Jessica Simpson Goes Nude (and Confirms It’s a Girl)

03/07/2012 at 08:30 AM ET
Courtesy ELLE

Jessica Simpson has made billions from her eponymous fashion line, and she tells ELLE that she’s hoping her little one — a girl! — will be similarly style-conscious.

“I swear, I will croak if she asks me for a pair of Nikes instead of Christian Louboutins!” the Fashion Star mentor, 31, says of the baby she’s expecting this spring with fiancé Eric Johnson.

“Eric is so athletic — we’re gonna have this athletic girl and I won’t even be able to take her shopping, ’cause all she’s gonna want is sports bras and Nikes!”

But while the baby’s personality has yet to be seen, one point is already decided: her “nontraditional” name.

“We’re sure,” Simpson explains in the magazine‘s April issue, for which she posed nude.

“It’s nothing shocking and nothing you’ll have to add to the dictionary. Still, when people hear it, they’ll know … why.”

Simpson reveals her daughter made her presence known early on — just before a roadtrip, in fact.

“We were going to [go] all-day drinking…” she explains of her and Johnson’s planned drive to Venice Beach, Calif.

“Ride our bikes, hang out. But I started feeling this overwhelming guilt. Why would I feel guilt at the idea of going out and having cocktails with my friends?”

With an inkling that something was off, Simpson took a home pregnancy test — and discovered she was expecting. Instantly, her life changed.

Courtesy ELLE

“I’m a free-spirited girl, but giving up my scotch? My Macallan 18? That was hard for me!” she says.

“Though now that doesn’t even sound good, being pregnant. You crave other things. A big thing of water sounds great!”

With what her ob/gyn predicts is a 10-lb. baby on the way (the same weight her former NFL-playing beau was at birth), Simpson hopes for a slightly lighter little one.

“I was only six pounds,” she notes. “So maybe Eric and I can meet in the middle.”

— Lesley Messer

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Anonymous on

she looks beautiful…congrats Jess



jane on


Samantha on

Please don’t tell me its going to be something outrageous!! Why do these celebrities have to name their children such outlandish names?! We get it, you are a celebrity!!

patricia on

She looks beautiful in this picture and I couldn’t be happier for her and her fiancee

alexis on

Jessica is gorgeous!! She will be the best mom… cant wait to see the baby!

Susette on

She and the magazine copied Demi Moore.

Nisi on

She’s so beautiful… inside and out!

aska asha on

What the heck happened to the ” nice Christian girl” and her modesty? Pregnancy is beautiful, but the trend of doing nude pregnancy photos, ever since Demi Moore did it years ago, is a bit much. If you wouldn’t do it while not pregnant, what makes it ok when you are??

alexis on

Congrats to jessica n eric!! so happy for both

HQ on

thats awful, i dont like that celebrities do this to their image, she’s pregnant and doesn’t need to be showing all of that, have some self respect,

congrats on the baby girl though

mary on

why do pregnant celebrities feel they need to pose nude for the whole world to see? while i think the pregnant body is beautiful i also think it is personal and should be kept that way.

klutzy_girl on

Susette – Please. Many women have done the same thing Demi’s done. Jessica isn’t the first.

She looks great! I can’t wait to hear this name they’re going to choose.

andilea on

very pretty picture.. she looks happy and healthy. I don’t really care what she names her little girl…it is HER little girl. Whether I like it or not, it will not matter to Jessica and Eric.

Traci on

Gordy, I think you need to keep your trap shut. Only thing I can think is “J-E-A-L-O-U-S.

Jessica – you look fabulous and take very nice pictures.

Can’t wait to hear the name of Baby Simpson-Johnson.

Kris on

If you want to be taken seriously, Miss Simpson, put your damn clothes on!

Jessica on

I see lots and lots of air brushing.. But she still is beautiful!

alexis on

wow what a beautiful pic! beautiful jessica

Denise on

Demi Moore already did this year’s ago.. Think of something we will see vanessa doing this.. It never ends.

amy on


funkytown on

FINALLY…a celebrity who isn’t afraid of putting on more than 6 pounds during her pregnancy!! she looks FABULOUS and i wish her a lifetime of joy and happiness with her family.

Kim on

She looks absolutely gorgeous. Good for her to be so confident! More power to her!!

J. M on


Tiffany on

I bet she was airbrushed A LOT!!!!!!

Jennifer Nelson on

Umm…can you say PHOTOSHOPPED?? I saw a recent pic of her and she is WAY heavier than she appears here.

gregory on

aww 🙂 so happy for jessica! love her! and her little girl is going to be fabulous just like her momma 😀

Margie Spitler on


Kristy on

I bet its Erica…

Tiffany on


alexis on

jess is so proud happy and at peace with herself. love it!

Robin on


S on

Oh Lord, she’s gonna name that baby Jerica.

Brittney on

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. Jerica is a very “non-traditional” name, I wonder if thats the name?

mel on

I sure this took a VERY Long time- major airbrush!!!

carmen on

Congrats Jessica, you look Beautiful!! you deserve all the happiness in the world!!!

klutzy_girl on

Margie and Kristy – She said it’s a “nontraditional name”. Erica *is* traditional.

christa on

What a gorgeous woman, love Jessica, she is a brilliant business woman.

LC on


alexis on

Give the girl some credit!! She’s not afraid to show her body off even at this weight. It’s not about the weight it’s about her confidence. You rocked it!!

sharon on

airbrushed of course, but still looks beautiful.

cseverson on

Non-Christian cow. Thank god Nick was given a second chance with a lady

Marie Patterson on

No offense to Jessica, but of course she looks amazing. We all would of looked amazing in a nude pregnancy picture, if we had a magazine footing the bill for a professional photogapher, and the best photoshop abilities. Do you really believe she really doesn’t have even ONE strech mark?? Come on…

Kristina on

This picture is obviously overly airbrushed. Good for her for having the courage to do it, but I would be courageous as well if they were going to airbrush the picture. It looks very fake.

LaDuquesa on

It is so photoshoped that they have added the worst navel ever… they didn’t even waste one second on it. They just added a BROWN blurry spot…

PW on

wow she got fat

Amy on

Are you people that stupid to think that this pic was just taken!? It was for the magazine cover so I’m sure it was taken over a month ago. Catty women.

amanda on


Molly on


Lindse on


I don’t need to see that. Of course the photo was airbrushed beyond belief! I wish she would go away. She peddles cheap clothes and shoes and will do anything to be seen and heard. I don’t care if she’s having a kid…I don’t care to see her sans clothing on a magazine cover. Elle must have been in a bind for a cover subject. Nothing original about dropping your clothes to be seen in a magazine.

She isn’t beautiful in any way, shape, or form. Pop out your kid and go away!

JJ on

Ok, she’s either naming the baby after the dog she lost or maybe little baby Chicken of the Sea.

jjbenny on

ommg i was happy to see that she having a girl

julie on

Pregnanacy is such a beautiful experience……I took pics of my belly all along this last time….Jessica is no different that any of the rest of us who are so proud and excited to have a blessing like this…..Kids change your life forever, Good luck to both of them…..

ML on

At this point in her pregnancy, isn’t her belly supposed to be an ‘outie’ ?? …. photoshop picture.

Monica on

I have to say that I think Jessica is not going to be happy with all the weight she has put on after the baby is born. From recent pix it looks like she is pushing the +50lb mark. There is no reason for someone to gain that much weight when pregnant other than she was starving herself pre-pregnancy and is now using it as an excuse to eat anything she wants.

I think that’s why all these celebrities all gain over 50lbs- because they are starving! But then the fun comes when they are expected to look anorexic 2 weeks after baby is born. Good luck!

Jen on

So what if she was airbrushed? Big deal, pregnant women do not and are never going to have perfect bodies ever again. God bless her and the baby.

Cassie on

Jessica looks stunning and gorgeous, I know photoshop played a part in the beauty of the picture. Jessica looks fatter in real life than in the picture.

I hate nude pictures. We all know women are sex objects but I’m tired to see it forced in our heads all the time.

To “FUNKYTown”. Most celebrities gain more than 6 pounds while they are pregnant. One example is Gisele Bundchen she gained 30 pounds.

Michelle on

So she has to wait til marriage to have sex with her first husband but after that its ok to have sex before marriage, kind of strange. And then broadcast on a magazine cover that you are pregnant without being married, nothing like promotely messed up family values.

Amy on

Oh and not all pregnant women get stretch marks!

ann on

bless her heart, she looks airbrushed to within an inch of her life

katie on

funny how quick people are to bash others when they don’t know them. if you wouldn’t say it to her face, don’t say it here….and if you would say it to her face, than you’re just mean.

jessica looks beautiful and there’s nothing wrong with posing nude while pregnant; i did and i’ll cherish the photos forever. and there IS a huge difference between posing nude pregnant and not pregnant. anyone who has been there knows this. it’s the beauty of the miracle of nature that’s being showcased, not t and a. you saw the word “nude” in the title. if you didn’t want to see it, you shouldn’t have clicked.

congrats on your baby girl! i have two and can tell you you’re going to have a blast ❤

lola on

beautifull!!!!!the best!!!

lobri on

Maybe she named the baby Daisy.

Sierra on

My neighbor’s name is Jerica and that was the first time I’ve ever heard of that name. So it’ll be interesting if Jessica Simpson names her daughter that.

jjhjkkyiy on

Tell me if I am wrong but hasn’t this been done before? Not very original…

lisa on

photoshop worked overtime this day…

meg on

Photoshop should use this picture to advertise their product.

Pipsqueeke on

yeah, thats not photoshopped at all. paaalease…

Rene on

She looks gorgeous…..and congrats on a baby girl!!! And if Jessica is her mommy, there will be plenty of froo froo clothes…..but what’s wrong with Nikes and a sports bra?????? LOL

Carla on

I get why she did it (to keep up with everyone else), but this clearly is a “brushed up” version of her pregnant self. I just saw her (in People) the other day and her face looked so much fuller than it does here.

tash on

how much of that is photoshop….????

Janella on

She looks amazing in this photo and should be so proud of her body pregnant and all!!!!!

Amaryllis on

Damn, I was so hoping these nudie prego pictures were going the way of the dodo. What’s wrong with these people??

Mel on

So happy she finally found her forever but the nude pic was a bit much seeing as how she has portrayed the good christain girl image all her life

Anonymous on

Something tells me she’s going to name the baby after that dog she had that got eaten by Coyotes…what was it?…Daisy?…Wouldn’t be shocked at all.

Anonymous on

she looks very of luck..

Hannah on

She looks so beautiful! What a stunning young woman. I think a pregnant lady is one of the most amazing sights to see. Thanks for sharing this wonderful picture!

Colleen on

No, what I find disturbing is how she will “croak” if the baby asks her for Nikes. Honestly, Nick was fortunate to get out…..hes a down to earth type of guy who doesn’t need to father TWO kids. This GIRL needs to grow up. I can’t wait till she realizes there is more to babies other then playing dress up!!!

T on

ORCA!!! Nuff Said!!!

Sarah on


Mandy on

I am almost 30 weeks pregnant & am nowhere near as big as this. You are not supposed to put on a lot of weight when you are pregnant. No doctor is going to tell you its okay to gain 70 lbs.

Laurie on

we all know that sister ain’t look like that in years naked. they airbrushed a buck fifty off of her short squat frame.

Lady on

She looks beautiful…quit hating so much people sheeeeesh!!!

Erica is too traditional. Jerrica on the other hand is cute, all I know is I hope it’s nothing to do with her father…Congrats to them can’t wait to hear the name!

Leona on

Bulcrup! It’s all about the money and attention!

Mizzteriouz on

I think Jessica looks amazing, I don’t understand the hate. Christianity has nothing to do with her job nor what she does to make her money. If posing nude is a huge sin i’m sure GOD will be very forgiving…. In the bible it says not to judge and that’s what you people are doing. WHAT A SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BjM on

I got it — she’s going to name her ERICA (combo of Eric and Jessica)!! Could be wrong as I wouldn’t consider it “non-traditional”.

