Caterina Scorsone Expecting First Child

02/23/2012 at 04:00 PM ET
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Caterina Scorsone and her husband, musician Rob Giles, are expecting their first child this summer.

“We’re over the moon,” the Private Practice star, 30, tells PEOPLE exclusively.

“I’m starting to show now. Everybody on set has been pretty sweet and is offering me fruit.”

On Thursday’s episode, fans of the show will learn that Scorsone’s character, Dr. Amelia Shepherd, is pregnant.

“This year Amelia — who had been sober — fell off the wagon after her friend died,” the actress explains of her character’s story arc. “She hit rock bottom, had an intervention and went to rehab. So this news is on the heels of that.”

Upon learning of Scorsone’s pregnancy, Private Practice creator Shonda Rhimes was inspired.

“The news came out of left field and I think she decided she could use this for dramatic purposes,” jokes Scorsone. “As an actress it never feels like the right time. But once we knew what was happening we were like, ‘This is perfect.'”

“Shonda was immediately excited and talked about what we could do when the baby came so [he or she] could be on set,” she continues. “She’s been unbelievably supportive.”

Maybe that’s because Rhimes thinks of Scorsone and Giles, who’s a member of The Rescues, as part of her extended family. Years before Scorsone joined the cast, the band’s music was featured on both Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice, while Giles, 36, also worked with Grey’s stars Sara Ramirez and Kevin McKidd.

— Monica Rizzo

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Karen on

Wow…a little *spolier alert* would been nice….:(

Anonymous on

Congrats to her. I can’t stand her character though.

Melanie on

Not much of a spoiler, Karen – it was shown in the preview last week. Obviously this post is timed with the airing of the episode.

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! And suddenly Amelia’s storyline makes sense!

Karyn on

Love both the Actress and Character. Congrats to them both!

Amanda on

Congrats to them! I am interested in seeing where PP takes this 🙂

Karen they showed a preview at the end of last weeks episode with Amelia clearly saying to Sheldon that she was pregnant.

Anna on

I thought the exact same thing! I don’t really watch the show religiously, but I just hate when people ruin things, no matter what it is. It’s inconsiderate.

rachel on

I think it will be an interesting storyline in the show. Making her preggers, all of sudden after rehab. But definitely congrats to Caterina.

Allison on

But as others have said, if you actually do watch the show, you already knew.

Natalie on

great news! congrats to Caterina & Rob! can’t wait to see PP new episodes!

Lee on

The commercial running for tonight’s show has it on too! Not a spoiler if it’s been running all week!!

Daffygrams on

Happy for her. Love her on the show. Glad she made up with her “brother”, McDreamy too!

Jamie on

On Thursday’s episode, fans of the show will learn that Scorsone’s character, Dr. Amelia Shepard, is pregnant.

THANK YOU PEOPLE MAG FOR SPOILING A SHOW!! Seriously – next time put **Spoiler Alert** in the headline!!

Pritty on

Agreed, thanks for not notifiying us of spoilers ahead.

Pritty on

You should have warned us about spoilers. Not cool.

Kait on

Yeah I watch the show and I have a life, so why DVR it if PEOPLE of all things is going to spoil it? I haven’t watched the crossover yet, and not one of my friends or random commercials have spoiled it. Thanks…

Anyway, congrats to Caterina, there is something in that Grey’s PP water. At least some of the pregnancies make for the best storylines.

Sarah K. on

That was a spoiler for people who purposely don’t watch previews. A little warning would have been nice. But, congrats to Caterina and her husband!

Jen on

@Melanie- Not everyone can watch the show when it airs. Some people Tivo it and watch it later, so this would be a spoiler for them, and it should have been at least noted by People before posting.

Anyway, I’m glad to hear about this! I think it will be a great storyline for her character.

Brandi on

I adore this character. I think Caterina is absoluely beautiful. I am onoy hoping she will raise the baby as her own and not give it to Addison. This will surely make Addison throw fits once she hears the “addict” is pregnant. I can’t wait to see how it plays out!

Melanie on

I consider spoiler alerts appropriate when, say, a show hasn’t aired on the west coast yet. Not when something has been airing all over ABC for a full week. This news is not in any way a surprise.

I understand that someone may not have had the chance to catch up with their DVR yet, but that doesn’t mean you can expect the media to cater to you.

