Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck Welcome Son Samuel

02/28/2012 at 07:20 PM ET
GSI Media

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are proud parents for the third time.

The couple welcomed a son, Samuel, on Monday in Santa Monica, PEOPLE confirms. The new addition joins big sisters Seraphina, 3, and Violet, 6.

“We are happy to announce on February 27, Jennifer gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Samuel Garner Affleck,” the actor posted on his Facebook timeline.

The couple announced they were expecting in August, with Garner telling Jay Leno in January that they knew the sex of the baby, but weren’t sharing.

“It would be so weird to have a boy,” the actress told Ellen DeGeneres, but also said the experience would be “cool and different.”

Affleck, in turn, said in 2010 that the three-against-one female-to-male ratio in his house leaves him significantly outnumbered.

In January, Garner and Affleck, both 39, were photographed walking arm-in-arm, with the actress sporting a sizable baby bump.

“He knows when to swoop in with the gesture. He’s sweet that way,” Garner says of her husband. “Honestly, I would do anything for that man, because I know it’s not taken for granted.”

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AllisonJ on

Congrats to the Affleck-Garners! Can’t wait to hear the name. I’m so surprised they had a boy! I thought for sure it was a girl. Maybe their son can marry one of Matt Damon’s girls. How cute would that be??

Tara on

Can’t wait to hear what name they choose, loved both the names they picked for their girls. Also wondering since the girls look like mini Jennifers if their baby boy will favor his daddy more.

Meela on

At least she was pregnant longer than Beyonce!!!!

It seems like she has been pregnant FOREVER!

Anonymous on

I thought she wasn’t due until spring?? Like the end of March? But congrats, how exciting to get a boy!

klutzy_girl on

I knew it was going to be a boy! So happy I was right. Congratulations to them and cannot wait to hear the name.

And yes, it did seem like she was pregnant forever.

Lauren on

awwwwwh a boy! wonderful news 馃檪 so happy for them!! cant wait to hear the name.

Megan on

Awww! I am so happy for the whole Garner-Affleck family! That little boy will have two extra mothers, no doubt…I cannot wait to hear his name and see that beautiful boy…CONGRATS to Jen, Ben, Violet, and Sera!

Vanessa on

Congratulations to the family! Can’t wait to hear the name of the newest addition!

Me on

Yay! Just the news I’ve been waiting for! Congrats to them, can’t wait to hear the name!

N on

Wow! For some reason I’m surprised it’s a boy…. but very pleasantly so! Congrats to them!!!

Amanda K on

What a blessing for their family! Can’t wait to see a picture of their little man.

Natalie on

Well, that’s a (very happy) surprise! I thought for sure they’d have another little girl.

Congrats to the family on the birth of their little boy! Can’t wait to hear his name!

GForce on

awww! congrats on the baby boy! exciting for them!

kendrajoi on

Congrats to them! How exciting!

JMO on

Ever since the “he” slip on Leno I was so sure it was a boy! What a nice little way to round out the family! Can’t wait to hear the name. I remember Jen said that Violet wanted to name her sister (Sarah) that’s how they got Seraphina. I wonder if they’ll let the girls help pick out baby afflecks name!

Tee on

Ach, a son! That’s so exciting! Congratulations to Jennifer, Ben, Sera and Violet! I can’t wait to hear what name they’ve chosen for the little man!

CelebBabyBlogAddict on

I’ve been waiting for this news. Exciting for them to have a boy! I can’t wait to hear the name!

Tracie on

Aww. Congrats to the family!

Toya L. on

*\O/* yeay!!! Congrats to them, I bet those two little girls are going to be the best big sisters/helpers!

Amy on

it’s weird how ECSTATIC I am that they have a boy…but sad because they make the prettiest girls also so I wanted them to have a girl too!

CAn’t wait to hear the name!

Bobbi on

I was just thinking about this today and wondering when she was going to have the baby! It was actually during “Juno” when she meets her son for the first time – kind of fitting! Congratulations to the family!

Alivia on

I wish they didn’t have a boy. Sometimes when there are two girls then a boy the
Father forgets about the girls and just pays attention to the boy.

Maria on

I am so happy for them! A boy! yay! they seem like wonderful parents 馃檪 I am glad for a baby to be born into a loving family where he will be taken well care of.

Erin on

Awesome, awesome, awesome news! I am so happy for them and I know they are excited to finally have a boy. Congrats! I love Jennifer Garner.

Evelyn on

congrats Jennifer and Ben on your healthy new son.I am the proud aunt of a niece and two nephews.I was thrilled when my nephews were born.I sure your daughters Violet and Seraphina are going to be very protective of their new brother god bless

Anonymous on

Yeah! Congrats to the cutest family 馃檪

c on

No wonder Ben was so attentive to her during this pregancy. He seems like the type of man who is much more into sons than daughters.

robinepowell on

Congrats to them both. At first I thought it say that they had a son, named “Santa Monica”, lol!! :p

nobody on

Congrats to them ! I wonder if they will circumcise their perfect little boy…I hope not!!

Holiday on

Awww congrats! How cool to have a son after 2 little girls! Its neat to have a mixed gender family and get to experience raising both genders. I had a boy first (who was born the same week as Violet) and then a little girl 4.5 years later.

Anonymous on

Anonymous- She DID say she was due in the spring, but it’s possible that she said that to throw the media off a bit. Or baby boy could have been a few weeks early (if, for example, he was born two weeks before he was due, that would make the due date around March 13th or so, and that’s getting pretty darn close to the start of Spring, which is March 20th. Also, if the due date WAS around then and the baby had arrived a few weeks late, it would have been spring when he was born. So I can understand saying the due date was in the spring).

Anyway, congrats to them! I’m a bit surprised they had a boy, too, and I have to admit I’m a bit concerned about whether everything is alright with him. With their two daughters, they announced their birthdates rightaway. But this time around all they’ve said is that they had a boy. Also, there was nothing saying something along the lines of, “Everyone is happy and healthy” or “mother and son are resting comfortably”, which is often included in celeb birth announcements. I hope he wasn’t premature or something!

Anonymous on

Evelyn- Where does it say the baby is healthy? I certainly hope he is, but it doesn’t say that anywhere, or even his birthdate, which makes me worry that he isn’t healthy.

c- Clearly you haven’t seen all the photos of Ben clearly enjoying his daughters! 馃檪

juliet on

Finally! I’ve been waiting for this news for weeks! I am so so excited she had a little boy…I can just see him at 18 months old, running after his sisters with wispy blonde ringlets and red overalls, clutching some toy. too cute! Congratulations!! I just feel like Jennifer is such a loving, attentive mom and I’m so happy for the family.

Liberty on

Quick, buy him a Red Sox onesie! 馃檪

Heather on

They seem like such a nice family. Congrats to them!

Ivy. on

I had a feeling it was a boy! Jennifer mentioned that the girls had picked out a bunch of Disney names for the baby, and I think most of them were boy disney characters!

Congrats to them. Can’t wait to see the little guy.

Mia on

Finally – seems like she was pregnant for ever…

I thought it would be a boy – congrats!

I wonder what the name is….?

Brooklyn on

Congratulations to them!! Looking forward to hearing the name.

Sam and Freya's Mum on

Holiday, I agree – it’s great being able to experience both genders. As long as bub is healthy of course, but an added bonus. Most people I know have 2 or 3 of same gender (not sure if that’s statistically more common?) and they sometimes say wish they had opposite gender and I think a few even kept going in the hopes of getting opposite gender at some point, which is common I’m sure (but won’t admit it!). Have to admit the thought of either 3 boys or say 4 girls would be scary now, much as you’d love them regardless. I was sure I would have another boy myself and would’ve been fine with that also, but to be honest experiencing the differences and the girlie fun (superficial reason I know!!) of being able to dress a girl too. Best of both worlds IMO. Excited that they had a little boy – boys are great, esp to their mums! As possibly their last, will be one spoilt little lad I’m sure….!

