Linda Cardellini Welcomes Daughter Lilah-Rose

03/06/2012 at 04:30 PM ET
Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

A Leap Day baby!

Linda Cardellini and boyfriend Steve Rodriguez welcomed their first child, daughter Lilah-Rose, on Wednesday, Feb. 29, her rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

“It’s a wonderful, thrilling event,” the Return star, 36, told PEOPLE in December.

“I think you can’t help but be slightly terrified because somebody’s whole life will be in your hands.”

The actress, who formerly starred on Freaks and Geeks, E.R. and in the Scooby-Doo films, announced her pregnancy in October.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Ulrica Wihlborg

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emily on

Ah the 29th of Feb, that’s an awesome birthday. You barely age! Pretty name, though not too fussed with the hyphen.

Lila King on

Beautiful name!

girly1111 on

how does this work?

when her 1st birthday comes next year, do they celebrate on feb 28 or march 1st??

klutzy_girl on

I love that name! Congratulations to them.

Tainabelle on

What a neat birthday! Loving the name. It’s unique without being over-the-top crazy!

Randi on

Yay… my baby girls name is Lila Rose… I love that name CONGRATS!!!

Melody on

Congrats! Love the old-fashion, down to earth name. My Dad is a Leap Year baby. He celebrates his b’day on March 1st. This year he celebrated his 84th b’day….

Marky on

Wow! Love the name! It is pretty, not too far out and soooo feminine! I had/have a friend named Lila Ruth, and many of us still call her by both names, though we aren’t from the south. Just always seemed to “flow”, and so does Lilah-Rose. Love it! And doesn’t Linda look great in her “baby’s almost here” picture?

Kaytie on


Or his 21st birthday…he should have done shots! 😀 JK

boohoobytch on

lovely baby name, I have no idea who she is

Donna on

I knew a lady who was born on Leap Day…sometimes she celebrated her birthday on the 28th and other times she would celebrate on the 1st…

Tee on

What a beautiful name Linda and Steve have chosen for their baby daughter!

Arielle on

Way to rip the name off of Johnny Depp, lol 🙂 His daughter’s name is Lily-Rose.

Olivia on

girly1111: Usually if the baby was born before noon they celebrate on the 28th, but if he/she was born after noon on the 29th they celebrate on March 1st

Shannon on

A lady in the next cubicle over had a baby boy last week, why isn’t People running a story? It’s about as relevant as Elizabeth Berkley & this lady from Freak & Geeks fame – a show that was cancelled TWELVE years ago. Apparently, pregnancy & giving birth makes you newsworthy.

Melanie on

Linda actually stars in the movie I saw last weekend, Return, so I’d say it’s pretty timely. And she was excellent in it as a reservist coming home. Maybe read up before making a silly comment.

shalay on

Congrats to Linda! Loved her on Freaks & Geeks. And what a cool birthday to have.

@Shannon, your coworker isn’t famous. Linda Cardenelli is. You probably shouldn’t read celebrity news sites if what they cover is of no interest to you.

r on

Linda Cardellini is an actress. Instead of being rude and unfunny with the “who??” comments, just don’t click on a story about her if you are not interested!

CelebBabyBlogAddict on

Love the name – minus the ‘h’ at the end of Lila!

She never really got that big during her pregnancy!

I really like her!


My daughter’s name is Lylah Ireland. Lots of ways to spell that name.

Ayla on

Shannon, People isn’t running a story on the lady in the next cubicle having a baby because she’s more than likely not a celebrity. This is a magazine about Hollywood and celebrities, so a famous person having a baby seems relevant and newsworthy when that’s what your magazine is about. It seems as if you don’t care, yet here you are? I will never understand the need people have to take the time to comment on something they supposedly don’t care about.

Robyn on

How exciting!! Pretty name, too.

My husband and I had our second daughter on Wednesday as well! Everyone has been asking us how we’ll be handling the Leap Day birthday situation…I don’t think it needs to be such a big deal, honestly!

Kaytie on


Hyphenated names, especially with Rose, have gotten very popular the last several years. I HIGHLY doubt she got the name from Depp. You and millions of other women might worship the ground he walks on, but he doesn’t have the corner on certain names, nor does he set the trend for most of us (honestly, I would have had NO clue what his kid’s name was.)

Lindsay on


Anonymous on

Congrats to them, and love the name!

mimi on

i love the name lila, but can’t stand it being spelt with a ‘h’ on the end (and dont even get me started using a ‘y’ instead of an ‘i’ in the name…)

oh well, i suppose it is a matter of personal preference!

