Adriana Lima Expecting Second Child

03/20/2012 at 12:00 PM ET
Jamie McCarthy/WireImage

There’s another little angel on the way for Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima.

The Brazilian beauty, 30, and her husband, former NBA player Marko Jaric, are expecting their second child, her rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

Lima already mom toΒ 2-year-old daughter,Β Valentina, tells PEOPLE that “the entire family is very excited, especially Valentina. She keeps blowing kisses to my belly and saying, ‘Kisses for the baby.'”

When the model met Jaric, 33, at a party in Los Angeles in 2006, “I knew he was the one and I could see myself married to him and with a big family.”

The couple married on Valentine’s Day in 2009 and soon after the honeymoon, they learned they were expecting their first child.

“We are so excited!” she told PEOPLE during her first pregnancy. “We wanted this. We were ready.”

While Lima has continued to strut her stuff on the runway, showing off her enviable post-baby bod at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, she calls motherhood her favorite career.

“The best job in the world for me is being a mom,” she tells PEOPLE. “I never thought I could love so much. I always thought, does unconditional love exist? Now I know it does because I feel it.”

The Victoria’s Secret swim catalog is out March 28.

— Charlotte Triggs

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Mimi on

I’m just so glad she’s married!

Lola on

She’s so gorgeous, congrats to them.

Sophia on

Congratulations! I met her two years ago when she was at the TV studio I work at. Not only GORGEOUS, but also a truly polite, sweet, down-to-Earth woman.

Jessica on

Adriana Lima is my biggest role model ever.. She’s so beautiful & a great person to look up to. I am thrilled she’s pregnant again, but I’m sad in a way.. looks like she will be missing the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 😦

Sara on

Oh Mimi, get a life! You can be committed and great parents with a marriage.

Not everyone has to married to be parents. Considering people can get married to someone they have known for an hour in Vegas and can get divorced just as easily shows marriage is not that big of a commitment.

Jen on

Too bad her husband is a jerk.

patrick on

she is so ugly inside and out.

Emry on

Congrats to her, but what does being married have to do with it mimi???

Heather on

Oh Sara, marriage IS a big commitment. Just because immature and impulsive people rush into a drive by Vegas wedding doesn’t mean that the institution of marriage means nothing. I’m so bored with people saying that marriage doesn’t work. It’s like the obese woman who claims diets don’t work while scarfing down a bag of chips! Marriage is only successful for emotionally mature and stable people who are willing to put both feet in and do the work. Obviously that excludes most of Hollywood.

Anyway, congrats to Adriana and her family:)

mensterlie on

omg !!!!!!!
that is great !
adriana is my role modele
love her

Mikaila on

I think patrick,guest, and mimi are the same person…with low self-esteem, ofcourse.

Anyway, congratulations to Adriana. She is a very likable and gorgeous woman. No denying that. Might I add that in a television interview she said that it was not love at first sight for either of them…that it took time for that to develop so I dont know why they have her saying that she knew he was the one at first sight. Bad journalism (sound bytes) or she changed her mind, who knows.

laura on

wow… of course congratulates the pregnancy :))) i hope that after you pregnant quickly to each other and take part in events victorias secret AGAIN πŸ™‚

patrick on

only d listers announce this stuff.

kd on

Glad to read Adriana is nice and down to earth. Good for her and her family.

I met Alessandra at a party about a year ago and she was the very first person to come up to me and my friends, shake our hands and introduce herself. Very friendly!

I’ve heard pretty much all the VS Angels are very sweet. Which they have to be to work with VS considering its all about personality that nails the job.

Yup on

Verrrry well said Heather about marriage! Excellent compairason! I applaud people with morals! People need to stop making it seem like having them is a bad thing! Congrats to adriana, her marriage and family πŸ™‚

katie on

If she’s announcing the pregnancy now, that means she’s probably 3-4 months. That puts the baby arriving approximately end of September. TRUST ME, she will walk the fashion show (early November).

Tams on

I somewhat agree with Mimi and the other posters. I don’t frown upon people who are not married and have children, however find it refreshing to those who do marriage first and the kids. I’m not quite 30 years old but I do remember being a kid and everyone’s parents were married and it was considered shameful if your parents were divorced or just living together. Times have sure changed.

Oh yes, I am referring to my years under 10 that most people’s parents were married, once I hit my teenage years that when more people were becoming divorced and it was a shameful thing anymore.

Congrats to the couple!

Amanda on

I’m so happy for her! I absoluetly love this girl! I had a baby girl 9 months ago and I named her Adriana cause I love her name and I just think she is so beautiful with a wonderful personality. She has been my inspiration to lose the baby weight, if she can do it anyone can πŸ™‚

Stella on

Don’t know her very well but I think I’ve seen her in a car commercial? Not too sure, but there someone that looks like her in a car commercial. Anyway, congrats to her!!

