Adriana Lima: I Don’t Care If Baby Is a Boy or a Girl

03/21/2012 at 08:00 AM ET
Daniel Boczarski/WireImage

Adriana Lima is expecting her second child with husband Marko Jaric, but she has no expectations when it comes to the sex of the baby.

“Boy or girl, we’ll be excited either way,” the Victoria’s Secret stunner, 30, tells PEOPLE. “As long as our baby is healthy, we’re happy!”

And although Lima told PEOPLE that she couldn’t get enough chocolate during her first pregnancy with 2-year-old daughter Valentina, this time around, she’s watching what she eats.

“I am trying to be good,” says Lima, who ate an all-protein diet to lose the baby weight after giving birth in November 2009, and went to extreme measures to get ready for last fall’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

So this time, she says, “I have magically turned my ice cream cravings into frozen yogurt cravings!”

— Charlotte Triggs

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Julianna on

My friends and I were commenting on how apparently she will lose Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show this year, but with this I’m starting to think she will deliver a little before the Show, which is good. I’m happy for Adriana, her first daughter is adorable.

jessica on

see that is a good additude….people that like deserve babies. you got others whining over if they didnt get what they want..then there is jessica simpson saying if hers was a boy she would hate to see him in a tutu…so yeah i could have seen her stomping her feet like a child if she didnt get what she wanted…i wish people would realize one sex is not better then the other. they are equal. they both are a blessing…so those who have either all boys that didnt get thier girl or those who have all girls that didnt get thier boy…just be happy think of the ones that didnt get that chance to have a baby at all or never will…..

Shannon on

I would think most parents feel this way. Best wishes to them for a healthy baby!

IMO a lot of mothers go overboard with “eating for two” during the first pregnancy. Good for Adriana for taking a more sensible approach this time. 🙂

Nicole on

Wow. She looks almost as evil in this picture as the one from yesterday. Scary.

Lesliee on

Love her! congratulations to her and her hubby and little girl! God Bless!

Alisha on

She is drop dead gorgeous! Best of luck with the pregnancy. Her family is adorable.

Ami on

People who long for a boy or girl in particular also ‘deserve’ babies. Pretty stupid comment from the person above.

Kim Wattman on

I agree some people put too much focus on the sex they have, all children are a blessing, I don’t think that is a stupid comment but a very smart one.

boohoobytch on

a healthy baby is the most important thing – congrats

Rightasrain on

Even if people who “long” for a boy or girl “deserve” babies, the child doesn’t deserve to be stuck with parents who felt that way ….

Amy on

The comment “as long as the baby is healthy” is absurd. So what, you wouldn’t love or cherish a child if they weren’t healthy? What a silly comment.

Hea on

Amy – Of course they would but who in their right mind wants their precious baby to be unhealthy?

Jessica – You do realize that Simpson is kind of a joker?


I agree with you Amy…”as long as the baby is healthy” is stupid stereotypical comment…..One should love his/her child NO MATTER WHAT, boy or girl, healthy or not

patrick on

she is a dumb twit. models need to shut up.

Scott on

Let’s see. First she gets married and THEN has two babies. What an idea! You go girl.

Siera on

@patrick. Ditto 😉

Siera on

@patrick. Stratch that “Ditto” comment from me. It was meant for a different article. If you don’t want to hear about a celebrity’s pregnancy then maybe you shouldn’t be on this site.

Shannon on

“As long as our baby is healthy, we’re happy!” <—Why are people ridiculing this comment? Should they be hoping for an unhealthy baby?

Anonymous on

Jessica- Jessica didn’t say that if she had a boy she’d hate to see him in tutus. She joked that she would dress a boy in tutus if she had one and that HE would probably hate HER for it!

Shannon- I agree! I also feel to say how her comment is saying they wouldn’t love their baby if s/he turned out to be unhealthy. All she said is that they’ll be happy if the baby is healthy. And really, would you expect them to be happy if their baby WASN’T healthy?! That would be like expecting someone who had a relative who was just diagnosed with cancer saying they were happy about it!

Marck on

Congratulation Adriana, you are my favorite Victoria’s Secret super model. I am prety sure your second baby would be as beautiful as your firts one. Wow! this girl is sucha wonderful human being.