Lisa Loeb’s Blog: Cat Naps and Cheese Cravings

03/13/2012 at 09:00 AM ET
Courtesy Lisa Loeb

Please welcome our newest celebrity blogger, Lisa Loeb!

Currently expecting her second child in June, the musician, 44, and husband Roey Hershkovitz are already parents to daughter Lyla Rose, 2.

In addition to her number one single “Stay (I Missed You),” Loeb also had hits with “Do You Sleep” and “I Do.” In the years since, she’s recorded two children’s albums, written a kids book, done voiceovers, developed an eyewear line and started the nonprofit Camp Lisa Foundation.

She can be found on Facebook and on Twitter @lisaloeb.

In her introductory blog, Loeb writes about her family and pregnancy thus far, and fills us in on a sanity-saving secret: cat naps in the car.

Hi, Lisa Loeb here. I’m currently pregnant with my second child — saw the bump and asked if I’d blog. Normally I’d say no, since I’m afraid this might turn into “homework,” but I love talking to other women — whether they’re expecting, moms or otherwise — about pregnancy and motherhood, so I thought this could be a cool way to continue those conversations.

I was asked to introduce myself in this first blog. Here are the basics: my husband Roey and I have been together for five years and married for three. We have a 2-year-old daughter, Lyla Rose, and we’re expecting another baby in June.

By the way, I normally don’t spend a lot of time talking about myself, except for when asks me to, or on airplanes when people sit next to me and say, “Wait! Where do I know you from?” I used to beat around the bush and let them tell me they think they know me from work or my all-girls high school (even men).

After years and years of that question, I am finally comfortable with the conversation in which I go through my résumé while they decide which thing they know me from. (Embarrassingly, we sometimes come to the realization that we know each other from a preschool tour or the Starbucks line right after security.)

I’m a musician. I’ve made music for grownups most of my life as a singer/songwriter — often with my band, Nine Stories — recorded many albums, and 10 years ago I started recording kids music too. (Wow, I had to look up the release date of my first children’s record, a collaboration with Elizabeth Mitchell called Catch the Moon, and it came out in 2003!! I didn’t realize I’d been doing kids music for so long.)

My second kids record is called Camp Lisa. I loved summer camp growing up, especially sleepaway camp outside of Austin, Texas, at Camp Champions. It was the first place I really played guitar in front of and with other people, just for fun too, so I recorded my favorite camp songs and wrote original songs with Michelle Lewis and Dan Petty.

Getting involved in camp again inspired me to start the Camp Lisa Foundation to send kids to summer camp. It was also the inspiration for a musical, Camp Kappawanna, which has been performed over the last two summers in Miami at the Adrienne Arsht Center, and is currently in development for future performances in theaters all over the country (or the world — why limit yourself?)

The Camp Lisa record and some bonus tracks of traditional (and mostly silly) sing-along songs we recorded for the Internet led to writing my first illustrated children’s book, Lisa Loeb’s Silly Sing-Alongs, The Disappointing Pancake and Other Zany Songs.

I’ve also been working on an eyewear line, Lisa Loeb Eyewear, based on the look I love — cat-eyed glasses! Additionally, I’ve been doing voice overs for TV commercials and animated TV shows, and I hope to do movies soon too.

I’ve had a couple of shows on TV: one on E! called #1 Single about having a career and dating: kind of a real life, PG-rated version of Sex and the City, and one on Food Network about my love of food, cooking, eating, friends and family, some of which took place while being on tour as a musician.

I’m able to work as much as I do because I have a team. My husband and I are a good pair of parents who spend a lot of time with our daughter. I have a great nanny who helps take care of Lyla when I work, wonderful grandparents who fly in for special grandparent time, and to help us when I actually have to leave the family to travel for work for a few days here or there.

Work- wise, I have a business team made of up people I’ve been working with for almost 20 years, who help me keep all my projects moving forward.

It’s really hard to balance work and being a mother. I’m old-school. I want to be there to drop off my daughter at school and pick her up. My time with Lyla is so precious and it brings me so much joy! And I want to help provide for my family and I like my work.

