Pregnant Jessica Simpson: I’m Waddling!

03/13/2012 at 08:00 AM ET

Jessica Simpson took her maternity wardrobe to new heights Monday night — with her footwear.

“We’re waddling at this point,” the expectant star, 31, told Jay Leno on Monday’s Tonight Show. “I’m wearing six-inch heels today, and it’s a lot of weight to carry on six inches.”

Although Simpson, who recently went behind her dad’s back to bare all for ELLE, says she’s not quite ready to give birth to her baby girl, she’s already preparing for the worst.

“Labor is really going to hurt,” says the mother-to-be, whose new show Fashion Star premieres Tuesday (9:30 p.m. ET) on NBC. “I have so much respect for my mom and all the women across the world.”

Paul Drinkwater/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

Until then, Simpson — who announced last Halloween that she and fiancΓ© Eric Johnson are to be parents — says her pregnancy craving of the moment is “slutty” — “slutty brownies,” that is.

The three-tier treat features a layer of cookie dough and a layer of Oreo cookie.

“I don’t know,” she says of its unconventional name. “I guess a lot goes into them.”

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Vodpod videos no longer available.
— Alison Schwartz

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Sandra on

Wow, she still looks good but I thought she would have had that baby months ago. It seems like she has been pregnant forever. When is she due anyways? It has to be anytime now I would think? Anyways, I hope she doesn’t name her daughter anything crazy! LOL!

Melanie on

She’s due in April. She seems fun – I watched this last night and she’s someone I’d want to be friends with. Good luck to her in her delivery!

Mandy on

I would NOT be wearing heels that pregnant. She’s asking to fall down. Center of gravity is off and with the height of the heels (which can make a non pregnant woman go off balance)she’s asking for a disaster! Also why put more pressure on your back than you have to? It hurts all ready, I know that, don’t make it worse for yourself please!

ourdalyplate on

She looks lovely, but she got HUGE very early on… I was surprised in January when she didn’t have the baby. I’ve had twins and a 9 lb. baby and don’t think I got as big as she has with either of my pregnancies.

Pamela on

Jessica is one of those people that gains some weight and it shows right away!!! With that being said, she’s definitely big, but she looks happy and healthy! And her boobs are HUGE! I wouldn’t be surprised if they each weighed as much as a newborn haha

Good luck to her and her fiance!

Kat on

Mandy, for some women (especially if you wore heels a lot before expecting) flats are actually more uncomfortable.

I know I needed some type of heel while expecting, or my calves burned. I actually had (and still have) worse balance in flats!

Olivia on

I know she wears heels a lot so she is used to them, but if she’s waddling I’d think she could go down to at least a 3 or 4 inch heel. I swear no one would care she isn’t rocking 6 inches.

Anonymous on

I love Jessica..she is too funny

Nicole on

Boy the poor honey has put on pounds, just look at her face!

Keyshla on

Remember she’s only about 5’2 so weight can be seen a lot easier. It’s a curse of the petites lol

Nicole on

That’s hogwash about petites. My sister is barely 5′ tall and you could hardly tell she was pregnant…her baby was over 8 pounds!

meghan on

She doesn’t have to give up heels, but maybe a two or three inch heel rather than a six inch. No wonder she waddles.

ivette on

I’ve always liked Jessica. She is beautiful and always laughing and living life πŸ™‚

Melissa on

I love her, she always seems very genuine.

Shiv on

I agree she is carrying big, however, it’s so nice to see a celebrity actually look like she’s pregnant. I like the fact that she’s been indulging and she’s not shy to say it. She can still be healthy and indulge. I say good for her! I would like to see her get out of those heels though. They make me nervous.

ecl on

No one said she was petite. They said she was short. She has never been petite and has always gained weight easily. As for the heels, I always think she looks ridiculous in them. But I think everyone looks ridiculous is sky high heels.

Sarah S. on

Even though she is 5’2″, I think she put on a lot more weight than maybe she should have. I am 5’3″, and a little overweight going into my 1st pregnancy, so I was asked by my OB/GYN to try to not gain more than 25 lbs. That was 15 years ago. Do they give the same advice these days?

I’m not trying to be mean, but I think Jessica has gained more like 50 lbs. I recall Milla Jovovich saying she gained 70 lbs. with Ever. I just hope Jessica doesn’t have to wait much longer; she just seems so uncomfortable.

