Neve Campbell and JJ Feild Expecting First Child

03/16/2012 at 01:15 PM ET
Anthony/AD/ Pacific Coast News

Neve Campbell is pregnant!

The Scream star, 38, is expecting her first child with actor JJ Feild later this year, her rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

“They are thrilled,” the rep tells PEOPLE of the couple.

Campbell, who played Julia on Party of Five and Sydney in the Scream series, can next be seen in Sworn to Silence, a Lifetime movie that she also executive produced.

Feild, 33, starred in Captain America: The First Avenger, and will next be seen in Austenland. He’s also just begun production on Not Safe For Work.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Julie Jordan

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sherquetta on


Congrats on

Congratulations and best wishes!

Elle on

Are the two of them in a relationship? usually states if the couple is dating, engaged, married, etc. but they made no mention of it in this article. I just found that odd. Either way, they’re excited, so congratulations!

ada on

Loved her on Party of Five. Congrats on becoming a mom.

sally on

Oh goody!

Jordan on

Looks a little big for ‘later this year’

Denise on

Best Wishes and good luck

chris on

@jordan: impossible to be `earlier this year’, and since there are 8 1/2 months before the end of the year, it is unlikely to be next year. `Later this year’ it is then!

louise on

lol @ chris

Hannah on

Awesome response @Chris


flower on

I agree with Jordan. “Later this year” makes it sound like the last quarter of the year (Oct. to Dec.) in which case she is HUGE to be due then. It looks like she is due this summer! They were specifically vague and Jordan’s conclusion is natural.

Kathleen on

Chris and Louise… I think Jordan is referring to how Neve looks like she’s due any moment. Perhaps People could have chosen to say Neve is due in the next few months, or due this Spring or Summer, rather than saying later this year. Because for her to look like what she does already, and be due in what your minds may be 8 1/2 months, that would be one big baby!

lind on


Shea on

@Elle- I agree, it’s odd that they don’t mention a relationship. People’s headline “Neve Campbell pregnant by JJ Feild” also makes her sound like a brood mare!

anon on

Why do people assume that “later this year” means late fall/winter? I am due in July and although I am definitely showing just as Neve Campbell is, I still have about 4 more months which is later this year.

Oh, and I love how someone said she looks like she is due any moment. She hardly looks that big. I would say late summer. which, considering it is still winter- two seasons away is definitely later this year.

Carol on

Nice, I like Neve Campbell, congrats.

LaChanna on

She is defiantly having a boy!!!

Tim on

I love Neve Campbell because of “3 to tango” I love that movie! congrats Neve

Sandy on

Your in the “get em in” years!

I would assume that it’s time and your now pregnant! Congrats to you both, your gonna love being parents and wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Motheroftwo on slacking she looks pretty pregnant to just be announcing it now and to be due later this year seems a bit far away for how pregnant she looks really. Never know though I guess everyone carries different! Congrats!!

lifeasahouse on

Congrats! Late this year could mean tomorrow. I am guessing early summer/late spring, but considering how Jessica Simpson looks, it could be December! Congrats nonetheless.

amandamay on

oooh!! I *love* JJ Field πŸ™‚ And I believe they are in a relationship – I saw some photos of them at an event together several months ago… and there’s this article here that says “The 38-year-old actress is expecting her first child with her beau JJ Field” and shows them together at the airport and at events together.

Read more:

Jeremy on

I had the hots for her ever since Party of 5.

Love her smile….whomever the father is, he is one of the luckiest guys that ever lived.

Much luck to them both.

Anonymous on

amandamay- Thanks for that information. I was wondering about the relationship thing, too. My guess is that PEOPLE simply wasn’t sure of their relationship status.

Anyway, I don’t see the big deal about the “later this year” thing either. PEOPLE commonly uses that wording when a celeb announces they’re pregnant (or that their wife/girlfriend is in the case of male celebs) but doesn’t say anything in regards to a due date. And really, there isn’t much else they can say in cases like that. Since every woman carries (and gains weight) differently, belly size isn’t the most reliable indicator of a due date (as someone else mentioned, Jessica Simpson is a perfect example of a celeb who has looked ready to deliver for the last few months!).