So yes, it’s a balance. I have trouble going to my room to do my homework, like writing a song or doing interviews or approving designs, when the little talking blonde person in my house wants me to “block with her” (play with blocks) or finger-paint or read Hop on Pop just one more time.

Usually I go for time with my daughter (unless the deadlines are really looming), which is why it’ll be a miracle if I get this blog written on time! I’m depending on questions from you guys to help me focus.

As far as this pregnancy goes, it’s been a good one. Just like when I was pregnant with Lyla, I’m gaining about a pound a week eating everything — that includes cheese (pasteurized, of course), peanut butter and crackers.

I love pizza, Thai food, Mexican food, Italian food, baked potatoes and sticky rice. I also eat a lot of raw kale salads and apples and cucumbers, which I love even when I’m not pregnant. I should stop here, or you’ll just get my grocery list. (Which I’m also happy to share!)

Weirdly, my sweet tooth — which is usually my guiding force — pretty much disappeared in my first trimester this pregnancy. It’s coming back little by little now, and I’m even getting cravings for sweets. My husband went to see a friend’s band play the other night while I stuck to my early bedtime, but right before falling asleep, I texted him to ask for apple pie: crusty, not soggy or gummy, with tons of apples inside.

When I woke up in the morning, there was a piece of my pie in the fridge! I made myself wait until second breakfast to start eating it, heating the crust to a crisp in the toaster oven with a huge side of Greek yogurt. It was my second breakfast, after all, and I’m looking for protein wherever I can find it.

Another thing: I’m exhausted. I remember needing my afternoon nap when I was pregnant with my first, but I don’t think the naps started as early on in the pregnancy as this one.

When I was pregnant with Lyla, we were remodeling our home and living in another part of town. I kept silicone earplugs in my car and would pull over on any parking space I could find in L.A., put money in the meter, lean my seat back in my car, put a t-shirt over my eyes, earplugs in, and just sleep up to an hour in my car!

I remember visiting my very unfinished kitchen and crawling up on the granite countertop to sleep for a long nap. I finally borrowed an air mattress from our friends and set it up in a room we weren’t remodeling. That way I had a bed on either side of town.

Now I sleep at home in bed, and occasionally a cat nap in the car if I’m really stuck. It’s like being a cave woman. You really revert back to some weird, animal state when you’re pregnant. I can sleep anywhere, anytime.

Being a mom to a 2-year-old — who sleeps great through the night, but still wakes up closer to when I used to go to sleep — means I have to get to bed early, and try not to do anything that keeps me up past 10 p.m. It doesn’t always work, but I do my best. I think a good mom is an awake mom. At least for me, I’ve always been a kinder, better person awake than sleep-deprived!

Talking about sleep, it’s my bedtime, and you should go get some sleep too! Please leave questions for me in the comments or send me a Tweet @lisaloeb to help inspire the next blog.

— Lisa Loeb

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MariBee on

I have no questions, just want to say I like your writing and will be reading as you go along.


Sara on

Lol @ sleeping on the granite!

If you are doing a nursery (we didn’t for awhile since baby was in our room) what are your plans for it? I love seeing the pics of homes, especially of artists with kids, and being surprised at how much they are casual/functional instead of ornate.

Melissa on

I just have to say how absolutely THRILLED I am to see that you will be writing for this blog!! I have always been a huge fan of your music, both the adult and the kids stuff (since my son came into the world 10 months ago)! Looking forward to reading about your journey!!!

amie on

Anything you think you will do differently with baby #2?

Mary on

Any baby names yet?

Halley on

I totally remember #1 single and how cute and lovely I thought you were. I also remember identifying with you because it seems we both went on a LOT of bad dates before Mr. Right showed up.

You are a gorgeous pregnant woman! Congrats on #2, my baby #2 is eight months old now, and its such great fun having two! Best wishes and congratulations 🙂

Sera on

Do you know what your having this time around?

Also why can’t you get #1 single on DVD? I was so sad when you didn’t do another season 😦


Meg on

I am a HUGE fan, and have been for a very long time!! I’m so excited to read your blogs!

I am expecting baby #2 in May!! Congratulations to you and your family on your pregnancy!!

ClaireSamsmom on

I have always been a fan, Lisa! Congrats to you and your family!

