Alexis Stewart Welcomes Son Truman

03/08/2012 at 09:00 PM ET
Malcolm Brown/Getty

It’s a boy for Alexis Stewart!

Martha Stewart‘s daughter welcomed her second child, a son named Truman, who was born via surrogate on Tuesday, March 6, PEOPLE confirms exclusively.

Truman arrived just in time to help big sister Jude celebrate her first birthday on Thursday.

Stewart, 46, struggled for five years to become a mom to Jude, who was also born via surrogate, arrived March 8 of last year.

“Getting Jude was lucky,” she told PEOPLE at the time. “I’m happy, but this has been rough.”

— Lesley Messer

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stacey on

no congrats offered here…i feel very sorry that those two kids have her for a mother. I saw her on the Today show, and I’ve never seen a more hateful, rude, cold, arrogant person.

Corrie on

Stacey, that’s a pretty presumptuous thing to say. A lot of people present a different image on TV that’s not anything like they are in real life, and who’s to say what kind of mother she is? You don’t know her personally…I’m not saying you’re wrong, but I’m also not saying you’re right, either.

CCT0303 on

I do congratulate her on the birth of her second child, but I must say she did come off as a really nasty, rude, arrogant person. Why would she present a diff. image on a morning show?!? It’s not like she’s acting in a movie or something so I doubt she’s any different in “real life”:/

emily on

She looks so much like Joan Rivers in this pic! (Alexis that is). She’ll have her hands full with 2 under 1.5. Don’t like the name, makes me think of President Truman, which makes me think of the atomic bomb but she obviously likes it, perhaps a truman capote fan.

queenofhearts on

OK… So I’m British and I’ve never seen this woman before so I don’t know if she’s a nice woman or not… But a huge congratulations to her on her new baby boy. I love the name Jude for a girl (and a boy), but Truman? Not my favourite name…

J on

To be fair Corrie, you don’t know her personally either.

J on

Is this the daughter with all of those terrible shows like “Whatever Martha” and “Whatever, youre wrong”?

marlee on

Wow! That was fast. She’s going to have her hands full raising two so close together (I know… I’ve done it!). It’s so rewarding though.

How nice that Martha will get to enjoy a new grandchild – a boy this time.

christa on

How hard could it be having a surrogate, to become a mother. With both babies, she did not have to put with morning sickness, nor gaining weight, not having stretchmarks, while I wish the best for her children, I do not care about her arrogance, she is her mothers daughter.

Shannon on

“Getting Jude was lucky,” she told PEOPLE at the time. “I’m happy, but this has been rough.”

Please! Just use mommy’s money and rent a womb. How rough is that? What an entitled brat!

p on

christa – you are a HUGE MORON!!!!! get your facts straight before such harsh and judgmental comments. Rude!

alexis struggled with infertility! she cannot get pregnant! she went though numerous (maybe 6 or 7) IVFs with no success. I’m thrilled she finally gets to be a mother. it’s a lovely and positive story and I wish her all the best.

Heather on

I’ve struggled with infertility for almost 7 years and if I had Alexis’s money I’d use a surrogate in a heartbeat. There’s nothing bratty or entitled about it. She just wanted to be a mom, just like all you people who get to have sex to have a baby. And let me tell you, I give her a lot of credit. Surrogacy is usually then end of the line, after you’ve been fighting for a long time and are pretty much drained from it. So to give up all control to another person and trust them with your precious embryo for 9 months? That takes a hell of a strong person. It’s definitely not EASY.

Talia on

I’m curious why an older woman without a male partner would choose to use a surrogate rather than adopt. I’m assuming that she didn’t use her own eggs, so really there would be no biological connection anyway.

Rhea on

She used her own eggs.

gb on

Talia, she used her own eggs. She was very open about the entire process. Also I’m curious…..why would you stress that she’s a single older woman when there have been a few married celebrities, older and younger who have used surrogates. Do you view single older women as not deserving of a biological connection that they crave?

Mira on

Truman Stewart? What a dumb name. Sounds like a law firm.

p on

wow. it saddens me that the world has such idiotic and uneducated individuals like Talia. statements like hers take my breath away.

jessicad on

Congrats to her! She’s definitely going to be busy, and I’m sure she didn’t have 2 kids just so she could be hateful and mean to them, many of us have issues with our parents and can still be great parents to our kids.