Kari on

Why do celebrities feel the need????????????

Shells on

Yes, Jessica looks beautiful and it’s a beautiful pic of a beautiful time in her life. BUT…a picture like that should be PRIVATE!!! For her and her fiancee and her family. NOT for the cover of a magazine. I truly do not understand the need for celebrities to show us everything they’ve got, for crying out loud.

Gigi on

I think I am officially over seeing naked pregnant celebrities on magazines.

Jessica on

This pose has already been done—MANY times by celebrities. Enough already. So over done. Give it rest

Jeana on

Very pretty and well done

Can’t wait to see the baby photos

Anonymous on

Everything about this photo grosses me out

Synclaire on

This photo was probably taken a couple of months go and yes she is bigger now that doesn’t affect any of us so why are some of you mad about it?

boohoobytch on

somehow I just KNEW we’d hear from her b/c she can’t tolerate Nick and Vanessa being happy…she loses regardless b/c Nick isn’t paying for his girl, doesn’t buy himself gifts and his kid won’t be a bastard…is there anything worse than a pathetic pregnant chick?!?!

tj on

i predict she will name the baby “Daisy”

Kim on

She is GORGEOUS!! Nobody can say anything else unless they are jealous. You look amazing, God bless you and your precious daughter-to-be.

boohoobytch on

laaaaaame attempt hun

nacho on

Total photoshopped photo. Just saw her on some show and her face is very large as is the rest of her. She’s pregnant, I would expect nothing less, so let’s be real with the picture and show what a real actual living breathing pregnant woman looks like without the make up and photoshopping – because this is not real.

Jillian on

I cannot imagine why anyone would want to show a pic this personal for the world to see. Perhaps, it’s an ego thing…and the father of the baby kissing her belly…oh brother~ Why do they think the public wants to see these pics????

Pat in Oak Ridge TN on

I am so sick of Jessica Simpson. go away already. and yes, put on some clothes. the last thing in the world i want to see when I click on is some man kissing her bare belly.

Cindy on

Dear God people. Not all women get stretch marks and she is not necesarily airbrushed. So what if she was. I have 3 children, including a set of (BIG) twins, and I have no stretch marks whatsoever. I do have loose skin that I need to work on through sit-ups, but no stretch marks. She looks beautiful and it looks natural TO ME! While I agree that of late, she has put on more pounds, I also think that’s normal. MANY women, including myself, have tons of water weight gain and puffiness, regardless of how well you’re eating or not. The body does many amazing things while carrying a child. I also would have taken pictures like this if I could! What’s wrong with it? Why is she no longer Christian? You can’t SEE anything! It’s a beautiful pic and she is glowing! Don’t be so jealous and catty!

Jules on

People seem to forget that Jessica is short…so how you can guess she has gained 50+ lbs is beyond me. 50lbs on someone 5’2″ would be extreme. And for the person who mentioned she has no stretch marks, I am on my third pregnancy and I haven’t had a single stretch mark any of my pregnancies. Every woman is different. Also, I am not a fan of Jessica at all (I think she is kind of annoying at times) but I can’t believe how catty some of you are!

James on

Come on really people? It isn’t like you can see her nipples and Vagina. So she isn’t really “Nude”. She is covered up, quit freaking out on her. She is beautiful and looks good.

Barbra on

Why do these celebs feel the need to pose nakkid when they’re pregnant? No one cares. Us women have been pregnant for ages. Celebs aren’t the first ones and honestly their children are no better than ours. I do have to say. I like Jessica Simpson. She’s glowing and very pretty. I’m happy for her. Scared to find out what she has decided to name her lovely daughter. I hope some of these children from celebs sue their stupid parents when they are older. If you’re not going to respect your children by giving them a decent name then you should be fined.

JMQuinn on

Isn’t this pose getting to be a little trite? It was original when Demi did it but now it’s just ordinary. And maybe a pregnant, unmarried, supposedly Christian woman, should dial it back a notch? Just saying…

ds on

she is so nasty.

Lindsey on

I think that if she has the guts to bare all pregnant,that’s awesome! But…I would have been covered except for my belly…just sayin..

Mary on

And the point of doing something like that is? Everyone knows she is pregnant and, personally, and am very glad for her. BUT this incredible need to expose it all is RIDICULOUS. Why celebrities feel there is no need for privacy or common sense is BEYOND ME

allen on

long gone are those wonderfull daisy dukes

a on

“I swear, I will croak if she asks me for a pair of Nikes instead of Christian Louboutins sounds like a typical thing for Her to say… she is so clueless of the real world..

cat on

Jessica, as a mom I hate to break it you but babies are little human beings with their own personalities. Some traits come from mom and dad and some will leave you scratching your head thinking where the heck does that come from? Whether your baby grows up sporty choosing sneakers over heels you should embrace that and support her because thats what a good parent does. Who knows there is the possibility she will enjoy sports and shopping with mommy and you and eric will have best of both worlds. So don’t say you will croak if she chooses sports over heels (even as a joke). Girls who play sports are competitive and strong and that is something any parent should be proud of. Whatever your childs personality turns out to be just love them unconditionally and you will have a great start in raising a great human being.

PeopleFan on

I bet they name her Daisy. Plus I think she looks great and happy!

Sophia on

Don’t understand why WOMEN get annoyed by the nude picture of a pregnant woman. THAT’S true nude art. Jessica and any other nude pregnant woman look very innocent and completely natural to me. Nudity here only 100% shows “the miracle”. Cheesy, but true.

dianne on

Wow….can you say photoshopped and airbrushed?

Nina on

An obvious Photoshop job and it creates expectations that pregnant women will look like this. We all know she has gained an incredible amount of weight on top of her pregnancy pounds. It’s been extremely noticable. Why not show it as it is? No cellulite, no stretch marks and no rolls? I look at the edge lines on her back, her backside and her arms. That’s where the blatant “trimming” has occurred. And that is a shame.

Helen on

Jessica only has one person to answer to now. Her precious little baby.

Rhonda on

Hasn’t this been done a million times? YAWN

cestlavie on


Denise Brown on

No doubt, this is an homage to Moore’s Vanity Fair cover — there is nothing wrong with imitation.

mandii on

ICK!!!!!!! NAST!!!!

Cat on

LC, well done. Renesmee.

Jennifer on

Pregnancy photos gross me out. Nothing beautiful about it. Take a photo of her saggy stretch marked belly after and put that on the cover.

gaggirl on

I agree 100% with Monica. There is no such thing as “eating for two”. All the baby needs is an additional 100-300 calories a day. So that’s just a b.s. excuse to let yourself go. Jessica has packed on a ton of weight and will not be looking anything like Jessica Alba in the foreseeable future. Really, buttered pop tarts?!?!? Ugh.

She only posed nude because her pregnancy announcement didn’t garner any real attention. I used to like Jessica but she’s become such a pathetic moron and doormat.

lake11 on

It could be Daisy– named after the dog she was obsessed with, which got eaten by coyotes in front of Simpson’s eyes.

redanan on

Wow. All you people need to go to a Nudist resort and get over your negative body image! There is no “perfect” body, at any age – so you can relax and appreciate the body you have! There you’ll see what you’ll look like in 10 years, and realize that worrying about aging is a waste of effort. Instead, focus on gratitude and encouraging each other.

Peggy Holmes on

I’m sorry “People” but the photos of a pregnant Jessica Simpson did not go over to well. First of all Jessica’s is thick, thick, thick. Her butt however is the size of a newborn baby girl. The photos are unflattering and I’m quite surprised her camp released it for publish. The photo on Elle is too a hot mess. It appears to be awkward. Sorry Jessica. Fire your people whom obviously refused to tell you the truth.

av on

she need self respect .thats awful, i dont like that celebrities do this to their image, she’s pregnant and doesn’t need to be showing all of that, have some self respect,

Anonymous on

I want to see the picture before it was photoshopped, there is no way she looks like that, no way. She is much MUCH bigger than that.

Ann Johnson on

Wow she was totally air brushed! She doesn’t look nearly this good!

Anonymous on

She could have at least smiled! People stated she looks so happy??? Is that a face of happiness? I don’t understand. She should have had a huge smile on for the happiness I’m sure she is feeling for both her and Eric. Congrats, the same. I’m just not happy with this photo choice…The overall look is great, but the face, not so!

J on

Why do we care about this bimbo who is giving birth to an illegitimate kid?

canada girl on

I like Jessica and I admire her for not being afraid of the pregnancy weight! She looks beautiful.

I think unique names are good and the end where she says once the name is announced people will know why they named her that. So I am sure it will not be anything too crazy.

ClaireSamsmom on

Why would you want to do this? I wonder what Nick and Vanessa think about this picture? I bet they are super private with their pregnancy…they just seem like more ‘keep to themselves’ people, which I respect.

lulu on

So photo shopped. If you have seen her in the magazines walking the streets the past couple of weeks – she is three times that size. I dont care that she is huge – I just have a problem with saying you dont care but allow yourself to be photoshopped down a few sizes to make yourself to look better? kSo funny for her to be a photo shop fake when she runs around eating for 20 and admits it? Have a little more class – be who you are at all times. I am pregnant at 26 weeks and watch what I eat – I definetely do not take advantage and eat for “two” like they say. BE REAL for once.

Kristine on

Yes she looks would an average mom who had the attention for this cover. Shame she can’t embrace letting a girl be what she wants..Nikes or fancy shoes..who cares.

Meg on

Apparently none of y’all have ever been pregnant. If you were going to do a shoot like this, you’d want to be airbrushed to the fullest!!!

This was obviously several months ago, I’d say 2-3. She’s gotten MUCH heavier!

Geena Romano on

i love her personality and the pix of her naked prego shot of jessica is lovely.great lady here,as far as her very realistic persona,god bless her

nothing sweeter than a new baby new life of a LIL girl!


Susan Albert on

Yes, It is true, she does look beautiful, nevertheless, I don’t think it appropriate to poss nude.

cat on

The name is totally going to be Daisy her first real “baby”.

ace11 on

So now Vanessa & Nick will have to “announce” they are having a girl 1 up this news

It’s like a game

MeMe on

I bet they’ll name her Daisy, after her precious doggie.

Lauren on

She looks HUGE ! and not in a good healthy way.

mandy on

Is this really necessary??? Wow….we really do live in a graceless age!

St.Ephanie on

Never thought Id say these words, but Demi Moore looked better.

Cindy on

JeriKa maybe????

pudentane on

What an ignorant and pompous woman. Fie!

paula on

I have read somewhere that she is thinking of the name Morgan or Karen..

Dana on

This photo has been photoshopped, airbrushed, and insta-slimmed beyond belief.

Katie on


bh on

Ok – now get married.

vel on

I like more traditional names, however, an occasionally unique name is good too, but some of those “Celebrity” names are rediculous: Zuma, Bronx, Knox??

I do like Shiloh and Suri, but not for my kids

I like a real name that ages well with your child. Of course those names are better than the fad names–fad names are the worst! JADEN, Taylor, Ryder, Tyson, Deacon, etc cheesy!! C’mon this is their name for life!

Congrats to Jessica, I am sure you’ll be a great mom!
ALL babies are DUE of love

deborah boomhower on

Go home and put your clothes on Jessica Simpson! Who wants to look at your nasty ass body? Just remember that when your daughter you are about to give birth too sees that picture of you she will turn her head and cry. Put your clothes on and keep them on!

Candace on

Congrats Jess! Girls are so much fun to dress up in cute little dresses and bows.

mandii on

So gross.

victory on

Now that Jessica’s fiance is no longer a football player, does he have another job or will Jessica be supporting two dependents?

seaandsun on

She looks beautiful. Why do people trash this girl? My goodness, it’s not like she’s a bitch, a homewrecker or something else that might have cause pain to others. She’s a hardworker, cute, sweet and I for one is happy she’s happy. Good people deserve good things to happen to them, or am I crazy for treating people the way I would want to be treated?????

lily28 on

Can you say EXTREMELY photoshopped! We’ve all seen pictures of her pregnant, with clothes, and she DOES NOT look like this!

