Kristin Cavallari: I Imagined Kids ‘Later on In Life’

03/22/2012 at 12:10 PM ET
Courtesy Glamoholic

Life’s a beach for Kristin Cavallari: Not only is the former Laguna Beach star engaged to Jay Cutler and expecting their first child, but the pregnancy has been total smooth sailing.

“I am actually enjoying it which may sound crazy to some women, but I’ve had a really easy pregnancy,” Cavallari, 25, tells Glamoholic.

“The first couple of months I was tired, but I didn’t have any morning sickness. Which, I’ll take being tired any day over throwing up.”

But despite her seemingly easy start to motherhood, Cavallari never pictured herself with children at such a young age.

“It’s so crazy to look at your life and see how far you’ve come,” she says. “I always wanted kids, but I always thought I would have kids later on in life, maybe when I turn 30.”

And although Cavallari and Chicago Bears quarterback Cutler “weren’t trying to have kids,” the mom-to-be admits they weren’t not trying, either.

“We left it up to fate. I knew there was a possibility, but I was really excited,” she explains. “Even if you are trying, just to see a positive result is shocking!”

Once determined to focus on her career, Cavallari admits tides have certainly changed since meeting her future husband. Now, the expectant parents are contemplating holding off on marriage — and going for a second baby carriage.

“We’re talking about the possibility of having another kid right away and then getting married so we can have two kids close in age,” the reality star reveals. “We want four kids, so we’re thinking maybe have one more, then get married, then have two more, but we’ll see, it all depends on how the first one goes.”

While much is still up in the air for after baby’s arrival — the couple know the sex, but aren’t sharing — one aspect has already been decided: Cavallari will soon be packing her bags and saying goodbye to Los Angeles.

“I will live in Chicago half the year, then Nashville for the other half. I’ll come to L.A. whenever I need to,” she shares. “We both don’t want to raise our kid with paparazzi and cameras in our face. We want to give them as normal of a life as possible.”

— Anya Leon

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sarah on

im impressed… she sounds like she’s grown up a lot

bh on

Ummm, how about birth control?

sally on

It’s apparent she never got the talk. If you don’t try to have kids, then try birth control [or wait until your married]. I use to really like her until she got back together with this guy.

Sherry on

Ummm..Kristin, when you’re not using birth control and having sex (especially in your 20s), it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise that you got pregnant at 25. And why don’t you guys get married BEFORE you have that second kid, I know it doesn’t guarantee the relationship will work out but just saying…

anon2525 on

She didnt think she would have kids until after 30 but yet wasn’t using any birth control? I got news for ya that’s trying to get pregnant. Dont use birth control = getting pregnant. It’s not science, what an idiot, I’m glad she’s moving then we dont have to hear about her anymore.

Tiina on

Well. well! Here we go again. Didn´t plan to get preagnent!

How “could” it happen?

It´s like a story from “Teen mom” hah

yw on

airhead – the more she talks…

Sasha on

I’ve always liked her and am wishing her the best! Very glad to hear that she and the boyfriend are together and planning to leave crazy LA to raise their family. Best of luck!!

nacho mamma on

They have a way to prevent these things, but perhaps her being on a reality show and Jay Cutler being a quarterback for the Bears, neither of them could figure that much out.

Adrienne on

Do you have to say “kids” so much…can’t you just say “children”..its like saying ‘veggies’ rather than vegetables.

Lori on

Is this person the new Kim Kardashian and we are going to hear EVERYTHING about her? Gez.

emilyeneurope on

Wait, but doesn’t the article say that they “weren’t not trying either.” Meaning they didn’t use birth control on purpose. She didn’t plan on getting pregnant at 25 when she was younger and planning out her life. But her plans changed as she got older. I think people are missing the point she’s trying to make.

sophie on

I don’t know how she even made it onto the Paparazzi’s radar or into People. Let’s review: spoiled rich girl gets onto a reality show in high school where she treats her classmates like dirt, gets drunk and is an all around poor role model for anyone. Then, she is on the spin off show acting in a similar manner. Now, she gets pregnant by not not trying and wants to wait to get married before having another child with a man who called off their engagement within the year?

Sounds like a trainwreck- although now that I think of it, that’s what makes her news. Ridiculous.

Mary on

25 is not too young to have children. In fact it is a nice age to start. on

Best of luck to them.

Julie on

Didn’t plan on getting pregnant? Um… you do know how getting pregnant works right? But on the up side, at least she is talking about moving away and making sure the child (or children) are brought up in a normal setting instead of in the public’s eye all of the time.

momof3sd on

I don’t understand her thinking. I can see waiting until this baby is born before they get married….but actually planning to have another pregnancy before having a wedding? What will her children think knowing she planned it that way? It’s just odd!

jones on

I give her credit for moving out of LA to raise the baby. I never get why people say they aren’t trying to have kids, but aren’t not trying either. I understand slip ups happen and people can get pregnant even when using birth control, but if you are not regularly using birth control then how can you say you aren’t trying?

Maria on

a party gurl accidentally getting pregnant- at 25- not ideal!! Having a kid is such a huge change and I think she will have a hard time giving up some of her me time. oh well she will adapt I guess.

Victoria on

Four kids? Wait until you push out one sista….llolololol

jJester on

I ‘jest’ wonder what exactly she would be needed for in LA???

Laura on

Really?! Does she know how the the female reproductive system works? This is just a ploy to be relevant again. I actually forgot all about her until I saw this. Um, someone trying to get attention?

Tammy on

She’s an idiot. You’re either trying or your not. Period.

Gigi on

Ever hear of birth control? Or are you just guaranteeing yourself a child support check for the next 18 years? Cutler is apparently much dumber than I thought. And I’ll bet you two never get married.

bh on

Have 2 kids, get married, and have 2 more? Is this idiot for real? Hope he/she inherits her father’s intelligence.

Monica on

I’m sorry but why can’t any of you be nice? If you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all. She looks very happy and that’s all that matters. 🙂

Shannon on

I love that she talks about how easy her pregnancy has been. What does she do for a living? I’m pretty sure if you don’t have commitments to a 9-5 job than it probably would be a lot easier. And they’re moving to avoid the press but doesn’t it seem like she goes to the press every chance she gets?

Patsy on

So here is what I believe she is trying to say….

I couldn’t get him to marry me so I got preganant. Now I have my meal ticket. Now I am embarrassed because he still won’t marry me, so I will say that we are going to have another kid before marrying. That gives me another year to use this as publicity.

orangekitty on

She’s so vacuous! Who cares!! Go away already!

Kelly on

In todays day and age there is absolutely no reason to get pregnant if you are not ready too. There are so many birth control alternatives today that there should NOT be ANY unexpected pregnancies. To me you are careless.

