Spotted: Zahara and Shiloh Get Playful with Paparazzi

03/15/2012 at 11:30 AM ET

Peek-a-boo, I see you!

Seven-year-old Zahara — sporting her new blue braids — and little sister Shiloh, 5, have some light-hearted fun with photographers Wednesday in Amsterdam.

Aboard a sight-seeing boat with mom Angelina Jolie, the girls stuck out their tongues and crossed their eyes at the onshore snappers taking pictures as the group toured the city’s canals.

Weekblad Prive/Ferry De Kok/National Photo Group

Earlier in the day, they paid a visit to a toy store and checked out the Van Gogh Museum.

The actress was staying in as Amsterdam as she attended the sentencing of Congolese warlord Thomas Lubanga at the International Criminal Court as part of her humanitarian work. Lubanga was found guilty of “abducting and conscripting children as young as 11 to fight and kill in a conflict.”

— Sarah Michaud

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Shawna on

She could be such a pretty girl…

Agreed on

I so agree with you Shawna! Why the short hair and boys clothes?!

hmmm on

they are both so beautiful.

Louise on

She is a pretty girl….

betty on

Why isn’t Zahara in school – she is 7!

Kitty on

Both girls are beautiful !

Abby on

She is a pretty girl – what a rude comment.

Children should beable to express themselves as us adults do. She wants to dress as a boy then so be it. Good on Jolie and Pitt for letting her do so.

roby on

Looks like someone is getting ready to assault Shiloh with a glass ? Could it be KONY ?

Lee on

I enjoy seeing pictures of Zahara & Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. They sure look like they have fun when the Paparazzi is around. Which they should. I hope they are the best of sisters.

Let kids be kids. on

Shawna, they are BOTH very pretty girls just the WAY THEY ARE!!! I was a HUGE tomboy when I was little. I still am somewhat, preferring sporting clothes and activities over girly stuff. Doesn’t make me any less of a woman. Has had no impact my heterosexuality (not that dressing one way or another has ANY impact on sexual orientation, to subscribe to that thinking is just lunacy). But most of all it is my choice, has always been, and the way I dress makes me happy! So stick your idiotic judgmental antiquated views of what a little girl should look like up your ass.

Danielle on

Shiloh is not aware of what’s going on her body….she is expressing her feelings of wanted to be boy…..Angie should take her to a therapist that specializes in children with gender issues….and pray to God that every thing is going to be o.k.!

Ke's mom on

Shawna and Agreed…I praise Brad and Angie for letting their kids wear what they want. Obviously, she feels comfortable and happy with her haircut and clothes. Why try to change her to fit popular society’s expectations?

Angelina on

She IS a beautiful girl!! They both are!

And remember…she’s 5!! I would be appalled to hear someone say something like that about my 6 year old son, who likes his hair a little longer. Hair and clothes aren’t the things that make a CHILD beautiful 🙂

Wendy on

I don’t mind Shiloh having short hair but she at least needs a decent haircut.

stacey on

the way they let this girl dress is a joke. They really need to put their foot down on this one. They need to make her accept the fact that she is a girl,NOT A BOY. How long is this gonna go on…….

Tiffany on

All little girls do not have to wear dresses and have long hair in curls. She is being who she wants to be. All parents should let their kids express themselves and let them know it’s okay to be them!

Kim on

That is a very pretty picture of both of them. You should not criticize children, ever.

AImee on

SO Sweet! Sisters!!

Sara on

I agree with Betty. IF they were MY kids, I would be more concerned with them being in school.

gingercat on

It’s refreshing to see KIDS dressed as KIDS …. not little fashionistas (suri) they look comfy and they look like they are having fun, which would be difficult at the ages of 5 and 7 all coutured out, I know when my kids were those ages I dressed them for comfort.. not all fussy and frilly

JM on

Shawna, you could be such a nice person, and yet you choose not to be.

better to look like shiloh than be narrow-minded and hateful like you.

one day, we will look back on this time in society when people had such narrow views of gender and the way children SHOULD look and express themselves. and we will be horrified that there were people around, like some of the people here, who supported such hateful views.

when my grandchildren ask me what side i was on. i will be proud to say that i was on the side that fought for love, respect and tolerance.

Shawna, Agreed, Stacey – what will you tell your grandchildren?

Vicki on

@betty- I agree, why aren’t these kids in a structured schooling environment??? I’m sure that they have nanny’s and teachers, but all I see are these kids being jetted all around the world. How about they get in school and have a stable lifestyle and some normalcy. All these Jolie-Pitt kids have no idea how a “real” kid lives….

Laura on

Why are they pushing that little GIRL to dress/look like a BOY??

MRJ on

She’s a tomboy so she needs to see a therapist about gender issues??? OMG! A kid can’t take a crap these days without someone wanting to put them in therapy. I was a tomboy. I had a pixie haircut. I am happily married with a child….I’m ok and never had therapy. I may need it soon though for my anger towards people that want to label every freakin thing that isn’t the “norm”

Samantha on

It’s ridiculous for some of your people to think that a 5 YEAR OLD has gender issues because she happens to look like a boy. Little kids dress differently all the time, it’s nothing new. If a lot of the parents out there always let their kids dress the way they want, we would probably have a lot of princesses, superheroes, girls in football gear, boys in tutus, or what have you! She could grow out of it and start dressing more to ‘type’, or she could stay like that forever…WHY DOES IT MATTER? She’s a kid. Her parents are letting her be free to be herself. Why do you feel like she needs therapy over her ‘gender issues’? She probably doesn’t even know what that means! Goodness…get a grip, people. She’s only 5.

Jack on

Go to any elementary school and see how many girls are in dresses and curls – very few. The Jolie-Pitt children are home schooled with a curriculum that is probably far more rigorous than anything they would find in a public school.

Rachel on

Wow, people are so disgusting and judgemental. Leave the girls alone and they are cute just the way they are. Don’t worry about school, the parents will take care of their education. I think people are funny when they are telling other people what to do with their children or lives…just take care of your children/family and the world will be a better place.

Ann on

Every day is a new day in the eyes of a child so let them learn the way they want to….so what if one dresses like a boy or a boy plays with a doll….they are learning and innocent!!!

Tee on

You know, I find the Shiloh debate to be absolutely fascinating, although I pretty much stay out of it. One thing I’ve noticed, though… there is always someone (usually several someones) that comment about Shiloh looking like a boy. That’s fine, that’s their opinion and as long as their comments are not downright rude, I don’t have a problem. Then there are the people that let the first group know how wrong they are. Again, as long as the comments aren’t downright rude, which they often are, it’s fine. That’s their opinion.