Teri on

Everyone who says their a Christian is not a Christian. Why do women degrade themselves in such a way? I feel sorry for the children in this generation having to grow up looking at this filth.

JM on

When i had my daughters (and sons for that matter) the last thing i was concerned about was whether or not they would be style conscious. Happy, healthy, bright, curious, confident, strong, intelligent, kind, generous, respectful, tolerant….yes, all those things. but style conscious? it’s sad that she almost certainly would not be saying the same thing if she was expecting a boy. why don’t we have higher hopes for our girls than that they should be concerned with their looks? sad, really sad.

guest on

shes so gorgous-happy for her

Fake on

Just last week I was thinking “it’s so nice to see a somewhat famous person looking like a normal pregnant woman” after seeing just a random photo of Jessica on the street, and then some editor goes and ruins everything with photoshop. No stretch marks, that is possible I didn’t get any, but absolutely no extra fat just a perfect body with a baby bump, not true, so fake, typical hollywood photoshopping, very disappointing.

JustDan on

Am a bit suprised at how many people react negatively to this picture.

Pregnant woman are beautiful, and have nothing to be ashamed of.

Momof1 on

She’s been photoshopped A LOT! Don’t be fooled, everyone. And hey, whatever sells more magazines, right?

Kiki on

Cindy- No amount of sit-ups will take care of that loose skin. Your skin elasticity has nothing to do with muscle tone.

meme on

Hasn’t this cover been done already? I’m sick of airbrushed pregnant celebs on magazine covers. Jessica is WAY bigger than that.

Alice on

I’m concerned that men will look at this picture and think that their own pregnant partner will look like this naked while they are pregnant. It’s presenting a completely unrealistic imagine. Amongst all the airbrushing what is most visible is that Jessica’s arm is completely photoshopped to look thin and straight, she doesn’t even have this type of arm naturally. Also her belly button.. or lack there of is just a brown fuzzy spot.

sugar cane on

Lovely picture,her kid name is citrus,,another wonderfull name if its me,,I call my kid name moon or titan,or pluto or venus.thats my call

Jenna on

She does look beautiful and I’m glad she’s having a girl. But I agree, the first thing I thought is wow this is totally photo shopped.

Hum.... on

She is beautiful and all….but the picture looks TOO airbrushed to me!!!

happy 2day on


Jamie on

She looks beautiful……. haters are on it….. it is a beautiful thing …Congrats on the new baby…. good luck

Tim C on

Just looks like a woman with a beer belly to me, Ugh.

Tonie on

I just had a baby girl on the 1st of march, I went from 140 to 205 and have gained no stretch marks, and did not have an eating problem before then and use my pregnancy as a free for all at mcdonalds, and I had an “innie” belly button until the week before my due date, ( and then it wasnt even an outie, just flat” so EVERYONES different! on that note….still photoshoped im sure! =)

Suzy on

Magazines are generally put to bed three months ahead of publication.

Aneeda on


Sharon on

I’m betting the name is Jerica – Jessica and Eric….

Lisa on

I love JS and I think she looks beautiful, but she is clearly photoshopped within an inch of her life here. Still, it will be a wonderful memory for her after the baby is born, and a lovely photo to share with her daughter.

Nadah on

I am currently on my 4th pregnancy, and I have no stretch marks whatsoever. They might have used concealer people, not necessarily some non-existent airbrush color. Pregnancy photos are way more beautiful than the majority of staged photos that magazines choose. This is a beautiful pose that women have done WAY BEFORE Demi Moore ever thought about doing it. Look back at paintings and statues from the past. Women have been posing nude during pregnancy for centuries. I plan on having a maternity session with a photographer, and I hope that I look even 1/4 as good as she does.

As a medical student, I know the difference between fat, water weight, and pregnancy. She is only an inch taller than me, and even weighing as little as 130 lbs. can look extreme on a woman so short. Yeah, she may be a little overweight because of this pregnancy, but it’s recommended that women with a BMI between 18.5-24.9 should gain between 25-40 lbs. It also depends on your medical history, family background, and your height. So what if she looks big? In my opinion, this is the most beautiful picture of her that we’ve seen yet. This is no different than videos and pictures of women breastfeeding. This is a nice change of pace since we mostly see women who have to lead unhealthy lifestyles in order to be so thin on the covers of magazines. Good job Jessica!

awesomeness on

I personally think the name “Jerica” would be really cute!! 🙂 Combine the two names!!

Kira on

NOT necessary to see her nude body, and this had to be taken a couple months ago because she looks like a HUGE cow right now and looks like she is carrying triplets

Carol on

the name will be Erica, because its the female form of the father’s name and it sound like jessica…simple

Anonymous on

Athletic girls are not always about sports bras and nikes, but she can have the best of both worlds. My daughter loves softball, but she is a girly girl at heart. As long as she is on the field she is athletic and all about the game…off the field she is fashion girl. Hair done, makeup, and shoes shoes are a must.

Laura on

I think she’ll name the baby Daisy, after her little dog that was stolen by a coyote. 😦

SenorPlaid on

As if filmmakers stealing ideas that didn’t need to be remade from 20 years ago wasn’t bad enough …

Sukiacki on

Baby name: It’s probably Erica. 1/2 for Eric and 1/2 for Jessica.

Wish she could’ve picked a different pose than copying Demi’s famous one from years back.

torgster on

So fake – how “beautiful” would she look here without the extra 50 pounds photoshopped off? Have the guts to show the real you Jess.

Shannon on

Pretty picture & I’m happy for her but couldn’t they have been more original with the shot? This is a blatant copy of Demi Moore’s 1991 Vanity Fair cover. Change it up, magazine editors!

Ashley on

First of all….really? In pictures of her on the street, she looks twice as big. This picture is so photo-shopped it’s not even funny. Second, I’m so sick of the “stars” and their materialistic BS. We were at a fundraiser to FEED the poor last night, and people without much are digging deep and donating. Then I come home and in the “news” section is a “Bieber” story about which house he’s going to buy…in the $10 million dollar range. The “Occupiers” need to focus on Hollywood instead of Wall Street for a while.

kel on

She should only hope for an athletic, confident daughter!!! These days Jessica, cool girls can do it all…be sporty and girly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fran on

my eyes!!!! why does every pregnant star do this. ok not everyone but the ones losing their fame. stop it now.

Trina on

Amazingly catty comments here. First, not all women get stretch marks. Three kids later and NO stretch marks here (and no “outtie” belly button ever, either).

Second, do you really think this pic was taken yesterday? Of course, she has gained more weight than this. This pic was taken several months (and several pounds) ago. Most magazines are put together many months before they hit the stands.

Third, do you realize that celebs aren’t the only ones taking pix like this? This has become very popular, and if she is proud of her body (and she is), why not show it? If you don’t want to see it (and you obviously did because YOU clicked on it), don’t look! Simple. Jealous much?

She looks gorgeous, glowing, and I agree with Helen. The only person she has to answer to now is her baby girl.

Ann on

I am sure she is beautiful but I am also sure the photo is a bit fixed up to hide some flaws. BUT, should not be on a cover of a magazine. Just my opinion.

Jessie on

This is what a real pregnant woman looks like…Are you taking notes Beyonce?

Elle on

This must have been taken months ago or be heavily airbrushed, because she is HUGE in all of the candid shots you see of her. Also, I think this pose needs to be retired.

stef on

Really, Traci? Someone is, as you put it..’JEALOUS’ because they don’t share your enthusiasm for this picture? Don’t flatter yourself. Believe it or not, people ARE entitled to their own opinion, even if said opinion doesn’t match yours.

You don’t hear me calling you PATHETIC for speaking as though you know Jessica Simpson personally, do you?

Sab on

While I’ll admit this is a beautiful photograph, the was some MAJOR airbrushing going on here. I am pregnant and due in late May and I can honestly say that Jessica looks better than ever. And I subscribe to People and US Weekly so I see new photos of Jessica every week. She does not look this good in real life. She’s beautiful, don’t get me wrong…I just wish that the picture wasn’t so doctored, that way you would see what a pregnant woman actually looks like. This is fiction

Anonymous on

I hope all the morons who called her fat see this picture.

kimberly on


Anonymous on

How much money did she get ??

just saying on

this is all beautiful & very well done as many other celebs have also done the same thing.. There appears to be a group of certain haters maybe using multiple names travelling to site on Jessica spewing hate & ignornace. Jessica should & can share her happiness at becoming a mom as many women do. She is not doing anything anyother expectanat mother is happy about & like above many celebs have done too. The hate & ridicule directed towards this woman is not called for. WE know bully started with ADULTS first for it to become spread to our young people. You should all be ashamed. Bullying is not cool & has left our society in difficult places for many to deal with it. Grow up People & find something you enjoy & don’t spend so much time on something or someone you don’t. Jessica is a very beautiful young woman with a huge heart & always keeps it real. Do the same. Have a great day!

shay on

she looks good, if vanessa does this i will LAUGH!!!!

Anon on

Gag me… First miss, I will be a virgin until marriage. Then the marriage lasts 3 years and is a reality show. Then I am having a baby out of wedlock. In the eyes of the lord she is still married to Nick and this is a baby conceived from an adulterous affair. I am not religious, I just hate hypocrisy! She has to apologize for the virginity pledge.

L.B. on

I agree, its either Jerica or she’s gonna go and name the baby after where the baby was conceived, “Brooklyn”, “London” etc.

Pregnant bodies are beautiful (got one myself right now…) but seriously why should we applaud her for doing this cover? That isn’t really something to be proud of is it? How is that an achievement? Woo hoo you took your clothes off and got paid for it. Naked bump pics aren’t my style but if they are yours thats fine, keep it in your family and not out for millions of people to see. That isn’t you being proud, it’s you being vain.

LolitaNYC on

Very pretty! Hope you have a healthy baby, Jessica!

Laurie on

That photo had to be taken 5 months ago or was subject to some major airbrushing. I actually saw her about a month ago here in NY and she is absolutely enormous…soooo much bigger than in that photo

Shiv on

She’s a celebrity. Celebrities are narcissistic. That is why we must be subjected to naked pictures of them during pregnancy. And then we’ll be subjected to the family portrait on the cover of People or US Weekly. As far as the name, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Dallas.

Whitley Nicole on

“What the heck happened to the ” nice Christian girl” and her modesty? Pregnancy is beautiful, but the trend of doing nude pregnancy photos, ever since Demi Moore did it years ago, is a bit much. If you wouldn’t do it while not pregnant, what makes it ok when you are??”

What happened to the “nice Christian girl”? She grew up. And she probably wouldn’t have done something like this while not pregnant, you’re right. But then, I guess it’s just to give people like you something to complain about.

Jesus, she’s having a child for Pete’s sake! She looks beautiful! If she wants to stand on the front of a magazine, stark naked, with this big pregnant belly…let her! Everyone else does it–it’s gorgeous and it’s very honest. I will be sure to have MANY naked pregnancy photos.

Jim on

Look I’m not much of a Jessica Simpson, but she looks beautiful. I don’t know if they used computer’s to enhance or get rid of things but she looks beautiful. And Demi my have been the first but I believe most women look beautiful and sexy in pictures like ths. its natural. not trashy or exploited in pictures like this. Its the human body. Something not to be ashamed of. I’m sure they did a little touching up but The naked human body is nothing to be ashamed of. There are organizations that continue to say pictures like this is exploytation. but its not. Its something the God lord gave us and society should quit being so up tight about the human body. its because of these people that this country has become so affraid of it, therfore making it an issure. But as a man, there is nothing more beautiful than the naked body of a woman. abosolutly beautiful.
Jessica, thumbs up to you my dear! just plain beautiful!

Alexia on

Um, she did not have to strip down for the whole world to see her naked pregnant body. I wish celebs would try to still have at least a smidgen of modesty even when they are pregnant. It’s a bit much to share with the whole world. And the “nontraditional name,” gag me. It’s just the celeb trying to grab attention. I bet it’s the girl from jungle book, to go with that stupid middle name her sister chose for her boy.

samEl on

I have seen better pics of her… does anyone finds a pregnant woman sexy!! if not, why the pics!