MeredithM on

I was surprised she hadn’t had the baby considering how far along she looked when she announced the pregnancy, but I have a theory that had something to do with how petite she is. She looks great. Good luck to her.

Nikkie on

Hmm well Jess, here’s a little theory. You COULD take the heels off and act like a normal pregnant woman. Because for one, your asking to fall. Just thought you should know, acting like a spoiled diva is not mandatory while pregnant.

Vicky on

Love Jessica, she seriously cracks me up…I’d like to be her friend too. Can you imagine the convo after she’s had a few! Hilariousness would definitley insue. I could tell she was having trouble breathing, Ahh takes me back to my third trimester… :o) Go Jess!

kirsty on

It depends on how what your BMI is now for how much weight to gain. My dr told me I could gain 50 lbs since I have a low BMI, but that would not happen, no way. I gained just over 20lbs with my daughter and she was just under nine pounds and very healthy.

I think some people just go crazy and eat a bunch of junk. Remember Kate Hudson gained 80 lbs with her oldest child, she went nuts!

kirsty on

Oh and I know petite people and they did not look like Jessica when pregnant, so I just think she is over indulging.

Ari on

I’m guessing that she doesn’t always wear 6 inch heels, most likely just to walk from her car to the interview and back.

If I had an interview on tv I probably would wear what made me feel the best and I’m guessing for her that includes 6 inch heels. Not to mention I can relate to wanting to wear high heels, I get huge and feel bloated and fat when pregnant and putting on a nice pair of heels makes me feel better- I am used to wearing high heels though, all the time so it isn’t an issue of balance for me.

Ann on

Preparing for the worst? That is the baby’s death. Labor is nothing comparing with losing a child.

ClaireSamsmom on

take your heels off, Jess. Really? And preparing for the worst? I couldn’t wait for my babies to be born…yes, I knew it would hurt, but I didn’t “prepare for the worst.” Ann, I agree with your comment. And labor and delivery are a walk in the park compared with bringing your baby home and all the life changes and sacrifices that come along with that. But, she’ll probably have a full time nanny and chef….yadda yadda.

And yes, I do think she has gained WAY TOO MUCH weight with this pregnancy. I gained between 25-30 lbs with each of mine. You can be pregnant and not go overboard with the ‘slutty brownies.” Maybe she should start indulging in some slutty salads.

I think this girl is just very self-consumed and really rather immature. JMO.

B.J. (the girl) on

I’ve never been pregnant, but I would never wear heels while pregnant. Then again, I don’t wear them anyway! Every word from this woman makes me think “Oh, geeze”…

Gigi on

I can’t wear 6 inch heels at any time. I would not be surprised if she popped out twins.

Catca on

She may not have put on that much weight but could be very bloated.

When I was pregnant, I had so much swelling that I couldn’t even get slippers with an open back all the way on my feet and I live in Chicago and had a winter baby. That meant I literally had to wear slippers at the end with my feet hanging halfway off in the snow going to doc appointments.

I did have preeclampsia so my swelling was not typical, but she may be one of those women that simply get more swelling than average. Thus, it could be all water weight that will go away pretty quick after the baby gets here.

How about we cut her some slack – we really don’t know what complications she may have.

Lis on

I’m 5’7″ and was 115 lbs right before my second pregnancy…I gained close to 50 lbs. 😦

I was hungry every second of the day. If I didn’t eat, I either (1) would practically pass out…and I’m not being dramatic–I literally blacked out on 2 different occasions, or (2) throw up…how you can throw up when you’re starving is beyond me, but I’m here to tell you it DOES happen. Everyone in my family was making sure I was eating just about every hour.

I know I should have opted for healthier choices, but I was pregnant and nauseous and unfortunately, only certain foods sounded appetizing. I ate what I could stomach.

So anyway, my point is: I do not advocate gaining a bunch of weight, but sometimes it is kind of out of your control. My doctors were never, ever concerned, and assured me I should do what I felt I needed to do. And I’m sure Jessica’s doctors would voice their opinions if they were worried.

My goal was only to gain 30 pounds, but when you’re sick as a dog and the only thing that sounds good is a cheeseburger, then that’s what you eat!

I’m 12 weeks post partum and am down to 126. I’d like to get to 120. But it’s the belly flab (not the number on the scale) that most worries me! Ugh!

Anonymous on

Whoa, honestly, she always sounds like such an idiot. I don’t care what anyone says, she’s just not interesting to watch or pay attention too. I’m over this!

