January Jones: Placenta Capsules Are ‘Not Witch-Crafty!’

03/23/2012 at 04:00 PM ET
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January Jones plays TV’s iciest mom on Mad Men, but she and Betty aren’t alike in their mothering techniques.

“I think my fans make cracks about it, but they don’t actually think I’d bring any of Betty’s parenting into my own life,” she told PEOPLE during the show’s press junket Tuesday.

“What’s nice is that the expectations for my parenting is very low, so I can really only exceed the expectations.”

Fans need not set the bar too low, though. Jones, 34, was back to work almost right after she gave birth to her son Xander Dane last September. “I think I went back to set six or seven weeks after, so he was really little,” she says.

Jones was determined to spend time with her son, even during long days on set. “I had the baby and the baby nurse in their own room so I could go back and feed him every two hours,” the first-time mom recalls.

“If I felt like he needed me, or if he needed to eat, or even if I just needed a squeeze because I was having separation issues, I would go back and see him. It was such a blessing that I wasn’t separated from him.”

Jones tells PEOPLE that the biggest challenge of being a mom on set was the exhaustion. “It was hard to work long days and then go home and not sleep,” says the actress. “It’s getting harder, not easier, so I’m a little concerned!”

Jones’s secret to staying high energy through the grueling shooting schedule? “I have a great doula who makes sure I’m eating well, with vitamins and teas, and with placenta capsulation.”

You read right: Jones is eating her own placenta. “Your placenta gets dehydrated and made into vitamins,” she explains. “It’s something I was very hesitant about, but we’re the only mammals who don’t ingest our own placentas.”

Jones has taken the capsules every day since right after she had her son, and also anytime she feels tired or down. Jones insists, “It’s not witch-crafty or anything! I suggest it to all moms!”

— Catherine Kast

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Abbie on

Maybe this is because I am not a mom, so moms on here please tell me why you would make your placenta into vitamins and take them?

Amanda on

Im not a mom yet, but I have heard that doing this can help significantly with post partum depression because it helps restore the hormones you lose quickly when you give birth. As Ms. Jones said, we are the only mammals that don’t do ingest our own placentas.

Steph on

My midwife suggested this because it is supposed to really help with mood. Since I had postpartum depression last time, I am going to consider it. Having someone else make it into pills for me doesn’t seem too weird. But fry it up and eat it? (some people do that) Gross, no thanks. Not for me.

Ng981 on

For Abbie,
I know the placenta is packed with nutrients, and I believe it can also help with low iron, which is common after giving birth. I find it weird and gross and wouldn’t do it, but January is correct in that it’s normal for all other mammals to do so.

Luann on

a great opportunity to get word out about placenta encapsulation.

for those unaware of what this is, start researching and educate yourself!


Karolyn Mac on

If you ingest the hormones from your own placenta, you can help regulate the hormone fluctuations that happen after pregnancy. For some it can help with post-partum depression. All good stuff.

Kaley on

Other mammals eat their placentas for two reasons: 1) Because the blood and decay might attract predators, and 2) Because they often don’t have any other readily available source of calories to regain their strength. Since neither of these conditions apply to humans (the vast majority of the time), I really don’t see any point to the whole “eating the placenta” thing. I mean, if people want to do it, that’s their choice. But there isn’t any real scientific reason.

Michelle on

Personally, I could never fry it up and eat it or blend it into a shake. But I could totally take it in dehydrated, vitamin form.

Tee on

Kaley, there is actually quite a bit of scientific reasoning behind ingesting your own placenta. It’s not the right decision for everyone, of course, but there is scientific backing.

Shannon on

I have three kids. I am sorry, but I’ve seen that thing and there is no way I would eat it, encapsulated or whatever! It looks disgusting. I’ll just keep taking my prenatal vitamin, thanks 🙂

Allie on

Not gonna happen. Period.
Still, great to see people benefiting from that.

excerptsfromspace on

For some more info (including plenty of science) about placenta consumption on a hormonal, nutritional, and biological level, check out this article: http://excerptsfromspace.wordpress.com/2012/03/17/the-amazing-placenta-a-k-a-the-tree-of-life/

I highly recommend it for all new mothers!

