Zahara Jolie-Pitt’s New Blue Braids

03/13/2012 at 02:00 PM ET
Scott Miller/Photo Image Press, Ryan Miner/Splash News

Talk about blue belle! On March 11, Angelina Jolie‘s eldest daughter, Zahara, debuted a brand new hairstyle — a mix of cobalt and black braids — while out and about with her family in New Orleans. And to accent her fun tresses, the spunky 7-year-old added a red flower à la Billie Holiday.

Proving her colorful locks are truly versatile, Zahara wore them down as she, her mom and younger sister Shiloh, 5, made their way through LAX for a flight to France the next day.

But she isn’t the only celeb kid sporting a bright ‘do. Willow Smith showed off her close-cropped green cut while grabbing a snack with her friend and nanny in Calabasas, Calif. on March 10. The quirky color comes almost a month after the 11-year-old ‘Whip My Hair’ singer shaved her head.

Although we have no clue what inspired their eye-catching hairdos, we do know they’re not the first Hollywood children to go technicolor. Last July, Kingston Rossdale rocked a blue Mohawk before letting his natural brown hair grow in.

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Kim on

I LOVE THEM! We used to wear braids like that when I was a kid. It was so much fun. During them summer we couldn’t wait to see what colors everyone had. You would see the different girls playing jump rope, rollerskating and running around with their colored braids.

Sarah S. on

I love Zahara’s hair; and the flower is a nice touch!

Manal from Jordan on

Zahara is so beautiful!!!

Shannon on

Zahara is such a pretty girl.

Arewa on

She’s too adorable! When I was that young my momsy never let me add color to my braids, but Momma Jolie seems like the type to let her children express themselves through dress and hair…loves it!

loren on

Very pretty girl.

Sarah on

Seriously? They both look ridiculous.

JM on

pretty girl. pretty hair.

i’m glad that the jolie-pitt parents aren’t like some of the parents are on this blog. they seem to think that letting a child wear their hair as they want and dress how they want (weather permitting) is somehow a fast-track into a life of debauchery.

kids should be able to express themselves, even if you don’t like what they’ve done to their hair, it’s just hair. seriously pick your battles.

Dee on

Sarah sweetie……you are ridiculous. Say you dont understand the trend but stop critisizing something you know NOTHING about!!!

Z looks gorgeous and being a black female I remember getting braids and wanting to get the coloured ones but too afraid to try them out. All my friends had them.

As for Willow, she is a pretty girl and no matter what she does to her hair, it doesn’t define who she is as a person.

Hair is hair, no matter what you do to it eventually it will regrow….

And I agree w/ you JM sometimes you just have to pick your battles.

sat on

Both look so grown!!

Michelle on

What are the braids made from? Is it her own hair that has been dyed, or is it fake hair that is just braided in with her own hair?

I’m sorry if my questions offend. I know nothing about these things, and I’m just really curious.

Genevieve on

Zahara is a beauty.

LL on


The braids are extensions braided in with Zahara natural hair. They could be human or synthetic hair. The hair in the picture looks synthetic.

A good guide as to whether or not a question is offensive is to ask yourself how you would feel if a complete stranger asked you the same questions about your hair. If you would find it inappropriate or offensive, then it probably is. If not, then it probably isn’t. You can never go wrong by treating others how you would like to be treated.




LL on


No need to use all caps. I’m sure Michelle can read it just fine. No one told her not to ask any questions. She was unsure about whether her question was offensive, I suggested she use the “Golden Rule”. Why anyone would have a problem with using the “Golden Rule” is beyond me. I doubt Michelle would have a problem with using the “Golden Rule”.

Marky on

I love the braids on Zahara! She looks so cute with them and the color is a fun touch. Brad and Angie are letting their children be themselves and that is great for the kids. Not so fond of the shaved head on Willow, but haven’t had to deal with that before, so don’t have much to say about it. Don’t think I would be very happy about it, though.

mdot on

Love the braids on Zahara. She’s such a beautiful little girl. Willow, while a naturally pretty girl…that hairstyle is a FAIL. It looks terrible on her all the way around.

Ashley on

TOTALLY with you Sarah!!!!! Utterly ridiculous….

