Jessica Simpson Celebrates Her Baby Shower

03/21/2012 at 01:20 PM ET
Kristin Burns

Jessica Simpson pulled out all the stops for her Charlotte’s Web-themed baby shower on Sunday — and her outfit was no exception.

The guest of honor, 31, who runs a successful fashion empire of her own, donned a flowing blue Roberto Cavalli dress and Miu Miu shoes.

She topped off the look with Neil Lane jewels and baubles from Loree Rodkin, including $38,750 diamond and sapphire earrings, a $52,250 sapphire ring and a $16,250 white gold cuff.

Says the Fashion Star mentor of her big day: “It was perfect!”

For exclusive photos from Simpson’s shower, plus more details of her big day and new hints about her baby girl‘s name and nursery, pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on stands Friday.

— Lesley Messer with reporting by Jennifer Garcia

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Jacqui on

Is she ever going to give birth????? Seems like it is taking forever and yet Beyonce was pregnant and has given birth in like a second, lol!!

guest on

just fabulous-shes glowing-thats going to be one pretty baby girl

Jessica on

Beyonce also announced her pregnancy on he VMAs after she was already a few months along and showing. Jessica announced hers in October, so there’s been more time to follow it.


I feel bad for Jaqui whose life is dragging on, if 5 months (Jessica announced in October) seems like forever!

Sharon on

I’m just curious to know why we need to know that Jessica is wearing jewelry that is worth more than my home? I just don’t care how much money she has or how much she is worth.

Susan on

Moomoo’s look hideous on anybody, no matter how many or the price of baubles you add. And that look is MOOMOO!

Candace on

I have a feeling Jessica might need to be induced. Her baby is expected to be over 9lbs. Her husband was 10 lbs something oz’s and he is 6 foot 4 I believe. I C- Section is what she might wanna go for. But for a woman carrying such a large baby, she looks great. Congrats Jessica!

JessicaB on

beyonce “announced” her pregnancy and then POOF! almost as if by magic (cough-surrogate-cough) she had the baby and lost the baby weight and then some. next she’ll be selling a her “diet” to the fools who bought the pregnancy lie.

and yes, it seems as if jessica has been preggers for-ev-er.

chikados18 on

The world’s longest pregnancy ever.

aska asha on

WOW! She has to have put on a solid 60 pounds. Not good health for her or baby. Hope all goes well. I also hope she stops saying such very private things to the media about the big “O” and all the other verbage vomit she’s been spewing…makes who I thought seemed like a sensible girl appear very trashy.

Regina on

Congrats to Jessica! Dont know what she is going to name her Daughter but the names that are Cute are Mia or Madison! They both start with the Letter M! Just a Suggestion. Good Luck Jessica!

Christine on

SHE LOOKS LIKE A HUGE WHALE. is she sure she’s not having like 3 babies??????

Nikki on

She is such a pretty girl, why wear such an ugly dress. She looks like a huge Anaconda that just swallowed a wildebeest. And SHE is judging a fashion show, PLEASE!!!

Nicole on

I agree with Jacqui. It does seem like Jessica’s pregnancy has gone on forever. She was showing quite a bit in the “mummy” picture when she announced it on Halloween so it really does seem like she should have given birth by now.

Sarah Beth on

Girl, what are you WEARING?! She looks like a snake who swallowed an ostrich egg…

Sandra on

Yes, she has been pregnant forever.

Cannot wait for them to confirm the name – Have read some where that they will give her the name Maxwell ‘Maxie’ (after her paternal great-grandmother – it was apparently her maiden name).

Ilona on

Jessica looks like she has gained a lot of weight, and I don’t think it is all baby weight. I hope she doesn’t have too difficult a time losing it. Both my babies were 9 pounds, but I didn’t gain more than 25 pounds. I’m short like her too.

HeyLeigh on


Liz on

Jessica is 5’3″. Of course she looks big pregnant. Leave her alone.