Meg H on

Love you, Lisa! Congrats on the baby. I was so excited when I learned you were making kids’ music and my 4-year old loves your albums. Where can I find stores that carry your frames?

B.J. (the girl) on

I’m so excited to see Lisa contributing to the blogs! I have been a fan for many years. Welcome, and I can’t wait to see what else you have to say — and I especially can’t wait to hear what you name your new little one in June! 🙂

Marie on

Hi Lisa,

I loved your dating show, I was in the same boat at the same time. I am now a 40 + married woman with a 2 year old. I am working on baby #2 & have lost a few as well.

I am so glad to see you on here now & that you are happy.

Mimi on

Lisa! I love your music & enjoyed watching your reality show 🙂

I couldn’t help but notice that you had your first child at 42. I am turning 41 this summer and am worried about the risks of having a baby at an older age (did I mention I am single? lol). But, do not want to give up the dream of marriage and babies – were you worried about the risks at all?

So happy for you!

LisaFan on

Lisa, I have always loved your music, and your children’s music is amazing as well! My kids love catch the moon! Congratulations on your blossoming family and I wish you all the best.

Do you find that Paparazzi are following you and snapping pics more now that you’re pregnant? How frustrating is that for you and famous people in general? I think it would really get on my nerves because I like my privacy and I hate having my picture taken! Do you know if this baby is a boy or a girl, or are you choosing to be surprised?

I wish you health and happiness, and I am so excited that you’re going to be blogging!!

Oldielocks on

Lisa Loeb is the most adorable human on the planet. And preggers Lisa is EVEN cuter!!!

Lula on

2nd breakfast…LOL! I totally did the same in my 3 pregnancies! And 11:00sies, too! Love it!

Melanie on

I love your music and your style. Always did and I will be a fan forever.

Ann on

Congrats on baby #2! I’ve got two girls, 3 1/2 and 6, and they play together so well. You’ll have so much fun watching your sweeties play in a year or two.

I remember standing in the popcorn line next to you at the Angelika Theater when we were both much younger. Do you make it back to NYC very often? Haven’t taken the kids with us yet, but look forward to showing them the city one day.

Good luck!

Nicole on

Yay! Happy to see you blogging here, Lisa. I watched your show #1 Single and became a big fan.

Ellen on

Love that you’re blogging here Lisa! Enjoyed your single TV show and your music.

@Mimi – I’m 43 and pregnant with my first due in Sept. It’s very common for women to have healthy pregnancies in their 40’s now-a-days. Just be sure to take good care of yourself.

Brandy O. on

Hi Lisa!

As a fan, I’m so delighted to see you here and congratulations on your newest little one on the way! As far as questions, I’ll throw out a few:

1) Do you feel any anxiety about adding a second child to your family?

2) Where do you like to buy baby/kid clothes and nursery furnishings? You have such lovely taste (I’m guessing your little girl has a great closet!) where do you find fun and cute children’s clothes?

3) What is your favorite pancake recipe? My kids (2 & 5) have inherited my lifelong love of pancakes and we love to try new recipes.

Also, The Disappointing Pancake is so brilliant and charming and sweet, it makes my kids and I silly-happy (and me, kind of sappy!) when we play it 🙂

Loreece on

You look amazing! Love that hello kitty toaster behind you. 🙂

sky on

Congrats on baby #2! I was the same age as you for my first and second one too. It definitely keeps you young and fit having kids in your forties.

timeismonkey on

Hi Lisa!

I loved your #1 Single show, you seem like such a sweet person. So glad to hear you are happy and married and have the life you were always looking for.

How do you feel about becoming a mother so late in life? Did you have problems conceiving at your age?

I want to have kids someday. Im almost 30 and Im still not ready yet, and Im getting nervous my time is running out. Youve inspired me that I can still do this later. 🙂

Thanks, Monkey

Holiday on

She really does look good for her age. I cant believe she is 44. Her cd was the first one I ever bought! I think I was 9/10 or so, I loved her as a kid.

I do think she is too old to be having babies but I think she is a good musician.

Having 2 kids is a ton of work at the beginning but mine are now 6 years (son) and 22 months (daughter) and watching them play together and seeing how much my little girl loves and looks up to big brother melts my heart more than anything. A sibling is such a good thing for kids.