Marky on

What generally contributes to PPD is not lack of placental hormones; it is generally due to the fact you may think you can handle everything just as you did before, and you are the only one who can do anything for the baby because everyone else doesn’t really understand “your” baby. Then there’s the idea a lot of women have now that grandmothers, aunts, best friends or anyone who isn’t a professionally trained nurse, knows their butts from a hole in the ground, so how can you let them help? Sometimes I’ve heard women say, “I don’t want anyone else in the house”, or ” I want it to be just our little family!” Dad goes back to work when baby is 4 days old, and mom thinks she has to be the best mother ever, so she does the laundry, makes certain the house stays in fairly nice order, since someone might drop by, and cooks the food, and cleans the kitchen since “no one else does it right!”, and after a month, she notices she’s crying all the time, losing her grip on everything and just want to scream all the time.

I had PPD after my first child and when I was pregnant the next time, we had also just adopted a 1 yr. old. I talked with my doctor and was told that he wanted me to take 2-3 weeks and “kick back and play with your baby (babies, for me), and focus an being a relaxed mom learning to breastfeed your new baby. You get one of the grandmothers to come help, don’t worry about how she does whatever needs to be done, and get all the rest you can. After that, you do what you feel like doing, but focus on your family because you don’t have this time for long.” I asked my MIL to come, and she cooked everyone’s favorite food, and told me what a great job I was doing BF, and gave me the freedom to spend time with my other children as well. She asked nothing of me, made certain i had all the disposable diapers I needed (I had 2 in diapers), and and cleaned and did the laundry as well. Not one bit of PPD, and even though my mother arrived sick and needing care for 2 months after surgery right after that 3 weeks was over, I did amazingly well.

When my grandchildren came along, I did the same for their mothers, and tried to make certain they had the opportunity to stay depression free, without being intrusive, and by doing everything I could to make certain all they were responsible for was holding and feeding their new baby, taking a nice long bath , and sleeping all they wanted. Not everyone wants to just use common sense, but the truth of it is, but Kaley’s right, there’s no scientific reason to eat the placenta. Humans haven’t ever been documented as eating the placenta in any culture or tribe, and research doesn’t back it.

Try the old-fashioned way of letting others spoil you for a couple of weeks, and don’t worry about whether they do the laundry the same way you do, or spoil your older child in a different way than you would. And those who want to help, your job is not to hold the baby all the time, or tell someone they don’t have enough milk, or say, “We always did it this way!” Let the new parents do it their way and you just be the maid and the best helper you can. It’s only 2-3 weeks and the best gift you can ever give!

rebecca on

The placenta is an amazing thing. If I had the chance to ingest it in vitamin form, I totally would.

brooke on

I’m a doula, and a mom, and in nursing school. Did I do this. No. But scientifically I can see how it could be very nutritious, probably even more so if you didn’t dehydrate it. It sounds like it must be expensive to do though, and its probably cheaper just to eat it straight up or just eat a very well balanced diet high in lean protein. But no it’s not crazy, and if I had the money actors had, I’d probably pay for all kinds of “crazy” and osteopathic things to invest in my health and appearance, it’s how they make a living.

Anonymous on

A few somewhat unsual placenta “uses” appeal to me (such as burying it in the backyard and then planting a tree on top of it), but I have to admit that eating it, whether in pill form or otherwise, is not one of them. I understand why other people do it, though, and I don’t think it’s gross, per se. I’m just not the most adventureous eater in the world and it’s not something I personally would chose to do.

Sara Pereira on

I am proud to say that I was the specialist that prepared January’s placenta! http://www.mommyfeelgood.com

Lalalalala on

What is the difference between eating meat or the inards of an animal and the placenta? If you eat meat, in my opinion there is no difference. At least this belongs to you.

Hea on

Lalalalala – To me, it would be equivalent to eating any other of my own organs. If I were to fry up my placenta for dinner I could just as well throw in a kidney.

Kristen on

@Lalalala my thoughts exactly. Many of you who’d never consider eating your own placenta are more than willing to drink the puss from another animal and eat the meat from another animal so why not your own?

@Marky your theory about PPD is completely off. If all PPD needed was a few weeks to “kick back” then why not suggest that for anyone dealing with depression? A chemical/hormonal imbalance is not cured because someone comes in and cooks for you.