Julianna on

I think it looks like that Jessica’s pregnant forever because the rumors about her being with child were everywhere before she actually confirmed she was indeed pregnant.

She looks beautiful in this picture, and it looks like that she’s about to pop any day now!

Karolina on

Nikki – hahaha! Thanks for the laugh! Good one!

g2007anon on

Oh, gawd!!! PLEASE stop with this crap!!! The woman has been pregnant FOREVER!!! Please stop! Then it will be the baby. I can’t take it!

Steph on

Lol aska, what made you ever think she was a sensible girl?

I am also wondering why in the world the value of the jewels she is wearing belongs in any description of a baby shower??? Tacky and stupid.

Kim on

So, basically, shower curtains are all that fits her now?

Donna on

Jessica has been pregnant forever but not as long as Hilary Duff. Duff seems to be setting records with the length of her pregnancy. Theres a reason they call Jess’s gown a MOO-MOO. Maybe she did not check the mirror. Not her best fashion choice pregnant or not. Its much easier to hide a fake pregnancy belly like Beyonce did than to try and disguise the real thing. No hiding Jess’s belly. You rock Momma-to-be.



chelsea on

Beyonce announced in Aug and Jessica anounced in Oct. This is 2 months apart. Beyonce had her baby in Jan and Jessica will have her baby in Mar. Also 2 months apart. Beyonce shouldn’t of even been brought up.

Tina on

Just a guess, because I’m her height and gained weight everywhere in both my pregnancies: her baby is going to be way smaller than 10 lbs, probably around 8 and that’s if she goes full term. Sometimes us shorties don’t carry so attractively — there’s only so many places where the weight can go!

Jenn S. on

Really? She had to pick out items from a jeweler for a baby shower? It’s sad that this is news.

Adrianna on

The size of babies does not matter with the husband but with how the mother grows THEM. It has nothing to do with the dad. If it did my kids would be a normal 8lbs weight! But nope they were still almost 11lbs(my husband was only 6lbs) but this poor woman, I can’t even recognize Jessica in the picture. That poor baby is going to be 9-10lbs. She looks like me at full term and my kids are between 11 and 12lbs. Naturally.

Tonya on

She is very pretty, but, has really bad taste in clothes, I can not believe her clothing sales so well when she has no style, this thou has to be one of the worse outfits I have seen on anyone. Jennifer Lopez and Salma Hayak I remember when they where pregnant I was like they will never ever get their bodies back to half the size the where, but, sure enough both are incredible now. Pink, Jennifer Gardner and Gwen Steffani seemed to be expecting forever too, but, it all depends on when they announce the pregnancy.

As far as Beyonce goes, I do not like to or want to believe in conspiracies but, in that case, I have to agree she did not give birth, especially when she made a point when announcing the birth that it was regular vaginal birth, after it was said it was a c section, but, after thinking about it they changed it since they could proof she had a c section if she had a scar and she could not fake losing weight quickly since c sections take longer to heal.

Karen on

My question is this-why someone so rich wouldn’t just ask guest to donate to a new mother’s charity? I’m sure there are tons of them out there and they sure could use the cost of a $3,000.00 stroller or some other nonsense. Just saying.

heather on

is the cost of her jewelry suppose to distract us from how huge she is? it didn’t work.

heather on

i think she’s just saying they’re expecting the baby to be 10lbs so she can pretend that’s why she’s so damn big.

those estimates are almost always way off. i bet the baby ends up being less than 8.

heather on

this is only the official photo. yahoo had a photo days ago that wasn’t exactly flattering.

Helene on

She looks like Kristie Alley before she lost weight. That is NOT healthy, she is putting herself and her baby at a huge risk by gaining that much. Plus she must have varcoise veins from wearing heels with all that weight packed on.

JMO on

oh yay more info on Jessica’s everlasting pregnancy!! I am already exhausted by this pregnancy and I’m not even carrying it!