One Voter on

Oh, Please! So original? Anything for a little PR during a career drought. That said, Congratulations to both parents on the happy event.

alan on

beerbelly for sure

Sammi on

Jessica, just stfu….I’m sure she’ll live if her daughter likes running shoes

Stephanie on

What is wrong with celebrities? Jessica is far from the first to post nude while pregnant. While I agree that pregnancy is a beautiful thing, I see this as basically exploiting that child…it isn’t even born yet and she is using it to gain for herself. I hope she realizes that one day that child is going to Google her mother and come across this picture…Wonder if she will think it’s such a great idea then??? If this were her personal photo, used a memory for her and her fiancee then that would be one thing but her naked pregnant body on a magazine cover is just plain wrong. Also, this is SUPER Photoshopped! There isn’t a single stretch mark, bump or lump anywhere on her body…even her belly button looks completely perfectly normal! Let’s not even get into the men in this world that will use that photo for inappropriate things…

LPW on

still famous why?

Kelli on

GROSS!!!! I know pregnancy is suppose to be this beautiful thing, but people are going to far. Women have been having babies since the dawn of time. This current obsesion with every pregant woman acting like it is such a miracel to behold, as if they are the only person to have a baby is getting out of control. No one wants to see your naked belly!!! Cover up! The world population is currently 6,998,969,464. ALL miracles. Right?

Kathy on

My, My, My….some of you are so cruel. Yes, this pose has been done before, as has EVERY pose on Every mag. cover. It was Demi’s time when she was pregnant & now it’s Jessica’s time. Give it a rest! Be kind to one another, for pete’s sake.

Rose on

Hope. I bet you guys that is going to be the baby’s name. I don’t know that’s the feeling I got from the lat sentence.

Julianna on

Jessica looks beautiful! Her daughter is one celebrity baby I can’t wait to meet!

MAM on

This is a copy of the Demi Moore cover 20 or so years ago. Jessica, get original !

Jeffrey Thompson on

She looks like a beached whale. Would be nice if she covered up a bit.

cat on

Babies are born with their own personalities jessica, Dont say you will croak if she grows up to be sporty and possibly prefer sneakers over heels. She may grow to like both! Point is you don’t know what she will like. It’s a wonderful journey full of surprises and I hpoe you give your baby unconditional love regardless if she turns out to be nothing like you. I think athletic girls are strong and competetive and any parent would be proud if their daughter had these traits. Good luck on the most rewarding and hardest job you ever had.

Noelle on

After seeing photos of jessica with her clothes on, there is NO WAY that photo is her true body. That photo is massively photoshopped…I believe, to the point is hugely deceiving. That does not look like her at all.

pro photog on

The Demi Moore cover was so much better. The lighting on Jessica is flat and the posing boring. The lighting on Demi was gorgeous and the turn of her head much more sophisticated. Lousy copycat.

Sharon on

Well, now we know who the new Jenny Craig spokeswoman will be!

katie on

I saw her recently at a shopping mall near her home. She definitely has gained a lot of weight and it isn’t just “baby.” I also like her but she seems to be a very moody person even before she got pregnant.

She is beautiful but has always battled with her weight. I’m sure being pregnant has not helped. I heard she was very excited to be a mommy and she has wanted a baby for a very long time. Good Luck Jessica and please don’t name your baby something that will be hard for the kid to say or get made fun of!

Traci on

As the mom of two gorgeous, slim, nearly 6 feet tall, blonde, amazon waterpolo players, who cares if they want sports bras and Nikes??? I prefer the confidence my daughters exude, and I am relieved that there are more important things to them out there than the Mall. They can have a balance..mine wear nail polish, it looks nicer when they steal the ball and score. 🙂

treyc on

I am so sick of these covers. There is nothing beautiful or sexy about a huge stomach. If there were, fashion models wouldn’t be killing themselves to be thin.

Anonymous on


ThreeBoyz on

You look so beautiful Jessica! Congratulations to you and Eric! Enjoy your baby girl! Such a blessing! I hope you get to go shopping with her and compare fashions with each other. Wishing you a healthy baby and delivery!

lisa on

PHOTOSHOPPED! Come on – we’ve all seen the pictures of her out and about. She is GIGANTIC

Loves Arkansas on

beautful picture, BUT it must have been done MONTHS ago, she’s so big now! Good luck to her & new baby girl. BUT guess her Christian upbringing is gone now, baby before marriage, nude pictures…disappointed in her choices.

Photoshop guru on

Photoshop, you say? Hate to break it to you, but there is no magazine on the newstand right now that doesn’t have a picture on it that is not photoshopped, except maybe cooking magazines. If it has a picture on it, it has been “touched up” with Photoshop in some way, shape, or form. Another magazine in the past year or so did an article on exactly that, showed a picture of one celebrity before Photoshop and the same picture after the doctoring up with Photoshop. Yes, Photoshop can be magic, but Ms. Simpson is not the only one using it.

Thinker on

Go back a few years. With her own lips, Jessica professed to be a “good Christian girl”. I conclude from this that it’s okay to be a devout Christian when you’re struggling or not yet mega-rich and famous, but once you can have anything you want, throw that Christianity crap right out the window! No matter how you try to slice it, nudity, in any form, just doesn’t fit with the traditional Christian ideal.

Of course, Christianity is already crap to a lot of people so why should I cast dispersion on her just because she doesn’t fit MY idea of what a ‘good Christian girl’ should be, right?

Well, if you’re a Christian, you should unashamedly declare it. Once you have become ‘enlightened’ to the crap that Christianity is, you should just as unashamedly declare that as well. Otherwise, you come off as a hypocrite.

S on

Wow, you all are very critical. Of course there’s some airbrushing just like in EVERY other magazine picture. As far as stretch marks, I’m pregnant with my 4th and I don’t have any…it mainly has to do with genetics – my mom had 2 big twins and no stretch marks.

cat on

I liked her with Nick Lachey. They really gave up on their marriage so easily and it’s weird they are both becoming parents the same year with different partners. It could have been their baby if they believed in marriage and went to counseling to work trough their issues. Sadly, Hollywood odds are this relationship wont last either.

Vanessa Minnilo was so desperate to marry anyone in hollywood after many failed relationship attempts she pounnced on Nick after his break up with Jessica. She was begging in public for him to propose to her, shameless. I wonder how long that will last.

Ashley on

God damn she’s a huge fat cow!!!

Vanessa on

Wow, this cover has been done a million times before. Way to be original, Elle.

kelli on

Everyone gains weight differently when pregnant. I gained over 50 lbs and i was huge!! Jessica is a beautiful girl no matter what!!!! She’s proud and confident and glowing. She will be the best hands on mother. Lucky lucky baby!!

Roz on

Jess, please cover yourself and never let anyone but what’s his name is

Whitney on

A million Dollars says they name her “Erica”.

Maggie on

I just saw her on TV. This picture took 50 lbs off . In reality she has 3 chins. She ate for the baby, herself and any one who walked by. I don’t think it is healthy to put on so much baby weight.

Mom5 on

Really did we need to see this? Had to be taken in her fourth month. Sorry I just really have a hard time with her. Saved herself for marriage, messed around on her husband. Her family complained Nick was a free loader yet her husband to be does not work. Her father is or was a pastor yet both daughters ended up pregnant before marriage. Jessica went thru tons of men after leaving Nick. Fell in love with them all. Good grief. Didn’t read article only wanted to comment on the stupid on going praise on this airhead.

doodlbeug on

Shame on her. This picture is pretty and belongs in her private album. Why to celebs think we want to see their naked pregnant bellys? What happened to her christian values? Or any values?

Oneguy on

I think she looks hot.

TQ on

PHOTOSHOP- She does not look like that at all

TQ on

Photoshop to the max…

did I need this? on

Get married already. You have bared your body all over the world, what’s the problem with actually making a commitment?

lol on

these comments i’m reading are shocking me. i hope none of you have kids. and about the photoshop comments. you guys are so stupid she is not the first to get a picture retouched and since when she’s not allowed to pose nude? nobody said jack when britney did it with her kids.

RG on

She does look beautiful, but why did the magazine feel so compelled to airbrush so much. It is so obvious, no woman looks this smooth and perfect especially during pregnancy. I wish she would have demanded to be completely natural in the photo. Anyways, Blessings to her.

Christi on

Very tastefully done! After hearing the ignornant people on the radio talk about it, I was expecting something trashy and pornographic looking. But, I am very impressed! She looks beautiful!

rosie on

wow really all of you are a bunch of haters, i think she looks beautiful, for those who said she got fat, hello she is pregnant, that’s what happens, quit being so jealous of the girl. as for the stretch marks she is rich she can afford the best creams for that so yea no stretch marks.

John on

She still looks fantastic

Lee on

EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! Holy SHit do these people not live in the real world….What a great roll model, big fat and pregnant and unmarried, Great!!!!!!!!!!

Dahlia on

You look beautiful Jessica!!!

Ashley Jaquett on

Air brushed, in every other pic she is a huge whale, that is not her body!! nice try lol

Kitty on

What should be a personal private photo between two people turns into a magazine cover for the world to see. I never understood why women would want to cheapen themselves in this way.

meme on

are we going to have to see Snooki like this too? is it obligatory for pregnant celebs to pose naked for a fashion rag

Denise Brown on

When will celebrities learn there is a point of TMI, even for them? Why is there an assumption we want to see them without clothing? Isn’t ANYthing sacred anymore?

Shannon on

She looks nice but this is tacky. Save it for the personal photo collection.

kendall on

whats with the nake prego pic seriouesly demi moore did now everybody is doing it lol but congrats jesse

Really Though on

Ewwwwww…why must the press torture us with these stories and publications!!!

Peter on


Lacy on

Eric+Jessica= Erica
That’s my guess

Shiv on

Maybe she’ll name her Dallas since she’s from Texas, and she loves the Cowboys. Or maybe Abilene where she was born?

Cass on

I don’t understand why people feel the need to show the world their naked body while pregnant! That’s private. We don’t need to see it for crying out loud. I like Jessica, but don’t like these baby bump naked pics!

Meg on

She looks like a pregnant farm sow; she’s gained way more than baby weight, and this pic is obviously very photoshopped. Anyone who does this kind of photo when pregnant is trash; but then, Jessica never had any maturity or class to begin with, and still doesn’t. I feel sorry for her child; she will grow up to be just like Jessica, not knowing any better.

nancy50 on

Is the name Brooklyn – to go with cousin Bronx?

marie on

Geez, first of all she looks like a fat cow. Second, why would you strip in front of the nation? What for? Who cares? It so stupid.

Carol on

How utterly disgusting! In case you don’t remember, this has been done before…Demi Moore…

Lets show a little restraint…this is NOT beautiful!

I find it to be amazing what pathetic people will do for money and exposure.

R on

Can you say Photoshop? If you’re going to pose, please be REAL about it geez.

guest on

Babies are a beautiful thing but this cover is a bit to much for my liking. Not something I want to see on the cover. A little clothes on would make this look better.

Cassie on

Yeah, my money’s on “Daisy” as well.

Mimi on

Her father must be so proud…

Layona on

I bet the name will be Harmony

Ashley Jaquett on


Shannon on

Having a baby is a beautiful & amazing experience and taking pictures while nude to show off that cute baby bump is a wonderful thing. It’s a great way to capture and cherish your baby in the womb. I wish I was able to go nude when I was pregnant!

Gigi on

Seriously how long has been pregnant?? Were we told about this the day conceived?

sheryl on

Jessica I think you look simply beautiful. Can’t wait to to see that little princess,she is going to be just as beauitful as you!!! Congrats on your baby girl and god bless…..keep your head up and who cares what others think.

Linda on

I’m sure Gordy your mother said the same when you came out “GAG ME”

Yasmin on

This was either taking months ago or severely airbrushed. She is much, much, much larger now.