Chris on

For those who choose to eat placenta that’s great, but it’s not like most animal products we eat. The meat people usually eat is mostly muscle tissue. Some people eat organs (e.g., liver) which have a muscle component and other tissues. But the placenta is made of the part of the uterus that is bled during the menstrual cycle (minimal muscle tissue), amnion, and many blood vessels. It’s definitely not “bad” for you, but most people aren’t willing to consume these things.

jessicad on

I was planning on burying my daughter’s placenta and planting a magnolia over it, next to the one my mom and great grandmother planted years ago, but the nurse “forgot” to save it, broke my heart. I’m in Alabama and I know they thought I was crazy and said they had never heard such a request. When my sister gave birth in a different town here the nurses let me sneak out with her placenta right after the birth, they were awesome:)

I agree with @lalalala, what’s the difference? If you can eat a slab of ribs or a juicy steak from a strange animal why not something that comes from your own body. My sister and I are both vegetarians but she had hers made into pill form, she wanted everything she could get to help with PPD. I also agree with Marky though, women thinking they can do it all doesn’t help with PPD.

Shannon on

Placenta consumption is normal and healthy. What a shame most people don’t know how the human body works.

Shannon on

People who think placenta consumption is nasty are probably the same ones who think a pregnant woman’s body is gross and breastfeeding is disgusting! lmao Wake up people.

emily on

Shannon- I wouldn’t eat my own placenta, but I do plan on breastfeeding and pregnant bodies aren’t “disgusting” to me in any way. But thanks for the sweeping generalization.

Hea on

Shannon – In what sense is it “normal”?

Diana on

Sorry even if it is good for you, I couldn’t do it.

kk on

Here’s my extremely scientific take on placenta capsulation: ewwwwwwww!

Marky on

Kristen, perhaps you misunderstood my post. What I was saying was this; if you take good care of yourself, take advantage of GOOD help that doesn’t include criticism and someone taking over the baby, then you may be able to PREVENT PPD. Once you have it, it is not so easily dealt with. I stated I had PPD with my first child because I didn’t take advantage of help offered and thought I should do everything myself. My doctor’s whole suggestion was to try to PREVENT PPD.

Shannon, I believe that as an RN, birthing coach, lactation consultant, AND as a mom who chose to stay home until a couple of hours before delivery myself, and was extremely successful at breastfeeding, I kinda understand how the human body works, don'[t find L&D disgusting at all, and believe 100% in BF. Humans aren’t dogs, and we do not need to eat the placenta to be “normal and healthy”. My uterus had shrunk to the point that my abdomen was flat at 5 days after delivery, and my iron count didn’t drop at all from delivery with any of my children. I would not try to prevent someone from burying the placenta and/or planting a tree, if that’s what they want, but applying a type of mysticism to what is designed to nourish your child, not you, kind of means you need to wake up, no offense.

Karen on

Sorry Marky, depression (including PPD) is biological. It doesn’t care about how much help you have or how you handle criticism. Per Mayo Clinic (www.mayoclinic.com), “Depression is never anyone’s fault, and it can’t be fixed with a stiff upper lip or a positive attitude. Depression is a medical illness that needs treatment.”

Shannon on

Weirdo alert.

Jasmin on

Does anyone know if other cultures eat their placentas too? I’d be curious…. I found this slideshow about pregnancy around the world and different traditions and beliefs- REALLY COOL! I didn’t find anything about placenta though:


missy :) on


I kind of love you!! One of the few sane posts…

This is such a hilarious discussion. Eating a placenta, really guys? What Marky says about PPD is, in most cases, completely true. Yes, there are the few that truely have a hormonal imbalance, but if you think eating a placenta is going to correct that balance, you’re crazy.

This article and the discussion that follows is so completely absurd, I can’t believe I even commented. Give me a break!!

And, yes, my two kids are/were exclusively breastfed, as well.

Witchy on

People.com, I cannot believe you would print such a stupid, outrageous, bigoted comment about a religion! January claims eating a placenta isn’t “witchcrafty”???? I practice Wicca, and can assure you I have never eaten a placenta, or sacrificed any animals or children. January needs to educate herself better before making ridiculous statements about a religion she clearly knows nothing about!

Michele on

I was hesitant to ingest my own placenta but after becoming very informed I had to try it. It was the best decision I ever made. The pills helped with fatigue, mood swings, milk production, and energy levels. Encapsulation cost $250.00 and was done in my home a couple of hours after the birth of my baby by a trained professional. There is no taste to the pills and they are packaged neatly and safely in a bottle just like any other vitamin product. I keep them in the refrigerator and take them as I feel my mood or energy levels dropping and within moments I feel able to do the things I need to do. I wish more women could reap the benefits of placenta encapsulation. It is a wonderful, natural, and amazing way to be the best mom you can be.