Nikki on

Everyone carries babies and baby weight differently. Let her enjoy this happy time. Even if she has gained a lot of weight, this is the only time she can really get away with it. Congrats Jessica!

name on

Why do some women get soooooooo big when they are pregnant?

SB on

There are some prude folks on here…..1. yes her tummy is larger than normal, if folks would read other news she has said her OBGYN told her she has ALOT of amniotic fluid and a large baby. 2. Who cares what she spends, and why should she give it to charity and maybe she will give some…’s her first, as a mom myself as I am sure some of you were didn’t you want all the fun/new/exciting baby things to get started…money or not she is a first time mom and should be pampered and spoiled and enjoy the perks of it…. and how RUDE to say isn’t she done yet, is she having twins, she looks like a whale?????? REALLY???? she just can’t get away from the B*tchy remarks even when she’s pregnant….. look in the mirror sometime…. Congrats Jessica!!!!

robin on

Finally, a celebrity that actually gains weight when pregnant! She is beautiful. So many people worry about their image during pregnancy and it is just as unhealthy to not gain enough weight as it is to gaining alot. She doesn’t care about being a toothpick, and kudos for that, she should be an inspiration to women to just be themselves and to be happy being that person whether thick or thin.

Janie on

Oh, I really feel for her! She looks so uncomfortable! I’m also petite (5’2″) and trust me, it’s hard to be pregnant when you’re short. The weight doesn’t distribute as well. I gained 40 lbs (started out at 100 lbs) for each of my four pregnancies and I looked HUGE. Luckily, I was able to lose all the weight after hard work, although my stomach will never look the same 😦

As far as the guess about it being a large baby and someone mentioned being induced…why? Jessica is most likely perfectly capable of birthing vaginally. Unless she has out of control gestational diabetes, her baby will grow as its’ intended. I truly hope her doctor isn’t using fear-tactics with her to encourage a planned c-section.

Ashley on

I’m with you, Melissa. Maxwell, indeed. Good Lord, I feel sorry for that baby….and yes, this is like the world’s longest pregnancy. I am soooo sick of hearing about her every other day.

p on

HIDEOUS! who cares?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer on

I don’t understand why she’s straining her body so much – she’s probably given herself gestational diabetes with all that weight she’s put on, which is probably partly caused by those ridiculous heels she’s insisting on wearing. She must have some frightful varicose veins, which she probably doesn’t know about because she hasn’t seen past her chin in months.

Judy on

For someone that runs a big fashion empire, so sure wears the most unflattering clothes. No matter how pregnant you are or how much weight you gain, you can show off that ‘baby bump’ and still look fashionable.

missy on

Another celebrity having a baby out of wedlock, great example to young girls out there. Whatever happened to getting married and then starting a family. I am not a religious person and I can accept most things but many young ladies look up to her and I realize she is engaged but you would think she would have taken some kind of precautions, now I shouldn’t just pick on her there are many celebs doing this and it just saddens me that this is the norm for our children to see. Now it is more common for children to be in a one parent home then to have a married couple raising a family and I do support gay marriage so i believe everyone can raise a family. I know I am ranting and sorry for picking on Jessica but it just disgusts me that this is all glamorized what a horrible role model. By the way everytime she opems her mouth T M I. Noone needs to hear all your ins-and-outs on your pregnancy.

CL on

Shame on the comments about her weight or how this dress looks. I am happy for her. She has made a nice home for that baby to live in for the beginning of her life. There are plenty of other actresses who stayed out of the limelight during their pregnancy or maybe held the weight better (Milla Jovovich, Heidi Klum) but they too gained quite the amount of weight. I hope all you women don’t gain a pound over what is “the norm.”

Kris on

I am a “little” taller than Jessica and I was 140 before getting pregnant, and then was 200lb. the day before I gave birth. I was back down to 160 by the time I got home from the hospital and now weigh 125 (even less that my starting weight due to eating right and exercising. So to say she is huge and has been pregnant forever is just not right. I was just as big as she was, and you wouldn’t even be able to tell now that I was 80 pounds heavier a few months ago.