Perplexed on

Umm, not sure why they don’t think they might have time to get married between the first and second baby? I don’t get that mentality. If a couple plans to NEVER marry (like Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell or Susan Sarandon & Tim Robbins) then having the next child is what they do. I may be “old fashioned,” but it seems odd to delay marriage to have children. However, I wish them nothing but the best!

itznia on

Don’t really know this girl but she seems to be a good girl who will be happy she is a young mom!!! She can afford it.

lynn on

she really sounds like she has grow up a lot. good for you kristen. i wish you all the happiness and blessings in the world.

Jillian on

Exactly!! People are reading but not comprehending what she is saying! I also didn’t think I would have children at 25, when I was in my early 20’s. I thought I would wait til my 30’s. Things change. It has nothing to do with closing my legs and using birth control. I left it up to whatever happens happens!


Brandy on

What a bunch of mean-spirited bitties on here…

Perplexed on

Momof3sd and Kelly, I agree totally with both of your posts. Monica, I agree with being nice as well. I DO wish them the best; I just don’t understand the current trend in the country to have kids FIRST and (maybe) get married later. This applies to both famous people and the rest of us.

joni on

I can so I do… another illegitimate child… can’t get married pregnant cuz it’s all about the look .. didn’t think she should have been voted off “Dancing with the Stars” so soon but didn’t think she was number one either…,, she sure does …. what a ME FIRST ATTITUDE

cat on

Being pregnant is the easy part, most young women have easy pregnancies, but wait till the birth. If you have an 8 pounder like i did, it’s no picnic getting that baby out. Unless you opt for the now commonly requested c-section, and still then recovery can be painful. I have yet the courage to have another baby since i still vividly remember the trauma of giving birth while so many women say they forget soon after they hold their baby and want to do it again and again. Hats off to those women because they are way braver than I. Good luck Kristen.

Shea on

Didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I read that. Why does marriage have to be scheduled around pregnancies? Because you want to “pitch” the wedding show like a Kardashian and are afraid to not be a size 0 in your dress?

She sounds like a coddled brat, sorry but it’s true, that has never faced “reality”. And no, having a “reality” show where a director tells you what to say, where to stand, etc. is not reality.

It’s like Malibu Barbie comes to life and attempts to live like a real person. “We want to give them as normal a life as possible”. Not even close.

Donna on

Four kids?? We will see if that number changes after this one is born. Weren’t they just broken up and now they are having a baby and planning on three more? Maybe they should focus more on the relationship and making it stronger and then think about more kids. Kids are hard on relationships, especially new ones that aren’t too stable yet.

Jess on

I can’t believe how judgemental most of the above commenters are!

Perhaps she wasn’t using birth control because she knew she wanted kid’s with the man she loves. She clearly says in the article they weren’t trying but left it to fate. That means THEY were more than willing to have a baby.So easy to hide behind your computers and judge somebody you don’t know. If you don’t like her or the article fine…..but don’t judge her lifestyle choice simply because you would do different. You are prime examples of whats wrong with society today. Be nice or keep your mouths shut.

C on

Hey idiots commenting below…she didnt say she was trying not to…she said she wasnt trying either way so its clear she KNEW what could happen…duh! Cut a girl a break and get a life people!!!!

Marie on

Umm… what career?

Melissa on

“And although Cavallari and Chicago Bears quarterback Cutler “weren’t trying to have kids,” the mom-to-be admits they weren’t not trying, either.”

They knew what could happen, and it appears they were okay if she did get pregnant, I don’t understand why you are all saying she is stupid, it’s not like she didn’t know there was a good chance she would get pregnant, they both went into it knowing the possible concequences. When I got engaged to my (now) husband I went off the pill, so we weren’t trying to get pregnant, but we weren’t trying not to either, meaning we weren’t tracking a calendar and taking temperatures going “Oh, I’m ovulating, gotta do it now” and stressing each month that I got my period because it meant I was not pregnant. I think that is what she means by her statement.

One thing though, I hope they aren’t back together just because she got pregnant. It’s great to see that they are going to try to work stuff out, but I hope it’s not only because there is a child on the way. Sometimes (I know I’m going to catch flack for saying this) it’s healthier for the child to have two parents that are good to each other but live separately than two parents living together married that can’t stand each other. Then again I’m one of those people that everyone hates on the Celebrity Baby Blog posts, I don’t think marriage is necessary to raise a family, I think it’s a wonderful institution, it works for me, but it doesn’t work for every family.

Congrats Kristen! I wish you all the best!

Kelly D. on

Come on… Can’t you understand that what she meant is that she was open to the idea of having a baby (hence the absence of contraception) but not actively trying to get pregnant in the shortest term? People can be so upthight… It’s more than Ok for a young couple (we’re not talking about teens here) to embrace the possibility of conceiving (being confortable and ready to welcome a baby) without all the craziness of “trying” that kills all the natural. It seems we forgot that before 35 years old, women actually have the opportunity to not stress about if and when they can get pregnant… Unplanned is not undesired.

Carol on

Oh well, there is so much birth control out there these days. There really is NO excuse for accidents anymore.

Danni on

She said they weren’t trying, but they weren’t not trying, either. Everyone should chill lol. Anyway, she seems really sweet and I’m glad she’s excited for the baby! I wish them a lot of luck in their relationship and as parents! 🙂

Shay on

She wasn’t planning on having kids at 25 until she hooked up with a rich quarterback. These days, babies are way more profitable than alimony.

Do whatever you want to, honey. Just keep your mouth shut.

Devon on

Jesus Christ, you people are morons. She said she wasn’t trying but wasn’t stopping it. She obviously knew it COULD happen but was surprised it happened when it did. She probably didn’t think it would happen that quickly. My husband and I don’t want kids this second but at the same time we aren’t stopping getting pregnant so if it happens, it happens! Kristin and Jay were probably doing the same. And using this as her meal ticket? Would she come out and say they weren’t trying but weren’t stopping if Jay wasn’t under the same impression about their sex life? Get a f*cking grip.

As for the getting married thing, who the f*ck cares. Does it impact your life SO MUCH that you need these people to get married, “for the sake of the children?” I know a couple who were high school sweethearts then broke up. Got back together (ie: hooked up) and she wound up pregnant. They got married when she was 6 months pregnant and had the most MISERABLE marriage. It was bad, really bad. They tried to make it work for their son but in the end it was a marriage and a relationship that never should have happened. Is the kid better off living with parents who can’t stand each other and having all that negativity surrounding him? Don’t think so.

Just a thought on

I’m thinking those of you who RIP these people apart any chance they get should maybe start their own blog. This blog of course would only be fit for those people who’ve always done and said the right thing their entire lives, and only surround themselves with people who had children AFTER they were married. Have fun!

erams on

People are saying a lot about her trying, yet not trying to get pregnant. I think it’s a beautiful way to make a child and when my husband and I are ready, I would like to get off birth control, stop using condoms, but not go all crazy on ovulation tests and plotting for the right time to do the deed – and just eventually make a child out of the love and connection two people have together.

