Elizabeth Berkley Expecting First Child

03/05/2012 at 10:45 PM ET
Jeff Vespa/WireImage

She’s going to be a mom!

Elizabeth Berkley and husband Greg Laurenan artist and clothing designer, are expecting a baby, her rep confirms.

“In life there are moments you cherish forever and this is one of them,” the former Saved by the Bell star, 39, tells PEOPLE.

“Greg and I are so excited to be expecting our first child this summer. We couldn’t be more grateful and overjoyed.”

Berkley — who wrote a book, Ask Elizabeth — has also appeared in Showgirls and on CSI: Miami and The L Word.

She and Lauren, 42, were married in 2003.

— Aaron Parsley

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Julie on

Yeah Congratulations to the happy couple!

kathi on

Marie..Greg is the nephew of Ralph Lauren

Tee on

Aw, I remember watching her on Saved by the Bell. How exciting for them!

tina on

Yay!!! Good for her!!! Loved the show—Saved by the Bell. She will be a great mom!

booma on

Yay! I absolutely LOVE her and am so happy she is expecting!!

ladyofargonne on

Wow he’s cute!

Julianna on

Congratulations to Elizabeth and her husband!

Renee on

SO happy for Elizabeth and her husband! I was so fortunate to meet her on her book tour last year. She grew up in my hometown and I had always wanted to meet her. Grew up watching her on SBTB too. She mentioned that might be coming up for her soon! She is even more gorgeous and lovely in person. She will be an amazing mom! and no doubt he/she will be gorgeous! One lucky baby for sure! Can’t wait for playdates with Tiffani Thiessen’s little girl Harper! 🙂 Huge congrats to you and your family Elizabeth!

Kim on

Im sure she will be a better mom than she is an actress! Ok, I said it. Shame on me. She and her fiance are gorgeous and she seems like a nice person in real life. Congrats to the couple!

Miami on

Good looking husband.

anon22 on

I met her once while working in a drug store in Manhattan. She was nice but came into the store with a see through tank top on..yikes. Congrats to them anyhow. It’s great they have been married for a while so they have a strong relationship before they decided to have children.

megan on

“They’ve been married NINE years and are just now pregnant? Wow.”

No need to be rude and judgemental.

Nat on

WOOW thats going to be one goooood looking baby!!! CONGRATS!!!

Liz on

Uh that ho (showgirls was proof of that) is going to be mom? God help the poor child. She’s too old to have children. Women should be having them when they are younger and able to do things w/ them and be a real mom (experience here my mom was 42 when i was born).

MiB on

Kim, and maybe they have tried to get pregnant for NINE of those years? Maybe you didn’t mean to come off as rude and judgemental, but you did.

We don’t know anything about their road to pregnancy. They may have wanted a couple of years for as a couple before they added children in the mix, and realized that it took them longer than anticipated. They may have started right trying right away and only now gotten lucky. Or they may have suddenly realized that they wanted children and gotten lucky on the first try. But either way, they are happy parents to be and should receive congratulations, not questions.

Taylor on

“They’ve been married NINE years and are just now pregnant? Wow.”

They could quite possibly have had trouble getting pregnant or fertility issues.

Congrats to them.

Jen on

Congratulations!!!!! I’m sure their baby will be adorable they are both good looking.

Denise on

It says online he is the nephew of Ralph Lauren.

klutzy_girl on

Yay, congratulations! I suspected she was a few weeks ago after some Tweets, but nice to have it confirmed.

Kenzi on

“They’ve been married NINE years and are just now pregnant? Wow.”

I would assume they’ve been trying…No need to be like that.

CeCe LaRoughe on

God bless her family. I have always loved her! They are a beautiful couple and are good people. Now Elizabeth get on an HBO hit show or make a good movie – WE MISS YOU!

stephy on

wow !! he is such a pretty boy

Heather on

“They’ve been married NINE years and are just now pregnant? Wow.”

Good for you for sticking to your guns and making this comment. A family should start with marriage and then progress to children. That is something that is “forgotten” in todays world, ESPECIALLY Hollywood. Maybe, just maybe, if people actually got to know each other and made a life long marriage commitment before jumping into bed and reproducing, there would be more intact families and less kids being passed from one parent to another!!!!!

JenLaw on

@Liz Wow, where to begin? I had twins (naturally conceived) at 38 and my children are very well and there is nothing we can’t do. I do not know where your hostility stems from but I would think you would be appreciative your mother gave you life.

Congrats to the happy couple and God bless them!