Julianna on

OMG! I adore Adriana; sooooo happy for her and Marko for their new pregnancy!

There must be something in the Victoria’s Secret water LOL Three of their Angels are pregnant: Alessandra Ambrosio, Lily Aldridge and now Adriana. I wonder which Angel will be the next one pregnant?

Marky on

Patrick, you must be the guy she dumped for the guy she loves! Everyone else who has actually met her thinks she’s great!

Jack-O on

She’s pretty, they all are but when I saw them at Ku De Ta in Bali, Indonesia without make-up, I thought my eyes were deceiving me. They look nothing like the photos, even random photos. Ambrosio looked similar but Lima was completely different. Very nice ladies, great bodies, but girls who are not models or Victoria Secret Models- you all are the greatest. I can fall backwards looking at a semi-hot, non-model, no make-up, no blown out hair/extensions, woman on the street that doesn’t look like she has Victoria’s secret.

Congrats, Adri on your beautiful family.

Anonymous on

I just have to say what is in the water at the VS fashion shows three angels pregnant now. Who will be the fourth!

milka on

Lucky girl ..she has the best hubby, the guy is Serb they are the best men in the world,real men and i heard he is a killer in bed ..well ..all Serbs are πŸ™‚

Mia on

Congrats to them! + Yes – I think its refreshing to see them do it the right away…get married + have a kid – or 2.

Not the trend of lets just get pregnant + see what happens – then get married after 2 or 3 kids.

It shouldn’t be an after thought – Yes – people can be committed parents without being married – but its a different level of commitment to the person you’re in a relationship with to be married to them.

Anybody can get pregnant + play house – marriage is a commitment for the long haul + more so….if you’re committed, have kids together, plan to be together for the rest of your life – that is marriage….why be afraid to actually be married?

Angie on

Too bad her husband is raw material and hasnt got even pinch of her charisma and kindness.

kari on

congrats on her baby! now if only i could get a share of those superb genetics…

SAS on

Great for her! I heard that she was a virgin when she married. Not everyone makes that commitment (I know I didn’t, so I’m not judging), but I applaud her for sticking to her values. I wish them a healthy pregnancy and baby!

Guest on

I liked Jack-O’s comment…

People debating over marriage need a life…all that counts is being in a committed relationship with ONE person which it sounds like she is. Congrats to her and she seems like a very humble and cool person.

Natalie on

She is absolutely one of the most gorgeous women on the planet, who seems to be genuinely just as beautiful on the inside. Congratulations!

patrick on

she got big head and anorexic bod.

AbaBrooklynn on

Anyone who says that woman is ugly is a huge moron, just saying. Even if she is the b!tchiest woman alive ( which I have no idea of, just saying hypothetically) she is drop.dead.gorgeous. Congrats to her!!!

omg becky on

Judgmental people like you are the ones with the most skeletons in their closet! Married or not a man sticking around is never a guarantee.

Olivia on

I’m just so glad she’s married!

– Mimi on March 20th, 2012

WHAT? 21st century here, please!

Nicole on

She just looks EVIL in that picture.

brit on

@MIMI what does her being married have anything to do with it? rather she was or wasn’t’ married, it’s really non of your business.

SO Happy for her.

Ellie on

So Happy for Adriana, Marko & Valentina!

She is one of my fav VS models, so sweet and bubbly and her daughter is just gorgeous.

Good luck Adriana! Hopefully you’ll be on the vsfs this year!

patrick on

boring Maxim panty model needs to go away and wear braces while preggers too.

Lyndsay on

Any woman that says Adriana is ugly has very low self esteem issues and is incredibly jealous. If you are a guy saying that you are just mad because you want her and cannot have her. She is my role model and I adore her. She is by far one of the most beautiful women on the planet!!! Congrats Adriana! So happy for you and your family.

P.s. I guarantee she will be walking the VS Fashion Show in december!!! She will have her body back in no time!! Rock it girl!

What of it? on

Hey guys, do you think this one was conceived before the wedding too?

guest on

congrats-so happy for her and her hot husband-their daughter is so pretty

Brent on

So sad. She’s too beautiful to ruin it. Oh, and her husband is a former NBA PLAYER, not STAR.

JMO on

What how can anyone think this women is not gorgeous?!?! I’m female, straight, and even I want to have this woman’s baby LOL!! Some of ya’ll make me laugh.