JOY on

“What the heck happened to the ” nice Christian girl” and her modesty? Pregnancy is beautiful, but the trend of doing nude pregnancy photos, ever since Demi Moore did it years ago, is a bit much. If you wouldn’t do it while not pregnant, what makes it ok when you are??”

I agree totally. No need for this EXCEPT ore oney than she needs.

Danielle on

If I had to guess the name I’d say “Erica”. It’s both of their names together. I think Jessica looks absolutely beautiful and am thrilled for her to be happy.

Anonymous on

Barf! No morals….

someone on

Oh man, her stomach looks so gross. Why, Jessica? Why are you doing this?

TV on

I have no problem with the nude pregnant pictures of women. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and should be celebrated however the mom feels comfortable. However, I, like most others have seen from candid photos that Jessica has gotten VERY large during this pregnancy. I could care less whether its all baby weight or if she has gained excess. My problem is the obvious massive amounts of Photoshopping that went in to the cover of this magazine as if to say she and anyone else resembling her during pregnancy is “too big”. Think what you want about her weight and appearance but if you are going to bare it all, be the real you.

JCull on

Nothing more weird then having documentation of your mother posing naked with you hanging out in her belly. Not something this kid is going to be showing her friends, I’d imagine. 🙂

ArtAfterDark on

Thank God for photoshop! She better have a nanny to advise her on the care and feeding of a baby!

Mary on

Another nude, pregnant celebrity. What is with it anyway?

bellamia on

This girl is a no talent, attention seeking moron.. she didn’t even graduate from high school, cannot sing, cannot carry on a conversation unless she is talking about herself… why do people keep talking about her… go away

heather on

she has the gestational period of an elephant.

Mel on

1. She is very airbrushed.. she’s much chubbier.. 2. WHY?? Get pregnant and naked for your MAN not America 3.WHY??

Miss Kiki on

Love how they slapped a 5 year old version of her head onto the body, too funny!

Linda on

He is using her. After the baby is born he’ll stick around for a year or two. Then he’s going to break it up. Sue for custody. Since she is the one with the money. He’ll request $20,000/month for child support.

Seriously, what does he do. He hasn’t play football. Does he make any money?

Erica on

ERICA!!!!! Awesome name.

Sunny on

Beautiful! Every pregnant women should have that pictures of themselves at that late of pregnancy for keepsakes just once or several times.

PJ Davis on

Jessica is absolutely gorgeous. She has the warm glow that all mothers should have. I’m so happy she is having a girl. I know her little daughter will have so much admiration for her Mom. How nice for the baby to have a Mom who can really sing to her. This birth will surely be a beautiful thing! Congrats Jessica for you deserve only the best!

Liz on

Ugh she’s so phoney and materialistic!!

Annie on

She didnt copy Demi Moore… there are only so many ways to cover your lady parts with your hands.

Vicky on

Jess you look great! Been a fan since the beginning! Congrats on your baby girl…you always said you wanted to be a mommy!

amber on

very beautiful picture. one of the most beautiful things in the world!!!!

Alexus on

She is Beautiful and will have a beautiful baby Girl ! You go GIrl !! In life there are so much HAters, but I guess its a full time job for others when you yourself look FAbulous !

Carol on

I don’t RESPECT Jessica Simpson at ALL. She certainly is NO role model for my kids. The best way to handle things like this is just simply DON’T buy the magazines. I have completely boycotted TRASHY magazines now. They don’t make money if you don’t BUY them.

Ashley on

Everyone who says she is way bigger then this..what is wrong with you? this picture was probably taken 2 months ago, its for a magazine they do the pictures and articles way in advance! GET A LIFE! I bet she looks 100 percent better then you!

Jennifer on

how sad that she’ll croak if her daughter will ask for nikes….

frid on

I think the pictures are very tasteful- remember Mariah Careys? they were nasty…..

Anonymous on

I never post on these things but I will say this- Jess and her dad made such a big deal about being a virgin on her wedding day to Nick- and then she get divorced. Then sleeps with a lot of men in Hollywood…… finally finds this guy to have a baby with and poses nude. Her Parents must be so proud! Good Preachers daughter!! I guess Hollywood got to them too! Values…out the window- they see $$$ signs. Same thing with Ashley- pregnant before her wedding to Pete and look how that ended. I am not a hater, it’s just how I see it. Sorry girls.

Joline on

To bad Beyonce didn’t do the same to verify her pregnancy. I applaud Jessica for showing the full beauty of a woma nwhen she is with child.

guest on

Elle has clearly photoshopped about 50 pounds off her body. She does not look like that at all. She and papa Joe time their announcements perfectly. Papa and his daughter are desperate attention seekers. Gotta steal the spotlight from Nick. How pathetic!

Kristin on

WHEW—they photo shopped the heck out of this photo!

nick on

Mooo….already been done, and better by Demi Moore!

Cat on

Well, they photoshopped the heck out of her pic, but that’s not surprising. Does she not have an original thought in her brain? Her cover is a rip-off of Demi, when she had a recording career she and her dad sadly thought she’d get a Grammy for her COVER of Angels (which wasn’t as good as the original), and her shoe line is a rip off of other designers, and her new show is a rip off of project runway! I got to hand it to her for doing everything in her power to stay in the near shadows of the spotlight when she doesn’t even sing anymore.

Brad on

I can’t believe how many brainwashed people want to opine over a celebrity’s baby.. When we have so many bigger things happening to our country, to our US Constitution, and our Bill of Rights. We have a President that promised Hope and Change, and well turns out he’s no better that Bush.. Still has us in Afghanistan and now Libya soon he’ll have us in Iran that will probably lead to WW3. All you stupid dumbass zombies are worried about is Jersey Shore or some celebrity’s baby. You’re not American’s you are people that don’t give a shit about nothing but yourselves and stupid shit like posting about a celebrity’s baby. The funny thing is Jessica Simpson would walk right by you and even step over your body if it was laying and bleeding in the street. But you would still swoon over her and her baby. I’m not saying it’s not cool to be happy for someone having a baby, but now that it’s been said. Are you going to post something about your Constitution Rights being taken from you? Or is that not an important enough subject for you to really worry or care about?

missy on

Yes this picture was photoshopped, all magazine pictures are and have been for years, it’s not news at all. Second this picture was taken at least 2+ months ago and the issue was put together at least 6 weeks ago so she has had lot of time to put on more weight.

Yes she’s taken eatting for 2 a bit too far but she isn’t the first celeb to do so(anyone remember Kate Hudson when she was pregnant wih Ryder?) and won’t be the last. She seems really happy and looking forward to being a mom so cut her some slack.

Anonymous on

So airbrused…you see her out and add at least another 50 lbs

Hannah on

she looks amazing! i think a pregnant woman’s body is the most beautiful sight and she is no exception. she may be the most stunning pregnant woman i’ve ever seen!

phoenix on

pregnant chicks are evil when they pose for a mag, against biblical tenets

ds on

I could have went all year without seeing this. She is an unwed mother I bet her preacher daddy is so proud of her.

Beth on

Good Lord she’s dumb. Nice that you won’t be able to relate or identify to a child that’s not your clone. Idiot.

Kasia on

Seems this woman has been pregnant forever. Have the kid already I’m tired of hearing about her pregnancy.

Jen on

I can’t stand this woman. Always doing something to keep herself in the spotlight when she has mediocre talent at best. She is one step above Kim Kardashian.

Stefanie on

I bet the name will be Erica

Robin on

Whats wrong with Nikes? FFS? Another celebrity baby being spoiled (and will be TOLD what she should like and not like) before she is even born!!! Two thumbs down!

Charli on

this shot is so darn retouched it’s not even funny. She’s beautiful but this is not an accurate depiction of her current condition. PS save it for your husb…your man.

Guest on

Jessica, you look absolutely beautiful!! You will be an amazing mom and Eric an amazing dad! I know you love fashion, but it’s ok for a little girl to wear a pair of Nikes. Remember what it was like when you were a kid. Let her run wild and free. She has the rest of her life to wear Louboutins!!!

sandie on

This photo has obviously been retouched or airbrushed! She does not look like this! ARGGGGG
What a whore.


WOW, how much airbrushing was done here. Need money, go back to what you do best….singing..

LA on

Nick married Vanessa…..and now they are expecting a baby.

Joe Simpson claims to be a good Christian man. Why do we never hear anything about Jessica’s Mother ?? Something isn’t right with this scenario.

Susannah on

I hope she will have greater concerns for her child than what her wardrobe and shoe tastes will be. Some people struggle just to put shoes on their childrens’ feet, and she’ll “croak” if the child wants Nikes? And what an insult to women athletes! Perhaps that quote was somehow taken out of context, but I’m really not sure what would make it sound better.

Bancie1031 on

I think Jessica looks great! I can not wait to hear the name they choose and to see their pretty little bundle of joy …..

Just My Opinion on

Not A Fan!

p on

at sea – “go back to what you do best… singing.”?! HA HA HA HA!!!! this is HILARIOUS! (and frightening.)

singing… oh, please…

nicole on

First of all she looks beautiful, second why the heck do all the people that have negative things to say even care how much weight she has gained or if she has any stretch marks or whatever? it is a magazine cover and everyone thought demi moore looked beautiful I am pretty sure she was photoshopped too. Good for her that she is confident in herself that she can do this. people need to lay off and give her credit that she isnt starving herself because she is in the public eye. I have had 2 kids and I never got a stretch mark on my stomach and I gained weight too. I think the people that are making negative remarks are bitter people. Children are a blessing and as long as she takes care of her baby and shows her love and is healthy and happy who cares. There are worse things in life and if you dont like her then why did you click on this article just to write something mean.

Bex on

Oh great…two more celebs planning to give their kid a weird name. If you grow up with a “non-traditional” name, and you understand what a kid with a weird name goes through (because you lived it), fine. But it kills me when people with completely normal names (Jessica and Eric) do this to their kids. If you like a crazy name so much, change your own name and give your child a name that they won’t have to spend their entire life explaining.

Lexie on

How very classless of her. But really, what else is new?

tam on

She is definitely like 6 months pregnant here and majorly photoshopped. I am surprised she is not having twins, she is enormous.

tam on

She is definitely like 6 months pregnant here and majorly photoshopped. I am surprised she is not having twins, she is enormous now. Which is a blow to real pregnant woman…let’s see the unphotoshopped version and then you can comment about how great she looks. And she had to make Nick marry her to have sex and now she’s unwed and pregnant…I see her “values” lasted.

Big Fan on

She looks stunning. Kudos to her! God Bless!

LauraLea on

I can not believe she would stoop so low. You know, if she was married maybe some of us would look at it different. She is sending the wrong message to teenagers that sex and having babies is the thing to do. She was just desperate to get a guy and framed him by getting pregnant. I agree with the air brushing, doesn’t look normal in the face, and her skin is not that smooth in person.

kim on

photoshopped much? lol. secondly, what is wrong with a girl with a pair of nikes??? seriously. I used to LOVE jessica simpson… now, not so much. she just seems too prissy/annoying for my liking!!

Merry on

Non-traditional name like her cousin Bronx? I hope not. What is wrong with a traditional name, anyway?

PalEo on

Seriously, she is such a publicity drama queen. Can’t stand her anymore. And I find the photo with her boyfriend distasteful.

Leeanne on

The baby’s name will probably be Macallan – after the drink she had to give up when she found out she was pregnant.

Meg on

The pic of her and Eric is cute…the one of her on the cover is awful. Seriously, have some self respect.

Cat on

Don’t know what happened to my other post….Jessica Simpson is a rip off artist. This cover is just like Demi Moore’s, her song Angel (that she and her dad said would earn her a Grammy) was a cover, her shoe line straight up copies other designers, and her new show is just a project runway ripoff. Do something original! It’s amazing that she’s still around the entertainment industry.

Johnny on

What an original ….. cliche!

Hopefully the baby will know Chicken of the Sea is not chicken. Come on Dad’s genes!

Seriously, if these are the freaks that Americans care about, America is finished.

best2u2 on

I have to say I like Demi’s photo better, because it was iconic at the time. Many here are probably too young to realize, but back in the day, pregnant women were expected to dress in tents to prevent themselves “from showing” and hardly acknowledge their pregnancies at all, until they had there baby showers, usually late in their term.

