BumpWatch: Uma Thurman Debuts Her Belly

03/01/2012 at 02:00 PM ET
Susan Waters/Startraks

With her third child on the way, Uma Thurman stepped out Tuesday in New York City, debuting her baby belly in a fitted dress, multi-colored scarf and black boots.

The actress, who will next appear in a five-episode arc on NBC’s Smash, was reportedly visiting her obstetrician for a prenatal checkup.

The new addition will be 41-year-old Thurman’s first child with beau Arpad Busson, whom she’s been dating since 2007. The pair were engaged, briefly split, and then reunited in 2009.

The Kill Bill star is already mom to son Levon, 10, and daughter Maya, 13, with ex-husband Ethan Hawke.

— Sarah Michaud

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Heather on

Debuts??? She looks ambushed!

kat on

she looks thrilled!

Dahlia on


sous chef on

“Baby bump” is such a stupid term.

merry on

Wow, she’s quite far along! She looks great.

Joe on

And Ethan is such a LOSER he cheats on Uma with his ugly maid knocks her up and marries her now look at his career he has none hope he’s happy with his maid wife.

LWSpotts on

Get married already! Do something outrageous in Hollywood…raise your child in an intact family.

CCT0303 on

LWS so your so ignorant that you feel like the child would not be raised in an intact family because they are not married?!? You are sooo sad, and I’m hoping you do everything the “correct” way and accordingly!!!

Anonymous on

I don’t know which is bigger, her boobs, belly or knees! Its great seeing a celebrity with a little meat on her bones. Gorgeous woman!

sheila on

I never saw her as a beauty. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder but to me she’s kind of homely.Geez I’m Shallow, sorry.

evilwoman116 on

I wish this stupid “baby bump” trend would go away!!!

Corrie on

LWSpotts, get over yourself and your swelled-up, self-important ideas of what an “intact family” is. An “intact family” is an involved mother and father, working together to raise their children whether they’re together or not.

Also, for all the people who seem to hate the term “baby bump” so much, what do you think it should be called? Any other suggestions? Bueller?

…that’s what I thought.

Laura on

Smart girl!

Sunny on

Do they even live together?

Brit on

I’d just like to add here for all the baby bump comments… This story never said “baby bump” it said baby belly and Bumpwatch in the title………….. sooooo… yeahhhh….

Marky on

Tell my 2 grandchildren it doesn’t matter whether the parents are married and together or not. They would tell you in a heartbeat how painful it is for their parents to not be, and to have the father not live in the home, in love with their mom. I’ve watched the hurt over the situation, and no matter how hard we’ve tried, that hurt doesn’t go away. It doesn’t matter when they are babies, but it starts to matter a lot when they are about 5 and it just gets worse as they get older. The teen suffers such heartache, and I wish many of you doing this would think about that when you say marriage doesn’t matter, and being committed to each other doesn’t matter. It matters to your children, even if they don’t tell you.

Brit on

@Brit – Baby bump is in the title when you click the story.

You can live in a household with married parents and it still be a traumatic situation because your parents stay married for the sake of the kids, yet fight and bicker and think the kids don’t hear it or see it. Marriage or being in a committed, loving, and HEALTHY relationship has easily become a sore topic… they are rare and so are good parents with a healthy mindset.

Sarah S. on

I’d say she’s in her 5th month or so…

Jurnee on

Marky is right. It does matter to kids. And yes, a household where parents are married and fight is worse – but a household where parents are happily married and committed to each other and their children is the best scenario for kids.

I’m a total political liberal and think adults should do whatever makes them happy as long as no one is hurt by it… however, when it affects children, their sense of security and stability, research backs up that an intact home is best for them psychologically & emotionally. This is also backed up by tons of anecdotal evidence from those I personally know, and those I’ve read about who are not married to the child’s other parent.

llkkk on

While reading many of your comments, I am shocked by several of comments…Why on earth should she get married?? What is a marriage? A piece of paper! What matters is that they have a good relation, that they love and respect each other. NO paper brings that! Instead, this paper usually just brings plenty of problems and a lot more stress in case if relation does not work anymore one day.

We don’t live in a middle age anymore, thanks God!

I am very happy that she is pregnant, many woman are even better mothers at later age!

Congratulation UMA!