But someone explain to me the comments that say, “not all little girls have to have long curls and long dresses” please. Because I’ve never seen anybody say that! There are a ton of cute girly play clothes out there. I don’t see anyone protesting a little girl wearing tomboy-ish GIRL clothes. I see people protesting a little girl who, in every way, shape, form and fashion, dresses and acts like a little boy. Right down to wanting her name changed.

I’m being serious here. Why do people feel the need to make comments about long dresses and whatnot when that is not what anyone is saying?

Ashley on

I’m with you Shawna….Shiloh was one of the cutest babies EVER too

Barbara Wade Cox on

Zahara has the most beautiful face and Shiloh is such a lovely mixture of both parents….what lovely children. I love how Shiloh marches to her own drum and how blessed she is that have parents encourage her to do this…. precious family.

Just My Opinion on

Why are any of you worried about those kids being in school or not, or how cute you think they could be? Not you kids, not your business, shouldn’t be your concern. Those kids have been too more countries than most of us, and each of them born in different countries (not USA). Make sure your parenting your children. Make sure they are doing well in school, and your assuring them “they are cute enough”. Get a life!

deb on

i don’t understand why Shiloh always looks like she just got out bed. “bed head” you know they can afford a better hair cut.

showbizmom on

@roby Your attempt at humor failed miserably. Not funny, and you should be ashamed of yourself.

I’m tired of everyone bashing ‘Hollywood’ Kids! I’m not a celebrity, but I work with them everyday and have some celebrity friends, they are normal, their kids are normal too! So people know the facts, a lot of what you read is spin, spin from the media not from the celebrity you hate for whatever reason.

Also the Jolie-Pitt kids attend lycee international school, look it up! It’s a great school, and I know many celebrity and non celebrity kids that have gone there.

Tesa on

Angie was the one that started dressing Shiloh like a boy before she was even one years old. She was proud to do that to her. I think Angie encourges her to dress like a boy from everything I’ve read since Shiloh was extremely young. I don’t think Shiloh had a choice at that young of an age. Looks like her sister Zahara cut her hair. Both girls are pretty.

KRS on

My kids are on Spring Break for two weeks, maybe hers are, too?

grandma of 9 on

@let kids be kids – I totally agree with you. I grew up with three brothers and a neighborhood full of boys. In order to have someone to play with I had to be as good or better than the boys were. I grew up and still am a TOTAL tomboy. I also dress sporty and am still playing soccer and softball (I’m 58). No matter what my mom tried, I would not wear girly clothes. Also at 7 I begged my mom to cut my hair – into a pixie cut. My daughters had to threaten me to wear a dress at their weddings. I still took tennis shoes to the reception. Everyone needs to let Shiloh alone and be who she wants to be.

ebb on

Oh my gosh – WHO CARES?????? Sick of seeing these kids’ every move – give it a rest already!

Leelee on

Hey Folks! As far as how they dress and how they school … it’s called freedom of expression and home-schooling. These kids appear far more educated, accepting, and worldly than most of the folks on this thread. And, as adults, let’s remember these are KIDS you are bashing. Get a life.

J on

@letkidsbekids, so someone says “she’s a pretty girl” and you flip out and have a tantrum? Wow…

Enough on

People crazy, maybe the kids are home schooled, are we even in the same time zone to be talking about why arent they in school??? The kids are adorable and happy…you people need to stop being so judgemental! Just look at the pic and keep it moving!

TK on

I think there is nothing wrong with them not being in a structed school environment. Most home schooled children end up being a grade to 2 grades above a regular school grade child. They look like a very happy family. I commend Angie because it didn’t look like she ever wanted kids when she was younger. It looked like she was all about herself until Maddox came along. Shiloh is a beautiful girl, she will continue to come into her own as she gets older. I BET she will turn into a girly girl. She is just a child now. Let children be children, they should feel NO PRESSURE TO BE ANYTHING ELSE.

lisa on

“Pray to God she is going to be ok”?? Shiloh is wearing short hair and expresses the desire to be somewhat of a tomboy..she is not sick with a disease!!

She is {{5 years old}}…She is a child. Leave her alone!!

Suzanne on

Wow, Shiloh really is the perfect blend of her Mom & Dad. I can see both in her face. Cute kids.

D on

You know kids. Maybe one of them got a hold of scissors and this is the best they could do to fix it.

Lucy on

Apparently some of these commentators have insecurities about gender roles that are not Shiloh or the Jolie- Pitts’ problem. I’m a girl’s girl. I love dresses, handbags, shoes, dresses, etc., but that does not mean I should be defined by the fact that I was born with a vagina. I do not think anything is wrong with girls who dress or act more ‘masculine.” They are human beings with their own set of likes/ dislikes, personalities, etc. first and for most. Leave Shiloh alone. She is a child. I hope she never feels the need to conform to your standards. Those standards seem fairly lame, suffocating, and harmful to anyone that limits themselves to them.

Theresa Ayotte on

Cute Boys

jennifer on

Oh My God! What dark rock did some of you crawl out from under? Hello??? This is 2012. Do you honestly think talk therapy can determine what gender a child prefers? And by the way, if she decides she wants to be something other than what YOU have decided for her…well, I guess no one cares about your opinion anyway.

Beautiful kids, who very obviously have their own personalities and are encouraged to express them. And yes….they are being schooled.


Elizabeth on

Did you all just take a Stupid Pill? She “could” be a a pretty girl? She “should” be taken to a psychologist who specializes in GENDER ISSUES? How about you all go to Un-prostitute training because if YOU think she’s growing up to please you or people like you, then you are SEVERELY misled. Geez… a bunch of grown women picking on a bullying a 5 year old girl. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!

You lot are a bunch of SELF-ABSORBED bullies who made the fight for women to be taken seriously and be equal THAT MUCH MORE IMPOSSIBLE! She IS a girl. She IS pretty and there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with her, but THERE IS EVERYTHING wrong with the lot of you!

The lot of you who picked her apart based on what she CHOOSES to wear and look like? You’re what’s wrong with this world and a fine example why our children are constantly in danger.