CelebBabyBlogAddict on

Hahaha Mimi – totally agree. Spelling things weirdly just to be unique really annoys me. Especially when people add “y” to names that it just shouldn’t be in. Mychel, Madysyn, Nykki etc. SO annoying! Another thing that annoys me is when people give their kid a “formal” name but always intend on calling them the shortened/nickname version.
For example:
Naming your child Samuel but always planning on calling them Sam. Or calling somebody Finnegan (officially) but always calling them Finn.

That is a real pet hate of mine!!! Thought I’d vent! But of course freedom of speech and each to their own – people will do what they want! I’m just being nit-picky!

JM on

nice name, if popular. congrats to her and family. wishing them all the best.

queenofhearts on

Congratulations to Linda & her husband!!

Love the name Lilah-Rose!!

I am British and in the UK, the name LYLA sounds different from the name LILA/LILAH. If it’s Lyla, you would pronounce it – LY – LA, and for Lila it’s LEE – LA… So I think in this case using a y instead wouldn’t be ‘trying to be trendy’ but is actually a different name!!!

Lora on

Wonderful!! Congratulations Linda! Love the name 🙂

Abbie on

So happy for her, but I have to laugh. I have 5 friends who have also named their daughters Lilah-Rose in the last 2 years. It is so funny how certain names become so popular. Congratulations to the new family!

Shiv on

How is it a rip off of Johnny Depp’s daughter’s name? Her name is Lily, this kid is Lilah. Now if you said she ripped off the name from Lisa Loeb, well ok. Get a clue.

Leapy60 on

Congrats to the new family member! I am a leap day baby too, and it’s so much fun as you get older…or should I say you never do! I just turned 13!!! lol

Diane on

usually the Dr asks the parents which date they want for the birth certificate: Feb 28, or march 1. I would take march 1 as that is the date it would have been in a none Leap Year.

TV on

Diane, that is not true. The child is born on February 29 so that is the official birthdate. There isn’t any respectable doctor out there who would purposely change a child’s birthdate just to make it easier on the parents or child to celebrate the day it was born. I have a cousin by marriage who was born on February 29 and he celebrates his birthday on both February 28 and March 1 when there isn’t a leap year. It’s a personal preference for some to celebrate on both days or to just choose one day for their birthday.

Abbie on

@Diane – I have know a few friends who are leap year babies and their birth certificates, drivers license, etch all say February 29th. And they all celebrate their birthdays in February because they are February babies. I have never heard of anyone choosing February 28th or March 1st, instead of the day they child was actually born!

Bancie1031 on

That’s my anniversary 🙂 Great birth date! Congratulations to Linda; I will always think of her as Velma Dinkley ….. Cute baby name as well 🙂

Bex on

Love the name–classic and beautiful.

Fab on

OMG!!!!! You people will make a big deal about EVERYTHING…. ” why the h at the end of Lilah … why the hyphen” REALLY????!!!! GEEZ LOUISE!!!!! Because it’s their child and that’s what they chose to do!!!! Can ya just say Congrats and move on or just shushhhh and keep it to ya self…. #SomeFolksWillNeverBeSatisfied!

Julianna on

20 years ago, my sister was supposed to be a leap day baby, but our mother’s OB-GYN managed to keep her contractions in control and she was born exactly a week later (her birthday was yesterday). I love the name, it’s very classy, feminine and elegant. Congratulations to Linda!

eribri on

Congrats to her! I know someone who was born on Feb 29th and they usually celebrate March 1st on non-leap years.

alicejane on

I love the name!! I always say I love the name Lila, but most of my friends and family seem to think it is too old-fashioned, or something along those lines. I think it’s classic and ageless.

Question for the leap day babies… On Feb 29th I heard someone call into a local radio station and she was a leap day child. She said that, on her birthday (and ONLY on Feb 29), when she wants to do something that she needs to be of age for (bar, casino, whatever) she has to do it on March 1st as, on the 29th she is considered 6 or 7 or however many years old. Just wondering if this is true? I’m a February 28th baby, though not born in a leap year and I constantly get the, “Oh, you were almost born on the 29th!”

Jillian on

So if someone uses a name it becomes off limits?!? Hilarious!!


Bina on

@alicejane Ummmm….you’re kidding right.I was born on the 29th,I age at the same rate as everyone else (although it would be nice if I didn’t). Your birth year is your birth year,doesn’t matter what the actual day is.

LoveLilah on

I love the name Lilah with the H. To me Lila is pronounced lee-luh and Lilah is lye-luh shortened name for Delilah. I love Linda and I love Lilah Rose!

Marky on

LOL, didn’t realize Lisa Loeb’s baby was named Lyla Rose. Wonder if they say it the same. Anyone know?