And everyone needs to stop jumping down Mimi’s throat! She is allowed to state her opinion. And although I don’t necessarily feel you have to be married to have children it is refreshing to see when someone does it the “right” way. So far not one person in my family has managed to do it! πŸ™‚

Siera on

@What of it? I don’t think her 1st child was conceived before the wedding considering she was born premature.

Amanda K on

Congrats to her! It’s too bad they don’t have VS models walk the runway pregnant, because pregnancy is a beautiful thing. It would be nice if VS had a maternity line. I’m also expecting and find it tough to find attractive underthings, most are boring or granny like.

Shannon on

This lady is gorgeous inside and out! Congrats!

Devon on

Her first baby was born 6 weeks premature, so she definitely got pregnant AFTER her February wedding. 6 weeks would be sometime near Christmas and she would have gotten pregnant in late March.

Heather Goddard on

I just love it when someone who is a body model has a baby. It just goes to show that their priorities are right. They don’t care about ruining their body or the effects on their body from being pregnant and having a baby. They want kids, so they have them-they’re not dweling on their body (like Jen Aniston does) Good for her and best of luck.

Siera on

Congratulations to Adriana, her husband and their daughter :)@Heather Goddard. And you know Jen Aniston doesn’t have kids yet because she’s dwelling on her body because you know her in person right?

Rivs on

Im so glad she’s married too. And waited for so long. πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

Siera- Right on. For all we know Jen could be struggling with infertility. It makes me mad that people just assume celebs are holding off on having kids because they don’t want to ruin their body, and don’t stop to think that maybe the celeb WANTS to have kids and is trying but it’s just not happening.

omg becky- It’s no guarantee of a woman sticking around, either. Men aren’t the only ones that leave their families, you know!

As for the marriage issue, I wish people would stop saying that getting married and having kids is the right way to do things. The fact of the matter is that there isn’t a right or wrong way to do things when it comes to having a family. What works for one person might not work for the next, and what’s right for one person might not be right for another.

I personally believe in saving yourself until marriage (and therefore not getting pregnant until after you’re married), but I don’t judge others for choosing not to do so. Just because that’s the right path for me doesn’t mean it’s the right path for everyone! We seriously need to stop shoving marriage down everyone’s throats. Yes, it’s a beautiful, wonderful thing, but it’s not for everybody.

All of that said, congrats to the Lima-Jarics!

christy myndzak on

Yes heather..but filing taxes and signing a peice of paper with someone doesnt make it any bigger of commitment then it already is to some people..they are already married in life and in there heart..having a second child together says alot more to me then some guy willing to walk down an aisle with me..althou its nice to hear forever..i want to spend my life with doesnt just happen at a stupid wedding..when if i ever get married thats the only reason tell him its him forever infront of some family..and it will def be a destination wedding not some huge waste of our money.And i dont think she ment marriage means nothing but with the divorce rate..who cares? it kinda does mean sure doesnt mean ur gonna be together forever..most people end up doing that with there 2nd marriage with tons of older people i see between 30-45 the 2nd one is alot longer or the one they die who gives a f if people are married or not..Its only the over religious who really do care that much..Never even thought of it till some comments..who cares.

Jillian on

I find these comments hysterically….

“people debating over marriage need a life.”
Children say get a life. Adults shouldn’t say that, really. Also, anyone should and can be able to debate any topic, especially on this public forum.

“Anyone who says that woman is ugly is a huge moron.”
While verbalizing ones opinion may not be best, thinking someone is not attractive doesn’t make someone a moron! What a bizarre comment! Could you imagine if we all had the same taste?

Saved the best for last….
“Any woman that says Adriana is ugly has very low self esteem issues and is incredibly jealous. If you are a guy saying that you are just mad because you want her and cannot have her.”


pompis72 on

I am so happy for Adriana! She seems very sweet and down to earth and a very loving mother. Maybe she will have a little boy this time. Either way, I’m sure her baby will be beautiful and healthy.

Jennifer on

Sara- don’t yell at Mimi. So she’s happy she’s married. I’m not sure she meant the whole “it’s a sin to have babies out of wedlock!” I think you jumped to a nasty conclusion. How overly dramatic. I’m thinking what she meant was- she was glad she is married and having babies and all her dreams are coming true, instead of having to be a single mom like so many women in this world, not to mention this country. There are so many single moms who are models because their jobs are just too demanding for marriage, but, that doesn’t detract from every woman’s (almost) innate maternal instincts and their need to nurture a child or children regardless of whether there’s a father or not. Mimi- If I’m wrong and you ARE being a prude with that comment- go stick your head in a food processor and let it turn your brains into mush… you might gain a few IQ points afterwards.