Shannon on

She’s huge. That can’t be healthy.

Shannon on

Wait. She’s not due until April? 0_o

Courtney on

Wow let her do what she wants I think she looks great and she seems happy If she wants to wear 6 inch heels who cares. And as for her weight she has never been super skinny. Does it make u feel better about yourself talking about her weight. She is very Pregnant. Get over yourselves!!!!!

Vicki on

Jessica really annoys me, she was so vocal about remaining “pure” for her marriage to nich lachey and then once that marriage was over she had no problem sleeping with guys before marriage. it’s like “well i was pure the first time so now i can sleep with whomever. and she had no problem with getting pregnant before marriage.

Shannon on

Wait. April is just a few weeks away. lol

LL on


126 is within the normal weight range for someone who is 5’7″. It is actually closer to the lower end of the weight range.

Anonymous on

Catca- Excellent point! There could easily be a medical reason behind Jessica’s excessive weight gain. I remember that everyone was on Mariah Carey’s case for gaining so much weight while pregnant with her twins, saying a lot of the same things people are saying about Jessica (overindulging and such)…when in fact she had pre-eclampsia AND gestational diabetes (she mentioned that when she and Nick were on Barbara Walters’ show introducing the twins), both of which are known to cause excessive weight gain (mostly in the form of water retention in the case of the former).

So I don’t think it’s right for us to judge, especially without knowing all the facts! And I don’t see anything wrong with her comment about “preparing for the worst” as far as labor is concerned. I just took it to mean that she’s hoping for a smooth labor and delivery, but is trying to prepare herself for the exact opposite. This is her first baby, so it’s natural that the prospect of labor would scare her a bit!

Anonymous on

Also, kudos to Jessica for planning to give birth the old-fashioned way rather than going the elective C-section route for vanity and convience reasons that a lot of celebs do!

Marky on

I like Jessica, and I happen to think that unless you are a virgin, or you never had sex with anyone except your spouse, you don’t have much to say. Jessica never judged others for having sex and, while I don’t condone anyone having premarital sex, if Jessica does it she’s no different than the rest of you.

She plays her schtick and she can be very funny, or be pretty smart about business. You can buy into whatever you want to, but I think she’s funny, a good businesswoman, and just like most first-time moms, she’s probably “preparing for the worst” which is what she’s probably been told it is to have her baby.

And do we always have to have the rude comment about nanny’s and chefs, etc? Honestly, I was so grateful to have my MIL help out for 2 weeks and wait on me hand and foot. I’ve been grateful ever since! If she can afford help, good for her!!

Holiday on

I doubt she has pre eclampsia. That is a life threatening condition and she would not be on talk shows…. she would be in the hospital delivering! I was 35 week along when I developed severe pre eclampsia/HELLP and had an emergency csection right away.

Some ladies either pig out to the point of being a glutton and others seem to eat ok and not huge amounts and still gain a ton of weight.

Anonymous on

Holey Moley, those poor heels. She is huge.

Nell on

Jessica seems happy,healthy and is enjoying her pregnancy and that’s all that matters.

I don’t get people that are acting like she is the heavist pregnant woman ever, I think people are making a bigger deal than it should be. She looks like most average women do when they are reaching the end of their pregnancy. Not every celebrity only has a belly and barely gains any weight. Jessica has always had curves even pre pregnancy. I work in a hospital and see a lot of pregnant women and I have seen so many that are Jessica’s size and much bigger, it’s not that weird! It just all depends on the woman and each pregnancy is different.

Anyways, aside from the whole weight topic, she seems happy and down to earth, yes she comes of a little naive at times, but I think there is something very real, normal and fun about her, which is rare in Hollywood.

ClaireSamsmom on

I had the help of my husband, MIL, SIL, mom, sister and a few friends after the birth of my kids. But, there comes a time when us…as moms pretty much have to do it yourself…do you know what I mean? And even if you have help from your family and friends, most of us as moms know that pretty soon, it falls on our shoulders…and I am sure Miss Jessica will enlist the extended help of hired help. Sure, she is famous….and she can afford it. But, that is something most of us are not accustomed to.

Marky, it is wonderful your MIL was there to help you for 2 weeks….I had that too. I just think Jess will have fulltime help for good. It will be interesting to see how she adapts to motherhood. I hope it is as wonderful for her as it has been for me…though, it has also been alot of work…you love it, but it’s alot of work.

