Wittlebee: A Monthly Style Service for Kids

03/11/2012 at 11:00 AM ET
Courtesy Wittlebee

There’s nothing like stocking up on new clothes for your little ones — only to find they’ve outgrown them all a few weeks later.

So what if you could occasionally swap out your older styles for ones that fit?

Wittlebee‘s newly launched clothing club just might be the answer to your dilemma.

For $39 a month, parents can sign up to work with an assigned stylist who will take notes on everything from your climate to your tot’s color preferences.

Then, the company will ship you a box of mini staples (tees, leggings, socks, etc) that perfectly fit their little lifestyles.

Best of all? Most items are from well-known, quality brands including Gap, Carter’s and American Apparel.

So, say goodbye to dressing room madness and hello to your local mailman. To sign up for your first package, visit wittlebee.com.

— Anya Leon

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Jacqui on

I don’t understand. Is it used clothing?

Rachel on

I don’t get this at all… I mean I would think the idea of a clothing “swap” would be to save money… $40 a month?? That’s $480 a year and I can tell you right now I can buy brand name (Gymboree, Gap, Carters and Old Navy) and I don’t think I’ve ever spent $480 on clothing in a year. I buy on sale and clearance, use gymbucks and then, when I’m done with the clothes, I donate them to goodwill or save them for relatives or friends children. This just seems kind of ridiculous to me.

Lisa on

For $40/mo, I can pop over to the nearby thrift store outlet and for not over $1.75 per item, dress my two toddlers very nicely. A used clothes exchange for almost $500/yr? I’ll pass.

Angela on

You’ve got to be kidding me. These “services” are ridiculous! Shop online, go to Target or a good consignment shop. Who needs new clothes every month? My three kids are under age 5 and only need new clothes twice a year. They don’t grow that quickly!

srsly on

This isn’t a swap at all. You’re paying these people $40 a month to ship you a box of new clothes chosen for you by a “stylist”. According to their FAQ, they only send you new clothes, and the clothes are yours to keep. What exactly is the point of this??

Elle on

I agree with Rachel. How is this saving money? $40/month for used clothes? I could walk out with enough clothes for 6 months at Once Upon a Child (a children’s consignment store in my area), also buying name brands, for that much.

Shannon on

So this is a personal stylist service for children? OK.

Indira on

And they’re “staples” not even a full outfit. So it’ll pretty much work out to different color onesies, socks and undershirts. This is definitely targeted at naive moms.

Ann on

Wow seriously? I thought we’ve seen it all, apparently not. For far less I can go to a local swap and find clothes I like. Who comes up with these dumb ideas and Im sure they will be successful, sadly

All thumbs down.

Kerry on

Ridiculous! $40/month gimmee a break!

Nikki on

If you REALLY want to do a clothes shop check out Peac Love Swap dot org. See if there is a swap in your area. You pay a nominal fee 5-10 bucks plus bring the clothes your kids have outgrown. Then someone sets up the shop and you come in and take what your kid needs. Whatever is left after the swap is over is donated to a worthy charity/womans shelter etc. It is a GREAT organization. Just saying

Tee on

So toddlers need stylists now? Sheesh, what is the world coming to?

Molly on

Question mark

Tami on

This article is not very well written. I’m a member of Wittlebee and like the service. First, it’s not used clothes, these are very nice and new clothes. Probably $80 retail value in each box.

Also you can pause whenever you want so you don’t have to get a box every month for a year.

Tami on

I’m a member! These are very nice clothes. Probably $80 in retail value. It’s always new stuff. Not used swapping.

amy on

The article was incorrect, it isn’t a clothing “swap” service. Looking at the FAQ section on Wittlebee’s website, the clothes are NOT used, they are new, and you keep them, you don’t send them back. Still, it does seem pretty expensive for a few pair of tights and a couple of tops….

Jaclyn R. on

NO you have it completely wrong. They are not a swap service. Get the facts straight. They are $40 for new clothes. I got my first box and it was Circo mixed with American Apparel. Don’t buy this stuff.

Mom1year on

Even better, according to their website, is that they only ship “the basics.” Socks, leggings, onesies, t-shirts. There are 8 items in the box each month…so I may be paying $5 for a pair of socks?! Yikes!

TM on

Geeze louise. You can find $2-$3 tee-shirts at the Babies-r-us clearance rack. Not to mention the deals to be found at consignment stores. This is way to expensive. I think the company would work better as a gifting service. For instance, if I had a family member that loved wearing bandannas, I could simply order a small box of them for her. Same thing for bracelets, or colored tights, or whatever…

Anna on

You need to read; it says.