Ari on

When did people get so cruel and stupid?! They are children! When I was little (in the old days) I played cowboys. One Christmas I asked Santa for 6 shooters and a cowboy hat. (I was a girl!) So now I am a woman. I do I dress like a man nor am I a lesbian. Although if I were I would not be ashamed of it!
And to those of you who are questioning why they are not in school…Their parents are Brad & Angelina! You don’t think they will get an education? I think it is you who needs to be educated! Burn the cross much???

Robin on

I love this photo of the two Jollie-Pitt girls. They look like “normal”, playful, and happy kids to me. Shiloh’s pixie cut and tee shirt with jeans reminds me so much of myself at her age. I grew up in the 1970’s, which was an era of ” I’m okay, you’re okay” philosophy in which kids could look and feel comfortable in their rugged playclothes and not be judged on how they dressed. I routinely wore “boys clothes” that were “hand me downs” from my two brothers. These clothes were easier to move around in and I didn’t have to worry about getting them dirty or getting holes in them because they weren’t “school clothes” or “church clothes” that needed to stay nice-looking. Just because these kids come from a wealthy family doesn’t mean that they have to dress to the nines, or wear “girly clothes” just to please our current society’s philosophy of ” I’m okay, but you’re not.”

Nannyto1 on

Cute kids. And who cares if Shiloh is a tomboy. Gender issues?!? Are you kidding me? I hardly think she needs a therapist – she’s just a kid for crying out loud. My daughter went from a pre-school girly girl to a school age tomboy who loved ripped jeans, baggy sweatshirts, sneakers and messy hair. As an adult, she’s a combination of both.

Elizabeth on

… and you know what? I agree with @Tee… Shiloh is a girl who will be one to watch. Her strong independence is utterly fascinating! She doesn’t seem to be destined to do vapid Hollywood-kid things when she grows up. I think she has a voice and it WILL be heard. If kids are allowed to be who they want to be and not be forced into meeting their overbearing and clueless parents’ expectations, the world would be better off. As it stands now, looking at North American society and the plastic life they are suckered into buying, it’ll be kids like Shiloh who lead the way to change.

Good for her for being who she wants to be and if she wants to be a boy right now, she’s learning from walking in THOSE shoes, don’t you think? EXPERIENCE, not books, are the cornerstone of learning.

kica on

Are people on here seriously hating on little girls. They are both adorable in their own way and as for the school question, it’s called having tutors. Duh.

Mary Jane on

Shawna.. here’s hoping you are not a mother of any gender!

epmmrp on

do these kids ever go to school?

$ascha on

It’s complete bulls#!t that Shiloh chooses to dress like a boy because she wants to be a boy. Angie has been dressing her as a boy since she was born. Brad put her in girly dresses and there are pictures out there to prove it. But, Angie has had issues with this child from her birth. She purposely downplays her femininity because she has some deep-seated issues of her own. Angie was molested by her father’s friend and is projecting those fears onto Shiloh. Brad adored Shiloh as his firstborn and Angie cannot handle that kind of competition. She has expressed feeling “less” for Shiloh because she’s so privileged and hasn’t suffered, so she pours her love onto the adopted kids. By the time the twins came along, Vivi escaped this projection because she was one of the crowd by then. But, Angie continues to have issues with Shiloh to this day…a mixture of fear and jealousy and it’s pathetic. Then, she tells the press that it’s Shiloh’s choice and you all believe it. If Shiloh has grown to “want” to dress like a boy, it’s only because she is desperately seeking Angie’s approval and love, so will do what she perceives as her mother’s path to approval. Wait for the book that Shiloh will write some day and I will just say, “Told you so.” Seriously.

marlowe on

lovely kids.. beautiful, shining eyes and cheeky faces.. i’d be proud to be their mama

Ari on

Oh. And one other thing…. should we perhaps focus on the fact that they were there because their mother wanted to witness the sentencing of a war lord who perpetrates autrocities on children the ages of these? There are many others still out there doing the same thing. Maybe that is the larger issue here than what Shiloh is wearing! Why aren’t you mean-sprited people enraged about that? Ignorance is alive and sitting on its fat butt picking on little girls!

daria on

these are children. have a little respect here. speculation on possible psychopathology based on clothing or hair style is wrong.

Yvonne on

I’m glad they don’t try to make the kids be what they or society think they should be and let them make their own life choices. Every kid should be so lucky! The freedom to be exactly who you are inside is a wonderful thing. If more parents did this there would be happier and healthier kids who aren’t so depressed when they are forced to conform to what doesn’t come naturally to them.

kt on

I have never posted on anything before but had to today— These girls are both beautiful… kids are OFF limits… do NOT post anything negative about their looks. Life is hard enough for kids…..just stop with the negative comments about their looks…seriously people.

Spanish Fly on

Danielle- you are the one who needs therapy! bigits like you are sick in the head. SHe will be who she wants and praying to GOD is not the answer. Cant stand the GOD ignorance. GO F- off

mozeytime09 on

Shiloh is not aware of what’s going on her body….she is expressing her feelings of wanted to be boy…..Angie should take her to a therapist that specializes in children with gender issues….and pray to God that every thing is going to be o.k.!

– Danielle on March 15th, 2012

***How in the world do you know what is going on in her body? Are you her? Her mother? or Her doctor? I am sure this little tom boy girl will be okay. She looks happy and healthy…isn’t that what really matters? A child should be able to express themselves in any way and it is not up to us to judge… after all she is not hurting anyone!

Sunny on

I find it funny how people are so concerned with celeb children and how they dress when there’s probably children in your own neighborhood that can use your concern. IMO they look happy and well cared for and that’s what matters most. Shiloh Jolie looks like a voight… No doubt about that,

angel on

Obviously if they move around a lot, they wouldn’t be enrolled in school. There is a such thing as home schooling. And as far as the comments go towards Shiloh; its best to teach a child how to be themselves and not how everyone else wants them to be. I applaud their parenting. These kids are clearly happy.

Colette on

$ascha- GMAB there are dozens of pics of Shiloh in dresses before she was 3 1/2. There were dressed of her in a white dress in France, black tutu and tights in France, a dress on NOLA being held by AJ., peasant dress in Long Island while AJ was filming Salt. Why did she put her in dresses for 3 years? Personally I hope she continues dressing like a boy just to cause you haters angst.

BTW where is the outrage that Marcia Cross tomboy twin never wears dresses. Lovely girls looking happy causing so much pain.LOl

Manners 911 on

Lets get to MANNERS….I wood never allow my young child to just stick their tongues out at people they don’t know. Whether they be photogs or average people just trying to sneek a peek. I feel there should be more structure in their lives then junk food and jumping from one place to another.I see real problems with these children in the future….

