Uma Thurman Expecting Third Child

02/27/2012 at 04:00 PM ET
Donald Traill/AP

There’s a baby on the way for Uma Thurman.

The actress, 41, is set to welcome her first child with financier Arpad Busson, a rep for Thurman confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

Thurman, whose bump went unnoticed when she stepped out for New York Fashion Week earlier this month, has two children – daughter Maya, 13, and son Levon, 10 – with ex-husband Ethan Hawke.

She and Busson, 49, began dating in 2007 and, after a brief split in 2009, have been together since.

Last June, the couple joined Prince William and Kate at a lavish charity gala at Kensington Palace, an event that marked the Royal couple’s official “coming out” as newlyweds. The gala benefited Busson’s Absolute Return for Kids (ARK) charity.

Busson is already dad to sons Flynn, 14, and Cy, 9, with ex-fiancée Elle MacPherson.

Thurman will soon appear in a five-episode arc in NBC’s drama Smash.

— Elizabeth Leonard

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Heather Lynn on

Wow! I’m very surprised by this announcement, but a big congratulations to the couple! I’m excited to hear what the name the baby, as I’m a big fan of their other childrens’ names.

Brooke on

That is nice news….I knew she always wanted more kids. Good for them.

Katie on

Congratulations! I am thrilled for her!! She deserves happiness in her life.

Julianna on

Congratulations to Uma and her boyfriend. Hope she has a happy, healthy pregnancy!

Lilybett on

Her bub will be the half brother/sister of Arpad’s two boys with Elle Macpherson. What a funny old celebrity world.

Shannon on

Wow congrats. I thought they got married a couple of years ago.

Mira on

She’s looking good these days. Pregnancy must agree with her. Congrats to the couple!

Carolyn on

Wow, to have another baby after 10 years of having your last child is really going to be a big, big change for her. Formula and diapers and all that baby stuff again! I have a 19 year old and a 13 year old and the thought of me having another one after all these years would be very tiring I must say indeed!! But then, this would be the first baby with this man she has been with for a few years now, so, all I can say is “Congratulations”.

liz on

Hurray for Uma. All happiness to her.

Meela on

I just turned 41, 2 weeks ago and I would not have another baby for love or money!

No way, no how!

Had my daughter at 29 years and I would not have same energy now that I did at that age.

The thought of a screaming/no sleeping infant is enough to have me run to the hills!

Best of luck to her, she does look beautiful!

Dominique on

Carolyn – why automatically assume formula????

Emma on

Dominique- why automatically assume breastfeeding? Who cares. She was trying to make a point. Stop being so picky

Anonymous on

Dominque- That’s exactly what I was thinking! Anyway, congrats to the two of them! Also, I wonder why the article mention Uma’s other children but not Aprad’s?

Holiday on

Congrats to her! She looks young for her age! I could never have a baby in my 40s. I am so glad I had my kids at 22 and 26. Maybe she has a ton of energy but I have heard from so many older women that they could not keep up with babies in their 40s.

sara on

Lilybett, yes, that’s how it works when people break up and then have children with other people – their children are then siblings of their previous children. It even happens to regular people, too, not just celebrites. Is this a new concept for you?

Catca on

Umm, I’m 43 and had my baby at 41 and I had no problems staying up all night with him and I am the one playing with my son at the playground. Most of the younger moms are on their cell phones on a bench watching their kids – not playing with them.

Ladies, being in your 40s does not mean you have one foot in the grave and your energy has left you. Life is still pretty good.

I didn’t realize Uma was only 41. I always thought she was older than me not because she looks it (she doesn’t) but because she’s been around for so long. She had some pretty mature roles when she was very young.

annachestnut on

I agree with Catca. 41 is just a tad older than 29, in the scheme of things…not much happens between those ages. I had my kids at 35 and 39 and I survived.

natalie on

I’ll second what someone else wrote in their comment – why did you only mention Uma’s kids? There are two other boys, Arpad’s sons with Elle McPherson, in that family!! Unfair, People – unfair.

JM on

Carolyn, all that is probably made *slightly* easier when you have shed-loads of money with the option of nannies, maids, cleaners etc. and all the most modern equipment. plus the choice of whether or not you want to work or say, take two or three years just to be at home with your baby. if we all had that then most of us could probably conceive of having a baby at over 40.

anyway, congrats to her and the daddy. i hope she has a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Laura on

I had a child at 35 and twins at 41 (just a couple months short of 42) and I’m doing fine. I have just as much energy as I did 6 years ago and am so glad I didn’t have babies in my 20s when I was able to work on my career and travel the world. Being in your 40s and having a baby (twins in my case) has not been *that* hard. I love it!

