Mariska Hargitay Loves Tribe’s Luxe Baby Bags

02/24/2012 at 10:00 AM ET
Adam Nemser/Startraks; Courtesy Tribe

What a multi-tasker!

Last November, we spotted Mariska Hargitay juggling son August and daughter Amaya and a handful of bags while trying to hail a cab in N.Y.C.

But we weren’t just impressed with the actress’s expert mommy management skills; her chic pink diaper bag also caught our eye.

Turns out Hargitay (along with Ali Landry, Kate Hudson and January Jones) is a fan of Tribe luxe baby bags.

Her style of choice? The Singapore Sling in Raspberry ($528), which is not only crafted from a buttery soft leather, but also features tons of easy access side pockets, interior bottle storage and a water-resistant liner.

Love the look, but suffering from sticker shock? For a more budget-friendly option, be sure to check out Skip Hop‘s equally fashionable Versa Diaper Bag ($70).

To shop Tribe’s full collection, visit

— Anya Leon

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olivia on


Darlene on

I love her too as an actress . .. but as a Mom .. . It’s November in NYC and her son has on his winter jacket while her baby girl is bare foot??

anomalygirl on

so she can sport a $649 diaper bag… but no baby shoes to keep baby’s feet warm… annoying, hopefully they’re in her bag and she just hasn’t put them on yet

Juliane on

@Darlene, I thought that too,but upon closer inspection, it looks like the little one is wearing footed leggings.

myob on

you do realize that her daughter has on tights. They look like pretty heavy tights, most probably with some type of lining/insulation inside. I am sure they are warmer than the shoes and socks that some people put on themselves and their children.

Jen DC on

The baby is wearing sweater stockings. It’s possible that the baby has also tugged off her shoes during the shopping trip and MH has them in the $650 diaper bag.

RC on

If you look closely enough, you can see that the baby is wearing tights 🙂

Wendy on

If you look closely, you will see that the baby is, indeed, wearing, tights.

anomalygirl on

tights is great! yaya… didn’t see at first glance 😉

Cynthia on

I think the 649 is Singaporean, not US, dollars. It looks like it is over 100 dollars cheaper in US dollars. Not like that makes it affordable by any means 🙂

Indi on

Where is her third child (the second baby she adopted in 6 months after the first) Maybe three children shopping is too much for her!!

P on

For the record, it has NOT been that cold in New York the past week. If this was taken in the past four or so days the kid is fine. There’s a cold snap starting to move in today but it’s still in the mid-40’s in Manhattan – very unseasonably warm for February in NYC.

Terri on

This was back in November as stated in the article.

olivia on

in november it was warm

mandii on

Gorgeous kids! One question though…not having raised babies in the city, when one hails a cab…what do you strap the baby into while riding? No carseat?!

P on

I apparently lack reading comprehension tonight. None the less, this has been a ridiculously mild winter in NYC. Even November saw temps up in the 50s and 60s. I’m positive the kid is fine.

huh on

I live in NYC and wear my baby, both of us end up warm and/or sweating. It has been warm for NYC winter. I’m sure that baby was fine.

And to the person who asked, babies/kids are not required to be in a car seat while riding in a taxi.

Siera on

@Indi. Or maybe the third baby is with her husband. You know, his father.

blessedwithboys on

Is it just me, or does Mariska appear to have like 3 or 4 legs in this picture? Do I smell a photoshop disaster or do I just need to clean off my glasses?

Indi on

@siera!! my point exactly!! finds it hard to shop with three children.

Indi on

@blessedwithboys, went back for another look at the photo, and it does look quite odd!! she has one to many legs in the photo

Maggie's Mom on

It looks like someone is standing behind her. You can see the other foot of that person.

Jen DC on

There is very obviously someone standing behind her, slight to her right. She’s on a city street; she’s not alone on that corner.

jennrae on

Of all the celebrities in the world, Mariska is the last one you can accuse of being a bad person, a bad mom, etc. She’s got to be one of the kindest people in the business and out.

jennrae on

And August is a gorgeous little boy. That one will be a heartbreaker and, if he’s anything like his parents, a total catch.

me on

Actually look closer and you’ll see it’s a person wearing gray boots standing behind her. You can see the second gray boot right behind her leg. But yes, it is a odd angle which makes for an odd picture.

Sara on

I was thinking the same thing, good actress but son is jacket and baby, in bare feet, or brown tights? either way, bundle the damn baby up!

Sarah K. on

Indi, there are a millions possible reasons why the baby isn’t with her in this millisecond of her life. But, you already know that.

ToRo on

ummmmm… jackets are opened. No scarves, hats or gloves in sight. I’m gonna run with that and say it wasn’t that cold of a day. Not to mention the baby doesn’t seem to mind a bit.

ToRo on

uh oh…bad grammar. I meant “jackets are open”

Amanda S on

I wish more celebrities would promote proper baby wearing. These types of carriers are very bad for the spine and hips of babies. Would love to see her using an Ergo.

J.J. on

Holy moly she looks incredibly young!! Great photo!

Dee on

LOL, I get that the baby is black and all but seriously, did it take that long for people to realize she had tights on?????

LOL…and before anyone jumps down my throat, I’m a black female!!!!

Just saying……I think it’s hilarious…as for the diaper bag, I get that she can afford it but maybe it was a gift?

I dont understand why people have issues w/ the way other people spend their money……that has always perplexed me. I mean, it’s THEIR money to do as they please….lol


Trena on

K do you see the problem there other kids are in coats but her baby has no pants or socks on

ToRo on

The big red poofy thing around the baby appears to be the bottom part of a dress. It just got bunched up in the carrier.

Siera on

@Trena. If you look closely, the baby clearly has on tights.

Kiki on

Amaya(baby) has thick tights that cover her legs and feet, so calm down people! 🙂 I’m sure Mariska- now mother of 3- knows what she’s doing from past experience with her first baby August. Love you Mariska!

Anne on

I believe the baby has leggings on, and knowing how most babies are, she probably kept kicking her shoes off. Like Kiki said, calm down 🙂

JCool on

Haters gonna hate.

It seems folks always want to find a problem with Mariska: She has an expensive diaper bag, she adopted two children in short order when other people are waiting to adopt, she’s privileged, blah blah blah.

How terrible is she??? She gave two children a great home, put leggings and not shoes on her daughter, and carried an expensive diaper bag. Call child protective services. Now.