Nicole Richie: Harlow Doesn’t Know About Her Namesake Lines

02/27/2012 at 12:20 PM ET
Courtesy Flare

Nicole Richie‘s daughter Harlow Winter Kate is already something of a star — even if she has no idea she is.

Asked by Flare about the 4-year-old’s future in the fashion business, Richie, 30, replies that she’s in no rush for her little girl to grow up.

“She has no idea that she has two lines named after her — I try and let her be a kid,” says Richie, who’ll be a celebrity mentor on NBC’s upcoming series Fashion Star.

Sheltering her kids from the spotlight is a recurring theme for Richie and her husband Joel Madden. Asked about Hollywood role models for kids, Richie takes issue with the whole premise.

“I was just talking to a friend of mine who has two little girls about a certain singer whose name I won’t mention,” she says.

“He was really upset, saying she wasn’t a good role model for his kids. But here’s the thing: that girl is 20-something, so she shouldn’t be a role model to your little girls. She’s human, and it’s unrealistic to put people on a pedestal and expect that they’re not going to make mistakes.”

Richie adds that Harlow and son Sparrow James Midnight, 2, aren’t the only ones who need a little break from the fast lane. She says she’s learned to be a morning person herself, just to have some quiet time.

“I wake up at 5:30 in the morning, every morning, so I can be alone,” she says. “I don’t have anywhere to be, but mentally, I like to go downstairs and drink my coffee … I’m telling you, it changes my entire day.”

— Tim Nudd

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meme on

She is not even 4… I doubt Harlow would understand even if she did tell her.

I wonder who the friend was she was speaking of……any guesses?

Melanie on

I’m assuming Miley Cyrus. That’s my best guess.

Ooooh girl, I’m with you on the coffee thing. Luckily I’ve got myself some late sleepers and don’t have to start brewing until 6:45 though. 😉

Abbie on

I was thinking it is Rihanna.

em on

Oh, Nicole. Who do you think you are?

em on

I would not think Nicole would be the voice of reason on being a role model. I mean, rehab for herion addiction, seriously poor judgement when driving while under the influence and could have killed someone. And probably not too far off substances when she conceived Harlow. I really don’t think she is in a position to say who should be a role model. Seriously. Get over yourself.

Sandra on

She is just saying, that celebrities are like the rest of us and make mistakes. Like herself. I do not think she said anything wrong.

Abbie on

well said Sandra!

Kayla on

She has grown up alot ever since she got pregnant, and she is simply saying that everyone makes mistakes celebrity or not.

Niche on

You judgmental commenters act like you’ve never made mistakes as teenagers and young adults. What I gathered from this article reflects how much Nicole has grown and matured. She has admitted the errors of her past before in other interviews and gone on to become a mother and wife.

Whoever the 20 something singer is, she is saying she isn’t a good role model for young girls and children. I say this about all Hollywooders and entertainers, they are human and make mistakes like any average Joe.

When you know better, you do better. Nicole is obviously doing a lot better.

Tee on

Wow, Em! Where in that article did Nicole say that she was an expert on role models or that she thought of herself as one?

Mel on

I think she’s spot-on. Why should celebrities be role models? They’re your kids, YOU teach them right from wrong. If there’s a celebrity who you think is a bad example, sit and talk to your kid about why that celeb is a bad example, and what you expect from the kid instead.

Nicole Richie went through the ringer for a few years, I’m sure she remembers well what it was like when she was “too fat”, then “too skinny”, then “just a druggie”. I’d say she has some authority on the subject.

Hea on

People can’t expect others to be role models for their kids. All they can do is be role models themselves and guide. I think Nicole seems to be a wonderful person and I totally agree with her here.

JMO on

I can agree with her on the fact that celebrities make mistakes and none of them should feel like they need to be on a pedestal as some sort of role model. However many of these young girls do look up to them and I do think they have somewhat of a responsibility to be atleast aware of their actions since everything they say and do is publicized for all to see. As a parent it really is your job to monitor what your children listen to or what they watch on tv.

Artist like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, etc are not artist that any young child should be emulating. Someone like Miley Cyrus, appeared as a Disney star first, so of course she’s still going to have that type of following.

Lau on

Well, I disagree with two things in this interview.