Carol on

Wow, that pretty little girl is another Chaz Bono in the making…

Robin on

@ Manners 911- you crack me up! I suppose you were never a child who made funny faces before? And you never jumped on beds? I bet you were a sad, oppressed, little girl who didn’t experience the freedom of being “silly”, so sad.

Making silly faces at the ages of 7 and 5 are par for the course. At no other time am I aware that these specific children had ever stuck out their tongues towards cameras, however, with as many paps lurking around these children I say, “Good for them!” How would you like to have a camera stuck in your face 24/7, especially as a child?

jo on

Agreed and Shawna. Can little girls not have short hair or wear jeans, a tee shirt and sneakers? They can. Case closed.

Shawna on

I have 3 children – a boy and 2 girls. They are allowed to pick their own clothes and their own hair but no, I will not allow them to dress 100% like the opposite gender. Shocker of shockers not everyone buys into this garbage about people being born into the wrong gender.

And I will tell my grandchildren the same thing, to the person who asked that. My girls are girls and know they are girls. My boy is a boy. Of course my girls wear pants, and if they wanted to have short hear then fine.

But this child is living 100% as a boy. At 5 years old she is way too young to be making that decision and I could totally see them announcing her as transgendered in the years to come. And no, I won’t buy it then, and I don’t buy it now.

She’s a girl. If she likes short hair at least get her a nice haircut. If she likes dark colours and only wearing pants there are tons of girls clothes she can wear that would work just fine.

She’s not my child, so obviously I can’t control how she dresses (and never said that I could) but this is a gossip blog so if I want to express my opinion I can do so. It is a free country.

Robin on

“Wow, that pretty little girl is another Chaz Bono in the making…” Geez, Carol how ignorant can you be?

I don’t know if you are old enough to have watched, or remember the Sonny and Cher show. Chasity Bono wore frilly dresses when they would bring her out during the end of the show. Chasity, or “Chaz” was a “girly girl” and you can see how that determined his (her) sexual preference. LOL!

Have you not learned anything from any of the prior posts on this blog? You clearly need to be educated on gender preference issues. Clothes don’t make a difference as far as one’s sexual orientation.

Kim on

I’m so sick of the “she could be so cute” comments about Shiloh. She IS cute! SO WHAT if she has short hair? I’ve had short hair..shorter than hers..all my life and have never had a problem knowing I’m a girl. She’s an adorable TOMBOY and I’m betting she’ll grow out of this boy clothes phase when she’s ready. She’ll probably grow up to be a real beauty! Some of you need to worry about your own kids and leave Shiloh to her own parents.

Cam on

These little girls are too cute. Z, the girly girl, and Shi, the tom boy. Lovely little sisters at play.

sister7 on

I hate to say it..but research has been done about the amount of transgendered kids today. It can be traced back to our food we eat..Genetically modified food, overprocessed foods….chemicals in our food and water (Flouride/pesticides/aspartame). Add that to the ridiculous vaccines kids get. LIke I said, I hate to bring it up, but it has me wondering.

Chenoa on

Why judge an innocent child? Why is the focus always on the way Shiloh dresses? Why are you missing the big picture .. the bond between Shiloh & her sisters & brothers.

It’s horrible that grown adults judge this child so much about her looks. Tell me, when you look in the mirror, what do you see? You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

alisocat on

Some of you folks need to get a life…first of all, their kids are home-schooled, and probably receiving a better education than most kids. The teachers travel with the family. Secondly, I’m sure you wouldn’t appreciate people making comments about what your kids look like or how you raise them.. so HUSH!

Doreen on

Poor Shiloh!! Angelina RUINED her when she was just a newborn dressing her in boy’s clothes!! Shame on her!!

lainey on

OMG i swear I am so sick of people talking about Shiloh. Damn she is a kid, let her be. My 8 yr old niece was the biggest tomboy when she was younger and use to say I wish I was a boy, because she has an older brother who she adored. Now she is frilly, girly, plays with dolls, loves her long hair. Has no one ever heard of a little girl being a tomboy!!! damn, let her be. She seems like a happy kid. I swear this society is full of idiots!

Belle on

How many other American 5 & 7yr olds speak French and maybe other languages as well. Thru their parents they are learning about the world they are going to inherit – the good & the bad. They are learning how not to be selfish, to give back to others. The saying is “It takes a village to raise a child.” Look how many villages these children are part of around the world. Good for them.

okay on

I know people who were home schooled who are WAY smarter than people who went to an actual school. So who is to say they are not getting the education that they need ? Rich people who are constantly followed have their own lives. Leave them alone.

mabel on

I don’t think she should go into therapy at this point, that could confuse her. I remember as soon as I was in third grade, I didn’t have to wear dresses anymore and I never did until I graduated. I like boys, but I wasn’t girly girly and I still like guys clothing, and woman’s clothing. She may grow out of this phase. She may be showing signs of gender issues, but I don’t think they should press it at this age, it may influence her. BUT good for them for allowing her to dress in clothes that she is comfortable in. I just wish Angelina and Brad didn’t always wear black white and grey. Which the kids wear a lot of too.

JM on

Doreen, shawna, theresea ayotte, laura – spread the hate. keep spreading the hate. don’t be under any delusions that is ALL you are doing. you can stick your head in the sand if you want but you are adults spreading hate in society.

let’s hope none of you are parents. the sooner we bread out this hate and intolerance the better.

Wendy on

I praise Angelina and Brad for letting their children be who they are meant to be. Some of these narrow minded opinions really make me sad. As long as the kids are happy, healthy, well-adjusted children you couldn’t ask for more!

B.J. on

Both girls are beautiful! How dare anyone imply that girls and women with short hair are any less attractive?

Here’s another way to look at it: I never once had hair as short as Shiloh as a kid, and I am a lesbian. Obviously haircuts are no indiciation of sexuality. My hair is medium length today and I’m letting it grow out. I don’t have to look like a boy to like women, and girls with short hair don’t have to be gay!

If I ever have a daughter, I’d be proud if she turned out like Shiloh: imagination and comfortable to be the girl SHE wants to be.

nacho mamma on

Shiloh is a tom boy.. ever heard of that term? she wants to emulate her big brothers. Zahara is 7 and I’m sure with her parents life style these children are home school by very very qualified individuals.

southern mama on

Not in school??? A-Listers like Jolie-Pitt do not send their children to school. I’m sure they have a team of tutors that travel with them.