Marky on

Congratulations to the Garner-Afflecks on their new son! Can’t wait to hear the name; hope it’s not one of the Disney characters or one of the other names Jennifer said the girls’ were suggesting! LOL

Nobody, please put a sock in the comments regarding whether or not someone chooses to circumcise their baby boys. That is a choice rather than some sort of torment, as I found out when my youngest wasn’t circumcised at birth, and as quick as he became an adult he chose to be circumcised. Wow! That was much more difficult than any circumcision I saw being done on a newborn when i was a nurse in the Newborn Nursery and NICU. Babies rarely even cried, unless they were hungry, otherwise they just laid there and sucked on a pacifier. You may choose not to circumcise your child, but you have no right to criticize those who do, or make that choice for them. Why do people think they just have to say something about what others should or shouldn’t do? If you don’t breastfeed, or you don’t circumcise, or you don’t use all cotton baby clothes and blankets, or whatever–those are your choices, and it is the right of others to do as they choose with their child, as well.

JM on

yay, so happy for them. their girls are so gorgeous i bet this one’s a cutie too. can’t wait to hear the name. congrats to the whole family.

Emily on

Ahh Finally. Felt like I was waiting forever for this one. I totally thought it’d be another girl too. Just couldn’t see them with a boy but very glad it is a boy. Can’t wait to hear what they have called him. Now for Hilary Duff to hurry up and have hers!…

kjc on

Anonymous- I wouldn’t worry about the health of the baby too much, it was confirmed by a ‘source’, not Jen or Ben’s reps. I’m sure that’s why there is no other info released. I’m sure the little dude is doing alright.

Liz on

It’s too cute to imagine the Afflecks with two little girls and now a son! I’m sure Jen was shocked to find out she was actually carrying a boy. Many congrats to them!

Also, I wanted to say, I disagree with the above comment that Ben will “forget” about his girls now that he has a son. Please. Dads have a special relationship with their daughters…and their sons as well, differently. Neither one is better than the other and there is more than enough love to go around. Believe it.

Sandy on

Did they have it today? the 29th? how cool if they did as it will be a Leap Year baby! so glad he got his boy.

Julianna on

Awwww, a baby boy! That’s so awesome! Congrats to Ben, Jen, Vi and Sera for the newest addition to their clan – I can’t wait to know how they’ll name him and to see pictures, because Ben and Jen sure make gorgeous children!

Liz on

I have been waiting for news of the birth of this baby for what seems like forever!! I agree, Meela… she seemed pregnant way longer than Beyonce. I had a feeling it’d be a boy… was hoping actually. Little girls are great, but boys bring something special too. It was time to switch it up and I doubt anyone in the household is complaining. What a blessing!

Fab on

YAY for them!!!!! Congrats!

Kari on

When it comes to celebrity couples, they seem like the real deal. Congrats and best wishes!

Lady on

Not a fan of them but this made me SMILE…so happy they had a baby boy to add to their beautiful girls. Congrats to their family, wonder what his name is?

AmandaC on

c – i’m sure Ben will love his daughters just as much. maybe he was more attentive to her since they have 2 other small children and she needed more support? my hubby was def more supportive of me with my 2nd pregnancy since we had a 2 1/2 yr old at home. She did seem to be pregnant forever, so happy for them!

Anonymous on

congrats! i bet they are so happy to have a boy, not that girls arn’t great I have two myself.

Cindy on


I knew it was a boy, because of the shape of her belly. Hope they choose a beautiful name. Don’t like the name Seraphina, it’s so old-fashioned.

Lily on

Shar…are you serious? It’s 2012 people are STILL claiming the shape of the woman’s belly is an indicator of the baby’s gender even though this had been REFUTED by actual professionals time and time again?! Why do people still INSIST on clinging to this lie?

Congrats to Ben and Jen 馃檪

Dominique on

Alivia – wow, projecting much?

JM on

Lily, those were exactly my thoughts when i read that comment. it’s bad enough with people commenting ‘i KNEW it was going to be a boy’ – you didn’t know, you made a 50/50 guess. flip a coin, if it’s tails, i will tell you that i KNEW it would be.

but suggesting that the shape of a woman’s belly has anything to do with the sex of the baby…. really? in this day and age, do some people still go through life like this? or more to the point, through an education system? in other news, don’t walk under ladders unless you want to ensure certain death later on, if you just broke a mirror prepare for seven years bad luck, and the tooth fairy sends her love through the easter bunny. 馃檪

adults – often more naive than children.

Amanda on

Congrats to the Garner-Afflecks! Two years ago we had our first little boy after two girls and it’s been wonderful to have both and my husband loves ALL our children equally. We now have another little boy, it has been amazing to experience both genders 馃檪

anon on

Sandy, this post was up on the 28th so I am going to assume that the baby was born before the 29th.

Julie on

Congrats to the Garner-Afflecks! I agree with the comment made from an earlier poster…as far as celebrity couples, they do seem like the real deal. 馃檪 Can’t wait to hear the name, either!

Happy for this lovely family!

Trina on

Iam so Happy for them good luck with new baby jenifer and ben.

miameows on

oh that’s a good name! yay!!

Pamela on

nice name! Congrats to them!

Reesca on

LOVE the name!! How cute!

Brooklyn on

Great name. I think it goes well with Violet and Seraphina. Perfect.

cannat on

Love the name! So happy for this family. They seem so normal, relatively speaking 馃檪

J on

Wow Alivia and C. Jeez…

Romy on

surprised they’d pick that after the girls’ names since there are SO many Sams both male and female. lost in a crowd.


YAY – they named him Samuel Garner Affleck – love it – fits well with his big sisters! Congrats to the family!

Sasha on

Big congrats! Love the name. I hope the delivery was smooth and easy!

queenofhearts on

Congratulations Jennifer, Ben, Violet & Seraphina on baby Samuel. Love love love the name, and love love love this family!!

klutzy_girl on

I love the name!

Tara on

Love the name 馃榾 Also loved that she used her maiden name for his middle name.

Mya on

Congrats! I love the name and especially love that baby boy will be kept Intact!

Marky.. the difference with your son is that he was an ADULT making a decision about his body as he rightly should.

My husband never got to make that choice and unfortunately for him can never get his foreskin back.

Jillian on

Anonymous/celebrity baby lover
They have since updated us with the date and that the baby is healthy. Lay off the nit picking.

I remember reading posts from people saying that she was having a girl because of how she carried and bc with two girls a third always follows…….. How much you bet those people stay silent?


JCBaby on

Mya… this many years later… why would he want it back?! *shudders*

cj on

it says the name is SAMUEL.

Sarah S. on

Very nice and traditional name–Sam Affleck–I love it! Congrats to Jen and Ben and big sisters Violet and Sera! 馃檪

JM on

lovely name. 馃檪

as for the circumcision, wait, there are still people, in this day and age, with at least half a brain, who are calling it something other than what it is? male genital mutilation. wow, what century are you living in people?

no baby chooses to be circumcised, there is rarely a medical reason (certainly not at birth) and it is irreversible. anything else you’d like to chop off your kid for not good reason while you’re at it?

JMO on

It’s so refreshing to hear such a normal name. I hope people don’t start complaining it’s too normal because I swear if they gave him an awful odd name they’d hear nothing but grief for that too!! I’d much rather hear Samuel or Matthew or Michael then Banjo, Bing, Pilot, Zuma, Bear Blue……..

Anne on

Why are we even speculating on whether or not this baby will be circu mcised? Mya, where do you get the information that he isn’t? It’s the choice of the parents and no one else.

Sam and Freya's Mum on

As the mother of a ‘male’ Sam, I’m a biased fan of his name! Glad all is well.

Anna on

Mya.. When I read your comment that made me throw up a little in my mouth! That’s disgusting… want it back..gross! Why even think like that. UGH!

Jane on

Perfect name! It’s nice to see a celebrity couple actually give their kids normal names.

