Sienna Miller’s Pregnancy Is ‘Progressing Nicely’

03/07/2012 at 01:00 PM ET
Courtesy Vogue U.K.

News of her pregnancy broke in January, but Sienna Miller chose not to address the rumors.

Instead, the actress let a photo tell the story, debuting her baby bump at a New York event without speaking a word.

“I’m in my second trimester, so I’m I-can-talk-about-it pregnant, even though I’m under strict instructions not to say anything as it would completely defeat the point of everything I’ve tried to achieve in the last eight years,” Miller tells Vogue U.K. in their April issue, referring to her inclusion in Britain’s phone-hacking scandal and subsequent testimony.

“I’m feeling fine,” she reveals. “It’s all progressing nicely and it’s very exciting.”

Miller, 30, and boyfriend Tom Sturridge expect their first child in July.

— Sarah Michaud

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Dee on

That sounds very much like saying something to me Sienna.

Tee on

Goodness, I think I’m missing something here. Why isn’t Sienna suppose to talk about her pregnancy? What is she talking about in saying that she would defeat eight years of achievement?

Donald Kent on

I do hope she has given up the ciggs, now that she is with child.

Frederick on

Cool! Another unwed pregnant ‘celebrity’.

Shannon on

What has she tried to achieve in the last eight years???

Melanie on

“referring to her inclusion in Britain’s phone-hacking scandal” AND there are links if you want to read more! Amazing!

Reading comprehension for the win.

Chandra on

Everything she’s tried to achieve over the last 8 years? Obviously, she’s talking about maintaining her privacy, but I find this pretty funny since I have no idea who this even is. I mean, she’s no Angelina or anything…is the paparazzi really beating down her door?

Jen on

I thought she was dating some actor that cheated?

Sherri on

I don’t think I even knew she was pregnant. First I’ve heard of it.

Catca on

She’s an A-List actress and is hounded by the paparazzi in London.

She is known in her personal life for dating Jude Law after he divorced his wife, and having him cheat on her with the nanny. The cheating and everything came out in public because of the phone hacking going on with the British tabloid press. Her phone was hacked and her private life was put out in the public eye as a result.

She is one of a handful of celebrities who fought hard to get a court ruling against the tabloids for their phone hacking and won a settlement. That battle has been going on for a good eight years. That’s what she’s talking about and seriously, she put a lot of time and effort into that battle.

Her point is that she fought hard for her privacy and isn’t going to start talking about the details of her personal life, pregnancy, etc. after fighting so hard to get some sort of private life. Confirming she’s in her second trimester by saying she’s in the she can talk about it stage isn’t giving away details of her private life, it’s acknowledging the visible and obvious pregnancy and simply saying she’s past 3 months so that’s when people feel they can confirm.

She didn’t say anything beyond that so she is not revealing anything about her private life.

J in NYC on

Take that! Jude Law…

Shannon on

I thought she was dating some actor that cheated?
– Anonymous

@ Anonymous: Jude Law? Balthazar Getty?

jj on

love her!

Anonymous on

Catca- Very well said! She didn’t give us any details of her life, just acknowledged what’s obvious (that she’s pregnant) and said stuff about it that we probably could have pretty much assumed even if she hadn’t said them (that her pregnancy is going fine, that it’s exciting, etc.). Also, as far as her being under “strict orders” not to discuss her private life, I’m guessing that means that her lawyer has strongly advised her not to do so. Or perhaps that was part of her settlement with the tabs.

In any case, I wish her and her boyfriend the best of luck with their baby!

Liz on

I feel sorry for the baby. My god the pictures you see of her,where her and Tom looked drugged out. This child is gonna go through major drug withdrawal. Sienna has openly stated she likes drugs. This is totally irresponsible of her how could she do this to the baby. What is she going to do when she can’t party all the time. Plus I see her leaving Tom in the end. Hopefully she will give the baby up for adoption so the child will have someone that loves them more than drugs.

Hea on

@ Catca – Exactly.

Best of luck to Sienna. May she find the happiness she’s been looking for now. 🙂

Olivia on


Cool! Another unwed pregnant ‘celebrity’.

– Frederick on March 7th, 2012

ruby on


Don’t C&P other people’s comments.

Missy on

Liz just because she said she liked drugs in the past doesn’t mean she’s doing them now. Nicole Richie also liked drugs and hated food when she got pregnant and she’s turned out to be an ok mother.

Unless you’re best friends with her and hang out with her 24/7 you have no idea what she is or isn’t doing.

Melanie on


Why can’t she?

meghan on

She’s an A-lister?

Jillian on

Don’t C&P other people’s comments.

– ruby on March 8th, 2012

Why???? It’s done on here and in most writing formats so the person you are speaking to, knows you are speaking to them and about what.


JP on

Catca – very well put. I am impressed with the woman she is becoming. There is so much more to Sienna than what we get from our news in the USA. Funny how no one here has even mentioned all the humanitarian work she has done in the last few years. First in the Congo and last year in Ethiopia- both with the International Medical Corp. This in itself shows a tremendous strength and resilience. Sienna is going to be an AMAZING mom. And Kudo’s for her in dumping the guy who treated her like dirt and holding the bar high when it came to starting a new relationship. With Tom she is learning what it’s like to actually be loved and treated with respect. I wish them all the joys that come from starting a family together.

Guest on

Is she the one who has affairs with married men?

liz on

Good luck to them! All the best.

Chiara on

Everything she’s tried to achieve over the last 8 years???? Like what??? Endless affairs or new hair colours? She´s just been stupid as always.