Therefore, saying things like “she’s expecting her first child in a few months” is rather risky since there’s a good chance it might not be accurate. So I think PEOPLE is just playing it safe. πŸ™‚

Anyway, congrats to Neve and J.J.!

Bea Martin on

She is defiantly having a boy!!!

– LaChanna on March 16th, 2012


Anonymous on

Shea- That (the headline) got me, too. Not only does saying stuff like that make the woman sound like a horse, dog, or other animal that was just bred, but saying the woman is “pregnant” by the man, makes it sound like the woman is merely an incubator for the man’s baby…and that’s just not true. The baby is just as much the woman’s as the man’s, and I, for one, would LOVE to see that outdated and, in my opinion, sexiest phrase wiped from the lexicon!

GiGi Eats Celebrities on

She will name her baby either Sydney or Prescott. LOL

malie on

Congrats Neve Campbell..Love U!!

wendy on

Congrats from Guelph

Jillian on

Did they change the headline? I don’t see where it says pregnant by, in the heading.

Anyways, congrats!


liz on

β€œThey are thrilled,” the rep tells PEOPLE of the couple.

Key word here is couple, this would lead to the assumption they are indeed together.

Andrea on

The article actually does say something about there being a relationship. You have to read the article carefully to catch it. It says “…a rep tells PEOPLE of the couple.” If they were not together, that passage would have been worded differently.

Maria on

I was having my lunch when they posted this yesterday, and the headline has been the same “Neve Campbell and JJ Feild Expecting FIrst Child.” But I think people are referring to the SEO headline, which you probably wouldn’t see if you came to the article from PEOPLE.

Quick (boring) lesson, SEO = search engine optimization, so for the SEO headline you want the term readers would be searching on Google so that they come to your site – likely, Neve Campbell Pregnant, and then you want to fit the father’s name in there as well, so you end up with that awkward sentence. So the readers that are seeing that come up when they search aren’t readers who just scrolled down CBB or click over from the main PEOPLE page – they probably clicked over from elsewhere.

I’m a bit of a computer nerd, sorry. πŸ™‚

Paige on

Congratulations to her! I love her in the Scream movies.

Lisa on

Odd; normally the media reports pregnancies as soon as they are discovered. Neve Campbell looks like she’s 5-6 months along already.

Congrats to her and best of luck πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

Maria- The headline on the actual article has always been worded the way you mentioned. However, they initially had the title that shows up on the tab at the top of the page and on your computer’s task bar initially read “Neve Campbell Pregnant by JJ Feild”…which they’ve since changed to read the same as the headline.

Incidentally, the “a rep says of the couple” thing was also added later. When I first saw this post yesterday, it just said “Neve’s rep says”. Hope that helps some people who are a bit confused about all that! πŸ™‚

DeniseB on

Love her.

Maria on

Yes Anonymous, that’s the SEO hed that you’re seeing in the tab.

Mia on

Congrats to her – now is the time.

Wasn’t she divorced recently? – I don’t get it…..marriage didn’t work with that person – but then randomly get pregnant with somebody + see what happens?

Didn’t see Scream 4 – but was a huge Scream franchise fan in the 90’s!

shilohs mommy on

Congrats! It is nice seeing that more people are starting families a little later in life. I was 30 when I became pregnant with my daughter. And I am so glad I waited until I was in my 30’s to have my child. I am in a good place in my life mentally and I am really enjoying motherhood. I am so happy for Neve and JJ, congrats to them once again!

Marie on

Congrats Neve and Jj! I’m a huge fan of neve! I love her in party of five and of course the scream movies! I wonder when she’s gonna have the baby, she’s supposed to be due this month?

cc on

what difference does it make if they are in a relationship??? congrats on the new baby.

Marilyn on

According to Wikipedia, she had a boy in August named Caspian.