JM on

anna there is something seriously seriously wrong with people when a comment like mya’s repulses people more than the initial act of slicing into an innocent newborn baby.

and i’m sorry like F it is the parents’ decision. it is every individual man’s decision when he is old enough to decide. would we let parents permanently disfigure another part of a baby’s body and just shrug our shoulders and go ‘ah well, their choice’. i am horrified that people still think this way.

i am happy to say that my three boys are still intact and can decide for themselves what to do with their body. it is THEIR body, i don’t own them just because i am their mother.

J.J. on

Congrats to the Garner-Affleck family on baby 3 and first boy!! Surely will be a new exciting adventure to add a little man to the house with 2 super cute sisters and awesome parents 馃檪

Tee on

I love the name they chose for their son! Congratulations again to the family!

blessedwithboys on

I circed my 2 boys and totally regret it. I hope the Afflecks are more enlightened than I was.

Congrats on a healthy baby! 馃檪

JCBaby on

Anna… I thought I was the only one that thought that! LOL! Ewww…. And while I believe it is every right for a mother to decide whether or not to have her son circumcised, I hate it when people feel the need to push their own opinions and beliefs on anyone…what century is this? So your son isn’t circumcised… and mine is… does that mean they can’t be friends because I am some kind of mutilation enabler?! It’s all so dumb. You made your choice and I made mine. I don’t judge you for your choice. Don’t judge me….end of rant…

cannat on

I hope all future male birth announcements will include name, weight, date of birth, and whether or not the parents decided to circumcise the child. Because that’s totally our business and totally what this post should be about.

stacey mc on

Congrats to ben and jen! Sorry, but an uncircumcised penis is creep and nasty looking!

Geoff on

Oh, awesome! Parents’ rights now include lopping off bits of their children’s genitals. If you wouldn’t do it to your daughter, why would you do it to your son? HIS body, HIS choice. Nobody else’s.

Anyways, congratulations to the Affleck family on the birth of their son.

Geoff on

What if I thought labia were creepy or nasty looking? Would all you scalpel happy mamas stand behind my decision to have my daughter’s labia cut off at birth? Because I thought it “looked prettier”? None of you will be having sex with your son’s penis, so why do you care what it looks like? Sometimes all I can do is shake my head when it comes to this topic.

Paige on

Congratulations to Ben, Jennifer, and big sisters Violet and Seraphina!

Love the name. So traditional in a good way. 馃檪

ecl on

I don’t like the reaction that an uncircumcised penis is “creepy and nasty looking.” How would you feel if someone said that about your vagina? What if you were hooking up with someone and that’s what they said to you?

It’s hurtful and just another way of making people feel ashamed about the bodies they were given. Whether you choose to circumcise or not, at least don’t act like a normal penis is disgusting. I really hope my son never encounters that level of superficiality and meanness in a partner.

Mya on

Why would my husband want it? Because it’s part of a normal functioning penis. Every man deserves to have that. Why do YOU have your foreskin? Yes, you have one.

It IS genital mutilation same as cutting a girl (which btw only became illegal in the USA in 1997)

it’s NOT a parental choice although unfortunately it’s allowed to be. It’s a personal choice – belonging to the person who owns the penis. The boy himself.

Those saying an intact penis is ugly or creepy? Have you checked out your vagina recently?

It’s a NORMAL body part. Cutting it up is what is ugly and creepy. Read up on the topic more.

As for the comment on you do what you do and I do what I do? Yeah no. I never make friends with people who cut their child’s genitals.

It’s disgusting.

The foreskin serves a HUGE purpose.. read about it.

Emily on

Awesome name- when I heard it was a boy -surprise – I guessed Samuel! Amazing family, love them

Lindsey on

Congratulations to them! Especially glad that they’re not circumcising him. Seeing as it’s a completely medically unnecessary surgery, it’s always good to see parents realizing they have no right to give their child a permanent body modification.

Anna on

Mya I believe you have some serious issues. Please don’t vent them out on a public site. That’s rude. Get a blog if you want someone to hear your radical opinions. Thanks!!

Jaelyn on

My son isn’t circumcised. It is really simple to take care of an intact penis (not circumcised) when they are infants. It’s like wiping a finger. If you retract them at that young it tears the foreskin from the head of the penis, and causes tears which in turn causes infections. There is a lot of misconception about forcibly retracting an infant/toddler/preteen. Their foreskin retracts between 3 and puberty, sometimes later. Because so many people think this as necessary, so many men have problems because of it. That is why so many people think the natural intact penis to be ‘gross.’ I have never taken care of a circumcised penis, but I think it would be more difficult keeping infection out of the open wound in a diaper full of urine and poop.

There are lots of studies saying that the stress from the genital cutting causes chemical changes in the child’s brain
even if he went to sleep which is the body’s way of going into shock. <—- This is what happens during the most common plastibell circumcision. A lot of people think that there is no cutting involved which isn't true. Here is a circumcision when anesthetic is used. Notice how in the beginning the doctor says that this is cosmetic, and the "benefits" are slim <— In this link it talks about the studies that back the supposed benefits. The studies were proven to be inconclusive, and not accurate.

No medical organization recommends the cutting of an infant genitals. It isn't needed, and causes the infant so much pain that can be avoided if he decides to get it done when he is older and knows what he is going to be missing. Infants Die because of circumcisions all the time. . They needn't have died.

There are more complications that circulate around circumcision. Here is a link talking about those complications
For me, these risks seemed like too much for a procedure that doesn't need to happen.

So much is taken from the infant when they are circumcised as well. People think that the foreskin is not needed, when actually it really is. Here is a link talking about what is lost to that baby forever here is a link talking about the benefits enjoyed by a man who is intact (not circumcised)

So many men are coming forward and talking about the harms that circumcision has done to them, and how they feel after learning all the things I have stated above^ Please research more

Mya on

Radical? No Radical is strapping babies down and cutting off their normal body parts.

merry on

I’ve been waiting for this announcement for ages. I like Jen since Alias times and I like them as a family. I had my bet on boy. And a simple, lovely name as well. Congrats!!

Jaelyn on

My son isn’t circumcised. It is really simple to take care of an intact penis (not circumcised) when they are infants. It’s like wiping a finger. If you retract them at that young it tears the foreskin from the head of the penis, and causes tears which in turn causes infections. There is a lot of misconception about forcibly retracting an infant/toddler/preteen. Their foreskin retracts between 3 and puberty, sometimes later. Because so many people think this as necessary, so many men have problems because of it. That is why so many people think the natural intact penis to be ‘gross.’ I have never taken care of a circumcised penis, but I think it would be more difficult keeping infection out of the open wound in a diaper full of urine and poop.

Not only are the myths of intact being unclean not true. The procedure is painful, harmful, and invasive. It Not only changes the child’s body without his consent, but it changes the child’s brain.

There are NO medical benefits to cutting an infants genitals, and that is why no medical organization says to do it. Research please, and follow Ben’s lead. A man who was circumcised but saved his son.

Melanie on

WHERE are you people getting the information that Samuel was NOT circ’d? All I see is a name and a confirmation of birth from Ben. Just wondering how it got to readers congratulating the family on not circumcising??

Tara on

AMEN cannat People need to get a life!!! I wonder do these women walk down the street and ask mothers if there child is circumcised or not and then yell at them if they are. My boys are both circumcised and I do not regret it one bit. Not that that is anyones business but me and my husband.

Congrats to Jen and Ben. I am sure he is perfect!!

Cecilia on

Mya where does this article say that Ben and Jennifer were planning to have their son circumcised?

Besides most people do it because of religious traditions. It maybe wrong to you/others who have to same view towards it, but to some it’s no difference than having a baptism.

Mar on


Sorry, but comparing a circumcised penis to a NATURAL vagina is pointless. Men are meant to have foreskins and there is NO reason to cut it off. It is child abuse. End of story.

Mar on

@ JCbaby

I have every right to criticize and “shove my opinions” down your throat when you are abusing your child. You speak about circumcision as if it is YOUR choice, but its not! Its your son’s foreskin and he did NOT consent to having it cut off! If YOU want to go cut off your foreskin (yes, women have them too on their clitorises), then I have no right to shove my opinions down your throat, but that is clearly NOT the case! Me and other anti-circumcision people are giving a voice to the voiceless–the sons you people pretend to care about yet mutilate.