Marky on

I have a view on this that many may not have; I have adopted internationally, and I have biological children. My daughter (one international and one biological) are very close in age just as Zahara and Shiloh are. I think many of Angelina’s comments about her feelings about her children are misunderstood. It is hard to explain to someone who has one or two biological children who have never endured hardships more than not getting every toy they want all at once, how it is to know that one of your children was thrown in the garbage or abandoned on a street at one month old and left to starve, then endured hunger for months, multiple orphanages and such extreme poverty that it’s unimaginable; the other has never known hunger, deprivation or lack of love from the time they drew the first breath.

It is NOT that you love one more than the other; it is that you have a depth of emotion at the horror a baby has suffered at the hands of a family who was supposed to love them and care for them the best they could and no one did, until they were found, and fortunately they were still alive, though barely. Most, if not all of you posting today, have no idea what it is like to hold that child and feel the intensity of emotion that you hope you can do everything you can think of to make up for the horror they have endured. You look at your beloved bio child who has had it soooo lucky from the first breath they drew in the midst of a family who loves them dearly and provides for their every need. It is nearly impossible to express your emotions at what you have seen, heard and smelled of your adopted child’s original life, and almost guilt at how lucky your bio kid’s life has always been. You don’t love one more than the other, you desperately love them both, but you can’t truly express that there is always the horror of what could have been and what they have endured.

My girls were also very different. My bio daughter was an athletic tomboy who wanted her lovely way blond hair cut just like a boy’s and wanted to wear her older brother’s outgrown jeans. She was/is very strong willed and just wouldn’t wear anything else, no matter what anyone said. She also “changed her name” and wouldn’t answer to anything else. She is now an adult, married with a teenager now, and while still athletic, she is also very feminine and loves the name we gave her. I have to admit, I wondered “what the heck?” when she was a kid, but I dealt with it the best I could, in a time when it wasn’t as acceptable as it is now.

My other daughter was super feminine, girly to the bone, and wore her hair to her waist, while she was dressed in the frilliest things she could find. As an adult, she wears jeans and t-shirts, except at work, doesn’t worry about being all super-girly, She is married with 2 kids. No one knows for sure what Shiloh is going to do as she grows up, but one thing I knew 35 years ago was, my kids were born with certain personalities and I needed to “listen” to who they were rather than try to turn them into who I wanted them to be!

Don’t bully children; it is so disgusting to see people ridicule these parents who are doing a great job with their children, and to see you ridicule children who cannot defend themselves. How pathetic and cruel!

Olivia on

I don’t believe that Shiloh has that haircut or wears those clothes cause she wants.

I don’t know ANY kid who wants to outstand from the rest. I think they don’t even know what to be different in a trend or chic way is.

Seriously, no girl wants a boy’s hair cut (read the Daily Mail’s story of the 5 y-o boy who has long hair and is teased cause of that, It’s not happening here because Brangelina’s kids don’t go to a regular school) or blue hair, not at that age!

She’s using them for publicity.

Julia on

Do they want her to be a boy??

Amy on

OMG just because they are kids doesn’t mean they HAVE to be cute, Abby. They are kinda cute, but I am very sure that their education is far better than what the average kid gets. Just because it is in the middle of the day doesn’t mean this child isn’t educated. It means their parents are smart and probably home schools them. I mean, they do travel the friggin world. Kinda hard to go to school one week in this country and another in another country. What an awesome way to live. I’d love to travel abroad and my kids be home schooled throughout the world.

Anonymous on

They are BOTH gerorgeous….geez peopl

thesekidsaregoingtobescrewedup on

if the jolie-pitts cared about these kids, they would shelter them from this harsh world! if they want the spotlight when they are older, let them make that choice!

can’t wait for the first one of them to turn 18 so we can learn what REALLY goes on behind their closed doors.

Jennifer on

You don’t think Angie and Brad have educational tutors
for their children?! Of course they do. I bet they are
all bilingual. As far as what Shiloh looks like, why
do you care? It isn’t any of our business and everyone
should be happy she is a healthy little girl. People
are so shallow. I would think you have better things
to worry about than Shiloh’s hair. And clothes.
Bravo for the Jolie-Pitts!!!

Jen DC on


You people suck. All this projecting about her sexuality, about her psychological failures… SHE IS 5. Shiloh is a five year old tomboy with permissive, obscenely wealthy parents. If she is “ill,” they will care for her.

She’s a beautiful little girl, gap-toothed smile, jacked-up haircut, boys’ clothes and all. Z is gorgeous, as usual. I’ve been really enjoying the past couple of days of pictures of these two together because like my sister and me, they appear to be polar opposites in temperament, yet they seem to be enjoying the heck out of each others’ company.

I wasn’t the most “hetero-normative” little girl either, choosing to wear boys’ clothes, play soccer (I was the only girl from my school interested in our team), climb trees and light fires (usu in the BBQ pit at home, but sometimes off in the woods with my best friend, [male] Alex). But once people stopped making a big deal of it, I relaxed about being more feminine. The thing to remember is, she’s gotta figure it out. Not you. Let her idea of who she is develop.

JM on

Olivia, did you seriously just reference the daily mail? that beacon of truth? that moral compass for society? you’re right though, let’s get our code of behaviour based on what the daily mail thinks is good. that will turn out well for society.

kjc on

When I clicked on this picture my first thought was ‘those girls look like they are having a great time. How can anyone blast Shiloh in this picture!’. Boy was I wrong.

I don’t get it. We as adults should be embracing our differences. Instead, we criticize anyone or anything that isn’t our idea of normal.

What kind of world are creating here? Adults picking on children because they don’t like the way she is dressed or the clothes she is wearing? Give me a break.

I for one, am raising my son not to judge people by their ethnicity, size, sexual orientation, or haircut. I suggest you all do the same.

Amanda on

She lives her day to day life as a boy? Oh, Shawna, because you are there and see her being taught to pee standing up, right? What exactly does that mean, anyway, that she lives her life as a boy? She’s five years old. Kids don’t even have well-defined gender roles thought out in their heads yet. And these kids are exposed to many cultures other than the American one, so why they should be expected to already have mapped out who they are and what they prefer in clothing and lifestyle and sexual orientation and model those things specifically on one culture that they have experienced is an absurd way to think.