On another note, I had my doubts about her having a child as the ending of The Hills was not that long ago and she was very much into partying. But, you know, at the end of the day, you would not want someone else telling you that you are unfit to have a child – so what gives you the right to say that about anyone else? At the very least, her and her boyfriend have the financial security which a lot of uncriticized parents out there cannot offer.

Personally, I’m excited to see her grow into a new and mature woman.

MollyF on

So many mean spirted hateful people here. I’m a fan of hers (the only from the Hills group I really liked). I’m happy for her. I think she’ll be a good Mom. I wish people that hate wouldn’t even comment on here.

Shelby on


LA on

She won’t regret one single bit having her first at 25. I did with my son and my daughter was born 3 years later.

God’s plan for you, Kristin. You’re about to embark on the greatest journey of your lifetime…MOTHERHOOD. Enjoy every single minute and remember to take lots of pictures to show your kid (s) as they grow up.

Mikesgirl on

Maybe they weren’t planning but IMO she was.

Mariana on

Whenever anyone says they were trying but not trying, that means they were trying.

peapine on

I never understood the phrase “we werent trying, but we werent NOT trying”. We are trying = we are not trying. If you dont use birth control and you actively have sex, then you are trying. Some people on here are saying that she meant to say “they are leaving it on fate”. THAT IS “TRYING” PEOPLE!!! when i was trying to have my babies, i also left it on fate. Where else would i leave it???

Sarah on

If you are actively trying to get pregnant, it doesn’t mean you just aren’t on birth control. If I never “tried” to get pregnant, I probably wouldn’t have my 2 kids. Some people could have unprotected sex for years and never get pregnant. She just meant if it happened, then they were ready for it. Best wishes to her and Jay.

M on

Seems like most people commenting on here could benefit from improving their reading comprehension before they call other people stupid…

william on

i have to say, first her and her honey were fighting. then they broke up.sthis. what the next time they decide they dont want to be with each other they what? they should of prevented this and waited to see if they could stand each other for any length of time. this is what is wrong with america, a baby fixes everything. no it does not. she is to young and immature to be having a baby and her boyfriend is unstable. enough said

L.B. on

I think what she is saying about “trying but not trying” is that she wasn’t necessarily charting and having sex on certain days to try and ensure that she would get pregnant. While charting isn’t a guarantee that you will get pregnant I would say that is trying “harder” then just having sex. That to me is actually planning and trying to get pregnant. She’s getting a lot of heat for some silly little words.

Jessie on

Oh Jesus. People need to pipe down. She’s a big girl, she knows what she was doing. She owned up to it. She’s in love and engaged. She did nothing wrong. Good for her. I love that they want to have 4 kids!

Jen on

Doesn’t anyone believe in birth control anymore ???

anonymous on

Clearly they didn’t plan the pregnancy but she’s obviously happy. And why can’t she have a second child before getting married? Angelina Jolie’s not married and she seems to be doing fine with her partner Brad Pitt in raising their kids. So give them a chance and stop judging

JJ on

Hey everyone – why don’t you live your own life and worry about yourself rather than other people’s? It’s her decision, her life, and her kids – stop judging – you are not perfect! Those in glass houses shall not throw stones….

Sarah S. on

Five years away is considered later in life? okay….

Casey on

She sounds very immature. Seriously, why would you plan to have 2 kids and then get married and have two more. She sounds like her head is in the clouds. It only takes a few minutes to get married, why not set a good example for the kids.

Guest on

It’s called birth control honey.

Mia on

That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard – have 2 kids + THEN get married + then have 2 more?

How about be committed to each other first + get married – then have all the kids you want with the stability + future of being a married couple.

me on

wow people really do not read. she said she wasnt trying but she also wasnt NOT not trying. Meaning they left it up to fate. So not using birth control WAS the plan. They figured if it happens great but they werent taking ovulation tests and such. I don’t see what the big deal is. Why do people have to be married before kids anyway? Grow up its the 21st century!

123 on

Not sure why she needs to share the fact that she wasn’t planning on getting pregnant. The fact that she is just makes it more obvious that she’s irresponsible and ill prepared. When her child is old enough to read, they are going to inevitably going to find out that they were an “oops.” Has she and her fiance thought about how they are going to explain that to their child? Life lesson: they should have just kept their mouths shut, (to the press at least).

whiskeywife on

I don’t see why people are so focused on the fact that she said that they were not trying, but were not preventing either. For some women, they have to track their ovulation, take daily temps,and put a lot of effort into trying to conceive. When I hear that someone is ‘trying’ I assume all of the above. Not preventing- just means having fun and leaving it up to fate.

Maria on

Get off your high horses people, she was not using birth control but not EVERY woman in their 20’s can get pregnant if they aren’t using birth control! It’s really unrealistic to say that it was obvious she would get pregnant because not everyone is blessed with the ability to conceive easily!

Melissa on

I wish her an easy breezy pregnancy and hope she delivers a healthy and happy baby…I love when couples are blessed with a baby, married or just madly passionate in bed, and they accept the responsibility that they are now going to be parents. It’s awesome.

Brianna on

She makes no sense. Nothing against her or anything but she is not the best role model for women. They break off their engagement, get pregnant, get engaged again, and are planning on babies then marriage. And she is moving away to avoid press but does the cover of a magazine. What? Why? Bobble head. She’ll be back in LA soon.

ugh on

Wow. I really wonder about you people who have nothing but catty bitterness to spread around. I find it amazing that amidst all the anti-bullying campaigns that are around right now, GROWN ADULTS just can’t resist putting another person down. So her choices aren’t what yours might have been? Who cares?? She’s having a child with a man she loves – THAT is the point. If you all have kids, I really hope you don’t talk about other people this way around them. And if you do…I hope you realize what you’re teaching them – that it’s okay to degrade another person for their life choices, bullying is a-okay – after all, Mommy talks like that all the time!!

Get a grip people.

Deni on

Seriously… let’s have TWO kids, THEN get married? They’ve broken up before… I’d almost be willing to bet they don’t get married EVER.

Tom on

Could we please stop with the coverage of “accidental” pregnancies? It’s pretty easy, if you don’t want to get pregnant you either don’t have sex or you use two reliable forms of birth control. It’s not magic!

valerie on

She didn’t plan to be pregnant? Last time I checked, they know what causes that now.

Melissa on

I think she looks absolutely fantastic! Extremely happy and healthy. All the best to Laguna Beach and The Hills former bad girl 🙂

KO on

You people are all so awful with you negative comments. Smartin up Breathers. I totally understand what she was saying she wasn’t trying to get pregnant, but if it did happen then awesome. I am totally happy for her and jay and wish them nothing but complete happiness. You breathers with you negative comments don’t even know her as a person and should stop trash talking her and be happy for her…seriously lives to short to go around worrying someone else fails!

feck on

Come on…it’s obvious she got pregnant on purpose. She is an airhead but I’m sure she knows how babies are made. She saw an opportunity to trap her man and she jumped on it…or jumped under it…but that’s a personal preference.

