then more power to them, but now all of us feel that way.

Jillian on

Thanks for understanding what I meant. That is exactly what I was saying. I don’t believe she is any type of doctor. I don’t know how any non doctor wouldn’t know this could happen, let alone a doctor. I guess I always assumed they were super smart. Bad misconception.

I am aware of that. I have people in my family who have a variety of doctor degrees. I don’t think the way I wanted to convey my message came across on here. I. Can see others was just as confused as me. I think she was misrepresenting herself and I was trying to be a smart ass because I don’t believe her. Clearly it failed. To answer your question about college, yes. Went and graduated. Stay at home mom and run a business.

Sorry it went over your head. At least you understand it is logic.


AmandaC on

I really hope they get a new house. The finale of the their show was them moving into a much smaller house and Liam & Stella having to share a room as it only has 3 bedrooms. Plus they have all those animals, I’m surprised they don’t get something with 5-10 acres and have a little farm, it would be so cute! Best wishes to them.

liz on

Glad to hear there is a reason they don’t mention Jack — it does appear harsh, and no I don’t follow them that closely.

I also got my period after 6 weeks while exclusively breastfeeding, twice.

Anonymous on

AmandaC- That’s interesting to hear. I wonder why it’s Liam and Stella sharing a room instead of Stella and Hattie? You’d think they’d have the same gender siblings doing the room sharing!

Jillian on

Anonymous, a lot of parents do that. Pretty common because of sleep schedules. Gender is not important at this age. Hattie waking in the middle of the night can disrupted stellas sleep. My guess is this is why they did it. It’s very normal. If my children had to share, I would do the same thing. You don’t want your toddler waking every time the baby wakes up!!


Grace on

@Mary/Jillian: I believe her point was that there isn’t room in the new house now for 4 kids. Liam and Stella are in one bedroom and Hatte and the nanny are in the other bedroom. I guess they could act like normal parents and put the new baby in their own bedroom and actually get up at night and take care of their own child. But I guess it’s easier for them to pass the baby off to the nanny while bragging on magazines about being “hands-on parents.”

Anonymous on

Grace- Well, if they have a live-in nanny, where else is she supposed to sleep? All the other bedrooms, as you pointed out, are taken!

Anonymous on

Also, I just saw a photo in today’s StarTracks of Tori….and in contrast to the photo she posted on her site with the kids touching her belly, she doesn’t look pregnant at all! I’d love to know how she makes that work (looking extremely pregnant in one picture and then in the next one having the belly virtually dissappear!). πŸ˜‰

Anastasia Beaverhousen on

HOORAY!! I just love this family. I must admit my favorite however is Coco πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

Didn’t Tori have a c-section with Hattie? Hope that she is fully healed from the last birth? Guess it is time for them to get a bigger house again?

Abi on

I am the result of you can’t get pregnant while you are breastfeeding. My mom’s doctor told her that 40 years ago. My sister and I are 360 days apart and are best friends. I hope they have another girl so Hattie also has a built in best friend to grow up with.

thinks shes crazy on

I have 2 kids 14 months apart (now 5&6) and a 2 year old and there is no way I would have had another so close in age.. its hard work. shes insane or desperate

Bobbie on

Oh, now I get it!! That’s her evil plan to outdo the Duggar’s…You go Tori, only 17 more to go or whatever…

Chantelle on

Trying to catch up with the Duggers??

Anonymous on

10 months apart!!! Crazy!!

Ms. Chocolate on

Kudos to Tori and her hubby. It’s great that she is so family oriented considering the relationship she had with her mom. Time has been good to her, she looks great….

AllisonJ on

Congrats to Tori and Dean!! I feel bad for Tori’s uterus. LOL. Hope she takes a little break from having kids after having this one. Can’t wait to see if it is a boy or girl. I’m guessing girl.