Kate Beckinsale: I Flunked Adolescence

03/02/2012 at 10:00 AM ET
Charles Sykes / Rex USA

Kate Beckinsale is dipping her toes into uncharted waters: life with a teenager!

But the actress — and mother of 13-year-old daughterย Lily Mo — is prepared for even the choppiest of waves.

“I had a child young enough that it doesn’t feel too far away from my own experience,” the Total Recall star, 38, tells PARADE

“I feel like I flunked adolescence really badly. I’m very supportive of how tricky seventh and eighth grade are for girls … but [Lily is] doing great.”

Lately, the mother-daughter pair have spent much of their time bonding as book buddies. Their choice? The popular Hunger Games trilogy.

“Actually, my daughter’s school encouraged all the parents and teachers and students to read The Hunger Games, so it prompted a massive discussion of it,” Beckinsale explains.

“For some reason, my daughter was a little bit resistant to it at first, but then we just were all completely overwhelmed by it. We can’t wait for the movie. It looks fantastic.”

But just as she could be relaxing with Lily one minute, Beckinsale admits she could easily be logging long hours on set the next.

“It tends to be one extreme to another. I guess that’s how I’ve managed it all this time,” she says. “I’ll do a crazy blast of working and then I’ll be home for a bit.”

Calling the balance between her personal and professional lives “tricky,” Beckinsale relies heavily on her parents for extra help — but admits there is one thing she just can’t seem to conquer.

“I think the thing you miss out on is some extra hours of sleep, which would be really welcomed, but that tends to fall behind!” she shares.

— Anya Leon

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Anonymous on

Cute- Lily looks like her dad, big time.

Shawna on

That dress is completely inappropriate for a child of that age. Why do parents allow little girls to dress up like adults?

jess on

Aww she looks so much like her father. Same smile and eyes. And that dress is fine for her. Also to the person who said Lilly’s dress was inappropriate. If you see the full pictures of the dress, you can clearly see that it is not inappropriate for her. It is just a one shoulder dress and it goes to her knees, which makes it not that short. Haven’t you ever seen flower girl dresses. Some are one shoulder and look just like Lilly’s dress and some are even shorter.

annie on

I agree, an adorable little girl but the one-should dress seems inappropriate.

cannat on

Dear Lord! Not a bare shoulder!!

Sierra on

Oh goodness! That dress isn’t appropriate for a 13 year old girl? Why not? Because she’s showing a bare shoulder? Get over your rude and judgmental selves, people! I’m sure you’d expect her to wear a burlap sack over her swim suit to the beach, right? I think she’s adorable and looks cute and trendy in that dress. Her mother is absolutely beautiful as well!

JM on

Wait, children have shoulders? that’s outrageous. but, they are so pure and innocent. shoulders are obscene, lewd, provocative and salacious and should only really be seen or mentioned around adults.
this dress IS inappropriate, it forces a young girl to reveal her shoulder. *gasps*, not the SHOULDER! *faints*

Shawna on

I don’t think young girls need to be dressing like adults. I also don’t think they should be wearing bikinis or any other clothes that shows so much skin. There is nothing wrong with a young girl being a young girl.

JM on

‘a young girl being a young girl’ – as opposed to a panda? she is not a young girl if she wears a bikini or a shoulder revealing dress? i feel like i am alice and have stumbled into wonderland.

Shea on

Hilarious, the whole point of the article is wasted because of a child’s shoulder. She’s a doll. And she’s 13. Good luck getting your 13 year old to do or wear exactly what you want 100% of the time.

As long as they’re raising her with love and support, a bare shoulder is not going to ruin her and shouldn’t be viewed as sordid. Should I tell my 9 year old son that he can no longer run around without a shirt in the summer???

canadiangirl87 on

Think that makes that dress look odd, is not the fact that her shoulders are showing, but it just seems like a lower and extremely mature cut for her age.

Maybe its just the picture. I dont even have a little girl to be protective over, and I find it funny looking. My goodness though, Kate Benkinsdale is a knockout though!

Sierra, settle down. Nobody is trying to be judgemental.

Marin on

13 isn’t really a little girl. She’s a teenager and is wanting her independence. That being said, the dress is fine.

Kasee on

The dress is fine for a 13 year old, I think maybe some think it looks inappropriate because she actually looks a lot younger than 13. But for a teenager, one shoulder isn’t that big of a deal.

Missy on

A one shoulder dress is inappropriate for a 13 year old? Has anyone been in children’s store lately? They’re all over the place(Gap, Old Navy, Children’s place, Gymboree etc) and have been for years.

Get a grip people!

LV on

I doubt that she is 13 in this photo, this isn’t a recent picture. This was probably taken years ago, People just dug it out for the story.

