Jeremy Sisto Welcomes Son Bastian Kick

03/21/2012 at 10:30 PM ET
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Update: “Little man finally told us his name: Bastian Kick Sisto,” the actor Tweets.

Originally posted March 14: Jeremy Sisto is a dad again!

The Suburgatory star and wife Addie Lane welcomed a son on Friday, March 9 in Los Angeles, his rep confirms to PEOPLE.

“Unnamed boy is healthy as is Mom. Thanks for your wishes,” Sisto Tweeted, jokingly adding, “Don’t tell my wife I had two glasses of wine while she had an epidural.”

Sisto, 37, announced in December that Lane was expecting their second child, who joins big sister Charlie-Ballerina, 2½.

“Just bought a teddy bear to give to my daughter ‘from’ her newborn brother,” he writes. “Considering drizzling some placenta on it for believability.”

When it comes to naming their son, perhaps the couple will hit the books as they did with their daughter.

“My wife went through the dictionary, page by page, looking for words that weren’t normally names,” the actor explained about how they came up with Charlie-Ballerina.

For now though, baby boy remains nameless.

“We got an extension at the hospital, but on Friday we do have to go down and put something in,” Sisto explained Wednesday while appearing on LIVE! with Kelly.

“If we don’t have it by then, I think it’ll be ‘Baby Boy’. We’re going to be filing extensions for a while. If naming babies is anything like doing homework, then it’ll take [me] a while to name this kid.”

All jokes aside, “My wife is stressing about it,” he admits. “I’m hoping something magical happens — [something] that makes me think, ‘Of course this is supposed to be his name.'”

The actor and Lane tied the knot in October 2009 at City Hall in New York.

— Sarah Michaud and Alla Byrne

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Heychica111 on

I’m sure something equally obnoxious to match Charlie-Ballerina. May I suggest Foghat-Belle, or Luther-Blender. Too mild-I see. Then try Ignoramous-Parents.

Siera on

Congrats to the happy family on their new addition!

@Heychica111. Your ignorant, obnoxious comments are unnecessary.

Anonymous on

Congrats to them, and he sounds like a fun and funny dad! 🙂

B.J. (the girl) on

He’s a funny guy. I can imagine little Charlie-Ballerina wanting to play football with the boys someday despite her moniker, haha.

Romy on

He’s cute until he opens his mouth. In another interview he called his daughter ‘Chuck.’

Feiger on

Years ago I saw a couple on the TODAY Show with their four-year-old daughter who was called Noname because the parents felt she should be free to choose her name when she was old enough to understand the concept of “freedom of individualism”.

It’s sad that the parents felt the need to saddle her with “freedom” because they felt strongly enough not to bother naming their child, thus denying her an identity—even a name she could have hated, as most people I know find their given names detestable & prefer their middle names or another name altogether & sometimes even go as far as changing or deleting their name on legal documents [birth certificate, driver’s license] when they reach adulthood.

Denise Smith on

Didn’t they have 9 months to come up with a name?

Miz on

Thanks, Romy. You’re making me nostalgic for Pushing Daisies. 😦

Marky on

Feiger, I have never know anyone who hated their name so much they deleted it on legal documents! My children all liked their names very much; all are meaningful, and reasonable, and none dislike them or want to change them. I think it’s their business what they name their child, but it does seem odd to go through a dictionary and try to find words that aren’t normally names. How about Suzie-chair, or Cari-grass? Since they used Charlie for their daughter , maybe they want a feminine name for their son? What gets into people, and, like Denise said, they had 9 months to choose a few names to choose from.

Tee on

My first thought was the same as Denise’s, 9 months is a long time to come up with a name for gosh sakes. Just think of what the kids will think if they ever as and are told the truth…we picked Charlie-Ballerina because we couldn’t decide so Mommy decided to go through the dictionary. I sure hope they intend to give her ballet lessons. How about Lane Addison Sisto (his Mommy’s last name and the male version of his mother’s first name).

liz on

How about Teddy Bear?

The guy is funny.