Vanessa on

How about getting married first before having thousands of kids, geez!!!

Brandy on

Yeah well life isn’t what you planned. I planned on not being 27 years old and still fighting to get pregnant and to not have the hope of having one be dead but that happened so shut the hell up and be thankful for what you have that so many other women would love to have!

Janet on

Best of luck to her and Jay..I am always amazed at the mentality that planning a wedding is so much more important than raising a child. Many seem to see marriage as such a huge step that scares them but having babies is no big deal. Thinking has changed since I was young, that’s for sure…

candie on

AHHHHH were do babies come from? If you didn’t want to have kids at a young age then protect yourself from doing so.

TM on

To Mia above – you don’t have to be married to be committed. Commitment and marriage are not synonymous. I was fully committed to my now husband for 12 years and two kids before we got married…and only then did we get married so I would have the same last name as my kids.

She seems happy and who are we to judge what makes someone else happy. Maybe their relationship isn’t solid…but mine wasn’t when I got pregnant at 23 and here I am at 37 in a good marriage with two beautiful daughters.

It worked out for me and maybe will for them. I wish her the best.

Cinder Lou on

I agree with some of the posters on here: one kid, second kid, get married, third kid, fourth kid … probably makes sense only to them. While planning a big wedding certainly takes time, getting married actually takes about 10 minutes. Think you could squeeze that in there somewhere sooner than after kid two?

Anonymous on

maybe all you people saying she should have used birth control if she wasn’t trying should read the article again and see that they weren’t not trying either. Congrats to Kristin and Jay! C

K.W. on

If you’re having sex and not using protection you are by default trying to have a baby..and she is trying very hard to milk this pregnancy for all the attention it can possibly garner her…always good to try and get pregnant when you have just gotten back together with your baby’s daddy…that’s responsible and mature.. bet you $1.00 that they’ll will not only never get married but break up when they realize that adding a baby to the mix only makes a relationship harder….

Jamie Brigham on

#1 She is old enough to have a baby if she so chooses, who are any of you to tell her to get on birth control?? #2 She definitely has enough money to raise a baby and #3 Some people choose not to get married, that doesn’t make them having kids wrong, it just means they are comfortable the way things are. And you now dislike her because she is pregnant and not married..GROW UP! Never knew so many perfect people were on the People magazine app, tell me how do you all do it?

Courtney on

Ha! Spoken like someone who doesn’t have children yet. She may be ok with one, or two.

Jack-O on

*sarah (top of comments)-

She’s grown up a lot? Over one interview? I agree with majority of the people here, she knew there was a chance so STFU with “I imagined kids later on in life.” Doesn’t sound like she’s grown up, “grown” adults know that unprotected sex+sperm+egg = chance of baby. Even pull-out. It might have been accidental (the timing) but the baby doesn’t seem to be accidental, a 25 year old should know the outcome of unprotected sex. I know it. Damn.

Molly on

WOW PEOPLE, go read a book or something, or maybe try being productive in your community for a change. You don’t always have to comment just to be rude snatches to people. Leave her alone, she is a successful young woman who’s life, just like most others, didn’t turn out quite right in her mind. Amazing. Go evaluate your own life and see what comments you come up with then…

RD on

Seriously, who cares? By the way, when are we going to stop glorifying all of these stupid “celebrities” who continue to have children out of wedlock?

Jessica on

Okay, just have to set all you people straight….
There IS such a thing as “leaving it to fate” like she said she was. If you’re TRYING to get pregnant, you know when you ovulate every month, you schedule sex for those times that you’re most fertile, you may even take your basal temp every morning and do the charting thing, or use ovulation predictors…you get the picture. That’s actively TRYING. If you’re NOT trying, you use a form of birth control or, if you’re using NFP, you avoid sex during your fertile times. That’s NOT trying to get pregnant. Then there’s what she said they did…leave it to fate. I’m sure that means they were not using any form of birth control to prevent pregnancy, but that she was not planning out the best times to have sex when she was fertile, either. Don’t be morons, people. There is such a thing as “leaving up to fate.” She might not have been aware that most couples who don’t use any form of birth control, including NFP, get pregnant within 12 months. But that doesn’t mean she was actively trying.

Jamie Brigham on

Brandy you shouldn’t be angry at her because you are having problems conceiving. You also shouldn’t have put all of your business out there like that, why do you feel the need to let strangers know your struggles. I am sorry you are struggling to conceive but I don’t think those people who get pregnant should feel like they did something wrong or apologize because you are having a difficult time, such is life!

Jen on

The idea of “leaving it up to fate” is being irresponible. If she didn’t want to get pregnant she would have been using birth control. I believe she got pregnant on purpose to trap him and ensure a paycheck.

lisa on

If she was planning on marrying him anyway and they are both obviously thrilled about the baby what do any of you people care? She’s not 16 and pregnant with no means of support. I’m happy for them. It’s better than that hoodrat Snooki having a baby.

Brandy on

Jamie, I think women have absolutely NO right to complain about pregnancy! Be thankful for what you have inside of you. Running around complaining about being pregnant and fat and blah blah blah is very disrespectful to both the TTC community and pregnancy itself. Also saying stupid sh*t like what she has said is completely uncalled for and ignorant.

I am allowed to be angry. If you have had to go through what I and many other women have, you’d be angry to. You all take everything for granted.

Elena on

I don’t see why everyone gives such a damn about her life. And since when did having children out of wedlock become stupid? They know their relationship, you’ve never even witnessed it. I like knowing that when I meet someone I love, I don’t have to marry them to make it official. It’s the 21st century and there are more options. Just like these people can decide how they want to start their family.

All of these people made this a top read story so that they could pass their judgments/beliefs on her life as if she’ll ever read it. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, I needed that laugh.

AK on

Geez people, give her a break! She didn’t say it was a complete surprise and she had no idea she could get pregnant. I’m sure she knows how babies are made, and if she wasn’t taking birth control, then sub-consciously she probably did want to get pregnant, even if logically she thought she should wait a few more years. She said she knew it was a possibility, so it wasn’t completely unplanned. Like she said, even if you are actually trying, seeing that positive result can be shocking. She sounds excited about the pregnancy, and prepared (as prepared as you can be anyway) to start a family, so I don’t see why everyone has such a big problem with it.

Guest on

“We left it up to fate.” Well there you go. And no, fate wasn’t a factor, that’s a way of saying not enough protection

Meghan on

I know it was a reality show, but from her former days she’s always had an intelegant mind. When someone has the exciting adventures of being engaged and having a baby that matures the person. This is the time in her life where she should be enjoying it and it sounds like she is. Although, not everything is “easy” in life. She sounds like she’s on the right, mature path. I was 25 when I had my 1st child and don’t regret. It was the best thing that has ever happened to me. My life would be boring without my Children and I wouldn’t be who I am.