Aubrey on

Hey Melanie – Ben Affleck has stated publicly that he “hates circumcision”. He’s been quite adamant. =)

missy on

Who cares if they circumcise him or not? It’s no one’s business but theirs.

Also there’s a huge difference between circuscision and female genital mutilation. Female mutalation generally results in virtually no pleasure during sex, can cause issues with delivering a child, trouble meanstrating in some cases etc.

Most circuscised males can still get it up and enjoy sex.

Not saying that circumcism is right for everyone but female mutalation causes a lot more damage.

Leigh on

It grieves me to see the happy news alot of us have been waiting on, marred by the “circumcising” issue. That should not have been brought up in the first place. That is a private thing for families! Why is it all of our business?????????? can’t people just be happy over the birth of SOMEONE ELSE’S baby?????

Congrats Ben and Jennifer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mia on

This is a strange topic about someone we don’t know….esp. in regards to a newborn baby….but I personally think the uncircumcised male makes more sense in the anatomical/mechanical kind of way….it’s easier to work with….but there have been many articles stating that it can actually cause more health issues if not cleaned (requiring a lot more maintenance) and there aren’t any kind of health complications by circumcising.

Female mutilation has no health reasons to be done and everything that is there is needed for basic function vs. male circumcised/or not circumcised it functions exactly the same way.

Geoff on

The most common kind of FGM involves the removal of the clitoral hood, so the truth is that most male circumcision causes FAR more damage than female circumcision. The practice of infibulation, which is when the vagina is sewn shut, can and does have a catastrophic effect on sexual pleasure and childbearing. But male circumcision causes the same things.

Does it really matter how much harm is caused, though, or how much skin is removed, or how much trauma the child goes through? The point is that NO PERSON should have their genital integrity compromised by somebody else making a “choice” on their behalf, whether it be for religious, cosmetic, or social purposes. There is no excuse or justification for it regardless of whether the person has a penis or a vagina. It is clearly a human rights issue.

And since Ben Affleck has been a very vocal about being against circumcision, having known what it’s like to grow up with a foreskin and then have it removed, I think this is a very appropriate place to be educating people and having this discussion.

The Afflecks have not released a statement saying they are leaving Samuel intact, though that can most likely be safely inferred from the fact that Ben is passionately against circumcision.

Anna on

I’m sorry but you people are way too concerned about a little baby’s penis. Kinda gross how you are all obsessing over it.

jessicad on

I was really surprised they had a boy, how exciting!!! I also love the name. They really do seem like a great family, very loving and affectionate!

I didn’t know Ben was against circumcision, that’s awesome. I wish more men would speak out against it, I know quite a few men who wished they hadn’t been or had at least been given the choice. In this country it’s such a common thing that I don’t think people think about it or research it and just have it done immediately after their son is born, but to each their own I guess.

cannat on

Mya, I’d love to be a fly on the wall for that conversation.

“Nice to meet you, Jane! I’ve heard so much about little Jimmy from Joey. They really hit it off at school last week! But, there’s something I need to ask you before this becomes a real friendship…Well, you see, I just need to know. Is Joey circumcised?”

cannat on

oh hells bells, I botched the made up names. You get the point.

Rita on

Only in America (and Muslim/Jewish countries where it is done by cultural and religious reasons – the same justifications used for mutilating girls, by the way) would circumcision be considered a “parental choice”. For most Europeans the thought of cutting off part of a newborns genitalia for no medical reason is very strange and close to child abuse.

ClaireSamsmom on

Very exciting! And I love, love, LOVE the name….my little boy is also named Samuel!

ecl on

I think you need to re-read what I wrote because I was comparing an uncircumcised penis with a vagina, just as you were. We are actually in agreement.

Mary Lanser on

I am overjoyed for Ben and Jen! A baby boy, how wonderful! And great to hear they will be leaving him “whole” and natural, how equally wonderful!

I really wish more people would get better educated on circumcision and realize that genital cutting is genital cutting, regardless of whether it is a female or male, and both are an assault on the genital integrity of a human being. Although legal for a parent to make a permanent decision about their child’s body by consenting to the amputation of a healthy body part, it is clearly not ethical. More and more parents are educating themselves about this and finding that there are no health benefits to altering their infants sexual anatomy and it amounts to a cosmetic procedure done to a newborn. Imagine that, cosmetic surgery on a newborn, if only more people would think about that!

stephanie on

A nice normal name….Congrats to the family can’t wait to see pics!

Mary Lanser on

just reading some of the comments, made me painfully aware of how ignorant we are in the U.S. regarding the normal, natural male anatomy and how that translates into how we welcome a newborn male into our society by cutting off a healthy part of the babies anatomy in order for him to “conform” to some ridiculous societal requirement of how he is “supposed” to look! And to hear a woman put in writing that a normal male’s body is gross….. that is just ridiculously ignorant. Most of the rest of the world looks at the U.S. and shakes their head at just how ignorant can we be? I think it is actually fanatical for people to believe that performing unnecessary surgical procedures on a defenseless infant’s genitals for no medical need….than to imply that those who believe an infant has a right to their God given body are the fanatics! wow.

Doreen on

Congrats to the Affleck/Garner family!! Soooo happy they finally have themselves a baby boy!!

As far as the circumsion goes for boys, it was commanded in the Bible. God said to do it for the boys. You BETTER NOT say that God is abusive. He knows BEST, NOT you!

Geoff on

Nah, Anna…what’s gross is the justification that people give when it comes to chopping parts of an infant’s penis off. We’re not obsessed with baby boys’ penises, or we would be the ones endorsing the cutting. But if it’s sick to stick up for a baby’s human rights, well, then, I guess that makes me sick. Way sicker than the doctors or people who rationalize and justify why it’s okay to cut body parts off of unconsenting minors.

stacey on

how did these comment’s go from congratulations to obsessing over if the baby is curcumcised???? WHO CARES!!! I don’t remember this topic ever coming up with any other celebrity baby boy. People are so freaking wierd.

Y on

Thank you Doreen, I totally agree!

Vanessa on

Congratultions Jen, Ben, Violet and Seraphina on the birth of Samuel! Thank GOD for a normal name! Betcha he’s a little cutie!

Mar on

@ Doreen

There is no God. The bible is fiction just like Harry Potter.

Anonymous on

For anyone who thinks an uncircumcised male body part “gross” or “creepy and nasty-looking”, you can forget dating most men from outside the US. Just thought I’d throw that out for any female small-minded and shallow enough to post these things to chew on a little–those hot Europeans with their sexy accents will likely be intact!

And personally, I find the people who think and make these kinds of statements far more gross and creepy and nasty than a natural body part.

Daniella on

For goodness sake, would you people just congratulate them on the birth & be done with it! It’s not your child & everyone on here’s bickering like a bunch of immature children. You’re worse than my fellow college students, which I didn’t think was possible. There are medical benefits & detriments on both sides of the circumcision line, which is a direct result of it being a very complicated & vastly unstudied medical issue both historically & in the modern era, as my professor made very clear in our human reproductive anatomy class.

I personally don’t know which way I’ll go if I have any sons, but that will be for my husband & myself to discuss & deliberate on. It’s no one else’s business, period.

AC on

I’m so befuddled by these comments and I wasn’t going to post anything, but I just feel I have to.