Bugsmum on

Jeeze leave the poor thing alone!

I looked huge (and I mean HUGE) by my 34th week cause I had a heap of fluid retention going on. It was so bad that it caused carpal tunnel symptoms. I had a healthy uncomplicated pregnancy but my body just decided to hold onto all the water it could when I got near the end. It took weeks for that fluid to all go but 6 weeks after baby I was only 14lbs over my pre-baby weight.

We have no idea whats going on for Jess and I have to say she looks really happy and healthy, it’s refreshing to see a celeb looking like a real woman and not like a stick figure with a basketball up their top (how my super slim friend described herself during pregnancy)

Anonymous on

Holiday- She could have gestational diabetes, though. That, too, can be serious, but not if it’s being managed properly. In anycase, I was just throwing those two things out as possibilities. πŸ™‚

Marky- I agree with you completely, especially about the nanny thing. I will never understand why people are so critical of celebs hiring nannies. I mean, most working parents use childcare of some type, don’t they? For “normal” people that’s generally daycare or a friend or relative, for celebs that tends to be nannies. Unless the nanny is pretty much the one raising the child, I don’t get the big fuss!

Brooke on

I really wish that Jessica would cut off her hair. It honestly looked so much healthier when it was shorter, and I think it would help make her look better all together. I don’t honestly care a bit about her weight, but the hair drives me crazy! That’s my two cents!

keldur on

My daughter is 5 ft 4 inches and she only has 4 weeks left in her pregnancy. She has gained 25 lbs and the way she carries, she looks a lot like Jessica. Everyone gains differently and are shaped differently. Thank God we are all individuals….maybe one day WE will realize that and quit judging each other so harshly.

Jessica is a beautiful woman who is so full of life!!

karachip on

This is unseemly. She is mammoth. I am 5’11 and gained 80 lbs with my 10.2 lb, 23 inch son and I still did not look like this. I just saw a rerun of her on Rachel Ray with her sister Ashley and she looked like she could deliver right then and there and that was taped right after Thanksgiving. I don’t care what is said, being short or what but she looks uncomfortable and huge. She’s making me uncomfortable. **shuddders**

Holiday on

karachip i am sure people thought you looked like a gigantic glutton too! You gained 80 pounds dear, you should not open your mouth about weight gain! I only gained 25 pounds both times and I had pre eclampsia the last time!

80 pounds, what did you do stuff your fat face your entire pregnancy and sit on your lazy butt? See how does that feel? You are a fat ass too so you should not talk about Jessica who probably gained less then you.

Also please enlighten me who it is even POSSIBLE to gain 80 pounds in 9 months???

karachip on

That’s the point. I did do nothing. I overindulged and it was not pretty. I fell prey to concept of “eating for 2” and now is the time to eat ANYTHING you want using being pregnant as an excuse. People did call me huge. People were shocked when they saw me.

That said, my impression of Jessica is even more alarming since she looks worse than me. And it is possible to gain 80 pounds in 10 months–give or take, (a person is pregnant for 40 weeks) since I did it. I am proof. Is it healthy, no. It wasn’t. I’m first to admit.

Kris on

Seriously people. I am 5’6 and was 130lbs before my first baby. Average. I ate mostly healthy and rarely did a full indugle on dessert. I hardly gained anything in the beginning but by months 8 and 9 it came out of nowhere. I had gained 50 lbs and had a baby girl at 8lbs 6 oz. no pre-eclem, no gestation diabetes and no swelling. I lost the weight and when baby number two came around I gained the same amount of weight trying to exercise more and eat even heathier. People all gain differently. Some of you probably harp on the too thin celeb pregnancies too.

starfish on

why do we women feel so compelled to share silly details of our pregnancies with perfect strangers? LOL it must be the hormones!

cynthia on

i saw her on ellen this week and she only wore the heels for the shows she said shes in flats all the time !I love this girl shes sweet and talentented and if that baby girl looks anything like her momma shes gonna be a beauty god bless you jessica and your journey in motherhood

Anonymous on

kelly- Again, how do we know that there isn’t a pregnancy complication behind her weight gain?

