Rachel Zoe: Skyler Is My Dress-Up Doll (For Now!)

03/23/2012 at 09:00 AM ET

Rachel Zoe is 40, feeling fabulous, and is finally ready to take a break from the fast lane.

“I’m so happy with where I am now, that I’m in a permanent good mood,” the celebrity stylist tells The Hollywood Reporter. “Things that used to get me down don’t stress me out anymore … Instead of being terrified at 40, it’s like my life is complete.”

Lorenzo Agius

Much of Zoe’s happiness can be credited to the birth of son Skyler Morrison, her first child with husband Rodger Berman; She admits having a baby has forced the couple to stop and savor each second together.

“For 20 years, we’ve been on this constant treadmill and never stopped to take a breath,” Zoe says. “People tell you everything changes when you have a kid, but what nobody says is you don’t mind.”

But perhaps the biggest change due to her “paralyzing love” for Skyler can be seen in their ever-expanding closets — not filled with pieces for Zoe, but rather for baby boy!

“I stare at my 500 racks of clothes, and I’m like, ‘When am I wearing it?’ I went through this thing where I thought, ‘I’ll sell everything,'” she recalls, “Then I was like, ‘Wait, I’m having a momentary lapse of sanity.'”

And while she hasn’t splurged on herself “in so long,” the proud mama finds joy in stocking her son’s wardrobe, which includes Gucci booties that will eventually be encased in bronze.

“It’s all so freakin’ cute. Listen, I know it’s excessive. It’s disgusting and I’m embarrassed,” Zoe reveals. “My only excuse is that I didn’t have a girl. I have a living doll with no opinion right now.”

However, despite her taste for all things expensive when it comes to Skyler, there is one area where Zoe refuses to spend the big bucks: baby boy’s first birthday on March 22.

“I don’t deal in pretentious kids’s parties. It sets a bad precedent,” she admits, sharing that the family will celebrate with a picnic in their backyard.

— Anya Leon

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Jessica on

A big 1st bday party for a child who doesn’t remember it, sets a worse precedent for a baby than expensive clothes they don’t remember? Whether I agree with doing either isn’t the point. I just don’t understand her reasoning at all that one would be in some way worse than the other.

Anonymous on

Jessica, it’s probably just personal preference… she likes clothes. Kids parties? apparently not so much.

kjc on

500! racks of clothes!? I think you have bigger problems than a ‘pretensious’ kids party,

Emily on

I bet a lot of the clothes that she has for her son she didn’t pay for. A lot of designers probably send her stuff because it’ll be seen when she’s out with him. Plus who doesn’t love outfitting their child? She’s right you only have a small window before they have a say in everything!

Catca on


One could argue that a baby has no idea that the clothes he or she wears are expensive or bought in a thrift shop – it’s all for the parents. On the other hand, a big party for a 1 year old isn’t just something the 1 year old won’t remember, it’s also something the 1 year old likely won’t enjoy. While some 1 year olds would love the attention, for most it would be overwhelming and does set a precedent of the world revolving around that child a lot more than the price tag of the child’s clothes. Or it could be just a personal preference for clothes over parties as anonymous said. Rachel said she doesn’t splurge on herself anymore, is enjoying dressing her son while he’s too young to tell her he’d rather just wear some gym shorts and a t-shirt (sounds like she’s down with that when he hits that point) and doesn’t want to throw large elaborate parties for a 1 year old. Sounds like she’s got her priorities straight.

Jessica on


I don’t agree or disagree with what she is saying. I just don’t understand her reasoning. I would also venture to guess that her child wearing Gucci shoes won’t end when he can talk or has an opinion. It’s the way she will raise him. But, she has the right to do whatever she wants with her money. I don’t think it’s right or wrong. I just think saying a party is wrong is judgy of her. If she was an event planner would it then be not wrong? Would that justify it in the same way?

Alexandra on

“My only excuse is that I didn’t have a girl. I have a living doll with no opinion right now.”

Nice way to think of your child.

Anonymous on

@Alexandra — You know exactly what she meant, but feel free to judge away and feel superior.

Anonymous on

Going by what Rachel’s said about Skyler’s clothes, I can only imagine what she’ll be like with a girl if she ever does have one. That poor little girl would probably be positively drowning in clothes (by the way, I’m being sarcastic about just about everything other than the drowing in clothes thing! ;))! 🙂

Mina on

Everything this woman just said is pure trash. The icing on the cake was “I will sell this stuff” rather than giving some, if not all, to goodwill! Judging by Gucci shoes for a toddler I can say this woman is all about MONEY! Makes me want to vomit. Just another spoiled money hungry woman who is famous and shoved down our throats. I will NOT be reading this womans articles anymore!

And the girl comment rubbed me wrong too. Sounds like she didn’t want a CHILD to raise, but wanted a living dolly. Glad she got a boy and not a girl, teach her some humility that kids arent toys! I hope he is one of those kids who likes to get dirty and doesnt want anything to do with fashion just to tick her off that she didnt get her way. Money cant buy everything lol.

Marky on

How judgmental can you get? This woman had a fantastic shock when she had Skylar; like many other women, she fell in love with her baby and had no idea she would be so overwhelmed with emotion! She is having a great time with her son and I’ve never heard her say she was sorry her baby was a boy. How is it she is being shoved down our throats? Read about her if you lie, don’t if you don’t.

Goodness, why should she do with her stuff what you think she should? If she wants to sell it, that’s fine; it’s none of our business unless she commits a crime that effects us. As for the “500 racks of clothes” comment, she was probably exaggerating like many do when they saym “I have a million things to do!”. Goodwill would do an eBay auction with whatever she donated anyway; it wouldn’t go to people who are in real need. Whew, you need to get over your self-righteous self!

SMiaVS on

At least guests at an elaborate party would likely enjoy themselves. It actually seems less selfish than the clothes. I can understand spending a bit more on higher quality, organic fabrics, but the label-obsessed culture baffles me….

Maria on

not an attractive family