Charlize Theron Says Swaddling’s ‘Pretty Amazing’

03/16/2012 at 02:00 PM ET
Alexandra Wyman/WireImage

After the surprise announcement of the adoption of her son Jackson, Charlize Theron admits things have changed — namely, the public goodwill coming her way.

“It’s been amazing, the amount of emails and congratulations,” the Snow White and the HuntsmanΒ star, 36, told Ryan Seacrest Friday on his radio show.

“Everyone’s just been so lovely — it’s been really nice.”

When asked about her time as a parent thus far, Theron replied that keeping her 4-month-old son well-wrapped seems to be the secret to success.

“I didn’t think I would be a fan of the swaddling, but the swaddling’s pretty amazing,” she says.

“It sort of looks a bit like a straitjacket — you’re like, ‘Is this child abuse?’ — but for some reason they just love it.”

— Sarah Michaud

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Michele on

CONGRATS GIRL! You’re going to make a WONDERFUL MOM!!! xoxo

Kristi on

As a grown adopeted child I just want to say THANK YOU. Adoption is a good thing all parties in the adoption win in the end.

Sunny on

Wow giving interviews to promote your baby? Weird.

If you really want privacy take some tips from Sandra bullock.

Momo540 on

Congrats…. Swaddling works wonders. My son started sleeping through the night @ 3 months because we consistantly used it for sleep. God Bless

Kate on

I love adoption…such an amazing thing!

Maria on

Sunny, she’s actually promoting her Snow White movie. If you listen to the interview, that’s what half of it is about, they just didn’t include it here. Ryan would be a terrible entertainment journalist if he didn’t ask her about her big news.

Also, lest you forget – Sandra did a PEOPLE cover story and photoshoot when she announced her adoption of Louis.

emme on

Congratulations! This little guy will be blessed. As a parent of biological and adopted children, my heart melts every time I hear of a sweet baby being given a chance.

haley on

congratulations, charlize!! i wish the best for you both!

Jen on

Umm didn’t get the sense she is “promoting her baby” at all! She’s just a happy new mom who was asked how she is doing and happily obliged!! We wish you the best, Charlize =)

gma22littleguys on

My husband and I adopted a baby girl after having two biological children. That was just over thirty years ago. We are truly blessed. We have three incredible adult kids now and our adopted daughter is so grateful that we brought her into our family. She is a very thoughtful and caring woman today. Congratulations, Charlize! Jackson is a very lucky little guy.

ruby on

Sunny, you’re an idiot. She’s on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show to promote her new movie. Good grief.

Tee on

Yes, swaddling is amazing! Congratulations on your new son!

ecl on

Should she keep her baby a secret? Besides, saying he likes swaddling hardly gives a ton away about his “personality.”

Rhonda on

I don’t know if you’ll read our comments, but I want to say congratulations to you. Enjoy these early years with your baby because they grow up quickly.

Aimee on

@ Maria…Thank you for your comment toward Sunny. πŸ™‚

Sherri P on

Swaddling works because it keeps the baby from itself with it’s arm and hands that they have very little control over. Also while that baby is inside it’s pretty cramped, it’s used to being in tight spacs, so they like it. Also Congrats!

Jess on

From one adoptive mommy to another I just want to say congrats! I remember the feeling the day our little angel was born and the over welming feeling of love that came over me when I held my daughter for the 1st time. It is amazing how someone so small can become so HUGE in your world so quickly. I would adopt again in a second given the oppertunity.

Sunny on

Thanks for the info, Maria. Sit on a block of ice ruby.

Petra on

Congratulations to Charlize and her little boy! Why are some of these comments so harsh? I don’t understand….every child, no matter how old, deserves a chance! Jackson got that with Charlize. Good for her for doing what so many can’t!


Harriet on

Ruby, why did you immediately say “You’re an idiot?” That shows a lack of intelligence on your part. You can disagree without starting out with an attack.

Daffygrams on

Congratulations, Charlize.

Daffygrams on

P.S…..Have fun in your new role….Mommy.

Amy on

Charlize and her son are blessed to have one another.

Jacqi on

As an adoptee @ birth… good for you… Congratulations and many many years of love and I hope more adoptions are in store for your
family of love.

Taylor on

My daughter is 4 mos old and adopted as well. Congrats and best wishes to her.


Summy I don’t know what your problem is, you make uninformed comments and then rip others because of it?

blessedwithboys on

Congrats, Charlize, and welcome to the club! πŸ™‚ I hope you teach your baby to speak Aafrikans, that would be so awesome. (Out of my 4 grandparents, there were 3 other languages besides English and I was taught none of them. Always wishes I had been!)

Tess on

I also adopted a baby girl who is now 7 months old. It was the most amazing feeling when I first held her at birth and seeing her development through the months. Congratulations to Charlize Theron. Both are blessed and lucky to have each other

Bree on

Congrats to Charlize and her new baby boy πŸ™‚

My daughter is three months old and HATES being swaddled!! And has right from day one, anytime we swaddle her she screams her head off so we stopped trying and we are all way happier for it. We got pretty luck in that she started sleeping pretty much through the whole night around 6 weeks old. She doesn’t fall asleep until around midnight and wakes up around 7am so not a full eight hours but we will take it!!

