Christina Applegate: Sadie Is My Toughest Critic

03/14/2012 at 11:30 AM ET
Courtesy Scholastic Parent & Child

She’s won over the hearts of countless critics, but this time Christina Applegate has finally met her match in daughter Sadie Grace.

“She loves it when I imitate a monkey — she starts imitating a monkey too. Every day there’s something different that she thinks is hysterical,” the actress, 40, tells Scholastic Parent & Child in their April issue.

“And you try to use it again and again, but then by the third time, she doesn’t find it funny anymore. Sadie is a much harder critic than the public.”

The 13-month-old is exposed to the musical world through watching dad, music producer Martyn LeNoble strum the guitar, but Applegate admits her “independent” girl is already showing signs of a funny bone.

“She makes me laugh every day — she’s a funny little kid and a happy girl,” she says.

“She’ll stand on a little box in our room and press her musical bear until she finds the song she wants. Then she grooves, dances, and stomps around for 20 minutes. She has the best time all by herself.”

Applegate welcomed Sadie in January of last year and began work for her role on Up All Night only six weeks later. If given the chance to do things again, she says, her path as a new parent would be very different.

“In hindsight, I don’t know if I would have started again so early, because there are a lot of hours away from her,” she reveals. “It’s been very difficult for me.”

Fortunately, the first-time mom has managed to band together with fellow actors Maya Rudolph and Will Arnett and spend time bonding over their babies.

“We’re always showing each other our videos. What’s nice is that none of us sit there and think, ‘Oh no, they’re showing videos again,'” Applegate explains.

“We all love each other’s kids, so we’re enthusiastic. If Will shows us his son walking for the first time, we’re excited and supportive.”

– Anya Leon

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katie on

i love her! and i love her show! will, maya and christina are a great group together. it is nice to know they are friendly off screen too 🙂 i wish there were more pictures of christina’s daughter, i’m sure she is beautiful!

T on

love her!!!

Tzarina on

I feel very sorry for that little girl. Some day she’ll have to be told she’s a carrier of a genetic breast cancer probability. Christina should have adopted a baby, it was very egoistical of her to carry a child. I pray she did not transfer her genetic disease to her baby daughter.

mimi on

sounds like a great set to be on!

KC on

Tzarina, please go throw your wet blanket somewhere else. This is not the spot.

Katrina on

@trazina- what a terrible thing to say. Yes she knows that her family has the genetic probability but to tell her it’s irresponsible to have a baby is a quite judgmental of you. I’m so sure your family has is perfect and deserves to reproduce! Lets all tell people who can and can’t have babies and eliminate anyone you feel isn’t good enough to live on. Get off your high horse!

RobinK on

Really Tzarina, that was a ridculous statement…because adopted children are free from genetic disorders or diseases???

Christina on

Can someone please tell me what breast cancer has to do with this article? I for one applaud Ms. Applegate for having her daughter. I’m a mother of a cancer survivor who is now 7 and was diagnosed at 2 and this child is a boy who had testicular cancer does that mean he or his brother should never have kids cause 1 of my boys had testicular cancer? Tzarina you need to keep those kind of comments to yourself.

Karey on

Wow Tzarina. What a rude and heartless comment. Like you know what was the best option for her. It’s her life, her body and her baby and she made the decision that was right for her. How rude of you to say that she was egotistical for wanting her own baby. Go rain on someone else’s parade.

Kim on

Poor Tzarina. Apparently her family passed along the stupidity gene.

Valerie on

We must pity Tzarina.

Karma is going to kick her butt.

Kris on

Tzarina, you sound like a stupid idiot. Every human being has a genetic predisposition to something. If everyone thought like you do, there would be no population. Glad to know your family has never had cancer, heart disease, or any other disease than can be genetically transferred. Wow, I really did not know there was people this stupid on this earth. It really sounds like you know it all.


KARMA may come after you Tsarina! I have news for you … we ALL have genetic medical predispositions. News flash … even adopted children are predisposed to certain diseases. Some diseases and medical conditions are known but many are not known. Do you have kids? If so it must be because you are medically perfect. Maybe you think you’re perfect but your ignorant comments may come back to bite you. It’s called karma.

Sarah on

I cannot even believe Tzarina made that appalling comment!!! Disgusting!!!!!!!!!