I can relate, I had my kids extremely close in age before my Husband and I got married. I will never regret it, because we have the memories of our kids being our Ring Bearer and Flower Girl. Memories that will last a lifetime. I like being a young Mom, instead of an “older” Mom. Good luck to her if she wants four kids. lol

Guest on

No great respect for people like this, I know it’s not my life but seriously – people don’t think about ensuring stability for their children anymore before they stop using protection. She brought it up and that’s my response. At least she wasn’t a teenager that didn’t bother to use protection though. I don’t get why it’s so hard.

Ladyfoxx on

@Patsy,yeah that’s what got from it too. Their probably not even engaged anymore,just dating to”see where it goes”.

Guest on

Why don’t people think of THEIR unborn kids, not just the joy a child will bring to THEM. As a parent you should want circumstances to be right for them BEFORE you have a child (aka have unprotected sex). It’s not a toy and children are incredibly sensitive whereas adults can live with sacrifices and disappointments as parents. Well, that’s the end of my rant. Again, sorry but I know people like Kristin and they bother me. I am not hating Kristin, just our society’s mindset.

Daniela on

I think people took her comments in the wrong context.. she just means they weren’t tracking when to get pregnant but they obviously knew it could happen. Good for them, and who cares in what order they want to have children or get married? To each their own. Congrats!

Kelly on

Sorry, but this sounds like just another Hollywood “Shotgun Engagement” to me. Kristin and Jay split up and called off their (1st) engagement last summer. From where I sit, it looks like they hooked up for a bit of “sex with the ex,” and she accidentally got pregnant. It was only after that positive pregnancy test that Kristin & Jay announced that they were not only reunited, but also engaged AND expecting a baby. IMO, the timing was quite suspect. I think Ms. Cavallari is now trying to whitewash her situation for the media by trying to make it sound like she and Jay were open to having a baby. I call B.S.

As I would with any mom-to-be, I wish Kristin a very healthy pregnancy and baby boy/girl. But I think her tune about wanting 4 kids will change once she has her first baby. I also don’t think that she and Jay will stay together long enough to try for a second child. A baby is a wonderful blessing, but it can put a strain on even the most solid of relationships. And even more so when one of the new parents is a spoiled, self-absorbed, publicity-seeking reality TV “star” like Kristin. It’ll probably be a tremendous struggle for her to put someone else (her baby) first for a change, not to mention the challenges of caring for a totally-dependent infant on her own while Jay is away for football games (even with 1 or 2 nannies, which I’m SURE she’ll have).

I predict that this will just be another one of the many pregnancy-induced Hollywood engagements that will implode by the time the baby is a year old. I don’t know why some of these celebs even bother with the “we’re engaged and pregnant” announcements any more. Go ahead and have your baby out of wedlock … in this day & age, it’s hardly taboo, and I for one wouldn’t judge someone for starting a family without a wedding ring. What does irritate me is the bogus, post-pregnancy engagement publicity, when both expectant parents know full-well that they have no real intention of ever walking down the aisle.

heather on

She was more focused on her career until she met her future husband. What career is she talking about? Seems like things were on a downslope there until she got engaged and knocked up.

Jackmama on

It’s sad how many people don’t know how to read…or don’t understand the part of fate….She isn’t dumb, she knew what was happening, and Brandy, who’s complaining? She wasn’t! And i also don’t think anybody bad mouthing her would like it if people did the same to them…what if people thought you shouldn’t have had children or gotten married? They have the funds to take care of their children, whether it be 2,4,6 or 20….they aren’t your children. And whether their married or not, it still doesn’t matter, if they work out wonderful, if not, they aren’t the first! Get off you high horses and worry about your own relationships and families…

angie on

HEY!!!!! Ive got an idea! USE birth control!! Ohhh, thats right, then you wouldn’t be able to trap him into marriage. I forgot….

Mad Max on

Either you’re trying or you’re not. That’s not leaving anything up to fate because just like gravity it will behave as it’s supposed to. When you have unprotected sex I guarantee you — you will get pregnant. I guarantee you the sex was regular the first ten months they were together and NOTHING happened, break up and then one month later oopsie got your baby. GTFOH! Anyone of you saying that she did it by accident or just didn’t know just set the female gender back 50 years with that kind of stupid reasoning. And just previously this dumb scag just said, “Since he’s good with small dogs, he’ll definitely be a good dad.” That’s stuff stupid people say WHO ARE NOT READY FOR KIDS. So, to the people defending this retardedness, Kristin just pulled the oldest golddigger trick in the book.

wantstoknow on

why young women still do not know where babies come from…Really I thought we settled this in the 60’s and it seems that more and more young women are having children out of wedlock because they don’t think it will happen to them…In any case at least she is happy about it and has a fiance that seems committed to her…

Emry on

Well, here is a shocker for you Kristin, when you dont use protection when you have sex, guess what, you will more than likely get pregnant, and now you know for next time. With you as his/her mother, its never going to have a normal life.

kjc on

I understand what she means when she says they weren’t trying, but also not not-trying. My husband and I did the same, but after a year of marriage.
The only problem I have with this is that they had only JUST gotten back together, and should have taken precautions to ensure their relationship was strong. Hopefully it works out for them.

Jen on

They won’t even make it to the altar.

Anonymous on

I hate how she calls the baby a ‘kid’ like it will be a goat.

Lisa on

Ugh, these celebs and their “easy pregnancies” need to STFU. If she didn’t imagine being pregnant at such a young age, then she should have used better birth control.

Miami on

Oh these Hollywood bimbos. 25 is not “that young” and at that age everyone knows how babies are made so if she didnt want to get pregnant she should have used birth control. She just wanted to snatch that guy on by getting pregnant, she knew what she was doing alright.

Mia on

@TM – Many people are in committed relations + not legally married – but that doesn’t make sense to me.

Marriage is the biggest commitment to the person that you’re with – why not get married before you have kids?

People that have kids – but don’t get married + see what happens … maybe it will work/maybe it won’t – that’s just playing with fire.

It’s a solid foundation + Marriage is the biggest symbol of a commitment – anybody can have kids…you can’t just get married by accident.

Elle on

“Left it up to fate”? Have you been consulting with Momma Duggar?

JessicaB on

she has a career? what is it?

Jop81355 on

I hope things work out for Kristin and her fiancee. Babies don’t make relationships work out. If anything they bring more stress into people’s lives.

Laila on

Ok, if u weren’t NOT trying then you should have expected it. She sounds dumb, sorry.