The Judeo-Christian god is not always right. To use that god as a crutch for anything, let alone the mutilation of a newborn, is just dangerous. This god commanded many many many dangerous, sexist, and inhumane laws that people must obey in order to be “true” followers, yet modern day Christians pick and choose which laws to follow and break. Technically, breaking one law is the same as breaking all laws. Lets look as some of these laws in the Judeo-Christian faith . . . In the Christian bible, god commands “I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent” (1 Tim 2:12). So, any women who teaches a male is committing a sin according to the Christian Testament. Since Christians are supposed to follow both the Jewish and Christian Testaments (and not just follow the laws that are appealing to them), let’s look at the Jewish Testament for a moment and see what types of laws most Christians break. Wearing of more than one type of fabric is forbidden by god (Lev. 19:19) as is cutting one’s hair and shaving (Lev. 19:27). Women are supposed to leave the community for seven days during menstruation (Lev 15:19-30) and should be ostracized from a community if she has sex during her period (Lev. 20:18). God also commands followers to kill the wife of a husband who cheats (Lev. 20:10), kill an entire city of people if they have a different religion (Deut. 13:12-15), and kill anyone who does not believe in the Judeo-Christian god (Deut. 17:2-7).

I suggest Christians and Jews read Exodus, Leviticus, and Deuteronomy to fully grasp all of the minute laws you are supposed to be following but, in reality, do not. In conclusion, the whole “god is always right” idea is a fallacy and should not be used by people living in the 21st century. Many of the commandments are outdated, outmoded, sexists, and dangerous.

As an aside, notice, of course, that I did not call anyone names, bash the religions, or attempt to push my beliefs on anyone else; yet, I’m sure this post will not be allowed on this website for any length of time since, of course, Christians have more rights than atheists. If I’m offended by your beliefs – who cares? I don’t matter and, to most people, I am either a lost cause or a product of evil. But, if a Christian is offended by an atheist pointing out the dangerous and often ridiculous laws of some parts of the bible, stones will be thrown.

Anonymous on

Mya- I don’t quite get what you said about your husband never being able to get his foreskin back. If he’s never expereinced having one, how can he know how having one feels, and if it feels better than not having one?

Anyway, as with a lot of things, I can see both sides of the debate. I also think there is a time and place to have that debate, and I don’t think a birth announcement on a celebrity website is that time or place. This post is about the birth of Samuel, not about his anatomy!

Speaking of which, I love that name! And since Ben announced the birth on FaceBook, I wonder if he’ll also share Samuel’s first photos on his FaceBook page? We had to wait quite awhile to see both Violet and Sera (as compared to a lot of other celeb babies, anyway), but thanks to FB, I get the feeling we won’t have to wait quite as long to see Samuel (for some reason, the Afflecks strike me as the type of celeb couple who would prefer to share their baby’s first photos that way rather than having a frenzy of paps trying to get them)! 馃檪

Geoff on

Actually, the bible explicitly forbids circumcision. Read Galatians. And using any book to justify taking away somebody’s human rights is unethical at best. If God doesn’t like foreskins, why does he keep making babies that come with them?

Melissa on

Congrats to them, they have a beautiful family and they picked a beautiful name. What on earth is going on with these comments?

Edie on

My husband is Jewish, so is circumcised. I can’t imagine how anyone could have a better sex life than ours nor can I imagine my husband having any more pleasure than he already does. I can tell you right now it hasn’t had one bit of effect on his performance, unless you call being able to “get it up” three times in less than an hour poor performance and a total lack of pleasure.

He doesn’t remember having been circumcised, isn’t in therapy about some mysterious longing for a missing body part, is glad he doesn’t have a foreskin and is quite comfortable with his parents’ choice. I think his circ’d penis is beautiful! His mother would be the last person on earth to “abuse” her son, so I wouldn’t say that to her face (Mya) unless you want to be jumped up and down on or sued. Don’t tell us how we should or should not follow our religious traditions.

I don’t even understand where you people got that type of private information on the state of Samuel Garner Affleck’s penis. What happened to sex, weight, length and time of birth being the stats people expect to have shared with them in regards to the announcement of a baby’s birth? Now you want to know if they plan to keep the foreskin intact on baby boys? Mind your own d@mn business, go self-soothe or chant or something.

Terri on


JRW on

HEY CRAZY PEOPLE How in the world did the announcement of a healthy baby boy born to a loving family turn into an argument about circumcision?? Take your links somewhere else!

Congrats to the Garner-Afflecks!

Crystal on

I love the name Ben and Jennifer chose for their son. Congratulations!

I had no idea people felt so strongly about whether to circumcise or not. I have two brothers who were both circumcised and they are whining or complaining that my mom mutualized them. I have not known any man that wasn’t circumcised.

Geoff- get off your high horse. Your name is spelled with a “G.” That makes anything you say null and void. Obviously your parents didn’t care enough about you to spell your name correctly. A stupid spelling for an uneducated and crazy man.

kirsty on

I am a Christian and if I had a son he was not going to be circumcised. My husband felt very strongly about and it and I agreed with him. Our dr also told us there is no medical reason to do it. I dont care if people think that you should do it because he wont look the same, hello what the heck does that matter, why do genital need to look the same?

Geoff on

“Mind your own business” is something people used to say about civil rights. And women’s suffrage. And a whole other plethora of human rights issues. No, we won’t “mind our own business” because human rights abuses are everybody’s business. And nobody would ever tell you how to practice your religion or deny you of your freedom of religion, but the fact is that by circumcising our sons in the name of our OWN religions, we are depriving them of THEIR freedom of religion. Our freedom of religion stops where another person’s body begins. Why is this such a hard concept for people to grasp?

Anonymous on

Crystal- Geoff is a nickname of Geoffrey, a legimate name that has been around for centuries. Ever heard of the famous poet Geoffrey Chaucer?

That being said, I agree completely with the commentors saying that everyone should mind their own business. If a baby boy doesn’t like the fact that he was (or wasn’t) circumsised when he grows up, that’s his issue, not ours. I also think it’s important that no matter how much we talk about this issue here, it’s not going to stop parents from circumcising their sons or change the fact that it happens.

If those of you who are so against circumcision really want it to stop, then write to your senator or congressperson, asking for a law against the practice. The comments section of a celebrity website isn’t exactly the place to try to change the world! 馃檪

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations to Jen and Ben! Can not wait to see this little guy 馃檪 This is a very cute family …. wonder if he’s going to take after his sisters and look like his mommy or if he’s going to resemble his daddy …. or maybe he will be a mixture of his 2 parents 馃檪

I miss seeing actual stories about families on here …. here lately it’s about products, clothes and things like that including where to get them ….. I know this is a baby site but it is also called CELEBRITYBABIES (Celebrity Babies) ….. miss actually seeing celebrity children on here ……

Geoff on

I was named for Geoffrey Chaucer. Ever heard of Geoffrey Beene, the clothing store? Geoffrey Rush, the Academy Award winning actor? No? Obviously.

Geoffrey is the original spelling of the name. I like how my facts and opinions cease to matter because of the spelling of my name. My parents are both college professors, my father having a PhD in journalism, so your argument that my parents don’t know how to spell is null, now, isn’t it?

And if having a Masters degree and being passionate about human rights makes me uneducated and crazy, you should seriously reread what you wrote. You are free to disagree with things that I’ve said, but resorting to making fun of someone because of the spelling of their name only tells everyone that you have no real argument. The hilarity and sadness abounds here today…and incidentally, the irony, “Crystal.”

And Anonymous, you who are familiar with great literature and great names…if only one person is listening, then it’s worth it. And people DO read these comments and begin to research for themselves. The best start for educating people about the risks of circumcision is with the parents.

It worked for me. I wanted my son to look like me, stumbled on comments similar to these, became more against it with every thing that I learned, and my son is intact. If the baby my wife is carrying now is another boy, he will remain intact as well.

It’s really a non-decision, I think…I didn’t decide to keep my son intact anymore than I decided to let him keep his thumbs or decided to not let the doctors amputate his eyelids. All are standard equipment on a brand-new human, and if we wouldn’t think of removing other body parts, then why is part of the penis exempt from such rationale?

Once again, I have to chuckle at being called an uneducated lunatic. I’M not the one advocating removal of healthy tissue from other human beings. But what do I know? I’m just a guy who should spell his name with a “J”…so I can fit in with everybody else, right, Crystal? 馃槈

Kitty on

@Edie Great comment !

Toni on

Geoff, you are my hero. Love and agree with everything you posted!