First, her daughter doesn’t know she’s famous because she’s not. She’s the daughter of a famous man and woman. Maybe some day she’ll be famous on her own. But not right now, she isn’t. The fact that she’s on magazines everywhere is not because of her but because of her parents.

Second, I totally agree with the people here that are saying that you’re supposed to raise your own kids and not expect someone else to be their role model. Absolutely agreed. BUT. She’s saying that this 20 year old singer SHOULDN’T be a role model and (basically) that it’s ok if she’s not a good model for kids or whoever. I do NOT agree with this.

If this singer decided to pursue that career, she’s putting herself out in the open, and with the world working the way it does nowadays, she INEVITABLY will become someone to look at. And such, she, or whoever else, must have some kind of conscience of what you’re doing and what you’re representing for others. I believe that’s part of becoming a public figure. You can’t just be out there and throw your ideas and stuff and expect for everyone to do what they want with your stuff.

Lau on

Just to clear things up, I am in no way saying that all the artists should be role models to 5 year olds! I am just saying that as public figures they need to be paying attention to what they do because it inevitably affects other people.

jessicad on

I think anyone who gets money from the public absolutely should keep in mind that they are a role model for their supporters, doesn’t mean they should be perfect, but some of these young celebrities are out of control.

I agree with her on waking up early. I’m not a morning a person but since having my daughter I have to wake up earlier than she does so I can have my alone time and get my thoughts together. It definitely makes a difference in my day.

elizabeth on

You guys are sure quick enough to judge. She’s doing an amazing job and helping others in the midst of it all.

limner1 on

I think she’s right on the money about role models. She is a living example, therefore she knows what she’s talking about. And being famous just because your parents are famous, and because your name is a label doesn’t make you famous either. Infamy and empty fame? Not worth the letters used to spell the words. Hopefully, most people earn fame for the good they do.

ruby on

Your daughter isn’t famous, stupid. Gross.

Melanie on

Nicole never said that. She said Harlow doesn’t know she has clothing and jewelry lines named after her. Big difference between that and the clickable headline the website used. Be responsible readers, CBBers.

Terri on

Her daughter isn’t famous & I’m not sure why she is, but I agree with her that pop stars aren’t meant to be role models.

Melanie on

She’s not famous. That’s probably why she doesn’t know!

Kay on

I really don’t understand the need for people to read these articles and then have something negative to say, if you have nothing nice to say keep your mouth shut!

Oh and newsflash the daughter is famous check what site you are on it is about celebrity babies!

Traci on

My gosh people, give Nicole a break. She did some things in her past but she’s really grown up and taken on her responsibilities. I think Nicole is a wonderful person and from what I can see, she seems to be a very good mother and Joel seems to be a very good father. Nicole and Joel have a nice little family.

@MEME – Harlow Winter Kate Richie Madden is 4 years old. She was born January 11, 2008. Do the math.

Nicole on

After reading the article, I could see how much she have changed. I really think she is a great mom.

I think her intention of mentioning about women in 20’s should not be a role model because they would make mistakes… She already went through that… she knew what it was like in 20’s. Its what I think. Keep your chin up, Nicole. You have a blessed family. You are a lucky woman in the world. 🙂

gabrielle on

I think Nicole Richie has grown up, learned from her mistakes as we all do and has moved on to mommy mode….I don’t get all of you bashing her as she did her business when she was single, young minded and rebelious…

I think she is a super mom, only feeds her kids healthy organic meals, organic toys, etc…she tries not to let her kids know or think that they are any different than anyone else which is important if you are living in LA and both of your parents are famous….everyone loves to judge…..

Kudos to Nicole 🙂

beautiful girl on

She’s an awesome example that you can go from being a spoiled brat with multiple issues, to a successful working mom who puts her kids first. Hats off to her. Role models are parents, teachers, volunteers, people who want to make a difference in the world, not actors and singers.

Shannon on

I agree with Nicole. Parents should be a child’s primary role models, not celebs. Parents can pretty much control what very young children are exposed to.

Afton Awesome on

Hey @em, No one is perfect, she’s made mistakes which she’s been open about. She’s come a long way, and I would for sure say she’s a role model. It doesn’t matter how far you fall, as long as you keep climbing as my Uncle would say.

