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03/13/2012 at 12:00 PM ET

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mary on

There is more to the Wisconsin bill that is NOT mentioned. And it is all BAD!!!! State Sen. Glenn Grothman (R-WI) Is an idiot! I just don’t know what is going on with these guys!

anon1 on

Mary, do you know more about the bill? I think it is ridiculous, it is wrong to target single parents just because they are single. i mean really, isn’t that discrimination? does it target single fathers as well, or just the moms? the article seems to make it look like the bill is only targeting the moms but i don’t think the article really covered the bill in depth.

Lis on

I am absolutely APPALLED on the article about after-birth “abortion”. This is horrifying. What kind of a world do we live in that any one can actually make an argument that MURDERING a live BABY is okay? What monsters.

Erika on

After birth abortion is DISGUSTING and this is coming from someone who is pro-choice. Once a newborn has left it’s mother’s body, it is a baby, not a fetus. If someone kidnaps and kills a newborn, it is murder. If a mother leaves her newborn to die, it is murder. This is the same thing.

I don’t understand anyone would have an after birth abortion anyway. Is it in cases where the child has severe birth defects (still not making it right at all)? Or just if a parent doesn’t want to raise the child. If you give birth and then decide you can’t/don’t want to raise a kid, you have two options; raise the baby anyway, or give it up for adoption. Sure, it is difficult to put your child up for adoption, but it shouldn’t be as hard as watching it be killed!

Jen DC on

Essentially what he is trying to do is get it codified in law that single-motherhood is a contributing factor of child abuse.

His personal views are also that women are getting pregnant on purpose to partake of welfare. Because, you know, it’s such a good living on WIC and SNAP and food stamps.

CanadaLove on

The argument that they are trying to make in the infanticide article is that there isn’t really much difference between an abortion and killing an infant after birth. So really it’s kind of pro-choice.

CanadaLove on

Or maybe even pro-life.

Holiday on

I dont agree with first trimester abortions but killing a full term infant??? Who in their right mind would let their child be killed that way and what type of serial killer doctor would do this? Adoption is the only answer!

mary on

anon1: Here is a link of Sen. Grothman on youtube! HE IS AN IDIOT!

The real issue is that when the definition of neglect is changed in the Wisconsin state statute, federal mandate of children protection laws require that you investigate each report, which costs time and money. Does this mean CPS workers investigate every report of “single-parent” neglect or possible “adoption” abuse? It criminalizes parents, victimizes children, and wastes time and money. Under the change he wants every adopted, and sigle parent investigated.

Anonymous on

I find the single mother bill and the after birth abortion articles to be apalling. Everyone has pretty much said it all in regards to the former, but I’d like to add that apparently the guy pushing that bill doesn’t realize that some moms don’t chose to be single. Some are single because their boyfriend/husband walked out on them, and others are single because their boyfriend/husband died.

As for after birth abortion….I don’t even agree with pre-birth abortion (unless it’s a case where the mother’s life would be endangered by continuing the pregnancy or the baby has virtually no chance of survival after birth. I’m also a bit more understanding of abortion when the pregnancy is the result of rape.), but the idea that anyone would say it’s okay to kill a baby after birth makes me absolutely sick.

I rarely get this nasty, but it can’t possibly be a human being who proposed that idea. Only a monster could rationilize killing an innoccent little baby!

Anonymous on

mary- I agree! And really, basically saying that it’s not possible to love a child who doesn’t share your DNA is just plain crazy!

Jen DC on

I just wonder what Grothman hopes to gain from this. What is his point? What is going to be improved by adding single motherhood to the list as a contributing factor to child abuse? In the long run, he’s going to end up forcing investigations on innocent women/parents (because some might be men) who don’t deserve them.

I’ve never understood the drive to make others’ lives more difficult. Like the whole “you can’t have more than $20 if you are accepting welfare” legislation in Minnesota. It’s senseless bullying of those less fortunate or in a worse political position than you are.

Kat on

Whatever your feelings on abortion, once the baby is outside your body – your choice is done. If you cannot handle their needs, there are many adoptive parents that will.

If Grothman did any research, he would know that many children suffer abuse at the hands of their married biological parents. And that number will just increase if you force people to stay with an abusive spouse, for fear of single-parent penalty!

meghan on

Post birth abortion? Who dreams up this horror? I think first trimester abortion needs to stay legal, but this? Once a child is here, there are options. I can’t even absorb this.

And this Grothman person is just a d-bag. Pardon the language. But anyone this far out of touch with reality–that’s the only way to describe them.