Jurnee on

llkkk, I’m not saying Uma needs to get married, as I don’t know her. But as I said, research backs up the fact that in MOST cases, it benefits the child to grow up in a home where the parents are committed, married, living together in the same home and raising their children lovingly together. That is a fact. You can’t dispute it.

A marriage is not just a “piece of paper.” The paper is merely a symbol of the commitment to one another. A marriage gives the child and parents certain rights, both medical and legal, and creates stability for the child. This doesn’t mean marriage is right for everyone, and it’s certainly not right with the wrong person.

Also, many people treat marriage as merely a “piece of paper” and don’t take the commitment seriously. However, it is decidedly more than a “piece of paper” and I find people who call it that are simply uninformed or making a simplistic comment. It’s easy to get pregnant and have kids. Why not make an effort at also creating a good life for them?

Jennifer Rice on

I kind of enjoy the “baby bump” watch myself.

jennrae on

Marky, if the love isn’t there, kids can sense it, and it doesn’t help for parents to stay together if they’re miserable. It’s a no-win. You can’t make someone love you.

Jen on

She has a big stomach and even bigger legs. ugh

Cristal on

CCT0303-It is you’re not “your so ignorant” if you want to be a smart a$$ with your (correct grammar) comments then make sure you’re (again correct grammar) correct with your (again correct grammar) grammar.

And yes you get a piece of paper with marriage but it should be so much more than that but most people now a day can’t keep a commentment no matter what it is. Honestly how can you find attraction in someone with multiple kids by multiple people? My opinion of course.

Indira on

Gosh if those legs are big mine are huge.

Also, I don’t think kids care if the parents are married, kids are happy as long as both parents are involved in their lives. A child can be raised in a married household and still end up with the same issues as a child living in an unmarried or single parent household. I know a lot of girls who lived with mom and dad but still felt like one of them was absent.

Cyn on

So tired of hearing that marriage is “just a piece of paper.”

NO it isn’t “just a piece of paper.”

And if you think that it is, then you have no idea what marriage really is.

Max on

Those who get so angry when others say marriage is important are just defensive because they couldn’t keep a marriage going, or couldn’t get someone to marry them. Why would you jump all over someone and get so wigged out if they believe marriage is important? If you don’t think so, don’t get married but you should always put your kids first. The goal should always be married and stable because kids in fact do need and desire a committed, stable family life. If you can’t provide that, don’t have kids. People are way too selfish about having kids and think more about fulfulling their own needs than about what’s best for a child.

Amanda K on

Congrats to her! I like what she’s wearing too.

Christina on

It’s really upsetting to me that in these times, it has become socially unacceptable to state that a child should be raised by a married couple–that those who believe in a family unit are somehow judgmental. This is ridiculous. Way too many people are celebrating single parenthood. While those who do it successfully should be commended for the difficult job well done, it is not something that should be sought after. It is not healthy for the child. Sometimes political correctness goes so overboard that it actually does more harm than good. People are losing their standards. If you can’t committ to a ‘piece of paper’, you shouldn’t committ to raising a child.

Bree on

@Cyn, maybe it is you that doesn’t know what marriage is.

My husband and I have been together for six years and married for two and the only difference in our relationship now vs before we got married is that we are wearing expensive rings and have the same last name. My parents were together for ten years before they got married and marriage changed nothing.

It is only more than a piece of paper if you let it be. I would have been perfectly happy to never get married but it was important to my husband and our families so we got married. Having kids has changed our relationship WAY more (for the better) than our wedding and signing a couple pieces of paper ever did or ever will.

Very happy for Uma and Arpad, can’t wait to see pictures and hear what they name the new addition 🙂

MollyF on

To Max, the reason why people get wigged out is because they think those who say marriage is the right thing are bushing their beliefs on them. I’m not married but I think if a couple want a child out of wedlock I don’t see the problem. I just don’t like people shoving their religious beliefs about marriage down my throat.

Mar on

It benefits the child/children to be in a happy home, married or not. If the parents/guardians are married and unhappy it affects the children, if they are not married and unhappy it affects the children too. If they are married or unmarried but happy and mature enough to get along well with each other so the children see a united front and see that their (the children’s, that is) happiness is what matters foremost, then the children will benefit most from those relationships.

Shannon on

Maybe she doesn’t want to get married. She’s been there, done that and look what happened.