Jennifer on

And to all those other nay-sayers about the “doing it right” bullsquat and the “getting married BEFORE having kids” need to stick all THEIR tiny heads in food processors and let them create the mush that will raise all your IQs those sad one or two extra points that will give you slightly ABOVE the national BELOW average IQ of 12. Who the FUCK gives a FUCK whether people get married first or not anymore, REALLY???? What IF they’d done it a different way? Having a baby is NO reason to get married. Being in LOVE is. If you are irresponsible enough, or make the choice to bring a child into this world with someone you’re NOT in love with enough to get married, or perhaps your belief system is such that the “conventional marriage” does not work for you, then there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that! I just think it’s beautiful when two people care enough about each other to share in the wonder of raising a child REGARDLESS of what’s written on a piece of paper making them “legally wed” or not. Who the fuck cares???? I’ll tell you- what’s SAD are all those nasty, selfish foster parents who only take in all those children for the government subsidies they get out of it, i.e.- “disguised welfare”… and they abuse it, while ALSO abusing the children because all they care about is MONEY! I’ll tell you all one thing you’re right about- they DID “do IT right” when they went out, focused on their careers, made millions, established their lives the way everyone should (although, I really hate them for being so genetically blessed and God-gifted with what they have that has alotted them their millions, not to mention the opportunities that they were given so many millions of MORE beautiful, and MORE talented people NEVER get because of their own lots in life)… and while I don’t actually HATE them, I do HATE that the media parades these people’s normal lives all over every media medium just because they’re physically beautiful enough to be the face of a multi-billion dollar empire, AND a professional basketball player, or actor/actress, etc. A baby is born literally every single minute but does People magazine make a big stink about THEM? NO! Not unless their parents’ faces are plastered all over the world because they’re perfectly symmetrical and millionaires (or billionaires). I am SURE Adriana is the wonderful woman I imagine her to be, as well as the wonderful mother, friend, and all-around woman I envy her for being. She is THEE quintessential inspiration in my life and she represents everything I’ve ever wanted. On top of it, people tell me all the time I look like her… although I can’t, for the life me understand WHY! So, I have a special place in my heart for her because, being gay, I’ve always been INCREDIBLY attracted to her, AND I’ve always envied her life- a life I could ONLY ever dream about. But to criticize ANYONE for NOT living their lives EXACTLY the same way she and her husband have is just downright red-neck ignorant. And I make no apologies for the book I just wrote about what I have to say about that! People have every right to make their own choices regarding how they parent… what about gay couples who live in states that still do not allow legal marriage for them? If you morons who do NOT get that that was a RHETORICAL question say ONE THING, I’m going to rip you all new asses that go from your original anus all the way up to the nape of your necks- so, keep your typing finger traps shut! Go post your intolerant, bigoted, and red-neck asinine comments about THOSE kinds of things ELSEWHERE!

Ok, all that said- I am SUPER happy for Adriana, but also super sad I’m not right along side her in my own life- married (but to the woman of MY dreams, obviously, not some guy), a model or actress with my career well entrenched and MORE than ready to build a perfect little family- not to mention having her kind of beauty… airbrushed or not. We ALL have things we have to cover with makeup (as women) to look beautiful by today’s standards so, to cut her down for not looking as perfect without makeup on as she does WITH IT, that’s ALSO just about the most ignorant thing I’ve ever heard. I’d sign off with an ’80s cliche’ of “speak much Captain Obvious”, but… I don’t need to. It’s too ’80s and, it’s just dumb and everyone gets the point anyway!

And PLEASE- RAZZ ME ALL YOU WANT FOR MY LONG-WINDED-NESS REGARDING PEOPLE’S CHOICES IN LIFE, and Adriana’s wonderful news, not to mention her blessed life! God I really envy her! I wish I REALLY looked like her, and didn’t just “resemble” her in the face a little bit. I’d KILL for that body- not her of course but… maybe go hunting with anyone but Dick Cheney. I’d kill a rabbit or even a doe for a body like that. I’d DEFINITELY go on safari in search of a lamp to rub. I know what my 1ST wish would be! YAY ADRIANA!