Ellen Smith on

I had my son after 13.5 years of marriage, at the age of 39. We were not “trying” to have a child all of those years. However, regardless of whether one is struggling with fertility issues or not, 39 is not “over the hill.”

Jamie on

Like most other women in Hollywood, I’d bet she used an egg donor. But a baby is still exciting news!

Dee on

Her and Denise Richards could be sisters. They have the same crazy-eyes!

Petra on

This is in response to all those making comments about the fact these two waited 9 years to get pregnant. We have no idea why it took 9 years, nor should we be so judgemental! One reason could be that they had difficulty getting pregnant. Would you be so quick to judge if you knew that was the case? Another could be that they really were just enjoying their life before kids and were finally ready to bring life into this world. We need to respect other peoples choices instead of judging and commenting on absolutely everything! Times have changed and evolved and there is definitely not one pathway you need to follow.

Auroramia on

40 is the new 20 ‘sumthins’. More power to us older moms. God works in mysterious ways. Love, luck, happiness and best wishes to Elizabeth and her husband.

Pandabear on

Wow, Liz and Heather, totally woke up on the nasty side of the bed today, eh? It’s a pregnancy announcement, and you two feel the need to stab the joy out of it with your commentary. A child is going to be born to two loving parents; ISN’T that ALONE reason to put a smile on your faces? I guess not. It never fails to surprise how a happy post can quickly be turned into controversy on this website.

Congrats to the happy couple. I wish her a safe delivery, and a healthy baby. Hope she doesn’t look at this blog and see some of the commentary on here.

Age is subjective, it really is. As someone who has survived cancer and has fibromyalgia and mixed connective tissue disease, I feel like I am very very old beyond my 30’s. I ache in every bone and joint and am in pain and exhausted 24/7. No medicines I have tried help. This happened to me when I was 28, a mere youngster.I feel 65 a lot of the times. And I see 50-somethings that are energetic and spry like 20 year olds, playing with their 7 or 8 year olds. Who are we to judge. It’ s none of our business.

jones on

I always think of her as Jessie Spano. Congrats.

boohoobytch on

Her man is hot. Congrats to the couple.

jy. on

Congratulations to them.

I think it’s cool that they have spent nine years married before having children. They probably know each other well, have been able to focus on career stuff and enjoyed being a young couple. Now when the baby comes they won’t regret not having that time together. Seems like a lotta folks rush into marriage/kids and get divorced as a result since they don’t have a solid relationship foundation. But every couple is different. I wish them all the best on their journey together.

Deb on

Doesn’t matter how long they’ve waited; I am happy to hear that they are doing this as husband and wife and that they have been together long enough to take their time to get to know each other and maybe do other things that they wanted before starting a family. I wish them much happiness as they await the arrival of their new bundle of joy!

Tracy on

A donor egg!!! Are you for real?? She is 39. Not 79.

Tara on

Pandabear, I know exactly how you feel. Between chronic pain from a back injury at 41 and then breast cancer and resulting lymphedema a couple years later, I feel 70 most of the time, too. Everyone else should definitely appreciate every day of their good health while it lasts because it can disappear in the blink of an eye. I try not to envy, but I look at healthy people and just long to be like them.

I imagine the poster above with the 42-year-old mom was either plagued with medical trouble or old at heart. That’s sad. My mom was one of those old at heart types, but she had me at 21! But I think people can and should have kids as old as they want to.

Congrats to Elizabeth and her hubby! I love happy stories like this!

tracy A. on

congrat,s you to,you r so very blessed,praying everything goes well,im sure you will have a beatiful baby,but more important,a healthy baby,as for your age, big deal you seem to look great for your age and that means u take very good care of yourself,so dont worry about that, plenty of wonen are having baby’s in their 40’s and 50’s and r just fine,i think your a great actress an u will be super mom!!!

Anne Marie on

Kim, Tracy, Liz and Heather are typical, vapid young women whose crown achievements in life are having children young. That’s why they have to bring it up and feel superior to other women who don’t. In less judgmental cultures, women have children naturally well into their 40s. Of course, they don’t have 20-something anxious, bored, on-the-interwebz all day moms who need someone to dump upon.

meghan on

Liz, because of a movie she did nearly twenty years ago, she’s a “ho” who doesn’t deserve to be a mom? I didn’t realize god was named Liz. Wow. Also, she’s 39, not 68 like Robert DeNiro or 58 like his wife.

Vanessa on

It’s called showbiz ever heard of it? Grow up!!! And, she might’ve had fertility problems.

JulieA on

Wow…she’s gorgeous and he’s a hottie! Their baby should be exquisitely beautiful! Congrats to them!