Geoff on

Edie, I call three times in twenty minutes a symptom of premature ejaculation. But I’m sure that we’re all thrilled that you and your husband have a sex life like no other. Enjoy it while it lasts, because it’s proven that circumcision is directly linked to erectile dysfunction later on in life. It’s no coincidence that the US and Israel consume the most Viagra/other ED drugs…and those are the two most chop-championing countries.

Marky on

Honestly, you people need to go blog somewhere else! This is a place to congratulate the Garner-Afflecks, talk about how great his name is, and to do otherwise and argue about all this stuff is rude and very like bullying.

I know my son harped for years about not being circumcised, and was angry that he went though it as an adult. That was MY experience. My oldest son was circumcised at birth, and has never complained, thought he was mutilated, or had the idea he needed to go find his foreskin so he can grieve over it. Really, go make a blog somewhere and realize you can’t control everyone else’s lives, choose their religion, or raise their children. And how DARE you say those who circumcise are “pretending” to love their sons?

AC, as far as dictating to Christians what they are supposed to believe and what you think they are “supposed” to do; you don’t know squat. The old testament is fulfilled by the death and resurrection, and we follow the teachings of Christ. The followers of Christ generally still followed the practice of circumcision because they were Jewish, and we may or may not do it as we choose. Deuteronomy is not for Christians, other than historically, or for Jews of this time. Atheists at this time, have more rights than Christians; we have to give up everything just because you are “offended” right and left, so don’t even start to say you “don’t matter” and “stones will be thrown”. I will stand up for what I believe, just as you did, but at least I know what I’m talking about.

I also think this whole thread has gotten out of control. Like I said, it’s supposed to be about Samuel Garner Affleck, and the happy new parents!

Toni on


The awesome thing is that your son got to choose what he wanted. At least as an adult having the procedure done, he can be sedated and given adequate pain relief after the procedure. A newborn cannot be sedated and pees and poops all over his open wound for a full week!

We’re not arguing over your child, our child. It’s a matter of human rights. Most people don’t dream of doing it to newborn girls; why should it even be considered for newborn boys? If anything, newborn boys are more fragile than girls and should not have to enter this world with the feeling of unnecessary pain and torture to one of his most sensitive areas. It’s not a choice for any parent to make, but unfortunately it is.

Commenting on threads like this can and will have an impact on someone. Maybe that’s not the entire point of this article, but it’s a topic many feel strongly about and if it causes one person to even stop and consider not doing it, then it makes a difference for that little boy.

BJ on

Touch茅 Geoff!

Crystal (lol!), you have been OWNED! Your mom “mutualized” your brothers (ROFLMAO), stupid spelling for an ignorant woman. Thanks though, I needed a good laugh!

Circumcision IS genital mutilation. FYI, mu路ti路late
tr.v. mu路ti路lat路ed, mu路ti路lat路ing, mu路ti路lates
1. To deprive of a limb or an essential part; cripple.
2. To disfigure by damaging irreparably: mutilate a statue.
3. To make imperfect by excising or altering parts.

Congratulations to this family.

Jillian on

Ben has openly talked about his bad experience with being circumcised, so I can see why many think they will not with their child. I think its a very private detail and not sure why anyone cares. For those interested in what bens story is about, here you go:

Ben Affleck was reportedly circumcised after suffering an injury. Jon Stewart brought it up briefly on the Daily Show of September 19, 2006, and Affleck said, “I hate the circumcisions! Get enough in me, and I’ll tell you how much I hate them!”

People should slow down a bit and read the article a bit. I know it comes as a shock but it holds a lot of info….. I read it and yet people are still asking silly questions. And no it wasn’t updated after they read it.


Marky on

Toni, you just don”t “hear”me, do you? My son would never have even had more than a minute’s pain as a newborn (and yes, I have assisted on I have no idea how many circ’s and would say so if I ever saw a baby in pain during a circ). At 21, my son was in pain for weeks, and no, there wasn’t adequate pain control, as far as he was concerned. He would tell all of you to “shut the heck up” and stop worrying about a little piece of skin, when there are people starving to death and dying of thirst! Think of how many people’s lives could be saved by using that same amount of energy directed toward helping dig wells, and collecting food. Human rights? You compare circumcision to slavery??! That’s why many do not take you seriously; it is just too overboard and you suck the fun out of every little thing–even the joy of commenting on the happy event of a new baby!

peggy kelley on

all i want to say is congrats to a lovely family.bless you all

Anonymous on

Congratulations! One of my favorite celebrity families! I remember commenting when Seraphina was born, so I couldn’t resist now. Six years, three wonderful kids! I was secretly hoping it’d be a third girl (because thats how Jennifer grew up, so it would be kinda cool!) but they must be so happy with their little Samuel. I love the name, it fits them perfectly! Violet, Sera and Sam! Also love that they used Garner as a middle name. Jessica Alba did the same six months back, but for a girl! I love both names!

two4one on

LOL! You Crazy Americans!! I love you all! :)))))

Congrats to Jennifer and Ben, Samuel is a lovely name!

tlc on

Mya said “Yeah no. I never make friends with people who cut their child鈥檚 genitals.”

So, do you inspect every male child that your kids play with? Do you openly ASK mothers of boys if their children are circ’d?

Lady, you have serious problems….get over yourself!

Congrats to Ben and Jen on the birth of their son. Circ’d or not, I bet he’ll be a lovely boy raised by two educated and wonderful parents! 馃檪

cbaker on

You people amaze me, worried and discussing circumcision………I did not remember reading any of these concerns when other baby boys were born (Natalie Portman, Alicia Silverstone, Rachel Zoe, Selma Blair, etc.) – are not concerned about those babies ?

That is a personal decision for the parents to make and no one elses input is wanted, nor needed.

JM on

one final time, this is not a parent’s decision to make. it is each individual male’s decision to make. FINAL. that is it. swing it which ever way you want, you do not have the right to MUTILATE your child just because you are the parent. get the into your heads and stop acting like this is a trivial matter like getting your child to wear a jacket or something.

has that got through every thick head now?

pippi777 on

I bet Jen and Ben would so thrilled to know that over 100 people feel the need to discuss their son’s PRIVATE parts on something as PUBLIC as the internet.

Congrats on the new little man. I bet Violet and Seraphina will love it! (And the rest of the family, too, of course!)

Jay on

There are way too many comments to read through so i apologize if this was mentioned already. Someone commented saying that there was no “healhy” comment. Ben has a FB page for his new charity. He himself posted a status after Samuel was born announcing that “jennifer has given birth to a healthy baby boy!”

Leigh on

CB you really need to end all of this on this post! This is completely out of hand!!!!!

Catca on

pippi777 – my thoughts exactly. Whatever anyone’s feelings are on the circumcision issue, this is a birth announcement! The appropriate response is to say “congratulations on the birth of your new baby” not rant about an unrelated subject.

Tara on

How about the fact the men are at a 60% greater risk of contracting AIDS if they are intact. It goes both ways and it is ultimately the decision of the parents. You bitches really need to get off your high horse!!!!!!!!!!!!

ecl on

It’s not like people responded to the family’s personal birth announcement with a rant. Plus, who cares to read 163 comments saying the exact same thing – congrats on your baby? I don’t like the “yelling” being done, but what’s wrong with an interesting debate over an issue? People just need to do a better job keeping it civil.

Mariana on

Love the name! I really thought they’d have a third girl!

CelebBabyBlogAddict on

I was surprised with the name Samuel. Kind of common compared with Violet and Seraphina. I don’t mind it though – whatever floats their boat!

Where did this discussion of circumcision even come from?

AMB on

YaY! So glad to know that this little one will be spared the early birth trauma of male genital mutilation. WOO HOO! 馃檪

AMB on

Yay for another intact baby boy!!! 馃檪

Geoff on

60% greater risk of contracting HIV…nope. Even if that were the case, babies aren’t having sex. Let the man decide…and teach your sons to have protected sex. Even circumcised men still have to use condoms, and our HIV rate is one of the highest in the developed world…and so is our circumcision rate. Seems to be working great. Turns out that poorly conducted African studies cannot be successfully extrapolated to America. Who’d have thought?