And I can do nothing but laugh at the people who are psychoanalyzing Angelina here. I trust that you are doctors who have treated her and have access to her medical files and have personally been her psychiatrists, right? No, you say? You’re just getting all your info from tabloids and rumors? Ah, that makes more sense. Because surely you aren’t shrinks who are violating hippa. You just feel like playing Dr. Drew. Sad. Almost as sad as putting gender based stereotypical limitations on children.

Melissa on

Is it me or is Shiloh starting to look like Angelina? Both of them are completely adorable. I swear, sometimes I wish I could be Jolie-Pitt kid….they are living the life!

Just my opinion on

Actually, we can argue all the merits of dressing or not dressing as a girl, a boy or whatever because we are all adults. But put any child (and I am not specifically referring to Shiloh here)…and I mean any child in a room or area with OTHER children and that is really where the opinions count. We have all heard and seen the stories of children, teens and young adults that have been taunted and bullied by the voices and thoughts of others and we have ALL seen the suicides and gun rampages in schools and universities…generally attributed to a person that was bullied by someone else.

Now I am not saying that this is what is going to happen to any of the Pitt children. And please don’t say “oh, my KIDS would never tease someone else” because yes – it IS your kids that are doing these things or having them done to others or perhaps being the victim themselves.
So again – it doesn’t matter what our opinions are as adults.

The question (and opinions) we really should be more concerned with is, What happens when the adults are not around ????

Mina on

To all you dumb people barking “tomboy”….there is a difference between being a tomboy and wanting to do boyish things and dress comfortable or “cool”. Shiloh actually wants to BE a boy and not be LIKE a boy! She is not tomboy, she is PURE BOY.

RKF on

Wow. Shiloh looks just like Angelina, and is very pretty.

I happened to grow up very “feminine” – as in curls, pink, ruffles, bows, dresses, you name it. As an adult, I wouldn’t be caught dead in any of this, but I wouldn’t be called “masculine” or a “tomboy” EVER because of this – it’s just personal preference.

Regardless, I think some people are confusing gender identity with “preferences.” She’s only 5 years old. I highly doubt she has any understanding of societal gender “norms.” As far as I know, she hasn’t asked for a sex change, so I don’t understand why identity is even brought up?

As others have said, I would question their apparent lack of schooling over Shiloh’s clothing and hair. But, I imagine they have tutors, or similar since they travel so frequently.

josemari on

Shiloh is such a beautiful girl. I just hope she was not made to dress that way because they want to avoid comparing her with other celebrity kids her age, like Suri. But I would like see her again in a dress, just like in a picture I saw when she was small, wearing a beautiful black dress.

jane on

both girls will spring up to two pretty young lady’s that world is not ready for.

Indira on

People need to get over this child and the way she dresses. The concern is pathetic. It’s not that serious.

Jenn on

I love the amount of commentary this one picture is getting. They are obviously either on a school break, are being home schooled, etc, etc. These little world travellors are getting a much better grasp of the world than the average child sitting at a desk all day long. I think at their age that is probably the best kind of education that one could get. Don’t you think the tabloids would be the first to point out that these children are not being eduated??? If Shiloh wants a short little hair cut than so be it. I think we have come far enough in society as women that we should be able to understand a girl wanting to wear whatever she wants to!!

amandamay on

I find it interesting that the same women who are so supportive of Shiloh being allowed to “be herself” and “dress how she wants” are the same women who criticize Suri Cruise – Ever think that just *maybe* Suri is *also* just “being herself”? Maybe Suri is a super girly-girl fashionista on one end of extremes, just like Shiloh is super tomboy on the other extreme. Both are just being who they are. You can’t tout “freedom of expression” for Shiloh and then poo-poo Suri’s choices in the same breath. Kids are who they are. My son has definite opinions about his style, and has since he was tiny. I let him wear what he wants – If you really have nothing better to do than critique little children, your lives must be pretty dull.

lt on

Im see those kids always appear so happy it puts a smile on my face……I think its great angie and brad let them be who they are …. to hell with all the hair comments shes a kid having fun let her be messy !! let her be creative1!! let her be her!!!

jane on

really amazing how everyone has the need to run these people’s lives.

Carrie on

To all of you grown women who are talking about how messed up Shiloh is going to be and how other kids are going to tease her:

Please consider that they only reason Shiloh will be teased or will learn to be ashamed of who she is is because of people like you. People like you who teach their kids that it is not ok to just be yourself and that it is ok to judge someone who is being true to themselves. People like you who get online and question the mental stability of a 5 year old child because she idolizes her brothers. People like you who pick on a child because of your own insecurities. Maybe Shiloh will grow up to be transgendered or a lesbian or perhaps this is just a phase. Most likely, however, is that Shiloh will grow up knowing she is loved by her parents no matter what and has their unconditional support. And because of that she will grow up to be a decent human being who is far less judgmental than all of the awful parents on here teaching their kids to be hateful judgmental people.

lilymae on

For those who think that it’s OK for Shiloh to dress and act like a boy…..

What if Shiloh really was a boy that wanted long hair and to dress like his sisters in girl clothes. Would you all be stating that its OK?!?

Nikki Dai on

I really think this site should reconsider it’s policy of allowing comments. the traffic would come no matter what – the comments, particularly the negative and just spiteful ones about parents and kids are ones decent people could do without.

Marky on

lilymae, seen it, and didn’t care. Just as I said my daughter wore her brother’s hand me downs (at her insistence), and outgrew it, I say the same about boys. You cannot “make” your child what you want them to be. They are who they are, so try a bit of acceptance.

Personally, I am tired of the constant criticism; if this was Jen’s child, you would be talking about how great she looks and how innovative she and her mom are about her clothes and hair!! Grow up, people, you are immature bullies to the bone!

denise washburn on

Shiloh looks just like Brad…….A beautiful family & very blessed

StankomTrek on

Shiloh has mothers manners. Genes 😉

mimi on

the international criminal court is in the hague, NOT amsterdam!

Chloe on

for heavens sake people; SHE’S 7 and has brothers!

I know when I was young, my older brother was like a God to me and I wanted to be JUST like him.

I stayed being a massive tomboy til I was 18 – I’m 19. I didn’t want to go to my prom unless I was allowed to wear a tux instead of a dress.

Fact is…everyone is different, Shi may grow out of it, she may not. Who cares! Let her be a KID!