Jillian on

Hmmm….. Now celebrity baby lover/anonymous, I am not an expert in child rearing but I have had 5. She has said that she has been eating everything and a lot. Also, if she had gesture diabetes or pre-eclem she would stop doing certain things due to dr’s orders this close to birth. She woildnt be traveling to shows, wearing high heels and would be on bed rest. In severe cases they may deliver early and since she’s close they could induce. But I think she likes her onion rings and many other foods she admits to eating that are not healthy for pregnancy!


tillie on

She was waddling before she got pregnant

ruby on

She has to be 90 lbs. She’s huge all over. That’s not healthy — I hope she and her baby (or babies?) come out of this healthy.

I gained 6 lbs with my first son. He was 8.5 lbs and very healthy. With my 2nd son, I gained 22 lbs. He was almost 9 lbs. It’s absolutely unnecessary to gain more than 25-35 lbs. during a pregnancy. That includes twins.

open minded on

Wow! Some of you really took the comment “preparing for the worst” as quite offensive….yes I’m sure “preparing for the worst” in some of your minds is preparing for the death of a child. I’m guessing since this is her first baby that she was probably referring to how bad the pain could get during labor and maybe “preparing for the worst” but hoping for the best. I’m sure everyone of us hoped it was a good labor and not “I hope the pain in unbearable, I can’t wait!”

I can see the claws are out on some of you when jumping to such conclusions. It really was quite funny to read your comments and where your minds go.

Also with the weight fanatics out there….as a celebrity you have to watch your weight all the time. Maybe she was just saying i’m eating everything cuz I’m going to be fat anyways! I’m 5″1 and was in maternity clothes at 10 weeks and was skinner when I got pregnant with my second then before I was pregnant with my first. Such critics out there. You’re all so funny:)

stephanie on

Poor thing! She seems so out of breath! Best of luck to her πŸ™‚

pdq on

As a grandma and senior citizen, I’m shocked that she would wear those heels while pregnant. Only a trained dancer (especially ballet) is able to comfortably get along with those horrid things wrecking their feet. Wait till you are a lot older and you’ll find out that this is a mistake. I’ve taken excellent care of myself and look and act 15 years younger than I am, and am physically in much better shape than my contemporaries. If you don’t mind limping, using a cane or a walker, then have a blast and forget taking care of your future.

Linda R. on

You shouldn’t judge….don’t people always say “as long as the baby is healthy” which it will be. THEN she will take care of herself. Don’t be a snob. She seems fun and loving. This will be a lucky child.

Jannelle on

I can’t stand her..and she looks terrible pregnant. One of the fattest pregnant women I’ve seen. What a cow.

michelle on

jessica is so cute,always loved her.That’s gonna be one lucky and beautiful baby.GOD BLESS!

08girl on

LOL to the first poster. I was thinking the same thing! I feel like this chick’s been pregnant for at least a year! I guess maybe she just got big fast or something.

Andrea on

I can’t believe she hasn’t had that baby yet either. I thought she was ready to pop in December!!! She is ginormous and there is nothing attactive about gaining obscene amounts of wt. I gained 65 lbs w/my second child and now I cannot lose any of it. I’m fat and I know it, thus, my lesson was learned and btw, he’s 6! Kate Hudson looked horrible after she had her first and I’m betting Jessica will be looking gargantuan for quite some time to come….don’t forget she was never a size 2 to start with

Anonymous on

ruby- She’s only having the one girl (she clarified that today on an interview with E!). πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

After reading some of these comments, I’m sure glad I’m not a celebrity! They get picked on if they’re skinny, they get picked on if they’re not. No wonder so many of them have body image issues!

Emme Henley on

Shame on Jessica Simpson’s OBGYN for endorsing her wearing six inch heels. She is a billboard for poor judgement and zero common sense.

Jillian on

If her doctor says she is healthy than great! I have had five children and I know with each of mine, eating and exercising was what I focused on because I wanted healthy pregnancies. It’s a fact that many women gain too much weight and overeat during pregnancy. It bothers me when celebrities or anyone do this then complain about it after thd fact about why they can’t lose thd weight! Losing weight is very hard especially with a baby.

Now with Jessica, she has done multiple interviews about her bad eating habits, so she isn’t denying it. I just don’t get. I normally don’t comment on things about the size of celebrities but since she has discussed herself and has been eating onion rings on tv, I feel it is fine.


wendie goode-dox on

i like her a lot..but she looks like kirstie alley with all the hair and the animal print and the stillettos.

Anonymous on

Emme Henley- As others have said, she more than likely just wore the heels from the car into the interview and bac again. And even if she DID fall, the baby is pretty well protected by the amniotic fluid and the walls of the uterus. πŸ™‚