And calling the women here “bitches” for disagreeing with you is poor form indeed. The reason this subject is being discussed here and not on the announcements of other celebrity baby boy births is that Ben Affleck has vocally and publicly said he is against circumcision. Plenty of other truly trivial things have been discussed in these comment sections over the years, from the spelling of a baby’s name to whether or not the celebrity was even pregnant at all, and circumcision is not a trivial thing.

Only an uneducated person would call the foreskin a “flap of skin.” Read, people. Research! Tell your doctors to put down the knives and step away from the baby. This is as good a place as any to talk about circumcision. Spreading awareness is never a bad thing. Cutting off needed body parts is always a bad thing.

But what do I know? I’m just a man. With a penis. I shudder to think how some of you would act if you were discussing female genital mutilation with somebody and a man said, “Who cares? They’re just labia! They don’t DO anything! And they’re ugly. They look weird. They can smell bad. Etc.”

You would be outraged…and rightfully so. I am outraged…and rightfully so.

Toni on


Just because you are numb to the fact that a newborn feels every bit of that pain, doesn’t mean it doesn’t occur. Because your son is able to verbalize and let you know how much the pain hurts, doesn’t mean that a newborn doesn’t feel that exact same pain during and after the circumcision. Babies are made to be resilient, but that doesn’t mean that slicing through their genitalia doesn’t hurt them.

And this “little piece of skin” you refer to has so many benefits to a man’s anatomy that calling it a “little piece of skin” is ignorant. The defensiveness of those advocating circumcision comes from the fact that most people don’t even understand what the foreskin does. People like Kellogg (yes, the cereal man) have ingrained it in Americans’ heads for so long, that people take it as something to be disgusted about.

And yes, it is a human rights issue. Obviously one not as important to you as starving people, etc, but a human rights issue nonetheless. It’s considered against the law to circumcise a baby girl in the United States, and according to the constitution, all laws apply to both genders, making it that either the law needs to apply to both sexes or neither.

So until males not able to give their consent to circumcision are protected and allowed to keep their whole penis, you won’t hear people like me or others on this thread standing back and being quiet about it. Maybe you should ask yourself why it bothers you so much that we care.

Toni on


1 in 8 women also contract breast cancer. So should we just do away with healthy breast tissue on baby girls because it “could” become cancerous?

Then why would we cut off healthy penile tissue for a cancer that is rarer than breast cancer??

Anonymous on

Jay- That was me, and at the time Ben hadn’t yet posted the birth announcement on FB (PEOPLE later updated this post when he did). 馃檪

Toni- Newborns can’t be sedated? That’s news to me! Newborns undergo surgery under general anesthesia all the time (mostly to correct congential issues like heart defects). If they can handle that, then I can’t see why they couldn’t handle sedation. I’m sure if you polietly made it clear to the hospital that you wouldn’t consent to your son being circumsised unless he was sedated first, they’d probably agree to sedate him.

And if you’re too worried about the effects sedation might have, most hopsitals are willing to give a newborn local anesthetic before circumcision. Doctors and nurses aren’t magicians, and they can’t read your mind. Bottomline: If you want your son’s circumcision to be as pain-free as possible, you’ve got to be his advocate and be proactive about it!

Also, I don’t understand the argument that “parents should not be making decisions about their childrens’ bodies!” Newsflash, parents make decisions about their children’s bodies all the time. What’s put into them (most parents have certain foods, such as junk food, that they don’t allow their kids to eat), what they’re allowed to put on them (for example, not allowing your daughter to wear make-up or provocative clothes and underwear), and what they’re allowed to do with them (example, not allowing your fourteen-year-old to have sex). But yet somehow making those decisions about kids’ bodies is fine?!

Anonymous on

Toni- Tara was talking about AIDS, not penile cancer.

Anonymous on

Also, Toni, I believe it has been proven that circumcision IS more painful for adult men and older children than it is for babies. Babies may not be able to verbalize, but there ARE other ways of measuring pain (taking a blood test is one way, as there are certain hormones that people’s bodies release when they’re in pain).

Anonymous on

My final word on this is that if I could chose between having a procedure done when I was a baby and wouldn’t be able to remember the pain, or an adult that could, I’d chose the former any day!

Cecilia on

Thank you so much Marky and Mya for turning what would have been a sweet post of “congrats” and “well wishes”, into a huge debate on a boy’s penis.

Mia on

Some of you clearly don’t know anything about circumcision……nothing of the penis is being cut off…’s the foreskin – which is extra skin that hangs extra long (so to speak.)

It makes more sense for it to be there – as a female I prefer it (esp. common in Hispanic cultures + European…etc) but it’s a lot more high maintenance + understand why it would be removed (for hygiene reasons.)

Whatever my husband is – my future son(s) will be.

Toni on


I agree with you that newborns are sedated for major surgeries. But since circumcision is considered an outpatient surgery, sedation never happens. And unfortunately, many people falsely believe that a doctor will give proper pain relief to a newborn before cutting into him, but they don’t. As most say, “it’s a 10 minute surgery” so what’s the point? Just because the penis is smaller, the baby can’t verbalize pain, and the wound heals faster doesn’t mean it’s any easier to be done as a newborn.

The foreskin is fused to the head of the penis at birth and in order to remove it, it has to be separated first. So first crushing the skin to separate and then cutting it off. Sounds pain free right? That’s why there are so many botched circumcisions. The removal of too much skin, the removal of not enough skin resulting in adhesions. There are way more problems associated with circumcision than without.

And actually, there have been studies done to show the effects that circumcision has on a newborn’s pain response. Cortisol increases, heart rate increases, and brain activity increases in the area associated with pain. I’m not denying it’s painful for a man/child of any age, but to say it’s “easier” to have it done as a newborn is ignorant. Just because they’ll have no cognitive memory of that pain, doesn’t mean the effects of that pain won’t leave lasting effects. The brain remembers traumatic events, whether the conscious brain wants to remember them or not.

And the point you make about parents controlling their child’s body through food, etc, doesn’t compare. Circumcision removes healthy, functioning tissue from a non consenting minor. In no way, shape, or form, are parents allowed to tattoo their child, or permanently alter their child’s body in any way. But yet, circumcision is just that. It is a permanent altering of a child’s body. Food does not give that same permanent effect. Nor do make up or clothes.

Geoff on

Sigh…pulling back and rinsing in the shower is not high maintenance. It’s basic hygiene. Women practice it! Why does society think men are lazy or incapable? And why should sons look like their fathers? Do fathers and sons sit around comparing genitalia? If dad is a redhead and the son is blond, will the parents dye his hair? If their eyes are different colors, will he get contacts at birth? If dad lost a thumb in an accident, should the son’s thumb be amputated as well? Good lord, people.

Jessica on

Jesus people!!!!! Get off of your high horse about circumcision!!! If you do, they don’t… Who care!!?? It’s each families own personal issue to deal with PERSONALLY!!! Besides, I thought this article was about them having a sweet new baby and naming him Samuel!!!

BJ on

@ Geoff,

I sure wish you had been around when I had my son 18 years ago!

I was pressured by my husband and his family with the “he should look like his father” nonsense. I should have reasoned it out, it does make as much sense as aputating a thumb of the son if the father has an amputated thumb. My son has NEVER seen his fathers penis, how would he know what it looks like?!

I regretted his circumcision the moment it happened. It is the only physical trauma he’s experienced to date… and I caused it. I consented, he didn’t. I WAS SO WRONG! My daughters are more informed, as is my son. If I have grandsons in the future, I believe they will be spared from genital mutilation.

And again, congrats to the Garner-Affleck family. They seem to balance their lives well. Babies are always good news!