RKF on

@Kay – Everyone is allowed to have an opinion, whether positive or negative. Telling people to “shut their mouths” is more negative than anything I read here. Being mean-spirited and hypocritical are not pleasant characteristics on anyone.

On another note, I do agree with others – of course Harlow doesn’t know she’s famous – because she’s 4 years old, and is not famous! Her parents are.

Also, I certainly agree with Nicole, celebrities certainly should not have to be role-models, as it’s hard enough to live up to your standards/expectations, let alone having to appear “perfect” to non-celebrities.

Farzeen on

The only reason Nicole Ritchie is “famous” is because her biological parents couldn’t deal with being parents and using drugs so they gave/sold her to Lionel Ritchie and his wife. Then she tramped herself out and hung with Paris Hilton and because an addict and a big loser.

Joel helped clean her up and keep her sober. She got knocked up just as he was going to dump her, but being a great person he is, he married her instead. She stays sober and clean because she knows what a gem Joel is and I believe he will leave her ass and take the kids if she makes one mistake.

Gail on

Oh EM, shaddup!!!

Andrea on

I love how much Nicole has turned her life around unlike a certain ex best friend. Her career is such an influence for inspiring fashion designers everywhere and she’s a wonderful mother and wife. I hope when Harlow does found out about her fame she stays like her mommy – mature and down the earth. Victoria Beckham’s kids are exactly the same but aside from little Harper I think they know they’re famous but don’t care.

Tiffany on

Farzeen, you must be really close friends with both Nicole and Joel to know all this. Do tell more. What’s that, you’ve never met either of them? Then you have no way to know those things are true.

I agree with her. Ultimately, it is up to the parents to be role models for their children and choose what they want them to be exposed to. Yes, any celebrity should be aware that everything they do will be in the public eye, but let’s face it, they’re human like the rest of us. Humans make mistakes constantly, and being famous doesn’t change that.

bit..please on

@Farzeen- you sound like such an amazing person, can I get your phone number, email address and the like? I can only imagine what a pleasure it must be to be in your company, the aura that must surround such a wonderful, positive person must be simply too much to bear. If only the rest of society could take a cue from you…

Oh wait, then we would have 6+ billion judgmental, self loathing, cancerous little prunes among us…

Kel on

As much as you may want to blame celebrities for being poor role models, ultimately, they owe us nothing. Yes, it would be nice if they acted appropriately. But, we don’t own them in anyway, and we cannot control what they do. It is our own responsibility to make sure our kids grow up instilled with the right values.

Renee on

Way to go Nicole for turning around your life and being a mature adult, a great wife, and a great mom.

Melissa B on

I too like to have time to myself before the kids get up and I have to get my daughter ready for school. I totally get what she’s saying.

BigBlues on

Agreed that parents should be the primary role models. However, we live in a celebrity-worshiping culture and kids will be exposed through peers, etc. I resent that these teens and 20-somethings are specifically marketed to young kids by Disney, TV and film companies, makeup & fashion folks, etc. Mistakes, really? Their own publicists call to tell people where they are – and going without underwear, getting drunk and drugged to basically flaunting bad behavior to the very KIDS they were hired to entertain and who try to emulate them. Any parent who has been at it awhile knows that it is very hard to keep kids from looking up to these people. Even so, it is ultimately parents’ job to raise their kids.

ecl on

I agree with those who say that celebs should expect to be treated like role models, especially those who cater to the teeny bopper crowd. They are marketed to our children, make massive money off the fact that our children enjoy and look up to them, and then don’t want to take any responsibility for their actions.

I don’t think celebs have to be perfect at all. I think female start in particular are raked over the coals, which is especially hard if they are young and just trying to figure things out. But some behaviors go above and beyond awful. And Nicole is one of them since it wasn’t that long ago that she got high and drove the wrong way on the freeway, threatening the lives of many people.

I think she was talking about Rihanna, though, and I too, am disappointed in her behavior. Still, as a parent, I would use that to teach my children about domestic violence and having respect for yourself.

Sammie on

She’s rather high and mighty isn’t she. Wasn’t so long ago that she was arrested on several occasions for DUI and drugs. People from Hollywood are a funny odd bunch who believe the crap that’s written about them.

