Charlize Theron Welcomes Son Jackson

03/14/2012 at 01:25 PM ET
Alexandra Wyman/WireImage

Surprise — Charlize Theron has joined the Hollywood mom’s club!

The actress, 36, “has adopted a child,” her rep says in a statement to PEOPLE. “She is the proud mom of a healthy baby boy named Jackson.”

Jackson is the first child for the South African-born Theron, who recently starred in Young Adult. She won an Oscar for her role as a serial killer in 2003’s Monster.

No further details about her new addition were released.

— Rennie Dyball with reporting by Anne Marie Cruz

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Tanya on

Wow didn’t see that one coming, but i’m happy for her.

Brooke on

Absolutely thrilled for her!! Congrats Mommy Charlize!

Dawn on

Congrats to her and I love that name!

Lady on

In random news of the day, wow! Congrats to Charlize =)

Erika on

Wow, I totally did not expect this. But congratulations to her! Adoption is beautiful and I wish her the best with her new son!

Ainsley on

That was a bit of a surprise! Congrats to her!

Nancy on

Congrats to one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood!

MariBee on


Julianna on

Congratulations to Charlize for her new son! I love the name!

Lau on

Good for them both! I love the name, one of my favourite boy names out there. Congrats to Charlize!

JMO on

That came out of left field. Congrats to her lol!

Ivy. on

Pleasantly surprised! Congrats to her!

Sarah S. on

I love how she adopted from her birth country. Congrats and best of luck to Ms. Theron! 🙂

Melanie on

But it doesn’t say where she adopted from…?

Congrats to Charlize!

Sarah S. on

I read another article too fast, think she adopted the baby from South Africa. My bad! 😉

Tee on

That’s an announcement out of left field! Congratulations to Charlize on her new son!

Meela on

Funny how that you others did not receive the memo because I did.

I knew all along that she was adoptng, just kidding.

It strikes me as funny that some people almost feel like they should have been informed ahead of time.

We are in different times and it is very difficult for beautiful, strong, independent women to find the right man, so why prolong your dreams of motherhood!

Bravo for her!!!!

Cass on

Wow. This is is at the same time a surprise and no surprise.

Anyone who has followed Charlize’s past relationship and interviews knows that one day she would solve all the matters with her own hands. She wanted to be a mother but didn’t want to be in a commitment with someone else to do it so took one of the few paths a woman can become a mother without somebody else by her side.

I don’t know if Charlize already took care or if she will take care of another matter. Who are the men she will pick to be good male figures in her son’s life?

And adopting has being a trendy act in celebrity world for a long time, in special the adoption of children from ethnic minorities, well, I’m wrong, AA’s are nor a minority.

Anonymous on

Congrats to her! There are pictures of her from a few weeks back at a photoshoot for Snow White and the Huntsmen with a baby. I wonder if that’s Jackson?

amie on

What can I say? I love being in a club with Charlize. I’ve adopted recently, too. Charlize, call me about playdates, okay?

Anonymous on

Cass- I’m guessing her father, brothers (if she has in), male friends, etc. 🙂 As for the baby’s ethinicty, apparently it’s been rumored elsewhere (according to another commentor) that Charlize adopted him from South Africa…which happens to be her own home country.

Anonymous on

Wow, totally unexpected.

Congrats to Charlize, can’t wait to see a picture of him!

amandamay on

Cass – Charlize was in a NINE year relationship with Stuart Townsend that ended last year. She’s hardly opposed to committing to a man! I think she realized she’s getting older and her choices and chances were getting slimmer of having a biological child. Nothing wrong with that! I’ve read interviews of her over the years and she’s always talked about wanting kids. I, for one, congratulate her on her new addition 🙂

emily on

Anonymous Charlize’s mother killed her father in self defence. And She and Stuart broke up in Jan 2010.
I think its great she adopted – congrats!

JM on

lol Meela i was thinking the exact same thing and couldn’t figure out how to phrase it. i love all the ‘wasn’t expecting that’ comments. well why would you? it’s not as if there is a public waiting list of which celebrities are currently waiting to adopt. surely ANY announcement of a celebrity adopting would be unexpected.

anyway, congrats to her. i wish and her little one all the happiness in the world.

anna on

Charlize is an only child and I doubt that her father would be a good “male figure” in her son’s life (considering the fact that he was an abusive alcoholic and now dead).

Congratulations to Charlize and wishing her and her son all the best.

Anonymous on

JM- I have to respectfully disagree. If a celeb talks a lot about wanting to adopt and then announces a few months later that they’ve done just that, I wouldn’t call that an unexpected announcement. Same thing with celeb pregnancy announcement. When a celeb announces a pregnancy after having been very open about wanting to have children (or more children), I wouldn’t call that announcement surprising (especially if the talk about wanting children/more children occured not that long before the pregnancy announcement). But to each their own. 🙂

Anonymous on

anna- I didn’t know that about Charlize’s dad. I don’t follow her that closely, so I don’t know anything about her family.

Anonymous on

Sorry for the triple-post, but I meant to finish my above comment by saying that’s why I said I was GUESSING her father would be one of her male role models for Jackson. 🙂

Jillian on

Celebrity baby lover/anonymous
The point is…..people are saying they are sooooo surprised as if Casey Anthony adopted a baby. It’s not uncommon in Hollywood for a celebrity to have a babybut especially adopt a baby and never talk about it before hand. Weird to assume her father would be a role model when you admit to knowing nothing about her or him!


Kate on

He wasn’t expected, he was selected….congrats!!!!!