Anonymous on

Cristal- Glad to know you’re perfect and never make a single grammar or spelling mistake! Really, I am so tired of the “grammar police” that show up on almost every thread. GIVE IT A REST ALREADY! Not only is it annoying to have every little grammar mistake corrected, but people from all over the world comment here.

That means that English is not the native language of everyone here, which in turn means that not everyone who comments here is going to know all the rules of English grammar (as just about anyone who’s native language isn’t English will tell you, English is one of the hardest languages to learn. Compared to a lot of other languages, we have an insane amount of grammar rules among other things!).

Now, about the marriage issue. I personally believe very strongly in marriage and would never even sleep with someone I wasn’t married to, let alone bring a child into the world with them. However, I also realize that marriage isn’t for everyone, and I don’t go screaming at unmarried couples having children together that they should get married. Everyone needs to do what works for them. For some people that’s marriage, for some it isn’t.

I also think it’s high time that we realize that families come in all shapes and sizes, and that one is not neccesarily better than the other. It’s both/and, not either/or. Take a former friend of mine, for example (we’re not enemies or anything now, we simply lost touch). She was raised by happily married parents, she raised her daughter as a single mom. Both women (the daughter is now grown) are happy, healthy…and very successful!

As other posters have said, what’s most important is that a child is loved by his/her parents, that the parents work together to raise the child (whether together or seperated), and that the parents put their child’s well-being first. If those things are there, then at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter what “shape” or “size” the child’s family is.

Anonymous on

Oh, and Uma looks great! I love the fact that she’s not super-skinny like a lot of other female celebs, and that she appears to be allowing herself to age naturally. Go Uma!



Amanda on

Molly, not everyone that believes in marriage is religious. Myself and my husband are non religious and we’ve been married for almost 10 years. It’s a legal commitment between two people and yes, it does add a certain sense of security that you don’t have in a boyfriend/girlfriend type relationship.

My husband wanted to get married so I would be insured & protected financially should something happen to him. I really respect that he cared enough about me to want that for me. That said, I realize marriage isn’t for everyone and that’s fine too. As long as the commitment is there, that’s what’s important. My general rule of thumb is if you wouldn’t buy a house with someone, let them have full access to your bank account/assets, or you question their morals/values/maturity then you’re better off not procreating with them married or not. You have to keep in mind that should things not work out, you have to trust this person with the single most important thing you’ll ever have in your life – your child(ren).

sharkweek12 on

Do we really need a picture of her leaving the doctor’s office?

Lynn on

I wouldnt be thrilled if Paps were following me around 24 7

Lils on

Instead of saying good for her there are a lot of judgmental comments here. If she does not want to be married thats her business. If you want to be married thats your business. Marriage means different things to different people. Ask a drunk couple at wedding chapel in Vegas what it means to them. Ask a 14 year old girl married to a 40 year old man in Afghanistan what it means to her. Ask a couple celebrating there 50th anniversary what it means to them. Ask a same sex couple who wants to marry but can not what it means to them. This is a big world and while you dont have to agree with all the different ways that people choose to live there lives it will make your life easier when you respect peoples choice to live life on there own terms and stop judging.

Jesse on

I hear a lot of people saying that marriage is “just a piece of paper”, or that marriage is “so much more.” I’ve seen both sides and they can both be good – for the parents and for the child. I really can’t argue for either one because there are so many variables.

I have been married for 18 years and have two daughters. My husband and I are crazy about each other and I’m sure our children benefit by having us both under one roof and HAPPY (key word.)

I was raised by a single mother. She and my father were not happy together, but they were great apart. I got the best of both of them. Sometimes at their best they were together, but I usually their best was when I had them solo. My mother also remarried and I had a wonderful stepfather. Really I had the best of all (three) worlds and relationships. I got a devoted mother (who was happy,) a devoted father (also happy,) and a stepfather who adored me.

While I was very lucky, my point is that no one situation is “best.” it depends on the people involved, not to mention the many circumstances that affect a family’s life. Had my father been abusive, the situation would have been very different. Had my stepfather not been such a naturally good “parent figure”, things would have been different. Lastly, had my mom not been so strong in her own right (really, she didn’t NEED either of my “fathers” in order to give me a stable, loving home) then things would have been vastly different.

sous chef on

Joe – the guy is such a massengill! Saw him on my way way home from work on that crossway on 23rd and Fifth. I only glanced over to cross the street and he turned his back to me as though I was looking for an autograph. Get braces, you B-listed, wife cheating talentless piece of nothing. Tra la!