RE on

It’s normal and natural to eat the placenta. You can also use it in a blessing ritual. Many place it in the same hole as a new tree. It helps nourish and as the tree grows so does the child.

What I want to know is why the would print the article with a religious slur? Would you have printed it if she said “It’s not Christiany (or Jewishy, or Muslimy). I suggest it to all moms.”. Witch is a term used by MANY PROUD Pagans.

Jacqui on

We planted a tree over my son’s placenta after he was born. Our baby girl was born last December and I had my placenta encapsulated and WOW!!!! What a difference! I had great energy, felt really upbeat and happy, healed quickly, and my skin GLOWED! I can’t say enough about it.

I wouldn’t eat my placenta, but taking the pills is just like taking vitamins — only with better, more noticeable results!

I understand those who think it’s gross, but if you just tried it you would be converted, I promise.

Meredith on

I have eaten placenta after the birth of my last three children. It is miracle stuff. You cannot imagine the difference it makes in slowing postpartum bleeding, regulating hormones, and fortifying the body with lost nutrients. Please, do at least a tiny bit of research before you dismiss something as “gross” or “unscientific”.

Anonymous on

Shannon- Way to generalize! As I said last night, placenta-eating doesn’t appeal to me. However, that doesn’t mean that I find the practice disgusting or that I think it’s horrible that people do it. It’s just not for me. And for the record, I think a pregnant body is a beautiful thing and am very pro-breastfeeding!

Marky on

Karen, how many times do I have to say I had PPD with my first pregnancy and became VERY aware of how it came about, that is why I made the suggestions I did about how to PREVENT PPD. I can’t believe how many people just don’t read the posts before they flip out on whoever doesn’t agree with them. I am not going to ridicule you if you have a placenta sandwich every day for the 3 days after you deliver; that is your business. What I am saying is, after researching whether there is more than a placebo effect from doing so, it isn’t really going to help other than placebo effect, isn’t necessary, and there are things you can do that are very sensible and helpful to prevent PPD or very much minimize it. I’ve been there and I know what I’m talking about. You can do whatever you please, and I promise I won’t call you names or tell you you are stupid. I would appreciate it if you would do the same for my opinion. I have mountains of research to back it up.

Jillian on

Good lord….thank goodness this is January Jones saying it and not one of the most hated celebs on here. Could only imagine what this would have turned into. At least those of us that disagree are doing so tastefully and having a healthy discussion with those we disagree. Can you imagine if Katie Holmes did this? Different outcome. Anyway. ….

Hea, I totally agree with you and see it no different than frying up a kidney. I have had five kids and I take more of a holistic and raise my kids as organic and natural as possible, but never thought of doing this.

Shannon, I don’t think breastfeeding is comparable to it and confused by this. Care to elaborate? Or are you on another pot stirring moment?

Marky, I agree with most of what you said but not about PPD. You either have the disposition or you don’t. Once you have a child, your body is put in a situation that you have no control over. Just like alcholism….some can’t even have a few drinks bc they have no control. I have suffered depression and PPD and believe me, I have tried everything to prevent it but it just came around. Guess I shoulda ate the placenta…haha!


Hea on

Can someone explain to me how it’s considered “natural”? For humans that is. I know dogs and various other animals often eat their placenta but then again, dogs eat other dogs poo and vomit as well. I have never read or heard anything about women, historically, eating their own placenta.

Shannon on

Gotta love these comments. I guess most people would rather ingest “vitamins” that are created in laboratories or are made from animal by-products than consume something from your own body. I don’t get it. Then again, humans have no problem drinking the milk of other mammals so I guess it makes sense. No wonder we have so many “food” allergies and diseases cropping up. Hmmm I wonder what our bodies are trying to tell us? Nah I’m sure it’s all a coincidence. lol

Hea on

I prefer fresh fruit and vegetables to pills.

Kate Marie on

That’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard. Seriously, wow.

margaret on

To Marky,
You are absolutely right that people should stick to facts, arguments, and opinions without having to resort to name-calling and insults. That said, you invited this onslaught by the the opening statement of your first post, which said (verbatim): “what generally contributes to PPD is not lack of placental hormones; it is generally due to the fact you may think you can handle everything just as you did before…” This is flat out incorrect. The primary cause of PPD is biological, and derives from the massive fluctuations in hormones that occur after childbirth. Therefore, these people were not “misunderstanding your post;” your opening statement is INCORRECT. Does that mean that the rest of your post is worthless? No; certainly having help for daily activities can help, but it will not cure PPD.