Anonymous on

I don’t think not having a name until after the baby is born is a big deal. Sometimes people feel like they need to see the baby before making that important decision. However, I am sure it will be something stupid, considering his big sister’s name. Charlie Ballerina/Chuck? Please.

Ashley on

LOL Heychica! Good post 🙂

Pickachess on

These people are just attention seekers. So sad that parents feel they have to use their kids for attention. It is kind of like those parents that make their child purposely sick so that people feel sorry for them and give them attention. Same thing, but they want to get the attention of others by having people inquire or be shocked at the child’s name.

dawn on

Attention seekers for sure. Why name your daughter Charlie when in the future she will be riddled with questions and comments. In reference to school files, legal documents, medical records there will be confusion. Of all the beautiful female names available, they choose Charlie? Why not Charlotte? I would bet they name their son Violet or Sunshine, just to draw more attention to themselves. His sprinkling of the placenta joke was not funny at all. Sort of crude and jerky. Immature is more like it. They both look like they are lazy and sloppy too.

Liz on

Charlie Ballerina, aka Chuck?? No comment. Good luck Chuck.

And good luck unnamed baby who’s mom is going through the dictionary right now! Can you say wow??

Olivia on

Every time I see Charlie-Ballerina, my mind wants to read it as Charlie-Banana. I don’t get how they haven’t come up with a name by now.

Kristine on

@Marky – my grandmother hated her given name so much she had it legally changed when she was 18 (it was Elna). She never went by it, and wanted no part of it. So, she removed it from her life.

michelle on

I wonder if she smoked during this pregnancy like she did during her first?

Ann on

Oh, so THAT’S how stupid celebrities come up with all those ridiculous things to call their kids. Since they have more time than brains, they simply “go through the dictionary, page by page, looking for words that aren’t normally names”. Yikes.

Chrispy on

Charlie Ballerina? What a couple of dinks. She, especially, doesn’t look too swift – reminds be of the character Dalia on his show.

kjc on

I honestly think Charlie-Ballerina is adorable. …and I personally know 2 female Charlies. Not Charlotte, Charlie. It’s not uncommon at all.

I look forward to hearing baby boys name.

Mira on

Kelly Lumberjack! You can call him Jack.

$ascha on

For these two, Stone Reefer would be perfect.

chelsae on

So why are people making fun of him naming his daughter Charlie but praising a woman in another post for naming her daughter Elliote? They are both boys names so if you have a problem with girls having boys names you can’t pick and choose.

Brooke on

Congrats, but that poncho looks absolutely horrible!

dani on

Think they’re adorable, think their daughter’s name is adorable and I bet my bottom dollar, their son will have a great name too. Have a happy day everybody!

Amber on

I actually like Charlie Ballerina. It’s quirky in a good way. I am interested to see what they name their little boy.

I don’t really like Jeremy Sisto, though. He does tend to come off as condescending and arrogant. I HATED his character in Waitress, too.

meghan on

Amber, he was an abusive husband in ‘Waitress’. What was there to love?

meghan on

I think it’s strange that so many people are making fun of the little girl’s name when no one seems to have a problem with Charlie Tulip O’Connell. Charlie Balerina will likely go by Charlie and 99% of the population will assume it’s short for Charlotte and not give it a second thought. I don’t see the big deal for either girl.

Anonymous on

meghan- I agree! And personally, I think Charlie Tamara Tulip is just as pretty as Charlie Ballerina!

chelsea- I could be wrong of course, but I think people are taking issue with the Ballerina part of Charlie’s name than the Charlie part. By contrast, while Elliotte isn’t a traditional female name, her middle name is Anne, which is about as traditional female as you can get.

Denise Smith- That was my first thought, too. But it could very well be that they didn’t think that any of the names they chose during the pregnancy “fit” the baby once they actually saw him. Better that way, in my opinion, than giving your child a name and then deciding in a few weeks that “S/he just doesn’t look like a/an (insert name here)!”

Oh, and the comments about Jeremy and Addie being attention seekers make me laugh. They never even formally announced Charlie’s birth (we found out about when paparazzi pictures were taken of Jeremy walking with her a few months later), and it wasn’t until Jeremy mentioned it in an interview several months later that we knew for certain that her name was Charlie Ballerina (it had been rumored that was her name early on, but only the Charlie part was confirmed for awhile). That hardly sounds like attention-seeking behavior to me!