Mia on

I’m guessing she’s 5 months – due in July.

+ yes – I agree they should get married — she seems incredibly happy.

1. They were already engaged before – why wouldn’t they get married?

2. I don’t care about this BS “trend” of “Well….we’re already together + have kids – we don’t need a piece of paper.” Not having that official + long term legal commitment with the person you love + esp. with kids is really stupid….esp. when most people (celeb/or not) end up getting married eventually anyway – why not get married/have that solid foundation before kids? Why do you need to test the waters first to see if it will last – like it’s an after thought?…If you’re not sure – you shouldn’t be having kids together.

It’s not a piece of paper – it’s that 100% personal + legal commitment to that person. Put it this way – Anybody can have a kid….(generally speaking) – often by accident because things just happy. sex = baby….you can’t marry somebody by accident the way having a baby happens.

It’s a huge act showing how much you love the person you’re with – have to go out of the way to actually get married.

me on

wow who cares if she is married or not??! if both people are mature and loving adults what difference does it make?

surely ethans cheating while married is worse than umas out of wedlock baby for the children! how is a home where two unmarried people who get along great together and love and cherish all the family members worse than a marriage where two people do the same thing? how does that change the stability of their situation?

in that sense marriage is just a piece of paper it doesnt make people act better or worse. great people will work on their relationship and stand by their partner during tough times whether married or not and crappy people regardless of whether they are married or not will insult their partner and cheat etc… being married does not fix anything or make anything better. you and your partner are in control of what happens in the relationship not some document or ceremony or promise or pledge.

Janey on

Research has shown the best home for children is happy committed and stable parents, whether married or not. In this case, does Uma even live with Arpad? I thought he mainly lived in London.

Hea on

@ THAT’S RIGHT- Bugger off little troll.

Do you still call it dating after so many years?

Sally on

I agree with those of you who don’t like the term “baby bump.” Who makes up these terms? I got over stupid terms like “baby mama” and “baby daddy,” but “baby bump,” naaa. It’s a stupid term. Is it suppose to be an euphemism for “she’s showing” or “growing belly”? GEEZ.

NeeNee on

I’m with LWS because I’m so sick of seeing so many kids that don’t even know who their stinking father is much less having and intact family, it’s pretty disgusting the way people pop kids out right and left and don’t even care if their children are embarrassed about it later on.

I personally would hate to know my momma had dropped her panties and started popping out kids before she married my dad, back in the day that was called being a whore and the kid would have been a bastard child regardless of everyone’s religious beliefs….how bout putting the horse in front of the cart for a change!

Cécile on

“It doesn’t matter when they are babies, but it starts to matter a lot when they are about 5 and it just gets worse as they get older.”

Not for everyone, thank you.

Well, it mattered for me for about 5 seconds.When I asked my parents, at the age of 6 or 7, where were their weeding pictures an their rings. When I was told there weren’t any, I just went on with my life.

Later,they told me, since they were not believers in any God, that it would have been hypocrite to go before a priest and ask any deity to guide them. That left the civil marriage, which is a contract, a thing you do to protect material and financial assets. Again,they explained to me how they didn’t conceive their common life as something ruled by a contract, a thing that you sign with your insurer or your employer.
They met in 1969, moved together in 1970 and are still as committed as they were when they founded our family. I would not say that it’s the case for every sanctimonious and judgmental person who bragged about “their how so solid foundation” and loooked down on us,or mocked me and my brothers in school for having two names on our mailbox.

Consistency in your acts and words is what matters to kids, the contract not so much. Case in point : Thurman was married to Hawke. Apparently it didn’t secure a very cemented and lasting union.

annonymous on

I agree with you 100%. As a child of a broken home I can tell you that I have never gotten over my parents divorce. And my parents were very respectful of each other after the divorce. And to the other poster that said if there isn’t love there. Well if there isn’t love there then don’t have a child with someone. There had to be some love or at least lust for you to lay down and make a baby with this person in the first place. The problem is when the going gets tough people just run out on each other. Plus if you don’t love that person enough to make a commitment then don’t have a baby with them, because a child is a lifelong commitment.