Jennifer on

One last thing- I just REALLY HOPE she doesn’t finally call it quits as the leader of the VS Angels (Alessandra, eat your heart out!) after this baby. We would all miss her WAY too much! Oh, and… on the subject of her missing the 2012 show, I’m kind of doubting she’ll be there, at least on the runway, but you never know. The article doesn’t say how far along she is, just that they announced it so, she COULD, however improbably, still make the show this year… being that it’s at the END of November and this is mid-March. If’s she’s 2 months or more along (which I doubt looking at her pic, unless that was from before), she could very well have it, and be back in shape in time for the show- but… like you said, it IS pretty unlikely. I wouldn’t blame her for taking this year off too, but, God I would miss seeing her up there. At least we still have Miranda and Rosie to see. I’ve never been an Alessandra fan though. She’s gorgeous but… just, she’s kind of “plain” gorgeous, if that makes sense. Anyway… here’s to crossing fingers, but not blaming her if she’s not there. I hope she and Marco at least show up and watch and that the camera gives us a shot of her holding her newborn, with little Valentina sitting on her daddy’s lap! How adorable would that be?

Jennifer on

I’ve heard that beauty and looks skip generations- which lead Hollywood to the “farmer’s daughter” cliche and other cliches’. If that’s true- I REALLY hope her kids’ beauty ISN’T skipped… and ON that note, I hope BOTH or ALL (considering future children a possibility) get all her genes and very few of their fathers… he’s really NOT the hottest guy in the world- like, at all! But, he was a basketball player- they don’t have to be hot, just talented. Well, either way, their children are DEFINITELY going to grow up with some SERIOUS blessings, both genetically AND financially!

Shannon on

She is soooooo pretty and comes across as very sweet. She does a ton of charity work too. Congratulations to the best VS Angel ever (except Tyra)!

Nancy on

Statistics show that children do much better in homes with both parents present, provided that the home is loving and stable.

I have no idea how I could raise my child without the help of my husband. I know that single parents do it and I commend them, but they do struggle more.

As far as marriage goes, I agree with the poster who said that marriage is work and most people nowadays don’t seem to want to put in the work of a relationship. Marriage is hard. Relationships are hard.

As far as celebrities go, isn’t it funny that whenever you hear a divorce announcement, there is almost always another boyfriend/girlfriend in the picture immediately. Take a little time to heal from your marriage. These celebrities get married and you hear that they get divorced because they spent too much time apart. DUH!! Your careers cause you to be apart all the time. Did you think that would change if you got married???

Hea on

“Statistics show that children do much better in homes with both parents present, provided that the home is loving and stable.”

This is true, statistics does say that. That does not, however, mean that kids to unmarried parents do badly.

Tara on

Holy Shit Jennifer I find it very hard to believe that you have written a book, especially one that anyone has read. Your long winded ramble made no sense and jumped around so much I don’t know how anyone could follow it. Bottom line sounds to me like you just want to get in her pants and could be stalking her.

Anyway congrats to Adriana!!

Nancy on

LOL Tara. You said it. No clear articulation whatsoever in that rant. Not to mention the immature use of profanity and using the word “hate” in describing feelings about people who disagree. Then to comment on Adriana’s husband’s physical appearance. LOL

Jennifer, it sounds like you are angry at people who believe in marriage. Nobody said anything here about gay marriage until you brought it up. I just mentioned that whatever choices we make in life does affect our children. Ask any single mom how tough it is to raise a child alone. I greatly respect those people and wish they didn’t have to do it alone. But that doesn’t mean that those of us in happy marriages are bad either!!

BTW, the question I would like to ask Jennifer is that if marriage is SO IRRELEVANT, than why are gays fighting so hard for it???? IF it doesn’t matter, than why???

Jillian on

Nancy, very well said!


Anonymous on

@Nancy — Sorry, but you are a fucking idiot. The reason that gays have to fight so hard to be allowed to marry is mired in the fact that there are over 1,000 rights and privileges ONLY afforded to married couples. Think about being in the hospital and being refused the right to see your partner, for one. How about inheritance rights, unmarried gay people do not automatically inherit anything from their partners. Add over 1,000 more of these reasons and you’ll know why they fight.

Lisa on

Congratulations to this couple. Wish them all the happiness and joy with this new addition to their family. Having a child is a lifetime of joy, dedication, hard work, and selfless sacrifices. It is worth every good and bad moment. Most of all, it takes good parents, who put their children first, to keep that child in a good, happy environment. Sometimes that means divorce. Staying in a bad relationship is not good for children. I was married, a christian, etc. Bottom line is the happiness of the children. Married; not married; gay. It’s amazing that people think a certain status makes everything ok for everyone. Life would be great if it were a perfect world. My kids grew up into wonderful young men. Love and hard work! Happy kids!

oscar on

pretty she is great!

brit on

what does being married have to do with anything? it’s just a piece of paper!

Maddie on

Aww I don’t think she’ll be in the 2012 fashion show… 😦 Well at least she will be happy with her babies πŸ™‚

Please stop fighting everyone – let’s just be happy for Adriana and Marko! After all, this article is supposed to be about how they’re expecting! πŸ™‚