Give her a break, every woman carries differently and gains different weight. I am glad to those of you who only gained 25 lbs. (Dr. recommended) but my dr. never once reprimanded me for gaining 60 lbs. and I have birth to a healthy 9 lb. baby and had no health issues.

Ladyfoxx on

Is it just me?Of all the celebs i’ve seen pregnant,Jess is really big,and has been for awhile.Maybe it’s her height. She does carry herself very well though.

Brit on

I think I saw something where the name is supposed to be Maxwell??? And they’ll call her Maxi for short???

ann on

i like jessica, is it that important to write about the 100,000 dollars worth of jewelry that she’s wearing, its about the baby shower!

stacey mc on

celebrities, believe it or not are real people too? They have every right to experience a baby shower and celebrate the impending birth of their child. All of these people on here talking about why they are accepting gifts because they have so much money to buy things for their baby are ridiculous! I am pretty sure Jessica as well as other celebrities have donated boat loads of mone to charity as well as their time. Let the girl experience all of these new and exciting things and shame on all of you that have passed judgment as to why she shouldn’t accept gifts.

Mya on

I gained about 60+ pounds and gave birth to a little 7 lb baby

Shannon on

The baby still has time to get bigger? 0_o

torgster on

Is there even a remote chance that once she delivers this kid she will disappear once and for all? Considering her “celebrity” days as a singer are long over, and all she has going for her anymore is her tacky fashion line and reality show, why oh why is she even news?

acorr on

I had (2) 10 and 1/2 pound boys and I’m just fine. I gained what I needed and lost what I needed. Jessica will be fine too.

Seriously on

Jennifer—you can’t “give” yourself gestational diabetes by gaining too much weight when pregnant. Some women get it and some don’t. It is a hormonal thing. I apparently “gave” myself gestational diabetes after only gaining 10 pounds halfway through my pregnancy. My hormone levels were just different. And that was my 4th pregnancy….no GD prior to that, even though I had gained more weight in some of the previous ones! She is just shorter and therefore carries it much different than taller women. She looks great! I’m glad she doesn’t look all little and cutesy belly like a lot of the celebs that “diet” while they are pregnant!

B.J. on

Mentioning how much all of her ugly jewelry is worth is just plain tacky, as is the moomoo she is wearing. Why is this woman a celebrity, again? I don’t even remember anymore.

Melissa on

It baffles me that she never wear clothes and shoes from her own lines.

lisa on

who dressed her and does she not look in the mirror? That is one ugly dress.

just saying on

Elle mC Person gained 50 she said Helle Berry, PINK, Kate Hudson all over 60 & all had beautiful & healthy babies. Many otehr women have done the same. Ya need to get off the stero type that you only gain 25.. thats in the movies * most women are not willing to admit they have gained anymore then that.. The truth is Jess is in the normal range for women & admits it. Just keeping it real folks.

Jessica is also very short waisted. make her a 5’6-8 range & she would n’t look like she does.. Also amniotic fluid increses the look. Lets just stop judging this woman for something we all go through & stop trying to make her sound like she is something we have never been. Any woman bearing children has experience much of what Jess is doing. Congtrats Jess on that Baby girl.. you will be a great mommy

Sara on

Why do people say a pregnancy has been forever?? I hate that statement.
A woman is pregnant for 9 months, almost a year, so of course it might feel like a long time.

Anna on

It’s very tacky to reveal value of the jewelry on her while so many people live below the poverty level.

sally on

I think the dress is a barfer!

Anonymous on

She can wear the most expensive jewellery ever, and it still won’t fix that hideous wardrobe. Not going to buy in on the whole “she’s huge for various medical reasons” debate, but that dress makes her look like a tent.

lisa on

OMG @Sara Beth I just spit my tea out everywhere…LOL…

A. on

Sheesh, Jessica is looking quite huge these days. This cannot be healthy for her or the baby. I wonder if she has gestational diabetes. Good luck with losing the baby weight, Jessica. It’s gonna be a real b*tch getting it all off.