Eva on

Blessedwithboys, it does not seem, you can manage English. Why wish for more?

Anne on

OMGosh move on already. Will People’s next article be about her wiping his butt? So the girl can swaddle, big freakin deal.

kjc on

My baby was sleeping through the night at 3 months, would wake up around 6, nurse and go back to sleep for another hour. At 6 months, we decided he should learn to sleep through the night without swaddling. 4 months later, he only occasionally sleeps all night, I’m often up with him at least once. Swaddling is amazing when the baby loves it! Swaddle away!

Donna on

As an adoptive parent I just want to say kudos to Ms Theron on her baby boy…I know she feels as I did and still do that there is no end to the love she feels for her new baby

Laurie on

@ Eva, you should check your facts. While blessedwithboys DID misspell the word, Afrikaans is the national language of South Africa, where Charlize is originally from. So she was only saying that she was hoping that Charlize would teach Jackson the language of her homeland. Perhaps YOU cannot read and don’t know much about the celebrities that you are commenting about. Maybe you should worry about your own flaws before erroneously pointing out those you percieve in others? πŸ™‚

Andrea on

@Guest, who’s “Summy”? LOL!:D

Anonymous on

Anne- If you don’t want to hear about celebrities talking about their babies, then maybe you shouldn’t be on a site devoted to celebrity babies. Just saying. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, since Jackson is four months old, I think that pretty much answers the question of where he was adopted from. More than likely he was adopted domestically. πŸ™‚

Kate on

Congrats to you and your little bundle of joy. Swaddling is security, just like the womb. When he is ready for less security he will let you know. Enjoy it while it lasts, it won’t last long. Again, congratulations. Love the name.

Ann on

Eva how can you tell someone doesn’t handle English if you can’t even read?

Amy on

Really Sunny? Sandra has had her big head in the news splashing her baby since she got him! Privacy? Please!

Amanda K on

Best of luck to Charlize! I’ve always admired her and think she would be a loving, devoted parent.

B.J. on

Congrats to Charlize, can’t wait to see her new little fellow! πŸ™‚

wendy on

Best times of my life were raising my two girls.
I was alone, and had a blast.
enjoy now, gear up for the teenage years, lol.
major congrats

Galen on

I sound mean (sorry), but seriously. She doesn’t know why babies like to get swaddled? Come on…

Jillian on

Anyway, since Jackson is four months old, I think that pretty much answers the question of where he was adopted from. More than likely he was adopted domestically.

– Anonymous on March 16th, 2012

Not true. I know babies who were not adopted domestically at birth. So it’s possibly the child was adopted from south america as some reports state.


Brooke on

As a mother of a recently adopted daughter and a bio son, I’m so glad to hear her exciting news. Best of luck to Charlize! I don’t fault her at all for talking about him, I’m sure she’s a very proud mommy πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

Amy- How is Sandra “splashing her baby”? We didn’t even know she’d adopted him until about three months after the fact, and the only time we see him now is when the paparazzi happened to catch him and Sandra out in public. I mean what is she supposed to do? Keep him at home all the time?

Anonymous on

Also meant to say that if by “splashing” you were referring to Sandra TALKING about her son, yes, she does….just like virtually every other celebrity parent (I say “virtually” because there ARE a few celebs that rarely if ever talk about their kids, such as Johnny Depp and Christian Bale).

Katie on

Wow you women on here are nasty!! Every little thing a celebrity says you rip them apart for it. Be nice, she did a wonderful thing!!! Celebrities should just shake their head and nod for you women!!

stacey on

I WANT MY MONEY BACK FOR “Young Adults”. Congrats of Motherhood, it becomes you.

Bugsmum on

Huge congrats to her and her wee boy.

Just cause he’s 4mths old and the announcement has just been made doesn’t mean she’s only just adopted him. Maybe she decided to “do a Sandra” and not announce his arrival until now. Doing press for her new movie it might have come out anyway so why not announce it herself.

annachestnut on

Nice comment Emme. I agree and could not have said it better. I am a fan of Charlieze. She is talented and intelligent.

Anonymous on

Bugsmum- Exactly! Also, there is actually evidence that it’s been at least a few weeks if not long since the adoption, as there are pictures of her getting ready to do a photoshoot for her new movie a few weeks ago, and some of them show her cradling a baby who appears to be around 4 months old or so. It’s very possible that was Jackson. πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

I also meant to say that there are pictures over on PopSugar of Charlize and her co-star Kristen Stewart boarding a plane to head somewhere to do more promotion for Snow White and the Huntsmen…without Jackson in tow. If the adoption had happened within the past week or two, I doubt she’d be leaving the baby like that.

Beth on

Because of swaddling, my daughter slept through the night by 3 months, and was waking only once a night at 2 months. I remember her first night home from the hospital. I didn’t swaddle her and all I saw all night looking over at the cradle was her tiny arms and fists flailing in the air. She wasn’t even crying, she was just…..awake. When I tried at the hospital to swaddle and when we first got home, she seemed to hate it and kept fighting her way out. It turned out I wasn’t doing it right, because once she was securely tucked in her blanket, her arms settled down and she wasn’t waking herself with her flailing arms. Took some practice, but we got it!
It is the way to go.
BTW- Congrats Charlize.