Ann Arbor Mom on

I have had 4 children, and we are as “natural” as you can possibly imagine. With baby #3 I had PPD, and I can tell you that no matter how much placenta you eat or how much help you have, it can happen and it is not fun, and it is not your fault.

Jurnee on

I’m sorry, but we are evolved. Animals don’t wear clothes or live in houses either. The whole idea sounds horrible and disgusting. Take iron pills and vitamins if you need them. Eat an iron-rich diet. Personally, I could not ever, ever, ever eat my own placenta. Sounds like a horror movie. 😦

Marky on

To Margaret,
I invited no onslaught, nor was I ever interested in having an argument with anyone, but that seemingly has become impossible on this site, regardless of the topic. I see no reason on this planet why saying something that many authorities have also said, should bring an “onslaught” of any type. I merely cited what my own experience was, and also said I had researched the topic since I had suffered PPD with my first pregnancy. I have NOT failed to be respectful of other’s opinions, even in stating that I disagree, and what you and others have failed to understand is that I agree about the hormone imbalance, but i also have seen quite a bit of research stating that it may start by exhaustion, sleep-deprivation, and the “I’m the only one who can do it”, or “I’m the only one who can do it right” attitude many of us may have when we have a new baby. Many women have been put in a position of HAVING to do everything because they don’t have anyone to help, and daddy may have to go back to work 3-4 days after baby is born, and they are like the walking dead. Maybe their baby has some health issues, as mine did, and all of those things result in physical and mental stress which afftects your hormones. It is not an all or nothing situation, and I know all too well how hard it is to deal with, so, as I also said, I will not criticize someone for choosing whatever route they take regarding placentas. I simply said, I find no scientific research which backs up the idea that it will help, other than by placebo effect.

Chow down, and I will not say anything about it, so why do you feel justified to be so critical of me? It is reaching the point where these sites are not fun places to go for discussions and exchange of ideas; they are places for people to unload their bitterness and frustration for all things that have gone wrong with their day and they think it’s fine to dump on strangers in the vain hope it will make themselves feel better.

gia on

You americans (and hollywood especially) just don’t know when to draw the line! You really believe everything any “scientist” tells you. It’s just a joke.

Shannon on

“What generally contributes to PPD is not lack of placental hormones; it is generally due to the fact you may think you can handle everything just as you did before, and you are the only one who can do anything for the baby because everyone else doesn’t really understand “your” baby.”

^^^Not true. What you describe above is quite typical of new mothers. Those mothers simply need to reevaluate their expectations. PPD is a medical condition – a type of clinical depression. A new mother might become depressed (clinically or sub-clinically) after realizing she can’t “handle everything” but PPD is not the same thing. The tips provided are great but they won’t prevent PPD.

Romy on

I agree, Marky. part of depression IS habitual and learned as well. I’m not saying some of it isn’t biological. I’ve gone through depression and PPD before. I understand first hand how it works and how it can be helped and prevented. I know not every case is the same, of course. I agree there is no real reason for a person to eat the placenta, and once it’s encapsulated is it really that effective anyway? But I also think it’s not harming her or anyone else, and it’s her choice.

J on

Exactly Witchy and Kaley. 🙂

K.W. on

Yes and we’re the only mammals that consume another mammals milk – which was meant for their own babies not us – we also aren’t living out in the wild where a predator might smell our placenta and hunt us and our newborn down – which is one of the main reasons animals ingest their afterbirths..next thing we know we’ll all be reading about some other Hollywood genius doing urine therapy to fight the aging process…

Becca on

I have heard of women in other cultures eating their own placenta, I don’t think the comparison between animals and humans applies. It’s Western women that don’t because they think it’s gross. Placentas can help with iron deficiency, mood, and energy. Now I don’t think I’d have the stomach to eat it straight up, but dehydrated and in capsules? Why not? It’s basically the same as taking any other pill, it’s in a capsule so you can’t taste it. Have an open mind, people.