Kelly on

She didn’t say the 20-year-old singer wasn’t a good role model; she said that the singer shouldn’t have to be. She’s also not saying she’s a role model – so all you people who are reading things that aren’t there should just relax.

erica2 on

Nicole is so talking about rhianna, Katy Perry, or nikki minaj. I would be terrified if my daughter worshiped any one of them…they are all talentless glorified skanks! Role models should be in the home or surrounding community not on the tv behaving badly.

G on

I’ve never heard of any lines named after Harlow. They cant be that famous. Celebrities, even semi-celebs like Nicole Richie live on another planet. Thinking her daughter is famous. Who cares?

mon on

i really think she matured and proven herself that shes a changed person when she had her kids.come on we cant keep talking about her past what matters is how she is now..

Adria on

She’s not. And neither are you Nicole. Your father, baby daddy and aunt Shelia E. are famous.

Amelia on

It sounds like Nicole has really grown up from her days of being Paris Hilton’s sidekick. She seems like a responsible and hands-on mum.

With respect to her point about celebrities not fit to be role models, I think she was suggesting that parents, teachers, etc. should be the expected role models, not celebrities. Whether this is a realistic viewpoint, I’m not sure. Take Chris Brown for example- I’m sure teens everywhere listen to his music and think he’s cool. However, the reality is that he seems like a very immature young man who has done something wrong and never really paid for it. That’s not something to look upto.

I do think that celebrities should have to be more accountable for their actions- it seems only fair since they make tons of money off being popular and in the public eye. I’m a little tired of certain celebs having pity parties about their lack of privacy- I’m sure if they were given the option, they’d prefer to be rich and famous rather than struggling artists, singers, etc.

carla on


Nicole has a very successful fashion line called the House of Harlow. It’s sold at Norstrom, Dillards,, and various other popular internet sites.

liz on

Yes, Nicole Richie made mistakes in the past, but look where she is now? She went from a party girl who was always in the tabloids to quiet mom and wife. She is now a role model just for showing that you can turn your life around!

Anonymous on

Terri- Nicole is famous because she herself is a celebrity baby. Her father is Lionel Richie, who is a famous singer. She also did a reality show with Paris Hilton awhile back.

Farzeen- Everyone else has pretty much said it all, but I want to add that I found this part of your comment particular awful: ”
The only reason Nicole Ritchie is “famous” is because her biological parents couldn’t deal with being parents and using drugs so they gave/sold her to Lionel Ritchie and his wife”. Lionel and Brenda didn’t buy Nicole (in fact, the very idea that people buy children makes me sick!), they adopted her. Way to twist that wonderful method of building a family into something it isn’t!

And as for Nicole’s bio parents, regardless of the issues they had, at least they loved her enough to realize that they couldn’t care for her properly and that she would be better off with a couple that could. If more parents in situations like that did the same, then maybe we wouldn’t have so many child abuse and neglect cases, or even worse, Caylee Anthony-type tragedies. Sadly, most of those types of parents are anything but selfless and care far more about themselves than they do their children. Nicole was a very lucky little girl indeed!

G- The two lines are House of Harlow (a jewelry line) and Winter Kate (a clothing line). And as for who cares, obviously you do, since you commented. 😉

Anyway, Nicole seems very down to earth, and I agree completely with what she said. Yes, celebs need to realize that their actions will probably influence others. However, we also shouldn’t hold them responsible for how our children behave. If anything, we should use the behavior of some of the more notorious ones as a teaching tool. For example, you could say to your child, “(insert celeb’s name here) is only hurting her/himself and really messing her/his life up by doing drugs. Doing things like that isn’t something ANYONE should aspire to do”.

Or, “Isn’t it awful that (insert celeb’s name here) hit his girlfriend? I don’t care how angry you get, it is never okay to hit someone (you could add “unless it’s in self-defense” if that’s your philosphy).” From those questions, you could then discuss how to resist peer pressure to do drugs, or how to protect yourself from violence, approprite methods of releasing anger, what to do if you or someone else does end up a victim of violence, things that can be a sign that a boyfriend/girlfriend is the abusive type (obviously only for kids old enough to understand and/or have that be something they need to start thinking about!), and so on.