Trena on

you people are so freaking negative you dont need to be freaking married to have a kid shes old enough to take care of one you people are so judgmental Congrats Kristin you will be a great mom

Molly on

Oh great. Another college dropout with a limited shelf-life having children with a guy who is going to end up brain damaged from playing football. Just what this country needs.

And four kids? Chances are he’ll cheat on her after the second. And they ought to just do a courthouse wedding instead of just thinking of having 2 kids and then getting married.

I honestly thought she’d do better than getting knocked up by a football player who cheats on her. She was once actually headed to college.

MB on

This article made her sound like a complete moron…

Mia on

You don’t even have to be together to have a kid technically.

It’s irresponsible + stupid to have kids with somebody + maybe get married down the line – if you want to be together for life — then get married + have that solid foundation/100% commitment before having kids.

Don’t have a couple of kids + see what happens – then maybe get married…. you shouldn’t need to “test the waters” with having kids.

No wonder so many people split.

Perhaps somebody is having 2nd thoughts + doesn’t want to be tied down by being married – keeping options open.

Ratty on

As if marriage is a guarantee on stability in a relationship. I’m not saying its the way I’d do things but its her life, she has to live it by her morals and be able to sleep at night with her decisions. Seems like she’s not exactly having problems there.

For the record, I’ve never seen her shows. I’m pretty sure they don’t screen on free to air television in Australia and I don’t have pay TV.

jurby on

she wants 4 kids? no doubt that she’ll likely change her mind after the first 2 after realizing the 2 kids has her busy enough that she won’t want 4 kids.

kw on

Well that is probably a sure fire way to make sure the guy doesnt call off the engagement again!

Ginger on

Weren’t they on again, off again? Seems to me like a desperate way to keep a man. It takes two to make a baby, I get that but if he really wanted you Kristen, he would have married you. “We weren’t really trying” oh no? Not using birth control is REALLY trying.

Amanda on

I think it’s crap. I think she got knocked up pretty soon after her and Jay Cutler got back together, and I don’t believe the we were trying but weren’t trying thing. I think they let their hormones get the best of them during make up sex, and she ended up pregnant. I think she’s trying to cover her ass on this one.

Jane on

Why don’t you make sure your relationship is solid before rushing a 2nd baby? They just started dating again and with a blink is was pregnant..Too many people don’t take the time to really grow into a relationship. Making sure it works before having a baby. Then realizing it wasn’t meant to be.

Yeppers on

Well she would have had one later in life, but she probably wasn’t planning on getting dumped on her butt and having to come up with a plan B

AKrietz on

I love the celebs

Kay Pasa on

25 is not young to have a baby, it’s just right.

Amanda K on

Congrats to her! Must be nice to have an easy pregnancy where you don’t have to work fulltime. I hope she realises how blessed she is.

Marky on

Trena, you don’t have a real grasp of the English language, written or spoken, and, please, tell me what makes you think Kristin will be a great mom just because she was on TV? No, you don’t have to be married to have a CHILD, but if you are thinking about the child and his/her feelings or needs, you will realize choosing to get pregnant in this manner makes the decision that one day they most likely will look at you and say something like, “I am so sad that I don’t have a father to talk to about all the things only a father knows. I wish I had that person to share that special relationship with and to know he is proud of me.”

All that with tears running down their face, and you know you made that decision to either have sex with a person who would leave you, or to get pregnant thinking it was all about you and what you wanted, instead of realizing it was about what the child would bear for the rest of his/her life. I’ve lived it in my family and, unless you are made of stone, it will break your heart in two. people today make these life decisions and say, “It’s the 21st century!” What does that have to do with whether or not you care about what happens to the child and their life? Really…..not being judgmental, just being intelligent and unselfish.

Anonymous on

She’s adoreable pregant! People are extremely negative on here, just don’t read the article if its not what you want to hear.

DanceDiva on

Ohh mannnn, Nashville? Really? What in the hell is she going to do here??? Please tell me she’s not coming to cut a country album…….

Sam on

It’s her way of keeping busy and keeping her hubby in her pocket….

Raven on

“We’re talking about the possibility of having another kid right away and then getting married so we can have two kids close in age,” the reality star reveals. ”We want four kids, so we’re thinking maybe have one more, then get married, then have two more, but we’ll see, it all depends on how the first one goes.”

um … so like, um we are going to have two kids RIGHT away .. and then um …. maybe get married and then um .. have a few more .. but we’ll see … it depends on how messy the first one is before we decide if we will have more and if we will um .. get married.

like, totally!

Niko on

I feel dumber for reading comments by this airhead!

Clarissa on

Wow so judgemental and I see the marriage police is out in full force. Their kid wont be any less loved or their relationship great if they don’t get married before having kids. We’re in 2012, it happens. Laguna beach was a scripted show. Scripted. She obviously still has some growing up to do, its called evolving and maturing. Sometimes kids force you to grow up, none of you know what kind of a mother she’s going to be like so stop acting like it. People change, I’m sure you weren’t the same at 18 yrs old.

Not to mention she was engaged before they broke up, so obviously Jay wanted to marry her before she got pregnant this time around.

She sounds happy and looking forward to motherhood, seems like you’re trying to pick at every word and find something to hate about it. You dont know anything about their relationship.

Vanillabear001 on

I LOVE Kristen. I think she’s hysterical, strong, and sassy. I loved her on Laguna Beach and on the Hills. So why is everyone judging? She said she’s happy that they’re having kids. So congrats to her!!!

Ruby on

yeah ok, have another baby right away…start with having the first one then let me know if you still want another one right away…she is a flake.

beachgirl on

it is okay to have a baby 5 years earlier than she expected…everyone always imagine at a pacific age to have kids but it doesn’t always go as planned.

Kel on

This quote right here shows that they were trying, “Even if you are trying, just to see a positive result is shocking!”
I wish them the best.
I have 4 so it’s a great number!

Jen DC on

@ emilyneurope: The problem with “weren’t *not* trying” is the fact that it’s black and white. Either you’re using birth control regularly or… You’re trying to get pregnant. There’s just no two ways about it. You can’t have an “accident” if you see the pothole in the road and drive toward it, see what I mean?

Good luck on a healthy baby!

Gina on

Kristin was pissed that Jay dumped her, burned up his phone whining about how sad she was, blah, blah…he was looking for rebound sex (after getting dumped by his other girlfriend). He should have used a backup method, but she quit taking her Pill. Jay has said that he wanted to wait until after he retired so that he could spend time with his family. Jay wasn’t planning on a child right now, but Kristin sure was. She wasn’t going to let him get away easy this time, but trust me, he will. He isn’t faithful to her anyway. Some of you are pretty naive in your comments. Act like you know Kristin. Please.

Gina on

@Jen DC: Your comment is one of the few intelligent ones on this story. Kristin sounds atupod in that interview. When Jay dumped her the first time, he was done. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for him to marry her. She didn’t improve her odds when she quit taking her bc to AVOID pregnancy. What else does she have to do? She has no career to go back to anyway.