Kelley on

FAT! as well as pregnant-wont she be surprised when the baby she’s so anxious to push out is a normal 6 or 7 lbs and she has over 100 lbs to lose! FAT Irresponsible and STUPID.

desert_fox1973 on

Jessica announced her pregnancy in October.. so she’s technically what 6 or 7 months pregnant? Give or take because I don’t remember how long she was pregnant before she announced it.. It’s only been 6 months people! She does look ready to pop but I believe they estimate she’s having a 10 pounder!

I still tend to believe Beyonce wasn’t really pregnant and had a surrogate! I never paid attention to her timeline but yeah, they both announced their pregnancies around the same time and seems unusual that Beyonce already “Gave birth.”

Pregnancy works for Jess- she’s glowing, beautiful & can’t wait to see the baby! (But yeah- the dress doesn’t work for me either!)

jamie on

oofda poor girl! she is huge & it seems like she has been pregnant forever. as a short girl like her, i fear getting pregnant lol.

Venna on

Why is JS always making news…??? We never hear anything about Hilary Duff-Comrie pregancy, b/c she doesn’t need the world to know unlike JS who always has to be in the spotlight. Get over yourself JS and have the damn baby already!!!!!

Amanda K on

Wow, there’s so many bit#hy comments on here. Not everyone gains the same amount of weight or looks the same pregnant. No wonder there’s so much bullying these days when children have bullies for parents. As for her losing the weight, I have heard she is going to be a spokesperson for weight watchers so there you go.

April Mae on

I will never understand how Jessica Simpson claims to be a fashion maven – tho’ I KNOW she’s filthy rich from her shoe & accessory line – but consistently wear the most gawd-awful, gaudy, unflattering clothes she can possibly find. As wealthy as she is, why doesn’t she just hire a full-time stylist and image consultant? Oh. Sycophants. She’s total surrounded by them, apparently.

Angela on

I am 5’1 and my husband is 6’3 and everyone kept telling me I would have this giant baby when I was pregnant since my husband was a 9 and a half pound baby at birth but I delivered a healthy 6 lb 7 ounce boy full term. I don’t think the husband’s birth weight always plays a part in it. I think a lot of the weight she is carrying is from how she has been eating. I gained 30 pounds with my son but was mainly all belly. I think Jessica has indulged a bit during her pregnancy which is fine for her. Everyone does it differently. Nothing to freak out about. Plus, she IS a celebrity and probably already has a trainer prepped to get her losing that baby weight.

Kandyce on

To all the haters: you clearly have never have been pregnant nor do you have children, b/c you’d realize each pregnancy is different and you’d never criticize someone else on theirs. Get lives.

ladybug on

heather, I literally just laughed so hard I was crying when I read this comment: i think she’s just saying they’re expecting the baby to be 10lbs so she can pretend that’s why she’s so damn big.

and just did it again after re-reading it when I pasted it into this comment hahahaha. Too funny.

She has the worst fashion sense, pregnant or not. I saw a pic in a magazine the other day and she was in a long sleeve orange maxi dress, massive sunglasses, huge orange purse, and tall orange wedges. Throw that on a big pregnant belly and she looked like a pumpkin.

Felicia on

Seriously, does she have to wear high heels all the time?!?!? She looks ridiculous. Her feet are so swollen and she is so big that her back must be in so much pain all of the time. How stupid. The higher the heel, the more strain on the back.

Danielle on

Can I ask the question no one else wants to ask. Why are you comparing Beyonce and Jessica? It doesn’t matter how they became mothers the point is they became mothers and both their families are happy. Instead being rude jerks, is it so hard to just be happy for them? The people of this generation are such callous pricks. Oh and for the idiots who obviously know nothing about pregnancy, Rachel Zoe, Victoria Beckham, and Nicole Richie watched their weight, were very small during pregnancy and revealed their pregnancies late. I don’t see any of you bitching at them.