Anonymous on

Adria- Shelia E is not Nicole’s aunt. Nicole has said that they aren’t related. Also I find it disrespectful that you called Joel her baby daddy. He’s her husband, and they’ve been together for several years. That’s hardly what I’d call a baby daddy (what WOULD I call one? A guy who’s not married to the mother and sticks around only briefly, if even that)!

Amelia- I mostly agree with you, except for one thing. In my opinion, becoming a celebrity does not mean you sign away all your privacy. Obviously celebs can’t be expected to be as private as “normal” people, but I think even they deserve SOME degree of privacy. For example, they should be able to relax in their own yard without a bunch of paps- excuse me, stalkers- taking pictures of them!

Tdog311 on

nicole was saying that no one should be a role model in their 20s…not her, and not that unnamed singer. she’s saying people make mistakes (herself included), that they are human, and to TEACH your children right from wrong. she wasn’t putting herself on a pedestal. she’s actually being rather realistic about the whole matter!

Bella on

I know this has all been covered, but I feel like I need to step in a defend Nicole as well. She said nothing about herself being a role model. What I took from it was that parents should stop whinging about celebrities being bad role models for their children when in actual fact you shouldn’t be putting celebrities on a pedistal that makes them a role model in the first place.

I also think she was talking from personal experience. I think she’s reflecting on the point in time when parents would have been all over her for being a bad influence because of her drug abuse and weight struggles and is trying to make a point that just because she’s a celebrity doesn’t mean she’s perfect or any less human.

Teach your children right from wrong and don’t expect glorified humans in the public eye to be the upstanding citizans you want your children to be. These are a bunch of young kids with a whole load of money under what appears to be a fair bit of pressure, so it’s to be expected that some stupid things are going to happen. It’s unfair to jump on them when these things happen.

This has started to stray from the subject so I’ll stop, but I want people to understand what Nicole was getting at. She’s right, you can’t be mad at a celebrity for not being the role model you want for your children. That’s not their job.

mimi on

i think nicole is displaying a lot of common sense.

to think a 20-something ADULT celebrity should be a role model to your CHILD is absolutely ridiculous. they are performers. how they live their personal lives on a day-to-day basis should not have to answer to random parents about their decisions or choices because of the impact that might have on said random parents’ child.

if children are THAT exposed to celebrity culture to the point where a parent might consider it harmful or dangerous, that parent should take a step back and look at their own actions and WHY that child is that influenced by a random celebrity.

Mom Of Twins on

Be your childs role model! For those guessing names, stop guessing that’s why she didn’t name names. Nicole is speaking from experience, she wasn’t always a “good girl”. So proud of her! Ok Paris, time for you to grow up.

Hea on

So Harlow isn’t famous? And yet everyone on this blog knows who she is and what she looks like. Who her parents and grandparents are. What clothes she wears, where she plays, how often she plays there… Of course she’s a famous kid. Sure, she hasn’t done anything herself to become or stay famous but she is because of her parents. The same goes for the Shiloh & Co, the Beckham kids, Suri Cruise and so on. Famous kids with famous parents.

What a stupid thing to bicker over, really.

Adria – Who’s Sheila E? Never heard of her so I had to google. And I doubt Joel is her “baby daddy” still when he’s her husband.

impressed on

i have to say…the nerve of some people to pretend they have NEVER done anything wrong in their youth. She clearly made mistakes as a young teen/woman. Difference is, she stopped when she knew she was destroying herself and her family.

This kid has done a good job with her family, keeping it together and proving that being a celebrity is no excuse for excessive drug use and disgusting behavior.. Having friends that i watched transform as people after parenthood, i had to comment.

I truthfully dont like or dislike this young person, but i do respect how shes made changes in her life and owns her actions. Thank goodness Em isnt our judge and jury.

Lillian on

Her coffee comment made me laugh. I get up extra early too, just so I can enjoy my coffee and watch the news ALONE! lol

Brandi on

Those of you attacking Nicole for saying her child is famous OBVIOUSLY has the comprehension level of a child (judging by the comments I can only hope some of you ARE children and that no adult would ever say such ridiculous things).

If you pay just a little bit of attention before taking your frustration with your own life out on the subjects of these stories, you would have seen NICOLE didn’t say her child was famous, the headline did which weren’t her words. She simply stated that her daughter has 2 lines named after her (very successful, if you haven’t heard of them, you may want to spend less time here and more time on the style news page because you are VERY behind).