Melanie on

Natalie, probably because I would bet Uma made not mentioning it a condition of confirming the news with PEOPLE. Working in entertainment, I’ve heard things about her that aren’t always the nicest.

alright! on

For all those of you who had their babies in their teens and 20s and 30s Uma is not asking you to baby sit you, she is rich enough to hire a nanny and sleep when she wants.

cara on

Bet if Uma is hiring a nanny this time, it will be a very unattractive one !

Congratulations to her and her boyfriend on the pregnancy.

Toya L. on

Congratulations to them!!

Sarah on

I had a baby at 25 and a baby at 40. My energy levels were no different. In fact, I’m a better mom now than when I was younger.

MollyF on

Just because a woman is in her 40s doesn’t mean she shouldn’t have a baby. Yes, it’s more risky, but if she has good doctors and takes care of herself, it should be fine. I have friends who are in their late 30s/early 40s who are having babies and they are doing fine.

Congrats to Uma. 😀

Meena on

Everyone is soooo touchy. Have a baby at whatever age you want to. I had my son at 25. I am 40. Under no circumstances would I have another at this age. I am doing ME. Everyone else…do YOU.

Holiday on

Molly how can good doctors make an older womens pregnancy less risky? Do you really think having a good doctor cuts down on age related problems to the baby such as down syndrome which sky rockets at 40 and older? And to the lady that says 29 and in your 40s is practically the same age get a grip! So much happens between your late 20s and 40s that the comment you made is seriously stupid. BTW I am 28 and I do not consider myself to be close to my 40s yet. So when you are in your 40s do you consider your age and 60 to be the same??

Indira on

I really like Uma, congrats to them!

meghan on

Holiday, save your opinion until you are in your 40s. You have no idea the kind of person you will be then.

Meena on

@meghan, Holiday is allowed to have an opinion. I knew when I had my son at 25 that if I didn’t have another by the time I was 32, I wouldn’t want another. I definitely wouldn’t have one at or near 40. I am 40 now and had my tubes tied at 38 to ensure that. Again, everyone have as many babies as you like at WHATEVER age you like and respect the people who may see things a bit different than you do.

eribri on

This is a surprise pregnancy to read about! Congrats to Uma :o)

Anonymous on

Holiday- Believe it or not, not everyone sees having a baby with Down Syndrome as some terrible thing. Some people actually chose to embrace and love their DS babies, and although DS can bring a lot of challanges and health issues, a lot of people with it lead fairly happy, healthy lives (in fact, I’ve known many people with DS over the years, and they are all among the happiest, most loving people I’ve ever met!).

Also, Uma has enough money that, if she were that concerned about having a baby with DS or other problems, she could have chosen to undergo IVF with PGD (preimplanation genetic diagnosis, which, just like it sounds like, is used to determine before the implanatation phase of IVF which embryos have genetic abnormalities) to get pregnant and have only healthy embryos transferred to her (and possibly did. We obviously have no way of knowing for sure.).

She can also afford the best possible prenatal care, including the best possible treatments for any complications that might arise. So MollyF is correct, pregnancy in your 40s IS always going to be riskier than pregnancy when you’re younger, but there ARE things you can do (especially if you’re wealthy like Uma) to reduce that risk!

Anonymous on

Meena- I think you said it best of all! When it comes to having children, everyone should do what’s right for THEM!

Anonymous on

It also just occured to me that this baby will be Maya’s and Levon’s third half-sibling (their dad, Ethan, has two daughters with his new wife Ryan). They must be pros by now! 🙂

Holiday on

Anon I never said Down Syndrome is a terrible thing. Please do not put words into my mouth. I simply said that after 40 the chance your baby will have Down Syndrome will become much higher. Every mother wants a healthy baby plain and simple.

My aunt had her first and only child at 43 and did not get genetic testing. My cousin has down syndrome and now at 5 years old if finally starting to talk and was not walking until 4. He has major health problems that come along with down syndrome. The life expectancy if a person with this problem is 45 years. So yes the complications that come along with down syndrome can be terrible.

Marky on

I’ve seen moms as young as 22-23 have children with Down’s Syndrome (Trisomy 21). There are other syndrome’s, such as other Trisomies which are even more severe than 21. There are syndromes such as Fragile X that many people have never heard of.