Anonymous on

Idont think it matters what color either of these children color their hair they are rich and can go bald for all that matters and i dont think their parents or handlers really care what a bunch of broke ppl think of what they are allowing THEIR OWN CHILD do. its like dating at 14 some say 16 and some 12 whos wrong?

meme on

I like the braids. What 7 year old wouldn’t want to add a little colour to her braids if given the choice?
No harm done– it is not like harmful chemicals were used on her head.

Lotus on

I guess the colored hair is fun for girls. I wouldn’t let my daughter try either trend (or maybe I would?) but I think both girls are still cuties.

Loa on

Thank god!!!! While I’m not the biggest Angelina fan, I am impressed that she completely understands that she has an ethnic (black) child. Our hair is different and hard to manage and she’s always made sure that little miss Z looked her best when walking out with her siblings and kept her on par with everyone with naturally straight hair. She gets a kudos from me on this one. And I’m sure in the future, Zahara will appreciate it too.

Pamela on

My daughter went through all those phases with the different non-traditional colors of hair and had a great time with it. It’s adorable (sometimes) and a part of discovering your own identity. Today she is a beautiful young lady, with her natural brown hair, because I picked my battles and let her go through her phases. Honestly, even if she still had her blue hair, it would be beautiful because it’s who she is. These are both beautiful girls who will be solid emotionally healthy women with the parents they have.

two4one on

@Loa, do you even hear yourself?!

“she’s always made sure that little miss Z looked her best when walking out with her siblings and kept her on par with everyone with naturally straight hair”

That statement shows your true feelings about natural black hair; clearly you see it as not being as good as, or as you put it “up to par” with straight hair. How very sad. While i think this style is super cute, i actually prefer Zahara with her natural kinks and curls.

Jade D. on

I’ll probably get shot for this…but….it’s my opinion.

Yeah, it’s ‘cute’ and ‘fun’ because she is the (adopted) daughter of a wealthy white woman…but in reality, if she was a ‘regular’ little black girl, this would be labeled ‘ghetto’ and the like because hair colors like this in the black community come with an associated stereotype.

I’m all for and LOVE braids in little girl’s hair…it’s the easiest way to maintain hair for the active lifestyle of little black girls, but blue (or any other bright color) is generally not labeled cute/fun.

Don’t mean to bring race into the mix, but it IS a reality that most black people who post here could probably attest to…. Cultural stereostypes DO exist.

shelley on

Zahara looks adorable. Willow’s head looks like a snow cone.

TV on

For those still bashing Willow Smith for shaving her head have you ever heard of a charity called St. Baldrick’s? It’s a charity dedicated to raising money for childhood cancer research and educating people about it too. One of the ways they raise money is by having people shave their heads in solidarity with the children who have lost their hair from treatment. Although it hasn’t been formally confirmed by the charity or Willow’s people there have been a few pictures that I’ve seen of her attending one of these events just a few days before the media revealed she had shaved her head.

J on

Mona’s fine, LL, leave her alone.

Strong black women on

They both look absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I love Angelina Jolie for letting her children express themselves. HATERS will always have something to say about BLACK PEOPLE and OUR Culture. if you dont know about it then dont speak about it.

To Sarah and Ashley both of you are HATERS and we dont need your negative energy PERIOD!!!!!

Loa on


1. I am black

2. It was said with respect for Angie as a mom

3. You assuming that MY definition of “up to par” meant that I think the straight hair is better speaks more to your views than that of mine.

When I said “up to par” I meant that she didn’t give up on Z’s hair because it was different than her other children’s naturally straight hair. You see that a lot in Hollywood with these parents that can’t figure it out right.

It wasn’t meant to say that her curly natural hair is worst than braids. You just took it there. Those were totally your thoughts and your words. My post was from an entirely positive POV so I’m not gonna make this negative, just clarifing.

Have a good day 🙂

Nikki on

No need to clarify. You are right your original post was perfectly clear and not meant to be negative in any way. Sad that some people are so petty about any child’s hairstyle.

Amanda K on

I always thought Zahara would look so cute with braids but she looks even better than I imagined. Good for her! Don’t really care for Willow’s do though.

SMiaVS on

I’m all for Zahara’s hair, but I wouldn’t recommend what Willow and Kingston had done, because I don’t think it’s a good idea to start coloring one’s hair at such a young age. Most of the girls I know who dyed their hair in middle school have really unhealthy-looking hair now, and we’re only in our late twenties….