Ann on

I actually like him a little less now and don’t think I can even watch the show he’s in anymore. Too bad cause I liked it. But I just can’t get past the dim wits they look like here, the dictionary read throughs (page by page! for words that aren’t names!) the ugly poncho, and their general stupidity. Clobber me all you like, but he’s in an ABC kind-of-a-hit show, and image does matter, like it or not.

Anonymous on

Ann- His wife is wearing the poncho, not him. Why should HER attire reflect on who HE is as a person?

Pammy on

Love him on Suburgatory – he is one hot man!

Name choices.. eh… not my style.. but that does not matter. I am sure there are people who do not like what I named my children…Holly Renee, Wayne Daniel (Danny) and Alison Christie…and as long as those people who do not like my children’s names are not nasty about it.. I really do not care if they like them or not.

gigi on

i think its super cute!
perfect boy name.

ASA on

I love the name Bastian but don’t get Kick. I guess to match the strange middle name of their daughter.

michelle in mo on

I like it. There is an Aussie actor named Kick Gurry. I’ve loved Bastian ever since Neverending Story.

RKF on

Bastian Kick?

What is wrong with these people?

Ann on

Oh what fun! Let’s take a defenseless little baby and go through the dictionary page by page! Just because we’re rich and we have time! Let’s look for words that aren’t names! The time is long past due that celebrities realize that their tries at being unique are resulting in not being unique at all. This is emotional abuse on someone who can’t speak for themselves.

Mina on

Is that pronounced like “bashed in”? Because if so, that doesnt go well with “Kick” then in that case lol. And it reminds me of bastard.

Indira on

It does remind me of bastard but its better than the daughters name I think its Sebastien without the Se which is kinda nice.

purplepooch on

“Kick Sisto, kick Sisto!” This is what the kid will get on the playground. Bastian is a lovely name imo (like someone already said, since the Neverending Story).

anon1 on

marky, my father changed his legal name the minute he could since he didn’t like his name.

bob on

Just name the kid John Thomas and give the english kids something to kick the kids butt over.

Marky on

anon1, I guess it CAN happen; just never heard of it. How bad was his name, anyway? That’s kind of a hoot!

B.J. on

Bastian will always remind me of the Neverending Story, and I dig it. Bastian Kick is really not half bad.

ELO on

I like Bastian Kick. Its different without being overly quirky.

connie on

This is not a good name at all, it will set this kid up to be teased like crazy, I saw it and boy if you read just the first few letters it looks to similiar to bastard. Dumb name also. Kick as the middle name, gee just hang a sign on the kid, kick me

M on

Bastian is a really old-fashioned German name—it’s a shortened form of the Latin name Sebastian.

“Kick” and “Charlie Ballerina” seem a bit out there, but Bastian is pretty traditional (pronounced Bah-stee-ahn). The football player Bastian Schweinsteiger is a famous example of this moniker.

JM on

They missed a trick, CLEARLY the kid’s name should have been Bastion of Truth.

anyway, dumb name, but not my kid so what do i care? and they don’t care about my opinion no cause for alarm by any posters here, it’s ok for people to state that they don’t like a name.

ANYway, congrats to the family and their little one.

Guest on

Little man you better learn how to Kick some a** when you grow up because you are going to get a beat down in school!!!

What of it? on

I always thought Bastian was a nickname for Sebastian. I suppose going straight to the nickname these days is not uncommon. Either way, I like it.

klutzy_girl on

What, they couldn’t even go for Sebastian? Ugh, worst name of the year already!

queenofhearts on

I really don’t get what all the fuss is about.. .maybe in the US, things are different and people go by their first names AND middle names… but in the UK – we really only know our close friends & families middle names… For sure in the UK they would be known as Charlie and Bastian… which really… are lovely names!!

Charlie/Charley is a popular name for a girl… why name her Charlotte if you will shorten it anyway??