Gina on

@Jen DC: Your comment is one of the few intelligent ones on this story. Kristin sounds stupid in that interview. When Jay dumped her the first time, he was done. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for him to marry her. She didn’t improve her odds when she quit taking her bc to AVOID pregnancy. What else does she have to do? She has no career to go back to anyway.

kat on

People re-read again…Even though I agree that if you are not planning you should think twice, but she said that she knew the possibility but left it to fate. She was planning on having a baby, but she wasn’t trying either. If didn’t happen it didn’t happen if it did it did.

Jen DC on


@ Jess: There’s no such thing as fate when it comes to sex between two fertile young people with access to all the best food, medicine, housing and material goods Western society has to offer. It’s a deliberate failure to act, but the point is, it’s deliberate. So “not *not* trying” doesn’t work. I mean, unless it was the old “I’ll only stick it in a little.” In that case, I could see not-not-trying on that one.

ruby on

Kids really test a relationship … I don’t see this one lasting for two, let alone four. Yikes. She needs to keep her trap shut. “I didn’t see myself having kids till 30.” and then in the same breath “I wasn’t using birth control.” DUHHHHH.

really on

I think they would be smart not to get married, it sounds like they are doing just fine without the paper. lots of couples have long healthy relationships and kids without being married. waiting to have one or two kids before marriage is not a crime so let them live their lives and do it how they see it working best.

Gina on

I don’t expect Jay to ever marry Kristin. They were together 10 months before Jay dumped her. Not once did they have a birth control failure. It’s interesting that they have one during rebound sex. I’m going to wager a guess that, in their first relationship, both assumed they were in a monogamous one and Kristin assumed responsibility for the birth control. Jay was stupid to think she would stay on it. And let’s face it, since women get pregnant and bear everything that comes with it, ultimately women decide whether to carry to term. Bottom line is that Kristin’s spinning this story to make it seem like Jay was all for having a kid, even though he made it clear he didn’t want to marry her by breaking off the engagement and the relationship. I’ve been told he wanted a family after he retires. Given his upbringing, Jay would NOT have had chosen to have a baby out of wedlock. His family isn’t too happy with how this worked out. Tis a shame.

Gina on

@Jen DC: Your wasting logic trying to explain the obvious to people who actually believe anything that comes out of Kristin’s pathologically lying a$$. This girl’s entire career has been tabloid generated.

Steph on

i have an idea!! how bout you get married before you have any other children!!!

Shay on

Why are people telling others to stop being negative or judgmental or not to read the posting? Everyone has a right to read what they want and say whatever they feel. If you think that Kristin is fabulous and intelligent and successful, blah..blah..blah, fine! If you feel that she is a D+ list has-been or never-was, that’s fine also. If a celebrity can say whatever they feel in a print article or on television, people have the right to comment positively or negatively. Do some of you still have “The Hills” posters on your walls?

anoytx on

Idiot– Trailer trash — why is she even relevant?

Amanda on

Apparently some of you high and mighty women don’t know how ovulation works. There’s actually a very small window for a woman to get pregnant. That’s why when women do try, it often takes a while because there’s a short window to make it happen. So knock on her because she’s being honest. She’s simply saying that they weren’t trying, but they weren’t NOT trying either. They left it up to fate and that can sometimes take a while.

Besides, she’s 25 and that’s certainly not too young to have a baby. I found out I was pregant with my second child when I was 25. WTH is the big deal?

@Gina – are you that close to her that you KNOW she quit taking her birth control? Probably not so you should stop talking out of your…

Amanda on

It appears as Melissa actually gets it (unlike some other people).

Marriage is not necessary to have a family. There are plenty of people who have healthy & happy families without being married.

Having a “If it happens, it happens and if it doesn’t, it doesn’t” attitude is not trying to get pregnant; it’s leaving it to chance.

Amanda on

Hey Mia – marriage isn’t a guarantee that it’s going to work out either so get off your high horse! That piece of paper doesn’t have steel wrapped around it.

Trish on

I just love how brainwashed so many of you are into believing that anything other than marriage then babies is wrong.

Marriage, on the surface, does seem to indicate a higher level of commitment, but it’s all smoke and mirrors. A wedding and marriage certificate mean nothing when you can march on down to any courthouse and easily get a divorce.

I’m more interested in SEEING commitment. My long-time boyfriend and myself have no plans to get married, but we are fully committed to one another. We share a house, cars, bank accounts and all the other things married couples do. We’re also expecting our first baby. And I will happily raise him or her to understand that commitment has absolutely nothing to do with a piece of paper the government gives you.

I have no idea if Jay and Kristen will be good parents or if they’ll stick together forever. But they shouldn’t be condemned for not doing it “your” way. Get off your high horses.

Anonymous on

I don’t think she’s stupid. She wasn’t trying but she wasn’t not trying. She was letting nature take it’s course. There are plenty of people who have sex and use no birth control and don’t end up pregnant. It took my friend and her husband 5 years of unprotected sex before she got pregnant. Some people need to stop being so judgemental and negative.

Clarissa on

I wish them them the best as young parents, though not too young.

Oh @ Gina right, now you’re acting like you know Kristin or Jay. I am sure no close friend or people who know them will be posting on this board. You don’t know anything about their intentions only speculation, which is what were all doing here. Some footballers retire close to age forty or before what makes you think his wife or whom ever may have wanted to wait that long to have a kid? Its all right for Jay to say he’s not the one pushing the kid out.

Just because Jay said that before doesn’t mean that couldnt change down the road. They’re having a child now and that is all that matters, how they raise it married or not is ultimately their lives.

ace11 on

Im sure she has been pregnant before….

She has been with tons of other men

her maturity level for having this kid is scary

She will be knocked right off her selfish porch

sweetheart81481 on

I would never ridicule someone for bringing life into this world. Having said that, I think some of her comments are clearly contradictory; “trying, but not trying get pregnant” sounds a lot like we haven’t mastered birth control contraceptives yet. I really admire women who can openly admit that they got pregnant purely accidental; women who can admit fault in general and have no qualms about it. This clears up myths about women & the need to validate their womanhood through reproduction, marriage or motherhood, itself. This article reminds me of the era in the 40’s & 50’s were young, unmarried & pregnant women were sent away and it smacks of the blatant dishonesty in American culture regarding women’s reproductive issues/rights…

Kathryn on

I love how you all act like you know these people just because they are on tv. We should be happy that they or at least she is happy about having a baby and raising it. Just because you have seen these people on tv doesn’t mean you know anything about them and who they really are off camera.. I was in college at the time Jay Cutler was at Vandy and saw him all the time but that doesn’t mean i *know* him. As some other people said, get off your high horses and be happy for them… be happy that they are embracing the pregnancy and all that comes with it (even if you who say you know Jay and how he feels say he doesn’t want a family yet). The truth is very few of us know these people and they wouldn’t be where they are and *KNOWN* if *fans* didn’t watch their reality shows and football games.