Manal from Jordan! on

SPOLIER!!!:(:( u knw ppl from different countries come to this site!!! not all of us live in America!!! 😦 Anyways Congrats!!!

jenna on

wow, you could have included the words ‘spoiler alert’ People!

Wellwisher on


Julianna on

OMG, I love Caterina since SyFy’s Alice! She’s awesome and so pretty. Congratulations to both her and her husband on their baby – I wish her a happy, healthy pregnancy.

Alana on

I’m so excited for her & Rob, it’s unreal. I’ve been supporting her since she was on the show Missing, and I always wondered why she didn’t have children. I’m so happy she finally gets to be a mum!

J on

Hey Kait, Erica survived the surgery in the crossover event. 😉

Nothing was spoiled, it was on the trailer last week for tonight’s episode. There’s not much that was spoiled, in the trailer, Sheldon was scolding her on thinking she was using again and she snapped at him that she was pregnant.

One lady here complained that some don’t watch the previews at the end of the show. How is that the rest of our problem?

J on

Jen, it’s been a full week. If you haven’t seen it yet by then don’t get upset when people are talking about new episodes. Especially when the new episode airs and you still haven’t seen older!

Bee on

Wow, way to ruin it for some of us. I don’t watch Private Practice, but I DO watch Grey’s Anatomy and she was just on it last week. I watch on Hulu, and we don’t get previews.

TV on

Ha, I knew it! The past two weeks it looked like Amelia’s tops were a little bigger than normal. It also makes sense as to why she offered to become Addison’s surrogate so soon after rehab.

Congratulations to Caterina and Rob! I wouldn’t even be surprised if later on we found out they are expecting twins since it apparently runs in both of their families.

Melissa on

Seriously!!! All of you complaining about finding out that Amelia is pregnant on the show…..get over it! It’s a tv show!!! Not the end of the world!

Risa on

Karen…its all over the previews on TV, don’t be dramatic.

Olivia on

Shonda Rhimes gets everybody pregnant! Hahaha, Congrats!

Tina Barbee on

Awesome! So, the man she fell in love with and died, will live on for her. Addison will no doubt have difficulty with this pregnancy!

Marnie S. on

Seriously people are fretting over this that much? Get over it. It’s not a spoiler if ABC itself ran previews every night since last Thursday’s episode. Who cares if some of you don’t watch them? I guarantee you are in the minority. Either that or you live under a rock.

And oh yeah, this isn’t as much about Amelia as it is about the actress who plays her and I for one am happy for her and her husband.

Ami on

What a bunch of uptight losers you all are with your “spoiler alert” lame crap. Get a life…

LB on

the show is on tonight, they’ve had a week to watch it….

congrats to her and her hubby!

i love her character and am anxious to see the storyline!

Tee on

I have to admit that I am really surprised at the number of people that are upset over this so called “spoiler alert.” The pregnancy was announced last week after Private Practice’s episode.

I completely understand and appreciate that not everyone has had a chance to watch it yet but out of curiosity, how long do you want them to wait? I’m sorry if it was spoiled for you… I hate when that happens to me… but you can’t fault People magazine for talking about something that has been known for a full week!

Congratulations to Caterina and her husband! I’m really looking forward to seeing this pregnancy playing out on Private Practice!

Anonymous on

Congrats to them! And as the “spoiler” goes, I’m with the crowd who thinks that it’s not really a spoiler when it’s been known for a week! In my opinion, when it’s been that long and you still haven’t seen the episodes, it’s up to you to take steps to avoid being spoiled, not the media (not going to sites that might mention the show, for example, or if avoiding posts and articles about the show or the people in it if you chose not to avoid media sites).

Laura on

I’m never that bothered by TV show spoilers, but I did want to agree that we aren’t all Americans. Your “next week” episode won’t air for months in NZ, so whether you had a preview is kind of irrelevant for the rest of us.

Alaina on

As I watched tonight’s episode when she said announced she was pregnant, I looked at her face & was like, “she looks pregnant foreal, you can see it in her face” then I came to this site & saw that she was! 🙂


I’m so excited that Shonda wrote her pregnancy in being that she kept out April Keptner & Arizona’s characters of Grey’s out.. Even tho you can see their baby bumps through the scrubs!

jana on

What has been known for a week? Do you mean previews? Not everybody watches them, especially those of us who aren’t from US. I don’t need teasers to continue watching the show, they often spoil surprises, such as this.