A little bit of common sense and a lot less jealous would really improve your mentality. I’m so relieved to see that there are at least some here who can grasp such a simple concept!

Stayce on

For the posters who say that little Winter Harlow Kate isn’t famous, I disagree. By her name alone, many people know that she is the child of Nicole Richie and Joel Madden. Now my kids aren’t famous — people reading about them on, outside of our innner circle, wouldn’t know who they are. Thus, in some respect, her daughter IS, in fact, famous.

Also, I admire the change that Nicole has made in her life. Her ex BFF, Paris Hilton, seems to be stuck on stupid, so I say kudos to Nicole. Good job!

boohoobytch on

love her, the past is the past and the term “show and prove” applies to her – she’s changed, she’s proved it (for years) and it shows – period

Laura on

I’m so glad she finally got herself together and seems happy and healthy. She’s beautiful and a great example for young women now. She actually seems really grounded and I think she learned a lot from mistakes when she was younger. Good for her and her family! And I’m sure the “Singer” was Rihanna…

Hea on

@ Farzeen – Fangirl of Good Charlotte much?

Cassie on

So, she had both her kids in her 20’s. Does that mean she wasn’t a good role model to her own children?

Colleen on

Parents that think ANY celebrity is a role model should be slapped. It is not a celebrities responsibility to be a role model. Seriously! Why on earth would you let a total stranger that you really know nothing about, except what has been hyped up in the media, be a role model to your child? Parents are the true role models and need to start acting like it by leading their children in the correct direction and stop expecting the world to do THEIR JOB for them.

meme on

Traci–I was not exactly sure of her age, I thought she was younger than my daughter, who just turned four. Sorry I don ‘t know the exact birthdate of the child! Get a life bitch !!

Toya L. on

Nicole Richie’s birth name was Nicole Camille Escovedo. Her biological father’s name is Peter Michael Escovedo, brother of Shiela E. and she does look like him. Sheila E. did an interview in November and stated that Nicole is her brother’s daughter, her niece.

She has grown so much!!!

Brandi on

@Hea, your comment made me LOL!

Jessica on

I love her daughter’s name. Harlow Winter Kate. Well thought out, feminine, flows well and has a lot of meaning to her. That is all.

Stella on

My thoughts are off point of this story but it provided a reason to respond; gee, everyone sure is forgiving of Nichol’s youthful (and very wild) background in drugs etc., but some cast the most awful opinions about Angelina Jolie. She, too, had a youthful spirit but since she met Brad and became a mother to six children, she has become a wonderful role model as mother, partner, philanthropist, humanitarian, writer, director and actress. If you can forgive Nichol’s past, then you maybe you can be forgiving of others (and there have been far worse than Nicol and Angelina — to name a few, Leann Rimes, Julia Roberts, Paris Hilton -(drugs), Lindsay Lohan (everything),the Carter brothers’ sister, Kelly Osborne, etc., etc…..

Sam on

Some of you need to get lives. Nicole Richie is an awesome mom and shame on some of you for judging her. Do any of you live in glass houses?

Hea on

Quote: “Nicole Richie’s birth name was Nicole Camille Escovedo. Her biological father’s name is Peter Michael Escovedo, brother of Shiela E. and she does look like him. Sheila E. did an interview in November and stated that Nicole is her brother’s daughter, her niece.” – Toya L. on February 28th, 2012

Lionel is Nicole’s father. If anything, Mr Escovedo helped give her life but she’s not his daughter and therefore it’s possible that Nicole doesn’t consider this Sheila E her aunt. Biology does not dictate who’s family and who’s not.

Shannon on

Duh, she is obviously talking about Nicki Minaj. Think about it…there’s 2 little 5 year old girls getting real popular by singing Nicki’s songs on youtube and on Ellen. That just makes sense that is who she is referring to.

Catca on

Nicole never said the singer in her 20s shouldn’t be a role model, but that she shouldn’t be a role model to LITTLE girls – big difference and frankly one that is impossible to argue with.

@em – you seem to take issue with Nicole’s past where yes, Nicole made some pretty big mistakes, but not with the content of what she’s saying now. So why disparage her? Personally, I think what she said is pretty rational.

