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03/16/2012 at 12:00 PM ET

Get to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day early with our green-themed weekend reads:


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Shelby on

I would be completely okay if Jessica Simpson disappeared. It’s amazing how much self respect she has lost.

Amanda on

I agree, Shelby. She is a classic example of why people don’t take “religious” folks seriously & think they’re all hypocrites.

tammy on

I find Jessica refreshing. It’s about time someone is real. Everyone else out there is so fake and busy putting on a show that we get thrown off when someone doesn’t play along with that Hollywood perfectionist stereotype.

martina on

Jessica, thank you so much for sharing! Ugh.

rachel on

Shelby & Amanda, I agree. My first thought when I saw this post was, “dang it, she had to get an ‘around the web’ link in addition to the numerous articles already being posted about her here?”

Tammy, if JS is so “real”, why is she being such an attention hog? And why do I get the feeling she’s gonna be like a certain VP candidate, said candidate’s daughter, and a certain reality TV “star” who once went camping with said candidate and constantly use the child and/or her status as a mother to milk attention once she gives birth? Given how much she’s exploiting the kid already… There’s reason I didn’t name names- the sooner those other women, who have also had fans insist that they are “real”, good mothers, etc. are forgotten, the better.

ecl on

I mostly don’t mind her, but I agree she should keep this kind of thing private.

Anonymous on

Yes Jessica is talking about her pregnancy a lot lately….because she’s doing interviews to promote her new TV show (and naturally she’s going to be asked about the pregnancy during those interviews). I’m sure we’ll be hearing less about her pregnancy once she finishes this promotion.

That being said, I agree that she didn’t need to share what she’s like in the bedroom! TMI!

B.J. on

Everytime I have the misfortune of reading a JS headline, my immediate react is “Eww.”

Jillian on

A celebrity can be real and still seek out attention and be an attention hog.

In order for an article or interview to take place, the person is asked questions. So clearly, she is being approached by people and interviews. Not sure how I or anyone can blame her for jogging attention when she is being interviewed. She has a new show, pregnant, and clothing line. I am not a fan of hers, but I can understand the reality. I do wish she would have kept the above to herself. I didnt read it but it sounds way too personal.


Indira on

Jessica Simpson has said she’s not very religious anymore, she considers herself spiritual.