Congratulations Jeremy, Addie & Charlie on baby boy Bastian!!

sally on

The kids in school won’t have to think hard to call him names!

Hope ochoa on

Geez folks, this is their child, let them name him what they want to. Celebrity or not I have heard some different names of children that would not be considered the norm. I did this with my children and they have all been comfortable with their names, no problems.

Ashley on

ANYONE who thinks this name is ok truly needs their head examined. WHAT IS WRONG with people????? Holy cow. Guess that’s to be expected by people who name their daughter Charlie-Ballerina, that’s rough.

Meg on

Poor kid.

Shannon on

Bastian Kick? Charlie-Ballerina?

How do they come up with this stuff? Poor kids. 😦

Leslee on

I like it, it’s a nice name.

Yasminda on

Many congrats to his newly expanded family. I think the guy is funny. In a world where people give their kids fruit and colors for names traditional or common names may not appeal to some expecting parents. Eventually that birth certificate and social security application will need to have a name. As long as it’s not called “IT” I’m pretty tolerant to whatever people want to call the little people they create because at the end it’s not my kid. Some of your comments made me think of Johnny Cash’s song, “A Boy Named Sue”. If you are not familiar check out the lyrics. Funny song with some truth to it 🙂

funkytown on

WHAT AN EFFING IDIOT…i find celebrities stupid and tiresome…always trying to outdo each other with the totally ridiculous baby names.

j on

Do they realize kids will immediately go to bastar-???

Guess he’ll be bullied by day one of middle school….

Sarah on

The kid can always grow up and change his name. The daughter too.

SadieA on

I don’t understand why everyone feels so bad for the kids. They’ll grow up loved and wealthy. They’ll be fine.

Susan on

Folks, these people are naming their children normally, but for the safety of the child, they publicly give a name that the child will never answer to. If a kidnapper calls the child by the fake name, he/she will not respond. Pretty smart.

SadieA on

j, they’re probably going to end up going to school with other celeb kids with odd names. I wouldn’t feel bad for Charlie or Bastion, feel bad for Pilot Inspektor.

Lisalee on

My he was crazy as Billy Chenowith perhaps he still thinks he is in character on Six Feet Under. C’mon whats wrong with a graceful name yet meaningful. SMH.

tracy on

At least Bastian is a cool name. Its the name of the lead character in The Never Ending Story 🙂

Shiv on

Honestly, I don’t think it’s bad. They seem like a couple with that cool, hipster vibe going on so I think it fits. And Charlie-Ballerina, I don’t see the big deal. Lots of Charlottes get called Charlie anyway. As for the Ballerina, it’s slightly odd, but it reminds me of Tobey Maguire’s little girl Ruby Sweetheart. Not really a word you’d use as a name.

J on

J, I think they’ll be fine. It seems it’s adults who like to pick on names more than kids going by this site.

ELO on

I don’t see how multiple people are thinking that this child is going to be called “bastard”. Call me crazy but I don’t get bastard from Bastian.

QueenofHearts- Excellent point. I don’t know too many people who go around being called by their first and middle names.

Shiv- I agree with you completely. I would much rather be named Charlie Ballerina than Ruby Sweetheart.

DaisyMoon on

Poor kids…

Anonymous on

How about naming your baby Peanutbutter Blender or Grillmaster Web??? Celebrities are so rediculous when naming their poor children.

V on

I will never understand why people get so offended by what celebrities name their children.

They are not your children and you don’t have to live with the name so why is it that important to you? Seriously and if grown adults are on her poking fun at a baby’s name they need to to take a deep look at themselves. There is no guarantee that other kids will make fun of them because of their name, although if the kids are anything like the people posting on her I truly feel bad for them!

That aside, congrats to them! I love him in Suburgatory!

c.l. on

as a fan of ‘the neverending story’ series, i am actually digging the name bastian.

in regards to classmates torturing him for his unusual middle name, the sad truth is regardless of what his parents chose for his first and second names kids can always find a way to be cruel.

if he grows up to hate it, he can do as so many of us have (even those of us with ‘normal’ names…what is normal anyway? but i digress), and change our names/go by a preferred nickname.

showbizmom on

I like the name, my husband happens to be a huge football (soccer) fan and he said there is a German player by the same name.