Alexandra on

@THAT’S RIGHT: You are so darn hilarious, can’t decide whether to laugh about you or at you ^^

@Anomynous: English is actually one of the easiest languages due to its simplified grammar…every foreigner who knows more than two languages will tell you that. 🙂

Marriage: Do it or don’t do it. Doesn’t matter. You can live happily together without the ring.


annonymous on

@ Max, I posted something similar to this but my post never showed. Hopefully it will. I couldn’t agree with you more.

It’s really upsetting to me that in these times, it has become socially unacceptable to state that a child should be raised by a married couple–that those who believe in a family unit are somehow judgmental. This is ridiculous. Way too many people are celebrating single parenthood. While those who do it successfully should be commended for the difficult job well done, it is not something that should be sought after. It is not healthy for the child. Sometimes political correctness goes so overboard that it actually does more harm than good. People are losing their standards. If you can’t committ to a ‘piece of paper’, you shouldn’t committ to raising a child.

Caroline on

It’s funny how some people say that not being married and have children is “against nature”. Actually, it’s the other way around completely. Human beings evolved from other animal forms and they reproduced for years before somebody said they needed to sign a contract if they wanted to have children. I also practice monogamy and believe that my partner and I should be faithful to each other but I could never say that it the “natural” thing to do, and the same happens with marriage and other cultural practices.

boohoobytch on

stop banging on about marriage and just say congrats…

Mia on

I think any couple that lasts for an eternity is a celebration – but I just don’t see if you act like a married couple why be against actually being married? ….That’s something I don’t get + I think it’s sad that the new norm is to have kids kids + maybe get married…..even though most don’t last.

And you don’t need love or any feelings to have sex + have a kid – it’s the bored/heat of the moment + things happen.

Millions of people get pregnant from one time and/or with someone they don’t even know or like.

Ann on

Interesting that such discussion is going on under Uma’s picture, because as far as I know, she already was so called “commited” previously and as far as I remember, it didn’t really bring her or her children eternal hapiness

damoiselle on

Marriage is a personal thing and while *I* personally believe that children come before marriage, but that’s me. What I genuinely don’t understand is why the long drawn out engagement? If you don’t believe in marriage or don’t want to get married, why even bother getting engaged?

Bree on

It’s irrelevant how “committed” the parents are to each other….how committed are they to their children? Obviously that’s a huge component of raising happy, well adjusted children, apart or as a couple. So as long as both parents are committed 100% to the well being of the child, who cares what they have going on between them? Congrats, Uma, and continue to ignore those who think they know best how other people should live their lives!

Marky on

Uma can make whatever choices she wants, and I don’t think her age is a huge issue. Where were all the comments about that when Kelly Preston was pregnant with Ben? She was almost 50, and everyone was saying how happy they were she was pregnant. Uma looks great, and I hope all goes well for her and her baby.

Mo, I would say this to you; I have been in love with, and married to, the love of my life for 47 years. We have shared a life filled with love and happiness, difficulties, hardship, and yet we have stayed together in all circumstances not because we have to, but because every day of our lives, there is no other person in the world we would rather be with than each other. That is a choice we made long ago, and it’s true in good times and bad times. We have several children, and we love them very much; we have grandchildren and we love them, too, but no one more than each other. He still makes me laugh and he loves my company. We have had to work at it, but we excluded the “D” word from our vocabulary when we first married, and decided we would work on our relationship every day, so our home would be a place of love and fun for us and for anyone else who became part of our family. This commitment has meant a solid life for us and for our children who thank us all the time for having made the effort not only for ourselves, but for them. None of them want less for their children, though 2 of our GC live in a one parent home without the non-custodial parent. The GC ARE sad about it, so aside from the fact that some of you may not care, most kids do, and you have to realize that. Everyone who disagrees with you is not a religious fanatic, or trying to force their veirpoint on others. I’m not telling anyone how to live; I’m sharing my experience.

AllisonJ on

Uma looks great! Best wishes to her on a happy and healthy pregnancy. In my book, she is brave woman! I’m 42, and there is no way on God’s green earth that I would have another child at this age. But, more power to Uma for going for it.

anon1 on

Mo, I think you should research marriage on your own and not let people who apparrantly irritate you from affecting you. Marriage is not slavery in any form but rather a committment to love and support your spouse through all of life’s joys and sorrows.

Jillian on

– Alexandra on March 2nd, 2012

Exactly!!! There are so many languages that are difficult to speak and learn. English is not at the top! My two cousins are ESL teachers and can attest to this.