BumpWatch: Elizabeth Berkley Debuts Her Belly

03/06/2012 at 10:10 AM ET
Jeff Vespa/WireImage

Baby belly debut!

Elizabeth Berkley was all smiles Monday as she stepped out in Los Angeles, giving us a glimpse at her second trimester bump.

The same day, the actress and author announced that she and husband Greg Lauren are expecting their first child this summer.

“My heart is full with all your sweet good wishes,” she Tweeted Tuesday morning. “Grateful for your support always!! Xo”

The former Saved by the Bell star, 39, married Lauren in November 2003 in Mexico.

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heather on

you mean some paparazzi stalked her to get a picture of her stomach. i’m sure she’s had a belly before today.

boohoobytch on


Corah on

Congrats Jessie Spano!

eaeime on

I bet she’s soooo excited. LOL

RG on

Congrats to her, but for the love of God, please stop using the term BABY BUMP! GEEEEZ

ruby on

She looks cute pregnant 🙂

karen on

Who cares. Why do so many actresses who have been out of the spotlight for years suddenly get back in the spotlight because they are pregnant…………what else have they done lately besides get pregnant, boring.

Brett R on

I’m really happy for her. I suppose it shouldn’t matter to me, but I was happy when I read this. No idea why, but I was.

CD on


Misty on

Good for her. I’ve always liked her.

sad but true on

Why do you have a problem with the term baby bump? What difference does it really make? Maybe some time doing something more productive would be good for you.

Brooklyn on

Congratulations to her and her husband!

And if people don’t care about her, then why comment on the post?

Britt on

@Karen…I know she’s done a couple of made for TV movies and made several appearances on CSI: Miami. What I don’t get is obviously she’s been showing for awhile, so why is it that they are showing a picture of her pregnant after she announces it? I thought she wouldn’t even be showing since it was just announced. Normally stuff like this is leaked way before. Just wondering. At any rate, congrats!

ckbadmofocpa on


Tara on

still looks as youthful as ever!

Cassie on

@Karen it’s because that’s exactly what society has deemed “important”. Stop caring about pregnant celebrities and it won’t be in the spotlight. But seeing how you posted a comment on a celebrity baby blog …well, you’re just adding to it.

KRS on

Why does the term “baby bump” cause such a reaction every time it’s used on this site? It’s such a harmless way to describe the “bump” that we’re seeing in her clothes caused by her “baby” and her pregnancy. What would you rather they say?

Shannon on

Aww she looks so happy! Congrats!

Carol on

I really LIKE Elizabeth Berkley and I’m very happy for her. She is so awesome when she stars on CSI Miami as well. I didn’t realize that she was already 39 years. Congrats. to her and her hubby.

soitgoes on

What’s going to be cute, is when her child’s friends start teasing him/her about the scene where Mommy licked the stripper pole in that God awful movie…

Milosh on

There’s no hope with dope!

Carol on

I can’t understand why anyone would be bothered by the term “Baby bump”, thats what it is.

meghan on

soitgoes, 90% of the kids in Hollywood have something that their parents did on film before they came about. They all seem to have managed just fine. Do you really think that Nahla Aubry’s classmates will run up to her and tease her for Monster’s Ball?

Helen on

Congrats, Elizabeth! I met her when she was at the height of Saved by the Bell popularity and she was extremely sweet and down to earth.

Jordyn on

What would you rather they call it? Belly? That sounds somewhat juvenile to me. Hey, at least it’s better than the midwife I had who was insistent on calling it a “mound”. That just gave me the skivvies. It was like something out of a bad porno movie. After my second visit with her I insisted the practice assign me someone else.

Anonymous on

KRS- They could just stick to “baby belly”. I see your point, though, and no matter what term they used people would still be complaining! 🙂

Anyway, I have no problems with the term “baby bump”. Techinically, that’s what it is: a bump made by a baby.

Belladelavida on

I just came accross this news,omg people can be hard with some comments. Good for her if she wanted a child but I still wonder why some woman will wait that late…My mom got me at this age and its not always easy on a child when the parents are old and you are not even 16 and then they get sick and died in their’s 60’s and you are in your 20!!! Congradulations to her I sure the baby will be cute because both of them are nice looking!

Holiday on

Jordyn thats hilarious that your midwife called it a mound. I read that and started laughing pretty hard. In regards to Elizabath she looks like she is about 7-8 months along!

someone on


Safe bet Nahla Aubry’s friends will kid her about that too…as will most anyone who’s done something risque or questionable in their Hollywood career.

Showgirls was exceptionally bad though- I mean, seriously.

Sandra on

Belladelavida, I think it is rude to assume, that she wanted to wait. What if they have been trying for years, maybe with several miscarriges? Not everyone succeed on getting pregnant right away.

Btw, she looks cute – and the ‘Baby Bump’ discussion, why oh why do we have to go through this everytime? I think its fine – it’s not like any one is being rude or anything, it is a little ‘bump’.

MiB on

I just have to ask, how many of you watched movies that came out 10-20 years before you were even born as teenagers? Because no one in their right mind will show Showgirls or Monsters ball to a child, so if they get teased about them earlier than that it has to be because their parents have said things like “Poor kid, her mommy was a stripper in a movie ans licked a stripper pole and she’s going to be teased for that”. More importantly, friends don’t tease each others, at least not in earnest, they support each others.

Eduarda on

I grew up watching Elizabeth on tv. I remember being 10 years old and rushing home from school to eat honey nut cheerios while I watched her on Saved by the Bell 🙂 I think she is a sweetheart and her baby bump looks so cute!! I’m so happy for her and her hubby!!

Emily on

Belladelavida “Good for her if she wanted a child but I still wonder why some woman will wait that late” It’s quite possible that she and her husband may have been trying to get pregnant for a long time rather than just waiting till she was ready. Some woman out there are so fertile they can plan almost down to the minute when they’ll conceive. Others like myself are years trying with still no baby yet. Just something to think about. You don’t know the person so you don’t the circumstances behind why she is having her first child at 39!

SadieA on

soitgoes, if they tease the kid about anything their mom did it needs to be “I’m so excited! I’m so scared!”

Bancie1031 on

Karen – Elizabeth has been on CSI:Miami and she had a made for tv movie come out this past Christmas called LUCKY CHRISTMAS ….. so just because you didn’t know what she had been doing doesn’t mean she hasn’t been doing anything or that she has been out of the spotlight …

So let me get this right ….. if someone stays out of the spotlight (like Elizabeth) then who cares but if they are in the spotlight (like Angelina Jolie) then who cares …… Wow can they do anything right for some of you …..

Jillian on

Bancie, exactly! Elizabeth has been in quite a bit over the past few years. Tv shows, movies, etc.