Doreen on

What the heck is up with ALL of this jewelry?!! Jessica, you LOVE your wealth too much!! This is about the baby NOT anymore about YOU!

Fawn on

A lot of these comments annoy me. It doesn’t matter is Jessica is a millionaire or not, people should be allowed to throw her a shower. Maybe their friends and family members wanted to take part in this tradition and buy something for the baby. Let them have that and don’t pick it apart. Jessica makes a pretty penny and a lot of that is given to charity on a regular basis. She’s involved in a lot. I don’t think that means she has to have nothing the rest of us have had or that she shouldn’t be allowed to enjoy her pregnancy like most women. It annoys me to see other people say how someone else should spend their money. She didn’t buy her own gifts, she didn’t throw her own shower… I know that not everyone is as able as they are and I get it, but by the same token, I bet not everyone making these comments finds a few dimes to donate on a regular basis- or better yet- once a year when you get your tax dollars.

Sandy on

These stars are too much!!! Who needs to wear $107,250 worth of jewelry to a baby shower???? Really gags me the way these people live.

Guest on

According to People’s own article, the menu at Jessica’s shower included her “favorites” of fried chicken, mac n cheese, deep friend twinkies, oreos, etc. She has tweeted and/or been quoted throughout this about her atrocious eating habits during the pregnancy (butter on poptarts .. really?), which is not only bad for her (obviously), but is also bad for the baby. Pray for her? I think I’ll be praying instead that she doesn’t pass on such unhealthy eating habits on to her baby girl.

Holiday on

She is just using pregnancy as an excuse to eat everything in site. Not healthy for her OR the baby. A little exercise like swimming or walking sure would not hurt her either. I ate very healthy and walked and swam several times a week and gained 25 pounds with both of my pregnancies. I did not have a sumo wrestler for a baby either like you mamas who gained 60 pounds and then had 10-12 pound babies. My babies were petite and healthy. My son was 6 pounds 5 ounces and 19 inches long. My daughter was 6 pounds 2 ounces and 18.5 inches. Tiny and adorable!

Renee on

Elephants have shorter pregnancies than THIS woman!

Jordyn on

Her face is so pudgy it’s almost unrecognizable.

Jillian on

Holiday, you can gain a small amount and have a large baby or gain a large amount and have a small baby. Regardless, I think based on what Jessica has said she eats and does she is being unhealthy for herself and putting herself and baby at risk. She is destined to have a large baby regardless because of her husband.


Jana on

If she announced the end of October, she probably waited till she was at least 3 or 4 months along. Five months ago would put her at 8 or 9 months, so could be another month!

Jana on

I gained a lot of weight with both my children. And neither were “sumo wrestlers” One was 6.5 and one was 7.2. They are both happy healthy kids (12 and 5 now!)

ecl on

Now we’re glorifying “petite” babies? That’s disgusting. Even judging a baby’s weight at birth now.

Verity Sparrow on

What awful comments some people are posting right here. Nasty, nasty, nasty. Why are some people so damn horrible? The girl is pregnant for god’s sake. Such shallow comments about her weight/size. No wonder women in today’s society have image issues with nastiness like that.

Just Me on

I truly think the only people who would give “kudos” to a celebrity for gaining SO MUCH WEIGHT are folks who got way too large themselves. She doesn’t have a bunch of extra amniotic fluid or that would indicate a problem. Even if she was having a 10 pound baby, she still should have only gained max 35 pounds. I am the same height as she, and did not look like that because I gained a healthy 30 pounds with each pregnancy. She has clearly gained 60+. There should be no “kudos” or promoting of that being OK because of the potential serious complications to mother and baby at such a high weight. Please stop saying that is what “normal” people look like when they’re pregnant. Being huge may be the “norm” these days, but it is certainly not OK.