Lou Griffin on

Look up KURU on Wikipedia and you will quickly learn why this bubble headed gal is SO wrong! How could anyone get health or lifestyle advice from a “celebrity”??? Kuru is a 100% fatal degenerative neurological disease, the scourge of some primitive, bone-in-nose style Papua New Guinea tribes. Transmitted ONLY by placenta eating, kuru slowly and cruelly kills its victims like Mad Cow disease and Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS). Their brains slowly rot away from inside as they develop crippling degenerative neurologic symptoms, finally resulting in death. Thank you January, you’re a real boost to the public health!!!

Jacqui on

Lou Griffin, did we read the same Wkipedia entry? The one I just read, per your recommendation, gave cannibalism as the cause of kuru and never once was the word placenta even mentioned. The tribal people you referred to we’re eating the bodies and brains of their dead. . . uh, not the same thing as placenta encapsulation.

trustme on

such a bunch of BS – animals that eat their afterbirth do it to avoid attracting predators. Jane Goodall observed this in APES, and yet other apes HIDE their afterbirth so to claim we’re the only mammals that do so is insane. midwives spout a bunch of crap like this to lemmings like January. They also promote waterbirth, and yet somehow the same logic doesn’t apply – NO LAND MAMMALS GO BACK INTO WATER TO BIRTH! The stupid hurts so much.

Hea on


Interesting read, I’m sure there’s more where that came from. So China has historically used placentas in medicine. I get that. But I can’t find a culture where the women eat their own placenta?


I don’t understand why people who disagree with the eating of the placenta are so outraged about? All that January said is that she has done it and recommends it! Not that it should become a law. BTW you people who disagree might be meat eaters, you are eating another animals meat, I don’t care that you might say that is cooked, you are still eating corpses. It just baffles me how close minded and stupid people can be when someone has different ideas and ways about doing things than others do.

For the person who mentioned the urine process, my great-grandmother and grandmother would place wet diapers on their face for the aging process and it worked FOR THEM, maybe it doesn’t work for anybody else. These are home, natural, and holistic remedies.

For the person criticizing midwives, do you honestly think that doctors have been around since the beginning of time? I would like to know the reasoning behind people being against midwife, douala assisted birth, homebirths, water births (btw TRUSTINE: nobody goes into the water AFTER birth it’s TO GIVE BIRTH, the stupid must hurt). Honestly people must assume hospitals and doctors have been around forever. Go back to school for your own goods. Ignorance isn’t bliss.

Anonymous on

What a sicko, i don’t care who she is.

Anastasia Beaverhousen on

Yuck! I think I may never eat ANYTHING again. I understand it is not as bad as it seems but seriously January TMI! The reason that we are the only species that do not eat our placentas is that we know better. We also don’t eat our own dung…dogs do that to protect their young in the wild. Is that your next venture? Lick a pamper?

SarahG on

I had my placenta encapsulated and took it for about 3 months after my daughter was born. I never had any postpartum depression and really felt great. I would definitely recommend it, especially if you think you might be at risk for depression.

Amanda on

My midwife took my first placenta and used it to fertilize her garden (where she grows all her herbs as an herbalist). I couldn’t even look at it – wanted nothing to do with it. Luckily I had no mood issues at all really. However, this time around I’ll be having her prepare it into capsules for me. I completely understand why it would turn some people off. You can’t honestly be shocked that some folks think it sounds rather disgusting. For me, I’d rather do it and take every precaution against PPD that I possibly can.

Tiffany on

I know it’s entirely normal and holistic… and I am all about that… but… ew right?

I guess if it was dried into capsules and you aren’t tasting it I’d do it lol the health benefits are great. Idea is just gross though lol

leapingwaters on

i didn’t do the capsule thing, but I did consume it, within the first 24 hrs…but i also has a homebirth and think outside the box…it has many dietary benefits, especially the iron…one of the problems with our current state of society is how we view pregnancy and child rearing…most people are so detached…believe circumcision is standard and breastfeeding is ‘too difficult’…

sunniemonnie on

I’m not eating anything that came out of me.

sinclair on

“I was planning on burying my daughter’s placenta and planting a magnolia over it, next to the one my mom and great grandmother planted years ago, but the nurse “forgot” to save it, broke my heart. I’m in Alabama and I know they thought I was crazy and said they had never heard such a request. When my sister gave birth in a different town here the nurses let me sneak out with her placenta right after the birth, they were awesome:) ”

jlduke55-That is cool. I hope your sister would not have had to sneak away w/her own placenta if she so chose to consume it? I hope the sneaking was only because it was you, not your sister, taking it away. I believe hospitals consider organs/removed parts/etc their property after taken out or delivered?? Sad, if so.