20+ years ago, when Demi took her clothes off and revealed a beautiful pregnant body, attitudes about pregnancy really started to change.

While Jessica’s picture is nice, it is also one of many that have followed since Demi’s blazed that trail…

S.Ross on

Some of you people need love in your life, and its so painfully obvious!! She’s pregnant, NOT FAT! I think she is incredibly brave to bare all, and insanely gorgeous…PREGNANT! Keep doin your thing, Jessica. Haters gone hate, and misery lives company…so don’t pay any attention to the negativity!!! You get back what you put out, people!!….just sayin….

hus on

Well, she doesn’t sound any smarter than her “Chicken of the Sea” days. Nice they could get a member of the lighting crew to kiss her tummy. Nice panties, too. My, her parents must be so proud.

atleastimnice on

Monika pull your head out of your arse will you?!?! No reason why a woman needs to gain that much weight? Ever heard of water retention? A woman is eating for two and if you are the type to easily gain weight then it will pile on quick. I’m happy to see a Celeb finally show off their pregnant body with some pounds added on. Pregnancy affects each woman differently! I’m so sick and tired of how wrapped up in looks and weight we are as a society! It’s about being healthy and living healthy, and quite frankly it’s none of our business what these Celebs do with their life and body.

sous chef on

Why do some pregnant celebrities think we want to see them naked? What’s next – the birth on You Tube? She’s a beautiful woman and seems like a really sweet person but get dressed for crying out loud.

Jessica on

I HIGHLY doubt Jessica will get married to Eric, I give this relationship 3 more years. Eric is just using her for her money.

Alise on

Gorgeous! I bet they’ll have a beautiful baby!

Irritated with Idiots on

Its not wonder that this woman is a fashion designer, that’s all she can do, she is such an idiot every time she opens up her mouth.

Kitty on

She need to find a Man that have a Job than depend on her Billion Money!

KM on

Holy Airbrush!!! She looks 20lbs lighter than all her other recent photos…

Pammy on

By non-traditional I don’t think she means Erica or Jerica – I know several women with those names. I am thinking she is going non-traditional with naming her daughter Simpson. Which is not very feminine – and she most definitely wants a froo-froo daughter from what I am reading. But, still, for some reason I think she will name her daughter Simpson.

J on

Same old hokey nude pose. It’s overdone now.

Warren on

“Free spirited girl?” Is that what you call it when you basically have no morals and no modesty? People are sure screwed up in this world. Flipping channels last night I hit on a Spanish station and they were featuring the up and coming Bash in, hmmmmm, Brazil was it and the Latin Version of the Maridi Gras, but lot more nudity. In chick that is a police officer was saying that she didn’t feel it discredited her as an officer, what was the difference in being out in public in a bikini? Oh wait, is that what you call a string up your ass and a couple of bandaids on your nipples, oh ok. But to that comment I have a big old hearty BS to your thinking. Bottom line, you have no morals, you have no modesty and those 2 go hand in hand, cannot have one without the other. That of course is why the world is going to hell in a hand basket.

MommyKnowsBest on

Someone with photoshop skills got paid massive overtime on these pics. Are you kidding me? They thinned out her face, legs, and arms and airbrushed the crap out of her. And it’s just so stupid looking. I’m sorry.

Is she really trying to pull a Demi? How desperate for attention can you possibly be? Everyone has seen the day to day pics of her preggers and she certainly does not look even half this good. There is no way she doesn’t have stretch marks on that belly. She has put on tons of weight and with her yo yo sizing and skin type and tone I find it impossible to believe her skin is that perfect.

She’s so fake, and he’s a moron for going along with this crap. LOL, nothing like waiting for marriage to loose your virginity (as if we believe he really waited over 3 years) then after you get divorced just passing it around like a piece of gum and getting knocked up before you are remarried. What was the whole saving myself crap speech for this first time around? Once you lose it you become a slut? Fake and slutty. This kid is screwed.

SEM on

The photoshopping here is RIDICULOUS, she only looks like that in her dreams…

Jillian on

I can not believe she would stoop so low. You know, if she was married maybe some of us would look at it different. She is sending the wrong message to teenagers that sex and having babies is the thing to do. She was just desperate to get a guy and framed him by getting pregnant.

– LauraLea on March 7th, 2012

Hilarious!!!!!! A grown woman gets pregnant by her serious boyfriend and she “stooped low” and is a bad influence on teenagers!!! Haha. Apples and oranges…


Ann on

Why did we need to see her big as a cow in the nude? Is she that desperate to be in the news???? She needs to retire from the spotlight, get married and just be a wife/mom just as that lame sister of her’s as their 15 mins. has been up a long time…..

Lena on

Love the photos. Jessica looks wonderful, no doubt this is her baby. Beyonce needed to put out a photo like this quiet the doubters but she didn’t have the baby so there was no belly to photograph.

Jessica on

Hope her daughter is not a whore like she is. Virgin MY ASS!!!!

Tara on

i know what i’ve been waiting for ever since the speculation about her being pregnant surfaced. hope it comes true!!!


Seriously, I think being pregnant is a beautiful thing, but some things should be sacred between the mom, dad and baby! No one really wants to see all of that splayed out and on display. If you want pictures like this in your home and in your bedroom or bathroom…go for it. But damn, can’t you control your narcisssim for 10 months? Since Jessica is minimally talented and often comes across as an idiot, I can understand why she somehow thinks doing this will keep her “relevant”. What’s next? Papa Joe commenting on how her DD cups are now gallons?

Tara on

hope my prediction comes true!!!

Zoe on

Man its seems like she’ s been pregnant for awhile. I could tell she was going to have a big baby early on, she was huge then.

rufus on

she will name the baby homer, which is appropriate considering her iq. anybody else notice her big butt, related to the kardasians, eh?

i personally think she is a news hound and not a very pretty or small one, with absolutely no talent, except for dating sports figures.

DawnMiller on

It scares me to think that this classless moron could be a role model for young girls. Every last thing that comes out of her mouth is dumber than the quote before. It’s surprising that people are accusing her of being a hypocrite, though….Jessica would need to actually understand the meaning of what a hypocrite is, in order to be guilty of it.

Also, to people like Lacy, who wrote:
Eric+Jessica= Erica
That’s my guess

If you bothered to read any of the posts, you would have seen about 25 people said the exact same thing…which makes me wonder if people like you think it doesn’t count until YOU say it or you just like to hear the sound of you own voice, or in this case, see your unoriginal idea in print. Welcome to The Department of Redundancy Department.

Amy Why on

She looks so beautiful because she is clearly so happy!!!

Kat on

Are we really supposed to believe she’s made “billions” on her clothing line? I find that hard to believe.

missy on

So much for the Christian values? How disappointing, not married, posing nude and all she talks about is wanting to buy her designer things. What great priorities to have there Jesse. Her baby will grow up self absorbed just like her mom. SAD

scc on

pregnant, unmarried, and publishing gross photos. what a moron. i guess joe simpson gave her everything except what she really needs: A BRAIN.

Shawn on

Really?!?!?! All of this airbrushing is what makes women so insecure about their bodies. Why can’t these celebrities be REAL? We have seen her face covered with zits. We have seen her carrying lots of extra weight. Why why why do they feel the need to cover up the stretchmarks, make her look “not-so-big”, and make her look perfect when we all know she’s not? Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but for most women it’s not ALL beautiful!

tornado on

Lisa Rinna, Demi Moore, blah blah blah, how many have done this now, and why would we care? what i want to see is a pregnant person WITHOUT makeup or hair dye, just bland and plain and tired…not glammed up.

Man, her midsection looks bad, and her fiance has no marketable skills. Oh, and her IQ is still in the double digits. But I love Eric’s stubble.

If the baby’s name is Daisy, that’s copying Meg Ryan…not naming for a dead dog.

Joe Petitjean on

First they need to get Married

Anonymous on

She looks so radiant and beautiful. Just lovely.

tornado on

she sounds like a drunk! And she already tainted the embryo/fetus if she drank in the first 10 weeks. ICK. Nice planning; you have unprotected sex and keep drinking hard liquor….

Frank on

She looks absolutely stunning! 🙂 Congratulations Jessica! Pregnancy suits her very well! 🙂

Kelly on

Jessica went from being a virgin when she got married for the first time TO getting divorced to getting pregnant before getting married..what happened to her christian values. Values don’t come and go, but now that she has made her millions in hollywood…she doesn’t care what people think of her and she put God second….SO SO SAD!

Shawn Sweeney on

Jessica your are beautiful…my wish for you is continued happiness for you, your man and, your daughter.

Ashley on

I work in an OB/Gyn office, she’s absolutely huge! Her recent pics, these aside, (as they were taken months ago and are air brushed), show her as being a small walking elephant. Not healthy for her or the baby. And as far as the “nudies” go, what happened to the “my father’s a preacher bit?”

kira on

she should wear less clothes (or more form fitting) when she’s out and about. she looks like a circus tent around town compared to these photos. hope baby comes soon so we can move along.

Ashley on

Good thing they took this a few months ago, now they would need a double wide camera. She must be around 200 pounds now. I’d hate to be the OB.

pb on

People need to get realistic and understand that EVERYONE who is a celebrity is and has been airbrushed in EVERY magazine cover they’ve ever done. So, why is it such a shock? I don’t see you negative people on ANY magaizine cover, so why be so judgemental. She is pregnant, healthy & happy!! She obviously has enough confidence to embrace her beauty with or without clothes on. You know how many celebrities have done the pregnant/nude photo shoot? Not just Jessica Simpson. People in this world are such haters!! Get a damn life already!! I highly doubt Miss Simpson with her BILLIONS of dollars cares who doesn’t like this photo. I have personally met MANY celebrities and to be honest, Jessica Simpson is one of them. She is truly BEAUTIFUL in person and one of THE sweetest people I’ve ever met!! Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. As far as the person who made a comment about “Good Christian Girl”, she’s a grown woman now. She’s a smart business woman. I’m sure you don’t live a morally correct lifestyle either.

Melody on

Wow you ladies are so mean. If you could have your pictures airbrushed I’m sure you would.

Anybody who knows anything about publishing knows that cover photos are always taken a couple of months before they come out so of course she is bigger now.

What, do you really think Elle magazine had these photos taken last week?

I’ve never been prompted to comment before but all of this cattiness reminds me why I don’t have a lot of female “friends”.

Women can be so unkind.

alana on

What is the problem with bashing the airbrushed pics that appear on every mag. cover.Even the skinny or perfect they still airbrush.Just like a bunch of Jealouse women.Do you hear men dogging out Playboy.Do you really think it’s an issue?Live & let live.Jessica is a beautiful person inside & out.God love her she is so happy finally.She has more class than any of you sitting around dogging her.Would love to see a pic of you haters.Post them LOL…..Id rather see someone looking healthy than see the anorexic
ones’s bone and all that body ink….Going to look beautiful when you’re a grandmother with drooping tat’s.Like that freebird that not look’s like a condor..Congrats to Jessica……Be have every right to be..

Kim on

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing….which should be shared with your spouse/significant other..NOT splashed across the covers of magazines. If you want the nude photos..fine..but keep them private. Nobody really needs to see that.

gm on

not very original:)

Keleigh on

Photoshop to the extreme. Jessica Simpson is HUGE, not small like in these pictures. When is the photoshop going to stop?

liz on

She looks healthy and great. Why be mean?

Isn’t this forum moderated?

Jennifer on

Oh God forbid she wants to wear Nikes…..guess my little girl is a bum since she has a pair. Grow up Jessica, you’re about to be a mom.

bodygal on

The only thing I like about publicly displaying these pics is that it gives a healthy image of what a real woman’s body is and is capable of. I love that we are finally in a time when Kim Kdash, Beyonce and Jessica are here showing whether pregnant or non preg-curvy and thick is gorgeous!