Sara on

I’m not a fan of hers because she does seem very rude and arrogant and she has become ‘famous’ for putting down her mother.

Good luck to her … I’m sure raising tow babies alone won’t be easy!

Grace on

@Talia: Because it’s harder to adopt when you’re older and/or single and since Alexis is both her chances of adopting are not as high as a younger, married person’s would be.

Ann on

That is exactly why, how on earth would you use your own eggs in the adoption process… you r so smart

look on

Guess money takes the place of Daddy.

Nancy on

Christa—people like you make me…..well you dont want to know. Christa, did you have to go through years of surgeries, medications, testing only to learn then that you couldnt get pregnant. Then to go through 3 years of mountains of paper which required you to have a certain size home, no criminal record, physicals signed off by doctor, multiple fingerprint sets, background checks, numerous home studies and then travel to meet your child and have the judge make it as hard on you as possible because you are AMERICAN?? Did you have to stand in front of a judge and explain to her why you would be a good parent??? Excuse me, but you did not have it hard. How do you know Alexis didn’t go through similar stuff.

Talia on

@P and gb: What is it that I said that took your breath away? That made me appear uneducated and idiotic? That made you believe that I think a “single older women [to be not] as deserving of a biological connection”?

I asked why someone who I had assumed didn’t use her own eggs (which most older women cannot at her age) and didn’t have a male partner with a biological connection would choose to use a surrogate rather than adopt. Being single had nothing to do with the question.

The fact that she used her own eggs makes the answer perfectly clear.

Relax! Really.

Clare on

If you have never struggled with infertility,I don’t think that you should judge people and the paths they take to become parents. Infertility is a devastating condition and everyone has to make the choice that works best for them,whether that be surrogacy, adoption, foster parenting, whatever.

Jillian on

I am not defending the personally attack on you because it’s rude and unnecessary. But, I can see why your comment struck a chord with them bc it did with me. Regardless if she used her eggs or not, why should she have to adopt? Not everyone can go through the process of adoption for a variety of reasons. I also was confused about why her being single was brought up. It gets very old that people feel they can “tell” others how to have their children….and that’s how I took your comment.


Jillian on

Regarding eggs, at 46, woman most likey still have them. In her case since she did surrogacy before, it’d most likely they are already retrieved.


christa on

Nancy, yes I did struggle with infertility for about 6 years and then we got lucky, I became pregnant. I love that women have a chance to get pregnant through medical procedures, what I don’t like about this, is this person who had the money to get a surrogate and then says she had struggles. Other woman who give birth have struggles too, but do not have the money to pay for a surrogate. And nobody writes about these people, who will never have a chance to become a parent, because they are poor.

Annie on

Congrats to the Stewart family on the new arrival!

Not only did Alexis have several miscarriages herself, but her surrogates suffered a few as well. When she says that this was rough, she means it. Welcoming her two angels is the triumph at the end of a long, hard road. Nothing but the best for this family.

Grace on

@Christa: The reason why someone is writing about Alexis is because this is a CELEBRITY baby website. It never ceases to amaze me how many times people on here will complain about this site feature only celebrities when that is what this website is dedicated to. And yes, people do tell the stories of infertile people who are poor, just not on this site.

kendrajoi on

It’s nice to know how rich you have to be to buy babies. That’s exactly what she’s done, despite having used her own eggs. With what I have read on here about her, she sounds like Mommie Dearest. NO WIRE HANGERS!

Kayte on

I truly hope she is a better mother and nicer person than she portrays on her radio shows and tv interviews. And if she is, she should really consider going into acting because she has done a fabulous job of coming off as stuck up, rude, and unpleasant. I wish her children the very best.

Nancy on

Christa. I see what you are saying. I guess your words rubbed me wrong because you were complaining about morning sickness, gaining weight etc… We all have struggles becoming parents—some have way more than others. I had 6 years of infertility and then 3 of adoption. My point is that we dont know all of the struggles Alexis had becoming a mom. I adopted but I dont begrudge Alexis for using surrogacy. One of the previous posters was right, there are many reasons why people can’t adopt. BTW, I am by no means a rich person who adopted. It took my husband and I 3 years of savings working 2 jobs a piece to save the money it took for all of the requirements. Was it worth it?? Absolutely. I am the lucky one now!!