Mrs H on

You people really need to find a mothering or birth forum to take this argument to. You sound like a bunch of know-it-all yuppies. Get a life, get off People.com and take care of your children, lest they turn out as ignorant as you.

Marky on

HaHaHa, etc, you really need to practice your reading comprehension and lighten up on your rude lessons. You obviously didn’t read slowly enough to understand the posts you so blithely ridiculed, and quickly responded with answers that were not applicable. Think, think, think…….not cool…….

Aunt Suzy on

Sleep deprivation causes depression. That’s common knowledge. Who cares how the depression is characterized? Depressed is not a useful or safe way to be when you’re the primary food source of a tiny human. As to the question of whether eating something coming OUT of your body is a natural prevention, what seems natural for something your body is rejecting is to let it come OUT and stay OUT. But that’s just me.

And January’s comment about what is and is not “witchy,” is evidence that she recognizes the difference between what is substantiated by empirical data and what is viewed by the public as alternative in nature; and was simply defending her post-partum practice because she is a public figure and knows that most everything she says is subject to attack. As far as calling her a “bubble head,” check again. She seems to be doing fine.

Alley on

Loving this post… I had my placenta encapsulated, wouldn’t have thought to share it with the news media (not that the news media would care if I said anything…but if they did, I’d likely stay mum).

A friend of a friend is trained in it so I thought I would give it a try, I’m all for a vitamin or supplement here and there to keep me healthy, why not a special one for after baby. I’m by no means an advocate of it, clearly it’s a personal decision that a woman should make (and most moms in the country probably don’t even consider it).

I can’t say what life would have been like with out the pills, but I took them regularly the first month, then as needed, and I’ve felt great. No depression, fatigue, frustration, etc… just love my baby (she’s a great sleeper and relatively easy compared to many babies, I’m sure that helps a lot too).

Renn on

My best friend is a Douala and she does this for some of her moms. Every one of the mothers that have Encapsulated their placentas have said that their energy level is amazing as is their milk production and skin. While this hasn’t been studied it is still one of the most natural ways to beat the “baby blues”. I have not done this myself, but almost all of my friends have.

Sidney on

To those of you who say it’s unnatural…

Do you vaccinate your children? Because several vaccines contain aborted fetal cells. You are injecting your children with them. Is that disgusting or animalistic?

Do you drink soda? Soda contains formaldehyde. As does several fast food products.

Do you eat grocery store meat, take cheap vitamins, wear cheap make-up, or eat any kind of processed meats? These contain animal by-products. Do you know what that means? Skin, blood, and organs (along with trace amounts of feces) in your food.

Please educate yourself on what you consume before you call something unnatural. The majority of American food is unnatural. Now that’s disgusting. Encapsulating your placenta is certainly not, especially compared to what most Americans consume on a daily basis.

Sidney on

By the way, I vaccinate my children and occasionally drink soda and eat fast food. I will not, however, judge someone by the informed choices they make when a lot of men and women have no idea what they are putting into their bodies day after day.

I have to admit that I found out about encapsulating your placenta after the birth of my children and would have loved to do so. If you do a little research in your area, you can find people that are willing to do it for a fair price. It’s really no more expensive (or different) than taking a high end vitamin or supplement.

Kate on

*slow clap for trustme* Thank you for saying something intelligent instead of trendy.

Breeze on

To Marky: Sigh. There is a big difference between feeling down and a diagnosis of depression. The mother-in-law cooking your dinner and washing your socks is not a cure. I won’t call you a name, but I will say that you are minimizing a condition that is paralysing in its impact on many people – whether it comes from PPD or other causes.

Traci on

I am a mom, and would never eat my own placenta. YUCK…. Oh good for her she went back to work 6 or 7 weeks after she had her son. That’s what everyone does. The only difference is that we don’t get to bring our kids and nanny with us. We really have to leave them!

-B- on

@Kaley – I don’t know if those reasons are necessarily true. Animals in the wild no doubt eat the placenta because of the threat of predators, but what do the mothers do about the amniotic fluid, the blood and other bits that come out during birth? I don’t think an animal can just slurp that stuff up, so no doubt, the smell gets in the air even if doesn’t eat the placenta. And because that smell is getting in the air, babies are usually on their feet within seconds.