Stacy on

The only negative I see in this photo is that PEOPLE MAG chose to print the amount of the jewelry she’s wearing when so many people are struggling in this economy right now. That little piece of information could have been left out. I blame People on that and responsible journalism, not Jessica..b/c if we all had that same type of money, we’d have more expensive things too. I think she’s gorgeous..just like all women of all shapes and sizes. She’s a excited, Mom to Be just like a lot of woman were and are and will continue to be.

Claire on

She stated that she has alot of amniotic fluid and that’s why she’s so big. She’s due in April but I think she’ll go early. That dress really is awful though, she could have done so much better. Love her though, and the names she picked for her little one.

Monica on

I really feel sorry for her because she has gained way too much weight and is going to have a very hard time losing it all and will be expected to lose it all by the time she leaves the hospital. She may very well have a larger baby and have extra amniotic fluid, but the rest is just plain weight she has gained from out of control eating. But never fear, I read somewhere that she has already lined up Jessica Alba’s exercise coach to help her lose the weight.
I didn’t gain a lot either time (22lbs & 25lbs) and I’m 5’2 and people told me they didn’t know I was pregnant from behind. But I also was not one of those people that lost all the weight immediately. I wasn’t back in regular clothes until 3-4 mos after and wasn’t pre-pregnancy weight until 9 mos. Some people say it takes 9 mos to gain the weight and 9 mos to lose it- that was me. But I wasn’t expected to be in a bikini on a magazine cover 6 wks after either. Good luck, Jessica!

SadieA on

I guess healthy eating doesn’t equal intelligence. I know some people who eat everything in sight AND they know the difference between the words site and sight!

georgia on

Get real, people. Some women just gain more and it’s totally normal. Current evidence suggests that there is no ‘magic’ number of lbs a women is meant to gain, unlike what our mothers were told. Same with needing a section for ‘big’ babies. First of all, the estimated weight of a baby has an efficiacy of +/- TWO lbs, that’s a lot. And small women can birth large babies. Let’s give her a chance. I gained 60lbs on both my pregnancies and that’s with being very active and eating healthily – and I’m 130 to start. However, fi they induce for a ‘large baby’ I’m sure it will be a section because the cascade of interventions that happen with inductions are abundant! Best of luck to her!

georgia on

Meant to add that the weight came off both times, naturally, with the continuation of an active lifestyle and healthy (not restricted) diet and breastfeeding. Christ Almighty, there are some C L O S E D minds here!

Maria on

Any actually not stop to think that she may be carrying WATER weight?? I have two children, I gained more on my first than on my second. But I had very bad odema(water weight)and never once was my actual weight called into question. I had a good healthy diet, took me prenatal vitamins and omega oils…it’s just one of those thing…get over it!

However, I do agree – she has been pregnant for forever!

4boymom on

Estimated baby weights can be off as much as 4 POUNDS! The baby will probably be somewehere in between their birth weights. Clearly she has put on more than the 25-35 recommended pounds but that’s her business. Losing the baby weight is challenging for sure. Good luck to her!

Meg on

Most people can’t even be honest here. She’s pregnant AND fat because she has been eating too much, garbage at that. She’s as wide as she is tall, like a huge pumpkin, and she’s gained well more than 60 lbs. My mother had 5 of us, and my oldest brother weighed the most when he was born (almost 10 lbs.). My mother only gained 35 lbs. with him; the rest of us, she gained 25-30 lbs. Then again, she didn’t eat everything in sight and she ate healthy and walked every day. We were all born healthy. Jessica has been very irresponsible about her pregnancy, and it shows all over her.

boohoobytch on


michelle on

I find her pimping out every detail of her pregnancy a desperate bid for attention. She’s just doing anything to stay in the public eye and relevant. There are far classier stars (Jennifer Gardener for example)..who don’t need to paste themselves all over magazines during their pregnancies.

Selling you baby photos and shower photos (including her nude belly photos) are just sad.

