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03/05/2012 at 12:00 PM ET

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Kim on

Wow..the death of the infant from circumcision has made me sick. Why why why would anybody intentionally hurt their newborn baby? This story is particularly heartbreaking.

mary on

I am all for rituals and traditions, but common sense and research is a must.

Snooki being pregnant, well I just gonna say ‘best of luck’ Nuff said

Good Rhiana for not being narrow minded, I am very liberal minded person and in that situation not sure how I would have handled that. I only hope that I would be as understanding as you. Funny how this comes out ( sorry for the pun) as our President had a transgender nanny too! In order to stop hate, it all starts at home. You don’t have to agree with how someone lives thier life, just be respectful!

Erika on

I agree with Kim.

I don’t have kids yet, and I don’t know all that much about circumcision, so it isn’t my place to debate circumcising vs. not circumcising, but the ritual discussed in the article sounds disgusting.

I am not Jewish, but I have some friends that are who had a bris for their sons, and they all said it was nothing like that. Even if it wasn’t done in a hospital, it was done the same way it would have been if it were, with everything being sanitized.

Nobody’s mouth should be anywhere near ANYONE’S open wound, let alone a newborn baby in one of the most sensitive areas. It is sickening. How someone could subject their newborn to that is beyond me.

Mia on

I don’t think I want to read the article – but clearly whoever was performing the ritual was clearly inept.

Mya on

Some Jews still practice that ritual which is as disgusting as cutting a child’s genitals anyways. But one step further.. how is it that it’s “ok” for a baby boy to have the blood sucked from his wounded penis in this particular ritual in the name of religion and yet you know damn well if it was a baby girl – religion or not that person would be in jail.

Circumcision just needs to stop.

JM on

totally agree with you mya. it is unacceptable that people tip-toe around this issue just because it is linked to religion.

call a spade a spade, it is the mutilation of innocent baby boys.

i know religion is important to some people, but for me personally my child’s well-being is the most important thing in the world.

it may just be me, but as a mother i am not in the practice of mutilating and chopping off parts of my children’s bodies. the fact that in some cultures that would be deemed as unacceptable or strange is really a sad reflection of that culture.

and there had better not be a single person here peddling the stupid argument (and that is the only thing you can call it because if you believe in it then you are clearly stupid) that it is ‘each parents personal decision and has nothing to do with anyone else’.

would you be saying the same if i wanted to mutilate my daughter’s genitals? or give my baby son a nice tattoo on his back? it is the most stupid and illogical argument you can think of with regards to circumcision.

it is a horrible and barbaric practice that should stop. religion should always come second to human rights.

Mya on

Yep JM! I have a perfectly whole little boy and could never imagine allowing any sharp objects near his genitals. He was created perfect and will remain as such!

I wish more people would research WHY circumcision was started and what exactly is taken away as well as what a foreskin does. So many people are brainwashed with the “it’s dirty and will get infections” line.

As far as Christians cutting it says clearly in the New Testament that it is no longer needed and not to be done.

Melanie on

I think some people forget that those circumcision’s were done by a rabbi, not a medical professional. I’m not here to debate circumcising vs. not…everybody has a right to do whatever they want with their child (whether you agree or not, it’s not your decision to make). But IF you do choose to have your child circumcised, have a MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL do it.

Anonymous on

Melanie- I’m not Jewish, but from what I understand, most rabbis who do circumcision have undergone special training and therefore know what they’re doing. It’s not like it’s some guy off the street coming in to perform the procedure.

As for the other stories…I have to admitt that hearing about Snooki’s pregnancy made me shudder a bit. She seems to be very immature and very much a party girl. I just can’t picture her with a child! Even so, congrats to her and her fiance!

Also, I think it’s wonderful about the dad who’s providing donor breastmilk for his twins!

Steph on

I agree that circumcision (in the name of religion) of an infant is mutilation- they have no say in the matter. Religious practices that involve the health and safety of those who can’t say ‘no’ are wrong in today’s society. Imagine how these children who’ve been infected with herpes, by their Rabbi, will feel about religion when they are old enough to understand! I am all for practicing religion for YOUR OWN benefit, but not when it impacts others.

anon1 on

steph, i disagree with you statement about “..not when it affects others” for one reason only. i would change it to not when it affects others in a manner that causes injury or harm. practicing religion in a way that is helpful to others, ie service trips or volunteering with a religious organization affects others, but for the most part it is in a positive way.

Indira on

I think that the sucking of the blood by the Mohel is only done in the most ultra-orthodox of Jewish sects. Secondly I think I read that over 70% of the adult population has herpes simplex one but most are asymptomatic and since regular testing isn’t done most people are entirely unaware that they have it.

I don’t think I would circumcise my child. Its not needed and if my boy wants to make the snip he can choose to on his own. I find it very narrow that some of you have a problem with circumcision specifically when done in the name of religion. JM there are cultures that bore huge holes into the ears of children to put elaborate ornaments in them. There are groups that flay their skin into designs for the sake of what they consider beautiful. I don’t think they consider this a violation of their human rights though it is, I am sure, very painful it’s something they do in their culture. I don’t think circumcised male penises look disfigured and it’s not even comprable to female gentle mutilation that involves cutting of the clitoris and labia in order to squelch the female libido.

Tee on

The story about the baby twins receiving donor milk touched me. Truth be told, it’s a leap of faith since the milk isn’t being properly screened. However, it’s touching that so many women are willing to take the time to pump so they can donate to nourish these babies. I pray that there are no negative repercussions from the donated milk.

Snooki pregnant? Um, I’ve never seen the show she’s on but I’ve read a number of articles about her. Gotta say, I can’t see her with a child. I hope she matures between now and when her baby comes.

The article about the infant death is horrifying and so sad. I honestly don’t understand why a parent would choose to circumcise their child but it’s not my decision to make. Should I have a son, he would not undergo that surgery. I feel sorry for those parents. I can’t imagine the grief they must be feeling.

anon22 on

Wow, I work at that hospital where the child died after that type of circumcision. I want my own sons to be able to decide what they want to do with their penises, but be aware it is way more painful to be circumcised as an adult. Also if they don’t get circumcised, they may rip the skin later on in life during intercourse which can be painful and scary if they don’t know what to expect.

JM on

Melanie: ‘I’m not here to debate circumcising vs. not…everybody has a right to do whatever they want with their child (whether you agree or not, it’s not your decision to make). ‘

I have the right to do whatever i want to my child? really? so it’s ok with you if i go ahead and cut into my daughter’s genitals too? and then while i’m at it i might slap my kids around a bit too. is that ok? it’s my personal decision after all, like you said. you won’t call social services on me will you?