Brittany on

I have a genetic disorder called Lynch Syndrome that makes me more likely to get colon cancer. It’s not great but it’s life, everybody has something. You just stay vigilant about getting screenings and go on with your life. I have a great life and a wonderful family. I am so happy for Christina Applegate. She seems like a wonderful mother and a really nice person. I’m glad she is healthy and enjoying her daughter.

Kristine on

I just met a lady that adopted a baby years ago. The perspective parents had her tested every possible way and were assured she was perfectly healthy. But when the child was 4 yrs old she became very ill and now is physically and mentally handicapped. Sometimes you do everything you can but things happen that we have no control over.

Kristine on

@ TZARINA….I know many woman who have had serious health issues and gone on to have perfectly healthy children. And how would you tell those children that they shouldn’t have been born because there mother had been ill?

Kristine on

@ KIM and VALERIE….thanks for the laughs!

Marybeth V on

Who would have ever thought that she would be the most famous one from Married with Children? She has turned out to be such a beautiful woman. Congrats on your precious babygirl!!

And21pen on

I love everyone’s comments for Tzarina.

kit on

@Kim-“Poor Tzarina. Apparently her family passed along the stupidity gene.”

This made me laugh.

Beth on

I was going to say how ridiculous Tzarina is but it looks like many other people already did. Christina sounds like a great mother (and she looks very good – she looks healthy & happy). Her precious little girl has a cute name too! Happy for her! : )

Funky on

Tzarina, that was such a mean thing to say, you don’t know if the child will even have a problem. Christina, ignore this ignorant person, your daughter is a beautiful individual that you gave life to to live on this earth. Tzarina needs to keep her mouth shut & opinions to herself.

Lynn Dempsey on

I love this how and really think they have a great show going, Maya and Will & Christina are a very talented bunch, I hope NBC sees this is a keeper and the show stays on the line-up.

cj on

are you kidding me? you shouldn’t have a child because you may pass on a genetic marker. my mother had breast cancer, so did my aunt. have I doomed my daughter. you are close minded and obviously put your pedestal way too high. so everyone who may have a marker for anything genetic, be it heart, thyroid, blood, cancer, neurological – do not, for the love of god, have children. well, that will leave 1% of the population able to have kid. I don’t normally comment on this stuff – but you, superior being, just annoyed me!!!

Ohm on

That stupid woman’s comment about Christina being a cancer SURVIVOR, and having a baby, FLOORED me! I’m quite aware that there are ignorant people in the world, but come on lady…really?

Several years ago after I survived the beginning stages of cervical cancer with surgery that removed a large part of my cervix, my doctor told me that there was a strong chance I would never be able to carry a baby to term. So after discussing it with my husband at the time, I decided to donate my eggs to a couple who couldn’t have children on their own. My eggs were viable, so why wouldn’t I help a woman that could carry a baby, but didn’t have viable eggs.

I was upfront about my entire families history of cancer (nearly EVERY person has cancer in their family dumb, uneducated Tzarina!) and my own, and that didn’t stop a family from choosing me, and using my eggs. They ended up having a healthy baby girl. If everyone in the world was as narrow minded as you Tzarina, none of us would be here! Ugh…does it hurt to be that ignorant, mean AND stupid?

Tzarina on

Your comments show how insensitive you all are. Would you like to be the one who tells that child that she has a high risk of having breast cancer some day ? I feel sorry for that young girl, is that a sin ?

lauren on

Seriously Tzarina? My Mom had breast cancer..I may one day have it, but that isn’t going to stop me from having children! I guess no one in your family passed on a gene that can potentially cause you to get cancer..because then of course you wouldn’t have children?

Betty on


I hope you don’t have any children as stupidity is hereditary, too.

Jen DC on


You obviously don’t know how genetics works. Having a predisposition for something is not a guarantee that you absolutely WILL contract that disease. I have genetic predispositions for all kinds of things – high blood pressure, heart disease, cancers of various types, I carry the sickle cell trait (which would definitely mean genetic testing for me and any African American partner and I should we choose to be parents), diabetes, Alzheimer’s… But if I do preventative healthcare, the likelihood of me getting any one of those diseases is not that much higher than the general population.

So would I feel badly about telling my child they have a higher chance of contracting those diseases? Not at all. Because I’d teach them to live as healthfully as possible, and like every other parent out there, I’d hope for the best.

And honestly, people can die of anything at any time. You take your chances, you love as hard as you can, and you go on.

Angie on

Someone needs to tel Tzarina, her children will have a high risk of stupidity.