Emily on

I don’t quite understand “how” she feels like she “flunked” adolescence? I’m confused…

shilohs mommy on

She looks so much like her daddy! Very pretty young lady. And I disagree with the person that commented that her dress was inappropriate, and really…how can that be said when you can only see the top of the dress? If the dress is really short than I completely understand. But it is not like she is showing her cleavage or anything. Kate and her daughter certainly look lovely.

JessicaB on

she relies on her parents? what about the child’s father, you know, her HUSBAND???

Anonymous on

The people who are posting that aone shoulder dress is inappropriate for a 13 year old, you must be retarded. Considering the fact that while in summer, most girls 10+ wear shorts that barely cover their butts and bathing suits without straps at all, or tops with deep v-necks, a one shouldered, knee-length dress with little girls frills is hardly inappropriate. Some people really need to get a grip

Siera on

@Jessica B. Actually I believe her father is Michael Sheen, Kate’s former partner. Whether he is in her life or not, I don’t know. I’m sure considering the fact that they are married, Kate’s husband and her daughter’s stepdad is a part of her life. Maybe she just neglected to mention him in the article?

Anon on

Shawna- That dress is absolutely age appropriate. Do you think it is inappropriate because it is a one-shoulder dress? If so, I was wondering when baring a 13 year-old’s shoulder became inappropriate?

Anonymous on

FYI – Her daughter’s daddy is not Kate’s current husband.

Sarah K. on

JessicaB, Kate has always said wonderful things about Lily’s dad. There’s no drama there. She just didn’t mention him this one instance.

I also don’t think Lily’s dress is inappropriate. She’s at a special Hollywood event! She got to get glammed up with her mom and hit the red carpet. It’s not like she dresses like this every day. This is being blown way out of proportion.

Rosey on

Get a grip sister wives…. Prairie dresses aren’t in and besides it’s tastefully done and at least it’s not a track suit that says Juicy on the butt which I’ve seen on chicks aged 5 to 60 which always gross!

mdo on

I want Kate’s secret to staying 38 for the past 4 years!!! Lol. give it up Kate. You look great but you’re over 40 girlfriend.

Helen on

She doesn’t look like a child–she looks like a miniature adult. Just weird! The dress and makeup are completely inappropriate for this beautiful little girl.

amber b on

mdo u are on crack.i went to school with her.She is 38 this year and so am I.get a life.Maybe u just look older.

whomadeyougod on

They are both beautiful ladies. The dress is age appropriate and lovely. The girl is reading and her mom is too! They seem like a smart and well-adjusted family

Anonymous on

Helen- She’s not a little girl. She’s 13 years old and a teenager (and if she’s anything like I was at that age, she doesn’t take kindly to being called a little girl!)! Anyway, I see nothing wrong with the dress, especially since they were at a Hollywood event and not just walking down the street. Also, if I’m remembering correctly, the picture was taken a year ago, when Lily was 12. So no, she wasn’t 13 at the time, but she was only one year younger than that!

Jillian on

Jessica, Ummmm, the childs father isn’t her husband!!!!!!!


mdo on

LOL!!! Settle down “amber” She is English and I highly doubt she went to school with someone named “amber” . She has been claiming 38 for the past few years. Google it.

meghan on

mdo, you think people in england don’t use the name Amber? It’s another country, not another planet.

Guest1 on

Jessica, Len Wisemen (Kate’s husband) is NOT Lily’s father. That would be Michael Sheen.

Anonymous on

She should of dressed Lily in a scuba suit. That would be more appropriate, no wait!!!! Its too tight, make her wear a sweatsuit next time. hahaha… good gosh, tube tops for adults must be like stripper wear to this lady if she thinks a bare shoulder is too much for a teenager. LOL. just kidding.. everyone has their opinion on what is appropriate and what is not.

ann on

I think they both look gorgeous. Kate is absolutely the most beautiful woman in hollywood and beyond. She should be in the cover of the Most Beautiful Woman. My niece is also 13 yrs old and she wore a one shoulder dress to a formal party, there is nothing wrong with this as long as there is no cleavage action happening, not that there would be a lot to be seen on a 13 yr old, but this is not showing too much compared to short shorts showing some butt action on a 13 yr old.

Tee on

Well, I don’t think the dress is appropriate for anyone of any age. But I respect the fact that other people disagree with that. Kind of a shame that other people on this thread (coming from both sides!) can’t be respectful of other poster’s opinions.

Shannon on

Lily sure does look like her father. ๐Ÿ™‚

The dress looks like something an older girl would wear BUT I think the same dress with double straps and in a brighter color would look more age appropriate.

