Mini Must-Have: Sunday Urban’s Luxe Blanket

03/05/2012 at 10:00 AM ET
Ben Dome/Pacific Coast News

It’s a wrap for Sunday Urban!

On Feb. 29, we spotted the 3½-year-old cuddled up to mom Nicole Kidman as they made their way through LAX airport following a morning flight.

And as if Sunday’s sleepy stare wasn’t cute enough, we also couldn’t help but notice her cozy Max Daniel Baby Throw Rosebuds & Satin white blanket ($58) around her shoulders.

Incredibly soft and warm, the mini wraps are perfect for snuggling up with your little one.

It’s no wonder stars including new mom Jennifer Garner and Jennifer Lopez are such fans!

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— Anya Leon

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Karen on

Does anyone ever see Nicole with her first two children w/ Tom? I realize they’re adults, but I never see her with them.

CCT0303 on

@Karen, nope.. Which I find disgusting. Something’s NOT right!

Tieraney on

Wow, only $60 for this little blanket, what a deal (rolls eyes).

Someone Else on

The reason you never see Nicole with the children from her first marriage has to do with the whole Scientology thing. When Nicole and Tom divorced, Tom essentially kept all the rights to the children according to Scientology rules.

Marky on

They apparently divorced over Scientology issues; Tom left her, but kept the children and she had very few visitation rights. She fought for awhile, but no one seems to be able to take on the whole cult, so she still sees them, but no one takes their pics together very often, or writes about it. She had both children in her wedding to Keith, but she mostly sees them in LA, where she has a home. She has said it is very sad, but the whole thing was sad for a long time, for Nicole. So glad she is happy with Keith and has what little relationship she gets to with her oldest 2.

J on

I think there is more to it than just “Oh, Nicole is not allowed to see her adopted kids”.

Marky on

I used to be such a big fan of Tom Cruise, and was very surprised when he suddenly left Nicole Kidman after saying how much he loved her and talked about how much she meant to him. I read every interview Nicole or Tom did, and that’s exactly what I came to. She spoke at length in one interview a year or so after the breakup about how hard it was to not be able to spend as much time with the children as she wanted, but that she didn’t have the choice. His behavior toward her, and regarding his children, has certainly cost him a long-time fan. As someone who used to work for DHS, believe me, I’ve seen it happen with people who have less power behind them than Tom Cruise has as a high-level member of Scientology!

Jillian on

The children have said they don’t like being photographed. Nicole has said she sees them and her children do even during the holidays. I will not judge because I don’t know the details of how often or why.


cara on

While they did go to her wedding, apparently the kids were chaperoned by Tom Cruise’s sister (also a scientologist).

So I guess even if she does get to see them, the relationship is probably a distant and not a close mother-child relationship, if there is always an intruision from his ‘religion’ and family.

To be fair to her, when she was married to T.C, the kids were pretty much protected from the media, it was only when Suri arrived that all changed, so I guess N.K. was the one protecting the children’s privacy and never flaunted them.

I really feel for her,