I’m not sure if the people bashing this name or any other ‘Hollywood’ name,actually take a minute to look at some of their own kids names or the kids in their middle America hood’s name? Take a look at this link:

Some names are made up, but lets face it some of the names in your kids schools are made up too! Why single out Hollywood? Because the media NOT the celebrity decides to make a big deal out of it? Trust me we here in Hollyweird make fun of the thousand and one different ways some of you folks that make fun of our kids names, spell Kalie or Caylee or Kayliee, I mean come on! To each their own, so back off and worry about your own!

c.l. on

i may not have named my daughter charlie, but i find it to be a pretty ordinary name amidst some of the ‘usual’ fare. i went to school with a lyndsey, an ashley, and a kelly, all of whom are of the male persuasion. two other classmates were darien and reggie; females.

naming your daughter charlie is hardly cause for such an uproar in reference to medical charts, school applications, etc. as so many of us have nicknames that are fairly ambiguous.

for instance, how many of us went to school with an alex, sam, or ron, who was more accurately alexandra, samantha, or veronica? i am from a town of 12,000, with a (2005) high school graduating class of only 135, in one of the nation’s most conservative midwest states, and i encountered all of these examples in my age group alone.

Kat on

Bastian and Charlie are pretty normal names. Also a fan of The Neverending Story, I love the name Bastian.

If you are going to be creative, it is better to chose the middle name. Most people don’t use a middle name daily, if at all, and kids will find any reason to tease each other.

Sunny on

Odd names for both children.

E on

A placenta drizzled teddy bear??? Hello, they have bigger problems than naming their kids…

dani on

Love his name! Chances are those lil’ newborn legs were kicking like crazy, hence the middle name. I think these two wee Sisto’s are going to fit in perfectly anywhere they go so all those worried about their bullying can stop, it happens even when your name is Jennifer.

J on

Charlie-Ballerina? No expectations from that little girl there…

Brittany on

So surprised at all the rude and ignorant people here. I’m sure someone out there doesn’t like your name or you child’s name, whether you think it’s ‘normal’ or not. I love both names. I know plenty of female Charlie’s and it’s not short for anything or a nick name.

Jeremy is RARELY in any kind of news anymore and the only reason he’s on here is because of his baby. This is just about babies no matter how famous you are. Really if you don’t have anything nice to say, or if you don’t care for the name, actor or anything on here…why comment?

If you act like this, openly judging people for the name they choose for their child, I feel bad for how your kids are going to be when they get older. Probably bullies because they learned it from you. Each name has a meaning for each person, so don’t bash someone because of it especially when you don’t know them or the reason they chose it.

Susan on

FREAKS!!!! Hey People stop giving morons press time.

These poor children are going to grow up with all kinds of ego problems thanks to egocentric freaks naming them.

Just remember, they know where you sleep.

kjc on

Yes! I’ve been waiting for this one!

I like Bastian. I also am reminded of The Neverending Story. Good choice.

I like Charlie Ballerina and Bastian Kick.

Ballerina is so girly, and what could be more boy than Kick?!?

It’s just middle names people. They won’t get teased on the play ground for those.

Julianna on

What kind of name is Bastian Kick? Nothing against Bastian, but… Kick? I mean? Really?

Lyoness on

My little cousin’s name is Sebastian and we call him “Bastian” for short. I like his name. I kind of like Charlie Ballerina too. Ballerina is super girly and sweet. Maybe they went to see a performance of some kind when they were pregnant with her.

meme on

I don’t see what the big desl is with the middle mames being odd. Usually people don’t get called bu their middle names anyhow. I have some close friends that I have known for years, and I can’t tell you their middle names.
The first names of these children are not unheard of.

JMO on

“Little man finally told us his name!”

Yeah way to blame it on the kid!

Hope Bastian KICKS ur azz someday for that “creativeness” *smh*

Anonymous on

Bastard? Really? How on earth do you get bastard from Bastian? All I hear is a ‘grown-up’ being a childish bully to me. You don’t have to like this innocent little baby’s name, but there is no need for you to make fun of it either.