Melanie on

Our moms are friends and yeah, Elizabeth and Greg have been trying to have a child for quite awhile and it wasn’t happening. Way to be an ass, Kim.

Bee on

After years of struggling with infertility I had twins at 41. Between the ages of 42 to 44 I wrote and then successfully defended my Masters degree thesis. While the twins were infants I raised them with my loving husband while writing and producing 2 successful stage shows. When the girls are 4 years old I will begin work towards my Phd. I am an engaged and active mom and multi-tasking mom.

I’ve never commented on a thread here before, but happened to read this one and shook my head at the inane comments from some about being an older mom, and about waiting to have kids, as if both instances are somehow horrifying. Thanks to those of you who commented in support of Elizabeth and her choices – and none of us know what the story behind those choices were for this couple.

Black Bella on

Showgirls was actually a very very good movie. Elizabeth danced and acted her ass off.

I laughed when I say Demi Moore on TV “YEARS AFTER” Showgirls, trying to show some host how to move her hips. It was hiliarious. Demi looked stupid, Elizabeth studied dancing “hello”.

Anyway, congrats to the beautiful couple! Hey, they did something weird “THEY GOT MARRIED BEFORE HAVING CHILDREN”.

ace11 on

39 is a bit old

but regardless..still good

tlc on

Holy CRAP!!! I can’t believe the comments here. 39 is OLD? Elizabeth is a “HO” because she ACTED in a movie about strippers? What don’t you understand “LIZ” about the word ACTING??? She must have been awfully good in that movie for you to have a reaction years later! WOW…

As for her age, how come there were not comments when Naomi Watts, Nicole Kidman, or a host of other “older” moms had babies? 39 is not old…it’s middle aged. I am 44 and we just adopted our daughter in December. She’s 3 and she’s lived with us since she was an infant. Age is nothing but a NUMBER…it’s how you live that matters. Elizabeth is a healthy, happy, married adult who just happened to have struggles getting pregnant. We should be rejoicing for her, not tearing her down.

This world we live in nowadays makes me sick sometimes. People have no compassion, no responsibility and a HUGE sense of entitlement. Not to mention big brass ones spewing hate all over the internet behind an anonymous name/screen.

Shannon on

Wow what a nice looking couple. 0_o

I think it’s great that they have a stable relationship and now can add a child to their family. It’s better than rushing to have a baby and then splitting up before the child is potty trained.

And 39 is not old. The 30s are a great time to have children IMO. Congratulations and best wishes to them.

elizabeth on

I cant believe the comments i’m reading. Some of you all are so mean and bitter, but I’m glad there are some compassionate people left in the world. With that being said, I am very happy for them, a baby is a blessing from God, what does it matter how old she is. I just turned 40 in November and I am almost 4 monthis pregnant. It wasn not planned but I take it as a blessing. I think this is wonderful news and I think they will make wonderful parent.

kadyb on

@Bee…I am so excited for you! Look at your accomplishments so far! To the negative women, let me say this. I had two live children and one miscarriage before I was twenty and completed nursing school by 21. Yes, I was married first and he was the only one I had ever dated, I was a grandmother at 38 and my grandchildren are now 17 and 18. I felt old by 38 only because the important parts of my life were done WAY too early. I could no longer have children in my thirties or I would have LOVED to!

Dawn on

COngrat’s but i find it funny everyone is like omg she’s pregnant how cool, but yet will be mean and down right rude that Snooki is pregnant and personally i find it just down right disgusting!

Lori on

Wow. Her Husband is freaking HOT.

torgster on

Lori, I second that emotion lol! Damn fine – lucky woman she is to look at that every day. Going to be one gorgeous bebeh.

Holiday on

I think she looks really good for her age. I personally cannot imagine starting my family at 40 though! My kids will be 18 and 14 by then. To be nearly 60 when your first kid graduates from high school is pretty old.

Anonymous on

Are you serious, Dawn? It’s Snookie. People like her should be sterilized. Do you really want anyone like that procreating? I’m certainly not going to encourage that! The truly scary thing is that they vote, drive cars, and make decisions that affect us all.

Anonymous on


Bancie1031 on

WOW! I’m really surprised by some of these comments.