Any one of any age can have a child with something out of the ordinary; what about being born with your intestines on the outside?, imperferate anus, cardiac problems? My first child had heart issues, and was born prematurely 2 weeks after my 24th birthday. As a nurse in that field, I certainly knew how to take care of myself and had excellent pre-natal care.

The truth is, when you get pregnant you hope and pray everything is just fine, and you assume being young will assure a healthy baby. I worked in the Nursery and NICU of a private hospital in a major university city, and I saw babies die from all sorts of birth defects. I saw stillbirths, I saw premature births and lots of pre-eclampsia, and eclampsia, and guess what? All the moms were college students, 20-25. Age isn’t as big a factor as you think in having a healthy pregnancy, there are others that are just as important or more so.

annachestnut on

To Holiday: 40 is closer than you think! I am 57 and do not think I am so much younger than a 70 year old. 28 and 40 are close, close, close. Believe me!

gb on

Congratulations to Uma. I hope she has an uneventful pregnancy and an easy delivery. I had my baby at 43 after an uncomplicated pregnancy. No high blood pressure or gestational diabetes. While the chances of having a baby with a chromosomal abnormality are much higher when a woman is in her forties it’s still less than 5 percent until you get to 45. Everyone can decide for themselves what’s right for them.

Valerie on

Laura- so true!

I had my first baby at 41 and he is the light of my life.

I put time into my education, career, family, friendships, travel, and lots of alone time in my 20s and 30s and had a wonderful time. Now I am enjoying this new chapter in my life and feel very calm. It makes me really laugh when people say that they don’t have nearly the same energy in their 40s as in their 20s! As if the 40s is sooo old.

Lisa on

Holiday- your ignorance/attitude regarding Down syndrome is astounding. Walking at 4, talking at 5 and life expectancy of 45 is ‘terrible’? Its awesome that he is walking and talking no matter the age! A lot of kids without Down syndrome aren’t even doing that for various reasons. Its unfortunate he has an aunt who sees everything as a negative.

And btw, you’re one car accident away from having a life expectancy of 28.

I invite everyone to research adopting a child with Down syndrome. In the US, the waiting list is year(s) long, that’s how many people would LOVE to have a child with Down syndrome!

Edie on

CHA-Ching! Uma i$ inve$ting in her future by having hi$ child!

Holiday on

Lisa he also has has a major heart condition along with breathing problems all because of down syndrome. I watch him 2 days a week and he has it hard. My son is 6 and to see my son and him together IS sad. He is in therapy or the doctors pretty much every single day and has major medical problems. Do you personally know any kids with down syndrome?? I have been watching him for 2 years now and his life is so much harder and challenging in every way compared to my childrens. So dont be a bitch when you have no idea how it has affected my aunt and uncle. You seemed to have left out where I said he had major health problems and THAT is why his life is so bad.

Lisa on

Holiday- My 5 year old daughter has Down syndrome along with a very serious heart defect and breathing issues as well, so yes, I know exactly what im talking about.

She’s had open heart surgeries, gets therapy’s everyday, has siblings.. thing is Im happy with everything she does in her own way in her own time.

When I look at her I see my beautiful little girl, not Down syndrome.

Holiday on

Lisa and I see a beautiful little boy but I do feel sad for him. His parents are so good to him and I treat him just as I treat my own kids but I feel sad that he doesnt get to experience what my kids get to do and hate that he is had major pain (heart surgery as well). I wish every kid could be born healthy and its the health problems that come along that make it such a difficult complication. Its not that he is “behind” or different but the health and physical struggles he has had breaks my heart.

Anonymous on

Lisa- Your daughter is very lucky to have a mother like you! To add to what you said, not all DS children are the same. As I said last night, I’ve known lots of people with DS over the years. I will use the two I knew the best as examples. Both boys walked at pretty much the same age other kids do, one was talking by two and the other shortly after three, and they could do virtually everything that “normal” kids could do (in fact, one was quite the accomplished athlete in middle school!). They were also both extremely happy, and no one could say they didn’t love life.

Also, a heart condition does not always mean that a child can’t do most of the stuff his or her peers do. I know a girl who’s had multiple open-heart surgeries to repair a congential heart defect, and yet she is one of the happiest, most active kids you could ever meet (she has to watch it to make sure she doesn’t get to winded, and I’m guessing contact sports are probably out, but other than that she can pretty much do what she wants)! In fact, you wouldn’t even know she’s had heart surgery!

