Kourtney Kardashian Is Expecting a Girl

02/22/2012 at 11:30 AM ET
Denise Truscello/WireImage

There’s another little lady on the way for the Kardashian clan!

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick shared their happy news Thursday, telling E! News, “We feel so blessed to be having a little girl and to be able to share this new experience with Mason.”

Kardashian, 32, and Disick, 28, announced her second pregnancy in November. Their son Mason Dash turned 2 on Dec. 14.

“I’m just eating whatever I can. Whatever I can tolerate,” the Kourtney and Kim Take New York star said in December. “I think this [pregnancy] there is less I can tolerate.”

She is due in July. OK magazine was the first to break the news of a little girl on the way.

— Aaron Parsley

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Brielle on

I don’t know why these Kardashians are relevant. They have no talent, no class and are beyond greedy. I don’t care about Kourtney. I definitely hate her sister Kim even more. She makes a porno tape and becomes famous. Speaks volumes about our society. That shame of a wedding she had. She didn’t even return her presents. They don’t give any money to charity this is a known fact. They are disgusting. Go away!

jessicad on

How exciting, congrats to them!

Jillian on

Brielle, it’s actually a fact that they give to charity. Regardless if you like them or not, they are very successful and have built a brand. Sadly, many sex tapes are released. Not everyone becomes famous by it but they work for it. Whether someone likes them or not, they are successful. Fact. Hating someone you don’t know, who has done nothing to you or anything major, is sad and pathetic and wasted energy. Hate someone who is a murderer if you need to hate.

And they are not going away. I wish people would just realize this. They have millions of fans and are doing very well. There are many ways to ignore their shows or stories. The same way I do with the annoying celebrities I see on here.


Fab on

Brielle…. You should go away… If I’m not mistaking you took time out of your lack luster life to comment…. So you must care enough to read and give your “who cares” statement.. SMDH at stupid people….. ANYWAY…. Congrats to them….. Hope baby is healthy!

Brandi on

Brielle- I feel the same way you do, but unfortunately they are going to be relevant for a while. It really suck but I guess porn is what you have to do to become a star. They can have it. But congrats to Kourtney and Scott and baby Mason.

JD on

I’m so glad that they’re bringing another girl into this stupid, inane family…they can start turning her into one of their own right away; maybe she can pose with a low-cut onesie on or appear in full makeup as she’s seen going to a nightclub.

Someone make this family disappear please??

jenny on

I actually like Kourtney! She’s a smartass, and I like smartasses!! And at least she named her child a normal name and not a food, color, flower, city, ect….

Micheley on

I am so excited for this baby! Whether you like or dislike the Kardashians, I happen to love them, Kourtney is a wonderful mom and Mason is a very lucky boy. This baby will be as well!

The Kardashians are relevant because they entertain people. Its not like they do nothing and make a ton of money they are hard working women, who had jobs before the fame and still work very hard. I know people hate on them becuase they are “just reality stars” but the fact is, is that they work just as hard and are just as entertaining. I mean look at day time talk shows hosts, or late night show hosts, game show hosts, and alll other kinds of reality stars. Entertainment is entertainment.

Maria on

It is so weird how her boyfriend is so mean and awful to her all the time- then all of a sudden when Kim becomes the drama with her loser ex, Kourtney and Scott are all of a sudden supposedly in love and all that- and so happy and all that- and act as if having another baby makes them the perfect couple. I give them 5 years before they break up.

However, I also think it is lame how her kid is growing up in front of the cameras but despite that she does seem like a decent mom. SO I don’t hate her but I find the whole scene annoying!

alicejane on

Why comment if you hate them so much? One would think you have better things to do with your time, but to each their own.

I’ll happily admit the Kardashians entertain me, even if I don’t agree with a lot of what they do… As absurd as they can be there are things about them that I do like. So congratulations to Scott and Kourtney and Mason, the entire family must be thrilled!

Donna on

I may be the only person who likes Scott, but I didn’t watch the Miami version of the shows and didn’t see his bad behavior.

I wish them the best. I think Kourtney tries to be the best mom she can be, which is saying a lot in Hollywood. But, Kourt, old girl, you need to let your children sleep in their own rooms and in their own beds.

Karen on

Donna I completely agree with you! Hopefully she’ll get the kids in their cribs and let Scott back in the bedroom! She treats him so rotten…if you don’t like him so much, let him go! It’s amazing they got pregnant!?

Khloe is my favorite. I cannot believe Kim did not give back her wedding gifts..that is so ridiculous!!

anon on

congrats!! I have a Mason and 3 years later I gave birth to a little girl named Avery. I get compliments on the combination a lot. Just sayin’. 🙂

JM on

jen if you take the ‘smart’ part out of that description i would agree with you 😉

honestly though these women have no redeeming features and it pains me that they are held up as any kind of role models. i mean if you had a daughter would you hope that she turned out like them? relying on a sex tape and a family name in order to be successful in life? really? you don’t want her to be clever, bright, classy, dignified and respectful?

it’s a shame that there are people who jump to the defence of the notion that it is ok for girls to be as thick as two short planks as long as they are rich and famous.

jess on

Not a big fan of them but wish them the best. I bet she’ll give birth before Jessica Simpson. I only say that because Jessica has been pregnant forever 🙂

Julie on

I hope the baby is healthy and that the family is happy, but I’m so bored by this overexposed family.