Kerri on

What lucky kids to travel and see the world, you can bet they have tutors for their kids, oh for our own kids to have a 1:1 or 6:1 ratio students to kids. As for Shiloh dressing as she does, let her. She is what 5-6 let her express herself, we have to conform to what everybody else thinks is the norm. Let her enjoy a carefree childhood as she should.

Sarah K. on

Lilymae, yes – it would be ok with me.

BL on

I don’t care how they dress, etc., but I have noticed that Shiloh has had a tooth missing for a very long time. Either it was knocked out playing too hard or she has issues with her teeth. Nothing has been said whether she needs to wear braces to keep her other teeth from shifting. She might have problems later on with chewing,etc..

elderlawalabama on

If Shiloh has chosen on her own to dress as a tomboy, that is fine. But, Angie was talking of her issues with the baby and girly-ness before Shiloh was born. I am not so sure she has not been placed in this role by her mother, which would be a shame because then she is not expressing, but suppressing, who she is to please her mother. I strongly suspect that is the case.

MRJ on

I just thought all the “gender issues” for a five year old was ridiculous but to the lady that got upset over kids making faces…You really need to pull the stick out of your bum.

JM on

lilymae, yes i would be fine with that. i know someone who’s little boy likes wearing girl’s clothes and has long hair. why should i care? he’s a sweet and polite kid.

promise on

OMG! beautiful is beautiful

Mina on

Amandamay I agree. I have nothing againt tomboys, in fact I was one myself and I think they are so adorable (it is fun to boy things, and its fun to girl thing too but boys get more action and physical activity overall).

However, with Shiloh, shes not just playing soccer and dressing comfortably. She genuinly wants to BE a boy, not LIKE a boy. Growing up I had 2 best friends, both boys. We rode bikes, scooters, skateboards, sledded in winter, played cops and robbers with guns, etc the whole nine yards. I too was never caught in a dress for I dressed comfortably. I NEVER brushed my hair or even cared about my hair or how I looked. However, I knew I was a girl and dressed according so. Not all pink but some….purples too. I basically worse sandals or flip flops but my sneakers were usually white. I didnt shop in the boys department. There are things in the girls department that arent all pink frilly dresses. There are plenty of whites, browns and blacks if that is what she prefers. To let her pretend she CAN be a boy…is kind of strange because no matter how much she tries she will never be a boy!

Nana11 on

Is it just me.. or is it very clear that Zahara has the ability to be a model if she decides to? weather it’s now, or when she gets a little older. What a beautiful face she has:)

joyce on

Look back at her baby pics – Angie has been dressing her as a boy since birth – not sure who is actually the confused one– If she is a girly girl later she will not thank them for making her look like a boy. If she feels like a boy inside that should be her choice but at a year old she didn’t make that choice it was made for her. I am a grandmother of 4 and I am totally supportive of them and love them unconditionally I would never push them one way or the other. I have many friends that are still afraid to tell their families, I would never want my grandbabies to feel that betrayal

Catca on

With respect to the comments about stability, the children are always with their parents and from the time they’re born, have travelled extensively around the world. They are literally global citizens. For those children, that is their stability.

With respect to school, the children are home schooled and have nannies that are highly credentialed certified teachers. When you get to be flown around the world as one of the job perks and have a salary and comp package that rivals the best school districts, they can attract high quality educators. The children were sight seeing that day and visited the Van Gogh museum which is an educational activity.

The fact that their lifestyle is different than yours doesn’t mean that it’s bad, just different. I’m sure the children will turn out just fine.

Annabelle on

So what if she wears boys clothes and so what if she wants to be a boy. Just what business is it of any of you writing on this blog. Get a life and leave the judgments to someone qualified. How would you like to be judged like you’re doing to this sweet little girl. I’m definitely not a fan of her mother or her father but this is really none of your business. If you don’t want to see it, then don’t look.

Diana on

And people wonder why children and teens are so messed up from hiding who they naturally are….she’ll grow up to be the person she’s going to be not someone someone else expects her to be. At least she has parents who will accept her irregardless, unlike many of you I’ve just read. BTW if you look back, Angie did have her in dresses and girly clothes when she was younger.

Lady on

Makes me really sad to see what ignorant people we have in this world…truly sad. They are both beautiful….even if I may not agree with the whole boys clothes & hair thing…can’t say anything about it, what if I go thru that with my child? No judgements from me.

Ashley on

Sorry, neither are very cute at all…..Shiloh WAS a cute baby though

JRW on

Why is it ok for Shiloh to choose to dress “like a boy” but seems odd and crazy for Suri to choose heels and party dresses… pretty double standard don’t you think??

tlc on

They are both adorable! I agree though, that there are clothing made for girls that are dressed down and not frilly..just some colour. Zee is wearing those type of (girl) clothes. Shiloh is pretty much always in boy’s style and made for boys specifically clothing. I was a tomboy too but I wore clothing made for my gender.

That said, the comments about her being transgendered or a lesbian are laughable. Maybe she just likes the boy style? At five, it’s a bit unbelievable but hey, stranger things have happened. I also think Angie has a LOT to say about the kids’ choices of clothing. I read an article in Hello last month where Angie stated that she puts Zee and Vivi in girl’s clothing because she feels that “THEY are MORE GIRLY and should dress that way.” Never mentioned Shiloh at all when referring to “my girls”. Only Vivi and Zee were mentioned..I found that a bit strange.

I also find it very ironic that Katie is ripped apart for allowing Suir to dictate what she wears and lets Suri wear heels etc. Why is it OK for Angie to let Shiloh dictate what she wants (if in fact she even does, which is doubtful) but it’s a big No No for Katie Holmes? Double standard as usual when it come to the royal Jolie Pitts and (over rated) Angelina Jolie.

Colette on

Tlc Angie always refer to Zahara and Shiloh as her girls in interviews. I find it very interesting that some people have ignored all the times Shiloh was in a dress for the first 3 1/ years of her life. She was in a dress as much as Zahara(who often wore Maddox hand me downs t shirts)Was AJ trying to turn Zahara into a boy also? Since she rarely dressed her in dresses. AJ has stated Viv is girly. Personally I think if Shiloh was TG they would refer to her as him and use a boys name . They never have despite the tabloid lies. In 2008 when Shiloh was 2 Brad mentioned she wanted to be called John. They have never referred to her as John since or any male name.I’m sensitive about this issue because my gay cousin killed himself at age 12 because his parents wouldn’t accept their naturally feminine son.They either ignored him called him sissy or other gay slurs. So I vowed to love my kids unconditionally and accept tham as they are because they are a gift to be treasured. BTW I have no problem with Suri’s outfits (except for the heels -dad for her feet) or Kingston’s mani/ pedis

Sara on

Can People mag stop posting all posts on Brad and Angelina’s children? The people who comment and insult a child make me sick. The hate and ignorance of some people is sad and vile.

ps. Michelle Williams has the exact same haircut as Shiloh. Why are you all not whining about her.