Deb on

No marriage isn’t necessary to have children but Cavalleri keeps talking about marriage so that tells me she wants to get married but there is an obstacle in their way but we the readers don’t know for sure what that obstacle is. If she stated a piece of paper isn’t necessary for us to stay together while having “kids” then that argument needs to be stated. Just my opinion about commenters stating about marriage or living together.

Gina on

I think Kristin posts under other names here. Lots of stupid comments, but thanks for thr entertainment. Lots of irresponsible women who don’t get a guy’s input, apparently. Scary stuff.

Gina on

@Deb- Exactly. She doesn’t make any sense. What she’s trying to say is she planned thia pregnancy to keep Jay. It’s obvious that he doesn’t want to marry her, even now, once he dumped her thr first time, he made his decision. She’s lying to mame it sound like they were both onboard with this pregnancy. She started changing her story to look legit, since everything knows she got pregnant on purpose. Some of you believe ever this idiot says. Do you all kiss your Hills posters good night before you go to bed?

Mia on

That is true – a lot of marriages don’t work — but I think its whether you’re with somebody that you’re more compatible with+ I don’t believe for a second that truly has anything to do with that fact of legally being married vs. not – logically speaking….I don’t see it as being “just a piece of paper” – a birth certificate, social security card + diploma are also pieces of paper too.

It’s just logical thinking – if you act married…..why not stop playing house + actually get married?

It’s a much bigger step to be legally bound to somebody vs. just playing house.

We’ll see what happens after the first baby…maybe 2 – easier to get out if you’re not married + protect your assets.

If they really wanted to get married – they would. period.

I think people that just “its just a piece of paper” are just too afraid that it won’t work out if they change things – or have never been asked because most people that actually are asked ex. Kate Hudson – are then thrilled to be engaged + get married — or they get married to somebody else (Rachel Weiz) — or end up getting engaged to be married like Matt McG + Camila Alves.

Getting married is a commitment to that person – its because you want to be together for life + nothing else is swaying that — having kids before a real commitment of marriage just creates an obligation.

I’m just looking – @ it logically – play married — get married.
What’s the fear in that?

Stephanie on

I bet all you brats on here putting in your two cents about Kristin Cavallari’s reproductive system are the same moaners bitching about womens rights and the anti-abortion laws. MIND YOUR OWN UTERUS. Who cares if they never get married? They’re both rich as crap and can do whatever the hell they want and spoil the crap out of their snotty little kids.

B.J. on

Who the heck is this person!?

As a 27 year old with no desire to get pregnant, 25 does seem young to me, but I know it isn’t. I haven’t the faintest idea who this woman is, but she sounds… real smart… ha ha.

Shannon on

Probably should’ve waited. She seems quite immature and naive, and her relationship seems unstable.

Holiday on

Getting pregnant at 25 is hardly young. Its in fact a very average age to get pregnant. She will be 26 or close to it when her baby is born. Nothing “young about 26. I was 21 when I got pregnant and that I do consider young

ATP on

Career? what career?!

Sandy on

um someone needs to tell the young girls of today that MARRIAGE comes first! no wonder we have so many single moms- cuz guys are smart- they know they can do the ole- let’s wait to get married, etc.. and let’s face it- that day may never come OR by the time you want to get married-one of you is ready to move on and the women gets stuck as a single mom.
I say tell the bum you want to get married NOW and then will have more kids with him.

beverly on

Why do they always say i don’t want to raise my kids with the paparazzi there still out in the public eye trying to get attention.

nae on

I’m happy she’s happy but some of you and your she hasn’t mastered birth control yet way of thinking is crazy and just ignorant none of us were there in their future making process nor do we know her medical history with birth control. But birth control is not always a clear solution as a soon to be 27 year old mother of an almost 2 year old i didn’t plan of getting pregnant and i medically can’t take any form of birth control the only form of birth control for me is a condom, the condom didn’t break but some how i still managed to get pregnant, so i understand the whole whatever happens-happens theory and motto and even though she said they weren’t not not trying none of knows if a condoms was used or not it could of broke or they could’ve said we’ll do what we feel in the moment and it is what it is….

e on

Where does it say that she wasn’t using birth control?

Jodi on

Wow I can’t believe how many people took what she was saying totally out of context. And I agree if you can’t say anything nice maybe you should not say anything at all. Why do any of you care if she is having 1 baby or 10 babies? And why do you care if she wants to be married first or not? Not traditional yes, but its 2012 who really is traditional these days?

Seanaci on

Hate to break it to her, but the paparazzi are EVERYWHERE! They’re just more prevalent in LA. And um…now you’re asking for trouble by putting those words in print… paparazzi will now be trailing you in Chicago and Nashville.

stee on

why do you have to have a 2nd baby before getting married? you can get married tomorrow (or at the latest next week). Just go get a marriage license. You don’t need a giant bash that takes 2 years to plan. Heck, you didn’t plan on this baby.

Julia on

For all of those trying to pin her down as stupid – read the article again! She understood perfectly well that not using birthcontrol could land her with a baby, and she was fine with that. Her surprise appeared to be due to the fact that her life has changed so dramatically. I think that it is very annoying to see how condescending are, though their comments reveal more about their own arrogance than it does about other peoples intelligence.

fran on


That pretty much sums it up. I was like huh?!? the logic is not there.

Ryan Meeks on

An awful lot of hostility towards fertility here…

Green_eyed girl on

Wow!! Some people are really mean. I guess that’s what jealousy does to people. Kristen is an amazing girl! I think most people just wish they had her life. Keep your head up high, Kristen. These are just the “little” people who mean nothing anyway.

havingfun on

Copulating without contraception is “trying,” it’s not fate. Fate can’t give you conception if you’re in separate rooms and there’s no semen or egg involved. Stupid. At her age, if you have intercourse more than once a month (duh) pregnancy is pretty likely. That’s like “We weren’t TRYING to have a car accident, we just decided to drive wearing a blindfold, and fate decided for us!”

Amanda_M87 on

The way it sounds is that they weren’t using any birth control. If that’s the case, then it’s really not surprising that they have one kid and another on the way already.

Susan on

Wow, she needs a really simple book on “how things work”. If you’re not using BC, and you’re young and healthy, even if the woman has a few “issues”, odds are, you’ll end up pregnant. And by the way Kristin, you and your football-er were broken up when you “found yourself pregnant”. Could it be that you were trying, and didn’t let him in on it? Afraid he’d walk if there was no baby? I’m guessing he would have. I live in Chicago, women throw themselves at these guys. That’s why most don’t marry until later…..they’re too busy having a good time. Time will tell if you have something real or contrived. Just remember, your relationship will end the way it began……..