Roselyn Sánchez Reveals Her Slimming Secret: Spanx!

02/24/2012 at 01:00 PM ET
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Roselyn Sánchez isn’t wasting any time bouncing back after baby.

The actress and her husband, actor Eric Winter welcomed their first child — daughter Sebella Rose — seven weeks ago and the new mom has already shed much of her pregnancy weight.

“Breastfeeding [helps], I think,” the Act of Valor star, 38, tells Access Hollywood Live of her rapid weight loss.

But, until she is able to lose the remaining extra pounds, Sánchez reveals she’s been receiving a bit of assistance in the wardrobe department.

“I do have a little [belly]. I’m just hiding it with Spanx,” she laughs. “I had to do it. I put my dress on and I’m going, ‘You know what, no. I need to use the Spanx!'”

However, while the figure flattering undergarments may be doing the trick, Sánchez is still looking forward getting back to the grind.

“I haven’t worked out,” she explains. “On Tuesday my doctor said that I could finally … so I’m excited to go back.”

— Anya  Leon

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Shannon on

Gorgeous couple! Sebella is a beautiful name.

KRN on

It’s so refreshing to hear someone state the truth about celebrity moms who lose weight like magic. Probably, most of them, also wear Spanx, but when asked, they only say ” oh, I breastfeed and run around with my kids, that’s it”, well, if that were the case, no mom would be overweight after popping kids.
Bravo Roselyn!

JMW on

I also appreciate Jessica Alba’s honesty in regards to shedding post-baby weight. She openly said that she works out everyday with a trainer and has 1200 calorie meals delivered to her home. Can’t stand these celebs that tell us they breastfeed and chase their kids around. What a crock! LOL

Beth on

yeah… I breastfeed, and while I have lost my pregnancy weight, I look completely different. My mid section is flabbier, my thighs are thicker. I, too, am sick of the pressure to look like a super model 6 weeks postpartum. Sorry but I just went through a crazy nine months! I am going to take some time to get back to my “regular body”.

Beth on

That’s the other thing! A lot of these mom’s debut their post-baby bods (I hate myself for saying that) after 4 weeks, I was told to take it easy until my 6 week PP checkup. I guess some doctors are different, but it seems dangerous, especially if you had a c/s to jump right back into working out.

scarlet on

Spanx are the way to go!

sullyjo on

I just had a baby 7 wks ago and have lost all the baby weight and 5 lbs on top of that. This was not the case with my three year old when i carried about 20 extra lbs around for about a year and a half. This one was just different. I think she looks great. Breastfeeding does help but so does sleep and when you hire someone during the day, you can sleep. The stars don’t really mention that one either….

Elisabeth on

Heaven forbid anyone who just had a baby actually look like they were ever pregnant and gave birth!

Anonymous on

Beth- I’m sure most of the celebs that “debut” their bodies that soon after giving birth are probably wearing spanx, just like Roselyn (not saying that none of them go back to working out that soon, but I suspect that most of them don’t look nearly as in shape that soon after giving birth behind closed doors as they do on the red carpet or out and about being photographed by paps!). 🙂

Anyway, I applaud Roselyn’s honesty, and I hate all of the demands that Hollywood (and for that matter even the “real” world) puts on women in terms of looks! And then the media wonders why so many actresses suffer from eating disorders?! Good grief Charlie Brown!

Mama3Bears on

Sorry, but sleep deprived, haven’t showered in two days, dirty dishes piling up, 3 kids with a nursing baby that is starting to teeth, I don’t care who wears what to get their “body” back. That isn’t the real world, that’s hours of help with makeup and hair and designer clothing

jennrae on

I think she should take her time because she has never looked more beautiful than when she was pregnant, and look at her face now–still gorgeous! You should wear your post-baby weight proudly, as it is evidence of how strong you are.

Stephanie on

The belly pooch can be permanent though. Spanx can be a lifetime investment for some women. I have a permanent pooch (11 lb baby), and stretch marks, and it can be depressing, but it’s life. It does go down, but you are never truly the same. I think what bothers me more than celebrities “losing weight” so quickly after birth, is the fact that they clearly get plastic surgery done. I cannot understand how every last one of them doesn’t get stretch marks from pregnancy! I was in excellent shape, running, swimming, etc when I got pregnant. I want them to fess up about that. Statistically they can’t all have just “good genes”!!

Shannon on

I heard that many celebs elect to give birth early to avoid the final weeks, which is when most stretch marks develop.

Jillian on

Shannon, you should stop believing those silly rumors 🙂


Mar on

@ Stephanie

Its possible to prevent stretch marks by religiously rubbing various oils infused with vitamin E on your belly while you are pregnant and making sure you get enough zinc in your diet. Zinc deficiency is one of the leading causes of stretch mark formation! Its also possible to remove stretch marks even though dermatologists lie and say its impossible (of course they don’t want people to know that, or else people would stop going to them for laser treatment and other scar/stretch mark removal treatments!). I’ve never been pregnant, but I had a lot of stretch marks from growing fast as a child and then I got some more when I was temporarily chubby as a teenager. I got rid of all of them by taking a lot of different supplements and vigorously rubbing MSM and shea butter infused with Vitamin E oil on my stretch marks. Its a loooooong tedious process, but it really works if you stick to it. It takes over a year to fully get rid of them, but I promise it works!

Anonymous on

Stephanie- To be fair, not all celebs show off their bare bellies after birth, so we can’t posssibly know that they all seeminly have no stretch marks. Also, there are these little things called make-up and photoshop. I’m sure that a lot of celebs we see showing off their post-baby belly DO have stretch marks, but got “rid” of them via one or both of those things.

Mama3Bears- With all due respect, if you’re wanting to read about how “ordinary” moms like you cope, then you’re on the wrong website! 😉