Beyoncé and Blue’s Game of Cat and Mouse

03/14/2012 at 05:00 PM ET
Guillermo Bosch/INF; Inset:Bauer-Griffin

Ever since Beyoncé announced the arrival of her little girl, we’ve been anxiously waiting to see how she’ll dress her new bundle of joy.

With such a glam mom, it’s guaranteed that Blue Ivy is a mini stylesetter in the making.

And yesterday, the singer proved us right by making a joint fashion statement with her daughter.

While Beyoncé wore Charlotte Olympia‘s fierce leopard-print Kitty flats ($660), Blue Ivy sported Little Marc Jacobs‘s adorable mouse slippers ($66).

Unfortunately, the new mama’s shoes are sold out. But there’s an equally chic black version available.

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Yasminda on

I don’t care how much money I have in the bank, I refuse to spend $66.00 dollars on a pair of shoes for an infant that does not even need them to stand, walk and will outgrow in less than a month.

I also refuse to spend an exaggerated amount of money on something that cost only a few dollars to make in a factory in a far off land. I cherish too much the value of a hard earned dollar to waste it on something useless and needless. If that is someones else prerogative and you want to do it go for it but this momma is not falling for the celebrity trend thing.

Spending $600+ in one pair of flat shoes is just ridiculous. Seriously, how much does the material actually cost? I bet you it does not come even close to 3 digits. Fashion, what a huge fraud. LOL!!!!

Meela on

Sure it is excessive to spend that kind of money on shoes, I wouldn’t do it either!

But it’s nobody’s business to tell someone how to spend their money, afterall she has earned it.

melissa on

It the mom is wearing $600 flats, I expect the child to be wearing at least $100 shoes. Blue Ivy’s shoes are cute, wish we could see her face!

Brooke on

Beyonce is worth millions of dollars so I would be pissed if she wasn’t spending $660 on her shoes. It’s not as though that will break the bank so really who gives a damn? It doesn’t make her an excessive spender, or bad person. The girl just liked the damn shoes, and had the money to buy them. Anyways I’m sure at 30 Beyonce is responsible enough to handle her own money.

I do though absolutely love the flats that Blue Ivy is wearing though, and would probably buy them if I wasn’t having a little boy. Sometimes it’s ok to frivolously spend money on a pair of shoes that will only be worn for a month if you can afford to.

Mel on

For the record most of these things are GIVEN to celebs!

So what if Beyonce has $600+ shoes? Really ladies?

That little girl will be spoiled! lol….I can see Jay Z giving in and getting her anything she wants. Nothing wrong with that.

Shannon on

That is too precious.

Romy on

do they call her Blue Ivy all the time? or just Blue?

Holiday on

Its her money, she is rich and can afford 10,000 dollar shoes if she wanted them! Does it really matter how much she spends on shoes for her and her baby with the money that she earned?

Yasminda on

Jeez ladies take a chill pill. You all defending shoes like if was some legal debate over human rights. We all have the right to comment. Some people are just more practical and there ain’t a damn thing wrong with that either. You all probably kill if someone said them shoes damn ugly. I bet none of you even know Beyonce so why the butt hurt. Lighten up girls!!! Remember we all wear shoes!!!

Yasminda on

Correction, I should have said some of you not all. I be the chick wearing the comfortable old Converse shoes. LOL!!!!!!!!!!

NickyAngel on

I wonder if Blue can even breath properly?

Tink on

No NickyAngel, Blue can’t breathe properly. Beyonce want to suffocate her newborn child while on a casual walk around town.

BeBe on

She was probably givin these cat and mouse shoes to wear for a promotion.

kay on

Oh goodie – those $660 shoes are now ONLY (ha) $297 online at Neimann Marcus.

HannahB on

Huh…and to think I use all hand-me downs or yard sale/thrift store finds for my 5 month old son…silly me and my crazy ideas not to spend ridiculous amounts of money on something a kid will outgrow in a few weeks…

LEH on

$66 on baby shoes, but she can’t splurge on a GOOD carrier? Ditch that crotch-dangler (looks like a Bjorn?)! Ergo or Beco should be all over this, sending her carriers to wear around town!

p.s. I think the shoes are cute and I’d totally splurge on silly baby things if I had her kind of money. 😉

Alise on

And we wonder why our country is in sh*& shambles?

Lola on

Such HATERS, sheesh people.

Beyonce looks gorgeous!

Fab on

HATERS make her GREATER!!!! Ya’ll alllllll jealous cause you can’t afford 60 dollar shoes and you are grown women!!!!! ((((( LAUGHING)))))))…. You guys are HEEEEEEEElarious!!!! Do your thing Bey!!!!! It’s your money!!! It’s your baby!!!!

SMiaVS on

Wow. I saw the price of the mother’s shoes and thought they were the price of the baby’s shoes. 😀 I’m relieved to know I was mistaken. $66 is kind of ridiculous, but nothing close to what some people spend on their kids’ clothes and shoes.

Desiree on

You’d think with all the free things she gets, someone would have given her a better baby carrier. These crotch-danglers make me cringe every time I see them!