June on

The photo is OK. Nothing special, nothing terrible. However, to say you will be disappointed if you kid does not turn out to be your playmate and shopping buddy is sad. She makes it sound like girls who like sports are not worth having, which was a bit upsetting. Let the child be born, grow and decide if she wants to wear pink, or wear tennis shoes and play sports or be a model. Let the child be a child, not a dress up doll and not be disappointed if she is not a girly girl.

Eve on

While I’m not a particular fan of Jessica, THIS is fantastic. Beautiful and loving, right on, Jess! Oh, and btw, the year is 2012, we all have bodies, pregnancy is a natural process, and nudity is not something to hide and cover up and pretend it’s dirty, so get a grip, puritans and bible-thumpers.

Rebecca on

I think she looks great. A little wierd she has a big baby belly but pregnancy is wonderful and she deserves it. As for her posing nude for the mag.. Every female celebrity does it. So dont hate on her ppl… Shes glowing.

Laura on

Wow – what a bunch of bitchy women!!

I couldn’t care less if she’s not married, and so what if the pic has been photoshopped??

I’m sure she’ll have a gorgeous baby!!

Hooty on

Very sweet.

Nicole on

Short women don’t inevitably balloon out during pregnancy. Look at Keri Russell and Sarah Michelle Gellar. They are Jessica’s height and they looked just as good as Heidi Klum and Miranda Kerr while pregnant.

maggie on

Haha, can you say photoshop!! Jessica wishes she looked that good naked

angel on

Wow. The majority off the commenters must have sad lives if they need to write such derisive things about a woman they do not know. She looks beautiful, as all pregnant women do. More importantly, she looks happy. Of course marriage is important, but she is divorced, so obviously marriage has a different meaning in her life. A child does not need to have happily married parents to be loved and fulfilled. Over half of all marriages end in divorce, so why are you people stressing this? Move on.

Joseph Leslie on

One of the Pacific Island peoples had a custom, that before a man and a woman could marry, she had to get pregnant and give birth! Evidently Jessica and her fiance have adopted that custom. What I am waitinf for is Hustler or some other magazine to put a man and a woman on the front cover engaging in sex!

liz on

love love love the second picture! good luck guys!

Michele on

Wow, Jessica is not one of those beautiful pregnant women! And for Pete’s sake, it isn’t necessary to gain 60 lbs with a pregnancy. I had twins and didn’t get near as big as Jessica has. She’s using it as an excuse to not eat in moderation, and she’ll regret it big time when she has to lose it post-baby. You only need 300 extra calories a day when pregnant people!

Marissa on


Chet on

Demi had some grace in her pose. Jessica looks like knocked-up trailer trash, surprised when the bathroom door was opened.

Anonymous on

Gotta love photoshop!! It does wonders for the skin!

Maureen Mann on

I don’t think I’ve ever heard so many women attack a Mom to be as much as I have here. Shame on all of you for your unkind words. Clearly you were not raised to treat others as you would like to be treated. People do throw rocks at things that shine, and you know who you are!

Lisa on


– LC on March 7th, 2012–This made me laugh!

Kim on


Barbara on

Demi Moore, she is not.

Heather on

Is it just me or do people realize that when Nick and Vanessa Lachey announces their engagement to pregnancy; Jessica Simpson would appear in magazines about herself? Did she do this on purpose or was it just perfectly time?

Mat on

Bleh….been done before. At least come up with something original.

claudiazz on

Maybe she’ll name it Josephina after Joe and Tina!

Amanda on

Wow, a lot of haters out there. I am sure there was some airbrushing but for those who think they know everything about what a woman’s body does during pregnancy should get a clue! I didn’t have a single stretch mark or an outie with my son so why would you think everyone does?! Let her be, she looks great, if you don’t like this sort of stuff stay off the site!

Andre on

I love the pics.. They both look great!!!!!

Debi on

Sorry Jessica, but I thought my baby would be somewhere in the middle too, but he wound up being bigger than my husband (who was 10lbs) at a whopping 11lbs! Good luck with your girl. I do wish that you would’ve skipped the heavy airbrushing 😦

VMG on

Come on already…. do celebrities really need to put themselves anymore ‘out there’ with these kind of photos??? leave stuff like this at home in private! this is really disgusting to me…. i dont want to see you naked and pregnant on the cover of magazines…. you will put your naked butt on the cover of a national magazine but bitch about how paparazzi wont give you privacy… bipolar much? gross.

B.J. (the girl) on

I don’t care if she’s airbrushed, most of this woman’s comments are rude and ignorant. So what if he daughter would rather wear Nikes? If this is the sort of mother she is going to be…. my oh my…

I’m betting she’ll name the baby Dixie or something equally ridiculous and “southern.”

stacy100 on

how low can a Christian go….very disappointing.

Emily on

Some broads just can’t keep their clothes pon. Have some pride and self respect.

angel on

what? Not again .. can’t stand another dumd lady posing nude when pregnat its so demi moore she did .. and she had gutts but its so overrated enough . Please

Cyndi H on

Love the photos of her. She’s excited to be pregnant and showing off her new baby and body. Congrats to her and her growing family!

Karen on

YIKES! That is NOT what I want to see on a cover. The picture below of the staged kiss is more appropriate. I love how she says Erik is so athletic….did he even play in the NFL. What does he do besides ride Jessica’s purse strings?! I bet Weight Watchers can’t wait to get their program started on her!

Jana on

Jessica, I think you look great for being pregnant, sure pictures can be air brushed, and fixed a little here and there, but seriously.. who cares. I do it to most of mine, and who knows if it were done or not. Another thing..for all those who don’t have anything worth reading and want to be negative.. go do it somewhere else. She’s a person too! 🙂

Simone on

Ummmm….looking at the second picture, check the legs, something looks odd!

kjc on

I like Jessica, she doesn’t take herself too seriously, and seems like fun. I’m glad she is happy.

I think she looks great in her shoot. Is it photoshopped? Yeah, but what celeb (prenant or not) poses for a magazine without it?!? And also, this picture wasn’t taken yesterday everyone… It’s probably weeks, if not months old. Obviously her body has changed since then.

I don’t know why so many choose to bash celebs, or anyone for that matter. I hope she raises her daughter to be less judgmental than your parents raised most of you.

ecl on

First of all, we all know celebs are airbrushed so why the vitriol for her specifically?

Second of all, unless she was in the bedroom with Nick and Vanessa while they were conceiving it’s hard to believe she could have timed her cover with their announcement on purpose. You do understand that this has been in the works for months, right?

Third, she was just making a joke about the shoes. And if we are all honest with ourselves, we should admit that we all have certain hopes for our children. Yes, hers is shallow, but what do you expect? And considering the high number of you who rail on about what different celebs and their kids are wearing, I would assume that most of you aren’t much deeper.

Emma on

Besides being pregnant for what seems like 12 months, Jessica Simpson has NO ass! Gross, typical, white chick.

gaia,laban and priam's mom on

I was going to say in the second pic they shaved down her legs too much. It looks like she has no butt. I don’t have a problem with nude pregnancy photos, i get it. I just do not get the desire to have those photos be in a magazine. I mean…why?? I don’t get the desire to share ones body with millions of people. Its the attention seeking that i find so unattractive. Especially because she’s made her career off of over sharing. Its pathetic.

MK on

My guess is South or Texas for the baby name. Maybe Star after Fashion Star or Macy after the store.

Liz on

I like Jessica Simpson…but when I look at this picture I just see someone NAKED, like it’s screaming in my face. Somehow Demi Moore’s very similar pregnant portrait seemed more understated if possible. Again, Jessica just looks naked to me-and as an aside, has a pregnant belly.

And uh, yea, my five year old daugher unwittingly walked in when I had this on my screen and gasped, “oh! Why’s that girl naked?” and started giggling. Not fun to try to explain. Just think about all the kids now that will be in line at the grocery store with their moms giggling and pointing at the naked girl on the cover of Elle. I am not a prude at all but this picture is a bit much.

LAB on

I guess this “has been” had to do something to get back in the spotlight. How arrogant these celebrities are to think anyone cares what they look like in the buff–pregnant or not. Gag me!!

Dixie on


jones on

Her comment about the shoes is so dumb and shows she is probably going to try to turn her daughter into a Toddler and Tiaras child. I hope she has a healthy happy daughter that is a total tomboy.

Kat on

I bet the name will be Venice

Suzan on

OMG HOW MANY BABIES R IN THERE!She is one fat cow!!

Rachael on

Seriously?? Beautiful highly photo shopped pics that she can keep between her and her boy toy, the entire world doesn’t need to see.

I love it when people who have no idea what parenting is like predict what kind of child they will raise before it even enters the world. News flash, babies come when they are good and ready, your life changes forever once they are born and there isn’t anything you can do about it.

She seems like a nice girl, we just don’t need to know her every move. Good luck Jessica, I think you are going to need it.

Leo Lady on

Oh good grief, hasn’t this been done already??? I’ll never understand why these women think the world needs to see them p.g. and naked. IS NOTHING PRIVATE ANYMORE?

J on

As long as it’s not Snoooki in that ridiculous pose.

Anonymous on

“I swear, I will croak if she asks me for a pair of Nikes instead of Christian Louboutins.” What a stupid thing to say. Sums her up perfectly.

beth on

ummm…why is he grabbing her butt, while in her undies, for a pregnancy pic? That’s not exactly the image you want to show your toddler when you’re explaining how they grew inside mommy’s belly and daddy loved them and kissed mommy’s belly….and grabbed her almost naked butt. So tacky. There are so many more tasteful and beautiful ways to photograph such a special time for a couple.

Despite what I feel is their poor taste in photos, I AM very excited for her! I just had my first baby girl a few months ago and it brings so much joy to your life!

Amanda on

Jessica please dont tell me you went to your sister for baby naming advice. Bronx mowgli really?

eribri on

ahhh so excited she’s having a girl! I really can’t think of any names that would go “ooh that makes sense” My name is Erika and when I was born it wasn’t very traditional 23 years ago. I still really don’t hear it that often! Looking forward to hearing their name for her!

Bless her heart, 10 pound baby! I send her all my wishes for a easy birth with her little one. :o)

arianna on

poor kid. she’d be best off to run away the second she can walk.

Amanda K on

I think she looks great. Pregnancy is a time to celebrate our bodies and the fact they’re bringing a child into the world.

I wish women would support each other rather than tear each other down, it’s really pathetic.

Amy on

This is the longest comment section I have ever seen, I almost didn’t make it scrolling down. I think she looks fine, and I would be photoshopped within an inch of my life too.

I think it is strange she was going on an all day drinking spree though, before she knew she was pregnant. I wouldn’t admit that anywhere public and especially not in a pregnancy article but then again I wouldn’t pose naked.

I hope she is truly happy though. Her baby will be gorgeous as is she.

Anonymous on

Congratulation! Jessica Simpson.

I am so happy for you.

I hope your baby gets a unique Beautiful Names.

Shame on Nick for not having a baby with his first wife.

Stacey on

I do like Jessica Simpson but I’m sick of celebrities acting as if they are perfect…where are the pics of the pregnant celebs with stretch marks? Dont tell me none of them have stretch marks! Editing like that should be made illegal, way to make the rest of the pregnant mothers out there feel like crap about themselves!

charming on


It’s not like we didn’t believe her when she said she was pregnant.

mistie on

Seriously?! Some of you are about as clueless as they get. Yes she was photochopped..WHAT celeb isn’t- preg or not?!

This picture, as just about EVERY magazine cover was probably taken a month or two ago. If you know anything about being pregnant, which Im sure even those of you bashing do, your body does this thing called change. You gain weight, hold water, get sick…she might look amazing one day bad the next and back to amazing..its life. No one has a perfect day.

It’s just sad when grown women feel the need to bash each other, especially those we have never met personally. Gee wonder why children are such bullies these day..

ChloeRAWR on

She sure is a beautiful lady, but I’m not sure why celebs find it a great idea to pose nude. I personally would be horrified to find out my mother posed nude for someone while pregnant with me.

Any of course the picture has been airbrushed…almost ANY picture in ANY magazine of a celebrity has been at least slightly touched up.

