Mini Must-Have: Nahla Aubry’s Mix & Match Mary Janes

02/27/2012 at 10:00 AM ET
Christian-Campos/X17, Courtesy Chooze

Is Nahla Aubry feeling inspired by Honor Warren‘s quirky shoe style?

On Feb. 13, we spotted the 3½-year-old in a neutral outfit paired with mix-and-match Mary Janes while out for a walk in West Hollywood with her nanny.

And we loved her adorable footwear so much that we just had to get the details.

Turns out Nahla is sporting Chooze Dance Shoes in Posies ($44 – $48), which are crafted from 100 percent vegan material and come packaged in cool art boxes that kids can decorate.

Even cooler? Each pair of shoes complement each other — but are never exactly the same!

Chooze also invests its profits into anti-poverty programs that give women (and their children!) a brighter future.

To see more fun styles, go to

— Anya Leon

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Traci on

Nahla’s a beautiful child.

Jen on

Oh I disagree, shes one of the ugliest celebrity kids out there.

Ashley on

Here, here Jen…..

myob on

Jen & Ashley, I couldn’t agree more. I thought I was the only one who thought that. As attractive as both of her parents are, I was surprised. And yes before the lectures start, I know it isn’t nice to talk about children.

Fab on

What’s o not nice is the fact that you obviously are saying that she’s not attractive because she has what you 3 idiots don’t have… That child is GORGEOUS!!!! Jealous AZZ’s…..

Shannon on

She is so beautiful and the shoes are adorable.

JM on

At least Nahla will hopefully grow up to know that the phrase is ‘Hear, hear’ – not ‘here, here’. seeing as she will have likely have at least basic language comprehension, unlike some people here. (Or is it hear?)

Meela on


“ugliest celebrity kid out there”?????

I hope I don’t live anywhere near you sickos, when you get struck down!

Beauty clearly is in the eye of the beholder.

Word to the wack jobs, saying what you think is not always the best.

Such and “UGLY” thing to say about a child.

erica2 on

Nahla is beyond beautiful

saadiyah on

Nahla is one of THE MOST BEAUTIFUL celebrity children hands down. Anyone who can’t see that is blind!!

Sara on

She’s gorgeous. I’m shocked people would talk about a child like that. Sickos.

Holiday on

How could anyone think she is ugly?? She is beautiful.

Amy on

I thought this post was about shoes, not a toddler’s looks… Guess I was wrong.

kayla on

Halle dresses Nahla sooo cute! I love the idea of shoes that are created for a cause, this is a wonderful idea! Off the subject, children are innocent it’s our job to protect them not to say ill things about them, these are cruel comments!

Brandi on

@ JM, I LOVE your comment. Hilarious!

JM on

Brandi, thanks 🙂 it was getting ridiculous.

obviously i noticed the typo as soon as i posted it (can’t take it back now). but at least that is obviously a type and not someone who spends more time criticising young children than finding out what phrases they themselves use, actually mean.

Alyssa on

Why would I want my kid in mis-matched shoes?