Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss! Plus, The Lorax In Theaters Friday

03/01/2012 at 10:00 AM ET
Courtesy Universal Pictures

What is that, you say? The Lorax is hitting theaters Friday!

Danny Devito, who lends his voice to the lovable Lorax, is joined by stars including Zac Efron, Taylor Swift and Betty White for Dr. Seuss‘s classic story of a young boy’s journey to find the one who talks for the trees.

But that’s not the only thing to celebrate this month. PBS Kids is also hosting a celebration in honor of the children’s book author’s Mar. 2 birthday.

On Friday, the network will air a two-hour The-Cat-In-The-Hat-A-Thon, featuring two brand new episodes of The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That!.

You (and your little ones!) can also view all four episodes at PBSKIDS.org/video. Plus, check out our review here.

— Anya Leon

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Anonymous on

Oh yay another low budget cgi affair with almost nothing to do with the book. Kids these days don’t know what good movies are!

showbizmom on

Couple things wrong with your post Anonymous.

1. Any movie that is based on a Dr. Seuss book has to be approved by his estate, otherwise known as his wife. Mrs. Geisel. Who also, if memory serves me right was the Executive Producer on this flick. So basically, it has enough to do with the book I grew up and loved, to get the approval of the estate.

2. This isn’t low budget I heard about 65 Million+ budget for this low budget CGI movie. Yeah, not so much low budget.

I look forward to this film and so do my girls.

JM on

Anonymous, whilst i agree that the lorax does not look particularly good (with some crap voice actors thrown in too), it is totally and utterly false to assert that kids these days don’t know what good movies are.

i am going to side-step the obvious point that they can still watch all the old classics (and do, mine do at least). and point out that pixar have yet to really put a foot wrong with their films. they are all delightful and much loved, certainly in our house. and i would definitely consider them quality kids films. toy story (all 3), finding nemo, bugs life, up are special favourites. alongside those are several other well made CGI films such as the first two shrek films or kung fu panda. and then there are films like the recent muppet movie (my kids already loved several other muppet offerings, not least christmas carol).

and then of course there are things like harry potter etc.

so, just because there is a new generation of things, it doesn’t mean they are all bad.

Amanda K on

Wow JM, you actually consider Betty White to be a “crap voice actor”? Her career has been going strong since 1939.

Tink on

Amanda K: JM actually said there were “some” crap voice actors in this film. Not that all of them were crap, just some of them. I’m going to guess she was referring to Zac and Taylor as opposed to the great Danny Devito and Betty White…

JM on

EXACTLY what Tink said. (thanks Tink 🙂

yes zac efron and taylor whatsername were clearly just chosen because the creators thought that kids wouldn’t go and see it if they didn’t recognise the voice actors. most of the films my kids watch they have no idea who the voice actors are and they don’t really care. i never did as a kid either. none of the old disney films have famous actors voicing the characters. it’s unnecessary.

as much as i LOVE Dr Seuss i have to say that at least the trailer for this film looked uninspired and somehow removed from the spirit of Dr Seuss.