Shannon on

I thought they broke up. Oops. lol

Cassie on

It’s so funny to see everyone rush to their defense. As if you know them personally or in the hopes of them giving you a personal “thank you” for coming to their assistance. They are “successful” because they have a fan based full of people that can’t think for themselves. They want you to spend your money on their brand and will do anything to get you to part with your hard earned cash. Lemmings, sheep, call it what you will but you’re all buying into it hook, line and sinker!

Here’s a thought. Get a life. Quit living through the warped perception of reality that celebrities make. I’d much rather live my life than pathetically live someone elses.

Tee on

When Kourtney first announced her pregnancy with Mason, I have no problems admitting that I cringed. (Same with Kendra!) I really couldn’t see her as being a decent Mom and while I know we only see what the cameras show us, I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Kourtney really does seem to enjoy mommyhood. I don’t understand getting pregnant again since they supposedly were on the verge of breaking up, but I honestly think the majority of their lives are staged. Hopefully they will be as in love with their daughter as they are their son! Congratulations to the Kardashian family!

Bancie1031 on

Awe congratulations to Kourtney and Scott 🙂 I cannot wait to see and hear what they decide to name her ….. I wonder if she’s going to look like Mason …..

Denise on

Congratulations!!!Best Wishes to them. Mason will be the cutest BIG Brother. Happy news for once!!!!!

Meela on

Kourtney and Scott have become the “normal” ones of that clan.

Scott has grown on me and I’ve always liked Kourtney the best because Kim is so overrated and Khloe is so obnoxious and just plain rude.

Kourtney does not seem to take herself too seriously and she appears to be a good mother.

So best of luck!

Jorja on

I hope they name her Jasmine Jaid/Jade. That name would fit her so nice. Unless they go with an “M” moniker in which case I hope it would be Madilynn (Maddie).

alicejane on

Cassie, can you spot the double standard in your post? You criticize the supporters for acting like they know the Kardashians personally, then turn around and assume you know the rest of us well enough to call us sheep. Like I said above, the Kardashians entertain me, though I don’t actually own any of their products. And if I did, what’s it to you?

Mia on

One of each – boy + girl!

Congrats to them!

Amanda K on

I don’t see how anyone can be entertained watching a show featuring grown women in their 30s using the word “like” for every second word. I feel sorry for this little girl with these types of women in her family to look up to.

Serah on

Lmfao @ JD

Lola on

I actually like Scott…he’s turned himself around & seems like a great father….unfortunately Kourtney treats him like real crap. No doubt their daughter will be just as cute as Mason.

Of course everyone feels the same about this ridiculous family as long as I don’t have to hear about Kim I don’t really care. I just hope the only tolerable one in this family, KHLOE gets her baby soon.

martina on

So when the kids are a little older, how do these people explain to them what they do for a living? How do the teach them any values? Congratulations on their new addition, but really – I hope they at least try to raise an unspoiled, down to earth and hard working human being.

Not a fan on


Not a fan on

Oh nooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Not another Kardashian girl…up chuck! Poor kid, hope they have sense not raise her like the other 3. Sending prayers to the little one, she’s going to need it.

Anonymous on

jess- Kourtney is due in July, and Jessica has said she’s due in the spring. So it appears that Jessica will be giving birth first. 🙂

Anyway, congrats to them! That little girl is sure to be adorable and loved (say what you will about the Karadashian clan, but they all seem to absolutly adore and dote on Mason, and I’m sure it will be no different with his little sister!). As for Scott and Kourtney’s relationship, like Tee, I have a feeling that most of what we see on their shows is for ratings. Remember, there is usually very little that’s actually real about reality shows!

I also see nothing wrong with her co-sleeping with Mason (and I wouldn’t be surprised if Scott is part of it when the cameras aren’t rolling). Lots of parents do it, and as long as it’s done safely (yes, it IS possible to safely co-sleep!) I don’t get the big fuss, especially with kids as young as Mason.

All of that said, I echo the commentor who said that she hopes Khloe gets her baby soon. I actually feel kind of bad for her everytime I see a post about Kourtney’s pregnancy. It’s fairly obvious that she and Lamar want badly to have children together, but are having some issues with concieving (Khloe’s recent comments about being glad she’s not pregnant pretty much confirmed that, as far as I’m concerned. To me at least, her comments were those of somebody who is trying to despretly to find something positive about the very negative situation they are faced with).

Therefore, I’m sure that Kourtney’s pregnancy isn’t exacty making things any easier for her (I can’t imagine how it must feel to know that your sister is expecting her second child when you still haven’t been succesful in concieving your first!)! Hang in there, Khloe, and hopefully God will bless you and Lamar soon (sorry if I just offended anyone who’s not religious!)! 🙂

Jillian on

Jess, I love your humor about Jessica Simpsons pregnancy. I feel the same way!