It was obvious she was going to get BIIIIIG in her pregnancy – she’s always had weight issues…just look at how big Ash got with Bronx and she seems to maintain her weight easily.

The second picture looks rather strange – I think it’d look better with Jess looking down at Eric.

I’m very happy for her and if that baby isn;t the cutest baby in celebland I will die of shock haha

Anonymous on

Now THAT’S a beautiful woman !

Indira on

what is up with her belly button?

doesn't matter on

Honestly I like Jessica Simpson but this picture is very disturbing. I don’t see the beauty in it..Not very natural when you’re airbrushed. So superficial about fashion. I thought she was more down to earth but guess her mind and attitude are out of this disappointing.

Shar on

Jerica Jimpson Sohnson?!
Or let’s see… what would cousin Bronx name his new girl cousin?!

stew on

How shallow can she be? If the baby grows up to be athletic instead of a fashionista, who cares? She should just love the girl no matter what. I hope she doesn’t give the kid some stupid name, but what should we expect from someone who didn’t know that Chicken of the Sea is TUNA. Doh!

Marky on

Some of you haters are just astounding! You LOVE Elizabeth Rohm, you LOVE so many of the celebs who have not chosen to marry before their baby comes, and suddenly Jessica is a loser because she’s not married to Eric yet. Their finances aren’t your problem unless you have to pay their rent. It’s not your business whether they are married or not, unless you are going to say “everyone should be married before they have a baby!” and you seem to pick and choose as to who that rule applies.

As for whether this cover is airbrushed or not, that is not Jessica’s choice. She posed for the picture, and no doubt was told how to pose. She is NOT the photographer responsible for airbrushing, no airbrushing, etc. These are typical poses which many pregnant women do, cover or not. Even though I would never do it, I know many who have and treasure photos just like this, and some of those pictures were airbrushed, too. My granddaughter and her husband did pictures like this when she was pregnant, and they were displayed just as the pictures they took after the baby was born.

When you are so rude and unkind, so hate-filled, and choose to turn that hatred into such putrid venom towards someone who doesn’t spew venom herself, it just seems so crappy. Maybe while you are busy Jessica is going to have a baby, maybe not under the circumstances she had hoped to, but it is what it is, and she is doing the best she can. If this was your daughter, even if she had done or said things you wised she hadn’t, you would so wish people would treat her with kindness, not incessant hatefulness. What are you going to do after the baby comes? Stand outside her house and call the baby a bastard and talk about how ugly she is? You people are so cruel!

DeniseD1971x on

Erica perhaps?

Kelly on

I bet she names the baby Jerrica, its Jessica & Eric put together and I know a girl named Jerrica so its fitting for a baby girl. Congrats to the happy couple, best of luck. God Bless.

Kathy on

If you have seen current pics of Jessica you can see how much these are photo shopped she has gained a ton of weight and her arms and face have gotten very large..along with her thighs…it is ok as she is prego but, why can’t she be herself and really have a picture of how she looked at that time?

Kendall on

Didn’t she say she would never go nude? She should really stop making statements about her values publicly because she just keeps doing exactly the opposite of what she says she believes in. Pretty pics though

melissa on


guest on

I think she is naming her daughter macmallan after her fav scotch or Jerica after both parents???? well soon see!

martina on

Every celebrity cover is photoshopped. But it’s one thing to make someone’s thighs a bit thinner… And another to portray a complete lie. They took 40lb off of her. Jessica had heaver legs before she was pregnant then she does here. I just think it’s so lame. And vain. Enjoy your pregnancy. If you chose to pose for a cover (need to stay in the news, you know), do it with some integrity.

Eric on

she looks so beautiful in those pics. i wish her and her family all the success and luck.. being that celeb marriages don’t seem to last all that long on the average

BcdErick on

Jessica has made a lot of money, but not “billions”.

gab on

What happened to modesty while pregnant? Back in the day, we wore loose long shirts and pants with a comfortable stretchy area that was safe up against the baby. We would’ve never wore tight shirts, low rider jeans and other belly exposing clothes out in public and never, ever a bikini on a beach!!! Those types of pictures are disrespecful to the mom, her family and then baby!!!!

sharon on

wish she’d posed naked when she could fit in those daisy dukes,,,wonder how papa joe feels about her posing for this

gare on

She’s been shopping these pictures for eight months. Initially no one wanted them.

pj on

Daisy (Nickname DD – for Daisy Duke)

Jesley (Jessica/Ashley combo)


Trixie Klyne on

She looks beautiful. Why are people so judgemental? It doesn’t hurt anyone and it’s tastefully done. I wish I had pictures like this of myself! Her child will one day get to see this…cool!

Kelly on

Maybe she will name her Elle =) That’s my baby girl’s name!

arianna on

i hope the baby comes out with a penis.

Anonymous on

OK, so this is the ‘before’ picture. what does she look like pregnant?

Jessica on

after all the fuss with her remaining a virgin until marriage, she dumps nick and has a baby out of wedlock. its just hypocrisy.

Heather Lynn on

Call me crazy, but I think this picture is REFRESHING! It’s nice to see celebrities who look like real human beings while pregnant! I’m happy for Jessica & Eric. I really can’t wait to hear what they name their little princess. All the best!

MollyF on

I’m disgusted with the comments made here. I think Jess is beautiful in this picture and I watched an interview with someone on Entertainment Tonight and they said her picture wasn’t photoshopped. I can’t believe that, but even if it was, it’s really nice.

I think all the Jessica Simpson haters here should shut up.

ecl on

Since when aren’t people allowed to change their minds. So she used to believe in sex with marriage, but she changed her belief system. Not necessarily a bad thing to rethink what you believe as you get older. Besides, it doesn’t harm anyone if she waits for marriage and it doesn’t harm anyone if she doesn’t.

Denise504 on

HER baby will still be considered a BASTARD child, just the same as all the other babies that was called that before NOW, so difference of how many dollars the MOMMY may have, her baby is STILL a B A S T A R D..Now that movie folks are getting pregnant UNMARRIED does that make it right?? No.

RoRo on

She will do absolutely anything to remain relevant….this pose has been done a million times, and she is clearly been photoshopped heavily as she looks like she is carrying a litter. Sorry, but gaining that much weight while you are pregnant is not at all healthy

MollyF on

Please people STOP forcing your morals on others. If she wants to have a baby out of wedlock she should. I hate the “holier than thou” people out there who want to push their beliefs on others. Keep your beliefs to yourself and not pushing it into others faces.

Torgie on

Congrats Jessica! You look so beautiful with your motherly glow. You deserve to smile and be happy; being a Mother is the best feeling in the world. To you and Eric, best of luck in your journey in parenthood. I can’t wait to see what your little girl will grow to become. I’m pregnant as well and I know I can’t wait for her/him to arrive and watch them grow. Take care.

cindy nders on

cheap copy of Demi. Passe and IMO humiliating.

Who wants to see a cheezy belly kissing picture.

I saw one in the OB office and thought it was tacky.

IMO, modesty is always in taste.

Me on

I wonder if she’ll name her daughter ‘Dallas’…maybe???? She’s from dallas and it’s very important to her…and it’s a pretty name!

Jillian on

there are some pretty funny and entertaining comments here.


Jessica on

There are some pregnant women out there that do actually look great when they are pregnant, almost finished or not. I happen to be 37 weeks now, and her and I are about the same size. Why is it so hard to believe that she may actually look that good. If you were expecting, and you were that far along and looked good, wouldn’t you want to show it off? If I looked like that I would do it. If I was Eric I would be proud of her for having so much confidence. Oh and for you people that keep saying that this has been done… I am pretty sure Demi Moore was not the first person in the world to do any type of nude pregnancy photos. If you don’t like it, don’t search or click on it.

Earl on

Their is nothing more beautiful than a Mother bringing a new life into this world. Jessica, you are beautiful.

Jessica on

I have a feeling she is going to name her Daisy after her dog that was taken from her. Just a guess, but it seems like something “…when people hear it, they’ll know … why.” Either way, I’m sure she will come up with something fitting and feminine.

Stephanie on

I think the pictures are very tasteful. I think pregnancy is a beautiful thing. I don’t think she should worry about the size though. Ultrasounds are almost always wrong when it comes to weight. They said my daughter would only be 8 lbs and she was almost 11. Easy birth…but she was still large.

Personally I think she looks great. Airbrushing aside (don’t we all wish we could have ALL of our photos airbrushed?!) I think the photos are very beautiful.

Betty on

When Demi Moore posed pregnant years ago she looked absolutely beautiful. Jessica leaves a lot to be desired. And personally, I’m so sick of hearing how wonderful she is. She is nothing short of a lying bimbo. She was a preachers daughter. She waited till she was married to have sex. Now, she has had sex with lord only knows how many guys, and bragging about her alcohol use. I just pray she pulls herself together before this baby is born.

Terri on

Jessica looks so beautiful & happy. I can’t wait to see her little one & find out the name. I don’t think it’s Erica. She’s hinting at something less common.

Ashley J. on

I think she will name her little girl Lyric – and that is clearly for obvious reasons… just like Christina with her little boy, Max Liron (her most beautiful song). If not, I would guess what you all have of either Daisy (which would be tacky seeing as that is her former dog’s name) or Jerica (because her recent behavior seems tacky to me and that is along those lines). I do wish her the best and hope that she gets over her stereotypes of “girly girl” or “athlete” and just focuses on her daughter and the mass amounts of love she will need to survive the spotlight.

a on

Remember, she first confirmed the pregnancy soon after Tony Romo announced his pending fatherhood. So of course when her OTHER famous ex (Nick Lachey) makes such an announcement, she poses nude and announces the gender of her baby. I’m now wondering if she only got pregnant as publicity stunt.

Blonde on

Honestly, I think she looks amazing here and I also think maybe these pictures were taken prior to her getting bigger in the face. Women who are pregnant tend to gain weight people, it’s just fact.

Also if you wanted to talk crap about her pictures why even bother to check out the article? Seriously? She is a human being too even if she is a celebrity, how would you feel if someone was saying these comments about you? And if you were a celebirty wouldn’t you want to share that you are happy about your pregnancy with everyone too?

I think it’s great that she’s happy and I don’t think it matters if she’s married or not. She is a 30 year old women not a 17 year old! So how can you even compare the two? Females, I swear. Take the catty attitudes back to high school.

mel on

gorgeous id love to take pics like this when im preggers!

Anthony on

…I just threw up in my mouth a little

Kristen on

Jesseric…or Jesserica could also be possibilities!

michele on

It’s funny I was thinking the same thing….Jerrica! My Cousin is named Jerrica ( two “r’s”). She’s in college now… but when my aunt was pregnant with her, she got the named Jerrica from a cartoon about a girls band back in the 1980’s. I can’t remember the name of it……………But I remember it was strange she would name her baby after a cartoon character!
Anyway, I vote Jerrica! Either that or Macallan!

jamie on

well for her sake, I hope motherhood “changes” her, because it’s pretty clear she is still a huge ditz. A baby is not a dog that you can stuff in your purse and carry around and make someone else clean up its poop!!!!

jo on

Amazed that so many people take the time to express such negative thoughts. She’s been photoshopped, she copied Demi, assumptions on the baby’s name and how ugly it will sound when baby hasn’t even arrived yet. I have one thing to say. She’s a beautiful girl expecting a baby and about to start a beautiful journey. Good luck to her and for those commenting so negatively. Get a life.

Angela Coats on

Jessica’s fiancee needs to learn to keep his privates, private!!! Jessica is just doing this to get at Nick. Thank Goodness Nick found him a good women.

claudiazz on

Maybe the name will be Josephina after Joe and Tina.

Alison on

From what I read this morning they are naming thier baby girl Maxwell.

Kris on

She is beautiful regardless and obvious she has proven herself that she is no dummy. I think I figured out her baby girls name. I think its going to be Venice but that is just me. Either way I am sure her name will be beautiful.


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adam murphy on

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jrosario7 on

I disagree


Anonymous on

She could have picked an original pose instead of coping Demi Moore. I guess Jess is not that original.