Toya L. on

I guess I lost my comment, anyway I only gave the correct info because there are people who honestly do not know that Peter E. fathered Nicole. I believe there is a difference between being a father and a dad. Lionel R. is Nicole’s dad and that role is far more important than who fathered her. Well that’s just my opinion.

ecl on

I do think it’s naive to just say “Celebs shouldn’t be role models. Parents should be.” It doesn’t show much understanding of how kids are. I agree that parents should model the behavior they want to see in their children and should guide them on what it right and wrong. But to say that kids just shouldn’t look up to celebs ignores how kids are. They often look outside of their parents for role models because they are learning to distinguish themselves from their parents. It’s not that parents aren’t important, and their values won’t come through eventually, it’s just that at certain ages, kids are rebelling and don’t want to have mom as their hero. THey DO want to have the singer they love be their hero, though. Of course people outside of the family are going to influence your kids unless you plan to live in a bubble.

Indira on

Being famous doesn’t not warrant a validation but the fact that all of you are commenting her post only affirms that she is famous. There’s phrase “famous for being famous” and it’s arguable that that is Richie but, guess what…still famous.

As an adult I can wholeheartedly say, I loved the Spice Girls, Nsync, Backstreet boys, I loved Madonna, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera but, I never wanted to emulate anything they did. Ever. I think that we short-change children and trust me, having been one up until recently(I’m 22), as a young kid I full recognized there was a boundary between what I saw my idols do and what I as a child could do.

If anything, your child’s peers are much more of an influence than some celebrity that feels light years away.

Sara on

I agree with you, Lou. She is a public figure … like it or not. But, good for her for trying to shield her kids from it.

alycia on

i think parents ought to stop letting TV’s and such raise their kids. Its sad but true that alot of children spend more time watching tv, playing video games and on the internet than they spend with their families. Just because these things are there doesnt mean your kids should have constant access to them. And who cares if your child complains that all their friends can do it, its up to you to set rules and boundaries for your children. Get you kids involved in activities that actually help them to grow, encourage them to read more books and play games that don’t involve a tv or computer.

Hea on

@ – Toya L.

Fair enough but that doesn’t mean Nicole recognizes that woman as her aunt.

Nicki Carr on

that picture (not the magazine pic but the one when entering the article) is horrible. It makes her look 40 years old!

kendrajoi on

Ugh I never could stand her. Paris a a Mensa candidate compared to Nicole.

Toya L. on

@Hea, you’re correct I’ve only seen one pic of them together. I don’t know them nor how Nicole recognizes her, which is the exact reason why I’ve never stated so. Maybe she doesn’t see her as her aunt but Sheila does recognize her as her niece, which is what I stated. Anyway I’m done talking about them, have a good evening. Again I’m proud at what a great young women she seems to be.

TH on

She is talking about Rhianna for sure. That girl is a mess and she is not a role model. She needs to grow up and hopefully she does before it is too late for her. Nicole used to party and drink and get high but she grew up into a beautiful, responsible mother and wife. I think she is great example to her children. She knows of what she speaks so I think her answer to her friend was appropriate.

Crow on

Her point is don’t let celebrities be role models to YOUR kids. YOU set the example you want them to follow. Rihanna, Miley, Lindsey etc do not have to live their lives according to what’s best for YOUR children. Passive parents get off your butt…

MiB on

I think that if a child has a role model who behaves far from stellar, well, then it’s an excellent opportunity for the parents to raise a dicussion about said behaviour. So, your childs idol is caught drinking under age? Doing drugs? Flashing? Drunk driving? Being violent? Ask your child what they think about it, if they think he/she is doing the right thing, if they think it’s cool, what they would do differently, what the impications of that kind of behaviour is. None of they celebs I had crushes on when I was a teen/tween was particularly well behaved (cough, Robert Downey Jr, Johnny Depp, River Phoenix …), but even the preteen me drawing hearts around Johhny Depps name knew he wouldn’t make a great boyfriend (at least not at the time) and why. That didn’t stop him from being dreamy though!

Jillian on

Some of you need to look up the definition of famous……


Karen on

I think that all Nicole is trying to say is that you shouldn’t put the pressure on ANY twenty something year old to be a role model. I mean, did you know exactly who you were or what you wanted in your twenties? That is the time to learn your lessons and change and grow!