Even if Bastian isn’t exactly common in the US, Sebastian is a well-enough known name (the singing lobster from The Little Mermaid, anyone?) and it doesn’t take a genius to think that maybe Bastian is similar in pronunciation to Sebastian, minus the first syllable.

Personally I think Bastian is lovely and while not everywhere, it isn’t way out there either. And as several people have already pointed out, it’s the name of the boy from The Neverending Story and so I associate pleasant childhood memories with it.

Abbey on

Queenofhearts – No, in the US nobody calls people by their first and middle names…unless that person wants you to. 90% of the kids I went to school with I didn’t know thier middle names, and honestly I really didn’t care what their middle names were.

I really like the names Bastian and Charlie, they are way better than most celebrity baby names.

Abbey on

I LOVE the name Bastian and Charlie for a girl is cute.

I lived in a small town growing up, and my graduating class had 44 kids in it. Out of the 44 kids, there were 4 John’s, 3 Matt’s, 3 Lisa’s, 3 Julie’s and a bunch of doubles…we had to add last name letters to their names, like Matt B and Matt R. My name is Lisa, so I was always called Lisa K.

I always said that when I had kids, I would name them something unique but not crazy, so they would hopefully have a name no one else had. Becasue I think that naming your kid something common like John is just as bad as naming them something crazy like Pilot…and I would actually name my kid Pilot before John (just not add Inspector to it).

Sandy on

I’ve definitely heard worse. I don’t hate their names. My daughter’s name is Charlotte but we call her Charlie and my husband calls her “Chuck” sometimes. It’s endearing.

Sarah on

They’re their kids. They can give them numbers if they want.

Most people I know with unusual names like being different. I have heard many people with common names complain that their names are too boring, though.

Grace2 on

Why is everyone talking about the name when we should be talking about that awful getup she’s wearing. Is she hiding Juan Valdez under there?

damoiselle on

So, the first four letters of Bastian and bastard are the same but I don’t really see the connection. It’s a variant of Sebastian and fairly common in Europe (Bastien – French, Bastian – German, Bastiano – Italian, etc).

showbizmom – mine too, and Bayern Munich is his favourite team 🙂

Lola on

I’m wondering why people are having such a problem with “Kick” as a middle name? What about the Beckhams using “Seven” as their daughter’s middle name? That is an equally bizarre choice and I don’t remember hearing many negative comments about that name.

Sash on

First of all, not many people use their middle names in daily life. Plus, there are so many unique names out there that making fun of kids because of them is way less common than when we were children.

I think the name is awesome, I love celebrity names because it’s not the same Aidan/Cayden/Braiden cop-out.

Niko on

Bastian Kick sounds like a martial arts move, lol

Marky on

Lola, are you kidding about the “Seven” name for Harper? Really? There was buzz for days about Harper’s name, and how people though the Beckham’s were idiots at best! I can’t believe you had the nerve to even say that!! My work, how soon you forget…..

M. on

Finding it so weird how so many comments are about not liking Charlie as a girl’s name- with no mention of how utterly bizarre (sorry) the ‘Ballerina’ part is 😡

Abbie on

Love the name Bastian!!!! Great choice and I love their little girls name Charlie. I don’t know why people have such a negative reaction to the kids middle names, it doesn’t matter it is a middle name! People need to realax, it is not your kid!

ELO on

@Marky- You can’t believe that Lola had the nerve to bring up the Beckham’s choice of middle name? Why is that? Is it some sort of taboo topic,a subject noone is supposed to mention?

BTW- Harper was born almost 9 months ago so saying “how soon we forget” doesn’t exactly qualify here.

Laura on

Why is everyone asking his name, it’s in the TITLE of this thing?

M. on

(didn’t realize that emoticon would make an angry face, sorry!)

ruby on

Bastian Kick is better than Charlie-Ballerina. Yikes.

And dude … you can’t “drizzle” placenta. What a moron.

NoneYA on

Too close to Bastard Kick for me.

A. on

I could easily see kids calling him Bastard Dick. Seriously, WTF is wrong with celebrities?