I’ve read and seen Discovery/National Geographic shows that have shown animals from wildebeest to pythons eating their own placentas and they give many reasons on why they do it. Some say that eating the placenta may help stimulate milk, it may give important nutrients to the mothers, it may help contract the uterus back to normal size. But the one thing I think most scientists and doctors can agree on is that the placenta is still a very unknown organ in pregnancy. That’s why modern science hasn’t been able to replicate it yet, they don’t know how to because it is complex and mystifying.

The sad part about this is that people with no understanding of birth or women’s bodies are going to start talking smack about January. And to use 1 animal (a chimp) as your reason as to why January is a moron, that is rather pathetic and I’m sure Jane Goodall would be embarrassed that her name is being used for that comment.

Every woman is different. Many experience drug-free births and find the experience wonderful, no pain, while others want drugs because of pain. Some use the water to help, some don’t. Some women have eaten their placenta and found it helped them, and maybe some have eaten their placenta and found it did absolutely nothing for them. Every body in this world is different and no 2 people are the same. How we react to drugs, Western medicine, Eastern medicine, fake medicine, whatever, is different and I think what January was trying to get across was to educate yourself when it comes to your body.

Diane on

As a farmer I will agree that we are the only mammals that do not eat our placentas, this being said it should be noted that the biggest reason the other mammals do is to “clean up” the birthing area so as to protect their young from predators. That is not something we need to do.

Paul on

Camels don’t eat their own placentas. If you are going to justify bizarre acts like this by making these sorts of claims, at a minimum you should at least get it right.

Paul on

I wonder if all these commenters who say things like “it comes from your own body” as if that is supposed to be an argument would be willing to eat their own feces. I mean, it comes from your own body. Would they be willing to drink the amniotic fluid? Or their menstrual blood? After all, these things all come from their own bodies, so therefore it must be good to eat. Morons.

penny on

If you wanted the proper so-called “benefits” to eating placenta, you’d have to eat it right away and raw. Dehydrating something and putting it into pill form would destroy a lot of what you are supposedly supposed to be benefiting from. And you don’t absorb nutrients/minerals/etc. from capsules the same way you do from actual food. Taking vitamins or supplements really isn’t that beneficial, or even good for you. You’re getting ripped off. They’re taking advantage of your lack of science background and saying “oh there’s research behind it”. I think most people don’t understand the process of scientific research. It’s very complex.

As for being the only mammals who don’t eat placenta? Again, the eat it raw and straight away, and for different reasons. Irrelevant point. There is a reason we don’t eat it. Drawing erroneous arguments such as “oh you eat meat, it’s the same thing”, is ridiculous. There is, or should be, an inherent digust towards eating/drinking anything that comes from a human body. Try spitting enough to fill a whole cup and then drinking it. Most people can’t.

If you want to waste your money on something that the progression of human society has deemed obsolete (i.e. the necessity of eating your placenta), but all means do what makes you feel better. But don’t think this is the norm, or that you’re a “better parent” as a result of this.

John on

“Witch-crafty?” Oh this lady worships the devil DEFINITELY!

Isabell on

Ewwwww!!! Why don’t we just drink our period while we’re at it , cause you know it can help with cramps. Just because celebrities do crazy things it doesn’t make it normal. That is just sick! I gave birth and saw the placenta it looks slimy bloody and probably stinks. I rather get healthy the “normal” way with a lot of restand eating healthy and excersing.

mary on

I AM mom and EW! thats all i can say…

Cj on

Eating your placenta is a good idea for mammals trying to avoid predators and have laying up for days with no food. We have IV fluids and electrolytes and modern freaking medicine. Not to mention none of these suggested benefits have been tested by FDA or have zero regulation. Made up marketing feeding your own waste back to you. PS. Other mammals eat the placenta in right away all at once getting the right hormone dose. You stretch it out in pills you are messing with your bodies milk production. And a baby recently got sick via her mom who was tested with the pills and found to all have the same bacteria. I mean come on gals

Anonymous on

The CDC just ruled out any actual health benefits to this, and there are many ways to introduce harmful bacteria to your child if they are not prepared properly. The incident in which this happened, the bacteria formed during a capsule drying process left to the expertise of the company, so I can only imagine how many errors can occur when you try and dry or cook them yourself. Please do your research and be conscientious of all that can go wrong during this process.