JM on

Geoff, one of the most sensible comments here so far. is it an American thing to think it is normal to circumcise your child? call a spade a spade people. you are normalising mutilation of babies.

and to everyone who says that it is the parents’ decision and none of our business, i refuse to stick my head in the sand just because and issue does not directly concern me or my family. when it comes to children’s rights, i may be a bit of a busy body… sorry maybe that’s just me. if when i die they say she cared about babies’ bodies not being mutilated then i think i am ok with that.

Mia on

Just to point out – getting it done as a newborn is not even comparable to getting it done as an adult when you know what’s going/have fully matured nerve endings.

Common sense people.

JM on

Common sense: allowing people to choose what their body looks like. THAT is common sense. lobbing a part of child’s body off because of personal preference or *shudder* religion – that is insanity and cruelty.

carla on

So is everyone going to sit back and speculate and bicker about circumcision when a celeb gives birth to a boy now? I just don’t get why circumcision is a issue in THIS thread. This is about the birth of the Affleck’s new son, with no mention whatsoever in the announcement about circumcision at all. I get that people have rights to their opinion on both sides of the issue, however, the entire discussion and the fervor behind it seems misplaced here in this forum.

Anonymous on

Toni- Pain you feel as a newborn leaves lasting effects? Trying telling that my father and brother. Both are circumcised, and both are perfectly happy, healthy men with no lasting effects from the surgery (and I have never once heard either of them complain about having been “mutilated” or wishing that they hadn’t been).

Also, no, a doctor probably isn’t going to sedate a newborn before circumcision IF THE PARENTS DON’T ASK. That’s why I said that parents have to be their child’s advocate and speak up if they want their son sedated before being circumcised, and/or pain relief afterwards. If you are firm (but polite!) about not consenting to the procedure unless those conditions are met, there’s a very good chance that the doctor WILL sedate and/or give pain relief to your son.

You’d be surprised at what doctors (and nurses!) are willing to do if you ask them, especially where babies and young children are concerned!

Mia- I agree completely!

carla- That’s exactly what I was trying to say! Although this is a legitemet debate, and I realize that Ben himself has spoken out very strongly about the issue, but I still don’t think his son’s birth announcement is the best place to discuss it. I think a Ben Affleck message board (or a message board on a baby site or site about circumcision) would be a much better place!

Really, I doubt Ben and Jen would be pleased to know that we’re discussing their newborn son’s private parts!

Anon on

I am so happy for the Afflecks! They are so down to earth and seem so incredibly normal and loving.

Congratulations on the birth of Samuel! I actually did think it was a boy based on how Jen was carrying (looked “all out front” to me).

Brief statement re. circ: It is their own business if they do or don’t. The only point I want to make is that it CAN be done later. We have two sons and one daughter. We decided that we really wanted it to be their decision…not ours, since it’s irreversible.

Son #1 is 23 and happily intact. Son #2 (age 20 now) was not circ’d at birth but CHOSE to be at age 16. He went to the best Urologist at Children’s and had it done on a Friday and was back at school Monday. There seems to be this myth that not doing it at birth is “so much worse.” Absolutely not true. Our son was asleep for it, and he was able to take pain meds for a day or two. These are all things newborns cannot do. I have seen circs, and they truly are awful. I have seen a baby arch his back and no sound come out!

Anway, enough of that. Whether they did or didn’t is there business, but I really wanted to share our family’s experience. My 16 year old “took it like a man” and it was very easy.

Welcome to the world, Samuel!

(Oh, and btw my son who CHOSE to be circ’d still would not automatically circ his newborn son if he has one. Interesting, huh?)

Toni on

Maybe you misunderstood what I meant by “lasting effects”. I said that the conscious brain may not be remember the effects of that trauma, but the unconscious brain will. Many people go through traumatic events and the brain chooses to not let that person remember in order to spare the body the effects of that pain. Do you not think that a newborn could endure that same thing? The folds of the brain and the formation of neurons and dendrites are formed regardless of whether we remember what formed them. The circumcision will leave a permanent mark on the brain whether it’s remembered or not.

In fact, there was a study done testing the “pain theory” where they measured the amount of pain response on intact vs circumcised boys when getting vaccinated. They noticed that those boys who had been circumcised were more likely to show an elevated response to the pain than the intact boys who had never experienced pain at that level.

Good for you that your brother and father are happy about their penis. I guess you can’t really miss what you never remembered having. But just as there are men who don’t care about what their penis looks like, there are plenty of men who wish the choice had not been made for them.

And Mia, newborns don’t have fully matured nerve endings? Do you still believe in the old adage that newborns don’t feel pain? Please do some research as this is entirely false.

Sharon on

I cant believe people are making such a big deal over what they do with THEIR son’s penis!!! Jeez, cant we just wish them the best!?

Nina on

I told you all it was a boy. She confirmed it months ago. But certain ppl wanted to jump down my throat….. p

Sharon on

Btw you do know they can read these posts just as we can. I am sure Jennifer and Ben would not appreciate this discussion. I know I wouldnt! It their business and theirs alone.

Nancy on

Our pediatrician has been educating parents about why circumcision is not necessary and is right up there with sexual mutilation his entire career. He has refused to perform this procedure all of his practice and he鈥檚 now close to 60. From the first time I understood what circumcision was (I was babysitting) I questioned 鈥淚 don鈥檛 believe the male human body is born with a mistake that needs correcting鈥. When I was in my 20鈥檚 and asked a doctor about it, he said 鈥渋t鈥檚 just done鈥 and dismissed my question. When we expecting our first son in my 30鈥檚, I asked the pediatrician we were interviewing about it and found out how strongly he felt against it. He鈥檚 been our children鈥檚 doctor for almost 20 years (our youngest is 13, all boys). He also said the part they remove is the鈥 most sensitive part of the penis. We women would put a stop to it if someone planned to remove our 鈥渕ost sensitive part鈥.

Africhic on

I am not married,dont have any children yet but i will circumcise my son……..Its really no one’s business except my son and his parents

Geoff on

The ONLY person that circumcision affects is the owner of the penis. Nobody else has to live with it. Please educate yourselves on the risks of this procedure before making an irreversible decision for your sons that really is nobody’s to make but the boy himself when he becomes a man. Learn why NO medical association in the world recommends routine infant circumcision. His body, his choice. If you wouldn’t cut your daughter, why would you cut your son? It’s truly that simple.

Mia on

@Nancy – what a ridiculous way to misconstrued what I said.

My obvious point is getting it done as a newborn – the person is not going to remember it ever happening + the baby is often sedated or given wine (i.e during a religious ceremony) vs. Ben Affleck – or another adult male getting the procedure done where he’s going to feel the pain fully (and given – that an adult has a fully functioning member) + is going to remember the experience for the rest of their life.

Much safer to get it done right away – like ear piercings where fact states the nerve ending are not as developed as an adult — FYI.

And people – do your research – the most sensitive part of the male (like the female) is the head (same as the clitoris on the female) – that has the most nerve endings of any other part of genitalia….the foreskin simply creates extra moisture/enhanced pleasure between the extra skin + shaft – the head is still exposed with/out the foreskin since an uncircumcised penis — the skin retracts during full arousal + looks just the same as a circumcised penis.

jrs on

I work in urology and you should see the things I see happen with uncircumcised kids and adults. At least when they are circ’d at 2 days old they won’t remember it. Try circumcising a 17 year old, way to destroy his teenage years.

Nancy on

Mia … wow you must think the world is all about you. I read ALL the posts and just stated what our pediatrician has told his patients for years. When I saw your last post I had to go back to see what you’d written before because you had left zero memory with me.

clarissa on

congratulations to the Affleck family.

And for those of you who turned this occasion into a fight about circumcision – good grief, get a grip people. And a life too, may be?

SMiaVS on

I’d just like to point out that, as far as I can tell, Geoff is the only male weighing in on this issue.

@Geoff, good luck reasoning with these people, though. Most of them are obsessed with the fact that Angelina Jolie allows her daughter to dress in a manner that makes her comfortable. Chances are, these same women also see no problem with the fact that only men (in the political sphere) are weighing in on the issues of birth control and the right to choose. I wouldn’t waste more of your time on the sheep….