Also Shiloh wore plenty of dresses before and also carried dolls. Take that.

Stephanie on

Imagine when, someday soon, Shiloh is reading all of this after using Google….

catee on

Who cares about the clothes? Folks are mighty shallow, it seems. The children are beautiul. Whether little Miss Shiloh is straight ot LGBT will become clear to HER as the years pass and she will be free to be whomever she is meant to be on her own terms. I really can’t stand the hate-filled dispersions that are cast upon the child. She is a child. Check out any regular kindergarten and you will find children dressed similarly. That said, I’m not crazy about the parents for several reasons, some of which have been stated.

1. They are paraded through airports as though they were carry-on pieces. There are many ways these children can be protected from the glare of the cameras.

2. Most follks, when they become parents, make sacrifies for their children. Some stop working if they can afford to. Many do contortions around getting them fed, bathed, off to school and on to soccer games, ballet lessons and swimming. They also manage all of the aforementioned without a troop of nannies, seurity teams, maids, chefs, hairdressers, etc.

3. Where is ‘home’ for these children?

4. Where are their own little beds with their own little rooms?

5. Where are the routines children need to develop some sense of order and security?

6. I nearly choke when I hear them talking about the children as citizens of the world. The little ones do not have the neural/brain development required for thanything the parents preach. Math curriculum is structed as it is because the ability to process abstrat though does not emerge, usually, until the teen years.

7. The children ‘love’ to travel because they do not know any other way.

All of that said, my list has become shorter. They have stopped collecting children and they do seem to be working less. I know that they probably need to work to maintain all those precious chateaus. That said, they are charged with raising six precious little treasures who only need one happy home. I do wish the best for them. As the parents seem to know better they seem to be doing better by the little ones.

Eva on

You don’t let little ones “express themselves as adults do”, because…they are not adults!! You TEACH children about what is appropriate, you give them 2 or 3 appropriate outfits to choose, and in that way they show their preferences. Angelina could just as easily give Shiloh a nice pair of girl jeans & t-shirt, but that wouldn’t make a statement, would it? That poor kid.

Hea on

They are so cute together. Always have been.

plannbb on

Shiloh will be a beauty when she grows up. She will grow out of this.

Fab on

OMG! Shiloh looks soooo much like Angelina! and Zahara is such a cutie!!! they are really goodlooking little girls!! and people…dont be son hard on them, they’re just kids!

emma on

I can’t even imagine what kind of subhuman would insult a child’s looks. Sad that grown women think they’re in competition with little kids.

SMiaVS on

@JustMyOpinion, “what happens when adults aren’t around” happens because the “adults” in those bullies’ lives weren’t doing their jobs. If you want an example just look at Shawna.

anabel on

that is one ugly kid.

BansheeCry on

What beautiful young ladies! 😀 lol That is just a cute photo. I don’t think the short hair is bad. My mom cut mine short when I was little cause it was easier to manage (also lice in the school went around).

I don’t agree with Danielle though. I don’t think she has a gender issue and honestly that is way too young in my opinion to consider. She’s a kid with a LOT of bros/sisters. I think we need to let these kids (any kid) be kids and stop trying label them.. They will grow up soon enough and then if you still feel the need to throw a label on them.. So be it.

I think she’s a tomboy that is wearing her Brother max’s outfit that WE ALL seen that kid wear in earlier years. Anyone that has a mix of boys n’ girls they will always have a tomboy in the family.. Specially–if one is closer to her brother. They will grow out of the phase–just like her hair will grow out.. Little girls try to find ways to equal to their brothers when they are little.. It’s like a battle of the sibling attention in a family that big. Even sometimes kids deal with stress differently and I would almost assume traveling that much (not being in one place long enough to call home), Strangers taking pictures of them (which should be illegal and parents should copyright their face so it will stop), growing up in constant judgement of strangers has got to be stressing on the little ones.

I would also say she’s been dressing like that since the twins were born—which makes me think she might be missing some attention from her dad. What girl hasn’t warn her dad’s favorite thing just because they are missing them? Like a hat, shirt or jacket?

BansheeCry on

@In My Opinion:

“Why are any of you worried about those kids being in school or not, or how cute you think they could be? Not you kids, not your business, shouldn’t be your concern. Those kids have been too more countries than most of us, and each of them born in different countries (not USA). Make sure your parenting your children. Make sure they are doing well in school, and your assuring them “they are cute enough”. Get a life!”

Pumpkin just in case you didn’t realize. You made it your business enough to comment on it and Someone that says “get a life” at the end of a statement shouldn’t give parenting advice. Because you are on the net sweetie like everyone else here commenting on a board.

Now.. To answer the School question. They likely have tutors and home-schooled like most high power traveling celebrity kids. Besides the schools these days are so loose and uncontrolled. It’s best to find a home-school group and join in group studies.. They do have “Home-School” Schools/groups where they all join up to teach children daily and give the social aspects of school without the problems of normal schools..

Be Explaining on

When the hell did it get to a place in this world. That we as adults are placing GENDER Judgement calls on 5 year old kids? You’re an adult worry about your bills, home, job and family. Or occupy something like the rest of the useless people that don’t work or take care of a family. Stop Judging a 5 year old CHILD. Wtfrig. Don’t these kids have enough issues with bullies and poor excuses of teachers to worry about then having an adult judge them in such a poor manner.

Thou-those kids I doubt will ever see a true school and how influenced kids are by parents so much they bully another kid. Any bully I’ve ever had to deal with it stems back to the parents. Be an Example and NOT a judge.

Not about something so tiny as this. Anyone remember the 80s outfits? Those were horrible and I had big hair funky clothes pictures I regret. Yet–years later they are slapped in my face. Stupid shiz you do when your a kid.. Here is the thing.. No one labeled me a freaky little rocker girlie, freak, she has mental issues or freak the hell out over it. They just shook their heads and said “Kids”.