Point being, all kids are different, and a disability or defect does NOT automatically mean that they’ll be miserable and/or won’t have a fulfilling life.

Alise on

Having a child with special needs is very challenging. Is 40 old? Not so sure anymore, but the energy is certainly no where near someone in their late 20s or early 30s.

J.J. on

This is so funny..what’s the big deal with ppl having babies in their 40’s. This has ALWAYS been happening since the beginning of time. Though it’s true that as you get older and become pregnant genetics effects will increase and be more likely, but it doesn’t happen to all mothers who have babies later in life! To me it’s based on good health, being serious on taking care of yourself and just a random draw because they are even younger mothers in their 20’s and so forth that also have children with defects. It’s just genetics. My grandmother had her first child at 24 and last at youngest aunt is almost 50 and is happy as can be no issues whatsoever. My cousin has her first child at 38 and twins at 41 and they’re all thriving complications at all.

And saying about not being keeping up. A professor of mine disproved that because she talked to us about her 3 kids and how her daughter was born almost 16 years after her second son. She had her boys in her 20’s and by surprise fell pregnant with her daughter at 40 and had her at 41. She had the same feelings like those mentioned and now says it’s not like what she thought at all, but rather enjoys having her now 12 year old around because her sons are out on their own with one married already and she can enjoy having a kid again. She says it’s really based on how you take care of yourself that give you lots of energy and also she’s 53 but looks like she’s like 40’s keeping her young 🙂

Sierra on

I am happy for Uma, as any baby is a blessing, but I can’t imagine being 41 and having a child. Regardless of how healthy she is, how much money she has, or how youthful someone can still fell in their 40’s, mother nature didn’t intend for women in their 40’s to have children. I know I’ll get flack for my opinion, but really, it is well known that having children in your late 30’s and early 40’s is not usually recommended and can be risky. Can you imagine when this child is old enough to have it’s own children? Even if they are in their 30’s, Uma will be in her 70’s and probably won’t be able to be much of a hand’s on grandmother to her grandchildren. Just my opinion, and like I said, I’m sure I’ll be bashed for it, but I say if mother nature says that 20’s and early 30’s are the best years for pregnancy, then it’s for a good reason!

JessicaB on

whatever her age, i wouldn’t want to “start over” w/ getting up at night and sticky everything. my god, my youngest is 11 and we still have the occasional bad dream. i put my time in getting up on a crazy schedule w/ 3 kids; done! but i suppose if i had a new love and wanted a baby w/ him it would be different.

i always thought it was kind of sad that uma and ethan broke up. wasn’t it a misunderstanding with him thinking SHE had cheated, and so HE cheated to get even. but she hadn’t cheated…..anyway. hope all family members are happy and looking forward to the new addition.

Patti on

I love Uma. She is a classy, beautiful woman. Congrats!

Jillian on

These are the most confusion comments ever! 28 is almost 40? So, at 36 am I almost 50? That makes NO sense whatsoever…. But after a long day with my wonderful children I could use a good chuckle.

I had my first child at 22 and my last child at 36, energywise I feel no different except I have five children. If there are days I am exhausted it’s bc I have so many not because of my age. We plan on hopefully having one more. While I always hoe every child of ours is born healthy, we would welcome any child in our lives and see it as a blessing. My age now doesn’t stop me from having another. If it’s meant to be, its meant to be.


Jillian on

“Also, a heart condition does not always mean that a child can’t do most of the stuff his or her peers do. I know a girl who’s had multiple open-heart surgeries to repair a congential heart defect, and yet she is one of the happiest, most active kids you could ever meet (she has to watch it to make sure she doesn’t get to winded, and I’m guessing contact sports are probably out, but other than that she can pretty much do what she wants)! In fact, you wouldn’t even know she’s had heart surgery!

So she can do everything? That’s pretty impressive! Most children that go through open heart surgery/congenital heart failure are not able to do most of the same things as their peers. My niece has gone through the same thing and she can’t participate in physical activities in gym, playground is limited, etc. Just curious when she was able to after surgery and more details. My niece is one of the happiest girls but she feels so left out. Hearing this story gives hope! Can you share some details with me?


Holiday on

Mary/Jillian I agree that the most confusing and IMO ridiculous comment is there is no difference between 28 and 40! So does that mean the rest of my 20s do not count and neither do my 30s? There is a huge difference between the ages of 28 and 40. Im sure mentally, emotionally and probably physically.