@MyBlueGenome on

The comments in response to Tzarina show an encouraging level of understanding about genetic susceptibility. It is also important to appreciate that not all children of an adult with a mutation in BRCA1 or BRCA2 (if that is actually the case with Christina A.) will inherit the damaged gene instead of the healthy one. Even when one does inherit a BRCA gene with a harmful mutation, it means there is still one gene, instead of a pair, standing guard, resisting tumor-generating forces. For more details, please see
I write a blog for and about genetic carriers, which you can find at

cassey on

Wow Tzarina you should stop worrying about how some other little child is going to feel hearing about her geneology and worry about scarred and screwed up your children are going to turn out being raised with you for a mother. and if you dont have any yet, do us all a favor and keep your legs closed AS WELL AS YOUR MOUTH!

And as several others have said, what the hell makes you think adopted children are free of genetic predispositions?:!!! if anything children are neglected and put up for adoption BECAUSE they were born with high risks and special needs!!!

Kara on

Wow…so how CAN celebrities have children now? They’re criticized for adopting. They’re criticized for using a surrogate or sperm donor. Now, they’re criticized for having a biological child. It’s heartwarming to see those people who are supportive and speak out against people like Tzarina. Let’s all just be happy for these parents, no matter how they decide to have a family!

Mimi on

Oh yes, all these working mothers are the same, even so called “conservative” Angie Harmon. They all claim to feel so much guilt about working and being away from their kids, but they all still do it. Disgusting, if you ask me!

Tzarina on

Thanks to the very few who wrote informative comments. As for the others, they should know that name-calling tells more about them than about their target.

nottzarina on

Tzarina, what a simply horrible, ignorant thing to say. shame on you!

Ohm on

Um…Tzarina…you called Christina “egotistical”…isn’t THAT name calling? So what does that say about YOU? Once again, you proved your ignorance. Just walk away from this one. You said your peace, now just step away from the computer OR take my mothers advice, which is, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

P.S. I also must agree that your comment about adoption was absurd. How in the world do you know whether or not that child is going to have cancer or not? I am seriously concerned that you do have children, and are spreading your ignorance to them. I can only hope that you do not.

Tonya on

Wow Tzarina, that was just a downright rude and insensitive thing to say, your intelligence really shows through, I am not going to resort to name calling on here but let’s just say your intelligence is on more of a immature level. My cousin was diagnosed with breast cancer at 25,her mom had it as well as her grandmother, she had a double mastectomy and went through chemo and radiation and beat it, within two years she became the mom of a beautiful baby boy and now she is 37 and has sinced had two more girls and lives a full live, cancer free, It is not your place to judge people…

Shannon on

Tzarina, if I met you, I woudl punch you right in the face.

Melody on

@Tzarina ~ No name calling from me, however, w/age comes wisdom. Educate yourself or back up your accusations. Both My gr’mother’s were diabetic. My parents, both of them, diabetics too, in their late 60’s, now in their 80’s, but if they weren’t here, our parents would not have had 12 children w/3 sets of twins, w/8 + 2 sets of twins surviving…. And NOT ONE OF US ARE DIABETIC, NONE OF US!!!…I’m finding myself frustrated w/you. I’m 54, still going strong, couldn’t have children for 8 yrs into my marriage. I had my Son at 28 & my Daughter at 30. They are both healthy, WELL EDUCATED CHILDREN!!! Life goes on whether we have a disease or not. Thank you for my great grandparents, my gr’parents, my parent’s, my doctors and now my first gr’child, Lily, presented to me days before my birthday this past January by my daughter and her husband. Lily is a true blessing, the apple of my eye! She’s beautiful, precious doll baby. God gave us Procreation, family to love, nurture and enjoy…LIFE GOES ON!!!!…So, I don’t want to hear anymore negative spewing for you!!!!

bcsurvivor on

This is an old thread but I had to comment. The fact is, Christina Applegate has said she is positive for a BRCA1 mutation, which her daughter has a 50/50 chance of inheriting. If her daughter does have the bad gene, she herself will run a 50 – 85% chance of developing breast cancer and a 55% risk of ovarian cancer. That is a significant risk and a serious burden to place on another human being. This isn’t just a case of everyone having bad genes so who cares. This is a case of having foreknowledge of a specific mutation that has devastating consequences. Christina had every right to have a baby and I genuinely wish her family all the best, but many woman with BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations choose not to have biological children because of the potential harm. It’s a valid point – Tzarina just said it in a nasty, judgmental way.