Anonymous on

I think you’re using Google wrong if you think Kate has been “claiming she’s 38 for years”. No, she hasn’t. Besides, her birth date matches up correctly…assuming you know how to do simple math. As for thinking that she wouldn’t have gone to school with someone named ‘amber’…are YOU from another planet? Wow.

kjc on

Is Lily’s middle name really Mo? .. Or is that a typo?

Anonymous on

Okay, I did a little digging around, and according to PEOPLE’s bio on Kate, she was born on July 26, 1973. That means she will turn 39 this year, and is indeed 38 at this time. It also mentions that her father (who was also an actor) died at age 31 in 1979, when Kate was five. I don’t see why she’d lie about that.

I also, incidentally, found the article where the picture in this post initally appeared. Here it is: http://celebritybabies.people.com/2009/12/06/kate-beckinsale-and-lily-black-out/ As you can see, although Lily was actually only 10 1/2 at the time, the dress isn’t that short AND she was wearing tights underneath it. In my opinion, the only thing “adult” about the dress is the fact that it has only one shoulder strap.

And for what it’s worth, other pictures of Lily from around that time show her dressed more her age (in jeans, flannel shirts, and other similar clothes) than a lot of other celebrity “baby” preteen and early teenage girls. But anyway, to each his/her own! ๐Ÿ™‚

Anonymous on

I agree with the people who have said that the name Amber definitely isn’t unheard of in England. I also want to point out that Amber may not even be that person’s real name. It could be a screen name, for all we know.

Caligirl on

I don’t think this is a recent picture. That girl is not 13 in that photo. Kate is what, maybe 5 ft 7? That girl looks like a 9 year old. A 13 year old would be around 5 ft 2 at least. This can’t be recent. No way.

amber b on

Google yourself,mdo.Kate’s parents were actors her birth was announced when she was born in the newspapers.Her father died in 1979 when she was five.Also well documented.Are you suggesting there has been a conspiracy since then?And yes,there are Ambers in England.We even have electricity,and hamburgers.

Lila on

I love this mother/daughter pair. They seem to have a lovely relationship and remind me of my daughter and myself. My daughter is also my only child and we are very close. We do a lot of reading and spend so much quality time together. It’s very nice.

I know that Kate and Michael Sheen have remainded close. They seem to have made raising their daughter their top priority, so she doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

Ashley on

I love how someone espresses an opinion, “That dress seems inappropriate,” and fifty people all feel the need to bark at them. Don’t say you believe everyone has a right to their own opinion if you’re just going to be a jerk to every person who disagrees. Do I think that dress is inappropriate? No. But I read her comment, considered it, and moved on: No cattiness required.

I am so frustrated by comment threads lately, particularly on here. Rather then actually comment on the article, people come on these threads just LOOKING to pick a fight.

In relevant news (this is a good example of what a decent post should be), I think it’s great Kate and Lily have been reading together! Such a great way to bond, and to promote literacy in our youth. I loved the Hunger Games Series.

Sarah K. on

“A 13 year old would be around 5 ft 2 at least.”

Uhhh, on what planet? Most grown women are around 5’2″

Anonymous on

Sarah K.- Actually, the average adult female height in the U.S., according to Wikipedia (which, granted, isn’t always super accurate) is about 5’4″ to 5’5″. 5’2″ is considered on the short side (and as someone who is a mere two inches shorter than that, I ought to know! ;)). Also, girls reach their full adult height sooner than boys (on average about a year or two after the start of menstration if memory serves). So 5’2″ sounds about right for a 13 year old girl to me. ๐Ÿ™‚

Jillian on

– Caligirl on March 4th, 2012

WHAT? Clearly you don’t see a lot of 13 year olds.

Celebrity Baby lover/anonymous,
Wikepedia is a site anyone can update. Why anyone posts stuff from there is beyond me!! According to the Nationsl Center for Health Statistics an average woman is 5 ft 3.8 inches…… Regardless, acting as though its the norm that 13 year old girls are 5 ft 2in at least is not factual. In fact, average children 13 yrs of age are between 58 and 62 inches. ๐Ÿ™‚


afriend on

I think that a little girl should dress like a little girl and that she should be reading the bible instead of the book she is reading , for if she reads the bible should would not have to read a book about going hungry , Kate should retire while still on top and spend her complete time in raising the child , in doing this she would have a chance to correct her own adolesence while teaching the child what she needs to live a longggggggggggg and happy life

Jillian on

A sat speachless for a bit after reading what you wrote. First, you don’t know she doesn’t read the bible. Second, she doesn’t need to read it, to have a wonderful life and be a great person! The Hunger Games is a great academically challenging book for a girl her age. Her mom should be proud she’s reading it. I am of my kids!