Live in the moment and stop begging for attention. Pathetic.

Hope on

She has so much money and has been so blessed that it would have been wonderful if she asked for donations to a charitable organization that provided for babies or mothers in need. I loved the way Beyonce handled her pregnancy and the release of her baby’s pictures and I really respect the fact that she has handled it with class and dignity.


I saw on another site that she is going to give birth on 4/20 which is 3 weeks before her actual due date. So she is actually due in MAY! OMG….. They are delivering her early due to her size. It didn’t state if she was having a csection or being induced. I am due in May….and let me tell ya…I am not THAT big! I still beleive the hype that she is gaining all this weight cause of her Jenny Craig contract. The more she loses(or in other words gains)the more $ she will make. More power to her though….if I could eat anything I wanted to actually make $ I would go for it too! LOL

Scandiababe on

That dress! Really? Does she really think people are going to look twice at her clothing line when she wears hideous crap like that moomoo with heels? Over $100,000 in jewelry? Really? Talking about having huge orgasims & a “bowling bowl sitting on her hoo-ha”? That’s one classy lady.

Lily on

Why do some women use pregnancy as an excuse to eat anything and everything? I saw an interview where she mentioned some of the junk she’s stuffing in her face and it’s no wonder she’s huge. This is just not healthy for her or the baby. And, please, don’t call that baby Maxi! You are just setting her up to be nicknamed Maxi Pad.

cindywatson1234 on

That BOA just ate a big meal

…smart …8 months along and 6 inch heels???

SMiaVS on

Dear geniuses: The article of clothing to which you refer is called a muumuu, not a moo-moo. Don’t be ridiculous, you sound like fools. Also, what she’s wearing is NOT called a muumuu.

Stephanie on

Of COURSE she’s eating as much as she can and gaining as much weight as possible…gotta make that Weight Watcher’s contract worth the money

lola on

Do not bash her weight gain! I ate healthy and was active and still gained 60 pounds and my healthy baby weighted 7 pounds at birth. After 2 months have already lose all but 15 pounds your body gains what it needs for the baby.

Holiday on

Lola how exactly would your body and the baby need 60 extra pounds? A lot of that is fat you know…. not healthy to gain so much.

Jillian on

Jessica said in the people interview that she gained 40 lbs so far (i think more) and she is using this as an excuse to eat anything and not exercise. She mentioned nothing about about too much water, amniotic fluid, etc…. If she had complications she would not be allowed to travel and/or be on bed rest. Her thought process is bad for her and her baby. And to speak about it in that way…,is crazy!! I have had 5 children and I gained no where near that much.


Teresa on

Can you say bored jealous people, Sure we all wish we had her kind of money. Thats the cards she was dealt. I gain 80lbs and wore a size 5 before i was pregnant and after i had my 8lb very healthy girl i went into a size 3. with no effort to lose the weight everybodys body is not the same. So what if she gained alot of weight in the end as long as her baby is healthy thats all that matters. Apperently some of you forgot how great it was to be a 1st time mom. Thats how you learn from experience.

Heather on

what a critical bunch of ladies, everyone gains weight differently when pregnant, it is so rude to tell a pregnant woman that her belly is too big or she must be having more than one. As long as the doctor’s are happy with her progress that is all that matters.

I’m pregnant as well and actually due a week later than jessica and if you think it has been a long time since october, we both have been pregnant since august, you are pregnant for 10 months if you go by your last period. i was showing as well in october because of bloating.

I just have to keep telling myself that all the rude comments on here are from people who have never been pregnant. hope no one ever judges you this way.

ClaireSamsmom on

I think it is unhealthy to gain that much weight during pregnancy. And her cravings….gross…butter on pop tarts? This girl really has some growing up to do. She lacks alot of maturity in the comments she makes…she may be one of the sweetest girls out there…but, just grow up! And the name Maxwell is a boyish name. And the nickname Maxi just makes me think of pads.