Lucy on

Have her hands full?? Yeah right…I suspect she will have as much to do with raising these kids as she did as with giving birth to them. She seems extremely spoiled and lazy.

C on

“wow. it saddens me that the world has such idiotic and uneducated individuals like Talia. statements like hers take my breath away.”

Reading a comment someone posted on a message board about a “celebrity” saddens you and takes your breath away? Maybe you need to take a break from the Internet for a while.

Siera on

@look. Plenty of children grow up without fathers and grow up into upstanding individuals, you really should’t assume.

p on

really, C?!
you’re just as dopey as Talia! my comment has nothing to do with celebrity. it has EVERYTHING to do with how ignorant some people are. the stupidity is rather terrifying!

C on

The only “dope” here is you. There was nothing “dopey” about Talia’s comment. She assumed Alexis didn’t use her own eggs. She was wrong. So what? The fact that someone doesn’t know every intimate detail of a celebrity’s life, as you apparently do, does not mean that person is “uneducated.” Anyway, it has nothing to do with your life, so why let it bother you?

anonymous on

Congrats to her. You have to admire her faith and courage. She didn’t give up on her dream of being a Mom. Wish her all the best.

Kacey on

Do you people realize she tried for years to have children on her own. Being a mother is being a mother thru adoption, surrogacy, step, foster however it happens. Whatever her public persona may be that does not mean it is her personal persona. I am sure she has help with her children and is not doing it alone. So quick judge. Infertility is a struggle and people suffer horribly. Thankfully it is one in issue in my life I have never had to deal with.

Kim on

yes she used her own eggs which is very rare at her age but I am guessing did 50 rounds of IVF the lasrt 5 years. I am battling infertility myself, though I did not wait until I was 41 to start conceiving. She used a surrogate for Jude so she can keep cycling and doing IVFS.. she wanted to give Jude a sibling and she was finally able to. Repeated IVFS, over and over, are insane but she was able to do it with mom’s money-no one else would have been able to do what she did. Alexis’ idea of motherhood is having a genetic child-nothing else. Sounds harsh but thats the way she is. And she has a baby nurse and all-believe me, she is not raising these kids alone.

Liz on


Sorry Jude and Truman, you got dealt a really bad hand. 😦 I hope you have a good life somehow regardless.

B on

Majority of the comments are ignorant and just plain insensitive. Infertility is a struggle and if you never experienced it then keep your comments to yourself. NO mom is a perfect mom ( rich, poor, or middle class), at least we know they won’t turn up in a box or be abused. When your child is 18 compare your failures to her failures and I am sure it will balance out.

Monk72 on

Actually, she used her OWN money for her treatments and the surrogacy. She’s a very successful business woman in her own right (gyms, yoga centers) and has been for years.

lois on


debbie goff on


Louisa on

Getting those babies insures her inheritance. The only success she has came from standing on her mother’s shoulders. She is a very cold woman. Baby Jude was named after “Rude Jude” whoever that is.

Amy JR on

I just found out Alexis had another baby and I am thrilled for her. The negative people on this blog are just that…Negative! She’s human like everyone else, so really why be so mean to someone you don’t even know. She wanted children just like you and did everything one could imagine to get them. I am very happy for her and very impressed with her dedication to try to concieve and finding and using a surrogate. She will make a wonderful mother and who cares what you see on TV. TV is what it is TV. It’s not real. You should check out her blog and see how she makes her own baby food. Give the woman a break. She really wanted children and that is what you fail to see!

AVM on

I don’t understand how she used her own eggs. She always spoke candidly about how her eggs were “bad”, dry and crusty! that’s why she couldn’t conceive. And as a woman approaches her late forties her eggs certainly don’t improve. She also said in one interview she used an anonymous donor. I don’t know if she was refering to a sperm donor or what. I wouldn’t be shocked to learn those aren’t her biological kids. The little girl doesn’t look anything like her.

Olive on

SHAME on all of you making negative comments! It makes me really sad that women are so cruel to other women! Infertility is devastating and heart breaking. I have struggled with it for years and I congratulate EVERY WOMAN who gets to be a mother. Especially those who have dreamt about it and struggled for many years. I am excited and happy for Ms. Stewart! I hope none of you ever have to experience that heartache that I… and so many other women, like Ms. Stewart… have gone through. Shame on you!