Petra – Nicely said

Congratulations to Elizabeth and Greg. I wish them the best of luck 🙂 Elizabeth isn’t old nor can you call her a hoe because of a movie roll she played; it’s called acting …… Maybe her and Greg waited 9 years because they were waiting on the perfect time ….. or maybe they had difficulties getting pregnant ….. or maybe they wanted to make sure they were stable and in love before bringing children into their lives ….. or maybe it’s NONE OF OUR BUSINESS why they waited 9 years ….. A baby is a blessing and shouldn’t cause feuding ……

Can not wait to see whether they have a girl or boy and to hear the name they choose and to see their little bundle of joy 🙂

liz on

He is obviously very handsome but he also sort of reminds me of Ben Stiller’s character–the miner-turned-model who kept sucking his cheeks in to look like,…well, to look like Elizabeth’s husband.

If I sound jealous, it’s only because I am.

liz on

Okay, this Greg Lauren dude is hot (and she is beautiful) and all these comments about her age? Wow, what a bunch of nonsense. Seems like a wonderful piece of news to me.

Okay, now my snarky: Is it just me or does he remind anyone else of Derek Zoolander?

DawnMiller on

Sorry to the majority….but not only do I not find her husband attractive, I actually think he’s pretty creepy looking. None the less, happy for the couple!

B.J. (the girl) on

Geeze, I had a big ol’ crush on Jessie Spano when I was a kid. Unsurprisingly, I’ve grown up to a feminist much like the character (but without the A.C. Slater!)

Congrats to the couple! That’ll be one pretty little baby.

Monika on

Wow! The assumption that it’s taken them 9 years to have a child because of fertility problems is ridiculous. HELLO, the world does not revolve around having children! I’ve been married for 6 years + and we still have not tried to have children. We’d like to eventually. Not everyone is small minded and focused on reproducing and populating the earth AS SOON AS THEY GET MARRIED. There are other things to do you know in a marriage and in life in general, especially for people that are big thinkers, educated, well traveled and cultured. Oh and btw 39 is not old. Maybe back in the 1950’s it was but not in 2012!

Holiday on

Monika 39 is old when we are talking about a first time parent. Not in the grand scheme of life but a near 40 year old first time mom is very old. She is about 5 years past “advanced maternal age”

momto4kids on

Who cares why they do what they do…it is their life to live, not ours to judge. Time to wish them well and move on…

pj on


pj on

My parents had me when they were almost 40 and they were amazing parents. I’m the youngest of 6 so I actually had tons of support from my older siblings. That said, my mother was one of my best friends not because of her age, but because of her youthful spirit. I was a younger parent to my three but compared to my mother (who just died at 89), I’m an old fogey at 53!

Leave this woman alone and maybe just say congratulations.

stacey on

39 isn’t old…it’s slightly old to be having a baby….EVERYBODY knows after the age of 35, you are a HIGH RISK pregnancy….If you choose to wait until you’re high-risk, you take that chance, but we don’t know if she chose that. step-off naysayers…let her enjoy her life.

stacey on

why can’t I see my comment?

J on

Why do some of you women worry so much about the negative comments here? Instead of adding to the drama why not just change the subject and add a positive view? The scolding police is getting old.

Tina on

Congratulations to Elizabeth and Greg, I hope your baby will be blessed, happy and healthy. I watched Saved by the Bell years ago and always thought Liz was a beautiful young lady. Some years later I saw Showgirls and liked it and yes, as someone commented, Liz danced her butt off. Also (chuckle here) brown rice and vegetables will keep the weight off. Be blessed everybody.

Young 40+ mom on

Wow … I can’t believe the comments here about older mothers. I had 3 children in my 20s, my 4th at 42 and my 5th on the way at 47. I can hang with all the 20-30something moms and no one has a CLUE I’m 47. My 5 yr old is amazing and I have a TON more patience than I did in my 20s, plus more time for her and the new baby on the way. All my children are amazing, successful and love me like crazy.

I think 39 is a GREAT age to have a child if the mom is up to it. So congrats to Elizabeth and her husband and I’m quite sure they are intelligent enough to ignore the ignorance running amok here.

whomadeyougod on

39 is not too old to be a first-time mom!

Congrats to the happy couple!!

The posters in their 40s here who think nobody can tell that they are in their 40s are kidding themselves.

Holiday on

39 is not too old but its old! She will be 40 when the baby is born, that really is getting up there.

Kay on

NOW I remember where Ive seen him before… he was Keith, the ex boyfriend/fiancee to ‘Mary Fiore’ in ‘The Wedding Planner’, when she sees him with his pregnant wife at the flower market.

AJ on

What’s wrong with being married for 9 years before having children? A lot of marriages (celebrity or not) don’t make it to 9 years. Good for them.

Nomi on

Hope all goes well for Elizabeth and her Baby to be. She is an exceptional actress, and very lovely too.