Jessica Capshaw Feels Lucky to Be Expecting Again

03/21/2012 at 06:00 PM ET

Jessica Capshaw‘s Grey’s Anatomy castmates are feeling a sense of déjà vu with their costar.

“Everyone at work keeps going, ‘God, you’re pregnant again?'” the actress, who is expecting her third child in June, tells PEOPLE.

“Because I really was pregnant last year! It does seem a bit, like, ‘What? How are you pregnant again?’ Yet, here I am! I feel so lucky to be pregnant for a third time.”

Capshaw, 35, purposely put some distance between Luke Hudson, 4½, and Eve Augusta, 17 months. Eve and her new sibling (the actress and husband Christopher Gavigan are not finding out the sex of the baby) will be much closer in age, and Capshaw hopes that will give her two younger children a special bond.

“Luke will be very hard-pressed to remember a time before Eve, but if he really, really tried, he could,” Capshaw says. “Eve will never remember a time before this baby. I think there’s something so lovely about that.”

Capshaw has also been hearing from friends with three children that the third brings a special chaos to life at home — but the actress is doing all she can not to anticipate the worst.

“I don’t really think about what the challenges are going to be,” she says. “For me, it’s not about the challenges. I keep thinking about how lucky we are. For some reason, even with the third one, it really is never, ever lost on me that every single baby is a miracle.”

To protect her little miracles, Capshaw — along with Julianne Moore, Christina Applegate and Maya Rudolph — recently joined Moms Clean Air Force to call on legislators to protect a historic ruling that would limit toxic pollution from mercury and other damaging chemicals emitted by power plants.

After the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards ruling passed in February, opponents in the Senate began an appeal process to kill the ruling.

“It’s not only frustrating, it’s maddening,” Capshaw says. “It’s not okay for there to not be restrictions on the toxins that are released into the air that we breathe.”

“Water and air are pretty elemental to our lives,” she continues. “When either one is being compromised or contaminated or not being taken care of as the precious resource that it is, we have to collectively figure out who’s in control and who can do something to make sure that it is valued.”

— Helin Jung

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Tee on

I find her attitude towards having a new baby so refreshing.

Katie on

“Everyone at work keeps going, ‘God, you’re pregnant again?’” Gosh, she is only having her 3rd. Not her 7th! Although with our economy in the US more and more couples are having less children. I hope for 5 myself.

mary on

I just don’t understand, why if something is good and will protect our children why fight the ruling? The only possible reason I can come up with is money and the ones who would be making that money at the expense of our children would be corporate businesses and legislators. Just asking but are the republicans the ones who want to change the ruling?

Keep up the fight Jessica Capshaw. I am behind you 110%

sally on

She has a long way to go to catch up with the Duggar’s

Melanie on

Yes, Mary. Republicans are evil and want you to breathe toxins. *eyeroll*

Sabrina on

We didn’t find out the sex of our third baby. It was so exciting.

Tracy on

How is that possible. She has a 17 month old and she was pregnant last year????

Janie on

@Tracey – Since she was saying people at work keep commenting, I think she’s more referring to a television “year”. She was pregnant during the last season of Grey’s Anatomy and she’s pregnant during this season.

SadieA on

Tracy, maybe she means when they filmed last season

ghdjti on

shes a baby machine

Mary on

Kate Capshaw’s attitude is a joy to read! Having a baby is NOT the worst thing that can happen to you. Being grateful for the gift God has given you is THE best attitude and makes for real peace and joy!

sharon on

third or 20th all babies are miracles. Such a special time when they are all so little together, it goes by fast

ang on

She is just absolutely adorable! Her attitude is very uplifting. I smile for you Jessica and your lovely attitude.

k on

I had my first 2 about 16 months apart. I didn’t plan it that way but it worked out great. I had a girl then a boy and they’re a year apart in school. Now they are a little older and it’s great. We went on to have 2 more boys – all pretty close in age.

postathread on

oh please…having another baby with nannies, personal trainers, chefs, housekeepers…the “basic” issues in life are handled…if just “raising” our kids was our only worry..we’d all be so “relaxed”…

Anonymous on

postathread- Why do you assume that all celebs have all those things?

Sabrina on

Anonymous-they obviously do. Do you think she does the housework and thakes care of her kids and works 12+ hours on a set???

Jillian on

So what if she has a housekeeper? Many people have them. I do and many of my family and friends. If it helps me spend more time with my children then I am all for it.


Jessica on

Hi out there. I applaud Jessica for speaking out about coal fired plants but also it is imperative that everyone educates themselves about fracking for natural gas and the enormous chemicals that pollute the water and the air from it. Natural gas practically makes coal look clean! There is no safe way to frack and please be careful to not fall for the extremely misleading information out there that wants you to think it is safe. Horrible toxic gases are released into the air and terrible contaminants are put deep into the ground water. Come on mommas we can use our voices and momma bear love to protect out kids and the earth!