Emily on

I totally thought she’d be having another boy and was actually hoping she would have another boy. A girl just makes me think they’ll turn out like them. Kourt is the only one I like out of the Kardashians. Mason would have been so cute with a little brother.

Liz on

Not sure how this baby will have any morals since her parents don’t nor does any of their extended family (friendship with Joe Francis anyone? So gross.) but congrats regardless I guess. Kris Jenner is already scheming how she can make money off the newest girl in the family.

Shiv on

I love reading certain stories on this website for the comments alone. People get very offended when someone offers an opinion about a person or people I’m guessing none of us know personally. Too funny.

Sus on

This baby is sure to be beautiful like Mama!

Irenah on

congratulations!! I wonder what her name will be.

Irenah on

Brielle, If you hate Kardashians so much, don’t bother reading these articles, and stop ruining the site with HATE!

Jen on

I’m glad they are having a girl…she will be gorgeou like her Mom, and at least she won’t take after her loser father. (And at least she’ll know who her father is, unlike Khloe! Haha). Poor Rob though…one more girl!

@Fab- I find it realy ironic that you are bashing another poster on here for taking time to comment out of their “lackluster life”, while you are on this site posting as well. Are you even educated enough to know how what the word “irony” means? Stop bashing people who are just leaving their own opinions on a story. This is a public forum…though I doubt you’re educated enough to know what that term means, either….

Monika on

I really do think that Kourtney is a great mom to Mason. He seems to be the center of her world, which is great to see. Congratulations to them both!

Anonymous on

Jen- How do you know this baby won’t take after her father? Girls have just as much of a chance of looking like their fathers (I’m a perfect example. I pretty much look like a female clone of my father!) as boys do. In fact, in my experience girls tend to resemble their fathers more, and boys their mothers. 🙂

Abie on

You know what, Mckenzie/Mackenzie would kind of be the perfect name. M name like Mason, could go by Kenzie (Kardashian/Jenner girl K name) Have a feeling they’ll do a K name… (but we also had a feeling Mason’s name would have Robert in it and were wrong) I don’t think another K girl name is a gimmick they’d pass up though, sorry to say lol

Rachel - Landover on


Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby girl….

And anyone that talks negatively about an INNOCENT baby should be slapped for being so mean!

Rachel - Landover on


What’s your claim to society? What do you do other than write hate mail about people you don’t even know and then talk about the condition of society when all folks are seeking is a little entertainment.

Your type snootiness makes them more and more richer! Folks love em because snooty folks hate on them!!!

Don’t try to ruin the enjoyment of others!

I am a loving fan of the Kardashian Klan! ALL OF THEM

Shiv on

Brielle is commenting so she can get a rise out of people. And to share her opinion on…(GASP!!!)…a celebrity website that welcomes comments, whether they’re good or bad. It’s hilarious that you all take it so personally. Like these celebrities need our best wishes or stamps of approval. Ha!

Terri on

Congratulations to them. I hope baby girl is healthy.

Andrea on

A little fashionita on the way! 🙂 If she looks anything like mommy and Mason – adorable!

Maria on

It´s amazing how we can comment on Kourt´s pregnancy, her family´s “over-exposed” life, her moron of a sister, yet they will never EVER find out, let alone care if they did, all of the things that we, normal, regular people, are saying about them. Whether you think this family has a point in even existing, whether you think they have a talent (those who love them), whether you think they suck (those who hate them), the truth is… we all are behind our personal computers, immersed in our own complicated daily lives, which are unlikely to ever resemble the Kardashians´s, commenting on a family who, whether you like it or not, have nothing to worry about rather than keep earning tons of money and increasing their personal fortune by leaps and bounds. That being said, I will go back to my own pathetic life, which is studying my ass of to become someone in life and -hopefully- earn “enough” money to at least feeding myself and paying my bills.

renee on

This may be what it takes for them to marry and make a home for both babies. I just dont keep up with the Kardashian’s since the fake wedding of Kim.. And they faked the conversation between Kim and her Mom in the back of the SUV truck.. That did it for me..
Now they can keep up with themselves…

lyn on

Their mom Kris is worse than any of the kids. She’s a horrible role model.

Mom Of Twins on

I Love The CASHdashians!

Amy on

Congrats Kourtney and Scott,I really am happy for them both.Im so glad to see cute little Mason be a big brother. And to all the haters stop commenting and finding ways to get yourself noticed, If you hate them so much go tell people who care.

$ascha on

Give it three days, tops, after the kid is born and Kris the (Grand) Momager will be wh02ing out another Kardashian girl.

angelica on

It is pathetic when people express themselves in such a negative and hateful manner of people they never met. It almost makes you think that criticizing people is what makes them feel good. How sad

sam on

how can people write nasty things about a unborn child or even poor little mason they need to take a step back and look at how pathetic they are saying horrible things about babys and children

congrats kourtney,scott and mason

twinhappy on

Congrats to them!

Theresa Silvestri on

She should name her daughter Emma her initials would be ED & if she turns out to be a tomboy, her nickname could be Eddy.