Kat on

Great to hear about a second baby! I liked your series @ dating in nyc. What is your sister doing these days?

Claire on

I’m only familiar with Lisa through a couple of her songs, but after reading this blog I have to say I love her! Her style of writing is so real and refreshing! Looking forward to all she has to share with us!

Kathleen on

Thanks for the entertainment all these years, Lisa. And, I must admit, the first thing I noticed in your picture was the Hello Kitty toaster. A couple of years ago when my youngest daughter, Indy, was 10, the ONLY thing she wanted for Christmas was a Hello Kitty toaster. No other toys, no clothes, no Uggs. She wanted that toaster! We got it and now if we go out and get breakfast, toast just doesn’t seem the same without that kitty face on it!

Best of luck to you! Will keep up with your blog (as will Indy as she thinks you have excellent taste!)

Fanny on

Hi Lisa!

The last time I saw you, you signed my electric Hello Kitty guitar and I was pregnant! And now you are, congrats! I love my LL glasses and wished I had an extra pair. My daughter is almost 1 now and walking. Looking forward to your blog postings. =)

Siera on

So glad that Lisa is starting a blog. I love her music and she is an inspiration to women and children.

@Meg H. I don’t know what stores you can find her eyewear at but she does have a website. Just Google Lisa Loeb eyewear and you should see the website.

Nancy From Chicago on

Lisa, Amazing how diversified you are. I admire how you have developed your career and continue to inspire others by example. You inspire me. Mazel Tov

Leslie on

Welcome Lisa! Thanks for sharing your life with us. I look forward to reading more about your pregnancy and the lovely Lyla. You are going to be a great blogger.

And to the previous comment from Holiday… Woman, you are a broken record. Every comment you make is criticizing other mothers. Just because you had your kids in your early 20s doesn’t make you the authority on motherhood.

Women have been having kids well into their 40s since the beginning of mankind. If you think it is so wrong, why don’t you write a complaint letter to God about it? My grandmother had two of her 5 kids in her 40s, and I would pay good money to hear you tell her she was “too old.”

Siera on

@Holiday. As long as Lisa is still perfectly healthy, there is nothing wrong with her having a child in her mid-forties.

Kathy on

Lisa, I am old enough (almost) to be your Mom,but I just love your music and your wonderful personality! Congratulations on your Baby #2!! How fun! I became your fan when I watched your first show on the Food Network. That was always fun to watch! Take Care….

Mlle. Kiddie on

I have a question! What is Lyla’s personality like and how does she feel about becoming a big sister?

Beth on

Just wanted to say that I’ve always loved your music, and then fell in love with your children’s music after my daughter came along, and now I really am into your writing style.

When your daughter was born, I was giddy, because she has the same name as my 2 and a half year old, spelled the same too…Lyla!

Congrats on the newest addition!

Lacia C on

I loved #1 Single, I remember that one episode where your date was singing karaoke (really really badly) to “Stay” … no, no, no is right! lol

Congrats on Lyla and baby #2! How did you meet your husband?

zoe on

Hi Lisa!

So great that you are blogging! I loved your show on E! and love your music.

I am 42 and am thinking of having another baby. I’ve had two miscarriages and just scared. My last was not long ago. I have a beautiful 8 year old. Would love to hear from someone in their 40’s having children. How do you feel? Do you feel like you still have energy, etc? It would be nice to hear of a positive pregnancy experience in your 40’s. Best wishes!

tinaraye on

Hi Lisa!

I follow you on twitter, so I know about some of your awesome healthy eating choices. I have an 8-month old baby girl, and I’d love to know how (or if!) you get Lyla to eat her veggies and other healthy foods. Are you raising her vegetarian?

Thanks! You’re an inspiration.

Jacqui on

Great blog! Love it. You’re looking great — glowing, fit, beautiful skin! And rested!

Anonymous on

Love that you’re an “older” mom considering your 2nd. I’m 36.89 years old and considering my first….Thanks for your advice and I really appreciate your writing. Good luck to you!

ann on

How do you share your music with your daughter?

How did you become a musician, and how do you plan to foster the love of music with your kindo?