But whatever. Nice to see Shonda will finally write in another pregnancy. 🙂 There isn’t many GA/PP actresses that haven’t been pregnant during these years, haha. Congrats!

WOW on


NICE to reveal spoilers in man text, SAVE those for the jump, next time and alert us.

You just RUINED the show on DVR for ALOT of people,


Boo girl on

It’s also a spoiler because her character was undecided at the end of the show whether or not she was going to go through with the pregnancy. Am I the only person who pays attention to anything?

Monica on

Well this explains why her character has finally found shirts that fit- meaning they don’t show off her midriff. It used to really bug me that she’s supposed to be a famous professional neurosurgeon still dressing like a teenager. Of course my husband didn’t mind, but he won’t like it now!! 🙂 Wow- there really must be something in the water at Grey’s and Private Practice set!!

Amanda on

Boo girl- she said she’s over 20 weeks on the show which would mean she is going to keep it or give it up for adoption, to Addison maybe? Pretty sure you can’t abort unless it’s for a medical reason at that stage (since babies have survived being born at 23 weeks)

Steph on

Wonderful news! I love her character, Amelia.

I agree about the spoiler alert as I have to PVR the episodes as well.

I think People has really ‘dropped the ball’ since acquiring this website….and it’s disappointing.

Mandy on

Couldn’t wait until after the show happened huh? That kind of sucks! Spent the whole week going is/n’t she on the show and just an hour before the show starts this is on… wow… thanks for the spoil!

alicejane on

So, are people saying that under the title “Caterina Scorsone Expecting First Child” People should have then written “Spoiler Alert”?? Even if People had printed a spoiler warning, does the actress’ announcement not give it away anyway? Some people PVR and wait weeks or months to watch it. Is Caterina just not supposed to announce her pregnancy to cater to those people?

Congratulations to her and her husband! Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Jillian on

Amanda, you can have an abortion at 20 weeks for any reason. I don’t believe that’s what the show will do though. I sure hope not.


JavaJunkie68 on

YAY ~ Congrats to Caterina & Her Hubby!!!

This will be a great story line…I’m thinking maybe she will give the baby to Addison.

jana on

@alicejane: No, they should’ve just skipped the part where they tell what happens in the upcoming episode and leave us to wonder whether it will be written in the show or not, like it usually happens.

Jillian on

People Magazine shouldn’t have said she will announce her pregnancy on Thursdays show since it didn’t yet occur. But then again this magazine has changed so much over the last year. It use to be a magazine that didn’t speculate or gossip and now it’s right there with OK and Star Magazines. Classless and tasteless comes to mine on my overall opinion.


Emma on

Glad to see that a MARRIED Hollywood startlet is expecting a baby. I get sick and tired of seeing all the unwed showbiz people ‘proudly’ announcing their pregnancies and then breaking up a few years later.

Jillian on

Just cause she’s married doesn’t mean she can’t break up in a few years. Marriage is no guarantee of anything


maddie on

I’m thrilled for Caterina and her husband, i really like her in PP. And i agree, tend to forget that their readership is worldwide. I’m in New Zealand like Laura, and we probably won’t see this storyline until at least June. A little consideration would have been nice….but i’m excited to see where they’ll take Amelia with this storyline

maddie on

oh and Emma, i agree with Mary/Jillian – a marriage can break up, just as a long term relationship can. It’s not a guarantee. I see children as more of a commitment than marriage anyway – with a marriage you can get divorced and part ways. With kids, you have to be involved in each other’s lives – for the sake of those children – forever.

Aura Lee on

To Karen, we already found out Amelia was pregnant in the last episode. She just didn’t know if she was keeping it. So no spoiler alert needed.

BjM on

CONGRATS to Caterina and I love her character Amelia – it was tough watching her going into the drugged out period, but her pregnancy fits so perfectly into the story line. Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice are my two favorite shows. I went on YouTube and listed to her husbands’ band, The Rescuers, and they’re pretty damn good! I’m always looking for new music/bands and after listening to 4 of their songs, I’m very impressed 🙂

One last comment re; spoiler alerts – REALLY?? If “you” don’t want to know about upcoming storylines, why are you reading the article and the comments?? Geeeezzz.