Most items are from well-known, quality brands including Gap, Carter’s and American Apparel.

LF on

The clothing is all BRAND NEW & for KEEPS, nice basics (and a little fun stuff, like cute print dresses). Honestly, I’ve only been able to find articles of clothing this inexpensive at the clearance racks of Khols, or in Walmart. I just received my first box of clothing today and love every piece. There are American Apparel snap suits & tees, super soft pants and a cute Baby Lou dress for my 5 month old. The customer service side of Wittlebee needs some serious work but the clothing and the company’s integrity, in my opinion are everything I hoped it would be. Try getting a Walmart employee to help you shop.

daria on

In my neighborhood, you can spend next to nothing for high quality clothing at garage sales. Whatever doesn’t still hold up after use, we donate. Whatever does hold up is given to friends and family. This service seems absolutely absurd, even for those without access to used clothing.

sara on

For those of you who interpreted this is as used clothing, you need to work on your reading comprehension. “Swap out” just means replacing what you have with new stuff.

And it’s obvious that the point of this isn’t to save money, it’s for convenience. The idea is that it’s theoretically inconvenient to have to keep going to the store to buy new clothes every time the baby grows. By having a new box arrive at your door every month, you don’t have to think about it or make any effort.

For most people it’s probably not worth the price, but for some people who are very busy or otherwise just want more convenience in their lives, and have money to spend, then it might be worth it.

Amy on

I’ve gotten a couple of boxes from Wittlebee and the service is fantastic! The clothes are brand new and are awesome brands…I scored a Hanna Andersson T-shirt that is in the catalog right now for $24, plus I received a lot of other great pieces too! Well worth the per item price I paid for the box in my opinion.

The reason I’m sticking with Wittlebee is because I have not been able to find another way to get NEW items of this quality at this kind of price….plus shipping is included, so even if I found a something (for example an American Apparel item) on a flash sale or other site at a good price, the shipping fee would kill the “deal” for me. It’s probably not for everyone, but I’ve been happy so far!

Ann on

Then I don’t think they should be advertising this as a “swap” because an average mom will interpret it as a used clothes stuff that you either have to give back or give them something of your own. And it shouldn’t be us who has to get the facts straight, but the author of this quite badly written article.

GoofyChicken on

I guess I’m nothing but a sucker but 5 dollars an item for anything other than the socks is an awesome deal. Particularly if it’s from the brands they’ve quoted. I easily spend double than that per month on clothes for my kids. Then again I’m probably one of those “suckers” all of you are talking down on. Yeah sure you can do swaps and yard sales and get cheap clothes, but I see nothing wrong with a service like this.

Barbara on

I signed up for this service when they had a promo, I got the wrong size clothes, a bunch of stuff I had specifically asked NOT to get, and when I tried to get a resolution, they told me “sorry”, did not offer a refund or a replacement. I filed with my credit card, would highly NOT recommend this service.

Barbara on

Would also like to note that some of the people posting here supporting Wittlebee happen to be personal friends of its founder, so not exactly unbiased reviews 😛

Katie on

They are not used and it’s not a swap…not sure why People wrote it up that way. It’s all new clothes from great brands. You can even divide the box up between kids (eg. 2 different sizes) if you’d like.

Katie on

BTW, I don’t know the owners.

As for the sock situation, I just requested no socks. Haha. I didn’t want to pay that much for a pair of socks for my son, either. Plus, he doesn’t need socks. You can just tell them what you need. Right now, I’m just getting shirts from them for both of my sons.

Teren on

I don’t care if the clothing is new or used — because I can’t wrap my mind around kids having a stylist. The only way this would be a good deal is if the $470/year included shoes, boots, raincoats, snowpants, etc. But for just staples? Ridiculous. Also I don’t necessarily equate ALL brand names with good value or high quality, and based upon the testimonials of the Wittlebee users, that philosophy is a prerequisite for choosing this company.

Shannon on

Is it really THAT difficult to go shopping for your own children? 😦

Bee on

Can no one read? It’s saying that when your kid outgrows their old clothes, you replace (swap) them with new ones. Not that this is a used clothes exchange.

Reading comprehension. It’s useful.

Gina T. on

Great review! I cant wait for my first Wittlebee box! I read your review on http://www.subscriptionboxes.com/wittlebee/ and signed up right away. Thanks!