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02/24/2012 at 12:00 PM ET

TGIF! Ring in the weekend with these news-worthy finds:


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Jessie on

I hate these stupid anti-cosleeping ads and guilt trips. If you read the article, it’s obvious that cosleeping itself is not the problem. UNSAFE cosleeping is the problem. An infant should NEVER be in bed with a young child or even a caregiver besides the parents who does not have the intuition not to roll over on the child at night. And of COURSE you shouldn’t sleep with a child if you’re drunk or otherwise impaired! Instead of guilt tripping mothers and scaring the crap out of them when cosleeping is obviously going to happen anyway, they should market how to SAFELY cosleep. Baby on back, no blankets or pillows, not if you are impaired, etc.

Michelle on

Agree with you Jessie. I have co-slept with my son for the past 2.5 years and have never rolled on him.

Shannon on

As someone who lives in the Milwaukee area, I can confirm that these deaths are not due to responsible cosleeping…sadly for these innocent babies, there are other factors involved.

Erika on

I don’t have kids yet, but I would never co-sleep. I am a very violent sleeper and do not stay in one spot when I sleep. I have actually given myself bruises and cuts from moving around so much. However, I know this and that it would be risky, so I wouldn’t do it personally. If someone isn’t impaired by drugs or alcohol and doesn’t move around in their sleep, co-sleeping shouldn’t be an issue. There were likely other factors that caused the deaths of these babies. It is very sad, but co-sleeping done safely should not be an issue.

Jillian on

I am a mother of five and I have never and will never cosleep. We feel strongly that children need their own beds and schedules and having them in your beds created issues down the road. They need to learn independence and it’s okay to sleep in their own bed/room.